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Abby’s Mom

A diversion from my normal fare. It’s probably worth saying that, while I would hope it is obvious, the character Abby, who is a child, at no point takes part in any kind of sexual activity, either on or off camera, over the course of this story. No child sex is portrayed or implied, and it is certainly not intended. On to the story!

The first thing that Abigail told me when I started babysitting her was that she liked my tattoos. She spent the first half hour just marveling over them, up my arm, on my shoulders, even asking to see the one on my lower back. She exclaimed over the colors, laughed at some of the sillier images, asked me about the dates and characters.

The second thing she told me was that her mother had died.

I have to admit, I’d wondered what the deal was when I’d first arrived. Her Dad, David, was attractive in a middle aged golfer kind of way, and there were plenty of photos of the happy family around the house… obviously a couple of years old, since Abigail was twelve and in those photos she couldn’t have been more than ten, but not the sort of thing you held onto after a divorce or the like.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I’d responded, sitting down on the floor with her. “Tell me about her.”

The stories she told were sad and sweet, like you’d expect with an almost teenager with fond but increasingly distant memories of a woman she’d never have to rebel against. Then, as she tired of telling sad stories, she asked if I’d like to play dress up, and I agreed.

She had an astonishing collection, likely most of them her mothers, and she enjoyed picking out outfits and combining them with various hats and jewelry. Back in high school I’d done my fair share of helping friends get ready for dates and dances, and so I showed her how to wear them, what to do with her hair, how to rock an accessory, etc. Abigail took right to it, but was struggling with one dress in particular.

“It just fits strangely…” she grumbled as she twisted and turned in it. “It doesn’t look good.”

I took a look, and then giggled. She gave me a look and I raised my hands in placation. “It’s nothing against you! You just need to… um… grow a bit more to fit into it.” A glance at one of the frames said that if Abby’s mom had anything to do with it, Abby would fit in that dress just fine one day. I glanced into the jewelry box and grabbed out a pendant necklace that had been in it… the soft gold perfectly matched the color of the dress. I draped it around her neck. “Most of these dresses aren’t tailored to be snug, but this one is. In a few years, you’ll see.”

Of course, that’s not anything a twelve year old would want to hear. “This was her favorite…” Abby muttered as she shrugged out of the dress. “For special nights.”

“She was a very beautiful woman,” I said, softly. “You’ll look a lot like her when you grow up.”

“You’re beautiful, too!” Abby said, suddenly. I smiled.

“Thanks for that,” I answered. “Now how about we get you some food and then…”

“YOU put the dress on,” Abby interjected. “You’ve got bigger boobs. I bet you’d fit.”

Uh-oh. “Abby, sweetie, it’s a lovely dress, but I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to…”

She ran up to me, the pendant bouncing around on it’s chain. “Come on, Kaitlyn. PLEASE? It’s such a beautiful dress, and I want to see someone wear it!”

I tried to give her a soft smile. “I know, but it’s your mom’s dress, and I don’t think it would be appropriate for anyone besides you to…”

“But I WANT you to wear it!” Abby protested, and suddenly, I couldn’t move. The pendant was sending bright shards of light from the lamps we’d set up into my eyes, and it was distracting. I tried to protest, to explain that wearing her mom’s sexy clothes would be really weird, but…

“You would look beautiful in that dress,” she said, her voice suddenly simultaneously loud and distant. I couldn’t look away from the pendant but knew it was true… I could rock the fuck out of a gown like that.

“I’d… look… beautiful…” the words felt like they were just falling out of me, but I believed them.

“You should try it on. It’s just a game.” Her voice echoed in my mind, distant but persistent. I couldn’t shout it out or ignore it, it wouldn’t go away unless I...

She was right. It was just a game, just us. “I… should try… it on…”

“Yaaay!” She leaped forward and hugged me, and as she pressed close I tried to piece together what exactly had happened. I marvelled at myself as I stood and took the gown in my hands. The fabric was a beautifully soft red satin. I lifted it, then hesitated. There was no way it would fit over my clothes, like Abby had been doing.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, curious, looking up at me from the hug.

“I… I can’t put this dress on without taking my clothes off.”

“Oh, so you need privacy?”

Part of me was relieved. I’d been scared she’d just make me… wait, what?

She bounded to the door. “It’s okay, I’m thirsty anyway. Go ahead and change, and I’ll go downstairs and get a drink of water. Come down when you’re done, I can’t wait to see you!”

It was like a dream after she left, the kind of dream where you’re floating a few feet over yourself and watching yourself do the thing you knew you shouldn’t do. I pulled off my tank-top and peeled out of my jeans quickly, then, after another glance at the gown, took off my bra and panties as well. They would definitely show in this thing, and weird as this already was, I wasn’t going to show a twelve year old my granny panties.

The dress fit like a dream, and I felt myself getting a little… um… excited as the satin slid over my skin. The top was incredible, showing off my boobs amazingly, and had no back, with my skin exposed from my neck all the way down to the top of my ass, where the fabric hugged my hips enticingly.

I had no photos of her in it, but if this was Abby’s Mom’s “special night” dress, the only real question was how she had settled for someone only as “moderately attractive” as Abby’s Dad.

I gave a spin, bunched up my hair and pouted over my shoulder into the mirror. “Damn, girl…” I whispered to myself. It wasn’t just beautiful, I was walking, breathing sex in this thing. With this dress, I could have anyone I wanted, go anywhere I wanted. I considered accessorizing, and realized the pendant would have been the perfect thing for it, dangling between my breasts, giving people an excuse to look.

That was what this gown was for. To make people look. I blushed as I looked at myself in it. I really needed to get this thing off, but after I showed it to Abby. I had to show it to Abby. I’d promised.

Shaking my head to clear it, and not having a great deal of luck in that endeavor, I opened the door and walked downstairs. I found myself wishing I’d had some heels… a pair of red stilettos would have taken the dress up yet another notch. But there was no time, I had to show the dress to Abby. I was beautiful in it, and she wanted to see me.

“Okay, kiddo, what do you think?” I said, spinning as I stepped into the kitchen, and then I froze. There, staring at me wide-eyed in the middle of a hug from his daughter was David, home early.

* * *

It was a couple of weeks later when my phone rang. I was surprised to see it was Abby’s Dad calling me.

“Hey, Kaitlyn? It’s Dave.”

“Y-yeah, Hi, Dave.” Long pause. “Uh, how is Abby?”

He cleared his throat. I could tell we were both thinking about the gown, and suddenly it felt like I was in it again, daring, no, begging people to check me out. I blushed like the sunset. “Abby’s great. Look, I have a, uh, well… I guess a date tonight, and Abby’s grandma has a cold. I was hoping you’d be available to watch her again.”

I glanced at my calendar. I did have some homework to do for my bachelors, but I could do that while Abby watched TV or something, and I did need the money. But the blush crept further up my cheeks. He’d seen me in that dress… his dead wife’s dress, no less. It was a bad precedent to set in a job relationship that was already fetishized enough, and there was something odd about that night. I’d known better than to wear that dress, but Abby had insisted, and I… well, I’d caved. I’d let a twelve year old bully me into a sexy dress. WHY?


“Uh, yeah, still here, sorry, checking my calendar.” I swallowed hard. I just liked her, that was all. I’d be more firm this time, for everyone’s sakes. “Yeah, sure. What time?”

* * *

“Thank you so much,” Dave said as he opened his door. I was wearing jeans and the baggiest hoodie I owned with my bookbag slung over my shoulder. “I’m really sorry about the late notice.”

“Yeah,” I said, with a shrug. “It’s no biggie, I wasn’t really up to anything, though…” I glanced passed him, and didn’t see Abby, but still I lowered my voice. “Look, I just wanted to say again that I’m sorry for last week. Abby and I were playing dress up and I guess I just got carried away…”

He gave a awkward smile, and I noticed a touch of red in his cheeks, too. Shit. I was wearing this getup just so he WOULDN’T think of me in that dress, and then I go and bring it up!

“Yeah, I was just glad that Abby felt like she could share with you. She’s been so closed off with everyone but me, and while that wasn’t what I had in mind,” both of our blushes grew deeper, “well, I’m just glad she enjoyed herself and was safe. Besides, it DID fit you well. You looked like a…”

“...Suicide Girl?” I asked with a bit of a mischievous grin, which vanished as his eyes went wide with shock and worry.

“What?” He asked. He took me by the arm.”Kaitlyn, are you okay? Do you need me to call someone or…”

“What? Oh no. Nonononononono. No, Suicide Girls are… well, they’re an online thing. Pretty girls with tattoos.” Just my luck… I was babysitting for the one single white dude in America who wasn’t an expert in internet porn.

“Oh!” he said. He looked mostly just relieved, which meant that I too was relieved. “Well, uh, I was going to say you looked like a model, so I guess you were right. Anyway… thank you. Abby’s in the bathroom, she should be out soon. Have a good night!”

“Yeah, you too.”

“KAITLYN!” Abby yelled as the door closed, rushing forward to hug me. “So good you’re here, what should we do first!?”

Luckily, dress up wasn’t on the menu, sparing me from having to explain why I wouldn’t do it. Abby was in a creative mood, and so we spent a lot of the night at the kitchen table with her drawing and coloring while I worked on differential calculus. All told, I would have gladly traded.

I was almost ready to finish up and start Abby’s bedtime process when she perked up. “Hey, Kaitlyn… did you… see my Dad’s date?”

“Hmmm?” I asked, not really listening. The word “derivative” had almost lost all meaning and had started sounding funny in my head.

“My Dad’s date. Did you see her when you came in?”

Oh. “No? She wasn’t here, I think he was gonna pick her up at her place after I got here.”

“Oh.” She made a face. “Probably means he’s with Allison.”

“And you don’t like Allison?” She shook her head. “Why not?”

“I dunno. She’s just so… fake, and boring, and has this laugh that sounds like a chipmunk being electrocuted.”

I had to fight down a giggle… I’d known a few Allison’s in my time. “What makes you think he’s with her?”

“Because he never brings Allison over here.”

“And why is that?”

“Probably because I don’t like her, silly.”

I chuckled. You could never accuse Abby of being too circumspect. But then I was curious. “Are you okay with your Dad dating?”

She thought about it for awhile. “I want him to be happy. He takes good care of me and loves me but I know he gets lonely. I just don’t want him with HER, you know? There are other girls who aren’t so bad.”

Check out the little matchmaker. “Who would you want him to be with?”

She thought about it again, then brightened and looked at me. “He should date YOU! I like you, and then, when you got married, you could be my new Mom and live here with us! Wouldn’t that be fun!?”

Oh shit. I tried to smile, to soften the blow. “Sweetie, I’m glad you like me, and I know you love your Dad, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.”

She frowned at that, and looked a bit pouty. Broke my heart a little, I have to admit. “Why? You’re beautiful, he said so! And you’re fun and cool!”

He said that, did he? “Yeah, but it takes more than that for two people to be a couple. Like, he likes dating girls like Allison. Am I anything like Allison?”

“No. You’re, like, a billion times awesomer.”

It was nice to hear, but I stayed on target. “And he’s not really my type, either.”

That seemed to have caught her off guard. “You don’t… like my Dad?”

“Not like that. Don’t get me wrong, he seems like a really nice guy and it’s not that I dislike him, he’s just… not my type. He’s quite a bit older than me, for starters, and…” I just shrug. “Some people just aren’t meant to be.”

Abigail sighed, and stuck her lip out a little, but went back to coloring, and suddenly I was very glad to again be balancing variables that resisted the very concept of balance. After a few minutes, she pulled up her backpack and pulled something shiny out… the pendant I’d put on her before.

“That’s very pretty,” I said to her, kindly.

“Yeah, I’d almost forgotten about it when you pulled it out of the drawer last time. I feel like Mom had told me about it when she was sick… just hadn’t thought of it since then, I guess.” She held it up so the light could glint off of it, playing with it absentmindedly. “I wish you liked my Dad.”

The light was doing something strange in the pendant. I watched it closely, trying to sort it out. The way the light refracted didn’t make any immediate sense. “I’m not saying I DON’T like him, just…”

“You don’t like him that way, I know. But you should.”

That brought me up short. “What?”

Abby’s tone was changing, her voice going distant. Again. Again? Had this happened before…?

“You should like my Daddy. He’s a good man. A good dad.”

The words were echoing in my skull. “I… like him… ?”

“You do?” Abby’s tone was surprised, but I couldn’t look away to look at her. “Oh, yeah, I remember the way he looked at you in the gown, and how you looked at him, all pretty and blushing and stuff! I bet you wanted to kiss him!”

“Yeah…” I said absently, sleepily. “I wanted to kiss him.”

In my peripheral vision I could just barely make out her nodding. “Yeah, yeah, you do! You like him a LOT. You’d be way better for him than boring old Allison.”

There was no arguing that point. I’d be better than any Allison, all of them put together. And he was a great guy. Kind of attractive, even. “I like him… a lot… better for him…”

“You know what you should do!?” She said quickly, eagerly. “When he gets home, all sad and depressed because Allison SUCKS, you should be all cute and stuff and then when you need to leave, just kiss him. Then he’ll see he should be with you, and it will be great! Ok?”

“Yeah… I’ll be cute… and kiss him… I like him…” It all made sense. It all made so much sense.

“Ok, then, here’s the plan…”

* * *

“Hello? Kaitlyn?”

My eyes popped open from where I’d been sleeping on the couch, and I tried to remember the last couple of hours.

“Uh, hi, Dave. How’d tonight go?”

“Uh, okay, I guess. I dunno. Anyway, how was Abby?”

That was a very good question. The last thing I remembered was working on my homework while she was coloring. But then my mouth just opened and out fell the words, “Oh, she went to bed about an hour ago, sleeping like an angel!”

He chuckled at that. “Heh. I should ask what you drugged her with, and where I could get some. Instead, I’ll just thank you for coming on such short notice.”

I was having trouble paying attention to what he was saying, though. He was AMAZING. Like, I’d never really noticed before, but his eyes were so gray, like the sea, and his voice so sweet and calming as a soft rain in the springtime. And while I’d never found dad bod particularly attractive before, there was no doubting as I looked at him, breathing in his middle-aged dad cologne, that I did now.

“Anyway,” he said, digging in his pocket for his wallet, “I’m sorry things went late. Getting away took a… bit of work.”

“Getting away?” I brushed my hair behind me ear, smiling demurely at him.

“Yeah, she wanted… well, anyway, I needed to be home. So, an extra hour for the inconvenience, and that should be… okay?” and he handed me some money, about sixty bucks. I reached for it, our hands touched…

And I kissed him.

Just like that, apropo of nothing, his mouth still partially open because he’d been about to say something, and I just tossed my arms around his neck and kissed him, full on. Because I liked him. I liked him so much. He was a wonderful man, a great dad, and I just knew that I wanted… him. It would be so easy, so simple, and all I had to do was…

Suddenly his hands took a hold of my arms and pushed me away. “Kaitlyn?” he asked, perplexed.

“I… just thought…” I stammered out. Anything that followed would have been lie. I hadn’t been thinking, not at all. I’d just acted. It was supposed to be simple, easy, and now it wasn’t, and I was so confused...

“Look, Kaitlyn. You’re a beautiful girl, and I’m glad that you and Abby get along so well, but I’m… well…” he took a breath. “My last date actually went really well, but she wanted to sleep with me and I needed to be home. I practically ran away. I’m being so selfish, Kaitlyn. Abby lost her mom and here I am meeting in secret with women she doesn’t like just so I won’t feel lonely anymore. And now I’m gonna make out with the first Babysitter she’s ever gotten along with?”

“No…” I moaned. He didn’t want me to kiss him. He didn’t like me. But I liked him! I liked him soooo much!

“I’m sorry…” he said, gently but firmly moving me outside. “If this means you can’t watch Abby anymore, then I’m sorry. I really am. You can do so much better than me. Goodnight, Kaitlyn.”

As the door closed, not quite fast enough to be called a slam, I staggered away towards my car like I’d been shot, tears pouring down my face. Why didn’t he like me? What was wrong with me? I knew he thought I was beautiful, I knew he liked how I looked in the dress… why couldn’t he…

It was about fifteen minutes before I could pull myself together enough to start my car and drive away. As I did, I saw the curtains on Abby’s windows jerk shut.

* * *

All night long, I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t get him out of my head. How had this happened? I’d gone over there hoping to put the gown incident behind me, and managed that only by concocting a whole new incident. I’d just kissed him, there on his front step. Probably half the neighborhood was talking about the tattooed babysitter who was chasing after him like some lovesick puppy.

The worst part was, I FELT like a lovesick puppy. If I closed my eyes, I’d see his. He’d never seemed like all that much before; sure he was nice, but what was niceness? I liked them tougher, liked them edgier, and frankly, liked them closer to my age. But then I’d looked at him and just…

...just acted.

Had Abby talked to me again? I mean, of course she did, we’d talked all night, but I was hauntingly reminded of the talk we’d had before the whole backless-dress fiasco. We’d talked about her Dad’s date, and that Abbi didn’t like her, but…

I punched my pillow. Punched it hard. Then I grabbed it close to my face and screamed into it. None of it made any sense. I liked him, though. I liked him SO MUCH. And it was SO STUPID!

Finally giving up on sleep, I rolled out of bed and trudged to my kitchen to get a drink. Water or whiskey, I hadn’t decided yet. It was worse than a breakup, because no one I knew would take it seriously. So I’d developed a bit of a crush. I’d had thousands of those since grade school. I’d get over it.

Except… except I wasn’t sure that I would.

I was staring at the whiskey bottle and daring myself to ruin my next day as well when the doorbell rang. I rushed to it, wondering if Dave had come to talk, my heart fluttering in my chest as I opened the door…

And it was Abby, in her coat and boots, but those were definately her pajamas under those, and hanging around her neck, again, was the pendant. Her face was sad and angry.

“Abby? Sweetheart, what are you doing here? It’s almost 2 am, where’s your Dad?”

“Can I come in?”

“I mean, okay, but first… your Dad?”

Abby looked squirrely. “He doesn’t know I’m here. I needed to talk to you.”

“Aw shit, kid, he’s gonna have kittens…” I pull out my phone. “I’m gonna call him. I have to call him, let him know where to find you.”

A car turned onto my road, it’s headlights flashing in the pendant. “But we NEED to talk!”

“We need… to talk…” It was clear, but I was desperate. This felt familiar, but she was still a twelve year old out on her own at night. I marshalled all my will. “...and we WILL, but I have to call him first. It’ll take him a few minutes to get here, and we can talk while he’s on his way.”

She paused, considered, then nodded, and I felt as if I’d been released from bindings that I hadn’t known were on me. I grabbed my phone quickly and placed the call.

“Hello… Dave?”

“Kaitlyn… shit, I can’t talk right now…”

God, that shouldn’t have hurt so much. “I know, I know! This isn’t about… earlier. Abby just showed up here. She’s here, she’s safe, she’s not hurt.”

“Oh thank GOD! I’ll be right there, thanks so much for finding her, I’m on my way!”

As he hung up, I felt some relief, though I couldn’t say whether it was due to him being grateful rather than furious, or the knowledge that I would soon see him again. “Okay,” I said, as I settled down at my kitchen table. “We can talk.”

Abby climbed up onto a chair beside me. “I’m sorry…” she said. “I saw what happened when Dad got home, and I feel like it’s my fault.”

“Oh, sweetie, no. I was just being an idiot…”

“No, you weren’t! I filled your head with ideas, and I thought that they were good ones, but I don’t know what to do! I’ve liked some boys, but it’s not like what grownups do. I thought it would be easy. I was wrong and I’m sorry.” Sitting there, staring at her hands, she looked so sad. It broke my heart.

Willing myself to move, I stood up and then kneeled in front of her chair so I could look up into her eyes, but the going was hard. The pendant was right there at my eye level and it was… so pretty. “Abby, what are you saying?”

“You need to decide what to do… because I don’t know.” She took the pendant in her hands and lifted it, toying with it. The light over my table shone brilliantly in it, and I couldn’t move. Was this familiar? What was happening?

“You like my Dad, right?”

“Yeah… like… your Dad…” I nodded emphatically. I liked him SO much.

“Do you… love him?”

I froze. Did I? It was the only word that really made sense given my reaction, right? I felt so naked there, kneeling in front of her. But I’d never used that word. I liked him. A lot. A lot a lot. But I’d never thought that I…

Impatient, she answered her own question. “You love him. I can tell.”

“I… love him.” My earlier confusion vanished like a footprint in the sand under the tide. The knowledge welled up in me. I loved him. And not just that. “I… need… him…”

Abby paused at that. “What do you mean?”

I was caught. I didn’t want to say it, not to her. She was so young, and he was her DAD, for fucks sake, but…

“What do you mean, Kaitlyn?”

“I…” the words were ripped out of me. “I want to have sex with him.”

Kaitlyn’s eyes went wide. “Ooooh.” She pursed her lips while she thought about it. “What would you do… to have him?”

“Anything…” I nearly moaned. I needed his gaze, his voice, his touch. I loved him more than I could bear. Nothing would be too much. Nothing. I was sure of it.

“Then…” she said, as a knock came to the door… “figure it out. You’re smart and… hot. You can do it.” Another knock, and Dave’s voice calling. But I couldn’t move, trapped in my need to learn how to get him to love me. “You can let him in, now.”

I’d never done much bdsm stuff, just occasionally with one boyfriend who hadn’t lasted past the first kink night, but again I felt as if I’d been released from bindings I hadn’t even known were on me, my body going limp like a marionette with strings cut. I blinked a few times, then stood and opened the door as Dave bounded through it, straight past me to Abby, hugging her close. “Oh God, young lady, you had me so worried…”

“I know, Dad…” she said softly, burying her face in his shoulder. “I’m sorry. I just was so confused, and needed to talk to Kaitlyn…”

“But WHY?” he asked.

“Because… Mom’s not here.”

That brought him up short, and after a moment, he looked at me. “I… thank you. I’ll call you soon. I promise.”

My heart leaped at the thought, but only until I realized that meant he would be leaving right away.

“David…” I started, but he cut me off.

“Soon, Kaitlyn. I promise.” He picked Abby up and carried her through the door, and soon they were off to their house. I returned to my bed. I knew I couldn’t sleep, not yet, but the earlier anxiety was gone, like it never was.

* * *

“I never got used to the fact that Abigail’s mother loved me,” Dave said over lunch. He was working almost absent-mindedly on a hamburger, I was more or less entirely ignoring my salad. God, he was beautiful, sitting there. “I was nowhere near her league. At first, we were just friends, we’d met in college and had friends in common. They came and went, but we’d stuck around.”

He took a sip of his beer and laughed. “She dated some prizes, I’ll tell you. The Quarterback, the Point Guard, the Goalie. Why remember names? I half thought she was collecting uniforms. It was always the same, though. They’d make a big play, she’d get all doe-eyed, and it never ever mattered what else was going on. They’d ditch class, vacations, exams, shit, even other girlfriends and I am certain at least one fiance to be with her, but eventually we’d end up right here, with her going on and on about how none of it was real, and then bam, they’re gone, confused as hell as to why she dumped them. Two of them dropped out, after.” He shook his head. “It was like her sex drive was a train and all the hunks kept getting in the way.”

“What was her name?” I asked.

“Lindsay.” He replied, and I ached at how his voice caressed the name. Could he ever love me like that? The way I loved him? “And the phrase ‘maneater’ didn’t even start to cover it. She didn’t know what she wanted, jumped from thing to thing so fast. But I never met the man who could deny her anything. All she had to do was look at you with those bright green eyes, and you’d give her the world if she asked for it.”

He sighed. I was eager to move the conversation away from that source of pain, and if I was honest, away from that source of competition. “If it’s bothering you to talk about her…”

He shook his head. “No, that’s why we’re here.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the pendant. My eyes fixed on it right away as it dazzled in the bright sunlight that bathed the entire cafe patio. “This was hers. She wore it the first time we met… hell, she wore it all the time. She’d play with it, fiddle with it, and you’d just want to give her anything. Everything. Abby had it on at your place… she’s missing her Mom a lot, and that’s kind of the trouble.”

There was a pause. “Kaitlyn, look at me.” My eyes went up to his obediently. “Look, You’re amazing. Beautiful. And if it were just us, you gotta believe I’d have returned that kiss and more. But it’s not just us. It’s Abby, too. And she just complicates everything.” He sighed, pushing his burger to the far side of the plate and kept fiddling with the pendant. “She’s so much like her mother. Practically a carbon copy. Smart, beautiful, can talk anyone into anything and loves me despite all the sense she has otherwise. And she likes you. Which is great, but it makes everything else harder. Say we dated. Say it got serious. Suddenly you’re not the babysitter anymore, but my girlfriend. And then say I mess it up, just as she’s really getting used to you. It’d break her heart.” He stares down at his plate. “She still cries over her mom, at night when she thinks I’m not listening. She tries so hard to be strong.” He shakes his head. “Her heart has been broken enough.”

My heart, for it’s own part, was shattering. I loved him, I wanted him, I needed him, and he was telling me that, even though he might want me back, he couldn’t take me. I searched my mind for ideas and found none. No quiet sweet words would work here, and the last plan… well, that couldn’t happen in a restaurant. At least, not yet.

“I’m so sorry for making this hard on you.” I meant it, too. I didn’t want him to hurt. I loved him. “Did Abby say anything about why…”

“I was going to ask you the same thing,” Dave said with a sigh. He looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes. “Do you have any notion about why she came to you?”

The words just fell out of my mouth. I couldn’t hold them back. “She wants me to be with you. She wants me to seduce you. To do whatever it takes so we can be together.”

His eyes narrowed at that. “And… and you just… went along with it?”

I froze. It was a good question. Why WAS I just going along with all of these ideas that Abby was having? Sure, I liked her but…”

“Kaitlyn, look at this.” My eyes raised up and I could see him holding up the gem, and my eyes just fell into it. It was so pretty, the light glinting in the facets of the gem… “Can you hear me, Kaitlyn?”

“Yes,” I murmured happily. It was an understatement. His voice resounded in my mind and soul, I doubt I could have heard anything else.

“If I asked you to do something right now, would you do it?”

“YES.” Of course. Obviously. Anything. And I had some ideas of my own.

There was a long pause. He was just looking at me, looking over me, weighing, considering. Building up his courage, perhaps?

“Lift… lift up your shirt. Flash me, just for a second.”

“Of course!” I said, and I didn’t even check to see if anyone was looking. My hands went to the hem of my blouse and raised it clear of my breasts, and I counted out a full second in my head before putting it down again. I heard a gasp from a table nearby.

“SHIT, cover up!” He was looking down at the gem. “How did you… Lindsay, what were you into?” He pocketed the gem and I felt a bit like I was coming out of a haze, and blush rose in my cheeks as I realized what I had just done.

“What the… Oh, David, shit, I’m sorry, I just… I just keep screwing up with you, don’t I?”

“What? No. This isn’t… it’s not your fault.” He glanced over in the direction where the gasp of shock had come from. Two elderly women were staring at me with blatant disapproval. “But we’d better go, come with me.”

I stood up, beaming so brightly I didn’t even care about the old hags judgement. How could I? David was taking me with him! It didn’t even occur to me that we had come in separate cars, or that I had class soon. None of it mattered. I climbed into his passenger seat as happy as could be, ready for wherever he might take me.

When we arrived at his house, I was about ready to burst.

“It’ll be okay to… to talk, here…” he said, somewhat nervously. “Abby’s at school, and won’t be home for hours.”

I nodded quickly. Freedom for hours, to do whatever we wanted. Whatever HE wanted. But after making some coffee and pouring me a cup, all he did, for a long time, was sit in his chair and stare at the medallion.

“She always used to say…” he said, talking about his wife, “that the others were just infatuations, flings. Nothing she’d want for long. She wanted a life, a family. She needed someone she could have that with. And we’d always gotten along.”

He laughed, somewhat bitterly, to himself. “It just makes you wonder, you know? Why I didn’t date all those years. I certainly had crushes. But what if she’d… used this, to use me. To be sure I was always available to be a crying shoulder. And then, when she was ready to settle down, to have something else… there I was.”

I had no clue what he was talking about, but it didn’t matter. One hand held the medallion, the other was on my thigh, though I don’t think he knew it. The gesture was soft, yet authoritative. I reveled in it.

Finally, he shook his head. “I can’t be mad at her about it. There’s no way to tell if she made me love her or not, but the fact of the matter is that I did, and without it, I might never have had Abby. This life has been a blessing. But now, it’s time to look forward.”

He took a deep breath, and it had a sense of finality to it. Like he’d made a decision. When his eyes rose to mine, they had changed. His uncertainty was gone. What was left was strength, determination… and hunger. My pulse fluttered as he stood before me.

“Kaitlyn, do you love me?”

“Oh yes, David, I love you so badly, from the bottom of my heart.”

He nodded. “When did that happen?”

I frowned. How could you clock the beginning of love? And yet, I felt that I had an answer. “When Abby told me that I did.”

He nodded again, then looked back to the pendant. “I wonder if I could remember, or if it has been too long. Then again, Abby didn’t know what she was doing, and Lindsay had been doing it for years.” he sighs. “No. I want this. Abby deserves it. And when all is said and done, you’ll want it, too. But first…”

He held the pendant up in front of my eyes and set it to spinning, light from the sun outside and the kitchen light flashing from it through my eyes into my mind. His voice grew, remaining soft yet drowning out all other distractions.

“Kaitlyn, you will tell me the complete truth, do you understand?”

It wasn’t a matter of understanding. He wanted it, and so telling the truth had become my entire being. I nodded.

“Are you seeing anyone else?”

I shook my head.

“How long have you been single?

It had been awhile. Since Spencer. Odd, it had been a tough breakup, but I hadn’t spared him a thought in weeks. “Almost a year, sir.”

“Are you a virgin?”

“No, sir.”

“Are you clean?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Kaitlyn, why are you calling me ‘sir’?”

I looked up at him, my eyes full of blissful, worshipful adoration. He shook his head.

“Nevermind. Do you want to be with me?”

“Yes, sir. With all my being, sir.”

He stood there before me, hesitating. I wasn’t sure what was happening. Why did he wait? I could tell… from the flush in his cheeks, to the tent in his pants, to his labored breathing, that it was all he could do to not just rip my clothes off and take me right there. So why did he hesitate?

“I can’t risk hurting Abby again,” he said, slowly. “If you… if we… do this, there will be no going back. You will be mine. Maybe forever. Probably forever. Shit, you probably couldn’t say no right now if you wanted to…”

I didn’t want to, but he was doubting himself. He needed help, and the light still glinting from the pendant showed me what to do. I easily slipped from the couch where I was sitting to my knees, and my hands went to his pants, gently removing his rock-hard penis from his boxers.

I hadn’t gone down on anyone before. Spencer had wanted it, but I’d always said no. It was too one-sided, to possessive. To do it would have made me his in a way I hadn’t known if I would ever be comfortable with.

But now, I knew. I opened my mouth wide, and with firm yet gentle strokes from my hand along the shaft, I took the head of his penis into my mouth. The taste was earthy, vaguely salty. My tongue searched for sensitive points and quickly found them, eliciting moans from him as my head started bobbing up and down like a volleyball on a soft wake.

His hands found my hair, gripped. I felt myself growing wet. It was happening. He was doing it. He was claiming me. I would be his! I could feel energy surging through him as I sucked and bobbed, mindful of every twitch, every moan. I was learning, learning what he liked, how to please. It was incredible. My right hand continued stroking him as my left drifted under my skirt, pushing panties out of the way to dive into my pussy.

This was what pleasure should be. I was making him feel good. Pleasure was my reward. There would be more to learn, I knew, but this, from the start, had been a very important lesson.

Finally, I felt him tense. I longed to swallow it all down, but something had to happen first. Something powerful, and visual. I pulled back off of his dick but kept stroking until he came long, thick ropes of hot cum, over my face, into my hair, onto my shirt, all the while continuing to gaze up adoringly at him as his cum dripped down my body, marking me as his, completely and irrevocably.

“I’m yours,” I murmured. “If you would only take me…”

He nodded, and the pendant came out of his pocket. As it again was set to spinning, I sighed, and absorbed his instructions like a sponge left out in the rain.

* * *

The rumor mill was, for a time, incessant. Such a scandal, a normally upstanding, quite frankly boring man like David Montclair dating his much younger babysitter. It got only louder when she moved in mere months later. However, when the couple proudly displayed her bright new engagement ring, followed by nuptials not long after, things returned, somewhat, to normal.

All the while people often asked Abby what she thought of it all, her father taking up with a woman who was so much younger, not even a full decade older than Abby herself, but Abby always set their hearts at ease. She’d always liked Kaitlyn, and when Kaitlyn had fallen in love with her father, well, it was clear they would be a very happy family.

Mothers hungry for gossip were often disappointed after sleepovers, where their daughters reported that while the young woman was a lot of fun, always willing to go on shopping trips or play dress up, she was completely in love with David, and had no obvious ill intent or designs, and was never anything beyond a fun, loving, perfect step-mother to Abby, though some commented that the relationship was closer to that of sisters.

Time passed, as it always does, and after receiving her acceptance letter to the college of her choice, Abby weathered graduation from high school, and all the attendant parties, with a grace and beauty that many claimed came in equal measure from mother and step-mother. Kaitlyn was all that a proud step-mother could be, raining her step-daughter in love, hugs and kisses, before retiring upstairs so that father and daughter could have a minute on their own.

“I am so proud of you.” David said, beaming.

“Thanks, Dad,” Abby said. “You’re not mad about me going so far away?”

He chuckled. “I can’t say that I’m excited about it, but no, not mad. You’re a big girl now, and you need time and space to make your own way. Besides, Kaitlyn and I will be fine. We’ve actually talked about having a baby.”

Abby through her arms around her dad with a bright laugh. “That sounds great. She’s an excellent mom, only fair she gets to have one of her own. You’re pretty good, too.”

He smiled at her. “I appreciate it. Thank you, by the way, for all you did to bring us together. And now…”

He pulled out a box, and handed it to her. “I only held it to keep you from trying to dodge homework. Your mom always said it was to be yours. Kaitlyn and I don’t need it anymore, she’ll be with me all my life. Now go, my sweet girl, and have the life you always wanted. Have fun. Just…” he stammered, “try to get your degree as well, okay?”

Abby took the box, gave her dad another hug, and with the promise to call when she arrived, jumped into her car and took off. David watched the road for a long time, wondering if she’d circle around for another hug, or having forgotten something, but after a few minutes he admitted he was being silly, and walked back into the house, blinked a few tears away, and then headed upstairs.

Kaitlyn winked at him as they entered the room. “Did you give it to her?”

He nodded. “Dunno that I actually had a choice,” he said with a rueful laugh, “But I think Lindsay wanted her to have it, and she’s old enough.”

Kaitlyn laughed, and then removed the robe she’d been wearing. David’s breath caught… even after six years, she still looked amazing in sexy lingerie. She gave a little twirl, her pert breasts, taut ass and gorgeous tattoos put beautifully on display. “Choice is overrated. Trust me, I know. You did well by Abby, she’ll be fine.” Her grin went mischievous, and she knelt down before him. “So come and get your reward, sir.”

* * *

Hours later, as she was checking into her new Dorm, several players from the football team were helping her bring heavy boxes in.

“Thanks for the help, guys,” she said with a wink. “Call me sometime.”

“Yeah, call…” they all said in more-or-less unison as they wandered off. Meanwhile, her roomate just shook her head.

“Man, what was up with them? Like they were half asleep. Still, kinda cute. Fancy one of them?”

Abby shrugged, a huge smile on her face, the pendant resting comfortably between her breasts. Giving it a squeeze, she tucked it into her shirt. For now.

“Thanks, Mom,” she whispered.