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Absence of All Morality (Chapter 11)

“Hello? Mrs. Horton? Yeah it’s Debra. This is hard to admit, but the reason I left the kids with you is because John and I have both developed a severe heroin addiction and we don’t see ourselves as fit to raise our children for some time. Yeah. No, I get it. Uh-huh. Yeah. Uh-huh. Trust me, I understand. Thanks again. Ok. Good-bye.”

Debra angrily hung up the landline and left me alone in the kitchen as she went inside the bathroom.

I sneakily followed her in there, but Debra didn’t look the least bit surprised when she looked into the mirror and saw me standing behind her.

I began playing with Debra’s hair.

“So you and John are the Horton’s? You know, I think it’s hilarious that I’ve been plowing, creaming, beating, and impregnating you without even bothering to learn your last name!”

“It shows just how little respect you have for the lives that you are ruining. It’s not hilarious, it’s just plain evil.” Debra said.

I didn’t even need to hear the other end of that conversation to know how perfectly my plan turned out. The only variable in Debra’s life that I had no direct control over were her children, so I was super relieved that the kids’ grandma would be taking them off their hands for the time being.

Debra pouted and whimpered as I squirted a tiny amount of lube into my finger and began to gently rub it inside her asshole.

“I hate you! I HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!” Debra screamed as I forced my cock inside her ass.

“DON’T MAKE ME LIVE LIKE THIS!” Debra screamed, “Just let me kill myself! I’ll do anything! I’ll… I’ll…”

“Still can’t think of anything, huh bitch?” I taunted as I began aggressively pistoning Debra’s butt.

Debra gripped the edges of the bathroom sink as I began having my way with this fat mother’s tush.

Debra had a super weird look on her face and was breathing funny. She was not used to butt sex at all. I raped her a lot, but because her pussy was so good I had been neglecting my cumdumpster’s asshole. That was going to change.

I freed Debra’s enormous tits from her dress and roughly gripped them as I inconsiderately plowed the shit out of her ass. I also pinched her nipples and spat on her tits for fun as I repeatedly plunged my cock into my sex slave’s lightly-oiled tush.

“Yes! God! Fuck! I love this Debby-bun!” I yelled.

I pushed my cock in deep. As my breaths shortened; Debra closed her eyes tightly. My enslaved redhead knew what was coming.

“Clench your fucking asscheeks, bitch.” I spat.

Debra’s clenching of her asscheeks and tightening of her asshole was absolutely wonderful.

I happily emptied my balls inside Debra’s bum. Once she felt my seed coating the insides of her rectum, she let out an agonized cry.

She sounded like a goddamn animal in pain! HA!

As I pulled my softening cock out, Debra continued to clench her ass cheeks. Debra was once again forced into ringing my cock dry on its way out of her ass.

“Fuck yeah! I love doing butt stuff with you Debby-bun!” I exclaimed.

Debra immediately became frozen. She was forced to keep her ass cheeks tightly closed.

That’s when I got a fun idea.

“Even after the 20 seconds has passed and your body is no longer frozen, I want you to keep your asscheeks tightly clenched. You will hold your master’s warm semen inside your body as long as possible.” I ordered.

As soon as her 20 seconds were up, Debra sniffled and looked at herself in the mirror. With the exception of some extra pounds and a couple tattoos, Debra looked exactly how she did the day I met her. It took just a mere six inches of flexible metal inserted between her brainstem and spinal cord to ruin her entire life. Beautiful.

“Oh, and since we’re here in the bathroom; how about you step on the scale for me, fatass.”

“What on earth did I do to deserve this?” Debra whispered as she stepped on the scale.

295. It appears that I may have been raping Debra’s diet as well!

“You fucking bastard! Look at what you’ve done to me! I’m huge!” Debra cried.

“You say that like that’s a bad thing! Don’t concern yourself with things like healthiness! A cumdumpster has no reason to be concerned about health, that’s something a free person would do! This heavy weight of yours makes your tits nice and heavy, and it ensures that your ass is huge. I love watching you clop around in heels and seeing you attempt to wear comically-small dresses. It’s very fun to bust nuts inside an unwilling fat woman! So why would I EVER stop doing this to you?”

* * *

Kimberly had dropped Carly off at campus while I was ass-fucking Deb in the bathroom and then quickly rushed back home to make breakfast. She was a good wife.

“Not hungry Debra?” I asked as she was playing with her pancakes.

“No!” Debra pouted.

Debra kept her words to a minimum during breakfast. I think she knew that if she said anything stupid that she was most likely just going to get beaten and/or raped again.

“My beautiful wife made all this food for us, don’t let it go to waste.” I said, eyeing Kimberly’s irremovable wedding ring.

“You said John can’t eat a meal until he sees you cum in me, right? Well, can I just show him the cum that’s stored in my ass and give him some of my food?” Debra asked.

“No, because yours are currently hot and fresh. That prick Johnathan only gets to eat the cold, leftover pancakes. Plus, you need to eat up Debra! You’ve got to gain 5 more pounds to reach your next milestone. I want a 3 in that number you fat bitch!”

Debra’s face turned red as Kim and John did the simple math and realized that Debra was now a whopping 295.

“Don’t you want to be nice and meaty for daddy? Daddy likes it when Debby-bun is chunky! Seeing your enslaved body JIGGLE and RIPPLE while we have sex is just soooo fucking sexy!”

“Did you say ‘cum stored in your ass’ sweetie?” John asked his wife, mortified.

“Hey Fatass! Stand the fuck up and spread your cheeks! Show John the little present I put in you before breakfast!” I ordered.

Debra stood up, turned around, and spread her ass cheeks. My semen began to immediately escape her ass crack and run down her thigh.

“I tushy-tapped your wife right before breakfast. I challenged Debra to tighten her ass cheeks and keep my seed in her ass! One day I might plant a warm load in her ass and make her walk in public like that! I really enjoy making your wife do disgusting sexual acts with me!”

“May I be excused from breakfast to go clean now, Master?” Debra asked politely, holding back tears of embarrassment.

“When you’re this close to being 300? Hell no! Sit the fuck back down!”

Debra sat back down. Because her dress was so absurdly small that her bare ass always touched whatever surface she sat on.

When Debra sat back down there was a soft, squishy plop noise.

Debra’s face lit up bright red.

Everyone immediately froze and became dead silent at the sound.

After a few awkward seconds, John broke the silence.

“Why are you guys back so early? I haven’t even left for work yet. Did you end up taking care of our kids? Did they get to school on time?” John asked super nervously, fearing the worst.

“I gave the kids to your mother to raise. I used my puppet Debra to tell your mother that you two are now addicted to heroin and are now unfit to raise them.” I said dryly.

“YOU WHAT!?!” John got out of his seat and got as close to me as he could.

I made eye contact with John.

“You have about 3 seconds to get the hell out of my fucking face!” I yelled.

John quickly backed away from me.

I reached over and slapped John across the face.

“Pussy.” I smirked.

“You’re obviously the pussy! I’m twice your size you skinny little rapist bastard! If I was free for even 10 fucking seconds I’d rearrange your intestines you nerdy punk ass bitch!” John screamed.

I began to eye Debra’s huge tits. Debra noticed.

“Stop talking. I’m begging you, John. He’s just going to rape me some more in order to punish you. If you care about me, don’t provoke him.” Debra said quietly.

John’s face softened.

“Do whatever you want to me… but leave my Debra and kids out of this! They have done nothing to you!” John cried.

“YOUR Debra? Debra is obviously mine, not yours! I make Debra’s insides soak with my DNA every single night. I bet if you did a forensics test, there’d be no trace of your semen anywhere in this bitch, but we ALL know that if they tested her, my DNA would be easily found in her holes right now!” I laughed.

John’s knuckles turned white and his veins in his forehead became visible as he glared at me.

“Do you know what a male lion does in the wild once he takes over a pack?” I asked as I walked right over to John.

“He kills off all of the cubs that don’t belong to him, and then makes sure the females are pregnant with his children.” I then gestured to Kim and Deb.

“So, from my perspective, I see Debra’s time and resources as being wasted if she’s spending time raising kids that aren’t mine. So just like a dominant male taking over a pack, I got rid of all the illegitimate cubs, and then impregnated the females, which just so happens to include your wife.”

“I’ll find a way to fix this. If I could just find some way to outsmart his programming.” John mumbled.

“You think you’re the first one who’s smart enough to think of that?! God just shut the fuck up John!” Debra screamed as loud as allowed.

John shrank in his chair. Debra’s striking out clearly hurt him. I don’t think Debra ever truly got over the fact that he compared her sexual dealings with me to that of a prostitute.

God he looked so pathetic! Debra would never like me, but I could totally see her eventually falling out of love with her weak, pathetic, simpering husband. Good. He never deserved someone with that good of a cunt anyways. I mean, it didn’t matter either way, it’s not like he’d ever be fucking her again even if Debra DID still love him, but her falling out of love would just be nice to see.

Debra had yet to take a bite, these last couple days of above-average raping and beating, as well as forcing her to watch the removal of her children apparrently having something to do with messing with her head or something. HA!

“You can be dismissed from breakfast if you like, Kimberly. I’m about to punish Debra for being so disrespectful by refusing to eat your home cooked breakfast. However, if you want to be nice to Debra and give her a little break, you can stay here and split the punishment with her. I’ve been sort of neglecting you lately, and could use a tight pussy for a change. Since Debra just lost her kids; she’s been through a lot. Maybe you can stay to help her out a little.”

“No thanks, I’m good.” Kimberly said as she got up and quickly disappeared.

The reality of the situation was now crystal clear to Debra; they were not a team. While it was true that they were all slaves, when push came to shove, they would never stand with Debra. At the end of the day, Debra always seemed to be the one who had to stare at my erect dick alone. I pulled out my already-hard dick and slowly stroked it while starting her.

“Do you have ANY idea how fucking sexy you looked when my cum leaked out your asshole and splashed down your thick thighs?”

Debra made a loud, miserable-sounding sigh.

“So, you’re saying there’s nothing I can do to live the life I once knew before you enslaved me? I refuse to believe that. You made a deal with Doctor Martez! She managed to get HER freedom! That means that you’re negotiable! So I’m asking, no, begging you; what can I do? What can I do to end this torture?” Debra begged.

“I’m afraid that with you Debra, there’s no negotiations. You will suffer. THAT’S what I want from you. I want your suffering. So there is no deal that you can strike with me because I already have everything I could ever want from you. Now bend your fatass over so I can rape you once again.” I calmly replied.

Debra angrily bent over the kitchen countertop. She didn’t even attempt to clean her asshole or her semen-drenched thighs. Once I denied her permission to go to the bathroom, she knew that I probably wanted to see her sticky with seed.

I moved in behind my lovely, fat bitch and stepped out of my boxers and jeans.

“Yeah that’s right bitch! Just allow yourself to be sticky! Taking initiative once again I see? I’ll be sure to give you some small reward for that.”

“Th-Thank…” Debra trailed off.

She had too much hate in her system to even try and be polite and right now. Thanking her rapist was a little too much for her.

I pushed myself up against her hole and very slowly eased in, her vagina’s natural juices lubed itself up for me whether Debra wanted me inside her or not.

“You may think you have it worse than Kim, but just remember that she’s a permanent slave and you’re not. One day you’ll be free. This will be your job; but only until your body ages and you’re no longer sexually attractive to me.” I said as I slowly licked the bulge of her lower neck where the ISA was.

“But until then, this body is mine.” I whispered in Deb’s ear.

Debra shut her eyes tightly and bit her lip as I got a rhythm going. Poor Deb didn’t seem like she was ever going to get used to this, but that wasn’t an issue for me.

John simply grit his teeth. He hated that he had to watch this rape, but he wanted to eat breakfast before work.

“Yeah… yeah… YEAH! Yeah bitch! Get wet for daddy...” I moaned in my slave’s ear.

Deb balled her fists as I freed her tits from her dress and cupped her breasts in my hands.

As I stroked in and out I could feel that my dick now coated in Debra’s juices. She lubricated like a machine!

I pushed Debra further into the table and made her bend a lot further than usual.

Debra’s magical went cunt began clenching me as I fucked her.

“Yeah… work your magic Debby-bun… that’s right... milk me! MILK ME! YEAH! MILK daddy’s cock...”

“John, I hate this!” Debra screamed.

“I love… having sex with you… Debby-bun.” I moaned.

“I love you honey. Please, please stay strong.” John whispered in a soft, cracked voice.

“Yeah… stay strong bitch! I need your pussy walls to have good friction when I cum in you!” I mocked.

John’s eyes widened when I gave Debra’s ass a rough slap during sex. Debra screeched in pain. There was a physical handprint on her now-red ass cheek.

“One day I’m gonna—”

John stopped himself, remembering his wife’s previous words from earlier. He didn’t want to provoke me.

“Keep your eyes peeled Johnny-boy!” I said as I felt myself bubbling up.

John gritted his teeth and Debra sexily whimpered as I dramatically increased my tempo.

Even as I completely ignored John to focus on the movement of Debra’s fat, jiggling body I could still feel John’s eyes hatefully staring at me.

“Mmm… fucking your wife is so. Fucking. Great!” I called out taunting him, “And here… comes… the best part!”

I gave a high pitched grunt as I came. I maybe could’ve held back and lasted a little longer, but seeing the pure hatred emanating from John, in addition to the defeat emanating from Debra; made me desperately want Debra to feel me cumming in her body right then and there.

“GET YOUR RAPIST COCK OUT OF ME!” Debra screamed as I spewed my contents inside her body.

Debra’s forehead became super sweaty as her legs wobbled frantically and her entire body shook violently as she resisted the ISA with all her strength.

“YES! FIGHT IT DEBRA! FIGHT IT!” I screamed in pure delight as I continued cumming inside Debra’s heavily-resisting body.

I pulled out of Debra, leaving a trail of semen leaking out of her pussy that I wished was longer than it was.

Debra was frozen. She remained bent over the counter, with her freshly-creamed pussy on open display.

“I really admire how much Debra’s brain resists. She knows that the ISA is dominating her brain, yet she still struggles. Her brain fights ferociously. Your wife is QUITE the fighter.” I said to John, letting out a low whistle.

“Of course she is. One of the many reasons I love her.” John said sadly.

Once Debra was unfrozen, she shakily stood up, turned around, and stared directly at me.

“You… you can’t keep doing this to me!” Debra screamed.

“Oh? And why not?” I asked sarcastically.

“I’m a human! Not some fucking sex doll! I have rights!” Debra screamed.

Debra did everything in her power to look me in the eyes and display a strong face, and not break down into tears as usual.

“I mean, you’re more human than, say, a chicken or a goat, but you’re not really a human. I’m a human. Your husband and your children are human. Our baby will be human. But you Debra? You’re not a human. You are like a utensil of sorts. You exist, but only in complete subservience to me, like my microwave, or my phone, or my toilet.” I said.

“What if I helped you enslave a hotter woman and you used her to take my place?” Debra asked.

I smiled and shook my head.

“Remember when I made you buy Kim’s engagement ring and you did everything in your power to save that bitchy woman at the jewelry store when you didn’t want me to take her as a slave? You used to be willing to put yourself on the line and do anything to save an innocent woman from being sentenced to the same fate. Now look at you! You just offered to help me obtain an innocent woman to take your place. That’s how desperate you’ve become.” I laughed.

John quickly scarfed down his breakfast and left for work.

John had orders to text me if he was late to work, or left if he ever left the premises. If he wasn’t on the clock making me money we were gonna have some problems.

“You want freedom so bad. You’ve even put up the strongest resistance I’ve ever seen. You haven’t given up yet. The real you is still very alive, and very much resisting, and it makes it that much more fun to rape you, Debby-bun.”

* * *

After I was done with my videogame session and went downstairs, I saw Kim making the BLT’s I ordered her to make for lunch. The now-vegan Kimberly didn’t get any bacon at all, and Debra got extra bacon, a lot extra.

When John returned from work on his hour-long lunch break, he took a look at Debra’s plate.

“Holy christ.” John whispered.

Debra’s two sandwiches were thick monstrosities that had 9 strips of bacon on each of them. When Debra entered the kitchen, she froze in shock when she looked at her plate.

“What the fuck?” Debra said to me.

“Yeah, I know right? I don’t know what your diet was before you became my slave, but whatever it used to be, you can kiss it goodbye.” I laughed.

“I had finally gotten on track for the first time in my life! After years and years of struggling I finally found a diet that worked for me. I had lost a whole 25 pounds right before I met you!” Debra cried.

“Please stop this, she doesn’t deserve to live like this.” John said quietly.

“Oh, but she does.” I laughed, “Look at her red hair, tits, curves, and an ass that’s to die for! Many fat women are unattractive, but she’s one of the nice ones that make it work! I truly believe that Debra would look worse if she lost a little weight and were say, 240 for example. I truly mean that. She’d just be a below-average, snooty fat woman. But at 295? She’s large and in charge! Why would someone like Debra ever want to try and lose weight and ruin this awesome super-meaty fat-girl look?”

“Because I want to be healthy! And because I exist as something more than just a mere sex object to fit into your specific fat girl fetish!” Debra screamed.

“Not fetish, craving. It’s important that you know your exact role here, Debra. I may have taken you as my sex slave, but don’t get things twisted. I do NOT have a fetish for your type of look. Don’t flatter yourself, bitch. Now, you aren’t terrible; but you’re the ugliest girl here and we all know it. Of course I want Kim to be healthy, but that’s because I want her to spend her life with me. But you? I’ll burn through you hard and fast like a cigarette or a cheap bottle of booze. I’ll destroy your health, destroy your feet, make you sleep on the floor, in puddles of my cum, beat you, and even tattoo you from head to toe! Why? Because I know I’m just going to simply discard you as soon as I’m done with you! I wouldn’t dream of making Kimberly sleep on the floor or giving her tattoos. When I tore Kim’s ass, she was driven to the hospital within hours! However, when I chipped your tooth on the bathroom sink, it was left untreated, AND I raped and beat you later in the same day!”

“But… you got me pregnant! You can’t just continue to treat me like I’m absolute shit while knocked up with your goddamn baby!” Debra yelled.

“Yes… Yes I can. Pretty easily in fact.”

Debra grabbed my hand and yelled my name at me.

“You made us get rid of our children! At least have the decency to let me abort this rape baby! Please don’t make me have children with you!” Debra begged.

“Kim and I will be a normal family, which means we will have 2 to 3 kids max. I want an aire to the ISA. In case none of the few children I have with Kim have the absolute evilness in their hearts that’s required to run an operation like this; I need to have a back up plan. And you Debra? You have a perfectly good womb that you’re not using at the moment! So yeah, I’m going to use my control over you to force you to birth and raise my kids! Once you raise multiple kids to the ages of like 8 or 10 or something, I’ll take my chosen kid back from you, if there are any, and you guys will simply be ordered to raise the rest as your own. Even once I free you from sex slavery, one of the remaining orders you’ll still have; will be to raise my children. That’s my parting gift to you.” I said heartlessly.

“You mean you just got rid of our children, just to make us raise YOUR children instead!?!” John screamed.

“Yeah, it’s amazing isn’t it? It’s like you’re the ultimate cuck! Oh, and by the way, I’ll still be raping Debra constantly, even once I allow Debra to move back in with you. I’ll stop by your house and rape Debby whenever I want. Ahhh yes… I can see it now! I’ll walk through your unlocked door and just take Debra, no matter what time of day. At that point she will have like 26 awful tattoos and be like 340 fucking pounds. This will continue until the point where I’ve used and abused her so much that I’m no longer attracted to her. Debra will spend the rest of her miserable life fat, tattooed up, and raising like 6 or 7 of my kids as I decide if one of them will be the aire to my technology. Meanwhile you’ll just be that trashy white family with way too many kids!” I laughed.

Debra started crying.

“You will pay for this...” John growled.

I rubbed Debra’s stomach.

“Debra is pregnant with my child, and fucks me everyday in order to prevent you from starving to death. So forgive me if your threats ring a little hollow to me.”

I laughed a cruel laugh as Debra swatted my hand away when I began squishing her stomach.

“Glad you’re on lunch break Johnny-boy. Are you hungry?”

“Yes.” John answered robotically.

“It’s up to you Debra! John can’t eat until he sees us fuck! And remember, it doesn’t count unless he sees me nut in you!” I said excitedly.

Debra gave John a sympathetic look.

“It’s fine Deb, really. I’m not even that hungry. What kind of man would I be if I wanted you to be raped just so I could eat?” John said.

“Don’t be stupid, you have to eat, John. Don’t you see honey? He wants you to feel guilty. I know that I have to do this.” Debra sighed as she bent over.

“No Debra, no! You do NOT have to do this!” John cired.

“We have to be strong John. Remember?” Debra whispered as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Debra please! It’s fine, really! I’m ok!” John begged.

“Hey John, I don’t care if you watch or not. But just know that if you don’t, Debra’s actions will all be in vain.” I stated.

“To get as many chances to a rightful aire as possible, I’m going to make you have as many babies with me as you possibly can before you go through menopause.” I said as I took my place behind Deb.

“So judging by your age, I think that if we’re really lucky, we can maybe hit double digits with the help of fertility drugs.”

Debra grit her teeth and allowed the tears to stream her face.

“Oh, and by the way, everytime you give birth I won’t allow you to have pain reducing medicine or spinal injections. I’ll let you have doctors assist you, and you’ll be at a hospital, but I will make sure you feel the full amount of pain every time you give birth.”

“Why!?! What’s even the point of that?!” John screamed as his face turned red with anger.

“Your husband really seems to like that idea, huh?” I said to Deb.

I began to play with Debra’s hair and then kissed the spot where the ISA slightly bulged from the back of Debra’s neck.

“God and just think Debra… I could free you right now, this very second, with just a snap of my fingers! You could walk out that front door… and you’d be free! You could live the rest of your life and do anything you wanted. All I have to do is free you... but I won’t. I’m going to rape you for years and years, making you have baby after baby. All of you and John’s money will go toward raising my kids. My orders will make you and John great parents to MY kids, but you two will ignore your own. They will grow up thinking you two were deadbeat drug addicts that abandoned them.”

“Let us stay in contact. Or at least let us write them!” Debra begged.

“Remember what I said about time and resources? I cannot allow my child’s mother to have any type of contact with children that are not from my genes. In the hour that it would take you to say, write a letter for instance; you could’ve been using that time to have sex with me, or teaching one of my kids piano or something.”

“NO! I have to be free!” Debra cried out.

This time Debra broke out into a heavy, full body sweat and dramatically vibrated as she resisted the ISA’s total domination of her brain.

“YES DEBRA! Yes, you fat bitch! Keep fighting! Keep fighting it! Resist it’s control over you! YES DEBRA, YES! RESIST! You’re such a fighter! Fight with all your mental strength! I love raping you!”

Debra quit vibrating and took rapid deep breaths with a look of defeat in her eyes. She didn’t have the strength to continue resisting and gave in.

“Hey Debra, I just realized something! Since your pussy gets so fucking wet, I don’t even need to use lube! I should just let YOU dampen me up with your pussy and then, once you get me all nice and slick, I’ll put my cock in your ass! Doesn’t that sound like so much fun Debby-bun?”

“Why God? WHY!?!” Debra screamed while staring at the ceiling.

I pushed my dick inside Debra and began pumping my captive fat bitch.

“I’M your god now, bitch!” I grunted in Debra’s ear, “You pray to ME for what you want. You beg ME for forgiveness. You beg ME for mercy.”

Debra didn’t struggle. She arched her back and allowed me to pound her. She was very used to this position by now. Debra knew I loved to hit it from the back. She also probably had the faintest hope that I’d just decide to bust another nut in her pussy and spare her ass for tonight.

“SAY IT!” I roared as I plowed her pussy.

“You’re my god now.” Debra said robotically.

“Yeah… that’s right lube me up bitch!” I moaned happily as I felt my cock sliding back and forth in between Debra’s quickly-moistening walls.

Once Debra had involuntarily lubed me up, I pulled out of Debra’s pussy and shoved my cock in her ass.

Debra either forgot about my advice, or purposely disregarded it; because once I put my cock in her ass, she aggressively tightened her asscheeks.

It caught me off guard and I accidentally leaned all my weight into Debra from the excitement of all. I thought we were both going to fall onto the table, but amazingly, she caught herself on her toes!

Debra loosened her cheeks and held that awful position on her toes for about two dozen butt-strokes.

As I began to cum Debra did her typical wobbling and whimpering, but she still maintained balance, preventing us from crashing into the table. Her calf muscles rapidly and repeatedly flexed as Debra precariously balanced us both on just 2 toes on each foot. Tears streamed John’s face as he watched me empty my balls into Debra’s ass.

Debra became frozen immediately after I busted my nut in her asshole; still beautifully balanced on her toes.

“What a nice cream, Debby-bun! I even leaned onto you! But you managed to catch yourself on your toes, EVEN with those hell heel’s incredibly small base! Not to mention you effortlessly balanced in them, supporting both my weight and yours! You’re getting better at walking in these heels, huh?”

Debra couldn’t respond.

Debra stayed frozen, precariously perched on her toes, while her ass casually leaked with semen.

“I guess that’s what happens when I make you practice walking in them 24/7.” I chuckled.

“Hey Johnny-boy, continue to look at my semen leaking from your wife. That is, if you want to eat.” I laughed.

John gritted his teeth as he stared at my cum leaking from his wife’s tight asshole. God what a miserable fucking bitch I turned this guy into!

Good. He’s been plowing my Debra and soiled her body with his vile seed for years. Fuck him for that.

“Keep looking, John. Enjoy Debra’s beautiful display.” I laughed.

“That’s my warm DNA that’s dripping out of your wife. I personally enjoy the way my hot rapist seed runs all the way down her meaty-ass thighs. She hates her new life so much! The real Debra wants nothing more than for you to rescue her, but you’ve failed her. Here she is, two feet away from you, but all you do is sit there and watch me rape her again and again and again. Some husband you are!”

John’s lip quivered.

“I’m sorry Debby-sweetie. You… the kids.” His voice cracked.

“I still love you.” Debra whispered, now unfrozen and beginning to cry. “No matter what he makes me say... no matter what he makes me do... just know that I love you. I will never let him take me without a fight. I will always resist. I will always fight him.”

My cock throbbed. I loved that she wasn’t just letting me take her. I loved that she fought back so hard.

“These hell heels make Deb’s ass wiggle with every step she takes, and her pussy makes me feel like a king when I cream this fat bitch. You know how men are, so believe me when I say that a guy can get REAL used to having this type of complete control over a woman.” I said happily.

“Just think about it! You don’t have to put up with bullshit, annoyances, arguments, nothing! You just get to use their body! I really enjoy raw-dogging this fat body of hers. All her holes are simply great to use! I never knew it would be this much fun to force you to watch me cream your wife, Johnny-boy. I’m going to have lots of fun with the two of you for many, many years to come.”

I looked down at Debra’s hell heels.

“You saw how Debra just prevented herself from falling by catching her balance, right? Think about that, John. No really, I want you to seriously think about that. Debra weighs damn near 300 pounds and she was quickly able to just catch herself on her TOES in some of the worst heels known to man, while ALSO supporting my weight as well. Do you know how hard that must be? But she pulled it off, because she has had so much practice. You saw it for yourself. You can see with your own eyes how much an expert she’s become at being my whore!”

Debra and John both got silent as they realized I struck a direct truth that neither of them had a rebuttal for.

Debra’s face burned with shame as she turned to look at John.

“I guess he’s right John… I have become an expert at it. It’s because he forces me to wear these shitty heels all the time! It’s gotten to the point that I’m able to balance in them WHILE supporting a grown man leaning on me! It’s all he makes me wear all day every day. So of course I’d be well practiced!” Debra pouted.

“It’s not your fault.” John said, “You know that!”

“Look at what he’s done to me!” Debra screamed, her face turning bright red while she stared at her irremovable heels.

“It’s not your fault.” John said again.

“He has a point though… He’s right. I AM becoming used to it.” Debra said quietly.

“I expect to be violently shaken awake every few days and be demanded to give someone sex against my will. I’m not surprised anymore when I get beaten or slapped. I’m no longer scared when I’m held down against my will and raped. Johnathan... I even know what it feels like to have a man ejactulate inside my asshole!” Debra screamed.

“I’m becoming numb to it, John. All of it. No one should EVER become numb to rape. That’s not a natural or normal thing for anyone to feel. But its happened to me!” Debra cried.

“Sweetie, do you believe in euthinasia?” She asked her husband.

“Debra…” John whispered.

“Look at the size of the dress I’m in, John. You can see my ass cheeks and pussy lips. I will never be able to go in public ever again for the rest of my life.” Debra said.

“Debra—” John started.

“Do you understand what you need to do John?” Debra asked, cutting him off, “I’ve given this man so many blowjobs that I would be able to recognize the layout of his pubic hair.”

Debra slowly lifted her head up and stared at John directly in his eyes.

“You wouldn’t really be killing me, because I’m basically already dead.” Debra said quietly.

“He’s exactly a parasite. He’s decimated my insides and has only left me technically alive just so he can continue to feed on me.”

“And Debra’s fuckable body and thick bank account make her such a great host body indeed!” I interjected with a chuckle.

They both ignored me.

“John, if you EVER have a choice between letting me continuing to be his sex slave… and killing me… promise that you will kill me.” Debra said coldly.

Tears poured from John’s face as he slowly nodded.