The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter One — Acquiring 003

Tony is refreshed after his workout and subsequent shower. The neighborhood gym is convenient and well-equipped. Its his go-to after work and now he’s headed home for a quick dinner. As he exits the building his peripheral vision catches movement. Glancing over to the VIP parking he sees a low-slung black Lamborghini. It’s driver’s side door is just closing so he doesn’t quite see the person getting in. The vehicle, however, is a sleek beauty and he shakes his head, emitting a low whistle of envy. He wonders who has the bucks to afford that machine around here? He jumps in his car and as he exits the lot he drives slowly by the idling super-car but it’s mirrored windows block his view inside. Oh, well.

He cruises up the winding hill that eventually leads to his rented condo. He really likes this secluded back-road because he can get on his little old Corvette and take a few corners with tires squealing. He’s doing just that when about half-way up to the crest he feels the wobble from the rear and shuts it down. Pulling over onto the shoulder, he just knows he’s got a flat tire. He comes to a stop, curses and reluctantly gets out. Walking to the vehicle’s rear he can’t believe what he sees. Not one, but TWO flats. Unbelievable! He inspects the rubber of one and then the other but to no avail. No apparent punctures or sidewall failures. Its a mystery. ‘Shit,’ he growls pulling out his cell. The call to a towing company is surprising quick and they say they’ll be out in about 30 minutes. ‘Well, that’s quick,” he mumbles. Tony hangs up just as around the curve comes a speeding car. In the fading sunlight he sees its not just any car, but indeed the Lambo from the gym. To his surprise it slows and pulls over behind his grounded Vette. The guttural rumble of the exotic sports car fills the air. He expects the guy who owns this beast is some rich, conceded stud. He’s actually surprised that he stopped. A few seconds pass before the driver’s door pivots up and loud rock music blasts from the interior. Then, as if from a dreamscape, SHE arises.

Tony gasps, eyes widen and his pulse instantly quickens. SHE is a stone cold knockout. Smiling slyly, this blonde bombshell walks forward. HER stupendous, hourglass figure is coated in skin-fit black biker leather. ‘Holy gawd,’ he whispers under his breath watching in disbelief. HER leggings are skinfit with nasty zippers and studs everywhere on their shiny surfaces. HER formfitting jacket is short waisted and cleavage bearing, exposing taut, bronzed abs and a diamond pierced navel. SHE arrives in front of him, HER flowing white platinum mane fluttering in the ocean breeze. A drop dead gorgeous, deeply tanned face is partially covered in sexy, lightly tinted designer shades. His groin ignites.

“TROUBLE?” SHE inquires in a velvety smooth voice.

“Yah, I’ve got two flats at once.”

“UHH, TOOO BAD,” SHE coos, hands slithering onto shapely hips and eyes brazenly inspect Tony, running down and then back up before stopping at his handsome face. Tony struggles to speak, “I called for a tow.” Then he awkwardly stammers, “Did, didn’t I see you, your car at the gym?” SHE grins knowingly and steps slightly closer. He struggles to swallow, his lust raging at the proximity of HER amazing tits. The massive globes bulge forth from the daringly unzipped leather, their bare, glistening flesh hovering inches from his chin. He cannot possibly resist looking down at the deep, dark chasm created, nor the stylish necklace dangling within the mouthwatering void. HER towering stance positively indicates just how extremely tall this stunning blonde is.

“YESSZZ,” SHE drawls in answering his babbling question, “DO YOU LIKE MY WHEELS?”, SHE teasingly inquires. Tony is speechless as provocatively swiveling hips make HER entire colossal, black clad body glimmer in the orange-tinged dusk, “I WAS THERE TO DROP OFF ONE OF MY BOYS,” SHE leaves no doubt that its not siblings or sons that SHE is talking about.

Tony shivers with a sense of boiling sexual desire like he’s never felt before. He watches HER tongue ever so slowly circle glossy frosted lips as SHE emits a low, sultry moaning sound, “UMMM, I REQUIRE THEM TO BE FIT,” SHE continues, reaching out to run the tips of HER talon-like nails over his t-shirt caressing the contours of his ripped pecs, “AND BUFF LIKE THIS.” Their eyes are now fixed on each others, as wandering hands trail down his toned abs, and a coy grin forms on HER beautiful face. The silent, intimate moment is electric. Tony is dumbstruck, blurred mind racing, cock surging wildly in its confined space. He’s totally overwhelmed by this sizzling seductress.

“ITS CHILLY OUTSIDE,” SHE finally states softly, breaking the spell and backing away. Tony shakes his head in mindless agreement. SHE gracefully pivots and gives him a saucy, come-hither look over HER shoulder, where luxurious tresses cascade downward to the top shelf of a tantalizingly tight, curvaceous ass. “LET’S GET IN MY CAR,” SHE suggests. “Oh, you don’t have to wait,” he blurts insincerely, in desperation hoping SHE will stay, will continue, will something? Slowly sliding HER sexy shades down the bridge of HER pert nose, SHE winks at him, whispering, “I WANT TO.” Tony feels his hard-on urgently pressing to escape his jeans. The passenger side door begins opening even before he can manage a feeble, “Sure.” ‘This is a fantasy,’ he unconvincingly tries to tell himself, ogling the hypnotic sway of HER bodacious bod. For the first time he really sees HER ankle boots which are slender stiletto-heeled stunners encircled with multiple strands of shimmering silver jewelry. Instantly his mind envisions a cycle with HER aboard, long legs clutching hot metal and those boots, those shit-kick‘n, ball-bust’n boots. ‘No way,’ his mind flashes, replacing the visual with another. This one is of HER atop a male, with spurs on, wildly humping him. Oh, gawd!

Arriving at the side of the bitch’n Lambo, SHE turns and waggles an index finger, beckoning him to come. Without hesitation he staggers over. SHE then gestures with a sweeping hand at the passenger seat. “SIT,” SHE commands in a sultry tone, and gladly, eagerly he slides down into the shiny molded bucket.

“GOOD BOY,” he thinks he hears, looking upward as the car door descends. The exquisite female momentarily disappears from view, but through the windshield he sees HER again, strutting around the front of HER sleek sports machine, reaching in the pocket of HER jacket. Suddenly SHE stops, turns and slowly strikes a dramatic pose and arching HER back which thrusts out HER bust even further. HER hands settle around a wasp-thin waist, HER statuesque legs splay out and a decidedly wicked smile crosses HER glamorously made-up face. Tony is bewildered. ‘Why doesn’t SHE get in?’ he wonders, as raising HER arm SHE points the car remote forward. Interior cabin lights illuminate and a hissing sound starts. He glances around, quickly realizing that sprays of red gas are shooting into the enclosed compartment. “What the...” he snarls, focusing on HER undulating form, HER mouth wide with a hearty laugh. He panics. Searching and finding the door handle, he frantically tugs on it. Locked! He leans across the console stretching for the driver’s side mechanism. He can’t see it. The crimson fog is thickening and not abetting. His eyes sting, his throat too. Trying not to inhale the fragrant aroma, he looks around for someway, anyway, out. Tony’s world swirls and mellows as his movements slow. His futile flailing ceases. His thoughts fade, farther and farther into oblivion.

SHE sees his struggle soon end. He slumps forward, settling into unconsciousness. A finger runs down the seam of leather separating HER swollen lips and SHE moans with pleasure. Another secured captive now has HER hot and moist. How SHE savagely enjoys this moment of male conquest, vigorously massaging HERSELF as the sun sets majestically into the sea. HER other hand activates the remote causing a rush of colored gas to evacuate from the Lambo’s interior. “YAH, OH YAH,” SHE hisses, writhing in circular grinding sexual release while warm juices flood into HER skintight leggings. “HUHHH, FUCK, MMM, HUH-HUH, FUCK” SHE growls, relishing the intense orgasm that lasts nearly a full minute. Ultimately SHE settles into blissful calm. Then thrusting back HER head, a primal banshee shriek explodes to the air. Number Three is HER’s.

The trap closed, the prey secured, SHE casually saunters to the open driver’s side door and peers in. He is collapsed against the dash, limp and still, breathing softly. Chuckling in triumph, SHE slithers into the embracing comfort of HER boa-skin seat. SHE grasps his hair mercilessly, easily pulling him upward and deftly buckling the seat belt around him. For a moment SHE admires the body-builder physique under his stretched shirt. Then HER hand roughly fondles his partially erect package and SHE purrs, “UHH, SWEET,” acknowledging it’s potential trophy size. ‘An easy score this afternoon,’ SHE prides HERSELF, imagining the wickedness to come. ‘This one should make an excellent specimen,’ SHE concludes after swiftly reviewing his specs in HER mind. Finally reclining back, SHE commands the Lamborghini’s slumbering engine to life. SHE revs it several times to delight in its immense power before slipping it into first gear and roaring into the night.