The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter Two — Initiating 003

Tony drifts back into a semi-conscious state. “Ohhh,” he groans as he slowly awakens. Confusion is his first thought, restriction is his first sensation. Unwisely he opens his eyes, then instantly shuts them from the harsh light. “Shit,” he snaps, waking himself further. Flexing his limbs slightly he feels the numerous points of restraint. His head, neck, wrists, biceps, waist—‘What the…?’ he presses upward against cold metal, his mind still in a daze. His thighs, shins, ankles—all strapped. Wow, his genitals—now he’s awake. Now he’s fearful. Partially opening, and squinting to let his eyes adjust it take nearly a minute before he can fully see. Meanwhile he suddenly recalls his last memory. HER, and his car, and his tires, and HER car, and then...oh, fuck. Vision restored, he scans side to side and upward and downward as much as his immobile head will allow. He’s flat on his back, elevated off the floor on some kind of table. It is contoured to follow the shape of his form. Its padded and actually comfortable, excepting of course for the many hold-downs. He’s in a room, a large one he surmises since he can’t see any walls. The ceiling is fully mirrored with the glow of back-lighting around the sparkling panels. He sees his nude reflection. A surprising contrast of tanned flesh and glistening steel constraints. The halo around his head is a broad band of metal with various wires and tubes connected to it. A bit more fright shots through his mind. “Hey,” he calls out tentatively. Then louder, “Hey, anybody there?” “Help,” he shouts, swiftly realizing the hopelessness of that. He is obviously here, wherever here is, on purpose. It was HER, that gorgeous temptress bitch. He should have known it was too good to be true. He closes his eyes and grumbles at his stupidity. Even so, his cock twitches.

A sharp swishing noise suddenly comes from behind him, the first sound he’s heard since he returned from the blackness a few minutes ago. Stretching to see what it is, he next hears the distinct click-clack of high heels. They are approaching. So is the aroma of powerful perfume. “HELL-OHH,” SHE purrs, “AND WELCOME BACK.” “You!” he snarls, twisting uselessly. “ME!” SHE responses flirtatiously, “IN ALL MY WICKED, SEDUCTIVE GLORY.” In the mirror above him, Tony sees HER come into view. It’s the top of HER head, flowing blondness and glimpses of bronzed flesh and shimmering latex. He feels HER fingers slither into his hair and swirl it around. “YOU, BAY-BEE, WERE SO MUCH FUN TO GRAB.” SHE bends over him to give a fleeting little kiss to the tip of his nose, then back up. He watches HER hand come into sight and a fingernail taps the halo. “What the fuck are you doing with me?” he blurts recklessly.

An eerie silence prevails and he swallows his apprehension. SHE begins striding alongside of him, the rustle of rubber being stretched and sliding against itself enters his ears. Then HER upper torso appears, broad sun-drenched shoulders, swaying back and forth with a waterfall of white hot platinum tresses between them. “THAT OUTBURST WAS CRUDE AND RUDE,” is HER pronouncement and with the last word still hanging in the air SHE gives Tony’s semi-erection a vicious slap. He yelps and thrashes in pain. Through his ringing ears a click is heard followed by a faint hydraulic hiss. The table begins to tilt upwards. Tony grits his teeth to become alert again. SHE emerges into full view, an immediate, unbelievably arousing vision.

Tony certainly remembered that SHE was a spectacular beauty, but now—‘my gawd’ he whimpers. There is the whole room to take in but all he sees is HER. From behind, HER ass is sinfully succulent, two bulbous globes- smooth, taut and flawless atop endlessly tall, powerfully sculpted legs. Volumes of stylishly layered and savagely cut hair descends below HER waist, the longest dangling in a deep, tubular rear cleavage. Leisurely SHE turns, his gaze falling first on the shimmering gold of extreme skyscraper heels. A nearly transparent film of latex with thousands of delicate diamonds coats HER colossal figure. Enormous tits project outward in gravity-defying prominence, their large nipples etched into the elastic second skin. This is the sex queen of his every wet dream.

“NOW,” SHE begins quietly, “I WOULD STAY AND PLAY WITH YOU, BUT….” Arrogantly SHE tosses a portion of blonde mane over a shoulder and strides forward. HER eyes, focusing on Tony’s, capture his burning desire the closer SHE comes. “MY GIRLFRIEND AND I ARE CLUBBING TONIGHT.” Now SHE is just a few feet away and he struggles against his straps to drink HER in. “FLIRTING, DANCING, GRINDING.” With the last word drawn out in a near growl SHE raises HER arms and swivels in slow, lewd circular motions. The final shameless gyration purposely brushes against the sensitive underside of his engorged member. “I’LL HAVE DOZENS CREAMING THEIR CUTE LITTLE PANTIES.” “, do you want...” he moans before a gold leather finger presses his lips together ending his stammering. “WHEN I LEAVE YOU’LL HOLLER AND SCREAM TO BE RELEASED, SO...” HER hand is a blur as it moves to his neck and jams a needle in. Tony panics, grunting and straining to absolutely no avail. SHE teasingly caresses his cheek with the studded back of a glove. Then he feels a slight touch on his raging boner. SHE gives its head a tender rimming, watching his body quiver. All too soon SHE quits, and Tony cannot help but pathetically gasp. “BALL GAGS ARE SO OLD FASHION. THIS PARALYZES YOUR JAWS SO ALL THAT YOU CAN DO IS WEAKLY GRUNT,” SHE states in a matter-of-fact tone, pivoting out of his line of sight. He starts to speak, “Fu, flez, do, hun, ta, ta...” already affected by HER drug. He tries again but this time can’t even form words, drooling instead.

“BYE BYE, BABE.” HER voice melts into soft chuckling as the door whirs open and then closes. Tears form in Tony’s eyes as he sullenly resigns himself to the mystery of this dangerous she-devil and his fate at HER hands.