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Time and Time Again

Part 1

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Synopsis: Jeff Ridge, age 16, finds that sometimes, growing up is not as easy as it appears and sometimes screw-ups can have do-over’s, and that the rewards could be greater than he ever imagined.

The is a work of ADULT FICTION, if you are not suppose to looking at this kind of material, regardless of your age; please have some self respect and leave now; otherwise enjoy the story, if you can. I never know for certain where a story will take me so if you are easily offended, you might not want to go where my thought sometimes go.

Jeff Ridge is sixteen; he is a good boy, a good student, a good brother and son. He is a typical teenage boy with typical teenage fantasies about girls and women; including his mother, Donna, “Doni”, who is forty and his sister Molly, who is eighteen. As brother and sister, they didn’t fight any more than most siblings, and probably no less, but they were family and took up for each other, outside the house.

His father wasn’t around, having died overseas a little over a year ago. Jason Ridge had been in the Air Force when Jeff was born and had retired just two years ago. He had flown in Afghanistan and when he retired, he took a consulting job after the war in Iraq settled down. He was going to work for five years and build up their nest egg and then come home to stay. He had his nest egg and was coming home when a kid on a bicycle rode up and blew up himself and his father’s group, at the airport.

Their family was financially well off, with the military pension and the money they had saved from the overseas work, but Jeff had taken several small part time jobs to supplement his personal income. He did that because of his grandfather, who was always chiding his parents about “mollycoddling” the boy.

Okay, they did spoil him and his sister a little when they were younger. Another thing that his grandfather had said often, as did every adult around him, “You are the man in the house now; you need to grow up and take responsibility.” He had heard that until he thought he would scream at the next person who said that to him.

As I said, Jeff was a good student; he especially liked the math and science classes and was smart; maybe not a genius, but smart enough. He liked computers, puzzles and girls, although not in that particular order. He liked several girls, but was uncertain about their thoughts about him; since he was too shy to find out, even though they often smiled in his direction.

He had a collection of puzzle boxes that his grandfather had brought him from around the world; some one-of-a-kind pieces that were very expensive. They were things that no matter how bad times got, he would never part with them.

Jeff was also a fairly good looking kid, but would have been one of those invisible kids if it had not been for his sister. She was now a senior, she was attractive and also on the drill team. While she didn’t let them hurt him, she didn’t stop their constant picking and teasing. Even some of their boyfriends hassled him, but to stay in the good graces of Molly and her friends, it was nothing that he couldn’t deal with; some considered him a nerd, but he liked sports and they mostly left the nerd jokes alone, except when teasing him during baseball practice or games.

Jeff made a lot of mistakes in his life, mostly from trying to grow up faster than he was suppose to. One mistake that he made happened on the day of his grandfather’s funeral. The funeral was to be at eight o’clock that evening; the uncle taking care of the funeral wanted everyone to be able to come, so he had picked a time after work was a over, for most of the relatives.

Since Jeff’s father had died, his mother and sister had been more lax in their dress around the house; sometimes panties and bras or nearly see through gowns and sometimes a bare breast or butt would be seen briefly. This fueled many a nighttime fantasy about them both.

So it happened on this particular day, that he had been waiting his turn in the bathroom for a shower; his sister had been in there almost an hour and his mother was hollering for them to hurry it up. He was undressed and ready for his shower, so he slipped on a robe and went to the bathroom. The door was open so he started in.

There was his sister, naked and bent over the toilet with her foot up on it; her butt and pussy was clearly visible. He enjoyed giving her a good scare sometimes, so he sneaked up behind her and reached around her and grabbed her boobs. This was the first time that he had ever deliberately touched them. She startled quickly and pushed her self back against him and screamed. His dick had slid so that the head had just pushed inside her pussy. They landed in the floor.

Doni came running at the scream and thump of them hitting the floor. As she entered the room, she saw Molly lying on top of Jeff, his hands still clutching her breasts and his dick sticking up hard between her legs. She asked, “What the hell is going on in here?” Both kids jumped at the sound of her voice and disengaged quickly and scrambled to their feet.

“Well,” she asked again, “will someone please tell me what is going on.”

All of a sudden, Molly screamed out, “This perverted little bastard, son-of-a- bitch tried to rape me.” Now she knew that wasn’t true and so did her mother, but they were both tired of his little pranks, so she decided to make a example of this incident.

Doni grounded Jeff until she decided otherwise and told him to go get dressed, that he didn’t have time for a shower now or they would be late. Just then he heard the old grandfather clock in the living room strike seven, he had to hurry even though they were only ten minutes drive from the funeral home.

The old clock reminded him of his grandfather, who had given it to his parents when they had married. He had picked it up somewhere in Eastern Europe, thirty or forty years before. It was solely his responsibility, from the time he was able to pull down on the winding chain, to wind that clock every morning and make sure that the time was always correct. He did his best but when he was younger, he sometimes forgot.

He had loved his grandfather and had spent a lot of time with him, but he hated the morbidity and pretense that people showed at funerals. However, this funeral was different; while everyone of the older women in the family were crying; everyone was dressed in their bright colored spring clothes and it was already autumn. No one made a scene and no one cracked any stupid morbid jokes.

One other strange thing that he did notice was that when each of the women in the bright colorful clothes went to the casket, she had to touch him. He had to know what they were doing, so he got in the line in front of a couple of the women who were brightly dressed. He went by his grandfather and teared up when he saw him; he looked a hundred years old and was not yet seventy.

He stepped away a short distance and watched the ladies as they passed; they were touching him alright, but where they were touching him had Jeff’s eyes nearly fall out of his head; they were stroking his crotch and most of them were family members, even his own mother.

Jeff began noticing other things that seemed no quite right, but could put his finger on it. Little by little he started to notice a somewhat familiar order over the formaldehyde candles and perfume from all the women in the room; he just couldn’t place it. People kept coming and going, but that was more or less expected at the viewing, but he noticed it during the funeral service as well; people kept coming and going, it seemed to him in pairs. Even his mother and sister got up and left at the same time as a male did; his Mom at the same time as an older cousin of his, and Molly was followed out a couple of minutes later by Uncle Ray.

Almost all of the family had been out more than once and with different people following each time. Only a few of his younger cousins and some of the women that he knew were not part of the family had not been out. And now that he was thinking about it, at his Dad’s funeral and two uncles before him, people were moving around a lot at those funerals too, and he had not been allowed to go to the grave-side service, but his mother had taken him the next day.

He was sure that he had figured out what was going on, but not why; as he now recognized the sweet musky smell coming from his mother and sister, sitting on either side of him. It was the same smell that permeated his parent’s bedroom when his father was at home and from time to time, and even yesterday when she had sent him to get her laundry to be washed. It was the smell of sex and a lot of it. His parent’s had remained locked in their room for twenty four hours the day after he came home on furlough and the door was closed and locked, off and on for most of the first week.

He kept quiet, but he was going to find out what was going on and soon.

After the service, Josiah Graham, Uncle Joe to Jeff, came up to give his condolences. He had been a partner in the antique store with his grandfather, where Jeff had spent a lot of time exploring the old things they brought back with them from their various trips.

He had a box with him that had Jeff’s name on it, in his grandfather’s shaky handwriting. He said, “Jeff, your grandfather told you that he left me the store and I want you to know that you are always welcome to come by and visit. This box contains his most precious treasure and he instructed me to give it to you when he passed away. You will find out later when the will is read, that he left you with all of his collection of puzzle boxes, but to him none were as valuable as this one.

Jeff knew which one he was talking about; it was the one that his grandfather had always claimed that he could not get open. But somehow Jeff knew that he had opened the beautiful little box, and whatever was in it was the most valuable thing that his grandfather owned. He decided to wait until he got home to open it; he didn’t want prying eyes to see his treasure. Not that it would matter, very few even knew of the box and fewer still had actually seen it. And although he didn’t know it, his grandfather had never let anyone touch it, except himself and Jeff.

When Jeff’s grandfather had been reminiscing over the box, he always said, “Lost time and lost opportunity are the things that cannot be recovered by most people, when they are gone.” He had never understood what he meant by that; as far as he could see; no one, not even his grandfather could do that; he was gone and could never recover time or opportunities. He couldn’t see anyone recovering lost time, although a lost opportunity might re-present itself at a future date.

He said, “Thanks Uncle Joe, this means the world to me and that you brought it, make it all the more valuable to me.” He broke down a little and hugged his grandfather’s friend; now his friend.

When they had reached the car and before his mother could start it, Jeff spoke up, “Mom, I need to ask you something.”

She and Molly both turned a little to face him and she said, “Sure Sweety, what is it you want to ask?”

He really didn’t know how to ask what he wanted to know, so he just forced it out bluntly. “What was going on tonight?”

They both had a quick look of surprise, fear and apprehension cross their faces and then it was gone. She answered, “You know it was your grandfather’s funeral.”

He said, “That’s not what I mean and you both know it. I not stupid and I’m not a child and you both smell like your bedroom did when Dad came home on furlough. I know what you have been doing; I want to know why.” He could see them both blushing. It was actually the first time that he could remember seeing them blush; they certainly didn’t blush when he had seen them naked at home.

“Mom,” Molly said, “We have to tell him before we get to the grave. He is grand’s only male heir and he is expected to be there.”

“I know, Baby,” she replied, “I know; I just wish that your father were still alive, he would have already had it done. I just kept putting it off and lost track of time.”

Jeff was getting both confused and angry, “Told what, put what off; will someone tell me what the hell you are talking about.”

They were both on the edge of tears and Doni finally found her voice, “Jeff, Honey, I have a lot to tell you and not enough time, so please don’t interrupt and I will tell you what you need to know for tonight and we will discuss everything when we get home. First though, I have to know if you are still a virgin.”

“Well, No,” he answered, “Unless you call what happened today with Molly sex.”

“No, I don’t call that sex,” she replied, “even though you penetrated all the way in her; it was an accident that happened because she was teasing you and you were acting out.” Jeff looked at Molly, who was again blushing.

Doni started again, “A virgin and an uninitiated one at that, is not even supposed to be at the grave service. You were supposed to loose your virginity at a special initiation party on your sixteenth birthday, but your Dad was killed on his way home for that and it was put off.”

Molly interrupted and said, “I was going to be allowed to be your first woman; Aunt Syl gave her permission for me to be first instead of her.”

Doni took back the conversation as quickly as she could, “Jeff, you can’t go to the grave side a virgin; you need to choose one of us now to have sex with; you will it be?”

Jeff’s head was swirling with all of this new information and he was literally in a daze as it all beat against his mind trying to come together.

Doni acted quickly tell Molly to get in the back seat with Jeff and help her get his clothes off. They both jumped out of the car and opened the back doors and climbed in and started to undress him. Doni started with his shoes and Molly started with his jacket and tie. Jeff had started to sweat and a drop trickled down his cheek; Molly took a long lick and up his cheek and exclaimed, “MMmmmmmm, Mom, he tastes absolutely wonderful.”

Doni had to have a taste for herself, so she quickly undid his pants and pulled them down and fished his dick from his shorts. His dick was as stiff as it had ever been and his mother swallowed all seven inches and licked it from bottom to top, before taking another breath.

Even though Jeff was mostly out of it, he started moaning from the most wonderful feeling that he had ever had; his first blowjob, and somehow he knew that it was his mother who was doing it.

She replied to Molly’s statement and said, “You haven’t tasted wonderful yet.”

They quickly got him undressed and dragged him out of the car and onto the grass between the car and the building. They worked hard to get him to wake up and when he did, he asked what had happened and why everyone was naked.

Doni explain most of tit again and how he had to have sex with one of them and she asked again who.

He said, “I can’t choose, I’ve wanted you both for so long; it’s too hard to decide.”

Doni thought quickly and said, “Molly it will be you, his is young and inexperienced and you are tighter than I am, so you have the best chance to get him off quickly.”

Molly straddled him and looked down at his dick and balls; never having seen them from that angle before and gasped. She said, “Mom, Look, he looks exactly like Grand did.”

Doni said, “I know Baby, but we need to hurry and he needs to cum in one of us very soon or both of us if possible.”

Jeff lay there look up at his sister, lightly covered in perspiration and her pussy so wet it was sparkling in the reflected light of the building. He knew from looking through her used underwear in the laundry that she was a C cup. She shook her red flowing hair and started to descend on his cock; he watched her slid all the way down until he was once more all the way in her; this time on purpose. She had a dense round powder puff of bright red hair just above her clit. Molly moaned with him as she reached full depth.

She moaned, “Mom, he even feels like Grand, it is so wonderful.” Doni moaned with her own arousal at hearing Molly’s words. She started to move up and down on his shaft and after the third slide down him she came hard; her excitement higher than she could remember since her very first time with Grand in front of the whole family. Before too long she was moving as fast as she could, both trying to get him to cum and another climax for her.

Doni had placed her breasts in front of his face and he took her breasts and nipples and completely licked the sweat from her complete chest and made her breasts feel as wonderful as her husband and father ever had. She had a small climax too.

Molly was riding him wildly now and nearly delirious with pleasure. Jeff was really enjoying what they were doing for him, and when his mother told Molly to hurry, he finally understood that he needed to cum so that they could go. He released himself and came in her as only a teenage Ridge could; his oversized testicles dumped a lot of sperm and his prostate filled her with cum, to over flowing. She collapsed on his chest with the best climax that she could remember, ever, even with Grand. She told him “Thank you, Lover,” as she fell into a light sleep.

“Jeff,” his mother asked, “Can you lift her and carry her to the car, we need to go.”

He replied, “I think so, she not very heavy.” He sat up and leaned her back for leverage and got his feet under him and stood; his erection still embedded in her tight clutching pussy. Doni opened the front passenger door and moved the seat back. She moved around behind Molly and lifted her feet and had Jeff move his hands from her butt to hold her legs up and told him to get in.

Doni held her head and shoulders as Jeff bent enough to fall into the seat. Molly’s arms were around him and her breasts were in his face. He decided to continue on Molly what he was doing with his Mom earlier. Doni got into the driver’s seat and took off the cemetery way a ways out of town and if she hurried they wouldn’t be that late. As she drove, she watched Jeff sucking at Molly’s nipple and decided to give him some instruction in how to please a woman’s breasts.

She explained to him that while sucking and licking when done right is heavenly, there are other ways to stimulate the breasts. she told him how for most women that she knew, their nipples were the most sensitive part of the breast, as the clitoris and ‘G’ spots were for the vagina. As he began to get the hang of what she had been telling him, Molly’s moans got much louder and her hips started to move back and forth on his dick.

And then Doni switched tracks and started telling him what would be expected of him as titular head of the Ridge family as the only male descendant of his grandfather. First, he was the only one allowed to approach the grave side naked and he must. That got his attention and he almost let go of Molly’s nipple in surprise. At first his sucking on her nipple was the only thing keeping her hips moving, but now they were moving on their own, as Molly was starting to wake.

She explained the rest of the ceremony and then told him that His Uncle Ray would handle the parts that were to be spoken as senior husband. He would be family regent until the heir had shown his right to lead; a three point star.

She finished explaining what she could as they rolled up to the cemetery. She said as she jumped out and opened his door and said, “Molly and I need to be dressed, so you hold her until I have mine on and then I will help you get her’s on. It didn’t take long since she had worn no underwear. She help Jeff turn in the seat and slipped Molly’s dress over her head. Jeff felt wet spots in several places and told his Mom that she was wet.

She replied, Yes Baby, we all are, every drop of cum we were given tonight was saved in the material of each dress, by the man who gave it; a dry pussy would not let you near the grave by the other men. Your sister’s wet pussy is the proof that you are not a virgin.”

Molly woke up fully enough to stand with a little help. What about you; you told Molly earlier that you both should have some in you?”

“Two witnesses are always to be believed over one,” she replied.

Jeff had Molly hold on to the door and told his mother to turn around and bend over. She argued that they did not have time, but did what he asked anyway; she desperately wanted to feel his dick inside her pussy.

He pushed into her with the strength of his youth and started to stroke her like he had been doing it for years. She didn’t last long and came hard and loudly; he filled her pussy up with his cum too. Molly gasped and Doni moaned her pleasure.

Jeff lightly smacked her butt and pulled her dress back down and asked, “Will that be enough to convince them that I am no virgin and have earned my right to stand before my grandfather’s grave?”

Doni told him that they would be approached before they reached the grave looking for proof. The two men would be the last ones to have sex with them at the funeral. And since they had been wiped clean, his cum would serve as proof.

The ladies took his arms smiling with pride and practically skipping; lead him to the family plot. When they were three quarters of the way there, they were met by an uncle, John, he thought and cousin, whose name he didn’t remember; the last two between his mother’s and sister’s legs at the funeral.

His uncle stopped them at arms length and said, “You women know the rules, an unproven boy may not attend this family ritual.”

When they had stopped both women had spread their legs and placed their hands behind heads. Doni spoke for them and said, “Good Sirs, we stand here as his proof of manhood; he has had us both these last twenty minutes.”

Uncle John said, “Then stand, and present this evidence of his manhood.”

They both dropped their hands and lifted their skirts, exposing their pussies to these men.

Each man stepped forward, and dipped two fingers into their pussies and scooped out the cum and each one tasted it and smiled.

Uncle John said to Doni, “This is definitely not Marks or mine, but tastes strangely familiar.” Mark agreed and the two men stuck out their hands and said, “Welcome my brother, we may join the others.”

The two men turned and started back to the plot and Doni and Molly both took Jeff’s arms again and this time with pride, they stuck out their breasts and followed the others.

They took him to the position Doni had told him about at the head of the grave and took there places at the other end on his right.

Doni had told him that each woman would present herself to him; he was to kiss her and then open her dress and let it drop to the ground; he was to then kiss or suck on each breast and then she would knee and offer him her respect as heir apparent.

If he came at their turn, he had the right to take them for twenty four hours as his sex slaves; to do with as he pleased. She also told him the Grand had usually taken two sisters and a daughter from each of the other sisters.

After he had looked at each of he women standing there, he looked at his Uncle Ray and nodded. Ray said, “Sluts, present yourselves to the “Family Master.” And starting with Aunt Syl, Ray’s wife, they started by age first and then family, Syl’s daughters and then her husband would follow and then the next sister in line and her daughters and husbands and so on.

His Aunt Syl stepped up and took the position that his mother and sister had when they arrived. She was an attractive woman even now. She said, “Master, your servant submits.”

Jeff stepped forward and kissed her. He had intended a chaste kiss, but her mouth pulled his tongue from his mouth and Frenched him. It was another first for him. When she stopped, he walked around her and inspected his property. He noticed that her figure was fuller than his mother’s and her breasts about three times as big. They were marked with dark mouth shaped places. He felt her butt cheeks and asked her to bend over and had a good look at her anus; which appeared to him to be well used. He told her to stand back up as he came back around to her front. He hefted her large mammaries and inspected the nipples. They were as big as his thumb and at least and inch long.

He took first her right breast into his mouth and sucked hard and remembering what his mother had told him about her liking it hard and the bruises on her breasts, he bit down until he felt her wince and beat her nipple with his tongue. He did not release pressure as he pulled away from her breasts. When he reached the base of her nipple he bit down a little harder and pulled until her breast lifted from her chest and released it with a slap of his hand on the top of her breast to pull it from his teeth, she groaned and a shiver ran through her body. He did the same with the other breast; this time she came shaking an moaning.

He stood and pushed two fingers of his right hand into her pussy and coated them good with her cum. Looking into her eyes, he put one into his mouth and sucked it clean. He pushed the other finger into her mouth and she cleaned it off.

He said, “Nice.” and stepped back to where he had been placed. She kneeled in front of him and he nodded to her to begin.

She sucked his dick hard with very little finesse and not enough movement of her tongue or head; she kept her eyes on his the whole time. He thought, “Why didn’t someone teach her how to suck cock,” the thought surprised him, given the reality that only an hour ago he was a virgin in everything sexual.

He nodded to her that her respect had been received. She pulled away from his dick and stood. She turned and walked around the group and back to where she started and kneeled facing away from the grave. Her oldest daughter, Carrie, stepped up to take her place. She was very much like her mother physically and sexually. He did his part and she did hers. And he nodded to her and she walked around to take her place with her mother, and the next sister took her place. And Natalie followed as her mother and sister had.

Chelsee is the youngest sister there, a year older than he is. She was also the prettiest of the three sisters and he decided to take her for the night. They performed their little ceremony and as he nodded to her and she pulled back, he squirted a line of cum across her forehead and the rest into her open mouth. Very little missed its mark, and he nodded again and she swallowed what was in her mouth, but wore his mark as a badge of honor. He told her to take her place behind him.

She stood and walked around the group as her mother and sisters had but continued back to him and kneeled two steps behind him; he heard some murmuring and a phrase repeated a couple of times, “Just like Grand.”

Next came Tabitha and her girls, Stacey, Tina and Lara; he took Lara as he had Chelsee, and Lara took her place behind him next to Chelsee.

Next in age was Paula and her daughters, Renée, Lianne and Samantha; he chose Lianne who is a month older than he is, instead of Samantha, who just turned sixteen. She too knew her place and took it.

Janna was the fourth sister and her girls, Janie, Caitlyn and Rachael; he took Rachael, who was almost three months younger than he.

His mother Donna was next in line and his sister Molly; they were both shaking a bit as he took them the second they kneeled in front of him. They began to shake harder when he placed them on his right and left. He took a quick look behind him and the girls were trembling too.

Grace was the youngest of Grand’s daughter’s and in his mind at least as hot as his mother. Her daughters, Krystal, Tara and Kellie, were hot too and he would have liked to take them all, but he knew he had more than enough women for twenty four hours. He didn’t know where all the cum was coming from that he had already spent. She took her place next to her sister Donna on his right.

Jeff nodded again to Ray and Ray said, “Our Master has made his choices, they will now retake their places in their families and join him when we have finished our time in this place.”

The women with him went back to their places with their families. Then the men approached him one at a time; Ray was first and had a queer look on his face as he kneeled before Jeff. He said, “Master, your servant obeys.” Jeff knew that he could command Ray or the others to take his dick in their mouths and they would, but out of respect, he needed to offer them the way out. Jeff extended his hand and told him to rise and join his family.

Mike, Tabitha’s husband also chose the way out and retook his place with his family. John, Paula’s husband took Jeff’s dick in his hand and brought it to his mouth and sucked him and did a very good job; he rewarded him with a little of what he had left. Gerald, Janna’s husband also took the way out and his mother had no husband. Mark was Grace’s husband and he also took Jeff’s dick and sucked it; Jeff gave him everything that he had left.

The women were all kneeling on their dresses. Jeff took his place with Donna and Molly. The men were standing in front of them each holding their dick at the ready; Jeff’s erection had returned. At Ray’s nod, they each began to jack-off.

Jeff didn’t think that he had anything left to give, but tried anyway. When he was close he stepped near his women and came. He managed one small squirt for each one; maybe two or three drops each, but the smiles from his women was reward enough for him.

He stepped back to his position, and saw that that each of the men were finishing. When they were done, Ray kneeled and picked up each dress and wiped the cum from his women with their own dress. Each husband followed suit, and Jeff did the same with Doni and Molly.

Each woman folded her dress and laid it on the casket and returned to their kneeling position. Ray stepped around to the head of the casket and spoke a eulogy for the greatest man they all knew; and the casket was lowered.

The women redressed their men and fell into position behind them as they left for their cars.

Since Jeff was not a husband, he took the arms of his mother and sister and they started back, until he noticed the ones who had reassumed their positions at the head of the grave. Doni and Molly also reassumed their positions.

Jeff was now pressed to make a decision about what to do with these five women and two men. He decided quickly.

Jeff said, “John, Mark, I release you to care for your families.” They left to rejoin the rest of their families.

He turned to the rest and said, “I have considered whether or not to keep you for the night and I have decided that the choice will be yours; if you wish to go then please rise and leave now.” Not one of the seven, so much as twitched, but remained where they were. He continued, “So be it, for the next twenty four hours, you belong to me and for my pleasure.” He turned and said, “Let’s go.”

Doni and Grace took his arms and the rest of the girls fell into place according to their ages; Molly was first in line, being the oldest.

When they reached the car, Jeff suddenly realized that his mother’s car was not big enough to hold eight people. He turned and said, “Grace, Rachael, you will come with me. The rest of you will join your families and have them drop you at my house.”

He had his mother drive and Molly sit in the front seat; he sat between Grace and Rachael, who cuddled in next to him. He alternated between the two, kissing and stroking and fondling them and they returned his affections equally, if not better; his erection had fully returned.

Grace submissively asked if she may please be allowed to pleasure his cock; he gave his ascent, and she took him tenderly into her mouth and brought him quickly to the edge of another climax and stopped. Before he had time to complain, Rachael asked, “Master, may I continue?” He nodded and she began where Grace had left off; her technique was every bit as good as Grace’s.

Jeff stopped her and told her to mount him. She was so excited that she was absolutely vibrating. She straddled his legs and positioned his dick at her opening and pushed her way down his rigid shaft. Her wet pussy was tight, tighter than he could have imagined and the heat was at a fever level. Her beautifully shaped B cups filled his hands with just right the amount of flesh.

Rachael bent and kissed him and their tongues danced, Jeff’s temperature had also reached a fever pitch and as she reached full penetration, they moaned into each other’s mouths. Jeff was so close to coming again, but he was determined to wait for Rachael’s pleasure to peak. It didn’t take long; she was bouncing up and down on him and she started convulsing in climax; Jeff released his own and to his surprise, he had several good pulses to give her.

Rachael’s eyes open wide in surprise that after all he had given already that night, that he could bless her with more. Her mouth dropped to his and kissed him with a passion he had yet to know and said over and over again, “Oh, Thank you, Master, Thank you.”

Jeff was still hard inside her and didn’t want her to move lest he loose the wonderful feeling of her tightness and his erection, but she moved off and before she was seated, Grace had taken her place. Her C cups overflowed his hands but her large nipples were deliciously suckable. As he sucked on them, the muscles in her pussy started walking up his dick to the tip. He opened his eyes and looked into hers and she smiled as the climbing squeezing continued.

Not only did his erection not go down, but got harder and longer; if that were possible. As he sucked, Grace’s moans got louder and more frequent and the stimulation from her pussy also increased. He was going to cum again; this time dry for sure; he thought.

But that’s not what happened; he came with almost as much cum as he had with Rachael. Grace’s climax squeezed his dick tighter than anytime with any other woman. Grace also thanked him, and rolled off of him. Both grace and Rachel and laid on their backs with their legs raised. Jeff thought it was an invitation to continue the play, so he reached out to finger their pussies and clits; they came several more times before they got to the house.

While he was doing that, Molly half crawled over the seat and took his dick in her mouth and cleaned him up. She had him only half hard when they pulled into the driveway. As they exited the car, three more pulled up and the other three girls jumped out and ran to him. The three cars drove off without waiting.

Jeff noticed Grace talking with his mother, but couldn’t hear what she had said. He did, however, hear what his mother said, “We all are, and probably will be.” He was going to have to make everyone speak where he could hear everything or stop eves-dropping. He wasn’t about to stop listening, he had discovered with his family, that was the only way to find out anything.

The three girls all but dragged him into the house hoping to be the next one that he took. He asked his mother for a snack and something to drink and then sat down on the couch. The girls lined up according to age and kneeled before him; the hands on their spread legs, their breasts thrust forward and their eyes on his; intently watching for any sign that he would choose them. The lust in their eyes was as strong as the sweet aroma coming from between their legs.

Jeff had some questions for them, but his cock had other ideas and wanted to play. He wondered when he had started to think of his dick as a cock. He said, “I can’t decide who I should pick next, you are all so hot.” The girls all blushed and giggled. He said, “I am going to give each one of you, one minute to convince my cock to choose you. I will close my eyes and Molly will choose a random order, so that I will not who I choose, until all of you have had a chance.”

“And we will keep him honest,” said Doni and she and Grace reentered the room with snacks and drinks, “But first, let’s eat a little something and get our energies back.”

They ate and laughed and talked and generally had a good time. He found out that none of them had been embarrassed about being naked in public; that Grand had always told them that they should never be embarrassed about what God had given them.

Grace told them that the first time she was to be in public naked, she refused and Grand had tied her between to small trees in their front yard naked and had left her there all day and the only way she would be let back in the house was to convince someone, anyone to lick her pussy. She said people walked by all day long and snickered, but no one would help her. Late in the afternoon, she was very tired and very horny and a neighbors dog just happened by. She was feeling desperate and she was sure that a dog counted, but she needed to be licked terribly, so she sweet talked the dog over to her and he got a whiff of her pussy and told a lick and then another and another and she was in heaven. When she screamed in orgasm the poor dog got frightened and ran off.

Everyone had a good laugh even Grace and she said, “You all may think it’s funny and I admit it is to me now, but I was mortified that I had let a dog get me off. Then Daddy came out naked and kneeled in front of me and said, ‘Girl, don’t ever be embarrassed about how God made you.’ And bent over and kissed me on the pussy and untied me and carried me into the house and bathed me and made love to me. I have never been embarrassed for anyone to see me since that day.”

“With that said,” interrupted Doni, “And everyone through, let’s get this little mess cleaned up and then help Jeff pick his next partner.”

Doni and Grace were sitting next to him and he indicated that they should stay and the girls do the cleanup since they prepared the meal. The girls knew exactly what to do and got it done quickly; Lianne crawled over to him and licked a crumb that had fallen in to his navel; smiled and giggled and carried her share of the things back to the kitchen.

The lick of her tongue had hardly touched him at all, but gave him a new hard on; she had noticed.

He could hear them talking and giggling in the kitchen. After a bit they all came back in the living room and kneeled where they had been before and Molly announced that everything was clean and back where it belonged.

Doni stood and directed Grace to the end of the couch, turned inward and Jeff to lay on his back with his head in her lap. Jeff quipped, “I can see all the better this way.”

Doni straddled his face, his arms between the women, and placed her pussy on his mouth and said, “How about now Master?” Jeff couldn’t say a word, when he opened his mouth her juices flowed onto his tongue and he happily lapped them up. His hands began exploring their breasts as they started kissing each other.

He felt Molly straighten out his legs and give his cock a couple of pumps. He had almost lost himself in his mother’s pussy when he felt the first touch on his dick, a gentle tentative touch. It became a light stroking and then a tender kiss on the tip, with a small swipe of the tongue in his hole slit. The stroking got firmer and the kisses bolder until the young lips surrounded the head of his dick and the tongue licked at the sensitive part underneath. He moaned into his mother’s pussy. The tongue began to dance as the mouth descended on his dick.

When his dick was all the way in her mouth, she nibbled it with her teeth to show him she had it all. She slid back up and off. He thought, “Damn, that was the quickest minute I ever had.”

The second one started off by lightly scraping her fingernails along the length of his dick and around his balls; and then started licking him like a popsicle, while fondling his balls. She paid special attention to the head and withdrew.

Number three started off similar to number two, with a difference. She got on the couch and between his legs and gently lifted his balls and dragged her nails from the edge of his anus along the perineum to his balls, sending a shiver through every part of him. She replaced her fingers with her tongue and started in the middle of his anus and with a twirl and worked her way up to his balls. She sucked each one in and lavished them with her tongue. Then she slowly dragged her tongue up his shaft and kissed the tip and gave his slit a lick and she was gone.

He knew in his head that one minute was not long, but feared that he wouldn’t last for two more.

Girl number four started slowly and tenderly and made love to his cock. He knew immediately who it was having had her in the car on the way home, Rachael was as good as all the others and quite able to bring him off, but he held off. And then she was gone.

That left one, number five; she started kissing and licking the inside of his thighs, working toward his balls. She took each ball in her mouth and massaged it with her mouth and tongue. She moved up the shaft kissing with butterfly kisses and a light tickle with the tongue. Taking the head of his cock into her mouth, she nearly teased the cum from him, and she was gone as well.

Doni slid down his body until her pussy was lying on top of his dick. She kissed him and whispered in his ear, “Sweetheart, no one, not even your Grand, could keep from coming when these five set their minds to it; and believe me they all had their minds set on you.” She slid farther down and took his cock in her mouth and he thought he died and went to heaven; he knew that he was going to cum; but she stopped just short of what would have surely sent him over the top. And she stood up.

Grace leaned over and placed a nipple on his lips, which he took and gently sucked. She pushed him into a sitting position and moved over next to him as Doni sat back down.

Jeff sat there a few minutes looking at each girl one at a time; really looking, trying to learn everything he could about them as women.

His mother broke into his thoughts and asked, “Well Lover, have you made up your mind who is next?”

He said, “Yes Mother, My First Love, It would be you if I had not already promised these five the next opportunity. So, I have chosen my lovers for tonight in this order: three, one, four, two and five.”

Lianne began bouncing up and down squealing with joy and he saw Molly with a slight pout. Figuring out that Lianne was going to be first was a no-brainer and that Molly was last, as well. Molly told him that the order would be; Lianne, Laura, Rachael, Chelsee and then her.

Doni suggest that they retire to the bedroom, since it was after ten and was bedtime anyway. Jeff stood and helped Doni and Grace to stand and then offered his hand to each of the girls; starting with his sister. As the girls followed Doni to the bedroom, Jeff held Molly back and said, “Do you remember what Grand always said about dessert?”

She smiled and said, Yes Master, he said, the dessert always comes last, because it is the sweet flavor that you want to remember the most.”

“Darling Sister, my first Lover,” he said, “You are my dessert.”

She threw herself into his arms and kissed him; the kiss made all others to that point pale in comparison. If her smile had been any wider, it would have touched behind her head; she walked on air, holding on to him to keep from floating away.

Jeff had seen a lot of pictures of sex and positions on the internet, but techniques of how they happened were a complete mystery; I mean, he knew the order of events; foreplay, sex and after sex, but not how to tell when it was time to move from one to the next or how to tell if the girl want to do something or not; well, not, would probably get his hand slapped or worse.

He need not of been concerned about that, each girl was fully trained in pleasing and guiding the inexperienced lover to what made her feel good, while concentrating on what made him feel great.

Suddenly Jeff was feeling very nervous and shy and a bit overwhelmed. As he entered the room, he looked a little scared and unsure of himself. Doni noticed right away and came over to him and asked what was wrong.

He took his time answering as she led him to the bed. They sat down on the side that faced the girls. He said, “I don’t know... Everything... Nothing... I don’t know... I still can’t figure out what’s going on or how I could have missed seeing all the clues about our family. It is making me nervous and scared, and don’t know what I’m doing most of the time or why. I was a virgin up until two hours ago and I’ve had more sex since then, than every guy in my class put together. I’m really not what you all think I am, I’m just a kid.”

Doni and Grace hugged him between them and Doni said, “Honey, know this well, everyone in this room loves you or they would not be here now. And you are no longer a kid but a man; more man than many who are older than you. And it is okay to be apprehensive about the unknown. And as for sex, the only limits you will have as Daddy’s heir are those you set on yourself; no female of any age will refuse you and those on Momma’s side of the family as well. As you know your Grand was an only child. Daddy always seemed to think that you would know what to do at the right time; the way you did tonight.”

Jeff asked, “But why wasn’t I shown all this about the family before now?”

“Honey,” she replied, “we were all set to until Jason was killed and Daddy decided that he wanted to handle your training and initiation differently from the rest of us. You spent a great deal of time with him the last couple of years, what do you remember of what he told you?”

Jeff looked strange, and said, “We didn’t talk much about family, just his travels ; you know, the places that he had been and what he had seen; his puzzle boxes, and even a few of the women he had met in his travels; but nothing about what happened tonight or now.”

“Darling,” she began, “If you didn’t talk with him about what we do at funerals, how is it that everything that you did tonight, was identical to what Daddy did at Jason’s funeral; even to choosing the same women that he did?’

Jeff was even more confused than before and said, “You told me that he usually chose two women and four girls; I chose five girls instead of four.”

“Yes Dear, I did say ‘usually’; at Jason’s funeral, he chose each one of us in this room.” She replied.

“Mom,” he asked, “Why do you keep referring to Dad by his given name, Jason?”

“Because Honey,” she replied, “He is not your father; none of the men in this family are capable of having children.”

It took a minute to sink in, but then it hit him like a ton of feathers; Grand was his father and every female in the family was his sister, as well as all the other familial titles that apply. It didn’t explain why everyone had the last name of Ridge. He asked about that.

Doni said, “Baby, as you may have guessed already, all the men are cousins from Momma’s side of the family. Daddy made them take the Ridge name when we were married. Jason did love you as his own son and was a good father to you, but my Daddy is yours too. Honey, we can tell you no more than that, because we don’t know more than that; except that there are ten more girls approaching sixteen whose virginity you will be expected to take as Daddy’s heir, unless you change the way Daddy did things.”

“Mom,” he replied, “I don’t know the way Gran... Dad did things and if he explained things, why can’t I remember?”

“I don’t know Honey, but I am sure that you will figure it out soon; you are so good at puzzles.” She answered.

Jeff was still puzzled and somewhat confused with all the new information he had just learned. He had learned that when he came up against a problem that had him stumped, the best way to figure it out was to find an activity that distracted his conscious mind and let his unconscious mind work on it. And he had a room full of wonderful distraction.

Jeff looked around and perceived that there was a need in most of the girls, as well as himself, that should be taken care of before the playtime began. He stood and said, “I need to pee, if any of you need to go, now is the time or you will how it until after everyone has been thoroughly satisfied.”

All of them scampered to the toilet, Molly made there first. Jeff walked in and sat down in front of the toilet, so that he could watch.

Molly raised her voice and said, “Hey, this is private.”

Jeff took a quick look at Grace and asked, “How would you like me to march you out to the front yard and make you do your business for everyone who walks by?”

She blushed all over and said, “I’m sorry Master, I don’t think that I would like it very much. I will remember from now on that you are allowed any privilege that you wish to take.”

She stood and lifted the seat, spread her legs and squatted lower over the bowl and pulled her labia open wide. Jeff kneeled closer to her on the floor and as she released her stream he stuck his in it and brought it to his tongue and had a taste; the flavor was strong, but not entirely bad.

As he watched, her clit grew aroused and he reached up and pinched it and knowing full well what it was, he asked, “What is this?” Molly had a small climax and her shaking sent pee all over his hand, arm, face and chest.

Everyone started laughing, except Molly who dropped into the bowl, her butt falling into the water and her legs in the air. Jeff helped her up from the toilet as Doni threw them a towel. Doni stepped into the shower and turned it on and said, “Everyone in the shower, I don’t want to have to clean up the whole room.” Everyone had been laughing so hard, she was afraid they might pee themselves and the floor.

When everyone was in and had a chance under the water, Jeff asked Molly, “Did you get through Sis?’ She frowned at him and said, “No damn it, I didn’t.”

Jeff decided to try something that he never considered might be possible. He said, “Okay my lovely sluts, you all thought that was funny; I am going to give you one chance only to do to me what Molly did and since she hasn’t finished, she get to go first.” Jeff lay down on the floor of the shower and told Molly to finish what she had started.

She squat low over his mouth as if for him to lick her pussy. As she started again he placed his mouth against her pussy and sucked in her short stream. When she was done he licked off the last drops and pushed her back up to standing.

Chelsee had been second in line, so she positioned herself over his crotch and pulled at her labia and started to pee. Her stream went straight out and landed on his face and from there she drew a line down to his crotch and soaked his dick and balls with the last of what she had.

Each of the rest of the girls squatted over him and released their need. Doni and Grace went last and made certain that any dry spot on his body had been watered and then they helped him to stand. Each girl came to him and licked the spot where they had released there pee and then kneeled. They all expected him to return the favor.

But he didn’t, he backed up near the shower and directed his dick straight up and peed. The flow landed on his head and flowed down his face and body, until the flow stopped. He stepped directly under the shower and let the water rinse him clean and then beckoned each one of his sisters under the shower with him.

They didn’t really bath as much as rinse off and rub each other into an aroused state, not that his arousal had diminished in the slightest. He was pushed out of the shower by his mother and Grace and dried off and he in turn dried them. The rest of the girls dried each other and came back to the bedroom and kneeled where they had been before.

Doni had made him get in the middle of the bed and she and Grace got in on either side, but not too close, so that each of the lovers would have enough space to teach him what she knows. Doni’s intention was that each girl would teach him something different, and she and Grace would help guide him if he seemed unsure of how to proceed. Neither she nor Grace had many doubts that he would live up to the family name.

Jeff was sitting up and invited Lianne to join him on the bed; she jumped and ran around to the end of the bed, and Jeff stopped her before she could climb on. He said, and he included the other girls, “First, we are not in a race or in any hurry, Second, each of you are to teach me how to please you as a woman, while showing me that you can please me as a man and last, I want you each to teach me something new something that the ladies before you didn’t show me.”

He motioned Lianne to him and she crawled onto the bed like a cat after prey, licking her lips all the way. Like a cat she made quick little licks on his feet and toes and all along his legs and thighs, circling around but not touching any part of his crotch; up his abdomen to his chest. She made those same quick licks around his breasts and nipples and up his chest and around his neck and ears and then attacked his mouth, chasing his tongue all around his mouth and then gently surrendering to him, finishing tenderly.

Lianne lay down beside him and took his hand and showed him where and how she liked to be touched. Then she let go of his hand and started touching her. He had always heard girls at school complain about boys who just grab at their tits or pussy and don’t make it romantic for them.

Jeff lightly caressed her face with his hand and kissed licked and nibbled at her neck and earlobe with his lips on the other side. He worked his way down her body remembering that she liked a light, but firm touch. He circled her breasts, caressing and stroking the breasts without touching the nipples. This made her nipple get firmer and longer. As he took the nipples between his finger tips and gently squeezed and caressed, he took the other into his mouth kissing and gently teasing it with his tongue and lightly nipping at it with his teeth.

Jeff gave both breasts the same attention and Lianne showed her appreciation by the way she was reacting and moaning at his attention; she could not keep her body still for any length of time. The tender touches of his hands and the butterfly kisses on her stomach and abdomen had her hips pushing up and down in need. When he reached the powder puff of hair above her pussy, he decided that it was shaped like a piece of pie.

When Jeff reached her center, he received a smell that was sweet almost like honey with a slight scent of musk. He kissed her mound at the top of her lips and her legs spread out and he moved between them. The petals of her flower opened to him. He dipped his nose to take in a breath of her fragrance, but moved to kissed and touch her inner thighs. He moved ever closer to the prize that she was willing offering him.

When he could resist no longer, he extended his tongue and with a long swipe he took a mouthful of her sweet honey, and savored it and learned to recognize her, whether he could see her or not. He knew from his biology that she had two or more very sensitive places; one was her clitoris and the other her ‘G’ spot. Her clit, he could see extended from the hood of skin that covered it; the other was inside, he would have to find where it was located. He licked around the clit without touching it and around her labia he nibbled and touched; her hips were continually pushed into his face to increase the stimulation.

Jeff finally reached the center of her pleasure and the well from which her nectar flowed, he drank deeply and lovingly. But her clit was still in need and had been neglected as long as he was going to allow. At first, he attacked it the way she had done his mouth and then allowed it to surrender to him gently in a slow moving orgasm that washed over her like a gentle wave. He moved back to her mouth and kissed her; She pushed him on his back and returned the favor; gently touching and caressing his body similarly to the way he had her. She also went around his crotch and moved to his feet. Taking his feet in her hands she massaged them carefully, all the time kissing and licking his toes.

Lianne worked her way back up his legs to his balls and gave them a wet massage and his dick the same, but extended version of her blowjob. Jeff’s moans were as loud and numerous as Lianne’s. She slinked back up his body and she gave him a kiss. She rolled over and pulled him over on top of her.

Jeff lift himself off of her and she raised her legs high and spread them wider than he thought possible; her feet near Doni and Grace. He centered himself over her and she reached down and direct him to where he needed to be and he slid forward and entered her; she was every it as hot and tight as Rachael, but probably wetter, as he could feel it dripping out of her. When he was all the way in, he allowed his body to touch hers from their crotches to their lips. he thrilled at the heat from her body filling his body with the heat of their lust.

He fucked her slow and easy, building each to the point of no return. As he was nearing his climax, she came, her hips bucking and her pussy pulsing around his dick; he picked up speed so that he might finish close behind. When he was ready, he thrust himself all the way in and could feel his dick up against her cervix and he came harder than he had ever cum before. He had had sex four times before, but this truly felt like his first time.

He would come to find that he felt that way after each one of the girls and Grace and his mother.

Lianne dropped her legs and wrapped them around his waist and her arms around his neck and pulled him close, kissed him and said, “Thank you Master, that was the best that I ever had.” She giggled and asked, “Master, have you been teasing us about being a virgin?”

He said, “On my honor, I swear that I was a virgin until almost nine o’clock tonight.” All she could think to say was, “WOW.”

They rolled apart and Doni and Grace began cleaning them with their tongues. When Doni finished with Lianne, the girl crawled off the bed and took her place where she had been. Lara waited until he asked her to join him, and then he told the others that they could come to him as the other girl left the bed.

Lara came to him quickly and with an energy that he had expected from Lianne. Lara kissed him with a heated passion that burned into his libido. He knew that she would require a firm hand to control and didn’t need the gentle touch that he had used before. She moved her heated body and hands over him firmly but not overly rough. It almost seemed like a wrestling match.

From somewhere in his mind a thought came that sounded like something that Grand would say, “This one requires a firm hand; take her and make her yours; make her obey your directions, don’t allow her to think that she is the one in charge of what you are doing together.”

Jeff took it to heart and flipped her over on her back, grabbed her arms and held them above her head and sat on her stomach. She started to squirm, he grabbed a nipple and twisted it until she winced and said, “This is my party and you will do as I direct. You are hear to teach me the ways of love, not how to wrestle. Do you think that you can do that?” He gave another twist of her nipple.

She smiled and said, “Yes Master, I can... Master? If this is a party then let’s get it started.”

Still holding her arms above her head, he bent down and kissed her with the same passion that she showed to him. The sex with her was similar to Lianne, but without the gentle subtleness; it was heated and energetic. He also memorized the flavor that she produced. Their fucking was fast and with passion, much like the tango is to music. Jeff could feel her cervix every time he pounded his dick into her, and when they came he was sure that he had filled her womb with his cum.

They were both sweating hard when they finished and lay there panting; as much from their lust as from the exercise. Jeff rolled off of her and she rolled with him and started licking the sweat from his chest and nipples. He lifted her head and brought it to his mouth and gave her a tender kiss; to which she responded tenderly.

Lara said, “Thank you Master, Grand was the only one to fuck me like that, ever.”

Doni and Grace cleaned them and Lara left the bed. Before Rachael reached the bed, Doni wiped him down with a towel.

As Rachael got on the bed, Jeff heard another voice and turned his head to see where it came from, it said, “Son, this one may be young, but she likes it any way that she can get it and often; gently or rough, she always pleases.”

Rachael kissed him passionately, making love to his mouth. And then she turned to help resurrect his semi hard dick; it was at full staff in very short order. She looked back at him and smiled and swung her hips over his face and presented him with her bright pink flower in full bloom. Her mouth sank down over his dick until he could feel her nose rubbing against his balls as she massaged them. When she started to swallow, it felt to him like when Grace had used her pussy to do the same thing; when she started, he almost came.

He began to return some of the pleasure that he was receiving from her, but first, he had to drink from her fountain and memorize her essence. She didn’t have a cock to swallow, but she did have something that he was certain that loved being sucked. He grabbed her clit between his teeth and started whip it with his tongue. When she started to shake he let go of it with his teeth and pulled it into his mouth and sucked and licked it; not gently, but not as hard as with his teeth.

Rachael came quickly and more of her honey poured out into his waiting mouth. She crawled off of him and turned around between him and Grace, on all fours, and said with mischief in her voice, “Come on, Big Boy, let’s see if you can ride this,” and slapped her butt with her hand.

Jeff got up and behind her quickly. He pushed down on her back to raise her butt and pussy a little more. Her pink anal star was winking at him, pulsing with her anticipation. He ran his finger through her slit and pulled out some of her juice and rubbed it around her anus; pushing a little to test its tightness. He did that for a couple of minutes and the next time he pushed, it opened up and his finger slid all the way in. It obviously didn’t bother her, as she moaned with desire, so he left it there as he lined his dick with her pussy.

He pushed his inward and it stopped only an inch in and he pushed harder and gained maybe another inch. He knew that in the car, he had slid in her all the way with out this much trouble, and then he heard her giggle, softly, but loud enough for him to hear. It was then that he realized that she was playing games with him. He decided that if he was going to stay in control of these women, he best play their game one step beyond their play.

Catching her off guard, he brought both hands down firmly on her butt, grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto his dick. And with each stroke, he slapped one cheek or the other until she howled out her climax. But he hadn’t cum, so he continued to smack her butt and thrust into her; harder and faster with each push. She came again as he filled her pussy with his cum.

Still in her, Jeff reached under her and took her breasts into his hands and pulled her up to him and she turned as much as she could and they kissed. When he released her, he slapped her butt again and told her to clean him up. As she took her time with the cleaning, she got him erect again; Grace cleaned her.

As she turned to leave, he smacked her butt again and asked, “Did I tell you that you could leave?’

She turned her head and grinned and said, “No Master, is there something more that I can do for you?”

Once again Jeff realized she was gaming him, so he said, “No, nothing more, if you want to do without sex for the next month or two.”

Rachael’s eyes opened very wide; she knew that he was serious and that her bluff had been called. She turned around and fell into his arms and kissed him with more passion than she had started her game. She said, “Master, thank you; I love you.”

She turned and left the bed. Jeff sat there stunned. He knew that they all loved him; they were family, but her eyes and her voice told him that it was more; much more. And now as he thought about it, all of the girls have that look in their eyes; even at the grave site, he now remembered that look from every one of them.

Chelsee came to the end of the bed and looked afraid to get on the bed. The voice returned to his head and again he looked around. It said, “This one is shy, insecure and very submissive. She is afraid of being rejected for what she likes to do. Treat her firmly, but not harsh and make her tell you what she enjoys and allow her to give herself to you in that way.”

He sat up and called her onto the bed with a firm but pleasant voice and had her sit with him and he started by just talking with her and asking questions. He started off with questions about school and what she liked and didn’t like about it. And how it was living at her house, and then he asked about Grand. Her face looked very sad.

She said, “I love him and miss him very much. He was always so nice to me and never made fun of me or treated bad.”

Jeff said, “I miss him too, he was my best friend before I learned that he was my Daddy; I want to be just like him. Will you tell me what you two talked about and what you did together, so you and I can share that and remember him together?”

Chelsee threw herself into his arms and hugged him tightly and whispered “Thank you, I really want to please you.”

Jeff said, “You already please me very much. You are a very pretty woman and deserve to be treated well. Now tell me what is it that you are afraid to tell me? If grand didn’t hate you, it’s not very likely that I will, I think that you are a hottie.”

Her pale skin blushed brightly and she said so softly that it was barely above a whisper, “I like to be tied up and spanked.”

Jeff smiled, and said, “Is that all, I might even like to try that.”

“No, Master,” she answered, “I like sex in my butt.”

“Lots of people like it that way,” He replied, “There’s still something that you haven’t told me isn’t there?”

“Yes, Master,” she answered, “But you’re going to think that I’m disgusting.”

Jeff was starting to get a little frustrated but knew that if he got impatient, she would never tell him, although he had a good idea what it was already. He asked, “What did Grand tell you?”

She answered a little more positively, “He told me that it was no one’s business what I did with my partner; that it was between me and him.”

He asked firmly, “Does everyone here but me know what you like?” She nodded yes. He said, “Then tell me now or get off my bed.”

This startled her and she said, “Okay... I mean, Yes Master... Well... I sort of like sucking dicks that have been in my butt.”

Jeff said with a smile, “IS that all? I thought you were going to tell me you liked licking pusie old sores and eating vomit or something gross.”

She wrinkled up her nose and said, “Eeeeww, No, that’s way gross;” and then she giggled and kissed him on the cheek, and said, “You knew all along, didn’t you?”

Jeff chuckled and said, “I figured; but with a butt as nice as yours and beautiful lips just made for sucking dick, how could anyone ever say no to you or think you are gross? Okay Ladies, listen up, I know that I don’t have official family authority, but I am making this rule, at least in this house; if Chelsee is with me, everyone with us will pay honor to her butt with a good spank and a good licking. I am going to show you what I expect and each of you will show me you understand. You will also see to it that everyone knows what is expected; and everyone will be called to answer if she is ever disrespected or any of this goes outside this family.”

He moved her to the edge of the bed and got behind her and told everyone to get into a position that they could see what he was doing. He gave her gave her butt a firm smack and kneeled down and gave her a nice rim job and quick tongue fuck. He made each one of them show him that they understood. Lara and Rachael got a little carried away and she came twice, but that was okay with Jeff it worked with what he had planned.

When everyone had done as he asked, he directed her to the middle of the bed and before he could ask, Doni produced some cuffs and binding straps and he told her and Grace to prepare her for him. They laid her down on her stomach with a pillow under her hips and cuffed her hands behind her back. They pulled her legs all the way to the side and tied them tightly. Jeff had seen cheerleaders able to do that, but didn’t know anyone else that was that limber.

As he was deciding how proceed, Doni produced a paddle similar in size and shape to one used for ping pong.

As he was thinking about how hard to spank her and how many times, the voice spoke to him again and said, “Son, you’ve been spanked before, go with that and you will know when she’s had enough.”

Jeff got on the bed and positioned himself to her left with her leg between his; the soft smooth skin of her outer thigh caressing his balls. He started spanking her and her first screams of pains grew into groans and then into passionate moans of desire. He covered her butt completely and her pussy was flowing freely. He spanked her hard in the middle the edge of the paddle, striking her pussy. Chelsee screamed in climax and her back arched up until she was nearly straight up and then collapsed back on the pillow.

Jeff smiled and thought to himself, “I guess that means that she is ready.” He moved in behind her and started to finger her pussy and transfer the lubrication to her butt to enhance the wetness from the tonguing the girls had given her. as he was working his fingers in her anus to give her some stretching, he pushed his dick in her pussy, it was the tightest one that he had used yet and on fire. The image came to him of sticking his dick in the end of a hairdryer.

It made him that much harder. He stroked her in slow easy movements as he worked first one finger and then two and then three; Jeff felt the heat of her pussy drawing the cum from him and he couldn’t hold out and sprayed the inside of her pussy with more cum than he thought he had left, until it squeezed out around his dick; the tightness and heat kept him rigid. Reluctant to leave his cozy warm hiding place, Jeff pulled his dick from her pussy and fingers from her rectum and pushed himself all the way in her butt with one swift thrust.

Considering her love of anal sex, Chelsee was a lot tighter than he expected. He fucked her as he did in her pussy, with slow steady strokes. He pulled her up by her ponytail until she was almost sitting in his lap and took her breasts and squeezed them and mashed them and pulled and twisted her nipples; and her moans turned into screams of passion.

Jeff pulled her head back and whispered in her ear, “Scream for me, Little Slut;” and he bit her ear. She did scream; in climax; she shook and trembled and spasmed and her contractions had cut off her scream and took her breath. Chelsee passed out before her body stopped shaking, and before he finished his second climax with her.

He told Doni and Grace to untie her. Grace was about to clean her and he stopped her and told her to wait. The ladies got her untied and comfortable; her legs still apart, but not stretched the way they had been and her arms still in the cuffs.

Jeff got back to the head of the bed with Chelsee’s head between his legs and wondered how to wake her. Doni handed him a mister and told him to lift her head and give her face a couple of sprays. The couple of sprays turned into six, before she came around enough to be coherent.

Not completely back, she asked, “Did I pass out?” Doni nodded to her and her face lit up with joy.

Doni explained that some of the girls had passed out a time or two from shear pleasure, but this was her first time and the first girl with him.

She saw his dick hanging stiff in front of her, still coated from their sex. She took it in her mouth as far as she could get it and clamped down with her lips and pulled back licking every inch of his dick. She repeated it until she was certain that she got it all, and then she licked the drippings from his balls. He bent down and lifted her a bit and kissed her and tasted her mouth. And then he told her to turn her butt to him so that he could clean her.

Even with her hands still bound behind her, she turned quickly and backed up to him. She was already high and the mere touch of him sent her to quivering. He went about cleaning her up; starting with her pussy licking and tasting their combined flavors until she no longer leaked his cum. He told her to pushed his cum from her butt when he put his mouth on it. She pushed out a small glob of his cum into his mouth, that being all that he had given her; and it was only slightly discolored, because she always was careful to keep her rectum cleaned out with a daily enema.

Jeff decided that he had tasted worst things in his life; he turned her around and kissed her and gave her what he had taken from her butt. She hugged him lovingly and said, “Thank you Master, for my baby;” and she turned to leave the bed. Jeff had heard the thank you and the word baby, and hastily asked, “What did you say?”

Realizing what she had said her mouth snapped shut and a look of doom was on every face in the room. Chelsee immediately burst out in tears. Jeff didn’t want her crying, but he also wanted to know what she meant by baby. He looked at his mother with a severe concern and asked, “What’s going on... and what did you not tell me and tell me now everything that you failed to tell me before or so help, I will punish all of you.”

Doni answered, “Please Jeff, it’s not Chelsee’s fault, she cannot lie or deceive her Master. You weren’t supposed to find out until later, but Daddy was sure that you would find out sooner rather than later. Baby, Daddy took all of us off birth control three months ago; and not just us seven, but everyone. Daddy knew that you would want to have sex with everyone and he thought that with thirty two women, that you would have at least one boy for an heir. Please don’t be mad at any of the girls they, we were just doing as Daddy told us; we love you Baby.”

Jeff sat there without saying a word, contemplating the fact that he potentially was soon to be the father of seven children and more if she was right about him taking all of the rest of the women and girls. He needed some time to think. He said, “I want you all to leave me, I have some thinking to do; go and use the other bedrooms tonight.”

Molly started to object that she had not had her turn, but she knew that she had been first, so kept her mouth shut; which was a good thing for her, Jeff would have broken the paddle on her butt if she had said anything. Jeff heard the old clock strike twelve and as usual the bong was beginning to sound tired. Jeff was suddenly tired too.

Jeff lay back on the bed, but his mind was in a turmoil and he wasn’t able to sleep. The thoughts of everything that had happened had rushed through his mind, dozens of times and he still didn’t understand. Oh, he knew what the facts where and was starting to understand how things worked in his very strange family, but could figure out the why his father had set things up the way he had.

He knew that he needed a distraction to help him think. He remembered the box that he had been given; it was still in the car, so he walked out to get it. Jeff didn’t think about the fact that he didn’t have any clothes on, and it wouldn’t have mattered at that point if he had.

As he was reaching under the seat, his neighbors next door drove up. The Danny and Maggie Diaz were from the Philippine Islands and for a woman barely five foot tall, she was stacked fuller than a Barbi doll and he was fairly certain that they were real. They went clubbing a lot and always came home drunk.

Maggie had seen his butt shine in the headlights as they pulled up in the drive and staggered her way in his direction. He heard her cussing the buttons on her blouse for not opening for her and he turned to see what she was doing. She was half way across the lawn when in frustration, she ripped the buttons loose and then she spotted his dick standing at attention in the cool night air.

Maggie’s mouth dropped open and she said, “Holy Mother...Sheeeit, Jeffy ‘oney ees t’at fo’ meeee?” About that time, Danny caught up with her; both of her gorgeous ‘DD’s had spilled out of the tiny bar that had been trying to keep them cooped up. He got her turned around, but she managed to spin out of his hands and start for Jeff again.

She said in her drunk and whiney voice, “But Danny, you keep saying that you want me to do other guys with you.”

He shushed her and told her not now, and she said, “Why not, he’s big as you and a hunky boy.” Danny shushed her again and said something that Jeff didn’t hear, but he heard Maggie’s reply, “Sheeit, Danny, don’t no boy got a cock that size.” Danny dragged her away to their house. He turned and said, “Damn Jeff, put some pants on; next time Martina might be with us.”

Jeff had seen Maggie sunbathing in her back yard from his window. She already had a deep natural coloring and the suit she used covered nothing but her nipples and some of her pussy lips. He had also seen her without her top a couple of times, when he left school early; her nipples were large and almost black and her areola covered a large area of her breasts. She was his fantasy fuck through many jack-off sessions. Their fourteen year old daughter, Martina, wasn’t bad either, but at home she always wore a one piece swimmer’s suit, which showed a lot of thigh and half of her butt.

Since she had seen him, and had decided that she would be willing, this might have possibilities; and then he thought, “Naww, she will forget by morning, she is so drunk.”

Jeff carried the small box into the house and headed back to his mother’s bedroom. As he passed the old clock, it struck one and the bong sounded strange to him and the little box vibrated. He thought, “How weird.”

He went on into the bedroom and hopped on the bed. Sitting at the head of the bed, he placed the box down between his legs. It touched his balls and he thought that he felt a small static shock, but it didn’t tingle like a shock.

Jeff took extra care in opening the box, like it was something delicate and fragile. Inside the box was wrapped in tissue paper and surrounded with foam. He reached in to pull the box from its containment and what felt like an electrical current, moved from his chest, down his arm and out through his fingers. It didn’t hurt, but it did startle him and he almost dropped the box. The box was a deep purple with a slight brownish cast and appeared to be old.

Jeff noticed that there were a number of patterns on each side of this four inch box. At first he thought that the patterns were etched into the wood, but as he studied the box, he could see that the tight grain was going in different directions on each piece. The inlay was as intricate and much tighter than any Japanese puzzle box that he had seen.

In the puzzle boxes that he had, there were up to three key points of contact to get a box started to open. If Grand had trouble getting it open, then he knew that this one would be more difficult than any of the ones he owned.

He was turning the box around and looking at each side; pressing different blocks to see if there was any give and he could find one. He counted the little block divisions and found that the box had thirteen columns and thirteen rows. And quite by accident, he caught a reflection of light from across the room on the top of the box and noticed that the lines between the rows was not straight or the columns either.

This drew his attention to the shapes; they were subtlely different and at first he thought that there were only six shapes, but as he drew them out he found three more. He did the math and found that nine shapes wouldn’t work with thirteen squared blocks; in fact, one and thirteen were the only ones that would made much sense to him, so he studied the shapes again and still nothing. He set the puzzle box on the nightstand and laid back on the bed and stared at the ceiling; trying to let his mind release the thoughts that were cluttering his mind and allow the patterns make themselves known.

The ceiling in his mother’s bedroom was vaulted, so that part way up the wall angled inward at a forty five degree angle. While this only increased the height of the room a foot or so it formed a series of shapes; one a rectangle and four trapezoids. He knew that the two shapes on the opposing walls were the same and that no matter which direction he looked they would still be equal and the same when turned around.

Then a thought occurred to him; he had been turning the box over and over, looking at it from every angle; what if he stopped looking at it from different angles and set the box down and call one side up and the bottom down and the other four sides would have a set direction of up down left and right. Jeff did that and still came up with nine shapes.

Frustrated and needing to take a leak, Jeff set the box down and went to the bath room. He stood there peeing and looking around his mother’s bathroom. He hadn’t been in this room often. He saw geometric shapes all over the room. He had not given the idea much thought before. He saw wash cloths, towels of different sizes, towel racks, floor tiles, oval sink, an assortment of cosmetic bottles and perfume; and then he saw the answer to his question.

On the sink counter were three rectangular jewelry trays, each turned at a different angle to make them easier to pick up. It occurred to him that although they were identical in size and shape the perspective angles of the shapes were in different places and if the side of the box had one perspective then each block must be considered the same way.

He remembered that several shapes had been turned different directions. In his excitement, he forgot what he was doing and started for the box; wetting the floor before he could get back over the toilet. Cleaning up the mess, he headed back to the room and his box. He found what he expected to find two of the shapes that he had been counting were turned on different angles; one could only be turned ninety degrees and the other could be turned on all four sides and the pattern was different; making his thirteen shapes.

Jeff drew out the patterns on each side and the top and bottom, and then overlaid them in every direction that he could think of and could find no discernable pattern. By this time he was getting tired and hungry, so he wandered to the kitchen to find out if there were any snacks left over from when they got home; he saw that it was nearly six o’clock in the morning.

He opened the refrigerator and began rummaging around from the left overs; and absent-mindedly, he set the box down on one of the shelves and as he moved things around, it got moved back from the front edge.

He unloaded the snacks and put them on the table and grabbed a couple of sodas for the caffeine. He sat down at the table and stuffed the food down as fast as he could chew and swallow and then he guzzled down the two sodas. He decided to lay down on the couch and chill for a few minutes before heading back to the bedroom and work on box.

He thought about turning on the television, but decided that if something was on that caught his interest, he might get distracted too much and loose the trail that he was on; whatever that was.

He stayed there for only ten minutes before he couldn’t stand it any longer; he had to get back to work on the box. He walked into the room and the box was not on the night table where he thought he had left it. He looked around the room, under the bed, under pillows and sheets, behind the table and bed; it was no where in the room. He sat down to try and remember where he was when he last remembered having it.

He decided to go in reverse order and try to remember the last place he had it. He didn’t have it in the living room or at the table; he would have remembered when he cleaned up. So it had to be somewhere between the bedroom and the kitchen. Jeff searched the path that he walked, looking on, under and behind everything near his path to the kitchen; he found nothing, but dust bunnies.

He sat down at the table, weary and depressed. Molly walked into the room and screamed with a start, and said, “Oh, I’m sorry Jeff; I didn’t know you were in here. I just came to get something to drink; I’ll come back later.”

Jeff called out, “No, you can come on in and get you something to drink. I think I need some company for a while. Get your drink and sit with me.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and asked, “Can I sit, with you?” Her implication was clear in his mind. She said, “Now tell me what’s bothering you.”

“I was working on the puzzle box that Grand left me,” he said, “and it has disappeared.”

As Molly turned to the refrigerator, she asked, “Where have you looked?”

He sighed and said, “I looked everywhere I’ve been and under and behind things all along the path I walked.”

Looking in the refrigerator for a drink, she asked, “What does your box look like?”

“It’s about four inches cubed and a brownish purple,” he replied.

She said, “I think that I may have a good idea where it is.”

With excitement in his voice he said, “REALLY, Where?” He turned to look at her.

Molly pushed the refrigerator door all the way open and pushed the jar of mayo to one side and there it sat.

Jeff jumped up and grabbed her in a big hug and swung her around and kissed her and hugged and kissed her some more.

She managed to squirm out of his arms and say, “Okay, mystery solved, let’s sit down and have a little time together.”

He grabbed the box from the shelf and picked up Molly and walked over to the table. She told him to put her down and sit down. He set her on the floor and sat down and placed the box on the table.

Molly straddled lap facing him and sat down; as much as she wanted to, she didn’t even bother to try to get his dick inside of her. She held him close and put her head on his shoulder. She said, “I’m sorry Jeffy, I’m sure that I don’t know how you are feeling about all that’s happened to you today, but please know that we all really do love you and hope that you get all this craziness figured out soon. And if sometimes you get upset and take it out on one of us, know now, that we forgive you.”

Molly hugged him again and kissed him; a sisterly kiss stood up and left the room; Jeff’s eyes were on the roll of the muscles in her tight round butt.

Jeff had never been one to cry about anything, but the care that she had just shown him brought tears to his eyes. It struck his mind that the hottest girl in the house had been sitting naked in his lap and he didn’t take advantage of it; her.

He grabbed the box up and noticed the condensation on it, briefly and headed after Molly and caught her before she went back into her room and asked her to come lay with him for a while. She walked back to him with a smile that expressed her every desire.

They lay on the bed together, face to face kissing and getting to know each other physically; using all five senses to know the other person; and to him, she was perfect.

She fell back to sleep in his arms, and he just lay there holding her. When he was certain that she was deeply enough asleep that he wouldn’t wake, he got up to work with the box again. He picked up the box and noticed that the condensation had mostly dried, except where the bottom had been sitting on the table.

The water had smeared a little when he picked up the box, but the outline of the box and even the shapes were clear and many of the little squares had a dimple in the middle and then it evaporated.

He was tired and he knew it so he lay back down and moved over by Molly. He set the box on his chest, not letting out of his grasp and before long Molly’s arm found its way around him and eventually her leg. He fell into a fitful sleep, his dreams filled with shapes and patterns, many gorgeous butts and navels of the girls that he had seen that night and golf balls and other confusing items; all of which flashed his mind randomly.

Jeff didn’t notice when Molly woke up or sucked on his dick; truth is she was a little disappointed that she didn’t even get it to react.

He woke with a start and was a bit disoriented; not waking up in his own bed and then not finding Molly there. Jeff woke because of a vibration in the box that was still resting on his chest. He decided to get up and shower and get dressed and have something to eat before tackling the box again.

He had a nice steamy shower and felt good and refreshed. When he hopped out to dry off the mirror was all steamed up and Molly had left him a message. Something about it felt like déjà vu.

It read, “Hey, Lover, We’ve all gone to Aunt Syl’s to help her get ready for the twins’ birthday party. Don’t forget, you promised to mow their yard today.—M—”

“Damn,” he thought, “I completely forgot about the party and the yard.” He hurried and got dressed and went back to the bedroom and got the box. He didn’t want to take it with him but was afraid to leave it sitting out in case someone broke into the house. And he didn’t want to use his usual hiding places; he was fairly sure that Molly had found all of them.

Then he remembered the little shelf in side the old clock; if he remembered rightly it should be big enough to hold it. When he slipped it in it fit snugly, as if it was made for that purpose.

The party started at noon and it was now almost eleven. He locked the house and started walking, Aunt Syl’s house was only two blocks away and she let him use their mower; it was a good thing that he had filled the tank and gas can the last time he mowed.

When he arrived, there were already four cars there, and since Aunt Grace lived next door, he figured that was about the right number. There was also a large SUV parked out at curb; “DreamMaker” was painted on the side. He wondered just what kind of a party this was going to be and who was invited.

Jeff went on around back, so that he didn’t wind up getting in the way. He did the front first; it is smaller and not a lot to do; the back is a full two acres, besides the swimming pool and his Uncle didn’t have a riding mower. He pushed himself hard to get finished; he didn’t want to disturb the party; figured that it was an all girls party and that they would be going for a swim afterward.

Jeff stripped off his clothes and ducked under the pool shower to rinse of the sweat, he could take a proper one later. He was thirsty so he quietly came in the back door and snuck into the kitchen without being seen or so he thought. He heard lots of female voices; laughter, giggling, oooh’ing and aaah’ing and some applause. He figured that he might sneak a peek when he was through with his drink.

He was standing at the sink finishing his first glass of water, when he heard a sound behind him and a voice say, “Well, the birthday boy finally decided to come to his own party.

Jeff turned around quickly and said, “Whaaa...."; his Aunt Syl was standing there in a black full body harness and a large black dildo protruding obscenely from the front; his dick went instantly erect.

Sylvia walked up to him and grabbed his dick roughly and said, “Is this for li’l ol’ me?”

He did not like being handled roughly so he said, “Sylvia, take your hand off me.”

Her hand came off him and she jumped back like she had been burned and went to her knees and said, “Forgive me Master, I forgot my place.”

Jeff asked, “Now what’s this about this being my party; I thought it was for Zoe and Chloe?”

She replied, “I’m sorry Master, didn’t anyone tell you?”

“No,” he answered, “There seems to be a lot of that going on around here lately. Explain what’s going on; and I mean everything.”

“Yes Master,” she replied, “Today is the ‘Twins’ sixteenth birthday and the party now is their last official children’s party. They will have their first official adult initiation party tonight. We, I mean all of us decided that since you didn’t have one because Jason died, that you would be included in this one and the one tonight. Master, there are none family girls present and it may not be right if you are not at least wearing something; let me go get you what we picked out for you.” She ran off quickly to get whatever it was she had for him to wear.

He was a little confused, since what she was wearing was more provocative than nothing at all.

She returned quickly with three items and Doni following close behind.

His mother spoke, “Hey Honey, I’m really sorry about this; we discussed this a week before Daddy got sick and I completely forgot until today and tried to call, but you had already left the house and then got so busy here that I didn’t get out to tell.” With puppy dog eyes, she asked, “Pleeeeaassse?”

He was feeling better after having rested but was irritated.

Sylvia had bent done and was pulling on some briefs and handed Doni a kimono style robe that just barely covered his crotch. When Sylvia got to his crotch she licked his dick which took the slight sag right out of it. Before she got it all the way up, he could see that it was partly crotchless. His dick was pulled through a hole in the front and each ball was pulled separately through different elasticized holes that separated them as they hug. Doni tied the robe closed and Sylvia stood behind him and placed a blindfold over his eyes.

Jeff started to balk at the blindfold and Doni explained that the guests might have a problem with him there even though they had been told that he was going to be there; and this would give them time to decide if they really wanted to be a part of the party.

He thought how unfair that would be that if he didn’t get to see who was there, why would they be allowed to see him and he told his mother just that. She thought that he had a valid point and went out to tell them that he was here and coming in and if they were not willing for him to see them, they could get dressed and leave.

Doni saw several of the girls look around, but none of them wanted to be excluded from the group, so no one said anything. She came back to get Jeff. He wanted to take off the blindfold but Doni asked him to keep it on, just in case one of the girls had a last minute change of heart.

The room was very quiet when the women led him into the family room. The first thing that reached him was the high level of woman scent in the room; aroused women.

He was placed in front of a chair and could tell that there was at least one on either side; the scent from either side was not familiar but similar to Chelsee, so he figured that it must be Zoe and Chloe. He was asked to stand for a minute as Doni asked one last time if there were a change of heart. And then she gave them instructions to come forward and greet him as they did the ‘Twins’.

No one left so Sylvia took the blindfold off and untied the robe and let it fall open. There were a few gasps, and lots of oooo’s and aaaa’s, some Ummmmm’s and several whistles. It took an minute for his eyes to adjust and then he let out a long low whistle of his own; so much wonderful, yummy girl flesh, dressed and not, in every assortment of kinky clothes that he had ever seen on the internet. Not one of the girls physically looked the same except the other pair of his twin cousins.

Zoe and Chloe stood next to him and each gave him a kiss to curl his toes. They were both dressed in virgin white peignoir sets at also just covered their crotchless white panties. They both bent over and kissed the end of his dick. Jeff returned the favor by giving each of them a very deep lick up their slits; from the moans, he was afraid that he had made them cum.

There was a black woman, Ella, dressed similar to Sylvia, except her harness was while and the dildo attached was purple and much bigger and was stuck in Grace who was on the floor on all fours.

As he looked around, he recognized all of the girls who were family, even the ones who were not included in last night’s proceedings. Jeff also recognized most of the girls there, from school, if not by name. There were thirteen girls there that were not family and not all the mothers or older sisters were there.

Doni asked the guests to come first and some came strutting, while for the most part the others were a little more shy; especially the last girl. She had her breasts mostly covered and her hand down to hide her pussy, and badly chosen glasses, but he liked her instantly. She looked very young.

The first one in line was Stephanie, she told him she was almost seventeen, and she was a cheerleader and blonde. She was wearing nothing but a series of bright red strings that covered nothing; her breasts were C cup in size. She slid her hands in his robe and wrapped them around him and pulled herself to him; his dick sliding between her legs. She pressed tightly against him and gave him the sluttiest kiss he could imagine and lately his imagination was getting a real workout. She slid her bald pussy on the top of his dick several times and went back to her seat.

The second girl was Amy and he knew her, she was in his history class and she was a month or so older than he is; almost seventeen too. Her dark brown hair lightly streaked with highlights, her breasts, also C’s, are set high on her chest and her nipples high on her breasts, and she was wearing a demi cup bra and crotchless panties in a medium brown color and her pussy hair shaved into an arrow pointing down. She and Stephanie were always competing, so when she stepped up to Jeff, she was all over him with her kiss and when she bent down she sucked a couple of inches of his dick and mumbled, “Uuuuummm.” And then a quick kiss and back to her seat.

Sheri is sixteen and blonde; the youngest in her family, with two much older sisters. Jeff knew her too and normally her hair hung to her ankles and she was a real slut. He heard her tell a friend that she had fucked every guy on the senior basketball team; she is barely five feet tall. Her breasts are at least D cups maybe larger; it was hard to tell on her small frame. She was wearing no clothes that he could tell, but her hair was braided into several strands and wrapped around her chest, over and under her breasts and crisscrossing in the middle, like a rope harness. She had a gold chain clamped between her nipples. She pulled Jeff’s head down to her for a kiss and took his dick in her hand and squeezed and pulled like she was milking him, and then licked the precum from the tip of his dick and went back to her seat, licking her lips.

Next in line was Lacey, she is also sixteen and a slut and exhibitionist. She loved taking dares. She is the tallest of the girls at the party and on the drill squad with Molly. She has done drills at various ball games without panties and even walked through the boys locker room naked and is rumored to have had sex with all the men gym coaches and the women coaches too. Her breasts were full and round, but only B in cups. Her pussy was shaved clean and she has a tattoo that reads “Fuck me here” and an arrow pointing to her pussy; when she turned, he saw the one on her butt that said, “And here too.” She is as tall as Jeff and when she pulled herself to him and his dick slid between her legs; she lifted up and his dick slid into her pussy. She was hot, but not as tight as the one’s he had the night before. Her kiss had plenty of tongue. She pulled off and bent down and deep-throated his dick, scraping it clean with her lips.

Fifth was Cindy, she was the second oldest of the sixteen year olds. Her hair was as black as midnight and her skin nearly white; her breasts were B’s, with almost no areola and large nipples and her hips wide. Her bush was full but trimmed neatly and she was wearing a black mesh, see-through panty and bra. She was wearing black lip stick and nail polish. She kissed him like a lover not a slut. He thought she kissed very nice and wanted to spend more time with her.

Carol came up to him kind of shyly, but she thrust her breasts forward as if she wanted him to take them. When he didn’t she took his hands and placed them where she wanted them. She lightly stroked his dick as she kissed him. She was wearing a green slave harness with chains hanging every where some loose and some very tight, with hanging loops over her B cup breasts; her nipples small but hard as she pressed herself against him; her strawberry blonde hair, a matching set.

Cortney, sixteen, was a beautiful black pearl in a sea of white. She was wearing a white knitted panty and bra set and her large dark nipples stuck through the knitted holes. At five foot five, her full figure and small waist made her erotically beautiful. She kissed him sweetly and a little shyly. He bent down and licked her nipples and she licked his and giggled and went to her seat.

Kristen, fifteen, would be sixteen in another month, her face had a polyasian look and her dark tan skin and dark hair added to his thought. She was dressed in a full lace corset a mix of pinks and reds, with pull away hearts over her breasts; she was wearing no panties and her wetness sparkled in the daylight filling the room. Her breasts were full maybe C’s or D’s. She pulled open the heart cups and her breasts spilled out.

Sharon was number nine, and has light brown hair. She is almost seventeen and her breasts were small A’s, but her nipples were as big as his Aunt Syl’s. She appeared to be a little embarrassed until he reached and touched them and pulled her close and sucked them; maybe spending a little more time than he was supposed to; and then he kissed her. Her smile when she left was bright and clear. She was wearing a white open front PJ top and thong panties.

Linda, also fifteen, a gorgeous redhead and covered with freckles. Her breasts were a firm B and she was wearing a knee-length, pale green, see-through nightie. Her red pubic hair trimmed into a heart. She tiptoed to kiss him and lightly pressed herself against him; his dick pressed between them.

Number eleven was Denise, she is sixteen and in several of his classes, including math and science and he had asked her to be his lab partner, but she had already been asked by a friend of his, so he backed off. Brown hair and bright blue eyes; she was slim, but her breasts were full C’s and they made her look that even larger. She was wearing a deep blue silk nightie that only covered her breasts and a silk thong of the same color. She kissed him like a lover and whispered in his ear, “Call me.” She went back to her seat. Jeff thought, “Oh, Yes, Baby, you can count on it.”

The last two were sisters, Elaine was the older of the two and older than Jeff; she would be seventeen in another week. Her reputation was almost that of the first four, but seemed to be playing cool for her younger sister. Megan was the younger at fourteen and the youngest guest. Elaine has long auburn hair and green eyes and a scattering of freckles on her chest and her B cup breasts. with slim waist and wide hips, her figure rivaled Molly’s; almost. She was wearing a green lace midi bra and boy panties. She also kissed him more like a lover than her reputation spoke.

Megan was an attractive young girl, with auburn hair and barely an A cup and only a small puff of pubic hair. She was wearing a full see-through PJ set. She looked a little scared. He put his hands behind his back and bent down close and whispered, “Are you as scared as me?” With a furtive glance around, she nodded. She had been looking at his dick most of the time she had been standing in line and muttering, “It’s so big.” Jeff had heard her.

Jeff asked if she would go over to the corner with him and talk a little and she nodded. They walked away from the others but in clear view. He kneeled and asked, “Is this your first party like this one?” she whispered, “Yes.”

He said, “Mine too and I don’t know the rules, do you?” She nodded yes, and he asked can you tell me some?’ She said, “Okay”

“First rule, You don’t have to do something you don’t want; second rule, no bad talking about someone and rule three, no being mean to anyone. Maybe some more but I don’t remember right now.”

Jeff said, “Thank you; you will tell me if you remember more?” she nodded.

Jeff smiled and asked, “Are you having a good time anyway; by the way, that is a very sexy PJ set you have on.”

Megan blushed and answered, “Thank you, it feels sooo nice and the party way better than other kid parties.”

Jeff reached up and took her glasses and said, “Wow, you are one hot babe, will you be my date for the rest of the party.”

She had a surprised, questioning look and said, ???Really??? He nodded and said, “Really, now walk with me back over to the group.

He stood behind her and said, “No one has explained to me the rules of the party, except Megan, so I have asked her to be my date for the rest of the time. As I understand the rules, no one will be forced to do anything they are not willing to do or made fun of for not doing something and there will be no treating anyone rudely or mean. If I missed anything let me know. Now let’s get this party moving.”

He almost forgot about the sister/cousins until Doni reminded him. Everyone came by quickly eager as he was to get on with the party; each giving him a kiss and a quick suck; all nineteen girls, making thirty two in all, not counting his mother and aunts.

Jeff sat down and had Megan sit in his lap; his dick pressing up along the bottom of her crotch. He whispered, “If you want to touch me you have my permission anytime you want to.”

About an inch was sticking out and she reached down with a finger and touched the head and said, “Wow, that’s soft, but the other part feels hard under me.” Not really needing an answer, she let her fingers slide under and feel the shape and texture of the bottom of his dick. When she touched under the bottom of the head where it is very sensitive, he whispered, “that part is real sexy feeling for me. Megan Honey, may I touch your pretty little breasts a little?” She nodded and mumble, “Uh huh;” she was still fascinated with the feel of his dick, even lifting up some to feel more of it.

Jeff slipped his hands under her top and caressed her slowly as he moved up to his goal. He kissed her on the neck and along her jaw line, she starts to purr in her throat. Jeff kissed down to her shoulder and moved around to the other side and kissed her all over that side of her neck and throat. By that time he was caressing the bottoms of her small breasts and her purring got louder. He caressed slowly around the small mounds gently but firmly to keep from tickling. As the circle was tightening around her small pink nipples panting joined the purring and her body was all aglow with arousal.

Her breath caught a couple of times and her head fell back and he kissed her cheek until she turned her head and gave her, her first adult kiss; their tongues dancing a waltz, slow and easy. Her breasts began to swell; her areola puffing up and her nipples hard and firm. She had stopped touching him only able to think of how nice it felt to be touched like Jeff was doing. Jeff squeezed her breasts harder and pinched her nipples tighter; rolling them and pulling them.

She screamed out, “Ooooooohh...Ummm.” If he hadn’t known better he would have thought she pee herself; their laps were very wet.

When everything was quiet again, all the girls started clapping and cheering. Megan blushed hard and tried to run and hide; Jeff held her tight. He turned her on his lap and kissed her. He dipped his fingers in her flood and tasted them and memorized the flavor of her essence. He dipped again and held it to her mouth. She hesitated a moment and then stuck out her tongue to touch his finger; he wiped one on her tongue, and she tasted it. Still unsure about the taste, she took his other finger and sucked on it.

Jeff whispered in her ear and said, “Just about the best I have ever tasted and you’re still a virgin aren’t you?” She blushed and nodded. Megan still had her head buried in his shoulder from embarrassment.

Jeff whispered to her, “Sweetie, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, it is natural and wonderful and all your friends are happy for you; be proud of it, a lot of the girls in this room have never had a climax like that; some have never had one at all.”

Grace stood up and said that they were going to play some games. Doni came by and told Jeff that she would take Megan and get her cleaned.

Grace announced that the first game would be Pin the Tail on the Donkey and that the birthday kids got to go and since there was only one boy Jeff would start.

Molly and Tara brought put a board with a life sized poster of Molly; naked, on her spread knees, holding up her breasts with her hands and her mouth open wide. There was some light teasing for both of them. They hung it on the wall and Grace handed him a life sized paper dick with tape on the back; if fact everyone received one. Grace put the blindfold on Jeff and spun him around five times and told him that he was to place the dick on the picture and if it was the right one he would get a prize.

Jeff had always had good spatial orientation, so direction to the poster was easy, but he pretended for the girl’s sake to wander around a bit before finding the poster and placing the dick between her breasts. Grace declared him the first winner and his prize was to be able to just what he had done with the poster; but still blindfolded, with two volunteers that had already agreed. His challenge was to identify the volunteers; if he did, he won a big prize, if not, the girls won the prize, and the girl that he guessed wrong would also win a prize.

The first girl crawled up to him and wet his dick with her tongue and pressed her breasts around his dick and started to stroke him between her breasts. The sensation was new to him and he figured that it must be one of his cousins; and get masturbated by tit flesh was very nice. He was fairly certain who it was but decided to guess wrong on purpose. He did that with both of the girls.

When they removed the blindfold, Natalie and Tina were kneeling before him with their breasts bared. He helped them up and gave each one a wink and a kiss and dipped his fingers in their honey pots and savored their flavors and he received a kiss from the other winning girls; Sharon and Carol.

And then it was Zoe’s and Chloe’s turn. Molly and Tina took the poster down and turned it around and there was a near life sized photo of Jeff; his dick, air brushed out. The girls all thought that was funny, and to tell the truth so did Jeff, but pretended to be offended, so as not to spoil the fun for everyone. For Zoe and Chloe this was to decided who would be first at the adult party to be initiated as an adult into the family; something even Jeff didn’t know (What’s New, Right?).

They each took their turn and both girls did very well; Zoe, however, had the best angle of erection. Then she drew a name of one of the girls, Amy, from a bowl to win a prize and Chloe drew a second name for another prize; which went to Megan, who had just come back in the room. She hollered out, “What did I win?”

Everyone turned to look at her and she made a twirl; Jeff whistled and said, “Wow, that is some sexy hot outfit you have on.” His dick returned to full erection and she flushed with excitement and her breasts and nipple came to attention. She was wearing a pink see-through Genie outfit, that consisted of a strapless halter top and long pants that had the waistline so low, that part of her pubic hair was out of the top and an inch or so of her butt crease was visible.

With a new boldness that surprised everyone, she walked up to Jeff who was standing with his arms around Elaine and Linda; she stuck her arm between Him and Linda and said, “Excuse me, he is promised to me today.” Linda smiled and moved out of the way.

Syl was taking some pictures of the ‘Twins’ in front of his poster, with the dick stuck in the right place. Zoe was positioned so that it looked like she was sucking him off; and Chloe’s picture looked like she was taking him from behind. Then, all the girls wanted photos done with the picture; and some of the girls were very creative and talented.

Grace had gone and got the party snacks and cakes ready and they broke off to the dining room. Everyone got a kick out of the cakes. The girls cakes were done up as cock and balls; Jeff’s cake was of a woman’s torso; from her tits down to her pussy.

Being in a fun mood, he pulled the cake to the edge of the table and bent down and pretended to lick the pussy and tweak the nipples. Sylvia caught him on camera.

Elaine snickered out loud and said, “Did you model the cake after Megan; it’s about the same size.”

Megan giggled and blushed and slapped her sister on the butt. Everyone had a good laugh. Later Jeff told Megan that he would do that for her if she ever wanted him to. Her smile brightened and she hugged him.

After the cake, ice cream and sodas were served and finished the swim time part of the party was announced. They were told to wait just a while before going into the water. All of the cousins stripped off where they were standing and headed for the pool. Doni reminded the guests that they could chose for themselves how they went swimming. They all decided what the hell, go for it; maybe they could catch Jeff in a corner somewhere and get his attention for a bit.

Megan asked Jeff, “If you’ll undress me, I’ll undress you?” Jeff nodded that it would be okay with him and he took her top and eased it up over her breasts and head and then he kneeled to get to her pants. She said, “Your Mom said I should ask you to suck on my nipples a bit, that it was way better than your fingers; would you?”

Jeff took her right breast into his mouth and bathed it with his tongue, as her breast swelled up his slid out to her raised nipple and sucked licked on it. She moaned and had to catch her breath and he moved to the left one and did the same for it. He licked down her stomach to her navel and blew a little raspberry on her stomach. and then slid his tongue down to her hairline. He slid his hands into the waist band and pulled them down; his tongue followed close behind.

When his tongue touched her clit, she jumped and grabbed his head and moaned; he let her pants drop to the floor. He tickled her clit for a little while and then stood up. Her groan of disappointment was expected, but he explained that maybe later he and she could find a place and see about finishing. She grinned and nodded.

Megan carefully unpackaged his package and pulled them down and helped him shrug off the robe. Jeff picked her up and carried her out to the pool. All of the lounge chairs were filled and most of the towels that had been laid out; and several of the girls were already in the pool. Jeff walked over to the pool. Megan was afraid that he was going to throw her in, so she tightened her grip around his neck.

Jeff chuckled and said, “Sweetheart, I’m not going to throw you; we are going to walk in,” He walked down the steps into the pool; it was still a bit cool, being only spring. His dick sprang up harder than it had been the second it touched the water.. When he was almost waist deep, he told Megan that they were going under and that she should catch a deep breath.

He sat down suddenly and as soon as his head was under water, he placed his mouth around her closest breast. The air exploded from her mouth and he was afraid she might inhale water so he pushed back up as quickly as he could and started apologizing.

Megan started giggling uncontrollably.

Jeff asked her what was so funny and she answered, “It’s so funny that you are apologizing for making me cum again.”

He said, “Damn it. I thought you were drowning.” He picked her up high and tossed her into the water. He waded over to where she had landed, as she came up sputtering and still laughing. He tried to grab her and the chase was on. She was a much better swimmer than Jeff; she is on the swim team at her school; but she let him catch her anyway. He pulled her to him and kissed her and she wrapped her strong legs around his waist; his dick caught between them.

Holding on to him with her legs, she lay back and floated in the water, her arms out to the side. This placed her pussy and clit in contact with the bottom of his dick. Jeff reached out and took her breasts in his hands and caressed them. The sensations were starting to work her up again, which unconsciously got her hips to moving; sliding her pussy up and down the underside of his dick, heating them both up.

His over aroused libido didn’t take long to bring him to climax and his cum fountained up and on to Megan’s face and into her open mouth. It surprised her when it fell in her mouth; she tried hard to get her mouth on him before he finished and only got a small shot or two, before he was through.

She said, “Uuuuummmmm, now that is good stuff, can I get some more?”

Jeff replied, “Thank you Darling, that was nice; maybe we can do it in a few minutes after I recharge. But we’ll make a game of it; if you can last long enough under water to make me cum, you can have all you want.”

She smiled and said, “Okay.” She was ‘The One’ on the swim team who could hold her breath the longest and held the intermediate school record in her class; something near five minutes.

Suddenly he had eight more takers; they were near the edge and were overheard; five of his cousins and three of his guests. Then they realized that they needed a time keeper and to do that they had to ask someone to keep the time score and another six wanted to have a turn and still no time keeper. Soon they had everyone in the pool and still no time keeper.

They were fortunate that the older women came out and Ella volunteered to keep track of the time, but needed to be able to write it down so Sylvia went back to get pen and paper; and then the rules had to be established. And then, they had to choose the order.

The girls that knew Megan was the one likely to win, did it anyway just to get a taste of his dick in their mouths for a bit to be able to say they did it. The rules were simple, the longest time under the water with his dick in her mouth and once his dick was in her mouth, no hands or time would be called; any cum counted extra. The other rule was that he got two minutes between girls to make it fair for him and the other girls.

They moved down the edge a bit so that the water was up to his chest. One after the other tried and accomplished, from twenty to thirty seconds up to three minutes and some seconds. Two girls, Claudia and Francie got a little cum, but only because his arousal went too high for it to come back down enough, but their time scores were too low to make a difference and Francie came just before Megan.

Megan slid around in front of him and took several deep breaths and dropped beneath the water and wrapped her lips around his dick and sucked; first one minute and then two and three and four. At four minutes and ten seconds Jeff came good and gave her a mouth full and at four minutes and fifty-nine seconds she came to the surface with a smile and a mouth full of cum, which she showed to everyone and then made a big production of swallowing it.

Jeff said, “Megan, you won; what do you want for winning?”

She was suddenly shy and said softly, “How long can you hold your breath?” Everyone that was close enough to hear started laughing.

Jeff laughed himself and said, “Probably not long enough for what you want to happen. How about we put you on the edge of the pool instead?”

“Nope,” she replied, “If I had to do it underwater, so do you.”

Jeff looked around for support but found none. He then suggested that she have some help holding her up in case he actually got far enough to make it happen. Elaine and Molly agreed and moved where she could get her arms around their shoulders.

Jeff took a couple of deep breaths and ducked under the water. Megan opened her legs and he moved right in between them and latched on to her pussy and clit and started licking her. Elaine and Molly moved closer and Megan’s legs legs closed around his head slightly. The water was nice and clear and he could see that the two girls were sucking at Megan’s breasts.

Jeff was at it about a minute when he decided to have some fun. He stuck his finger in Molly’s pussy and got her going and then into Elaine, but stopped when he touched a barrier he had not expected; she was still a virgin. They then was she letting the boys she dated tell everyone that they had scored with her. He just rubbed her clit and anus.

By minute two and a half, his air was getting thin and he couldn’t tell how far along she was. At minute three, her legs clamped down on his head and he couldn’t move, and Elaine and Molly were shaking too. In a slight panic, he saw two more pairs of legs come near the other two and another two girls came down and pulled him to the surface, with Megan’s legs still attached.

They got her legs off and someone had hauled her out of the water and laid her down on the side of the pool. Jeff was okay except for the scare of drowning. Megan had fallen asleep, after the release of her climax.

Jeff was looking around at the activity and saw Elaine coming to him. She kissed him and said, “Thank you for being nice to Megan and looking out for her; I was afraid she might be excluded by the others. Oh, please don’t tell anyone about... you know; what you know about me.”

Jeff smiled and said, “I’m sure that I don’t know what you’re talking about;” and then winked.

As she got as close as their bodies would allow and hugged him, she whispered, “I want you to be my first, if you want to; maybe we can have a date sometime soon?”

Jeff asked, “Are you sure you want to do that, I mean, yeah, I would like to go out with you, but you’re a senior and I’m not...But... oh, hey why don’t you make a sleep over date with Molly and we can spend some private time then.”

Elaine blushed and said, “Okay, that might be okay, and maybe we can still go out. I don’t care what the others might think of me.”

He also talked with her about Megan’s unflattering glasses and found out that since their father walked out on them; their mother had been having trouble with the bills, and those were the only ones on the economy shelf that Megan would even consider

Over the course of the rest of the party, Jeff had offers of dates from most of the girls who were guests; and he graciously accepted and said that he would make time for each of them. The party was officially over at six and Jeff had been able to spend at least ten to fifteen minutes with each of his guests; his cousins, at least, most of them would be at the later party which was scheduled for eight o’clock.

All of the girls were allowed to keep the sexy outfits they had been wearing and all received a small dildo as a gift for coming and the girls that got the special prizes, got their choice of any of the other outfits, besides the ones they had on.

When all the guests were gone, everyone else pitched in and helped to clean up the house, because shortly they would be going to Grand’s house, for the adult birthday party and initiation into adulthood.

Just before Jeff, Doni and Molly left for home; Carrie came in with her boy friend, Cameron. She gave her sisters and Jeff kisses before she and Cameron went up to her room to fuck. Jeff thought that she had the prettiest dimples when she smiled, and that somehow seemed important.

The party was still a couple of hours away, and Jeff wanted to take a shower and get the chlorine smell off his body and Molly wanted to do the same, so he suggested they share the hot water and she was okay with that. Doni asked if they would like to join her in the large shower in her room and they thought that would be a wonderful idea.

They got in the shower which was quite large with two shower heads; one on each end and he suddenly realized why it was so big. Some of the parties that were held at the house, had many guests that stayed over and they shared bathes with everyone else, and not just to bathe. There were also seating places all around the stall; seats designed for a purpose other than sitting; oh, there were some of those, but not many.

They washed and touched and loved on each other, but decided to wait for the party to get any more physical. They all went and crashed on the bed for a while. Jeff picked up the box that he had retrieved from the clock after the women went into the bedroom. He was turning it over in his hand looking at the box and Carrie’s dimples came to mind, as did all the other images of things with dimples, including the image of the box when it was wet with moisture.

He held the box up to the light at an angle to see if he could make out whether or not there was something else on the box. At arms length, he could barely make out the block lines but there didn’t appear to be anything on the box and at very close range the block lines were no more discernable than they had been when he was drawing the patterns of the sides. And still he could not see any image on the blocks or even tell if the middle was lower than the edges.

He knew that the dimple idea, whatever it was, was important, but it was time to get ready for the party. Doni and Molly started getting things ready as he went to put the box back in its hiding place in the old clock.

When he returned to the room, there were three stacks of clothes laid out on the bed. Doni directed him to a pile of folded white articles; there was one piece that was red, a brief like the one he had been wearing at the other party, only red. Molly kneeled and helped him on with them and took extra time and care to make certain they were comfortable and that he was hard as she sucked off.

While she was kneeling, she placed a pair of white slippers that were similar to his loafers but softer and more natural feeling.

Doni came up behind him with the last piece of undergarment; it was white and from what he could tell it looked like a bikini type of brief, with straps. Doni placed it around his waist and clicked the straps into place and reached under for the third strap and clicked it into place and he heard a lock being snapped on. He felt the brief and realized that it was a male chastity belt. It was firm and no contact with his dick was possible. He started to object but knew that it would do no good.

Doni took a key on a white ribbon and placed it around Molly’s neck. The last item on the bed was a long white, masculine robe made in satin and boldly embroidered in great detail; it buttoned at his navel and a single snap at his crotch.

Then, he helped Molly dress. She had a red braless bustier embroidered with white patterns that looked the same as on his robe and red crotchless panties with white lace, and red stiletto heels of about three inches; and finally an all red rope that was also embroidered with the same patterns. Her robe tied closed at the breast with a small bow and nothing more.

Together Jeff and Molly helped dress Doni. Her out fit looked just like Molly’s except that it was all in red and her shoes had five inch heels.

When they were ready and had a little time before they had to leave, Doni sat Jeff down and explained the family initiation ceremony of adulthood. He and the girls would be segregated from the others and each other and would be brought before the family and be tested for their knowledge of things sexual, performing given requests with their surrogate mate, his would be Molly for the ceremony. She told him that as family heir, he had the right to take Zoe’s and Chloe’s virginity, because he would be first and considered an adult, when their time came.

She also told him that red was the color for true family and that the red briefs he was wearing was his symbol of family leadership and he was being allowed to wear the red of an adult, since he had already proved himself at the funeral.

He would be handed the key to each of the girls’ chastity belts as they were presented for his inspection, their mother would undress them and offer them to you for your use, then you will undo the belt and do whatever you want with them. It is also your right to deny their use by any other man that night and he was also told to remember that they were as likely to get pregnant as any other of the women he used that night.

Doni told him the color scheme of the costumes was meant to make a distinction in the groups; red was leadership, him, and family, the women; white of course was the first time or virgin group; lavender was for the husbands of his aunts; bright pink for the fiancés of the older girls that her father had picked for the girls and royal blue was for any guests who happen to be invited; very few were ever invited to join in the initiations, but it was not unheard of. They were however, invited to birthday parties and parties for other special occasions; of which there were many.

Jeff asked why lavender was chosen for the men and a bright pink for the girls fiancés. Doni laughed and said, “Daddy had a perverse sense of humor and liked humiliating the men when he could. If you hadn’t noticed, all of the men are missing their testicles. When Daddy chose the men who would be our husbands and they agreed; their balls suddenly disappeared. I suspect that Daddy was somehow responsible, but can’t prove it. The party afterward is basically just an orgy; lots of drinks and even more sex; and every one of the women and girls there will want to have a fuck with you. These parties usually last until sun up; oh, by the way, from tonight onward you will be allowed to drink whatever you want when at home or at family gatherings. All I ask is that you be responsible if you do drink.”

Then it was time to leave, they went out through the garage; Doni had parked the car there for this purpose; to avoid the stares and comments of the neighbors.

The made their way to Grand’s house; on the other side of town. The traffic seemed to be parting for them and they made it there quickly. While they had been at the earlier party, other of his aunts had been there getting the house ready for tonight. He was escorted in through a door that he had not even known was there, near the back of the house and escorted to a pleasant little room with a recliner and a table with a lamp. There were dozens of porn magazines on the shelf under the table. Doni told him to relax and rest until he was sent for.

Jeff sat down, but could hardly rest from his anxiousness. And he could not afford to peruse the magazines, as his dick had no place to go. He did not know that he was being watched, as were the girls, in rooms near him. Instead, he chose to contemplate the problem of the box. For some reason he was certain that the dimples were the clue that would open the puzzle and the box that was his real legacy from his father.

He hadn’t been able to see any hint of a message on the blocks, but he hadn’t tried everything that he could to get to the answer. He only had twenty four hours before the reading of the will and the declaration of his family leadership. Even though he was the heir, he had to prove his right of leadership and he was sure that it had something to do with the box.

As he finally hit on another idea, Sylvia appeared at the door to bring him to the family council. She was dressed as his mother was, with the exception that she was also wearing a red mask that covered her face from the mouth up. She attached a small chain to a small ring on the chastity belt and led him through two doors and three hallways into the large family room. The whole family was in a semicircle facing an inclined bed that was shaped like an upside down “Y”.

Molly was kneeling by the bed and he was pulled to a circle of the floor in front of it. Everyone in the room had on masks except him. The lights were turned down and a spot was put on over the bed and question area.

He was asked a lot of questions about sex, its forms and styles, methods of birth control and the biology of the act, the formal names of the sexual parts and as many of the vulgar terms as he knew.

And then it was time for him to demonstrate requested forms of foreplay that did not require penetration of her pussy or her butt. The first task was to show how he would proceed using only his lips, some tongue was acceptable but in moderation, he would be asked to do tongue afterward.

Jeff proceeded with the kissing and then worked his way through the tongue exercises and Molly was so aroused that she could barely think. And then he was told to use his hands alone for stimulation and Jeff sent Molly through her first and second climaxes in quick succession.

His belt was removed and then he was asked to fuck her in every position that he knew, and she came every time that his dick penetrated her. He loved the way she felt, the heat of her pussy, her smell and taste and the texture of her skin and she was a vision of beauty that he adored. He took her standing, lying, bent over, doggie and missionary; he doubled her up spread her out and even fucked her tits, ass and mouth.

Molly came so hard and so frequently that she passed out and not one time, did he loose his erection or cum; his mind still distracted with the problem of the box. That is not to say that his sister did not greatly arouse him, she most certainly did; he deliberately took his mind from his dick until the moment it would serve him best.

When the ceremony was complete, he was officially welcomed to the family and offered the respect that an adult of his stature required. As at the grave site, the women came by families, from oldest to youngest, each taking his dick and sucking him; he came for none except his mother and sister.

And then the men came, the same men refused to take his dick and the two that had taken it before took it again and he rewarded them. Jeff knew that the time would come when he would have to exercise his authority over the men, but the timing was not yet right.

The time came at the end of the ceremony when all his whites were removed and a robe like no others was put on him, designating him, not only an adult, but the heir and leader of the family. Ray and the others wanted to object but held their tongues. They were sure that he would not be able to provide proof that he was heir and rightful leader of the family.

The authority given, Jeff had the room prepared for Zoe. When the room was ready and every person was in their place, he sent Sylvia for Zoe.

She returned with Zoe in a few minutes leading her with the same small chain she had used to lead him. Sylvia stood in front of him and said, “Master, I bring you this virgin maiden for your pleasure.” She stepped back and Zoe took her place. Sylvia removed the belt and kneeled.

Zoe stood before him in a long white wedding negligee, where red hair combed out and flowing down her back. She kneeled before and placed her lips to the head of his dick and kissed it and then said, “Master, this maiden offers herself to you as your property, for your pleasure and your seed, and to honor and serve you.”

Jeff said, “I accept your gift and it will be sealed with your blood.” At those words, Mike and John, stepped up behind Zoe, as Jeff pulled the bow tied at her breasts and pushed the gown from her shoulders. She was standing in heels with only the chastity belt and a ribbon with the key to unlock her. She bowed her head and removed the key and handed it to him. The lock on her belt was in the front and when he inserted the key and turned the belt fell to the floor and he was the first man to see her naked since she was born.

The two men took her by the hands and escorted her to the bed, which had been lowered and closed, per Jeff’s instructions. Jeff’s only responsibility at this point was to break her hymen.

The two men kneeled on each side of the bed as witnesses and Sylvia kneeled behind Jeff. There was a square of fine linen placed beneath Zoe’s crotch to catch her blood.

Jeff entered the bed at the foot and crawled up between her legs and lifted them to her chest and admired the beauty of her form. He bent and licked at her pussy, to savor her essence and remember her taste, and to get her ready for taking. He wanted her taking to be pleasant for her and not painful or coarse.

Jeff mounted her and asked, “Girl are you ready to become a woman?” Silvia moved in behind them and positioned his dick in her pussy and held it in place.

Zoe said, “Master, I leave it to you to choose the time and place.”

Jeff said, “I choose now to be the time and this to be the place.” He pushed in as far as her hymen and said, “I find this girl to be what she claims to be, and I take what has been given to me.” And he pushed his way through her hymen and all the way to the base of his dick, which is pressed hard against her cervix.

Zoe winced just a little from the small prick of pain but moaned in delight as he penetrated to her depths. He fucked her slowly for about five minutes until she came and he would hold off no longer and gave her his seed. The cum washed out around his dick and wetting the linen with their cum and her blood.

Sylvia was there to clean them both and preserve Zoe’s first blood. When Sylvia indicated that she was finished, Jeff stood and helped Zoe from the bed. She kneeled in front of him as he spoke.

Jeff said, “This woman entered this chamber a child, and has now entered her adulthood; she is entitled to wear the colors of a woman.” Carrie stepped forward with the garments draped over her arms. Jeff took Zoe’s hand and had her stand. Sylvia and Carrie dressed her and turned her to face the audience and Jeff continued, “I present to you, the woman, Zoe Ridge.”

There was applause, and Zoe did a cute little curtsy and turned to Jeff and threw herself into his arms. They kissed for the first time as lovers not cousins.

Jeff sent her to take her place with her family and asked the ladies responsible to prepare the bed and sent Sylvia to fetch Chloe.

When everything was ready, Sylvia brought out Chloe and the ceremony was identical to the first one. With the two women by his side, he announced, “For the rest of this weekend, these two women are not to be touched by anyone, but me.”

There was some murmuring, but no dissension from anyone, since it was his prerogative to keep the newly deflowered women to himself, for as long as he desired to keep them to himself.

He could tell that Chloe had no problem with his declaration of ownership, but Zoe seemed to be agitated a bit; so he asked her, “Zoe, do we have a problem?”

“Jeffy,” she said with a petulant voice. Chloe gasped out loud and it startled Zoe into remembering who she was talking to. She said, “I’m sorry Master, but we were looking forward to having sex with everyone tonight, and now we can’t and...well, it just isn’t fair that we can’t join in all the fun.”

Jeff looked at her and then at Chloe and asked, “Chloe, do you feel that way too?”

She hesitated and said, “Weeelll.”

Jeff said, “Have I given either of you reason to believe that I won’t take care of your needs or done something that you don’t like me anymore?”

They both answered quickly and together, “OH NO Master, we think you are wonderful. It’s just that well if Grand... you know if he were here, he would let us join the fun.”

Jeff was thoughtful for a minute remembering what his mother had told him and what he had heard from others in the family and said, “Look ladies, have you talked to your sisters about what Grand would do or not do?”

“Well, No Master, but we know....”

“You know nothing about what went on here,” he said, starting to get angry, “Go talk to your sisters before they get occupied and asked them what I should do about you. Well go on.”

They went over apprehensive and spoke with their sisters. They pointed in his direction and the discussion got a bit heated and the older women took them by the arms and dragged them back to him and threw them to their knees. By this time, much of the room had noticed what was happening.

Carrie said, “Tell him what we told you and do quickly.”

Zoe was angry, but Chloe had tears in her eyes. Jeff asked, “Chloe, was this your idea or did you just go along.”

“I’m sorry Master,” she said, “I should have known that you were generous and kind man, but I went along with my sister.”

“Zoe,” he asked, “Just what did they tell you that happened here with Grand?”

She was fearful and anxious, but defiance was still in her eyes. She said slowly, “They told us that Grand had taken each one of them and kept them for himself for a month; no other man could even see them and that you were being generous allowing us only a weekend.”

Carrie prompted, “Tell him the rest or I will.’

Zoe said, “They also said that Grand would have whipped us on the spot for questioning his decision and authority and they hoped that you would do the same.”

Everyone was watching now, so he had to make a show strength now, to keep from having to later; although there was one other person that he still had to deal with, when the time was right.

Jeff remembered something that his Dad had told him once about the difference in the way he was spanked and the way he spanked Molly; It was this, he said, “I listen for the real sound of repentance and don’t stop until I get it. What you want to do is to change the mind and not break the spirit, but either way, disobedience or defiance should never be tolerated.”

It took Jeff until that very moment to understand what Jason had been saying to him.

“So be it,” he said. Looking to Carrie, he asked, “How did Grand usually handle this type of situation?”

She said, “He would take the person over his lap and spank them with his bare hand.”

Jeff thought hard about this and using Jason’s approach as a guide, he said, “Young ladies, you have made your choice, and I really have no choice at this point, so you will be disciplined. Someone bring me something proper to use to spank these two; I do not intend to put my hand to them in this way.”

Doni came to him, smiling, with a wooden ruler of eighteen inches that would work fine. He took it and looked around the room and said, “You people are my family and Grand has left all of this, and you, in my care, I may or may not do the things that Grand did, but I will not tolerate disobedience or defiance of my wishes and will enforce to the best of my ability all discipline I deem necessary.”

Jeff took Zoe first and put her over the arm of the old large overstuffed leather couch and started spanking her. She screamed out at the first swat and clamped her mouth shut and stayed that way. After a dozen or so spankings, she began to cry, mostly her anger working its way out and then it got soft with real sorrow and he stopped. He helped her to stand and she wrapped her arms around him and held him crying on his shoulder.

Doni came and took her and lay her down and applied some cream to her red painful butt.

He took Chloe, who was already crying, and placed her over the couch arm and started spanking her; her cries of genuine sorrow reached his ears after four and he stopped after six. He had told them that it was not his purpose to hurt them but to teach them, as he had been taught by Jason.

Doni moved to Chloe while she was still over the arm of the couch and put the lotion on her butt also.

Jeff had the rest of the family get the party started; the show as over. The snacks and drinks had been set out and it didn’t take long for the family to fall into every form of sex with which he was familiar and some that were new to him.

He had the girls kneel and he knelt facing and between them and took them in his arms and hugged them; they returned his hugs and put their heads on his shoulders.

After a few minutes of crying, he had them sit up and while he caressed their breasts, he asked, “Can we still be friends, I do care for you very much?” They both nodded their heads and he said, “That’s good; I want to tell you that I had thought about keeping you to myself until next weekend, but Spring break is over this weekend and school starts on Monday and I didn’t want you the miss any school because I was being selfish keeping you for myself. I know that you know that we do not discuss what we do as a family and that you are not allowed to date anyone without talking to me. Please don’t make it necessary for us to have to go through this discipline again.”

They kissed each other back and forth and all together. Jeff lay back on the soft animal skin rug and pulled them to him; allowing them to keep their butts up for now. After much foreplay, Jeff allowed Zoe the privilege of the first ride; she leaned far forward to avoid having her tender butt slap down against his legs. She moved slowly and deliberately allowing the heat from her spanking to mix with the heat of her passion, until her body boiled over with her climax.

Jeff marveled at the slow heated passion and the change in her approach to sex; her young hot tight pussy slid easily up and down his dick like a silk glove. Zoe exploded in an orgasm that lasted minutes instead of seconds; she lay close, not wanting to loose physical contact with him.

While Zoe was a bit more subdued, Chloe, on the other hand, had her passion pushed into a determination that she was to serve him and do what it took to make him happy. She tried everything and anything that she could think of to get him to cum, to the point of being a little distracting. Jeff asked her to slow down and take her time; they had all weekend to try everything that they had ever wanted to try.

She apologized for not pleasing him, but he told her that she Was pleasing to him, that she just didn’t have to try so hard; that she should relax and let the pleasure guide the experience, the way Zoe had. He told her to do what felt good and the rest would take care of itself.

Chloe lay down on his chest and moved her hips slowly so that she was taking short little strokes. She pulled Zoe close to her and kissed her and held her as she experienced a closeness to her sister that she had not known for a long time. Jeff held them close to him and joined their loving. Chloe’s climax was long and slow and more comforting than exhausting; she fell asleep for a short while.

Zoe offered to clean him of their juices and he allowed her to do so. She took a great deal of care and time to help keep him aroused. He returned the favor and cleaned both of them raising their arousal back to near the peak. And then he suggested that one get on his dick and the other his mouth and do it one more time.

Zoe allowed Chloe to choose which place to be; Chloe asked to be on his dick again. Zoe told her that it was okay with her and even helped her get into position, before straddling his face. As they put their bodies into motion they embraced each other and kissed and fondled each other’s breasts.

They both came to another delicious climax simultaneously, and soaked Jeff’s face and crotch. They were a bit concerned that they had both cum twice and he had not cum even once. He told them that they should not worry, that he had learned from masturbating how to hold off and save it until he wanted to; and that before the night was over they would be a nasty mess of cum to clean up.

He suggested that they get something to eat and drink and rest for a few minutes that he was a bit tired and their pussies must be stinging a little from being raw inside. They both admitted that they were a little sore inside and would be glad for a little rest, as soon as they cleaned him up. Zoe took his dick and Chloe his face and licked up each other’s cum from his body.

They went over to the table in the next room, actually more of an alcove, and found all kinds of finger foods. Jeff asked them if they knew that they were allowed to drink alcohol, but only with family. They said that they had been told and wanted to taste some of everything. He didn’t tell them that they couldn’t, but asked them to wait until later; they were okay with that.

They fixed themselves plates of this and that and sat down at a small folding table set up near the alcove and made themselves glasses of lemonade. Zoe slowly eased her tender butt down on the cold wooden chair. They ate and talked about the day they were having and about their feelings about the way their family was and school and just about anything else, one of them thought about.

They walked around after they ate and watched the different members of their family fucking in every imaginable position and discussing what they liked or didn’t like or wasn’t sure whether or not they would like it, but got worked up watching them anyway.

Doni and Paula were currently riding Paula’s husband, John. John’s dick was the same length as Jeff’s but was much thicker. Doni had it all the way up in her and was coming non stop as Paula was grinding her pussy into his face, also in climax. They continued to walk around and found Molly with Grace’s three older girls.

Molly and Kristal were wearing strap-on cocks and fucking Tara and Kelli. Tara and Kelli were in the sixty-nine position and Molly was fucking Tara’s ass and Kristal was fucking Kelli’s young cunt. Jeff wondered why he was suddenly thinking in such crude language about the sex act and body parts and then thought, “oh well, when in Rome and all that.”

Jeff asked Zoe and Chloe what they thought about what the girls were doing. They both thought that it looked like fun, but were unsure about have sex in their butts. And just then, both Tara and Kelli came and collapsed together.

Molly and Kristal were hoping that Jeff wanted to take some time with them. Jeff suddenly had another idea. He led them over to where their mother had been using a toy with Janna and found it lying on a table not being used. It was a long double headed gel dildo, freshly lubricated and from the smell and taste hot wet pussy lub.

He had Zoe lay on the floor and pushed the dildo into her wet tight pussy and had Chloe kneel over Zoe and lay lightly on her. Jeff worked the other end of the neon pink plastic cock into Chloe; they started kissing and rubbing each other.

Jeff took the dildo in the middle and worked it around in both of them at the same time; their panting and moans both increased together and their breathing deepened. He teased both of their buttholes with his fingers; alternating from one to the other until he had worked a finger in both of them and were alternately finger fucking their butts. They both came while being double penetrated; Jeff continued to work from one to two and then to three fingers into both girls.

When they were both ready, he pulled the dildo from Zoe’s pussy and worked it into her butt and then worked his own dick into Chloe’s butt and he thought their pussies were hot and tight. He thought his dick was being steam cooked.

He fucked her hard while the girls kept each other worked up. The double penetration had Chloe out in the stratosphere and when she came, Jeff also came to relieve the building pressure in his prostate. He filled her bowels with cum. He rolled the girls over with Zoe on top and pulled the dildo from Zoe’s ass and turned it and pushed it into Chloe, who he noticed had passed out again.

He took Zoe’s ass and she turned into a wildcat the stimulation from a real cock turned her on immensely and she bucked and pushed against his cock, trying to get more and more of him in her and she had all of him that he could give. Her movement and pace worked him up to another climax faster than he would have thought and when he came it set off her climax also.

Zoe collapsed on her sister and he would have too, except that it wouldn’t do for both of their weights to be on Chloe while she was out of it. He rolled of to the side one way and pushed Zoe off on the other side. He pulled the dildo from Chloe’s body and she came again, rousing her briefly and then she fell back to sleep, exhausted.

Zoe and Jeff cuddled up to Chloe and caressed her body and talked together for a while. Besides the family, they had more in common than they knew. They both liked to play sports, but Jeff was only average, and were both good in math, but Zoe was only average with science, but they liked the same music and the same kind of movies, well mostly. And best of all for both of them, they simply loved sex and thought they could never get too much of something that feels so good.

When they were all refreshed a bit they went back to the food and had a little more and the girls asked if they could sample some of the drinks. He did want to try some, but didn’t want his mind muddled with too much alcohol, so the three of them decided to pour only enough to coat their tongues for a taste, and there were only ten kinds to try, surely it wouldn’t be enough to hurt them.

Famous last words.... The truth is if they had not just eaten, someone would have had to carry them to the car. As it was, the three could barely stand, because as they progressed down the line, the amounts in the glasses increased from enough to coat the tongue to enough to fill the mouth.

At four o’clock in the morning, they arrived at home; Jeff, Zoe and Chloe were asleep in the back seat. Jeff’s mouth was full of Zoe’s left breast and Chloe’s mouth was full of Jeff’s dick. Jeff had sobered up enough to help the two girls inside and into his bed. None of them had bothered to dress for the ride home.

Jeff laid them on the bed and fucked both of them one more time and left them both with a deposit; and then placed them in the sixty nine position and went to take a shower. Doni and Molly were already in the shower when he got there. He had them both bend over with their hands on the seats and took them both from behind, and even as used as they were, they were still tight and still horny, especially for his dick. Everyone had a good cum and his ladies went off to bed.

Jeff was almost sober again and the sex had helped metabolize the rest of the alcohol in his system. He turned the shower from warm to cold and it also woke him up.

He didn’t want to go to bed without working on the box to see if he could find anything with his latest idea. He walked into the bedroom to tell his mother that he would come to bed in a while, and all four of the women were bunched up in the middle of the bed asleep.

The idea he had was simple, so simple in fact that it escaped him at first. He needed a strong magnifier to see what ever it was on the blocks. Of course, he wasn’t one hundred percent certain there was something there, but his gut told him there was.

His Dad...err... Jason had been a diamond jeweler before the service and he had two very strong loupes with his things and Jeff knew right where they were, since he was the one to put them in the attic for his mother. He climbed the ladder and the cardboard box was just inside the door. He pulled the cord to turn on the light and place the box on a small table that was also up there.

The loupes were on a headband; they swung up and down, changing the degree of magnification. He placed it on his head and packed the box back where it had been and climbed back down the ladder. He went to the clock and retrieved the box and went to the kitchen to keep from disturbing the sleeping women.

Jeff set the box on the table and grabbed some water from the refrigerator; the alcohol had dried him out. He sat down, making certain that he had good light. He pulled down the first lens on the loupe and searched the whole box and found nothing and did the same thing with the second lens, and still nothing was found.

Then he used both of them at the same time. He thought that he could see something on the box, but was still not certain if something was there. Jeff wondered if maybe he had too much light, and by the time he was down to just a candle; he knew that there was something but could not make it out. By coincidence, he turned it at the right angle to the candle and could see the pattern in the middle of the block. He whooped out loud at his success and quickly caught himself before he could wake up the house.

Now he needed his drawings of the box blocks and the different sides. He rushed and got them and reestablished his orientation of the box with the drawings. Once the direction of the box had been decided, he started to copy each figure onto the drawing for each block. He also made a list of the different figures and discovered that there were thirty nine different symbols; well really thirteen, with doubles and triples of each.

Jeff laid out the sides in a number of configurations and no obvious pattern emerged. He was idly twirling it in his finger at opposite corners as he studied the drawings. When it stopped he took his hands and with three fingers grabbed it to twirl again and received a shock and heard a click. It startled him so much that he almost dropped the box on the floor.

He realized that he had inadvertently discovered the clue; now he had to figure out what that was. He tried holding the box again as he had done before, but nothing happened; he tried time and time again and still nothing. Finally he hit on the spark and click again.

He studied first the position of the box in relation to the drawings and then his finger position. He marked a little ‘X’ on the paper where his fingers had been and heard the click again. Jeff thought about the clicks and figured that the first click was a latch unlocking and the second one was it relocking, so he decided that he had only so much time to get from one combination to the next.

Jeff looked at the drawings and back to the box and could not see the pattern that would unlock the box. Then he thought that if he took the paper drawings and made a box from them he might be able to see the pattern easier. Jeff got the scissors and tape and put the box together, and still he saw no pattern.

Just as he was starting to get frustrated to the point of distraction, he heard the clock strike six and had almost reached its point of rundown. Needing a break anyway he got up to go wind it. He walked into the dark living room and as he neared the clock the box in his hand started to vibrate and the clock face started to glow with an eerie bluish green color.

Jeff had never really looked at the old clock before. The designs on its face were quite intricate and filled with symbols and shapes and vines interwoven through. Suddenly his mouth just dropped open, the clock was the key to his puzzle box. Every shape of every block was represented on the clock as were the symbols on the blocks and each number on the clock had a corresponding symbol associated with it. One symbol, the thirteenth, was not there. In frustration, his eyes teared up and blurred and there was the last symbol in the middle of the clock. The interwoven vines had made the last symbol; the sign of infinity and a capital “T”. The “T,” he assumed correctly was the mathematical symbol for time.

Jeff went back to the box and looked at the places he had his fingers, and in both places found that he was pushing one, two and three. And then it occurred to him that a cube had four sets of opposite corners with three sides to each and that the clock has twelve hours on the face; and that four pairs times three side is the twelve hours. And sure enough, he found what he was looking for; four sets of number groupings on opposite sides, in groups of three. And if he were correct about the locks being on timers, he had to do it quickly.

Jeff practiced with the paper box for a while and then decided to try the real one. He knew which direction to turn the box for each set, so he started and did the first set and went to the second set and as he got to the third set he heard a double click. The locks had reclosed. He figured that like some video games each lock or level moved faster and had less time to figure out. He did it several times and discovered he was right that after the first lock, he had five seconds before the lock reset and after the second four seconds and so on.

As he did with his video games, he got faster and more sure of his fingering, until he was able to hear all four clicks; but one second later, all four locks reset. In frustration, he hit the table and the candle holder, tipping the candle and spilling the wax on his hand and the table. He jumped back and dropped the box in the wax.

Mad at himself for loosing his temper and making a mess, he took a couple of deep breathes and picked up the candle and relit it and then picked up the box. And there in the faint light of the candle was the last clue; the almost invisible outline of the thirteenth symbol imprinted on the wax.

Jeff studied the box side that fell into the wax and oriented it with his model. He studied the model and found that on that side only was the last symbol in the middle of the box and on the face of that side, in the correct positions, was all twelve of the other symbols.

Jeff worked out his pattern and which finger was going to be the closest to the last symbol. He rushed through his pattern and missed the last one twice and on the third attempt the box popped open and in it was his true inheritance.

End of Part 1

To be continued…