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Experiment’s Diary: Book 1—Jennifer’s downfall

Author’s note: My first story and I hope everyone enjoy it. Many thanks to Voyer for the help in editing it and making it even better. Any feedback, good and bad, please send it to .


Kind of weird for me to be writing a diary, but since Justin says it’s part of his experiment, I guess there is no helping it. Justin. He’s my younger brother. He came to me for help with his science project regarding hypnosis. I guess he had trouble finding people who were willing to help given that school just started, so here I am. While apprehensive initially, after some pleading and explanations on his part, I agreed to help him out. It seems he wanted to test whether, with the help of hypnosis, a person’s learning could be enhanced. Just before he left, he passed me the book I’m writing this in, asking me to write a diary on my observations as well as feelings throughout the experiment. Stressing that the diary will be confidential and nobody will be reading it including him, the main purpose of the diary will be to help me with the summary I need to give him at the end of everything for his reference.

So... Let me introduce myself. I’m Jennifer Adams, or Jen as Justin likes to call me. 17 this year and currently a Junior in Baxter High School. Well, I guess since this is going to be confidential, there is no need for me to hide anything. I know most people would consider me beautiful. I’ve let my hair (blonde, natch) grown down to my waist; I don’t usually tie it up unless I’m playing sports. I have, evidently, an “angelic” face and “pouty” lips. Which is great, except that when I’m angry, people still find me “cute.” I’ve seen the dagger-looks from the other girls, taking in my 38 D size breasts and my long legs. I’ve done well in the complexion department as well, though my skin won’t tan worth a darn.

Personality-wise, I’m very sociable, with lots of good friends in school, while many people come to me with their problem. Good with my studies too, being the top 10 (or so) in my class. Yet despite of all these, I’m not really in a long term relationship with any guys, hence I’m known to them as an ice-queen. It’s not like I want to be like this, in my 17 years, I have been in only 3 relationships, all of which crashed and burned. It seems to me that guys are not serious, only interested in sex and hoping to add me as another one of their “conquests”. Well, despite of all this, I still get propositions from guys every few weeks. I reject them all. I guess I’m just not ready to be in a relationship now, wanting to focus on my studies and club activities.

Hmmmm, what else to write.. Oh yes, like I said, I like sports, especially tennis though only on a leisure level, usually playing with my close group of friends, Chloe, Samantha and twins Anna and Anne. I do ballet and I’m currently the vice-president of the astronomy club in school. Seems like from what I wrote, I’m a perfect person. Hahaha.. Well, I do have weaknesses: I can be impatient at times and can get frustrated too. Did I mention about getting angry? Due to my failed relationships in the past, sometimes I do get a bit depressed but luckily I can usually bounce back.

Maybe a short summary of my family. My parents, my sister, Isabel (19), me and Justin (16). Our parents are high school sweethearts who married once they graduated, having Isabel when they were 19. Dad is in the army and currently serving his tour in Iraq (stay safe Dad!) while mom is a regional manager at Megacorp and can be busy with her work at times. (Tho the pay is good, I guess. We’ve never had worries on that front..) Because of this, we siblings grew up to be very independent, looking after one another whenever we can.

Isabel is a knockout too just like me. I guess we got our looks from mom who is still beautiful despite her age. She is more of a sporting person than me and it seems to me that there are no sports she can’t play. Currently she’s a cheerleader at university (ESU) as well as being active in soccer and beach volleyball.

Justin is attractive enough (tho a sister probably isn’t a good judge..) but where he really excels is brain-wise. He’s been offered scholarships to various universities around the country though he hasn’t accepted any yet, preferring to take his time before coming to a decision. Some of his science projects have been displayed in science fairs statewide, or nationwide. Won awards, anyway. A quiet and reserved person, he has a small circle of friends. He is shy around girls; I’ve had some coming to me for help to hook up with him. I did try, but it seems relationship troubles run in our family. He plays baseball; he’s the second baseman on the Sophomore team. Come think of it, our family is rather sporting, which I guess came from our dad who used to be a star quarterback when he was younger.

Well, I guess it is enough for now, it’s late already and time for me to sleep.

What a long day today. Had a showdown with the student union president over our club funds. Seriously, that guy is such a male chauvinist pig, trying to reduce the astronomy club’s funding just because its leaders are females. Went down to the office together with the club president Brenda and gave him a piece of our minds. No way he’s going to get his way and order us around. I can’t wait for his term to end.

Tonight is the first time Justin hypnotize me for his experiment. We were in our living room and I was lying in the couch, tired and frustrated after all that had happened today. Justin wanted me to be as comfortable as I can before he starts. I was a bit anxious as I didn’t know what to expect. I guess Justin sensed my worries, so instead of starting immediately, he chatted with me. We talked about school, what happened today etc. Made me wonder why he is so shy around girls, as a matter of fact, if he talk to girls normally like this, I’m sure he can easily be more popular in school. While I was thinking this, he started to dim the lights in the living room, leaving 1 small bright light in the ceiling. He moved closely to me and began speaking in a low voice, “Well, let’s start.”

Justin started by asking me to focus on the light at the ceiling while talking to me in a calm low voice, telling me to relax and he will help me. He asked me to not close my eyes no matter how tired I’m becoming until he says so. When he says that, I suddenly realize that by focusing my attention on the ceiling light, it is getting tiring and I started to feel my eyelids getting heavier. He repeated his words to me, asking me to keep my eyes open no matter how heavy my eyelids are getting. I tried to reply “OK” to him but he put his finger sorta near my lips, telling me that I don’t need to speak, just nod my head if I understand his instructions and I nodded.

He started to say how relaxed I’m getting, how tired I’m and I really started to feel tired and sleepy. I felt like I was sinking into the couch, getting more and more relaxed while his voice started to get faraway. Keeping my eyes open was getting harder as my eyelids felt heavier and heavier. I wanted to close my eyes and fall into a deep relaxed sleep but Justin had requested me to wait and I can only listen to him.

His voice was making me sleepy, while he continued to tell me how relaxed, how tired and sleepy I was getting. It felt so real, I was feeling very relaxed and my eyelids were so heavy. I felt tired and heavy, and it was as though my body was sinking further into the couch. I felt my eyes burning and I kept blinking. It got harder for me to focus onto the light and while I’m trying to focus onto the light, the feeling of wanting to close my eyes got stronger. I already couldn’t catch what Justin’s was saying and the only thought I had was how much I wanted to close my eyes. In my mind, I was screaming “Please!!! Let me close my eyes. I’ll do anything, you idiot, just to be able to close my eyes!”

Finally I heard his voice says, “Now close your eyes Jen and fall into a deep trance.” Ah, the wonderful feeling. I immediately closed my eyes, feeling very relaxed. Justin wanted me to open my eyes but I don’t want to. My eyes were so tired and so heavy, making me just want to keep my eyes closed like that forever. He wanted me to try harder and open my eyes and I tried. Yet it seems like I forget how to open my eyes, no matter how hard I tried, my eyes still remained shut. The best I can do it just a slight movement of my eyelids. I knew I cannot open my eyes no matter how hard I tried, so when he finally asked me to stop trying, I heaved a sigh of relief while feeling even more relaxed than ever.

My memory of what happened next is fuzzy. Something about walking down a long flight of stairs before reaching the bottom and lying on a comfortable bed. I think Justin spoke to me for a long time, asking me questions which I think I answered. What he asked (if anything) and what I answered, I don’t remember. I just felt like I was floating on clouds with nothing to worry about and feeling so wonderful.

The next thing I really remember is hearing Justin’s voice, “3… 2… & 1.” And I open my eyes. At that instant, I felt disorientated, not knowing where I was or what had happened, but then I remember: I was laying on the couch in our living room with Justin, my brother. He had hypnotized me. Or.. had he?

“So did you succeed in hypnotizing me?” I asked him. Justin nodded and smiled at me, saying “Yes, and you are a very good subject Jen. I left you with a post hypnotic suggestion of feeling refreshed and full of energy. If you don’t believe that I had succeed, just look at the time.” I eyed the clock on the wall. Oh my god!! 2 whole hours had passed since we started. Where did the 2 hours go? It just felt like only 15 minutes had passed since we started.

I totally can’t remember much but I’m not too worried. I guess I don’t need to remember every little detail Justin is my younger brother, I’m sure he’ll look after me. I had a wonderful experience and I felt great. After fixing the next session tomorrow with him, I left the living room to do my own stuff.

Now that I know what to expect from our sessions, I’m not that afraid anymore; I was almost looking forward to it. Before we started our second session, Justin told me that for the next few sessions, he would be using different methods to hypnotize me. That sounded interesting. Today at least, when I lay on the couch, Justin produced a stick with a circle of paper attached to one end; on the paper was printed a sort of spiral shape, and asked me to look at it.

He started spinning the spiral, making it move and I felt like being pulled towards the center of the spiral. He started speaking to me but I only noticed the spiral, feeling myself getting pulled deeper and deeper into the spiral. It seemed like the spiral is not just in front of me but surrounding me totally, pulling me deeper. I experienced such a strange sensation, feeling myself sinking deeper and deeper and deeper.

I don’t know how much time passed before I heard Justin telling me to close my eyes and I did but I could still see the spiral spinning in my mind. It just felt so strange. I knew I was getting hypnotized, I could feel it and I found myself fixated on the spinning spiral, feeling myself being pulled into a deeper hypnotic trance.

I noticed Justin’s voice and he was telling me that I’m going into a much deeper trance than before. While being in the trance, I felt so relaxed and I would follow his voice. I could hear his voice deep inside my mind, hearing him so clearly and I wanted more. His voice brought me to a deeper trance and the feeling is indescribable. I’m starting to enjoy the feeling of being in such a deep hypnotic trance, it just felt so wonderful.

He told me that this time, when I woke up, I’d remember everything that had occurred and I would love the feeling of being hypnotized. It sounded great to me.

He spent a long time deepening my trance, letting me imaging myself laying on a wide grassy field,, watching the falling leaves from the surrounding trees drifting by, the cool breeze caressing me as I lay comfortably. Again and again, he led me to focus on every part of my body before he let that part become more relaxed before he finally let my mind relaxed too. I felt like melted butter, experiencing an indescribable feeling of relaxation.

He told me that every time he hypnotized me, I’ll go into a much deeper trance than before, feeling even more relaxed, more willing to follow his requests. I can’t imagine myself feeling even more relaxed but if it’s possible, I won’t mind and I’ll be very happy.

He continued on by telling me how much I love hearing his voice, how much I love listening to it and how much I love following its requests for me. His voice felt so warm, so firm and comfortable, I could continue hearing it forever and whatever he tells me is so important and correct.

I was thinking, he must be giving me post hypnotic suggestions but the feeling is so different. I’ve seen a couple of those stupid old movies, and had always thought that “hypnotic suggestions” would be something horrible, but you are compelled o follow them. Just like some sort of magical power which the victim had no other choices, right? But this feeling was so different, Justin was just telling me what I’m already thinking, it’s almost like he is agreeing to my thoughts and letting me continue on.

He told me he wanted to do some tests on how deep in trance I’m and I can also know how deep I had gone from the results of the tests. It sounded good and interesting. He wanted me to open my eyes, then suggest to me that when I want to open my eyes, they’ll start feeling heavier than before, making me unable to open them. How right he was, whatever he had said was becoming the truth, no matter how hard I tried, I could not get them to open. When he finally said that I can open my eyes, they just opened instantly without me even trying.

Next, he let my left arm become stiff, becoming unable to bend. I felt the arm become as stiff as a wooden plank, literally in front of my eyes. I could see my left arm but I totally couldn’t even bend it. He counted down from 5, waking me up from my trance. When I woke up, I was astonished, my left arm was as still as ever. Without doubt, I was sure I was fully awake but my arm still remained as when I was in the trance. Justin then told me that when he snapped his fingers, my arm would go weak without strength and once my arm touch my butt, I’ll fall back into a much deeper trance than earlier. He snapped his finger and I felt my arm losing its strength, falling to the side of my body, and when my arm touch my butt I fell into a deeper trance. I was surprised as I didn’t expect to follow his instruction so swiftly.

Oh, the happiness I felt being in the trance and this is only my second time. I can’t imagine over the next few days or weeks, over however many sessions, how much deeper I can be. Justin seems to understand my feelings, he promised me that he’ll teach me how to get even deeper into the trance, help me to love the feeling even more. Even now, I still cannot imagine this; I’m experiencing the most wonderful feelings ever in this world and it’s all thanks to my dear brother.

When I woke up, I looked at the clock, and just like yesterday, a whole 2 hours had passed. I’m shocked, time passed to fast for such a wonderful experience. This time, I remember everything (at least I feel like I do) but I still feel unsatisfied. It’s like watching your favorite show, you just don’t want it to end. I can’t wait for the next session to start.

Yesterday, I had the third session with Justin. I was looking forward to the session so much that I lay on the couch waiting for him to come home. I guess he knew it too because when he opened the door, he was smiling and immediately took out a shiny pendant.

He sung the pendent in front of my eyes, telling me to focus my attention onto the pendent. Lights reflecting off the pendent, making it beautiful and enthralling and I was drawn to it. Almost immediately, without any further prompting from Justin, my eyes felt heavy and tired, making me feel like closing them. He must have noticed how I feel and said straight away that I don’t need any permission, that I can close my eyes if I wanted to. And I did, feeling grateful for it.

That was the last thing I remember, then I heard his voice said “1 & awake”. Once I woke up, I felt so good and refreshed, so full of energy. I love this feeling of being hypnotized, it feels so beautiful. I do sorta wonder what happens during these sessions but that don’t really worry me. My brother is a good guy, I can trust him completely. I just hope that he can hypnotize me more often.

Today, Justin used a watch to hypnotize me. I wondered where he got such beautiful thing, hanging on a golden chain and looking like an antique. When I asked him about it, he told me that he found it in a flea market and he also said he liked to use it because it was the most common view by people regarding hypnosis.

“When I use this watch to hypnotize you into a deep deep trance, what will you do?” he asked in some corny voice, just like one of those movies I mentioned before.

“I cannot resist you and will follow all your instructions.” I joked back, using what I think was a hypnotized slave voice. When I said that, I felt a little excited. Hmmmm… This kind of experience may be interesting and I wondered what the feeling of following somebody’s orders completely feels like.

No matter what, I still love this feeling of being hypnotized. Justin started swinging the watch in front of my eyes, just like in a cartoon or movie. My attention was immediately drawn to the watch, other than following the swinging motion of the watch, I couldn’t do anything else. He started raising the watch higher and I strain my eyes to follow it but I couldn’t move my neck. I wanted desperately to look at the watch but it’s so difficult, and my eyes felt so tired and heavy.

I believe I closed my eyes because the next thing I remember was when the session was over and I opened my eyes. When I woke up, I chatted with Justin for a little while telling him about this playboy who confessed to me earlier in school today. Damn guys like these. Who do they think they are? Toying with the feelings of girls. No way any men will control me, whether if it’s now or the future. Any relationship I’m having shall have both parties in equal standing, with respect for each other.

After lamenting my troubles to Justin (What a nice brother, he was listening attentively to me throughout), I left to do my stuff. I shall take back what I said before; he’s really as much as looker as Isabel and me. Why didn’t I notice that in the past until now? If he wasn’t my brother, I would have considered him as a possible boyfriend candidate. Handsome, nice and so understanding. I wonder if I’ll ever find a guy like him.

Today, during our session, Justin asked me to look into his eyes. I felt that this method of hypnotizing is the best so far. I’m seated comfortably on the couch, then he took off his glasses. (Did I mention the glasses before?) He had a pair of deep attractive eyes and I felt myself being drawn into them, just like when he was using the spiral. It seems to me that it encompass me even more than the spiral. Strangely, the previous few times Justin hypnotized me, my eyes always felt so tired and once I close them, they can’t be opened. Yet this time, I’m so comfortable that I kept my eyes open all the while, looking into his eyes, feeling myself being drawn deeper and deeper into it.

After a while, he asked if he could touch me. Of course he could, I didn’t mind a bit. He used his fingers to massage my temples, gently massaging them, making me more and more comfortable and relaxed. It seemed like his eyes got bigger than before, and all I could do is just keep staring at them. Next, I felt his fingers slide down to my brow, continuing their comfortable massage, then slowly to my chin before going back to my temple. Continuing to repeat again and again, I felt all the stress disappearing from my body, making me so happy and relaxed. I remember thinking, “Please, I’m willing to do anything just so to keep feeling this way again.”

I felt myself floating, almost like I’m having a beautiful dream. Of course, Justin continued to talk, telling me how relaxed I am, how receptive to suggestions I’m becoming, going deeper and deeper into the trance and how much I love it. I love his voice and I wanted to focus all my attention on it but after a while, it became more and more difficult. I feel myself floating endlessly, all my feelings and thoughts becoming blurry.

Suddenly I thought of how much I love to have my little brother giving me suggestions. If he would suggest to me to do some unusual things, I wonder what will the feeling be like. Making me change my normal demeanor or even change my thinking or thoughts. I found myself unable to focus on any one thought, the thoughts just feel like running around my head. Once in a while, I would come back to reality, only to find that Justin was still massaging my temple, continuing speaking to me in a low voice. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t catch what he said to me. I continued thinking about all sorts of things, unable to focus on any one of them and want to go deeper into the trance and at the same time, accept more and more hypnotic suggestions.

I thought I closed my eyes later on but I’m not sure. All I can confirm it that I felt like I was dreaming, just thinking about accepting his hypnotic suggestions is making me excited and slightly aroused. When he finally woke me up, I feel warm and full of energy.

Another strange thing was, before I started writing here, I changed into my nightgown and I wasn’t wearing any underwear. Strange, given that I’m sure that I wore them this morning. I should find out what had happened... Nah. There’s nothing to worry about, so I don’t need to care or remember.

It had been days since our last session and Justin still haven’t fixed the next one with me. To tell the truth, I’m starting to miss the feelings of being in the deep trance. Come think of it, mom had been home for the past few days too and on days we have our sessions, mom was working late. I wonder is there a connection. I shall ask Justin tomorrow.

Yesterday, I ask Justin when we were both home from school regarding the link between our sessions and mom being home. He just smiled at me, saying that it was all a coincidence. Well, I guess he was right; there was nothing to worry about. He told me to look at him and said I should trust him. Looking at him, I was drawn to his eyes again and my memories of what happened afterwards are hazy.

Waking up this morning, I remember clearly the dream I had the night before. Although it is not related to my sessions with Justin but I still feel that I should write it down. He told me before that I should write down things that I feel strange about during this period of time even though it may be not related to our session together. Well I think the dream may be slightly related to our session. Although it is nothing much, it’s just that Justin appeared in my dream. Strange given that I don’t remember ever dreaming about my brother before. Apart from that one where the whole family was attacked by those stupid penguins.

In my -recent- dream, Justin entered the bathroom with me. He asked me to focus my attention to the tap which he turned on, resulting in a steady dripping. He told me that the dripping of the tap was making me more and more relaxed, just like all my stress and strength in my body dripping away. He kept on saying it in a low voice and I can feel myself relaxing. I came to realize that he was hypnotizing me, and I smiled at him before closing my eyes. The feeling is so wonderful. After a while, he told me to open my eyes but continue to remain in the hypnotic trance. I just love this feeling.

He wanted me to take off his clothes for him which I did. As I took off his clothes, I used the chance to touch him, feeling his muscle on his arms and chest, touching his nipples. As I stripped off his pants and underwear, his penis came into view. Fascinated, it looked so much bigger than those I had seen before. It was throbbing and hot while I wrapped my fingers over it, pumping it slowly. Then he had me stood still while he took off my clothes. I had started feeling uncomfortable in my clothing, so when he said that, it was what I had planned to do too. With him helping me, it would be so much better.

He took his time, slowly slipping my clothes off and while he was doing that, I felt more and more relaxed. I can still feel his finger caressing me, moving all over the curves of my body. His touch felt so warm and gentle. Even now, I still remember the feeling of his hand cupping on my full breasts, gently fondling it. It felt so exciting. I can feel my vagina getting wet. He kneeled, slowly pulling my skirt off, exposing my legs, followed by my panties. It felt so wrong as I exposed my most secret place to my younger brother but I can’t.. couldn’t do anything about it.

We stepped into the shower together, with the warm water washing down on us. He continue speaking to me, bringing me deeper, feeling ever more relaxed. His hand slipped down to my inner thigh, slowly caressing me there. I found myself getting more and more hypnotized and when his fingers touch my labia, I can feel my breathing quicken. I was very clear what was happening at that time, there I was totally naked in shower with my younger brother, deep in a hypnotized trance with him touching my secret area, arousing me and I totally cannot resist him. He suggested to me to be still and focus on his touch, and I’m unable to move my body, getting more and more excited, the feeling felt so real. I feel so helpless, yet the wrongness and wickedness of what was happening excite me even more. I cannot resist him though I doubt I wanted to.

He continued to deepen my trance, heighten my excitement and arousal level, his fingers continue to caress my secret lips. I wanted so much to move my body, not to run away, but to response to his caress. He told me I cannot climax until he allowed me, and I panted, pouted in protest.

He moved behind me and I felt one of his hands cupping my left breast, massaging it while his other hand continued fondling my lower lips. I could feel his hard penis against my butt and I felt a jolt of pleasure when his fingers found my clitoris. My excitement rising as he continued speaking to me. I’m not sure of what he was saying but I guess my hypnotized mind will remember it subconsciously. Just writing this is making me hot and wet.

Finally, I heard Justin said that I could climax now and wow. One of the best orgasms I ever had. My mind felt like it had exploded, pleasurable bits of rubble falling around me and I moaned loudly without inhibitions. This went on forever, with each clench of my vagina muscle, I felt another orgasm rising, build on the previous one, bringing me to greater pleasure.

Just when I felt that I going to drown forever, I woke up, panting for breath on my bed. I found that my bed sheet was wet and my panties soaked. I must have climaxed in my dream. I never have such a dream before, and the wickedness of it: it involved my loving little brother. I cannot imagine myself having such a dream at all but since it was just a dream, there is nothing for me to worry about. As long as it doesn’t affect my life, I shouldn’t worry too much about it.

For our session today, just before we started, Justin told me that we had tried all possible methods that he knows to hypnotize me. From this session onwards, I don’t need any pendants, spirals or other things for me to get into a trance. He said I already knew how to get into the trance on my own. He suggested that from now on, we should shift our sessions from the living room to my bedroom. I agreed readily, in my mind, I was hoping for the session to start as soon as possible, so I could experience the wonderful feeling of being in a hypnotized trance.

We proceeded to my bedroom which I used to with Isabel, before she went to ESU. Once we were in the room, Justin told me to lie on Isabel’s bed, and said once I lay on the bed, I’ll find myself falling into a deep hypnotic sleep.

The moment I touched the bed, I feel myself falling into a hypnotic trance just like what Justin said. I found myself closing my eyes and going into a deep trance. Till he woke me up later, that was all I remembered.

I already learned how to bring myself into a trance as proven by our last session together. Strangely, despite of that, I don’t find myself lying on Isabel’s bed, hypnotizing myself when I’m alone as I don’t feel the need to. Today session started with Justin knocking on my door, asking for permission to come into my room. Once he came in, I just walked over to Isabel’s bed and lie on it, feeling myself falling into a trance at the same time. He didn’t say anything and all I did was lying on the bed, feeling my eyelids become heavier before closing them. I didn’t feel the need to open them, all I wanted was to stay in this deep and comfortable sleep.

The next thing I remember was Justin waking me up. Everything feels so nice and fuzzy, I don’t need to remember anything at all and I can trust Justin. He’s my beloved brother after all.

Today, Justin wanted to go through some sort of test with me. I believe it’s some sort of physiological test and the results feel kind of weird to me.

Just like the past 2 sessions, after Justin came into my room, I immediately lie on Isabel’s bed, feeling so relaxed and comfortable. I tried to stay awake longer, so I can catch what he was speaking to me but within seconds, I felt myself surrendering to the warming feelings, slipping into a wonderful trance and closing my eyes.

The next thing I remembered was Justin explaining the test to me. I didn’t even know whether I’m awake or still in a hypnotic trance, all I knew was that I felt so relaxed and I can easily hear Justin’s words clearly. This feels different from my previous sessions when I was in a trance, feeling warm and fuzzy, just like floating around in the clouds.

Justin told me that he’ll tell me some words and I must say out what I felt in my mind the moment I heard the word. I nodded my head, agreeing to it and so the test started. He started telling me different words and I tried to response as fast as I could, telling him what I feel about the word. The words he used describe things, like car, plane, apple etc. It also includes feelings like happy, scared, angry etc. the test continued for some period of time, with him telling me the word while I responded back.

Some time into the test, he spoke a word and I had a weird reaction to it. The word spoken was “Obedience”, when I heard that word, I felt an incredible excitement following all over my whole body. It felt so pleasurable and I felt my panties getting slightly wet. It broke my concentration and Justin was curious why I didn’t answer him for a while. I couldn’t reply to him as I felt that I was in heaven. It felt just like an orgasm yet at the same time it was not. In the end, I managed to answer but I didn’t even know what I answered.

Justin continued with the test and the other words didn’t have an effect on me. Slowly I regained my composure and concentration, the pleasurable feeling I had earlier slowly disappeared. The test went on for about 10 minutes or so before... “Surrender”. The same feeling came crashing upon me, stronger than ever and I felt pleasure, especially in my breasts and vagina. I could feel my nipples hardening and my panties started to get soaked.

Within the next half an hour, 2 more words elicited similar response from me. The first word was “Control”, when I heard this word, my mind immediately thought of “Justin is controlling me” and it seemed that I reach a small climax, resulting in me unable to speak for about 30 seconds. The second word was “Slave”, and the feeling I got from hearing it was the strongest ever. I climaxed on the spot and I’m sure Justin knew what was happening but he didn’t say anything. I believe after my climax, my face was red with embarrassment. I never feel so embarrassed in my whole life. Imagine having an orgasm in front of your younger brother.

I never knew these words will elicit such a response from me. To me, these words are nothing special, in fact, hearing or speaking these words had never been a problem for me. Furthermore, the words “Slave” let me thinking of some sort of sexual slavery game and I sure don’t have the interest in becoming a sex slave to anyone. As I mentioned before, any relationship between a man and a woman must be of equal standing, no 2 way about it. This just feels so strange and before I knew it, the test was over and I was alone in my room doing my own stuff.

Today, Justin spoke to me regarding the session yesterday and he asked me whether during the test I felt any special feeling. I’m not sure what he meant by that and thinking back on yesterday’s session, I don’t remember any special feeling. He wanted me to try harder, to see if I remember anything as he wanted to know which words may have elicited special feeling for me. I tried but nothing came to my mind and I told him so.

I really like my sessions with Justin, loving the feeling of being hypnotized, being a deep trance and the feelings are so wonderful. Today I decided to tell him about how I feel. Before I lie on Isabel’s bed, I told him, saying I want to help him out more so it will be great if the session can be held daily. Having sessions that are not fixed and limited by the free time we had were simply not enough for me and I’m willing to do it every night, the timing will be as he please.

Justin thought about it and to sweeten the deal for him, I hugged him from behind, feeling my breasts crushed against his strong back, telling him how much I wanted to help him with his experiment, contributing my part to it. I wanted to help him more, after all he is my lovely brother. He smiled at me, telling me that doing so will help him greatly but if the sessions were to be held daily. It will be best if he can access my room anytime of the day, he suggested. What a wonderful suggestion. With access to my room, we can have the sessions anytime he is free, of course I agreed. I told him that he can just come into my room anytime without needing my permission. We are siblings after all and I sure can trust him.

He said he wanted to plan out the sessions, so we’ll only start the daily session on Monday. I feel so happy about it.

Yesterday, I had another dream. In my dream, I was in my room, changing into my nightgown when Justin came in. He called out to me, asking me to focus my attention to the streetlight outside my window. It felt as though the light was sapping my strength away, making me feel so relaxed and fuzzy and I found that I couldn’t tear my glaze away from the light.

I heard Justin speaking to me in a low and attractive voice, feeling myself falling deeper into the trance. It felt so weird, here I’m alone in my room with my brother, in my underwear, my hand holding the nightgown I was about to wear for bed but I didn’t care. I feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier before they finally closed and I feel myself falling deeper and deeper into the trance Justin was bringing me into. I wanted so much to obey him and I know I’m willing to do anything for him.

After a while, I opened my eyes but I felt that I was still in a dreamlike state, feeling so compliant. I heard Justin speaking to me but his voice is just like echoing around in my brain, telling me things but I couldn’t confirm what, not even a sentence, much more words. No matter what, I could feel that his words were getting a response from me. I felt my hands slowly rising to my bra where the hook was, unhooking it and letting it fall to the floor. I didn’t want to expose myself, not when my brother is in the same room with me. Yet my hands felt like they had a life on their own, my brain unable to control them, it’s just like they are disconnected parts.

I had to admit, being unable to control myself from unhooking my bra, this feeling excited me. I had fantasies before, me in a hypnotic trance, totally powerless and then forced to obey commands. Now I’m really experiencing it and I noticed Justin looking at my breasts in their naked glory.

Soon, he spoke to me again, though I don’t know what he said but I felt my hands moving to my panties and slowly pulling it down before steeping out of it. He continued speaking to me and the next thing I know, my hands were at my vagina, playing with it. One hand rubbing my clit while the other inserted 2 fingers into my vagina, slowly moving in and out.

Justin started to speak to me faster and I feel my fingers moving faster too. I tried to stop myself but it was useless, the only thing I could was watch my disconnected fingers masturbating. I finally gave up, letting everything to happen without resistance, filling me with sexual desire and with it, experiencing great pleasure.

My breathing started to get ragged and I knew I was going to climax soon. Justin was behind me at this time and I felt his hands moving forward, slowly cupping my breasts, elicited more pleasure from me. It felt so wicked, alone in my room with my younger brother, naked and masturbating while he fondles my breasts. I could feel his hands cupping my breasts, molding it into the shape he liked. It was then I heard him whisper into my ear, telling me to climax now, and it felt like an electric shock went through my whole body, my vagina clenching onto my own fingers, feeling my climax getting stronger and stronger.

Just like my previous dream, when I was about to be lost in such heavenly pleasure, I woke up but the feeling I experienced in my dreams did not disappear totally. I don’t know what was happening, whether is this just a dream or did it really happen to me. Maybe I should tell Justin about my dream? I think better not, it’s just a dream, there’s no harm done about it and the feelings was so wonderful.

Had another session. I don’t remember what happened; all I know is that I feel very relaxed and wonderful. I love being hypnotized.

Today’s session happened as usual. I remember nothing from that but I had a weird day. Bumped into Justin in an isolated corner of the school library and chatted with him.. We didn’t discuss about his experiment or the sessions, just normal sibling-talk. Ok, maybe some bitching about the student union president. Man, that guy was getting on my nerves. One of these days, I‘m going to give him a tight slap to wake him up and show him he can’t push me around.

Midway through the chat, I suddenly realize that I’m not wearing any panties or bra. I didn’t know how this happened as I usually wore them. I guess I must have forgotten them this morning when I was dressing up for school. It came into my mind that underneath my clothes, I was naked, and I had an urge to rip off my shirt and skirt, exposing myself to everyone in the library. I felt just like an exhibitionist. In truth, at that moment when I thought of that, I became more certain of it. And I still am.

Yes, I’m an exhibitionist and I like exposing myself to others. It feels so nice doing that.

Of course I wouldn’t do that in public despite of how much I wanted too, I resisted the urge but I started to get excited, feeling myself getting wet. I almost wanted to slip my fingers into myself and bring myself to climax right there in the library. Never had I felt so much desires swirling inside of me. What surprised me was that I managed to carry on with my conversation with my brother.

I wanted so much to excuse myself and go to the toilet to masturbate but at that moment, Justin brought up the topic of our sessions. Somehow or rather, the memories of all those sessions brought me to orgasm. I bit my lips, trembling on the spot, trying to hold back my moans as I climaxed in front of my brother. I didn’t know how long I came but it finally stopped when Justin shook my shoulder, asking if I was all right. I felt ashamed and embarrassed, quickly blurted some excuses and fled the library for the toilet.

The moment I was safety inside a cubicle, I pulled down my skirt and jammed 3 fingers into my cunt. Strange. I don’t usually use such crude words to describe my vagina but at that moment in time, the only words I could think of were pussy, cunt. In the next 10 minutes or so, I brought myself to at least 3 orgasms, playing with my pussy, fantasizing myself naked in the library, making love with my brother Justin in front of everybody. Ah, such a sexual and wicked fantasy! It felt so weird as I had never felt exposing myself to feel so sexy, not to mentioned the fantasy of committing incest with my brother, in public no less.

Maybe I should try not wearing any underwear to school.

Another session today though it started fairly late. Justin came into my room shortly after midnight. As usual, I lay on Isabel’s bed and was deeply in a hypnotic trance while he talked to me. I was in a dream-like state, totally unable to capture what he was talking about, but I feel my room getting warmer and the clothes I was wearing getting more uncomfortable.

Justin had told me at the start of his experiment that the most important thing during the session was for me to be comfortable and relaxed, so I asked him whether if I could strip off my clothing. After all, he had seen me in my bikini before when we went to the beach in the past and being in underwear was just like being in bikini. He was such a sweet guy, immediately saying that he understood, agreeing to my request to do anything as long as I feel comfortable. Straight away, I took off my clothes, feeling so much nicer and more comfortable once I did it.

I thought since Justin didn’t mind, I might as well strip off my clothing and just wear underwear for all sessions from now onwards. Not only do I stop wearing the cumbersome and uncomfortable clothes, I get to expose myself albeit to my brother. I felt much more relaxed than ever, not to mention, slightly aroused.

Today’s session started with me lying on the bed before stripping off to my underwear. Straight away I felt tired and warmness starting to envelop me. Justin told me that it’s getting easier to relax for him, to go into a deeper trance as we are in a comfortable place. He was right, I felt that I was more relaxed than usual, easier to react to Justin’s suggestions. Ah, I just love this feeling.

Once the session finished and I was alone in my room, I found out that I kept thinking about the word “Obedience”, feeling inexplicable pleasure. I didn’t know why I kept thinking about that word, but that was really a wonderful thought. I continued to recall the word, feeling such thoughts being so charming and finding myself getting aroused. Obedience. Obedience. Obedience. Ahhh.

Thinking back, I wondered if Justin made me more obedient in one of our previous sessions. Just the thought of being hypnotized to become more obedient elicits a wave of desire in me. Such a sexy thought.


Completing this diary is getting harder because our sessions follow the same sequence. Justin comes into my room, I lie on bed, then strip off to my underwear, feeling comfortable and relaxed. The session ends with me waking up and Justin leaving the room. I don’t remember anything else about the session. Well, sometime before he leaves the room, we do talk about the session but it is nothing important. I’m not complaining as I love the feeling of being hypnotized during every sessions but as I don’t remember anything, I can’t write this diary which will be needed to help him with my report at the end of his experiment. Although he told me to write what I the full details of my sessions, I can’t.

So today, I spoke to Justin about this. He was so considerate. He told me I only need to write down any unusual events that happened or any session that I felt was special to me in any sense. He even told me that I could write down any strange happening in my life ever since the sessions started. “You have already done well, Jen”, he said.

His praise was so wonderful and I felt my face redden. I really want to make him happy so for now onwards, I shall try my best, both during our sessions and writing the diary.

Ever since the sessions started, I found myself getting more and more interested in hypnosis, reading up in the library. Today, I went online for more information. I seem to remember Justin walking into my room while I was doing my search but I’m not confident of whether he really did that. The next thing I knew, I was at a website with a huge archive of erotic stories on mind control and I couldn’t tear myself away from the computer, devouring the stories on the site, saving copies of my favorites in my computer. In fact, I masturbate myself to orgasm reading some of the stories. Before I logged off for the night, I had amassed quite a selection of stories, evenly split between male and female dominant.

Something weird happen to me today. When I got home from school, I found a prescription of birth control pills in my bag. I’m certain that I didn’t visit the doctor for the prescription. Well, since it’s already there, I might as well use it. No harm going to come to me anyway.

I’m so grateful to Justin for allowing me to be in my underwear for our session, it made me feel so relaxed and made it easier for me to release myself. But during today session, I felt my underwear getting tighter and uncomfortable and I felt that if I stripped them off, I’ll feel more comfortable. I’m sure I’ll be able to go into a deeper trance and be more obedient after I did that.

I asked Justin whether if I could strip off my underwear, I hoped he won’t mind, after all we had seen each other naked when we were younger. I wanted to feel unrestrained, such feeling of freedom could only be achieved by being naked. He said I could, as long as I can feel comfortable and relaxed. Once I stripped off my underwear, the feeling of my breasts without being bounded by my bra, or my waist without the tension of my panties elastic made me felt so free and relaxed.

I felt so wonderful and relaxed, just as I thought I would be. I went into a much deeper trance than I could if I wore clothing, the feeling was just so wonderful and I totally loved it. I wanted to be brought deeper into the hypnotic trance and be so much more obedient.

I hope Justin likes my body. I must admit, being naked is not only more relaxing, I hope to expose my body to him, teasing me. Just teasing him would be harmless, since we are not having sex, he is my brother after all. I hope he find me sexy. These thoughts allow me to expose my naked self unashamedly to my brother, feeling myself becoming totally truthful and obedient. During our past sessions, I had noticed him admiring my body quite a number of times, making me feel warm and aroused. Maybe I’m really an exhibitionist.

Another enchanting session with Justin. Now I could feel myself being totally relaxed. As I lie onto the bed, I quickly stripped off every piece of clothing on my body, feeling so relaxed, warm and comfortable.

As long as I’m with Justin, I could totally let myself go. Whatever he said to me is correct, the total truth and very important. I absorbed his every word. His words felt so wonderful to me even though I’m not sure what he said but that was not important, I didn’t need to remember anything and I can trust him. He is my brother after all. I love the feeling of being together with him and I’m willing to do anything to make him happy.

It has been some time since I wrote in this diary. Of course, during this period of time, I’ve had my daily sessions with Justin and I always feel so warm and fuzzy afterward. I just love those feelings. I can’t seem to remember much from the sessions but I’m not worrying. My brother will always be there for me, I just need to enjoy and immerse myself during the sessions.

Today, straight after I woke up, I told Justin that I wanted him to hypnotize me more deeply. All he said was there is no rush, I already knew how to bring myself into a deeper trance and I can do it myself. It sounds so right.

I also realize that these days, I found myself getting aroused for no specific reasons and I started to masturbate more frequently than before. Sometimes, I felt my panties getting damp just looking at Justin. Guess I need to keep my fantasies in check. My collection of stories also expanded and it felt like male dominant stories really bring me off, the thought of women being under the control of men, being ordered to do sexual acts had brought me to climax for countless of times. It also felt weird for me to refer to my sexual organs like in the past. Words like pussy, cunt, tits, boobs, cum, cock just feel so much better than vagina, breast, orgasm, penis. It feels so uncontrollable, moaning these words while I fingered myself off.

Pussy. Cunt. Tits.

I had another dream yesterday. In my dream, I was like a spectator, looking down at everything that happened. Justin came into my room in the middle of the night and spoke to me. I saw myself sitting up on my bed. He spoke softly into my ears and I opened my eyes. I realized that my eyes were glassy and unfocused, just like what I thought a hypnotized person would look like. I felt excited, thinking that Justin had hypnotized me to do this.

Within minutes, I stripped off my nightgown and sat back on my bed together with him. Leaning onto his broad muscular chest, I felt my pussy getting wetter. His hands grabbed both my tits and started massaging them and I could feel my nipples hardening, poking into his palms. The feelings I had was indescribable. It felt so good.

His fingers slowly traced around the curves of my breasts, running over my hard nipples, slowly but surely, moving downwards to my crotch. I felt my legs opening wider, welcoming his fingers to my sacred place, a lady’s secret spot, a place where no brother should have access to but I couldn’t control nor stop my body. His fingers touched my pussy lips, lightly caressing them, bringing me pleasure.

I was moaning non-stop then, craving for more of his touch. I let out a gasp of pleasure when he inserted his fingers into my pussy, moving in and out slowly, bringing me more pleasure. My pleasure level rising, I feel myself getting closer to the climax I craved.

Here I was, in my bedroom with my brother, totally naked, leaning against him while one of his hands played with my tits while the other fingered me. Yet, the wickedness of what was happening, instead of disgusting me, turning me off, aroused me further. I could feel myself getting even wetter just thinking about the situation.

He was whispering to me all the while. I couldn’t catch what he was saying but I’m not worried. I’m sure if it was important, my mind will remember it for me. Soon I was cumming like never before and the next thing I knew, it was morning and I was alone on my bed, my nightgown pulled up with my fingers jammed inside my pussy. What an intense dream and I sure didn’t regret having it.

Mom had been curious about why Justin and I were spending so much time together in my room. I guess there is no helping it since we were having the sessions daily. She was sure to have noticed and had been asking me for the past week. I’m sure she also questioned Justin about it. I felt that mom wouldn’t understand what we were doing, so I tried giving her some excuses, but it only heightened her suspicions. Then I starting thinking about using hypnosis on mom to get her off our backs.

My chance came today when mom had to work overtime again, thus coming home late and tired. I was waiting for her in the living room when she reached home and flopped on the couch, the same one where Justin had hypnotized me before. I bought her a glass of OJ and asked if she would like a massage. Given how tiring her day was, together with how late she got home, she agreed to it.

I smiled inside my mind as I started my massage. Starting with her stiff shoulders, I slowly massaged them. She gave a grunt of pleasure, letting me know that I was doing right. I continued my massage for at least 10 minutes before I started hypnotizing her. Taking the glass of OJ from her hand and putting it down, I resumed my massage while speaking to her in a low voice, just like the methods I had read up on, together with my experiences with Justin.

Telling her to close her eyes and enjoy the relaxing feeling, I told her to envision herself on a quiet beach, listening to the smoothing waves coming in. when she nodded in agreement, I continue my attack, telling her that with each incoming wave, she would feel more relaxed, more sleepy than ever. Her eyelids shall be so heavy that she couldn’t open them anymore. I started to massage her temples while continue my verbal assault. Soon she was slack, just lying in the couch. Looking at her, I got excited, my pussy getting wet, my nipples hardening. All I could think of was that’s how I looked like when Justin hypnotized me.

Without me realizing, my fingers was already in my pants, moving closer to my cunt. I quickly jerked my fingers out, focusing on my task at hand, knowing that I shall have my pleasure after all these was over. I brought mom into a trance as deep as I could and when I was satisfied, I planted some thoughts into her.

In short, I told her that Justin and I had already grown up, we were adults, so we can fully make our own decisions and she should respect our privacy. There was nothing suspicious or worrying in my room when I’m alone in there with Justin. Nothing was more wonderful or beautiful than siblings bonding. She would not concern herself with anything in mine or Justin’s room. Strange, I wondered why I added Justin’s room into my sentence, nothing important I guess.

Ending the session, I made mom willing to be hypnotized by me or Justin. Strange, I wondered why I keep adding Justin into my instructions to mom. Well, nothing to worry about, Justin didn’t even know I did all these. Leaving mom to count down from 50 before waking up and forgetting all that had happened, I quickly left the living room and went back to my own room where I almost ripped off my clothes, jamming my fingers into my cunt. Fingering myself, I thought back on my entire session with mom, where she was totally under my control, just the same as I was when Justin hypnotized me. Oh, I wanted to be hypnotized more by him. Thinking such thoughts, I started cumming non-stop before fainting from exhaustion.

I had another intense and pleasurable dream last night. I was working on my school work, alone in my room when someone hugged me from behind. Before I could turn around, a voice whispered to me, telling me to relax and let all my strength flow away. Enjoying the feelings I’m experiencing, I was losing myself in the haze of pleasure, feeling ever more relaxed. Even while I found myself slipping into a trance, I couldn’t help but notice how similar the voice was to Justin’s.

The hands went into my shirt, seeking out my tits, safety enclosed in my bra. A rip and my bra was gone, freeing my tits to its naked glory, allowing the hands to play with them. I could feel my nipples hardening from all the caresses, both rough and gentle. Lost in the pleasures, I was surprised when the fingers entered me. Ohhh, the feeling. I felt the inside of my pussy being played by those fingers, eliciting more pleasure. Slowly, I felt myself moving to the climax I craved. All the while, the voice was speaking to me but I didn’t care what the voice was saying. All I sought was the climax that was building up in me. I would agree to anything just to be able to cum. Soon, I was rewarded as I started cumming, my pussy clenching, trying to hold the fingers inside of me.

Time just flew past me, I didn’t know how long I had been cumming but I finally stopped. To my surprise, the fingers came up to my mouth and I heard the word “Lick”. Without any hesitation, I engulfed the fingers into my mouth, licking it clean, trying to get every drops of my pussy juice. I couldn’t believe it, here I was, after being fingered by an unknown person to orgasm, was licking my juice of his fingers and enjoying it. The sheer wickedness of the act got me excited again.

“You had done well, my pet.”, the voice said to me, and I felt pleasure just from hearing the praise but what had I done?

I don’t remember anything.

“Here’s my reward for you, enjoy the taste of yourself. Remember, obedience bring about pleasure. Obey… Obey…”, with this last statement, the voice faded away, and I started cumming again, even harder than the previous and then I woke up. The feeling was so intense and real. It almost felt like it really happen. Unable to shake of the feeling, I fingered myself to orgasm on my bed, thinking of how good it would feel if Justin was doing it to me.

Today, Justin told me that he needed more information regarding his experiment, specifically visual information. He said having pictures would be the best way of showing the viability of the experiment before asking me if he could take photos of today’s session. I wanted so much to contribute to his experiment, to make him happy, to obey him. Of course I agree to his request.

He immediately took out his digital camera, it almost felt like he knew I would agree to his request. Once he was ready, he asked me to sit on Isabel’s bed.

Usually, once I sat on the bed, I would fall into a hypnotic trance immediately but today, the feeling came so slowly. I felt myself getting relaxed slowly, slowly closing my eyes, slowly falling into the hypnotic trance. All the while I could feel the flash from his camera flashing, taking pictures of me but it didn’t matter much to me.

Once I was deep in the hypnotic trance, just like usual, I stripped off my clothing. While I had always stripped off without any delay in the past sessions, today, I felt like taking my time, enjoying the pleasurable feeling of stripping. I unbuttoned my shirt, taking my time to expose my bra-clad breasts and with a flourish, threw my shirt away. Next, I unzipped my jeans, pulling it down in a sensual manner before kicking it away. Now clad in my underwear, I reached out behind and unhooked my bra. Instead of just shrugging it off, I cupped my bra with my tits still in it, looking toward the camera which Justin had been taking pictures of me all these while. Giving what I feel was a naughty look, I slowly removed my bra while at the same time, hiding my tits with my hand before I finally freed them, exposing my magnificent tits to him. Lastly, I hooked the elastic of my panties, pulling it down my shapely legs, feeling the cloth peeling off my crotch. Gosh, I didn’t realize doing all these was arousing me to no end, my panties were soaked to the core. I ended my stripping by toss my panties over to Justin, winking at him at the same time but he didn’t react, apart from taking more pictures.

This is all I remember. When I woke up, I felt like I just danced finish my ballet classes. Justin said that he was happy that I allowed him to take photos of our session, his words bringing me pleasure and happiness.

I didn’t want to admit it, but stripping in front of a camera excited me, arousing me. Maybe I’m really an exhibitionist. Thinking about all those photos of me stripping, in various stages of undress and naked like the day I was born felt so sexy and arousing. It would excite me even more if I could dance naked or even fuck in front of the camera but I know Justin was using the photos for his experiment, all in the name of science, contributing to its advances. Yet, despite of knowing all that, I couldn’t control myself as I started having thoughts of him masturbating while looking at my photos, and started to have sexual fantasies of me before he finally hypnotized me to fuck him for all I was worth. These thoughts were arousing me and I started wanting it to be a reality.

Today session with Justin was interesting. After I went into a trance, feeling all comfortable and relaxed, he showed me some pictures of women, suggesting that I tell him what I saw. Initially, he showed me pictures cut out from newspapers and magazines, showing women in their daily lives, in the office doing work, in the shopping center buying stuff, doing sports, just ordinary stuff. I told him what I saw.

Next, he started showing me pictures of women being hypnotized, their glassy glaze while looking at pendent, watches, even staring at the eyes of another guy. These pictures caught my attention, every time I went through them, a jolt of pleasure flash in my body and I started feeling wet in my crotch. Hypnosis is so sexy and I fantasized being the woman in the pictures.

Next group of pictures showed women in various stages of undress. An Asian woman pulling of her blouse, exposing her beautiful white creamy tits. A blonde unhooking her bra. A black haired woman half naked, pulling her skirt down, both her eyes closed and she was smiling. Another woman stepping out of her panties, the camera showing perfectly her puffy pussy lips. These pictures affected me, raising my arousal level. I could feel my breathing getting ragged. I couldn’t believe these pictures were exciting me, I couldn’t remember what I told Justin but my attention was totally drawn to these pictures. I easily fantasized being those women, letting my exhibitionist side out.

The next set of pictures... oooh. Those pictures show women engaging in sexual acts. One showed a woman masturbating, another showed her doing a blowjob and more showing women getting fucked in various positions like doggie, cowgirl etc. the focus of the pictures were on the women and I didn’t see even a man in them, only their cocks or some other part of their body. All these women looks like they were enjoying getting fucked into bliss. I could feel my pussy aching, wanting to feel a cock inside of me. It had been a long while since I had one in my cunt, and none of my previous boyfriends had been much, either physically or in terms of technique. I could almost feel myself being the women in the pictures.

But, I had always felt such pictures were degrading to women, never liking them yet, these pictures... I felt like a slut. I had never been so interested in sex but today, I could feel my needs written all over my face. I love those pictures, I wanted so much to be the women in them. I wanted to get fucked by a hard cock, letting it ram into my slutty pussy while the camera continued taking pictures of me being fucked. I can’t believe I’m writing all this down, it is just not like me, yet it is really me. At that time, I lost all sense of control, my only wish was to have a man fuck me, any man, even my brother, so I can orgasm with a cock in my pussy and it would be even better if someone can see me getting my brains fucked out of me.

The last picture was a woman with blond hair, down to her waist, kneeing naked in front of a fully dressed man, happily trusting her tits out, her nipples erect, and her head looking up adoringly at the man. Around her neck, she was wearing a black collar. When I saw this picture, I started cumming. I felt like the woman in the picture, wearing the collar just like a slave, kneeing in front of my master, obeying him, totally under his control. God, I couldn’t stop myself from cumming, the feeling was so intense. The more I looked at the picture, the more I think that woman was me, a naked slave girl, ready to serve her master. I want to be a slave. Thoughts like these flashed in my mind as I continued to cum before losing conscious.

When I woke up, I was alone in my room, on my bed. I wanted to write down all these feeling while they were still fresh in my memory, so I scribbled it out, but now I want to go back to sleep as I -

Guess I never finished that last entry.

Last night, I dreamed about the picture again, the last picture showing the slave girl but this time, I was the woman in the picture. Everything felt so real and I was kneeing in front of my master. He owned me, I’m so sure of this fact. I had been hypnotized by him and he controlled my body and soul. I don’t know why I was so certain in my dream, I just know. Just as I’m sure of my name, I’m confident that my master owned me.

I could even feel the collar around my neck. The feeling of it around my neck was neither comfortable nor uncomfortable, it just reminded me of its presence. I could feel my naked thighs on the floor, my tits showing proudly to my master and my nipples erect and hard. I was so aroused and I could feel my pussy leaking between my legs.

As I didn’t receive permission to look at my slave collar, I continue starting at my master’s groin. I know my master was looking at me, I could feel his gaze as he looked at my naked self. And I heard his voice... so much power.. “Tell me who are you?”

“I’m your slave, master. I must obey you.” The voice coming from me seemed to come from the depths of my soul. I didn’t thought of these words nor planned to speak them but the words just came out of me without hesitation.

“Tell me what you want to do?”

“I want you to command me, your voice control me.”

“Tell me what you want?”

“I want you to be happy. My only wish is to serve you.”

I know my response had been programmed into me but with each response, I found myself getting more excited, every word that came out of my mouth is the absolute truth. I must obey, I want to obey. I felt so helpless, the only thought in me was of obedience. Before I knew it, I was awake.

Despite of it, I was still so aroused and I started masturbating, my fingers moving to my clit and pussy. The image from my dream felt so real, so intense. I continued to fantasize about my master’s voice, the helpless me and soon, I was cumming strongly.

It was so strange. In my dream, I never get to see my master’s face, his voice didn’t sounded familiar to me too but somehow I know he was my brother Justin. In fact, I think the voice sounded just like him but his voice had always been warm and comforting but in my dream, it felt strong and cold. I had never met this Justin in my life, yet the dream felt so real. I didn’t know what the dream represents or what it meant. Weird, but it let me feel a pleasure I had never felt before.

I’ve been thinking about Justin a lot. He is such a sexy man. I know he is my brother but I still continue with such thoughts. I wonder if he is willing to be my secret boyfriend. I know he won’t do it as it’ll go against.. everything. Who ever heard of siblings dating? Maybe I should try asking him out on a date, using the excuse of sibling bonding. Maybe I should wait for him to ask me first but I don’t know how long I’ll wait. Maybe I’ll wait forever.

Today, just after our session ended, I mustered up my courage and asked Justin whether if he would like to hang out with me as sibling bonding. He smiled at me and said he was willing. I was so happy that my whole body shook. He suggested that we could hang out together at home this Friday. Mom was away on a business trip this whole week, so we had the house to ourselves. I guess he knew I wanted privacy, what a great idea it was.

Today session proceed as usual. I was lying on the bed, naked and in a deep hypnotic trance. While I was falling into the trance, I suddenly remember about Justin’s eyes, how I was hypnotized by it before and how wonderful it felt at that time. Sometime into the session, he told me to look into his eyes.

As he was sitting on my chair at my work desk, I found myself walking over to him. Since there wasn’t enough space on the chair, I straddled over him and sat on his legs. This allowed me to gaze directly into his beautiful eyes. I found myself being drawn deeper into his eyes and I found myself feeling so free, almost like I was walking on clouds.

His hands were moving up and down my bare back, occasionally stopping at my hip. His touches were so warm and comforting and they relaxed me. Before long, I could feel his pants getting tight and I knew that such feeling will not be comfortable. I wanted him to be as comfortable as me, so I stood up and help him take off his pants and underwear. Once done, I straddled back onto him and I could feel something hard easily sliding into my wet pussy. What a wonderful feeling it was.

Looking at his eyes made me sleepy while his voice echoing deep inside me, comforting me. I was like a baby, being rocked to sleep. Up… down… up… down… up… down… so comfortable, so warm, so relaxed. His hands were guiding me with the motions and I want to be rocked by him forever, sliding up and down, up and down, just like a baby. Everything felt so wonderful.

The next thing I knew, I was in shower and I felt a comfortable, warm yet sticky sensation in my pussy. I loved the feeling of being put to sleep by Justin and I love the feeling in my pussy even more.

Today was my “date”, oops, sibling bonding with Justin. It felt like a dream for me and I’m so excited. I reach home early, looking at my wardrobe, trying to choose the sexiest dress I had for our “date”. Before that, I went to the video store and rented some movies for us to watch. I end up wearing an evening gown which showed a lot of my cleavage.

When Justin came home, I exhibit myself to him and boy, am I glad that I wore that. His gaze on me was so intense that it was almost like he was touching me. I could feel my nipples getting erect and my panties getting wet. He took a shower while I ordered pizza. We started a movie and sat together on the sofa. He was rather dressed down, just wearing his normal clothes but it doesn’t matter. He smelled so nice and I slid up to him. Leaning on his shoulder while we watch the movie and he was playing with my hair. I was lost in the haze, liking the feeling.

The sensation was interrupted when the pizza came and I pulled away from him unwillingly. He paid for the pizza without any hesitation. What a nice guy, how I wish he would be my boyfriend. I’m sure I would like boys better if my first love was him. Though he’s my brother but there is no harm fantasizing. We chatted while we ate. I think it was midway through the meal when he raise his hand to my face, saying that I got some food on my beautiful face. He brushed gently on my face, and without thinking, my mouth move near to his fingers and took them inside, sucking on them gently. When I realize it, I quickly pulled away from his fingers, my face red with embarrassment but he was a nice guy, he didn’t say anything about what had happened.

The highlight of the night was the dessert. Hmmm, I didn’t remember ordering any but it was there and there was nothing to worry about. Weirdly, the dessert was placed on Justin’s crotch but I didn’t mind. He sat on the sofa watching another movie while I lay down, my face on his crotch. When I lay my mouth on the dessert, the taste was so delicious, better than anything I taste before. I continued licking and sucking it non-stop. I didn’t know what it was but the sensation of it in my mouth was so wonderful.

And the best part was when I neared the end, it spurted some thick creamy sauce out of it and it was even tastier. I swallowed all of it and despite of it, I couldn’t get enough as I continue sucking and licking it until I’m sure that I didn’t miss any before I sat back up.

Somehow during my dessert, Justin changed to another movie but what surprised me was that it was porn. This time I turned even redder with embarrassment. I rented some porn without realizing it but as always, Justin being a nice guy, he just smiled at me, stroking my hair, telling me not to worry and we should watch it together. What a wonderful suggestion that was and I found myself falling into the dream-like state again. I slid up close to him, pushing my tits closer to him as we watched the movie. I was floating around in clouds. I think he was speaking to me during the movie but I couldn’t focus on his voice, all I could do was focus on the movie, seeing how the women getting fucked and wishing that I was the one. I could feel fingers playing with my pussy, sliding in and out of it, bringing more pleasure. Fingers playing with my tits, caressing them, tracing curves around them. It felt so wonderful and I sank deeper into the clouds.

The next thing I know was Justin cleaning up the living room, while I lay on the sofa. Smiling at him, he said he enjoyed himself today and he looked satisfied. I hoped we can have more of such “dates” in the future.

Today during our session, Justin suggested that I would feel even more relaxed, if I lie on our parents’ bed. It sounded so enticing. I already feel so comfortable and relaxed lying on Isabel’s bed and if lying on our parents’ bed would made it even better, I couldn’t wait to try.

Justin held my hand and led me to our parents’ bedroom. My attention was on the bed, nothing else in the room concerned me. The bed looked so comforting, so soft, as if it was waiting for me to lie on it. I could feel it calling out to me and I felt some sort of strength pulling me towards it. Before I knew it, I was on the bed, the feeling of the bed sheet against my naked body felt so wonderful, so comforting and so relaxed.

I could feel myself falling into a deeper hypnotic trance, the bed like enveloping my entire body, sapping my strength away, feeling my body sinking into it yet my soul felt like it was soaring up in the sky, flying to some faraway places. I let myself fall deeper, the feeling was so wonderful.

After a while, I started to fantasize about Justin, his naked body lying beside me on bed, while he used his hands to gently caress me. What an enticing feeling. He was such a sexy and wonderful man. I imagined myself kissing him, frenching him like a lover, my lips could almost feel the warmth of his lips and his breath. The fantasy felt so real.

He was playing with my tits, pinching my nipples, making them erect. Next he told me to sit up, gently spreading my legs and straddling him. I could feel his hard cock throbbing against my cunt. I wanted so much to insert his hot hard cock into me. He spoke gently into my ear, every words he said increasing my arousal. My pussy was leaking, my juice flowing non-stop, coating his cock with it. I reached down with my hand, looking and finding his cock and slowly guided it into my pussy. It felt so good. He was inside of me and I could feel the throbbing of his wonderful cock.

I was shocked by what happened next. His cock felt so full inside of my pussy and I felt my pussy clenching onto it, wanting to keep it inside of me forever. I started moving, raising and lowering myself onto his wonderful cock while at the same times, words that I didn’t expect myself to ever said came out of my mouth. “Fuck me brother, fuck your slutty sister and make her cum!!” begging him, I was screaming, “Come on little brother, give your big sister what she wants. Fuck me. Stuff my pussy full with your hard cock. Make me cum!! Fuck me to death!!” I didn’t know why, but words like these excited me even further and the taboo of incest felt so wicked and nice.

I didn’t know at that time while I was fantasizing on the bed what Justin was thinking. Did he know anything? Did I voice my fantasy? I knew I was panting and perspiring. I know I should be embarrassed but I wasn’t. Even now all I feel is excitement.

Enough for tonight. Off to bed and satisfy myself.

Ever since last Saturday, I had been fantasizing about Justin. Because of that fantasy on Saturday when I fucked him? It felt so real. Even my stories collection has changed. My favorites were those of incest, stories where brothers uses mind control to get sisters to fuck them, making sisters into their slaves. I got myself off reading stories like that.

I must admit, I’m attracted to my brother. I imagine kissing him, touching him, being fucked by him. Society be damned. I want my brother. Just thinking about him these days got me wet. God, I can feel my panties getting damp again. I gotta stop writing and go masturbate. I wonder if he loved me, just like I love him, not in a siblings sense, but as in lovers. Maybe I should dress up more seductively at home...

My latest dream: I went to Justin’s room in the middle of the night and I was naked. I climbed onto his bed and to my surprise, he was awake and naked too. Smiling at me, he cupped my face, pulling me towards him and kissing me. I groaned from the kiss and I felt his hands roaming all over my body.

I straddled him, rubbing my pussy lips over his cock. I was so hot for him and I’m sure he could feel the heat emitting from my naughty cunt. I continued kissing him, feeling his hands grasping my heavy tits, molding them, while continuing grinding my pussy against his cock. I raised myself up while my hand went down and grasped hold of his beautiful cock, guiding it to my sacred place, slowly lowering myself down, feeling his cock sliding deep into me. When he was fully inside of my hot cunt, our public hair, wet with my juice, matted together, I started moving, sliding his cock in and out, in and out of me, feeling my pleasure building up.

He twisted me around until I was lying on his chest while keeping contact with his cock and my pussy. His hands came forward to grab my tits, playing with them while I continue bouncing up and down, enjoying the feel of his cock inside me. He was telling me something, but I was too far gone to care. My pleasure and I could feel that I was going to cum soon.

It felt so good being fuck by my brother, and I wanted it to go on forever. Soon, I was cumming and that when I woke up, alone on my bed.

These dreams must mean something.

For today’s session, Justin showed me some photos. Women doing everyday stuff like typing, playing tennis, shopping, driving. Looking at those photos, I found myself fantasizing, even though they were not doing anything sexual.

I fantasized about the women in the photos being hypnotized. Hypnotized by a swinging pendent, hypnotized by a spinning spiral, hypnotized by Justin’s eyes, all sorts of hypnosis methods. Then when they were hypnotized, they would be ordered to strip naked. I visualize the women slowly unbuttoning their blouses, pulling down their pants or skirts, followed by their underwear before making love with the hypnotist. No… it should be getting fucked by the hypnotist. They were deeply hypnotized, having no mind or will of their own, being ordered by the hypnotist into various positions and getting fucked.

When I was thinking about this, my mind was hoping at the same time that all these would happen to me. I wanted to experience it all. I wanted to get hypnotized, to be ordered to stripped naked, to be made slutty by a powerful hypnotist, to be a hypnotic slave, both my body and soul belonging to my master.

I want to be a hypnotic sex slave. I really want to be one.

I don’t know what else I was doing. Maybe I was telling Justin what I saw, I couldn’t be sure. I believe Justin was asking me some questions and I was answering them but I really didn’t know. What an interesting but strange experience.

I want to be a hypnotic sex slave. I really want to be one.

Been really forgetful recently. I’m not sure why, but at those times, I wished that someone would just tell me what to do. I’m starting to hate making decisions. I feel this is a good change, I should relax, not caring about anything and let other people guide me, telling me what to do. I was thinking, maybe I should ask Justin’s on his opinion regarding this. Maybe he would tell me what to do, it’ll be nice to follow his suggestions.

So, during today’s session, I told him. I told him that I wanted someone to tell me what to do and was he willing to be the person. He smiled at me and said, “If I told you what you should do Jen, do you think you will follow my instructions?”

“Of course I’ll. I love following your instructions. I’ll obey all of them.” I replied, responding to him felt so good, I know every instructions he gave me were perfect and I wanted to obey him, to make him happy.

“I think you should dress sexier at home, especially when we are alone Jen. This will make you feel better.”

He was right, I wanted to dress sexier. This will make me feel better. I’m so glad Justin helped me with this.

The next thing I knew, I was alone in my room, on my computer at Victoria’s Secret website, with a cart full of sexy lingerie, matching bra and panties sets, nighties, teddies, thongs, g-strings, swimsuits etc. they ranged from lacy, translucent, transparent, silky, satin etc. Without hesitation, I bought all the items using the credit card mom left for emergencies.

After that, I shut down my computer and lay on my bed, playing with my boobs and pussy while thinking about wearing those sexy clothing, how excited it’ll make me. I know Justin would be pleased when I wear those, showcasing my beautiful body for him. I can’t wait for them to arrive. Oh god, I’m going to cum, this was just so exciting. I should go buy more sexy clothes to wear for Justin.

I can’t believe I wrote all this down. Lucky this diary will not be shown to anybody.

My attraction to Justin.. It just keep growing. I think I’m really in love with him, I don’t care anymore if he is my brother. Sometimes just looking at him will incite lust in me and a lot of times I have to control myself from pushing him down and fucking him on the spot.

I wonder if all these feelings I have is due to hypnosis? Being hypnotized and being controlled fill me with so much temptation, sexual temptation. I find myself fantasizing about Justin hypnotizing to be his sex slave, his very own slave sister, really to obey his every order. This feels so wicked and excites me so much. Recently, these fantasies are getting more frequent and detailed.

I’d like to know what I should do. Should I tell Justin about it? Maybe I should tell him about my fantasies? But what if I tell him and he finds me abnormal and weird? It may even destroy the relationship we have till now. It is too scary to even think of it. What if I tell him I love him but he doesn’t want me? What should I do?

I guess I should adopt a wait and see attitude for now. I hope I can control these feelings. I really want to be together with him and the feeling is getting stronger every day.

I had another dream last night. This time, I slipped into Justin’s room when it was near to dawn. Looking at him sleepy peacefully on his bed, I stripped off my nightgown while playing with my tits and pussy all these while.

Wriggling onto his bed, I move sensually toward his crotch, seeking out his cock. Finding him naked surprised me and excited me further. I could feel my pussy leaking non-stop. Giving his cock a long lick, I swallow it and proceed to blow him. Performing such unsisterly act, instead of repulsing me, aroused me further as I quicken my pace. Soon he was hard in my mouth as I continue my oral administration of his beautiful cock. I didn’t know how long had passed but the next thing I noticed was two hands grabbing my head, controlling my pace. Grinning, I looked up and saw Justin smiling at me.

Reluctantly, I let his cock slipped out of my mouth, slithering up his body. I felt like a python, seeking out my prey. Moving higher until my tits were at his face, I pushed them towards him, feeling my left nipple rubbing against his lips. He took up my offer, engulfing my nipple and sucking hard on it. What a wonderful feeling it felt and I wanted it to go on forever. He alternated between my nipples and soon both were as hard as diamonds.

Next I lowered myself and felt his hot and hard cock slide into my hungry pussy, at the same time, I grabbed his hands and brought them to my tits. As we fucked and kissed, he played with my tits and I felt myself getting close to cumming. I could feel my pussy contracting onto his cock as I orgasm but instead of the usual intense climax, this one felt so warm, so relaxing as I lost myself in my climax. As I felt him shooting his cum into me, coating my inner walls, I reached the peak of my climax and I lost conscious.

When I woke up, all I could think of was the wonderful fuck I had with Justin in my dream. I really love all these dream fucks. I took this time to write down in my diary while I slowly fingered myself, and remembered.

Mom need to go on another urgent business trip, so she’ll be gone from tomorrow till Sunday. After receiving the news, I went back to my room, playing with my tits, squeezing them while I waited for Justin to come for our session. I was fantasizing about making love with him, letting him play with my body that I lost track of time.

By the time I realize it, it was already 1 AM when he came into my room. Without ado, I lie onto the bed and stripped naked to start our session. I felt so relaxed, so obedient as I lie on the bed. Justin was suggesting that I skip school for the next few days as he needed to do more tests for his experiment. It was such a wonderful idea and I agreed to it. It felt so good obeying him and I had a small orgasm when I agreed to skip school.

The past few days are a blur, everything’s so hazy and I don’t remember much as I didn’t need to remember anyway. I’m sure I skipped school and I remember answering calls from concerned friends, telling them I was fine, just had a fever and I would see them in school on Monday.

I remember bits and pieces. I remember being naked at home for the past 4 days, doing chores around the house. I think I dreamt about wearing headphones as I lied on the bed, listening to Justin’s voice. Listening to him made me even more obedient, making me want to obey him even more, followed his orders. I felt that I must repeat what he said and every time I repeated the words, I felt excited and aroused. I could feel his commands deeply imprint into my very soul, changing me. What a sexy fantasy it was.

Another fantasy. I was kneeing in front of him while he sat on my chair in my room. His beautiful cock was erect in front of my face and I wanted so much to nurse it in my mouth. As I started to blow him, he commanded me to open my eyes and in front of me, I saw a small spinning spiral. It was spinning and drawing me into it. The more I suck his cock, the more I’m drawn into the spiral. I heard his voice speaking to me and I want to obey him. In my mind I was chanting I want to obey Justin, I want to obey Justin. It continued until he came, spurting his cum down my throat before I finally stopped. The feeling was so good. I serviced him with my mouth until he came again and I swallowed every drop of his cum, moaning out my pleasure. I remember him praising me and when I heard his praise, I came. Every time he praised me, it felt so good, so wonderful. What a terrific fantasy it was and I loved the feeling.

I dreamed a lot in the past few days. Quick flashes. Being fucked on my bed, on Isabel’s bed, on Justin’s bed, in the bathroom, living room, kitchen, almost everywhere in the house.

One dream that stayed in my mind was me straddling Justin on the couch in our living room, his cock deep inside my wanton cunt and he was speaking to me.

“You love being hypnotized by me.”

“I love being hypnotized by you.” I responded, lifting myself up until his cock was almost out of my pussy. I moaned at the emptiness I felt in my cunt.

“You love to obey me.”

“I love to obey you.” I said as I lowered myself back down on his cock, moaning at the pleasure as he filled me up to the hilt.

“Incest is the best.”

“Incest is the best.” I repeated as I lifted myself up again, repeating the process.

“You love being fucked by me.”

“I love being fucked by you.” Down I went.

“You are my personal wanton sister slut.”

“I am your personal wanton sister slut.” Up I go.

“You love being my sex slave.”

“I love being your sex slave.” Down I went again.

The whole thing went on continuously as I slid up and down on his cock, repeating his words, feeling them to be the absolute truth and feeling them getting imprinted into my soul. It felt so good.

I felt so sad and sorry that it was already Sunday and everything I had done in the past 4 days had to stop even though I didn’t have much memory of them but it really felt so wonderful.

Tonight, I was at my favorite website, reading mind control stories. I found myself immersed into those stories, feeling excited as each sister get hypnotized by her brother, being control or hypnotized to have sex with him and finally becoming his personal sex slave. Incest is so hot. Mind control incest is even hotter. Fingering myself as I read these stories, I fantasize being the girl in them, being hypnotized by Justin to be his sex slave. It felt so real, as if it really happened to me. I sure I came numerous times.

I wondered if I could have this experience. I didn’t know whether if I can persuade Justin to do all those stuff written in the stories during our sessions. Will he think that I’m mad? I really want him to use hypnosis to control me or even better, turn me into his sex slave.

Oh, I also decided to change the password to my computer and other accounts. My new password is “Slave Sister” Giggle

For today session, Justin showed me photos again. This time, they were photos of female friends, neighbors and family. I even recognize some of the photos being mine. I wondered how he got them as the photos were rather personnel. Well, nothing to worry about, he knows what he is doing.

Photos of friends in school, photos of our neighbours, Karen, Kathy, Pamela, Stephanie and many others, taken during our outings or gatherings together were flashed before me as I went through them. I started to fantasize them being hypnotized either by Justin or me but mainly Justin. After they were in a deep trance, they would be ordered to strip naked. Dreaming about their naked body with their glassy, lifeless eyes staring far ahead, I got excited and I felt my pussy leaking again. The thought of them being ordered to perform sexual acts with Justin or even me got me hotter and I moved my fingers down to my pussy and started rubbing. Waves of pleasures crashed through my body as these puppets, without a will or mind of their own, whom used to be my friends being ordered around on our whims to fulfill our sexual needs brought me to a small orgasm.

The last 2 photos were mom and Isabel, mom in her red one-piece she wore to the beach last summer which did nothing to hide her shapely body or her cleavage while Isabel was in her university cheerleading uniform. I fantasized about me hypnotizing mom just like before, seeing her fall into my hypnotic trance, becoming my puppet. In my mind, I saw myself ordering mom to do a striptease for Justin and me. As she danced to an unheard music, slowly but sensually stripping off her swimsuit, exposing her body to her son and daughter, I felt my hand quicken the pace in my cunt, waves of pleasures exploding from my crotch. Her eyes staring emptily ahead, following my orders brought me to an even more intense climax. Once she was naked, I ordered her to kiss my pussy and when her lips come into contact with my clit, it ignite a jolt of pleasure in me. Winking at Justin, I saw him shove his cock into mom’s cunt, and I feel her moan in my pussy. Such wickedness as mother, daughter and son engage in taboo. I cum again, even better than before.

For Isabel, I envisioned Justin hypnotizing her, in our room, just as I had been. As she went into trance, my pussy juice was leaking non-stop, wetting the bed. He went on to fondle her tits, playing with them. I dreamily thought of those times when I fantasize him playing with mine and I could feel my nipples hardening just like Isabel. Next I saw his hand slipped down into her skirt and into her panties, seeing her moan helplessly as he played with her pussy or clit. How I wanted to be her, being played by Justin. Finally, he got her to stripped naked and join me on bed. Seeing Isabel’s beautiful body, I felt like kissing her. As she lay beside me, I reach out to her, pulling her face to mine, kissing her. I shove my tongue into her mouth, frenching her like lover, our tits crushed together. Suddenly I could feel Justin’s cock entering me, drawing moan of pleasure from me then it withdrew. Next thing I knew, I heard Isabel moaning in pleasure too. Looks like Justin had entered her. He alternated between Isabel’s pussy and mine, both we sisters, slave to our younger brother’s pleasure. It was here when I lost conscious as I experienced the most intense climax ever.

By the time I woke up, I was alone on bed and the bed sheet totally soaked with my juice. Those fantasies were so intense that I really want to make them happened. I quickly change the bed sheet before going to bed but I couldn’t get those fantasies out of my mind.

Last night, I had another dream. In my dream, I was Justin’s slave girl. He was my master. I was kneeling on the floor, totally naked and he was swinging a shiny pendant in front of my eyes. I was totally lost in it, his voice bringing me deeper into a trance. He was telling me that I was getting sleepy and I wanted to close my eyes.

I felt my eyes closing and I had an urge to chant these words. “I want to be a slave… I want to be a slave..” the weird thing was, I know I was chanting these words, but in my soul, the feeling of wanting to be hypnotized and be controlled got stronger as it went. It felt like I was separating from my body, almost like someone was telling me these and I could hear my voice repeating them, repeating them. I started to get excited, aroused and I felt my nipples hardening, my pussy getting wet.

At times, I could feel myself getting free from the hypnotic trance but every time I got free and open my eyes, they would be drawn to the pendant swinging in front of me and I would hear Justin’s voice, “You are getting sleepy, getting more relaxed. Do not fight this feeling. Embraced it and accept in Jen.”

I couldn’t resist him and I fell into a trance again, an even deeper trance. I couldn’t stop chanting those words and I found myself not wanting to stop. I want to be a slave, this was what I want, I belonged to my master, I want to be hypnotized deeper until he controlled me totally, both my body and soul.

When I woke up, I was still chanting those words “I want to be a slave.” And it was the truth. I had always wanted to be a slave. I want to be Justin’s sex slave, to be his personal sister slave. I cannot deny it anymore.

I want to be a slave.

I want to be a slave.

I want to be a slave.

I love being trained by Justin. Under his training, I become so obedient and relaxed. I’ve been daydreaming more and more about calling him Master. This thought is so hot, so sexy, so intense. I want to make him happy, want to be praised by him. As long I can be together with him, I’ll be fulfilled. I want to obey him, to serve him. I love doing all this.

Today, I finally mustered courage to tell Justin what I want. Mom just left for another of her business trips and I’m alone with Justin at home. I told him I want to be his slave, that I have always fantasized letting a powerful man hypnotize me to be his sex slave. Maybe that was why I love being hypnotized by him during our sessions. I asked him whether he was willing to hypnotize me, his sister, to be his own personal sex slave.

He smiled at me and said, “My experiment had succeed completely, you are my sex slave now. Why don’t you go take a look at the mirror?”

I walked over to my wardrobe and looked at the mirror, finding myself totally naked except for a collar around my neck, just like what I had dreamt about but I was rather confused.

“What do you mean when you said your experiment had succeeded completely?”

“My experiment is to use hypnosis to make a normal woman become my sex slave. To make it harder, I choose you, my sister to be the first person to be tested.”

“That’s absurd. I still remember clearly when I was a small kid watching cartoons and when the bad guy hypnotized the heroine, it made me wish that I was the one being hypnotized. I also remember clearly at that time, I started to fantasize being controlled by someone and getting aroused over it. Because I was young, I didn’t realize it was a sexual fantasy until much later.”

“All these memories were implanted by me. When we first started the sessions, you were a strong willed woman who had no interest in submitting to any man.”

“I don’t believe you. I have these fantasies for many years already.”

“I can prove to you, Jen. Do you want to see my proof?”

“What you have said so far are not true but I’ll see your proof.”

“I have recorded every session, give me a while as I bring up the files.”

I was surprised when he switched on my computer, accessing my account. How did he know my password? I never told anyone about it. Looking at me, he said, “Ah, don’t worry too much about it, you told me this during one of our sessions and I know all of your secrets, even your private fantasies.”

Confused, I waited quietly as he accessed my account and brought up a folder full of recordings. That is weird, I don’t remember seeing this folder in my computer when I used it. Again he spoke, “I hypnotized you to ignore this folder. In actual fact, I have been using your computer countless times ever since you allowed me to come into your room anytime I want.” With that, he started playing one of the recording and the sounds started coming from the speakers.

Recording 1:

Justin (J):

I want you to look at this young woman’s photo, I’ll say some words and the words may describe her, Jen. You can be truthful to me because you trust me fully. Is that right, Jen?


Yes, I’ll be truthful to you because I trust you fully.


Very good, now look at the photo. The first word is “Obedience”. Tell me, what do you think of this woman being obedient?


I don’t like this word. When I hear it, I would link it to a pet. Why should she be obedient? And to who?


Very good, Jen. Sharing your thoughts with me feel so good right? Now the next word is “Surrender”. How do you feel about that word?


I don’t like this word too. Why would that woman surrender to any other people? Women have their rights too and they should be free to do what they want. They should not just surrender it up.


Very good. What about “Slave”? How do you feel about this word?


I hate this word. This is a free world, nobody should be a slave to anyone. I know some people have submissive tendencies but I can’t understand why and I will not be a slave.

My mouth was hanging open. Did I really said those words? I couldn’t believe I said that because these 3 words excite and arouse me. But the voice in the recording was mine. I was very confused.

Recording 2:


How old are you now, Jen?


17 years old.


Now we shall turn back time and go back to when you were very young, an age when you love watching cartoon. You remember watching cartoon on TV when you were young, right?




Now you are at the age when you love watching cartoon. How old are you now?


5 years old.

I guess the voice in the recording was mine, even though it sounded more kiddy, just like a child voice. I cannot remember anything but it looks like this really did happen.


You are already 5 years old now. You are a big girl now right, Jen?


Yes, I’m a big girl now.


what are you doing now, Jen?


watching cartoon.


In the cartoon, you see the bad guy hypnotizing the heroine, right, Jen?




How did he do it?


He is using a spiral that is spinning.


Correct. Then she is hypnotized right?




You like this cartoon right, Jen?




Do you find it exciting?


I don’t know. Can I watch other channels?


Let us watch this cartoon again. Do you want to watch it again with me?




The bad guy is still using the spiral to hypnotize the heroine. It makes you excited, you are imagining the bad guy hypnotizing you. It is such an exciting thought right?


Very exciting.


Seeing the spinning spiral, the heroine closes her eyes. She tried to open them but she can’t because she is so helpless right?


Yes, so helpless.


Correct, she is so helpless. It really make you excited, seeing her so helpless because the bad guy hypnotized her. What do you think of this cartoon, Jen?


Very excited


Yes, you wish that the person being hypnotized is you, right?


yes, I want to experience it.


If you are hypnotized, how will you feel?




Yes, and it excites you, right?


Yes, I’m excited.


The heroine is totally under his control now, right?


Yes, she had been hypnotized by him.


She must obey his commands, right?


Yes, she must obey him because she is so helpless.


This is very exciting right?




if you are hypnotized by a hypnotist, what will you do?


Anything he says.


How do you feel about it?




You will keep fantasizing about being hypnotized, Jen, you will keep thinking about it right?


Yes because it excites me.


You will continue thinking about it as you grow up right, Jen?




Now you are 17 year old. What do you think about hypnosis?


I have been fantasizing about it since I was 5 years old.


When you fantasize about it, how do you feel?


It excites me.


Very good Jen, you have done well.

Weird that I can remember all this so clearly.

Anyway. The recording stopped and Justin said that this was just the first such session. It was repeated many times to reinforce the suggestions, strengthen my memories, my thoughts as well as my fantasies. I was shocked into silence. Was it even possible? My whole life fantasies on hypnosis, all was implanted into me by him? All these memories were false? I can clearly remember my childhood fantasy, not only the cartoons but also other experiences, like playing hypnotist game with my best friend after school, or even my first kiss with him, also due to hypnosis. Looking up the Internet for hypnosis or mind control stories and masturbating to them. So many memories. How could they been fake, I told him. He showed me more recordings. This is impossible. The memory is so clear in my mind, like it just happened yesterday. I could still feel his lips, his voice and the excitement I felt but the recording…

Recording 8:


Let us recap some of your memories. Your first kiss, when did it happen?


14 years old, at a date. Tim Sorkin.


No, Jen, your first kiss happened when you were 12 years old.


12 years old?

Uncertainty in my voice.


Do you remember what happen?


I… I don’t know…

The confusion in my voice was evident. I need Justin to tell me, whatever he said is the truth. I’m sure this thought went through my mind then as even now, I feel this thought coursing through my mind.


I’ll help you remember. You need my help right, Jen?


Yes, help me remember.


You were at home watching TV with Justin.


Yes, I was watching TV with Justin.


Yes and the TV was showing a hypnotist show.


Yes, a hypnotist show.


The hypnotist is swinging a pocket watch, hypnotizing someone.


Yes, he is hypnotizing someone with a pocket watch.


You are drawn to that watch right, Jen?


Yes, I’m drawn to the swinging watch.


The hypnotist is saying that you are feeling sleepy as you look at the watch, telling you how much you want to close your eyes. How do you feel at that time?


My eyes felt heavy, they are closing, I tried to keep them open but I can’t. I have no choice.


How do you feel being hypnotized?


Very relaxed, very excited.


You are now deeply hypnotized, am I right?


Yes, I’m deeply hypnotized, I must obey him.


You feel very very excited, right?


Yes, it has always been my fantasy.


Is Justin looking at you?


yes, he is looking at me as I got hypnotized.


How do you feel?


Very helpless, very excited.


Correct, now Justin switched off the TV but you are still in a deep hypnotic trance right?


Yes, I’m still in a deep hypnotic trance.


He is speaking to you now, telling you that you must obey him because you are under his control.


Yes, I must obey Justin. He control me.


He tells you that you want to kiss him.


Yes, I want to kiss him. I feel excited and sexy.


He agrees to let you kiss him. Tell me what do you do now?


I stretch out for him, hugging him tight against my growing breasts. He is so strong, so powerful, so handsome. I can only think of kissing him now.


You are kissing him now, tell me your feelings?


Wonderful, sexy. His lips felt so soft and warm, I feel myself melting into him.


You like being hypnotized, being under his control right?


Yesss, it feels so wonderful.


The kiss has ended. He tells you that when you wake up, you will remember how wonderful it feels and you want to experience it again.


Yes, I want to be hypnotized again, I want him to kiss me again. I want to experience everything again.

Justin stopped the recording. Was all these even possible? I remembered clearly that experience, but the recording proved otherwise. It clearly shows that my interest in hypnosis had been implanted into me, yet it still excited and aroused me. When I think that all my life memories regarding hypnosis may be all suggestions given to me by my brother, my pussy started to get wet and I could feel juice dripping down my legs. Yet, it still didn’t explain why I could accept committing incest with him, which I told him.

Recording 16:


What do you think about incest?


It’s wrong. Sick and wrong.


I see, now do you remember your first kiss?


Yes, I had my first kiss with my brother when I was 12 years old.


How do you feel at that time?


Wonderful, sexy, excited.




Because I’m hypnotized and I must obey him. I’m so helpless before him.


Is that all?

Jen. Yes.


Let time travel again. You are growing younger, now we are at that time when you kissed Justin and he woke you up from the trance.




How do you feel now?


Excited, sexy.




I just kissed Justin under hypnosis. It feel so wonderful.


Is that all?




Are you sure?


… Yes… I… I’m sure.

Uncertainty again. A child being questioned sternly and not confident of herself.


Seems like you are not. Do you want me to tell me?


Yes, please do.


You are excited, not only because you are hypnotized but also because you kissed your brother. Being hypnotized excites you, kissing your brother excites you further.


Yes, kissing my brother excites me further.


You love this feeling right?


Yes, I love it.


You want to do more with him, you fantasized doing more with your brother as it excite you just as much as being hypnotized excites you.


Yes, I want to do more with him, it excites me as much as being hypnotized excites me.


From today onwards, you will start fantasizing about your brother.


Yes, I’ll start fantasizing about my brother.


Now you are growing older and your fantasies about your brother continues, just like your fantasies on being hypnotized. Now you are 17 years old, how do you feel about your brother?


I fantasize having sex with him. It had been like this since I was 12 years old.


Very good, you have done well, Jen.

Recording 17:


When was the first time you masturbate, Jen?


13 years old.


Well, let us go back in time again. You feel yourself growing younger until we reach the time when you first masturbate. Now, tell me, where are you?


I’m alone in the bathroom, naked.


Yes, you were alone. What are you doing?


I’m playing with my breasts, my hands are cupping them, pinching my nipples. I feel strange, my vagina is getting wet. I don’t know what is happening to me but it feels so good. Something is building up in me and I can’t stop.


Very good. As you continue playing with yourself, the pleasure builds up and it feels so good to you. As you start to cum, your first thought is that of Justin giving you all these pleasure, his hands are playing with your breasts and your vagina. Now cum!!


Yes!!! Yes!!! I’m cumming. Come on, little brother, make your big sister feel good. Play with my breasts, play with my vagina, my whole body is yours to played. Oh my God!!!


Do you enjoy your first orgasm?


Yes, I really enjoyed it.


From now onwards, you will masturbate thinking about your brother only. Other guys don’t interest you. You can only bring yourself off by fantasizing about your brother, or being hypnotized by him right?


Yes, I will only masturbate to my fantasies of my brother, or being hypnotized by him.


All these years as you grow up, you enjoyed masturbating to your fantasies, bring yourself to climax countless of times. Now you are 17 years old. Tell me about one of your masturbation fantasy


Oh yes, I fantasized about my brother shoving me onto my bed at night when we are alone in the house. He pinned me down and ram his cock into my pussy. Oh my god, the feeling is so wonderful. How I wish he will do that to me in real life. I cumming!!!!!


You have done well, Jen.

I couldn’t believe it, my fantasies of incest were also planted. Now thinking about these, it felt so strange, it’s like an endless loop. I felt excited and aroused when I think about hypnosis and incest and that is because I was hypnotized and given suggestions to be like that. All my memories seem to be implanted and I can’t even trust myself now. Yet all these feel so real and I’m so sure of my memories despite my brain telling me otherwise, that these are fake, these were his plans from the beginning. Yet, I still love this feeling, being hypnotized and being under his control and committing incest. I want to be hypnotized into a deeper trance, to be controlled by him completely, then order to committed incest by him. In fact, I don’t care what I think, if all these were made by Justin, then I’m happy that he did it. I had never felt so excited, so aroused in my life.

“So what do you think of all these, Jen?” he asked.

“I want to be your hypnotized sex slave.” I replied. “It arouses me beyond words can describe. I’m addicted to this feeling. I think I believe you, my fantasies and memories are the result of your experiment, but despite of that, I still crave them. I want to be your sex puppet, please hypnotize me, your elder sister, to be your slave, to completely control all of me. My mind, my body, my soul, they are all yours.”

He smiled at me, “I’m so glad that you response well to my experiment. You are also happy that the experiment is a big success, right, my cute little sex slave?”

Hearing him addressed me as his cute little sex slave incited a jolt of happiness, “Yes, I’m very happy.”

He put both his hands on my shoulders, staring at my eyes and I felt myself falling, falling deeper into his control as he used his eyes to deepen my trance while his hands moved to my tits.

“You don’t need to forget anything already, my cute little slave. From now on, you shall remember everything during our sessions, any hypnotic suggestions I give you, remember under my hypnosis, how helpless you are, how aroused you get and how much you want to obey me. You will remember the excitement as I trained you to obey me, to be my slave. You want to give everything to me. You are so aroused, so excited. Now, CUM FOR ME and awake, my hypnotized sex slave sister.”

When I woke up, I still remembered everything that had happened. And that while he was saying those words, he slid his cock into me. I felt my orgasm crashing over me, bringing me to heaven, my pussy contracting on his wonderful cock and soon, I lost conscious.

Man. Hand cramp. I hope the rest of my entries aren’t this long.

But anyway, I guess my master’s experiment had ended, at least my portion. I’ll continue obeying my master and hope he’ll continue training me every day. My pussy aches for his cock, it feels so empty without it. As I just said, I’ll continue writing my diary as this will help me keep track of my master’s experiment.

After all, he did say that I’m the first. I wonder who will be his second? My pussy gets wet as I try to short-list women who I think my master will want.

  • Isabel
  • Brenda
  • Cindy
  • Louise
  • Samantha
  • Tina
  • Yvonne...

So many women out there just waiting for my master...