The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Saddle Rider


Email Status: Valid as of June 2016

Story Codes Added Updated
An Apocalypse Rising mc ff mf 16 Apr 2016 09 Jul 2016
The Audit mc ff 26 Mar 2016
A Bargain Made mc ff md fd 19 Dec 2015
The High Cost of Free Play mc fd ma 16 Jul 2016
A House Fallen mc mf md in bd 12 Mar 2016
In-Flight Entertainment mc ff 09 Apr 2016
An Inquisition Conducted mc mf ff md 13 Feb 2016
Men Like It Better with a Blue Bonnet On It mc mf ff md fd 18 Jun 2016 09 Jul 2016
A Rendezvous Completed mc mf fd 23 Jan 2016
Succession mc ff 19 Mar 2016
A War Dawning mc mf ff md fd bd 18 Mar 2017