The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: connie k


Email Status: Valid as of March 2015

Story Codes Added Updated
The Blind Date (connie k) mc mf md 15 Jul 2017
Empty mc ff 14 Mar 2015
The Inheritance (connie k) mc ff 25 Feb 2017 09 Apr 2017
It’s All In The Mynd mc ff bd cb 04 Feb 2017
It’s All In The Mynd — Part II mc ff bd cb 11 Feb 2017
Methoden der Extraktion (Methods of Extraction) mc ff bd 07 Jan 2017
Nativity mc ff ma 28 Jan 2017
Single Sight mc ff bd 16 May 2015
Turned (connie k) mc ff 29 Apr 2017