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It’s in the hair

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((And another piece for robotunit8. The two things I had to work with for this one were “shopping” and “hair extensions”.))

For the first time in many months, Louise was out and about doing something she thoroughly enjoyed: shopping. Now, some people don’t need any particular reasons to give in to their consuming desires, but she definitely had plenty of motives to do so. From her new job to the apartment she had just bought downtown with the money she had won in the lottery, life was smiling down on her once again after so many hardships and now she wanted to pamper herself. After all, she deserved it!

Her circuit through the Shopping District turned out to be a very fruitful one and the amount of bags she was carrying was a living proof of that. Everything from shoes and boots to elegant sweaters, dresses and even some naughty underwear could be found upon her newest acquisitions and knowing she could pay for all of those on the fly was an extremely liberating experience.

However, as she strolled across the sidewalks, her head roving from one window to another, she clearly had this feeling that something was missing, though she couldn’t really ascertain what. She stopped for a second, inhaled a breath of fresh air and, suddenly, saw something that caught her attention.

On one of the corners of the busiest street of the whole city, there was this rather strange mixture of luxury and quaintness in the form of a shop specialized in human hair extensions, something she had always considered applying even when her purse had more moths than money on the inside. Though she loved her red hair, she had the misfortune of not being able to let it grow much, as its rebellious nature usually resulted in something far more appalling than any representation of the mythological Medusa.

“Well, Louise,” she thought. “If you’re ever going to go forward with this dream of yours, this is the right time to do so!”

And so, she listened to her inner voice and crossed the threshold into that new world of feminine splendour. Immediately, a very young and pretty oriental woman came to her and, out of the blue, touched her hair and started talking:

“Welcome. My name is Hui Zhong and in here, I make everyone’s dreams of beauty come true. You have a very nice hair, if I may say so myself, but I can see clearly just by looking at you, it’s not as perfect as you wish it to be, correct?”

“Yes.” replied Louise, a bit surprised by the straightforwardness of the shop owner, but not upset by it any way. “I want to do something with it, but I’m not sure what.”

“I understand. Know that here, we offer only genuine human hair of the highest quality. We have Clip Ons, Pretipped and Seamless extensions in various sizes and colours, all of which are guaranteed to make you fabulous on the outside but also on the inside. Allow me to show you some of our finer selections.”

Hui Zhong led her across the various displays on the inside of the store, showing the quality and smoothness of the products and expressing great joy whilst doing so. Louise couldn’t help but to feel impressed with it all, even though the prices were a bit steep. Still, she could afford it and eventually reached a decision.

“I’m sold. I want one of those 18″ Seamless Deluxe Models if you have one that blends in naturally with my colour.”

“But of course, and allow me to congratulate you in advance on your excellent taste, Miss…”

“Louise Tabor.”

“Very nice to meet you, Louise. Now then, since this is new to you, allow me to show you how apply them and then, if you wish, you can already leave the store with your new hair in place. I can guarantee you’re bound to get a lot of attention if you do.”

“Let’s do it, then.” Louise smiled. The prospect of being admired on the streets was something she was looking forward to, especially since it wasn’t very usual for her to be noticed at all, regardless of how much she tried.

Everything was pretty simple and the process didn’t take longer than a couple of minutes. When she looked herself in the mirror, it was hard to believe she was still the same person. The new hair, perfectly integrated with her natural one, made her feel twenty years younger, a dominant force capable of getting anything she wanted.

“This is just wonderful, Hui Zhong. Thank you very much!”

“You’re welcome, Louise. It really suits you. I bet you’re experiencing a rush of adrenaline, power and beauty at the moment, aren’t you?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Oh, I’ve been in the business for far too long to know how to read my customer’s emotions. Your eyes are twinkling, which means you’re more than happy and I’m happy for you as well.”

When Louise came out of the store, she was indeed a new woman. She was more alive than ever and it was with great pride she saw heads spinning whenever she went by. Men and women alike stopped in her tracks to admire her unparalleled good looks and the remainder of the day went by quite rapidly, driven by her newborn confidence and euphoria.

Then, came the night and things changed. Back in her house, Louise noticed that the new hair now looked somewhat darker, but attributed it all to the differences of lighting. After having a quick meal, she decided to go to bed. Her shopping spree had been a tiresome one and she needed the rest. Less than ten minutes later, she was already sound asleep.

The whispers began the moment she slipped into the R.E.M. phase, disembodied voices from depths unknown, reaching out into her subconscious with simple one-liners repeated over and over again:




While these spirit echoes insinuated themselves in her mind, strands of hair gently caressed her cheeks, imbued with a life of their own. A more rebellious string slid underneath her night gown and tickled her breasts until they involuntarily hardened, a sign of the pleasure she was experiencing. When Louise rolled over on the bed, one of her hands was caught in a mesh of wiggling locks and the voices grew louder, now projecting images of an act of self-satisfaction she was to carry out.

As the hair receded, Louise’s hand went all the way down and she started fingering herself, the dripping fluids covering her hand with an unquenchable thirst of lust. She went deeper and deeper, faster and faster until she woke up, wrought in pearly beads of sweat and utter orgasmic delight, still hearing the voices and becoming more and more in tune with what they had to teach her.

When the morning came, Louise found herself walking in an almost robotic fashion back to Hui Zhong’s store, having already assimilated a great deal of information on how she was meant to behave from now on. The oriental woman welcomed her with open arms and commanded her to sit down.

“I knew you’d be back here, sooner or later…” she confessed. “I wasn’t expecting it to be so soon. I bet you’re confused, Louise. Do you want me to tell you what’s going on?”

“Yes, please.” she replied meekly, aware that this woman was somehow superior to her and that just being in her presence was an honour.

“Like I told you yesterday, we only deal with quality hair, here. Everything is pure about it, with the exception of some of the chemicals that are applied to the fibres.”

“Chemicals…” Louise mumbled.

“Yes, a combination of psychotropic, narcoleptic and hypnotic drugs. They are easily transferred to the natural hair and then find a quick point access to the brain. First, they provide our customers with a sense of overwhelming joy, then they interfere with the basic principles of their central nervous system and finally, well…”

“…They take over the person’s mind.” the redheaded woman concluded.

“Very good, my dear…. For you see, that’s necessary in order for me to satisfy the needs of my other business and those of my real clients.

“You sell people…”

“Not really, Louise. I rent and sell playthings, obedient sex toys to whomever wishes to have some fun and you’re my newest acquisition. You’re so beautiful that I’m sure you’ll be quite a hit once you’re added to the online catalogue. However, first we need to give you an extra dose of the drugs. I can still see that a part of you isn’t entirely under control, but that’s about to change….”

Louise tried to get up and run away, but it was already too late. The craving of complete submission was in her hair, in her body and in the very core of her soul and kept her glued to her seat. Like a mindless automaton, an extension without free intentions, she would do whatever she was ordered, forever and ever.