The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Betsy Leohtar


Email Status: Valid as of November 2014

Story Codes Added Updated
Alice in Broad Street? mc mf fd ds 18 Jun 2016
Christine Hollins mc mf ff fd md ds 16 Jul 2016
Meredith Doyle mc ff mf fd md ds 02 Jul 2016
Miss Pamela Harrison — A Three Fingers Companion Volume mc 31 Dec 2016
Three Fingers mc mf md fd ds 26 Nov 2016 07 Jan 2017
The Under the Hill Franchise — Alicia’s First Visit mc md fd bd ds ex 19 Dec 2015
The Under the Hill Franchise — Alicia’s Second Visit mc md fd ma ds hm 07 May 2016 04 Jun 2016
The Visit (Betsy Leohtar) mc ff 08 Nov 2014