The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: GigglingGoblin


Email Status: Valid as of April 2017

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Story Codes Added Updated
Bonus Pairing: Glistening, Listening mc ff mf fd 16 Dec 2017
Bonus Pairing: Labyrinth of Lights mc mf fd 23 Dec 2017
Bonus Pairing: Mind Plays Tricks mc mf md fd 12 Aug 2017
Bonus Pairings: See the Sights! mc mf ff fd md 14 Oct 2017
Evergreen Forest mc mf fd ma in ds 15 Apr 2017 01 Jul 2017
The Monstrous Ranch mc mf ff md fd fu 12 Aug 2017 17 Feb 2018
Sea Slimes mc mf ff fd md ds 15 Apr 2017
Shifty Characters mc mf ff mm fd md ds hm la 22 Apr 2017 12 Aug 2017