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Master PC: Parting the Popular

Chapter 3: Morphing Megan

Authour’s Note: Thanks go out to JRParz for writing the first Master PC story. It’s a brilliant medium to work with. Any comments will be happily accepted at , enjoy.

Once again, Malcolm stood back and observed the changes in the social dynamics at Hithers High. It was the lunch hour and stories of the buxom Becky were circling the hallways. She was now a household name and face since everyone had heard all about the three different guys she’d fucked that morning. Of course, all of the stories were hearsay so teachers had nothing to convict her with, but that wasn’t to say they weren’t keeping a close eye on her.

And if the stories weren’t about whom or where she fucked, they were either about her erratic change in behaviour, or the size of her tits that seemed to be permanently growing. Of course she hadn’t changed them since she last saw Malcolm in second period but to change from a C to an E in a matter of hours definitely was noticeable. The magical story of her new ability had infected the school’s rumour mill but hardly anyone believed it, even if there wasn’t any other logical explanation. In fact, the story had transformed akin to a sentence going through the telephone game that kids would play. Some stories even involved alien gifts or nano-bots, after all her parents were rich enough.

But Malcolm wasn’t interested in all that. He already knew the crazy reality and it was indeed stranger than fiction. No, Malcolm was busy watching the popular clique eating lunch at their regular table. He didn’t seem out of place, in fact it seemed that every male who wasn’t tied down (and even some that were taken) were all lustfully gazing at that table because now there sat not just one, but two living wet dreams. Malcolm’s intentions, however, were different from everyone else’s. He was watching their body movements with rapt attention, hoping to get a read on the change in their relationships.

They put on a good show, acting as if nothing changed but the careful and obedient observer could catch subtleties in their actions that told otherwise. Stacy seemed to show a bit of resentment towards the newly improved Becky, likely due to her loss of attention. She’d shoot the occasional snide look at her former best friend, when Becky wasn’t looking, or roll her eyes whenever the brunette said something funny. The other girls noticed though, and they were careful not to tread any lines lest they damage their reputation and lose their spot in the popular clique. Becky was busy talking and gossiping as she had always done, but her gaze would linger a little longer on Stacy’s cleavage and, to Malcolm’s surprise, on Taylor.

Not that there was anything wrong with Taylor. She had straight dark hair and a body with subtle curves in all the right places. She kept in shape and was of oriental descent so her body was lithe and slim. Her beauty definitely surpassed that of Megan and Alison and was easily the third best looking girl in the group, in the school. Whereas before this morning she had an easy spot on second and, only to Malcolm’s knowledge, had even been a contender to Stacy before the discreet change.

It seemed that Becky’s transformation was progressing though, where before she wasn’t attracted to women in the slightest, now she had to bit her lower lip to suppress her libido. From Malcolm’s point of view it looked like she wanted to rip off both Stacy’s and Taylor’s clothing and have a lesbo three-way in the cafeteria.

Malcolm made a mental note of this and turned his attention to Megan and Alison. They were the two best looking ugly ducklings that any group could produce. They were both pretty in their own ways, but they just didn’t have all the luck of the other three. Alison was probably the nicest of the bunch. He didn’t know her that well, but she was the one that seemed to have been raised properly. Malcolm had run into her a few times by herself, and she was always civil towards him. She even genuinely smiled once in a while. She had a few flawed facial features, and her face wasn’t perfectly symmetrical, but Alison was pretty in her own right and that, along with some brains, is what kept her in the social clique. He wanted to be nice to her, but he’d still have to change some things to remove her from Stacy’s grasp.

Megan had short dirty-blonde hair, a shade that was directly between Stacy’s and Becky’s. She had a very pretty face and some modest breasts but was just never able to shed her baby fat, despite being on the majority of the high school sport teams. Malcolm had last period gym with her and she always excelled in that class. He figured that would be the best time to trigger a change and since he still hadn’t seen the full power of Master PC, he was dying to use it on someone. He rose from his seat and started his journey home. There was still another period between now and Phys Ed, so he had plenty of time to play on his computer.

* * *


Stacy was repulsed by her best friend. The slut had actually gone around and fucked three guys that day, and now she was looking like some busty porn star. Not that she could talk, in fact their boobs were practically the same size now and Stacy still had a better figure, but it just wasn’t right. People were talking about the new hot girl in school even more than they did when she started the rumour about fucking Graham Majors at a party last year. Becca, or rather ’Becky’ was the talk of the town and easily more popular of a subject than Stacy. Hell, if Hithers High had a search engine, the three most common searches would involve Becky. And what was with that stupid name anyways, it made her sound like a slut. Well maybe it was fitting.

What annoyed her the most however, was the lack of eyes on her. She was so used to being the centre of attention, that to share the spotlight was an absurd feeling. Why did her morals have to be so high? Why was she still holding on to that V-card? Stacy’s thoughts raced around trying to find ways to become the centre of attention. But all of them involved losing her virginity and she certainly wasn’t ready to do that.

Besides, if Becky’s ability was real, Stacy would be in the limelight for a very short amount of time. She finally decided on going around and making out with various guys. She didn’t necessarily have to fuck anyone, but just the illusion of sex would be enough to gain some more hype. Good thing she didn’t have a boyfriend, she’d have to break up with him just to keep her spot in the clique. God, it was tough being a socialite.

* * *

Back to Malcolm…

He walked through his front door and instantly ran upstairs to boot up his computer. He needed to make a lot of changes and quickly.

He started out by entering a general command so no adults affiliated with his subjects would notice anything was out of the ordinary. This would ensure that he could change the dynamics of his school without any interference from third parties, be it teachers or parents. This also meant that Becky would likely be successful in her next attempt to seduce Mr. Johnson. He’d have to be sure to egg her into trying again tomorrow.

Next he pulled up Becky’s profile just to check on how far she had progressed. Doing some quick math, he reasoned she still had seven changes left before she became Becca_Final. He thought back to the morning and remembered how pleased he was to find out how fast her new name spread around the school. Hardly anyone was calling her Becca anymore.

Malcolm then pulled up Megan’s profile. He wanted to make sure he was done her’s before leaving to get back to school. The others could wait until tonight if need be. An image of Megan rotated on his screen. She was sitting down and apparently listening to somebody, probably a teacher. “Damn,” he thought, her current body position didn’t really help him see what needed to be changed, and how it would look. He typed in a command:

Subject suddenly has the urge to go to the washroom; she will excuse herself from class and go to a stall. Once there, the need will fade but she will strip off all of her clothes and stand still.

Malcolm hit send and then smiled, “May as well have a little fun right now anyways.”

While in the stall, subject will feel like she is being caressed, licked and fucked. She will not be able to move or orgasm until I finish my commands on her and release her.



Megan Cross was in her History class listening to her teacher, Mrs. Rushmore, drone on about some treaty being signed. She was about to write some notes down when she was quickly overcome by the need to use the toilet.

“That’s odd,” thought the girl, “I just went during lunch.” She figured it would subside and went back to writing her notes. Her body was calm for a few minutes but the feeling came back, and this time with a vengeance. There was no way she could hold it.

“Mrs. Rushmore, can I be excused to go to the washroom?”

Upon the approval of her teacher, she rushed out of the classroom and to the nearest toilets. The feeling was unbearable and she felt like she would burst at any moment. She opened the door to a stall, stepped in and shut the door. The feeling suddenly waned and she sighed a breath of relief. Megan proceeded to take off her shirt, shoes and jeans, followed by her socks and underwear and placed them in a pile next to her.

“Wait,” she thought to herself as she stood up, “Why am I... Oooo...” Her body was on fire, she could feel phantom hands groping her and caressing her all over. Her pussy felt like it was being attacked by a thousand tongues and cocks all at the same time. The feeling was euphoric, but she couldn’t move to enjoy the feelings. She wanted to push herself onto the imaginary dicks. She wanted to help the tongues by stroking her clit. But she couldn’t, she was stuck. Megan was trapped in a hell of sensual pleasure, and she loved every moment of it. The only thing that could make this better would be an orgasm. It was something that she was so close to and yet so far from.

Megan stood in the stall for a few minutes, moaning to herself and basking in the pleasure. The feeling was unreal. She was no virgin and had even made herself cum a few times with the help of her hand, but they didn’t hold a candle to this. The phantoms assaulting her body seemed to be focused solely on her pleasure. She could feel her nipples tighten as invisible hands stroked her breasts. A light sweat broke out on her forehead as her body started to overheat from the sensations.

Her mind couldn’t even process the concern that her body wasn’t moving, it was too focused on the hedonistic good surrounding her body, when she felt something change. She didn’t know why but she could move! Quickly, abruptly and with a primal need, she fell onto the toilet seat and shoved her hand into her gushing cunt. It didn’t take long for her to get off but even when she did, the feelings didn’t subside.

Megan was stuck in the stall for upwards of ten minutes riding a constant wave of orgasm. She was pumping her hand in and out of her wet pussy and pulling on her tits at the same time. The rush was amazing and sensual and she never wanted it to stop.

When she was finally able to get out, she emerged a sweaty mess and obviously flushed. As she took her seat back in class, people were noticing that it looked like she had sex and everyone was whispering. But Megan didn’t care. She wanted to let them think what they would. It didn’t matter to her because it was the best fifteen minutes of her life.

* * *

Malcolm laughed as he closed Megan’s profile. Her avatar was finger fucking itself with wild abandon. He wasn’t sure how long she’d be stuck there doing that, it depended greatly on her willpower, and frankly he didn’t care. As long as she was present during gym, he was happy. He looked at the clock and saw there was enough time to get back to school before the time-delayed changes took place,

“The other two girls will have to wait until tonight,” thought Malcolm. He shut off his computer and left his house for the second time that day.

* * *

In a classroom at Hithers High...

Stacy Rathers couldn’t focus on anything that day. She was in her strongest class, being taught by her favourite teacher and all she could think of were the strange happenings surrounding Becca. She refused to call her Becky, convinced that it was just a phase that would pass. Still, no one was paying attention to Stacy, and that made her feel lonely.

She didn’t have much other than her looks, beauty that greatly surpassed everyone she met, except now Becca. Now she’d have to resort to other things to gain the attention she craved. Maybe she could start a school scandal, she looked up at her math teacher. Mr. Johnson was single, wasn’t he? The bell rang to signal that class was over. That thought would have to wait.

* * *

Megan Cross was changing for gym. She was glad that the episode in the washroom was behind her, and especially happy that it had happened. People definitely noticed that she looked like she had sex, but luckily Becky’s antics kept the gossip about Megan to a minimum.

She was excited about gym today. They were starting a new unit: volleyball. It was her favourite sport, and she was the star of the school volleyball team. Unfortunately not everyone in her gym class was necessarily good at volleyball, but that just meant that she was free to practice her serves while the rest of the class learned how to bump for the umpteenth time.

She left the locker room and made her way to the gym, talking to her friend Samantha on the way. Sam wasn’t part of her clique but she was nice enough, and since none of her clique was in that gym class, it was nice to have someone to talk to. They walked into the gym and grabbed a ball from the basket as they waited for everyone else to emerge from the change rooms.

They practiced volleying the ball back and forth. Even though Sam wasn’t on the volleyball team she was still fairly competent at it. Megan wondered why Sam had never tried out for athletics. It probably had to do with everything else she was involved in. As they were practicing, she couldn’t help but notice the dork that was constantly hitting on Stacy watching her. Malcolm had a devilish grin on his face, and it was giving her the creeps.

The dirty blonde shot him a disgusted look and rolled the sleeves on the shirt of her gym strip up to her shoulders. The gym strip was uniform for the school, so they all had to wear the same shirt and shorts while in Phys Ed. Luckily she had on an expensive pair of trainers to broadcast her economic status in the school. It was one of the reasons that she was in the popular group.

She and Sam started volleying the ball across the net. The volleyball court felt like home for her. She’d spent endless hours behind this net and she knew every squeak in the floorboards, every warp in the hardwood. Her shoes squeaked against the floor as she planted herself and sent the ball flying just above the net, and to the awaiting Sam. Their teacher walked into the gym and everyone fell quiet and watched him. Everyone that is, except Malcolm who was still watching the dirty-blonde girl.

“Alright listen up!” shouted Mr. Harrison, the sun shining off his bare chest.

Megan had to use her hand to block the light out of her eyes. “It didn’t seem that bright a couple of minutes ago,” she thought to herself and she dug her feet into the sand beneath her.

“We’re playing girls versus guys today since we have a perfect split,” he continued, “So get with your team, strategize a bit, and get ready to play.”

Megan adjusted a strap on her bikini top, beach volleyball always made her self conscious about her baby fat. She could usually stand playing against girls or even with her family but it didn’t help that she was playing against a group of guys. They were all going to stare at the slender Sam, with her long red hair and delicate features. Megan should be used to it by now, especially hanging out with Stacy, and now the curvy Becky. At least she was wearing her board shorts, so no one would see her thighs. She was very self conscious about them.

She dug her bare feet into the hot sand, and eyed up her shirtless opponents. They didn’t look overly athletic, this should be easy. Everyone seemed kind of nervous, everyone except Malcolm who was still eyeing her up hungrily. “What is he looking at, there’s no way he wants me,” she thought. No one wanted her B cups, or her slight muffin top. They would be more interested in Stacy or, in this situation, Sam.

The game started and the girls got off to a good lead. “This is way too easy,” thought Megan feeling the warm sun on her back, “These chumps have no place on a beach court.”

The girls were dominating the game and it was mostly due to Megan’s efforts. No one in her class had the skills that she possessed, and the closest to her level was likely Sam. They were leading the game and were up 10—0 when the boys final scored one point.

“It’s about time!” yelled Sam, “I expected more from guys with bodies like that!”

Megan couldn’t agree more, the studs on the other side were finally stepping up their game. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and fanned her C cup breasts. It was a minor hiccup in their game, but she was confident that the girls would win.

A little while later, Megan’s confidence had subsided. The boys were now leading by three points and the girls were struggling. It seemed like there wasn’t anything she could do. None of her sets were going where she wanted them to, and the rest of the girls seemed to be losing their touch at about the same rate as the guys seemed to improve.

Megan could see the disappointment on Sam’s face and the rest of her teammates were looking glum. She had to come up with something and she had to do it quick. She adjusted her D cups in her bikini top and looked back to the opposing team. They were staring at her with lust filled eyes. In fact she could even see a woody in one of their shorts. She came up with an idea and got so excited that she was sure people would see the wet patch on her bikini bottoms.

Megan looked at Sam who was up to serve and winked, “I have an idea, follow my lead.” She faced the boys again and sent a hand from the top of her glistening breasts and followed her sleek curves down to her bikini bottoms. Her right hand played with the edge of her bottoms while her left hand went behind her back and untied her top. She quickly grabbed her DDs before the thin piece of clothing could fall. The muscled men on the other side were watching her and couldn’t focus on anything else. It was at that moment that Sam sent a serve right over the net and hit a guy in the chest. Megan giggled and sent a sly smile with a platinum blonde hair whip onto the other side. The guys couldn’t take their eyes off of her.

Sam grabbed the ball when it rolled back onto their side and nodded to Megan, who looked back to the boys and pulled her bikini top from between her arm and her tits.

“I am getting so turned on,” thought Megan, “It’s, like, so sexy to have these hot studs watching me.” She started dancing around a lot more now, completely abandoning her position on the team. Megan had changed her charade from a simple distraction into a full-on show. Her tits bounced around as she strutted across the court, like a stripper on a stage. The girls were winning now but she wasn’t even paying attention to the game anymore. She just cared about the hot young guys hooting and hollering at her.

Megan was elated as she untied her bikini bottoms and let them peel off of her moist cunt. No one had ever given her this kind of attention before, which was odd considering her sleek figure topped by a pair of giant tits. But thinking about why it never happened before started to hurt her head. She’d rather live in the now, and right now she was grinding against one of the poles holding the net, and the boys loved it. And since the boys loved it, she loved it.

The girls cheered as one of the guys was knocked down from a ball in the face. Sam came over and told Megan it was over, they’d won!

“Oh yay! Like, does that mean I can cross the net now?!” Sam looked at her with speculation in her eyes and nodded hesitantly. “Yay!” A completely naked Megan ran over to the group of half naked men and started feeling them up and they proceeded to grope her. She started to make out with one guy as she grabbed another by the waist so she’d have one on reserve. Pretty soon she was pulling down their shorts and stroking their shafts with both hands.

It turned into a full on orgy, with six guys lining up to fill any one of her holes. Megan was in heaven, she could feel cocks thrusting in and out of her pussy, her mouth and even between her hooters. She was so happy and quickly changed her favourite moment from the time she got off in the bathroom, to the time she fucked six hot studs in the sun.

* * *

A spent Malcolm pulled up his shorts and started to walk out of the gym. He had finally had sex, and with a big-titted bimbo to boot. He smiled as he walked away from Megan the sexpot, still banging five of the school geeks on the hardwood floor. Mr. Harrison gave him a high five as he walked towards the locker room and Malcolm couldn’t help but notice the boner in his gym teacher’s shorts. He could tell that Megan was going to stay afterschool with Mr. Harrison for some extra curricular studies.

Master PC was amazing. He couldn’t believe the beach volleyball thing actually worked. It turned this into the best gym class ever. His team may have lost but they sure felt like winners. Malcolm took one look back into the gymnasium and then descended to the locker room.