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Absence of All Morality (Chapter 14)

It had been a total of 3 months since I enslaved the girls. Meaning Kim was two and a half weeks pregnant and Debra was two.

John was now ordered to only come over when I told him to. The food rule was getting annoying even for me, so I discontinued it. I wanted Debra to feel isolated and alone, so she shouldn’t be seeing her husband so often. Plus, I was getting real tired of seeing his snivelling face.

By this time in our lives, I hadn’t really been fucking Kim at all, and she had transitioned into being just my unpaid maid and chef. I hadn’t even been in Kim’s bedroom for over a week, despite this whole project starting because of her.

I had been sleeping with Debra in her bed every night since she had moved to the basement. Kim, John, and Carly had free reign to pretty much do whatever they wanted in their spare time. However, Debra was under constant supervision, allowed basically no freedoms, and had adhered to a strict morning schedule.

I had gotten Deb an apple watch, but since she wasn’t allowed to use electronics, she always took it off right after it woke her up. Its only purpose was to silently buzz Debra’s arm to wake her up without waking me while I slept next to her.

It took Debra a little over 2 hours to do everything she had to do in the morning; and since I wanted to wake up next to her with her already dolled up and looking sexy, this was the plan that I had come up with.

Debra had to do a lot. Every single morning at 6 am she had to wake up and get started. She had to give herself an enema, (we’ve been doing massive amounts of anal lately) painfully wax every inch of her body, shower, put foundation on her stomach to cover up her stretch marks, put on her light-blue eyeshadow (my favorite), repaint her finger and toenails to match whatever her choice of dress was for the day, pluck every last hair from her eyebrows and nostrils, draw on her fake eyebrows, apply her eyelash extensions, and use any type of dramatically colored lipstick she wanted.

However this morning, Debra accidentally kicked our bed while putting her stripper heels on, waking me up.

“Debra-baby, what’s up?” I asked, groggy and half-asleep.

“Sorry for waking you, Master. I was just putting on my heels. Go back to bed daddy, I’m not ready yet.” Debra said quietly.

I sat up on the edge of the bed. I had never seen Debra all natural before, and I hated what I saw.

“Yeah, no kidding. Holy shit, you’re hideous! Don’t you EVER let me see you without make-up on again. That face of yours is gonna give me nightmares.”

“Yes daddy, I will always make sure I’m presentable. You should never have to see me looking like this.” Debra said quietly, looking extremely offended and hurt.

“I never realized how ugly you were without all your make-up on. It angers me.” I said, raising my fist.

“Please don’t beat me.” Debra whispered.

“Alright, because it was an accident, I won’t. Just continue getting ready, but give me some head before I go back to bed. Oh, and make it sloppy! Lots of drool.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra got down on her knees.

“Oh, and PLEASE don’t make eye contact this time, you fucking gremlin. In fact, I’m gonna close my eyes and imagine that you’re somebody else. Now get to slurpin’!”

“Yes, daddy.”

* * *

It was over 2 hours later, and Debra was almost finished getting ready.

I had never watched her morning routine before, due to the fact that I was always asleep while she did it.

I couldn’t go back to sleep after I blew my load down Debra’s throat, so I had her leave the bathroom door open and continue to do her morning routine as normal.

I went upstairs, retrieved drugs from my room, and got super high, before I returned downstairs and finished watching Debra get ready.

It amazed me just how extensive and time-consuming her morning routine really was. I couldn’t believe she went through that arduous morning routine every single day! She did all this... just for... ME.

Thinking about that fact gave me a hard on the entire time I watched Debra getting ready.

Plucking every last piece of hair from both her eyebrows and nostrils caused Debra to cry in pain. I wondered if she felt that exact pain from plucking her eyebrow and nostril hairs every morning, or if she was just having a bad day.

It was most likely the former. I’m such a fucking bastard.

Now, she was currently drawing her eyebrows back on. She drew them very slowly and meticulously. Her crying made both her arms and hands shaky, forcing her to immediately start over whenever they didn’t look absolutely perfect, as instructed.

Once Debra finished her final task of applying her lipstick, (today she chose black) she left the bathroom and walked towards me.

The way her stripper heels clicked on the basement bathroom’s tile, as well as the basement floor was the sound of pure beauty.

Debra sighed, placed her arms at her sides, and stood in front of me.

“You done getting ready, babe?” I asked.

“Yeah. Finally.” Debra sighed, “This is normally the point where I’d crawl into bed next to you and purposely do something to wake you up.”

“Great!” I said, shaking a bottle of lube directly in Debra’s face, “Now bend over and spread those ass-cheeks for me!”

“Yes, daddy.” Debra said in a high-pitched, horribly-cracked voice.

* * *

Debra sucked in multiple gasps of air as she struggled to catch her breath.

“Oh-god-yes! Yes-daddy-yes!” Debra panted.

“Ass loose! Body firm! No resistance! You know the drill! Hold steady!”

I began pounding Debra’s asshole with additional strength.

“I want your fat to jiggle, not your body. Don’t let me move your body! Don’t give an inch, Debra.”

Debra’s fatty ass-cheeks rippled and made a dull clapping sound with every thrust. That part was lovely, but Debra’s body was still moving along with mine. Debra’s body was just going with the flow; slightly reducing the amount of jiggle. She was still allowing my body to move hers. That’s not what I wanted.

“Not an inch Debra! NOT AN INCH! Don’t let me move you! Hold steady!” I yelled.

I increased my forceful pounding of Debra’s ass and Debra’s body began increasing its jiggling accordingly. But NOW Debra understood. She held her position. She kept her body planted and held its ground. Now only her fat swayed with my thrusts. Yes!

“Yeah bitch! Lemme’ clap these cheeks!” I yelled happily.

I yanked Debra’s hair. She needed to speak more, and she knew it.

“That’s it! Drill me! Yes-drill-me!” Debra yelled, “That’s right daddy! Fucking-pound-this-ass!”

I grunted happily.

“Yeah daddy! Clap these cheeks! Clap ’em good!” Debra yelled.

‘Clap ’em good?’ Ha, cute. My suburban gal was beginning to pick up on some slang, but this pristine, righteous, suburban mother was still very green, and very much out of touch. But that was okay. I was happy that she was trying. She didn’t have to be perfect. She didn’t have to be a playboy model. She just had to be putting in effort. As long as she was putting in real effort to please me, that’s all I really cared about.

I listened intently to the sound of my sweaty ball sack slapping against Debra’s pale white ass.

“DRILL. MY. ASS. HOLE.” Debra said in between strokes.

Debra’s face and neck were completely red. She was having a hard time breathing. Her eyes were shut tightly and endlessly streaming tears like faucets.

“POUND. THIS. ASS.” Debra panted.

“You take cock like a champ!” I yelled.

Debra let out an ugly sob when I said that.

“I’m coming close. I want this cream inside of you!” I yelled.

“Yes... Want it. Need cum. Please cream. My asshole.” Debra said while gasping for air, “Fill me!”

Debra inhaled another deep breath. Her lungs seemed to be on fire from the constant screaming, crying, and begging.

“I fucking love this!” I yelled.

“Pound. Me. Daddy.” Debra wheezed weakly.

Debra was really struggling to get her words out. Understandable, but unacceptable.

“BEG BETTER!” I roared.

I yanked Debra’s hair and plowed her ass harder.

“POUND. ME. POUND. ME. POUND. ME. POUND. ME. POUND. ME.” Debra screamed in between every one of my strokes, exhausting whatever breath she had left in her.

I could feel Debra’s body rapidly expanding and contracting as she struggled to breathe.

This bitch even breathed sexily! Are you fucking kidding me?! Debra was literally an angel sent down from heaven.

I stopped breathing and held still. Now we all knew what was coming.

“Fill me. Fill your butt-slut! Cream this ass, daddy!” Debra cried.

I let out a happy, loud, high-pitched groan.

Well, to be completely honest with you guys, it was more like a squeal. Yeah, I hate to admit it, but I sort of sounded like an overly-excited young schoolgirl at the sheer amount of pleasure I felt from creaming Debra’s asshole.

“Feel it Debra! Feel it flooding into your body… Yes Debra, feel it!”

Debra’s body shook with disgust at the words.

“Now do the new move we discussed.” I ordered.

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra grasped my softening cock, lifted herself upwards, and began penetrating herself in her freshly-creamed ass like I was a human dildo.

This clean, virtuous mother was doing... THIS!

I was so fucking proud of what I had made Debra become.

“Look at what you’re doing, you nasty bitch.”

“Yes daddy, I’m a nasty bitch.”

Debra felt me grasp her hair in anticipation for another yank.

“I MEAN- Yes daddy! Look at what I’m willing to do for you! God, I fucking LOVE being your personal butt-slut!”

After Debra thrust my cock into her soggy asshole a few times, my penis in her hand was already completely rehardened. I loved the feeling of Debra’s smooth hands on my cock.

“Deeper Debra, deeper.” I said calmly.

“Yes, daddy.”

I yanked Debra’s hair as hard as I could.

“Let this cumdumpster shove you inside her, daddy! God this so awesome! I want you in my ass! Yes! I want you inside my ass! I want you IN!” Debra said as she began to shove myself deep inside her asshole, “Feel that daddy? You OWN this ass.”

With the actions that this woman took, Debra was easily the most enthusiastic partner I ever had.

My infatuation with this plus-sized mother grew stronger and stronger. Every time I pumped my cream in her, it seemed to make my attraction to this woman increase logarithmically. And after 3 months of pumping cream into Debra, by this point, I realized that I was just plain addicted to her.

I held a sturdy grip on Debra’s sides. My fingernails dug into Debra’s smooth skin as Debra repeatedly shoved my cock inside her cum-drenched asshole. I savored the feeling as she slid me in between her ass-cheeks and repeatedly impaled herself.

Debra heavily panted, causing her entire body to shake with each breath. She was working the hell out of her out-of-shape body trying to please her master.

This innocent woman was now filled with a rapist’s semen, sore, tired, and out of breath; all because she was trying to make ME satisfied. God, I felt like such a king!

I had the best life in the world, and Debra had one of the worst.

“Yes-Debra! Ah yeah, that’s right... just keep fucking yourself with my cock... you sexy bitch! Work my cock. Tenderize those glutes of yours. Your ass-cheeks work for daddy now.” I said happily.

I felt myself quickly bubbling up again.

“I’m building up again. Work my cock Debra, WORK IT!”

I grasped Debra’s hair as an implied threat.

“Don’t yank again! Don’t hurt me anymore!” Debra wheezed.

“Just relax Debby-bun. Don’t worry, it’s gonna be okay.” I said soothingly.

Debra let out a shaky breath, gave an ugly sob, and bent over a little further as she pistoned herself in the ass with more strength.

“Yes Debby! HARDER! Make daddy proud!” I moaned.

“Yes daddy! My cheeks. They. They work for you now!” Debra wheezed.

I felt my old cum from moments earlier soaking my shaft. I didn’t like it, it felt kind of weird and gross. I could only imagine what it made Debra feel like!

Because Debra had an enema and an intense cleaning session I knew she was perfectly clean back here, but my old splooge in her insides made it feel kind of dirty to me, dampening my excitement.

So in order to keep myself turned on, I kept staring at Debra’s pale, rippling ass-cheeks as my balls slapped against them.

It certainly did the trick as Debra’s ass sexily rippled like water in a pond. I loved using Debra’s body.

“Take it bitch... Feel your hole getting filled.” I moaned as I came in her ass again.

I then very slowly pulled my cock out of her hands and out of her clenching asshole.

“Only the best. For. Daddy.” Debra said roughly, still catching her breath.

Both old and fresh semen slowly leaked out of her asshole as I withdrew my cock and Debra released the tension in her glutes. It looked both sexy and gross at the same time.

Debra’s body continued to shake as she struggled to replace the air in her overworked lungs.

I admired how out of breath she was! I was so pleased with how hard she was working.

“I love that you keep giving me this ass, Debra.” I said, planting a kiss directly on the U of her ‘SLUT’ tattoo.

“And I. Love. Giving it. To you. Master.” Debra panted between breaths of air.

“That was awesome!” I said to Debra.

“Thank you for clapping my cheeks, daddy.” Debra said, sounding sincere.

Debra and I both stood up and looked at each other.

I made a personal goal for myself that I should be ejaculating in Debra’s asshole no less than 3 times a day. I wanted her used to it. I wanted this sheltered woman to be USED to a man creaming her asshole. I wanted her to not be at all surprised by it. I wanted her to expect it to happen to her. She should know that getting hammered in the ass every day wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Well, not for her at least.

I got up and wiped my cock off with a towel.

“I don’t think you’ve ever had two of my loads in you at once. Well, you certainly have, just not in the SAME hole! HA! So how does it feel? How’s your asshole, Deb? Is it warm? Is it sticky?”

“Yes, both. And sore.”

“Tell me how you feel when I pound your ass. Give me YOUR perspective. Let me see through your eyes. I want the victim’s point of view. Describe how tortuous and horrible I make you feel. Oh, and be SUPER-descriptive.”

Debra took a long moment to finish catching her breath. Then she finally spoke.

“First, there’s excruciating pain inside your body. Your asshole feels like it’s getting ripped apart. The man who stole your children from you is currently shoving his falice inside of you; against your will, and with very little lubrication. He then forces you to beg for said intrusion under threat of violence. And you know he’s serious, you’ve got the jaw to prove it. Then, he mates with you. He mates with you like you’re nothing more than a wild animal. Then, you feel the monster stiffen. He tightens his grip on your skin. Now, you must consciously clench your ass-cheeks. The monster could’ve easily made you do it, with a simple command. It would’ve been easy. But he doesn’t do that. No, he makes YOU do it. He wants YOU to clench his cock. So you must. You squeeze your ass-cheeks around his throbbing cock as he grunts into your right ear with happiness. Then, you feel it coming. The moment you’ve been dreading since you woke up in bed next to him. You feel his cock begin to pump it’s goo inside your body. And you want it out! You want nothing more in life than to get this hot, sticky tar out of your body. You feel the hot stick tar slowly coating the insides of your rectum as you begin to question if there’s really a god at all.”

I was stroking myself the entire time Debra was talking. I was so turned on.

“God that’s hot…” I moaned, “Now tell me what you feel. Be descriptive.”

Debra sighed. She could tell how mentally disturbed I was. She hated how much her descriptions were satisfying me.

“What I feel?! I know that you probably meant ‘feel’ as in emotion, but let me tell you what I FEEL. I feel everything that you do to my body. Everything. Everything. EVERYTHING! I feel every ounce of semen that goes in or on me. But you see, that’s just one part of it.”

Debra took a deep breath.

“I feel all of it. I feel your hot breath on my neck. I feel your sweat. I feel your furry pubic hairs when they brush against my freshly-waxed vagina and asshole. I feel your fingernails pressing into my skin when you tighten your grip on me. I can feel when your semen is traveling through your shaft to enter me. I feel your hairy legs when they rub against me. I feel pain from my plucked eyebrows. I feel constant pain in my thighs and ankles from these stupid heels. My ring finger feels weird. I’m used to the weight of my ring. I’ve worn it in the exact same spot on my finger for 6 years. Now my finger feels… lighter.”

Debra held back a sob and composed herself.

“So… So you see, there’s a whole lot more that I feel... than just your cum in my ass, though that certainly sucks too! And believe me when I tell you that I’ve barely scratched the SURFACE! My heart aches for my family. I miss my children so much. Don’t even get me started on how I FEEL about that. We’ll be here all night.”

Debra shook her head dismissively as she watched me touching myself.

We both knew that there was no therapist who could fix me.

“That speech was beautiful, Deb. I love that you work for me. When I think about how you spend over 2 hours a day getting ready for the likes of me… it’s amazing. I got hard this morning, just from watching you.”

“You’re messed up in the head.” Debra spat.

“I know.”

Debra began rubbing her sore ass.

That prompted me to admire today’s color of choice. Today Debra was wearing an orange tubeless dress, with matching orange finger and toenail polish.

I had never pounded her asshole while she wore this exact dress before. As of now, she didn’t own a single piece of clothing that she hadn’t been anally-raped while wearing!

I dramatically yanked Debra in close and forced her to hug me.

“John has NO IDEA what he’s missing.” I whispered in Debra’s ear, “You may have married HIM, but you were saving all of your make-up skills, sexual willpower, and tight asshole for ME.”

I began to softly nibble on her right earlobe.

“Only the best for you, Master.” Debra pouted.

Debra tilted her neck, unsuccessfully trying to pull her earlobe away from my nibbling mouth.

“Now lean over the bed. Let’s add even more strain to those ankles. I want you tired and sore.”

I gave a happy, overdramatic sigh and leaned my weight on Debra like a douche, forcing the chubby mother to support our combined weight while she was still standing and bending over the edge of her bed.

“Just my luck. Of course I’d get enslaved to one of the few people on earth who get off on degrading women.” Debra pouted.

That made me genuinely laugh. I had to admit, Debra was occasionally amusing.

Debra’s legs began to shake from supporting my weight as I leaned on her.

“Can I ask you a question? Why do you make me beg? Why do you want to make me pretend I like this? Don’t rapists usually want their victims to scream and cry or something?” Debra whined.

“Not THIS rapist! I like it when you fake moan, beg, and scream for daddy. It’s a very important part of your job as my cumdumpster.” I said smugly.

“So, kidnapping me, separating me from my family, hijacking my brain, and raping me multiple times a day for years isn’t enough for you? You have to make me beg for it too?!” Debra demanded.

“Yes. You’re my dream girl. So hearing you beg for my cock makes me feel complete.”

Debra rolled her eyes.

“Debra, you misunderstand me. I wish I didn’t HAVE to separate an innocent family. Believe me, this would’ve gone over so much smoother if you were single like Kimberly was. I didn’t WANT to split children from their mother. Plus, I had to waste an entire ISA on John! I don’t like getting an entire family involved, it’s very messy.”

“Yeah, but you still did.” Debra spat.

“I didn’t say that I wouldn’t do it. I said that I didn’t want to. But the ends justify the means. I’ll do ANYTHING to secure and maintain my control over you, Debra. You’re MORE than worth it. Both figuratively and literally.”

“This is so evil.” Debra whispered.

“You’re getting too casual again. Be sure to throw a ‘Master’ or a ‘daddy’ in that sentence next time.” I said, giving her hair a yank.

Debra yelped in shock and pain.

“Master, please! Just one day off a month! Let me see my children once a month. That’s all I’m requesting.” Debra said.

“Nope. You don’t even get that. I love bending you over, and just RAILING your ass. I’m going to keep railing this ass of yours again and again and again! You will NEVER get a break. You will NEVER have a day off. I want to be having sex with you every single day.” I said smugly.

Debra vibrated with anger.

I yanked Debra’s hair for not responding.

“I can’t wait to be raped every day, Master.” Debra choked.

“OH, you WILL be. Every single day. Multiple times a day. Always raw. Always brutal. Always relentless. And I will always cum inside you. I am doing this because I want you to get used to being raped. I want something as awful and horrible as rape to feel routine to you.”

“Well I’ve got bad news, I’m never going to think of rape as ‘routine’.” Debra spat.

“That’s okay. The only person being hurt by that decision is you. It’s also my own personal goal to make sure your asshole is loose by the time I’m done with you. And THAT, you will get used to. You’ll have no choice.”

“What do you mean, daddy?” Debra asked.

“I MEAN that a tight asshole is not a right, it’s a luxury. And it’s a luxury that you don’t get to have. Stealing your anal virginity wasn’t good enough for me. I’m going to steal your tightness as well! I’m gonna POUND and POUND and POUND and POUND that asshole of yours until it’s looser than an elderly gay man’s! When you are finally freed, your asshole will be taut, sloppy, and loose. And it will serve as just another permanent reminder of me.”

Debra struggled -and failed- to hold back a wave of tears.

“It’s going to be okay Debra… It’s going to be okay.” I whispered in her ear while patting her on the head.

“I thought you LIKED my tight asshole!” Debra cried.

“Oh, I do. And I’m glad your asshole is tight, and it will continue to be... for now. But after I aggressively pound, drill, and cream your butthole for years and years on end, this tight asshole of yours will be a thing of the past!” I said, giving her buttcheek a quick pinch, “You know, eventually.”

“I can’t wait to experience the feeling of having my asshole loosened over the years, daddy.” Debra lied.

We stayed in our position in silence, and I continued to lean on Debra. It brought me joy to know that she was currently feeling every ounce of cum deep inside her asscrack.

After such a long time of this, Debra whimpered as her legs began to wobble in her sexy stripper heels.

“Yeah, keep supporting your master! I enjoy this! It’s both a literal and symbolic act of submission. Support my weight you fat bitch!” I yelled.

“Yes, daddy.”

Her response wasn’t good enough. I yanked Debra’s hair.

“YES-DADDY! Make this large-breasted cow support your weight! Just like my husband supports your lifestyle and my holes support the constant emptying of your ballsack! I’m yours to use again and again as you please!” Debra cried.

Much better.

I smiled as I looked down at Debra’s thick ass and hips.

“I don’t have any kids. You and Kim are bringing me my first. I’m so happy you’re carrying my baby, Deb.”

“I am too, daddy.” Debra lied.

Once I stopped leaning on Debra, she automatically pushed herself up off the bed and tilted her ass downwards so I could observe my cum. I didn’t even have to ask anymore!

“If we have a boy, I should name him after me! And if it’s a girl, maybe I can name it after your good pal Carly! Do you like those baby name ideas?”

“Those are wonderful name ideas, Master.”

Debra involuntarily worked her jaw muscles. Her hate was boiling over.

“Thank god John got a vasectomy! You wouldn’t be anywhere near as valuable as my cumdumpster if you had gotten your tubes tied!”

“I can tell how happy you are that I remained fertile, daddy.” Debra said as she clenched her fists.

“By the way, I won’t have any sympathy or gratitude for all you’ve done for me. When I’m done with you, I might even take your house from you and toss you out on the streets! I’ll treat you like garbage, even after you’ve pumped out multiple kids for me. Even after you’ve given up your bank account, job, children, and very way of life in order to be my perfect sex slave.”

Debra began breathing really, really hard.

“You evil, monstrous little—” Debra started.

“Watch it Debra,” I warned, “I can do a whole lot worse than fuck your asshole and lean my weight on your back. Say something smart. No really, try me! Run that little cocksucker of yours. I fucking dare you. Watch what I can do to you.”

Debra sniffled and sighed.

“I serve you, Master. I’m yours to be creamed, impregnated, and then discarded.” She said quietly, closing her eyes.

“That’s what I fucking thought! If you submit, and be a good, proper slave, then maybe you’ll be able to go back to your family and house in one piece when this is all over!” I said, yanking her hair as hard as I could, “You’re going to be raped. A LOT. But how much additional pain you go through is entirely up to you, Ms. Debra.”

“Yes, daddy!” Debra whimpered.

“All I want for you is to submit. I don’t want to make you homeless, but in order for these threats to mean anything; I HAVE to be serious. So what do you say? Can you do that for me Debra? Can you grant me your complete and total submission?”

“Yes, daddy. I’ll submit.” Debra said calmly.

“I want you out of breath. I want your face red. I want you to sweat. I want you tired. I want you sore. Every single day, I want you to fuck like your very quality of life depends on it; because it does.”

“Yes daddy. I’ll give you my all. I know that’s all you really want from me! Being stubborn is pointless and will only cause me more pain in the long run. The sooner I accept my fate, the better this will be for me.” Debra said with tears streaming her face.

I kissed Debra’s sore head in the place that I had been yanking her hair at.

“I want you to enjoy your tight asshole by the way. Embrace it. Savour it. Remember what it feels like to have one. As god as my witness, I will ENSURE that your asshole is no longer tight. I told you that I would make it loose, and I will not rest until it is. You’ll be mercilessly ass-pounded. Viciously. Barbarically. Destructively. Your asshole WILL be loose. I promise.”

Debra began to cry again. I began to play with Debra’s hair as she cried.

Once Debra’s misery refueled my stamina, I began stroking my cock. Debra looked back at me with hatred as she watched me doing so.

I smiled at Debra while I slowly jacked off. She knew what I wanted her to do.

Debra stopped crying and cleared her throat. She knew I wanted to make sure she spoke clearly so I could hear her beautiful voice.

“Now that you’ve creamed my asshole; would you like another round, daddy?”

I could tell that her fighting spirit was fading. She wasn’t completely broken yet, but over the months, a lot of progress had been made.

“I do. I really, really do. Unfortunately, your bum is gross right now. Wipe my semen out of your ass and then quickly re-lube it. I want it prep’d for yet another round of intense anal.” I said calmly.

“Yes, daddy.”

“YOU HAVE TEN SECONDS! GO! FUCKING RUN!” I roared as loud as I could, seemingly shaking the whole house.

“Y-y-yes, daddy!” Debra nervously stammered.

Tears heavily streamed from Debra’s face as she bolted into the bathroom, effortlessly sprinting in her stripper heels.

I heard the water running and the sound of several paper towels being quickly torn from the roll.

About five seconds later, a now-panting Debra quickly ran past me towards the dresser. She applied a single small drop of lube to her finger and hastily rubbed it in her asshole.

‘That’s right Debra. Small amounts. You know better.’ I thought to myself happily. Debra may lack street smarts and sexual experience, but with me, she was learning well.

Debra quickly ran over to me and practically dove over the bed, just barely making the deadline.

Sweat dotted Debra’s forehead and she began rapidly gasping for breath for a decent while. Running across the length of the roomy basement twice did its toll on the cow.

Still, that was so fast!

Out of breath? Red face? Sweat? Now THAT’S what I like to see!

“Pound my ass again daddy! NOW!” Debra screamed while presenting her ass to me, still panting for breath.

I made sure not to show gratitude, not to display how severely impressed I was, or even appear to be remotely satisfied with her actions.

Pretending to be angry, I yanked Debra’s hair again.

“I know you’re fat, but THAT was ridiculous! Next time move faster, bitch!” I yelled.

“Yes, daddy!” Debra wheezed, still trying to catch her breath.

I yanked her hair again.

“Yes, daddy! This fat bitch will run for you! I will sweat. I’ll push myself to the very edges of what’s physically possible, all for you. I’m here to serve, Master.”

Debra could never be allowed to feel like she was doing a good job, even though in reality, she was far exceeding my expectations. Debra always needed to believe that she needed to work harder to satisfy me. No effort of hers could ever be considered good enough. I never wanted her to stop trying to improve herself.

“Please daddy, take a break. Just a quick one. It hurts.” Debra whispered.

“I will not rest. You will be ass-pounded without mercy for years until you are no longer tight back here.”

“But it hurts! Daddy I—”

I angrily yanked Debra’s hair.

Debra instantly got quiet. I yanked again.

“Please stop with the hair yanking, daddy!” Debra begged.

I yanked again, harder.

“OW! GOD! Just tell me what you—”

I yanked again.

“Your cock. My asshole. NOW! I want it in me daddy!” Debra yelled convincingly.

I planted a kiss on Debra’s sore head.

“Don’t wait. Don’t rest. Pound the shit out of me daddy!” Debra yelled.

I planted another kiss on Debra’s head.

“Drill it, daddy. I want my asshole to be loose.” Debra said softly.

I gave Debra a long, warm, wet kiss on her sore head.

“I know this is my fate.” Debra said quietly, “Just get this over with.”

I happily shoved myself into Debra’s asshole.

“URMPH!” Debra grunted as soon as I entered her.

“Still sore, huh?” I asked with a chuckle.

“Yes, daddy. Very sore and swollen.” Debra replied in a sad tone, “It HURTS.”

“Think I fucking care?! We’re gonna work your ass, Debra! And you’re going to help. Instruct me on how to give you as much anal pain as possible.” I ordered.

“DEAR GOD!” Debra screamed, “YOU MONSTER!”

I yanked her hair again.

“Pound me. With force!” Debra said.

Debra grunted as I gripped her sides and pounded into her ass.

“Lean into your thrusts, daddy. It’ll hurt me more.” Debra said calmly.

Debra grunted again, but remained firm. Her arms jiggled, and because she was bent over her tits were freed from her skimpy dress, but the rest of her body stayed perfectly in place.

“The strength comes from your back and hips, daddy.”

Debra cried out in pain as I thrusted inside her.

“You’re too shaky! Tighten your grip on me and follow all the way through!” Debra yelled.

Debra screamed from the impact of another thrust.

“Don’t angle yourself. Make sure you’re straight.”

Debra grunted again.

“Your cock needs to pound me STRAIGHT through me.”

I gave Debra a hard, solid stroke.

“Still too crooked!” Debra yelled.

I straightened myself, and tried to deliver another solid, painful blow.

“Don’t let my skin absorb the pain. You’ve got to be straight! Strike the sensitive flesh of my inner asshole. It’ll hurt more.”

Debra screamed out in pain again.

“You’re too focused on the strength of your thrusts. FIRST, make sure you’re penetrating me straight. You can worry about increasing strength later.”

I pounded Debra again.

“DEEP inside my asshole. That’s where I’m most vulnerable.”

I listened to what she said and gave her a stroke that went straight through her.

“That’s it! I might scream, but just ignore that. I can take it, I promise.” Debra said flatly.

Debra yelped in pain.

“One swift motion, one straight line.”

I pushed into Debra again and she screamed.

“ARGH! That’s it!” Debra yelled.

Debra’s advice really helped. Even though her asshole was swollen, I was pounding her deep.

“I hate you!” Debra cried.

Debra’s swollen asshole was heavenly for me as I drilled her.

I thrusted again and again and again. Debra screamed out in pain.

I gave her no sympathy as I pounded her asshole. My speed was slower, but my improved positioning more than made up for it.

My cock could feel Debra’s anus throbbing in pain.

I didn’t care that my tempo was slow. I pounded her depths, and pounded it with strength. Again and again and again.

“Holy-fucking-shit… Holy-fucking-shit… Holy-fucking-shit.” I groaned as I began bubbling up.

“Force this suburban mother to feel you cumming inside her asshole!” Debra yelled knowing I was on the edge.

I moaned loudly when I heard Debra say that. Sometimes Debra knew exactly what to say.

“Do you like my ass, daddy?”

“Yesss.” I cried weakly.

“I was so innocent! So sheltered! Now I’m your goddamn butt-slut!”

I moaned loudly. Debra’s words were intoxicating.

“I was just a suburban mom, and you took control of me daddy!”

“Oh god… Debra yes...” I moaned.

“I’m a suburban mom, and you took me away from my family!”

“Debra… keep talking...”

“I’m a suburban mom! And now I take loads in my ass every single day!”

“Debra, scream it!”


“YES!” I yelled.


I happily moaned. I moaned loudly and savored the feeling of my warm cum rushing inside Debra’s asshole.

She was truly becoming my tailor-made, custom slave.

Two drops of sweat from my forehead dripped onto Debra’s neck and slid down her back, underneath her orange dress.

Debra squeegeed me as I pulled out of her ass. I smiled and looked down at Debra’s body.

“I knew what to say to you to get you to cum quickly. That was degrading, but I had to say it. I had to end that pain.” Debra said.

Now I was the one that was gasping for breath.

“I felt so weird saying that to you. You sure have some mighty weird kinks.” Debra said, judging me.

“I don’t have a kink for the lands of suburbia specifically. I admit, that WOULD be pretty weird. I just think it’s sexy to take a life as sheltered, delicate, and innocent as yours, and corrupt it. Forcing someone like YOU to give that up your quiet, peaceful life; and live out this horrible nightmare as some raw-dogging, anal-slut, sex slave to some guy in his basement? Now THAT’S kinky!”

Debra sighed. Then she whimpered in pain.

“FUCK my ass hurts! I can’t wait until you free me! After 10 years of hell, you’ll be out of my life forever. It’s a long way away, but I’m super excited for it.” Debra spat.

What Debra said had hurt me. I felt my bond with Debra’s body growing stronger and stronger. I knew that I would be heartbroken when the day came that she finally left my life forever.

Ruining Debra’s life gave purpose to my own. I was overcome with sadness thinking about that future day.

I damn-near cried.

NO! NO! I was finally happy! After an entire life of mediocrity and loneliness, my existence finally felt like it had purpose. Why should it ever have to end?!

I smiled at Debra a little sadly. I felt a little bad for what I was going to say next. This poor, poor woman.

“You know, I’ve changed my mind. Even after ten years have passed, I’ve decided I’m still going to be raping you every day!”

“WHAT!?!” Debra screamed.

“Tell you what, after ten years I’ll let you move out of my basement. That’s fair, right? But I can’t give you up entirely, Debra. Well, I can, but I won’t. I don’t want to go back to a life that doesn’t have you in it. I’m… I’m sorry. You’re the best sexual partner I’ve EVER had! I now realize that I’m just not strong enough to let you go. Sorry that I lied to you about giving you your freedom back.”

Debra buried her face in her palms.

“I was afraid of this! Why did I let you give me hope? Why did I listen to you?! I’m so STUPID!” Debra scream-cried.

“I meant what I said at the time; but I can’t imagine life without you, Debby-bun. I just can’t!”

“I… I can’t just keep doing this FOREVER!” Debra screamed.

“Well, you CAN, you just don’t want to. And that’s perfectly understandable. No one wants to be a friggin’ sex slave! That’s why they’re taken against their will.”

“Please don’t keep doing this. Not forever. For the love of God, not forever. I’m begging you.” Debra whispered.

“I need your body Deb. I’ll let you move out after a decade, okay? That seems fair. I’m still sort of keeping my promise. You’ll have your family and job back, alright? But I want to continue having sex with you every single day.”

Debra tried to say something to me, but her voice cracked too badly for the words to be recognizable.

“On the bright side, after ten years, you’ll be able to live with your family again!” I said.

“Well gee, thanks. How generous of you.” Debra said sarcastically.

I laughed.

“You will be on-call 24/7, for the rest of your life. And since you can’t deny sex with me, I suggest that you save your lunch breaks at work, and get an extremely flexible babysitter or something.” I said with a chuckle.

“I CAN’T KEEP DOING THIS! The light at the end of this ten-year-tunnel was the ONLY thing that kept me sane. Don’t take away my last flicker of hope. I’m begging you.” Debra cried.

“Your closested, innocent, by-the-book lifestyle is what really makes me enjoy turning you into my cock-whore so much. I’m not giving that up. I’m just not. It’s that simple. I need you! You’re my dream girl. Ten years is not good enough. I need you longer than that. Sorry, I’m just telling you like it is. I figured that you wouldn’t want me to lie to you about my true intentions.”

“Ten years isn’t enough?! You want MORE than ten years with me?! I’M NOT EVEN THAT ATTRACTIVE!” Debra screamed as loud as the ISA would allow.

That part was true. I had to make Debra wear ten pounds of make-up just to be passable.

“Yeah, but I want your suburban life to be tainted. Your sheltered life is being violently ripped away from you! That thought is FAR more sexy to me than raw beauty could ever be.”

“I don’t understand why you have to ruin MY life.” Debra said sadly.

“I don’t want to ruin your life. I want to TAINT it.” I said with a smile.

“You will walk into your Sunday church services with hickeys, skimpy dresses, and stripper heels on. You will conduct your weekly supermarket runs with semen leaking from your ass-crack and dripping from your pussy. I’m going to get you really high during every family reunion you have. You’re going to be raising children that don’t have your family name, so everyone knows they aren’t John’s. You and I will sometimes have LOUD sex in your suburban neighbourhood at night with your windows wide open. I want every aspect of your life corrupted. Why do you think I got you those hideous tattoos? Not to increase your beauty, that’s for sure.”

Debra turned around, looked me directly in the eyes, and sat down on our bed, wincing at the pain in her ass; and ignoring the semen that surely had to be leaking from her asshole onto her sheets.

“You could’ve gone out and enslaved some super-hot supermodel or some rich millionaire. But instead, who did you choose to turn into your cook-and-clean housewife? An independent, self-made salon owner. And who do you constantly rape? Some mid-western suburbanite! And with the way that I could easily get you to orgasm was to repeat the fact that I was a suburban mom... I understand you completely now! You say you ‘just want women for their bodies’ but that’s a lie! The truth is, you GET OFF on destroying who we are! I’m not as hot as Kim, but that doesn’t matter to you. You don’t want us for our bodies, you want to destroy our very way of life and identities.”

Debra curled her lips when she saw that she had left me speechless. I had absolutely no rebuttal. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Debra sighed.

“Well, I can’t stop you, and I also can’t kill myself. I see no other way out of this than to try to get through this hell with as little beatings and torture as possible. I guess I’ll just try to appease you. Let’s not make this any harder than it has to be, ok? I’d rather be constantly raped; than to be constantly beaten, tortured, and STILL raped. So you win. Just let me know what I need to do. If you want me to be your whore, then I guess that’s what I’ll have to be.”

The sound of defeat in Debra’s voice was delicious; and her submission into accepting her role as my whore was orgasmic!

“Very well. Now that we seem to understand each other, let’s work together to make our lives as efficient as possible! Please understand Debra, I don’t WANT to beat you. I really don’t. I get pleasure from filling your holes with jizz, not from punching you in the face.”

I began playing with Debra’s hair.

“Plus, I can’t even take you out into public when you’re all bruised up! I absolutely CAN NOT have people looking into this. That Slave Apparatus in your brainstem must remain our little secret. You simply being my submissive whore is strictly beneficial to the both of us.”

Debra looked up at me with her teary face and nodded, understanding my objectively evil, yet weirdly logical reasoning.

“I understand, Master.”

Debra bit her lip.

“I understand that this is my fate.” Debra looked down at her stripper heels with a frown, “But once I move out of the basement, could I please—”

“I’m gonna have to stop you right there, Debra.” I interrupted.

“Daddy, please just—”

“Every piece of your uniform is important. It’s obviously not meant to be comfortable OR practical. I want you to spend every moment of the rest of your suburban life in these clothes.”

Debra tugged on her stupidly small dress and narrowed her eyes.

“Even when you become an unattractive old woman and I don’t want to have sex with you anymore, I STILL want you showing off my name on your arm and clicking around in stripper heels.”

Debra’s veins became visible and her throat tightened.

“Yes... daddy.” Debra said through clenched teeth.

I took a couple steps backward and spread my arm in a sweeping gesture across the basement.

“Cameras will be installed down here. You will be living out your life as a true cumdumpster. I will review the footage every single day. You are to spend every second of every day cleaning your room, getting dolled up in between our rounds of daily sex, or using the bathroom. Any single MILLISECOND that you are not, you are to be sitting down on your bed, staring at this blank wall, in complete silence and total boredom.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra crossed her legs, covered her face with her hands, and pouted.

“Uncross your legs, bitch! You’re wearing those small-ass dresses for a reason!” I yelled.

“Yes, daddy.”

I licked my lips and smiled as I watched Debra slowly uncross her long legs.

“You know what, that reminds me! I’ve been neglecting your milking pussy, haven’t I? Let’s change that! Why don’t you lean all the way back on the bed and spread your legs for me Ms. Debra?” I said, walking closer and stroking some life back into my cock.

“Daddy, I know you won’t want to listen to the pleas of a mere cumdumpster, but can you please hear me out. Just this once?” Debra asked politely.

My cock immediately lost what little life I stroked into it. I let go of my flacid cock and sighed heavily.

“I just want to have constant sex with you. I don’t CARE what you think about the matter. What’s so FUCKING HARD to understand about that Debra?! GOD, what the hell do you want now? Speak quickly!”

“Master, your cock has been pounding my ass all morning long. Please don’t go back-to-front.”

I sighed again. I was annoyed. But Debra did have a point though, I certainly didn’t want her getting an infection.

I then smiled and snapped my fingers.

“Come shower with me, Debby-bun. My cock will be nice and clean before it plants a load in your pussy, don’t you worry!”

“Yes daddy, let’s go have some shower sex.”

I let Debra walk ahead of me as we began to walk to the bathroom on the opposite end of the basement.

Debra’s short dress was about 2 or 3 sizes too small. Some of Debra’s ass was visible to me while I walked behind her.

Debra said she wasn’t that attractive. What a joke! ‘Not even that attractive‘ MY ASS. Debra thought way too little of herself! This bitch had CAKE.

“Yeah, shake that cake Debby-bun! Walk slower, and jiggle your ass more, it pleases me.” I ordered.

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra slowed her walk and began aggressively jiggling her ass with each step. Her butt was so big, and it looked so sexy as the lower third of her ass-cheeks hung outside of her dress!

“Walk slower!” I said happily.

“Yes, daddy.”

Now THIS is how a cumdumpster should be walking!

“Nice, babe. But I KNOW you can jiggle your ass more than that! We talked about you ‘giving it your all’ remember? Shake that cake!”

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra deliberately began wobbling her ass super-aggressively with every step.

“Walk even slower.” I ordered.

“Like this, daddy?” Debra asked, now walking at a snail’s speed.

“Okay, the speed is fine. But I want you to jiggle your ass EVEN MORE with every single step. As much as humanly possible.”

“Like this, daddy?” Debra asked again.

I began to slowly stroke my cock while staring at Debra’s over-the-top, ridiculous ass-shaking.

“Yes Debra, HELL YES! You will walk like this from now on. For the rest of your entire life. That’s an order.”

“But—” Debra started.

“Even after I free you! Even in public! For the rest of your life! Forever! I don’t CARE that it’s a very slow, and inconvenient pace to have to walk at! I don’t CARE what kind of problems it might cause for you later in life! I don’t CARE that it makes you look stupid! I don’t CARE what it might make people think about you! I don’t CARE how it makes you feel! I-DON’T-CARE! I-DON’T-CARE! I DON’T FUCKING CARE!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“Yes, daddy.” Debra sniffled as she continued her stupid, slow, ass-jiggling walk.

“Yeah Debra… jiggle that ass.” I said in Debra’s ear as she walked.

“Yes, daddy.”

I followed behind Debra as she slowly walked while jiggling her ass. We were only about a third of the way to the bathroom.

“Oh my! You’re never going to get anywhere fast walking at this speed, huh?” I chuckled.

“No daddy, I guess I won’t.” Debra said with a hint of annoyed sarcasm and obvious hatred in hatred in her voice.

“You know, you won’t be able to walk in public ever again without everyone laughing their asses off at you.” I said smugly.

“I know, daddy.” Debra said, trying to suppress the resentment in her voice while maneuvering her hips to jiggle her big ass.

I began to unzip and remove Debra’s skimpy orange dress. Debra, being the submissive pet she was, even maneuvered her arms to help me get her naked more easily.

Two thirds of the way there now. Christ, Debra was slow. This was going to be a major issue for the rest of her life. Oh well, not my problem!

Debra was forced to aggressively strain her wide hips to get the maximum amount of ass jiggle with every slow-paced step. Beautiful.

When we finally got to the shower, I turned on the water.

I heard Debra breathe a sigh of relief as she aggressively kicked off her stripper heels that she hated so much. They both slammed against the wall with two loud thuds. Debra then looked down, rubbed her sore feet and ankles, and wiggled her toes.

Debra and I got into the shower. Debra faced away from me and put her hands up against the wall; probably expecting me to quickly scrub my cock and pound her doggy-style.

I tapped Debra on the back and handed her a bar of soap.

“I’m taking a shower for you; you pampered, suburban bitch. So why don’t you at least have the decency to drop to your knees and clean my cock for me, princess?”

“Yes, daddy.”

I reached for Debra’s hair.

“Yes, daddy. I’d be happy to drop to my knees and scrub your cock like the slave-girl I am.” Debra corrected.

Debra turned to face me and reached for the bar of soap that I handed her, but the slippery, wet bar of soap slid right through her finger tips, through her orange fingernails, and hit the shower floor with a thud.

Debra bent over to pick it up.

I felt like I couldn’t let this opportunity go. I HAD to do it, for the sheer humour of it alone if nothing else.

I pressed down on Debra’s shoulders and forced her to stay bent over.

“I WAS going to give your sore asshole a break. BUT COME ON! You dropped the soap! I have to!” I laughed.

“Oh, I get it. HA, HA.” Debra said flatly.

Debra tried to lift back up, but I kept pressing down, keeping her bent over. I turned her around and made her face away from me again.

I went to put my cock in Debra’s ass, but she clenched her cheeks tightly together, keeping me out.

“I wasn’t fucking joking. Now let me in your ass.” I said sternly.

“Daddy, wait. Please don’t. It’s so sore.” Debra begged.

“Let me in, Deb.” I said calmly, pressing my cock up against her firmly sealed crack.

I felt Debra shiver despite the warmness of the water.

I pressed up against her sealed crack repeatedly. I couldn’t get in if Debra kept herself shut. I was getting frustrated.

“Please give it a break. My asshole is—” Debra started.

“Let me in, Deb.” I said again.

“I will always do as you command, daddy. You know that! I’m simply requesting that—”

“Let me in, Deb.”

“Master, just—” Debra started.



“I’m not going to repeat myself again.” I said coldly.

Debra relaxed her ass-cheeks and I forced my way inside her.

“I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.” Debra softly whispered.

Debra’s ass was so tight that it was hard to get inside of her with no lubrication. I thought that the water would help, but it actually made it worse.

I worked my way in and began fucking her ass. I struggled to pound her ass. It wasn’t comfortable or fun for either of us.

“Do you want me to get the lube, daddy?” Debra asked, seemingly not being able to take the skin irritation any longer.

I didn’t answer. I began to uncomfortably thrust inside of Debra a half-dozen more times.

“Are you sure you don’t want lube?” Debra grunted uncomfortably, “I’ll get my asshole SLICK for you daddy. Then you can bust a nut inside me!”

I had to admit, that DID sound nice, but I didn’t want to give up so easily.

I made a few more uncomfortable strokes in Debra’s stiff ass. The shower water was quickly becoming my worst enemy.

“Let me get the lube daddy. I want to serve you. Let me serve you, daddy.” Debra begged.

“Okay, go get the bottle.” I sighed in defeat, “But just know that you are doing this for MY sake, not yours. You are getting this lube for MY pleasure, not for YOUR relief. The over-the-top butt-shaking only applies to your walking. But I want you to run. You are still allowed to run normally. Now, GO!”

“Yes, daddy!”

Debra pulled back the shower curtain and took off running. She ran her naked, wet body across the basement, leaving a trail of water. It was really weird seeing Debra without her heels on.

She quickly returned with the bottle of lube in her hand, panting.

“You’re THAT out of breath after running 30 yards? Sheesh! I’m glad your body can take cock much better than it can stay in shape!” I laughed.

“I’m glad. You think. I take. Cock. Well. Daddy.” Debra said in between breaths.

Debra flashed a small smile in the corner of her mouth when she saw the uber-generous amount of lube I applied onto my three fingers.

Being happy that your rapist is applying lots of lube? What the hell? That’s like being happy that a fire only burned half your house down!

Debra stepped back into the shower and got into position in front of me.

“Let’s lube you up REAL good, okay Debby?” I said as I aggressively shoved my three fingers of my liberally-lubed hand inside Debra’s asshole.

“Thank you, daddy. Thank you for using so much lube. I really appreciate this.” Debra said sincerely.

The reason why I went a lot heavier than normal on the lube, was because shower sex was nowhere near as fun as I thought it would be.

Once I withdrew my hand, Debra perked her ass up.

“Take my ass, daddy! I’m so slick now!”

“No begging this time, Debby-bun. I want you to moan, groan, whimper, and grunt while I shower-pound your slick asshole.” I said.

“Understood, Master.”

I pushed into Debra’s ass and began to drill her.

Debra began gasping and grunting through a gaped-open mouth as I fucked her ass.

Debra was good at keeping her stance while propped up against the shower wall, I enjoyed watching her wet, flabby skin ripple after each and every thrust.

“Yeah that’s right! That’s perfect! Now you’re getting it, Debra! Don’t let me move you! Keep your stance! Hold steady! Hold firm!”

While Debra’s body stayed in place, her tits, her ass, and her arms had a sexy amount of jiggle to them. This was perfect.

“Your fat jiggles and your tits bounce! You can’t help it! Ha, I love it! Yeah you fat bitch! Jiggle for daddy!”

Debra’s gasping and grunting while I drilled her in the ass was sexy as all hell. Thankfully, she didn’t overdo it like a pornstar. She was loud, but still sounded realistic. It sounded normal and consensual. For a few moments every day, in my twisted, highly-disturbed mind, it felt like she was my wife.

I stared at Debra’s jiggling ass-cheeks and listened intently to her consensual-sounding gasping. I pretended she was my wife. It was nice.

As I pounded Debra I began to think of my own fantasy.

Debra was not a woman who I kidnapped. No, she was my wife.

We were not in a basement shower against her will. No, we were on the second floor of our three-story house that we jointly owned.

Debra’s two children were mine. With a third on the way. John didn’t exist.

This wasn’t rape, no, she wanted this. I mean, just listen to her gasping! She loves it!

We were just having a little shower sex before I left to go to my completely normal, ordinary 9-to-5 job. Yeah, that’s it!

Debra kept gasping as I pounded her heavily-lubed asshole.

“Excellent gasping, honey.” I said in a soothing tone.

“AH! Thanks. AH! Daddy. AH!” Debra said in betweening her fake sexual gasps.

I never called her honey before. That sort of slipped out. Did Debra even notice that I said that? I was a little embarrassed. What the hell was wrong with my brain?

Goddamn I needed a girlfriend.

Debra was getting drilled hard, but she took her ass-poundings like a champ; just like she always does.

Her asscheeks, arms, and tits all rippled and bounced in a pure heavenly bliss. All I could think about was how happy I was that she was mine forever.

Debra’s gasping turned into a mix of both gasping and heavy panting while I fucked her. Her loud, consensual-sounding gasping and panting while I drilled her made me feel like a complete stud.

I was about to cum.

Debra, being the amazing sex slave she is, sensed my muscles clenching and felt my grip on her hips tightening, so she clamped her ass-cheeks shut around my cock. She squeezed my cock tightly with her cheeks and trapped my cock inside her.

My cock didn’t feel as tightly squished due to all the lube. Debra’s ass was still nice, don’t get me wrong; but believe me when I say that it was nothing but it was a warm, slippery mess in there.

I aggressively squished and flattened Debra into the shower wall with my body.

“Pinch that cock, bitch. PINCH IT.” I loudly yelled, my hot breath striking the side of her face.

It was so sexy how strong Debra’s glute muscles were. She squeezed tightly as I began creaming her ass.

“Ahhhh I’m cumming! Pinch it tighter! Tighter! TIGHTER! FUCKING-TIGHTER!” I yelled in Debra’s ear.

“SQUEEZE-DEBRA-SQUEEZE! Strain yourself!” I roared in her ear.

It was like a warm, hot, gooey vice was clamping my cock. Debra involuntarily gritted her teeth as she squeezed her ass-cheeks together with every ounce of strength that she had.

I really, REALLY enjoyed the feeling of Debra’s straining butt muscles with my erect cock.

Feeling the strain of someone’s anal muscles? With your penis? If that isn’t the very definition of intimacy, I don’t know what is.

“Yes Debra… Oh yes you fat bitch… take it. Take my seed in your ass… Take it in your ass.” I moaned as I planted my semen inside Debra’s ass.

Debra continued to gasp sexily as I filled her enslaved, suburban asshole.

I knew that it was all just fantasy, but during the few seconds of my orgasm I TRULY believed that Debra was my consensual lover. Her gasping was just so realistic!

After a few more seconds, I finally had the decency to stop pinning and squishing Debra against the wall.

I pulled out of Debra’s ass and let the water rinse off my cock.

“I bet John was always sweet and gentle with you, right? I bet you always got to have satisfying, pleasing, two-sided, mutually pleasurable sex, huh? Well no more of that! You will be worked and drilled! Everyday for the rest of your life you will be put to work, bitch! And I’ve already told you how I feel about YOU cumming. Orgasms don’t exist for you anymore. Never gonna happen! I’m so glad I pulled you out of the suburbs! You’re in the CITY now, bitch. And I’m gonna tenderize ALL these overly-coddled holes of yours, especially your asshole!”

Debra turned around to stare at me.

“John treated me like a human being! There is NOTHING wrong with being sweet and gentle! John was considerate! John was—”

I slapped Debra across her wet face.

“Now fucking clean my cock, cunt!” I yelled.

Debra began crying as she bent down again to retrieve the long-forgotten bar of soap.

“I don’t deserve this!” Debra screamed.

“No, no you don’t.” I agreed.

Debra shivered again as she began to rub the bar of soap between both her hands and get the soapy.

“Hey, you’re the one that wanted this so bad! Now clean it!”

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra dropped to her knees, got my cock soapy, and began massaging and scrubbing it firmly with both hands.

“Hey Debra, while you’re down there—” I started.

“Ugh! You’re so predictable!” Debra interrupted, and began sucking my cock hard again.

“Yeah! Slurp that cock! Get ready for more! This is your life now!” I laughed.

I loved that a married suburban mother had my warm, soapy cock in her mouth. My life fucking ruled!

Once Debra got me hard again, I pulled myself out of her mouth.

“You’re doing just fine babe, but I want you to gag. Fucking gag. I want to hear you choking. I want you struggling. If your face isn’t bright-fucking-red by the end of this you’re getting a severe beating and another anal rape.”

“Understood, Master.”

Debra grabbed me by the back of my thighs, and pulled me in so fast that I almost lost my balance. She then tilted her head slightly and effortlessly slurped my entire cock with a single motion.

I got excited and anxious as I watched Debra aggressively gobble my cock.

“Eye contact, Debby-bun.”

Debra stared into my eyes as she intentionally gagged herself. I felt her throat muscles resisting my cock. Fuck that felt good!

Debra had pushed my cock deep inside her throat. However, she realized she bit off more than she could chew and tried to pull back; but I grabbed Debra by the back of the head and pushed my cock inside her throat even deeper!

Debra tried to pull away from me as she began choking.

“YES! YES! CHOKE ON IT BITCH!” I screamed.

Debra heavily resisted and tried to push herself away, but I had both my hands behind Debra’s head, locking her in place.

Tears poured from her eyes. A mixture of severe gagging and crying.

“YES! KEEP CHOKING!” I yelled.

Debra’s face turned red as she struggled for air. Yes! That’s what I wanted!

“I’ll let you die if I have to! I don’t fucking care! JUST KEEP GAGGING ON THIS COCK!” I screamed.

Debra kept gagging and choking in rapid, aggressive, nonrhythmic ways. This wasn’t some silly stunt to try to please me, she was actually choking!

Debra looked me in the eyes and began tapping her hand repeatedly on the shower floor.

A sign of surrender in wrestling. She needed to breathe.

“If you want to breathe, MAKE ME CUM!” I yelled.

Debra’s survival instincts kicked in.

Despite her gagging, she began bobbing her head and allowed my cock to explore the depths of her throat.

I’ve seen my cock bulge from her neck before, but now it was bulging from her lower neck. She looked like she had a massive adam’s apple.

The image of Debra’s throat being absolutely savaged by my cock turned me on quite a bit, luckily for Debra, that drastically sped up the process.

I heard Debra moan a slight grunt of relief when she felt my cock spewing seed.

Debra made sure she swallowed every last drop. She knew the exact punishment that I would inflict for failing to swallow all of my seed, a second blowjob.

“Yeah that’s right, you swallow every last drop bitch! I don’t want you wasting perfectly good semen, even if you’re choking to death!” I laughed.

I pulled my cock out of her throat and spat on Debra’s face.

Debra tilted her face directly into the shower water and it quickly rinsed off my spit, but the point was still made.

I turned the shower water off.

“What would your children say if they saw that you were on your knees, soaking wet in a shower, having just choked on a cock?”

“They’re too young to understand all of that. But if they did, they’d be ashamed, daddy.” Debra said.

“Put your stripper heels back on. You have long legs, and I fucking love your body Debra, but you’re just a little too short for my liking. However, those stripper heels make you the perfect height!”

We both exited the shower. Debra put on her stripper heels and I began drying myself off.

Debra’s red hair was now long and perfectly straight due to being wet. She also made a dull squeaking sound with every step, due to her wet feet being inside her black leather heels.

Once I dried myself, I threw the towel on the ground. I thought Debra would get the message, but the dumb bitch still reached for my discarded towel.

I slapped her wet hand away.

“Ow!” Debra whimpered.

“I like the wet, naked look on you Debra. So open. So exposed. All your parts are just there for me on full display. You can’t cover your nipples, you can’t cross your legs. You’re just HERE for me Debra!”

I laughed.

“Put your arms at your sides and stand up straight for daddy, bitch.” I ordered.

Debra did so and narrowed her eyes. Women hated being treated like objects, but THIS was on an entirely different level!

“Yeah, I’ve had girlfriends before. But you’re something entirely different Debra! I can slap you across the face with a donkey terd at 4am on your birthday and angrily demand ANAL SEX for christ-sake! I mean, can you even imagine this type of power over someone?!”

“I can’t imagine it, daddy. I can’t imagine wanting to have this kind of control over an innocent person I’ve never even met before.” Debra said judgingly.

I chuckled, “Well maybe you’re just too small-minded.”

I clapped and rubbed my hands together.

“I know your type. You had your whole life planned out, with tens of thousands tucked away, 2 beautiful children, a loving spouse, a nice house, and a great job. You fucking suburbanites… Oh how I envy you. I didn’t get to have ANY of that!” I yelled angrily.

I rubbed my hands through Debra’s hair.

“But now I’ve kidnapped one! NOW I’ve got one of you! And you’re going to give me everything I just mentioned, and THEN SOME.” I laughed psychotically.

“Just KNOWING that you’ve given your entire up to become a mere whore to the likes of ME… Doesn’t that feel amazing Debra?”

A few tears streamed Debra’s face, but she remained silent.

“I’m going to keep using your body! Forever. I’m going to use it. And use it. And use it. AND USE IT. AND USE IT AGAIN!”

Debra stared into my eyes with hatred.

I looked at Debra’s wet, slick, now-perfectly-straight, red hair.

Debra was soaking wet and her stripper heels made her so much taller, she was almost at my height now.

“Hop up on the sink for me baby-doll,” I said, patting the sink, “I’m about to make another deposit in you.”

“No fucking way…” Debra whispered.

I raised my fist, “You have a problem with that, bitch?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just… I can’t believe you’re still horny.” Debra said quietly.

I didn’t respond. I simply flashed a guilty smile and patted the sink again.

“You’re on drugs again, aren’t you?!” Debra asked as she sat on the sink.

“Hey, what can I say? With all of your cash floating around, you can’t just expect me to not blow a couple grand on improving my drug stash!” I laughed.

Debra tightened her fists.

“Why are you so mad about what I spent some of your money on?! Whether I spent it all tomorrow, or saved every single penny for a thousand years; it doesn’t make a difference to YOU. You are never seeing that money again. Once you move out of the basement, you will be starting from scratch. Zip. Nada. Zilch.”

“You’re literally taking everything from me. Your heartless rules and lack of human decency is what’s making me suicidal! Please give me something to live for. Anything.” Debra whispered.

“Once you serve me for around a decade, you won’t have to be my cumdumpster anymore. You’ll still be on call 24/7, but naturally, we’ll be having a lot less sex with you not sharing a bed and house with me. You can go back and live with John. And you’ll probably be able to convince your step mother to give you the kids back. That’s something to live for, right?”

Debra didn’t respond. I could’ve yanked her hair or slapped her for that, but I let it go.

I began rubbing my hands along Debra’s legs.

“I yearn for this body of yours, Debra. I need you to be my whore. Not occasionally. Not sometimes. Not usually. But OFTEN. I don’t want to live in a world where Debra Renée Horton isn’t DEMANDING that I brutally pound her asshole every single day. I need you in my life, Debra. I don’t just want you in it, I NEED you in it.”

“I understand, daddy.”

“Alright Debra, I’m ready to pound your pussy while you’re wet, naked, and depressed.”

“Yes, daddy.” Debra said quietly.

I walked over and grabbed the shower head.

“Unfortunately, we talked for so long that you dried off a little. And I really liked your soaking-wet look.”

I aimed the shower head at Debra and reached to turn on the water.

“Wait!” Debra yelled.

I turned on the shower head and aimed the detached end at Debra who was sitting on the bathroom sink.

Debra closed her eyes as I began blasting her with cold water.

As soon as I turned off the water, Debra’s lips aggressively quivered.

“Keep it together Deb, it’s just water.” I said.

Debra tried, but she couldn’t hold back and began crying again.

I calmly walked in front of her and tapped a finger on Debra’s inner thigh.

“Spread ’em.”

Debra spread her legs and tilted back slightly leaning against the mirror. She shivered as the cold water on her back touched the cold mirror.

“You have five seconds to stop crying or I’m beating the shit out of you.”

Debra quickly quieted down.

I stood in front of Debra and was in between her legs. Debra’s legs were on either side of me. I began rubbing both of Debra’s thighs at the same time.

“I want eye contact, Debra. And PLEASE make sure that you’re looking into my eyes during the exact moments that I’m pumping cream into your babymaker. During those precious few seconds I want us staring pupil-to-pupil.”

“Yes, daddy.”

“When you were a little girl, did you ever think you’d grow up to be a woman who lives in a man’s basement for years at a time?”

Debra’s lips quivered again.

“Don’t cry yet, Debra. I mean, you can cry, but just do it after I bust this nut in you, K?”

That line made her lips quiver even more.

I grabbed Debra around the waist and pulled her to the edge of the bathroom counter.

“Prop your feet up. Heels to the wall.”

Debra now had her legs stretched out and touching the wall.

“How the hell do you sleep at night?!” Debra asked angrily.

“Usually next to you.” I said sarcastically.

Debra rolled her eyes.

“Now beg. Beg for my rapist cock Ms. Horton.”

“Fuck me daddy! Fuck my milking cunt!” Debra yelled.

I pushed myself inside Debra.

Debra bent her back slightly and inched closer to me as she curled her lips.

“Yeah, you’ve got the right idea babe! Come here!” I grunted, grabbing Debra and pulling her even closer.

I was happy to see that Debra had scooted closer to me when I entered her. The only reason she did that was for her comfort, but because she was staring into my eyes at the time, it was a very nice touch.

Debra was barely wet, and I don’t bother with foreplay on cumdumpsters, so even for an overlubricating bitch like Debra, it was a little rough on the way in.

“Make out with me. Sloppy as hell. I want it disgusting. Very gross. I want your neck and tits soaked with saliva.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra shivered as she leaned in.

I parted my lips and extended my tongue as I moved in.

Debra stuck her tongue in my mouth.

Her lips, face, and cheeks were still wet and cold from me spraying Debra with water, which contrasted very well with Deb’s warm tongue.

Debra’s tongue entered my mouth, filling it full.

As our lips met and pressed together, I began drooling heavily. Trickles of my drool seeped from the corners of Debra’s mouth and it began to drip down her chin and make its way to her neck.

I sucked on Debra’s tongue as she began using it to explore my mouth.

Reaching forward, I began playing with her hair. A habit of mine I knew she hated.

I gathered a glob of saliva in my mouth and inserted my tongue into her mouth. Debra began licking up and down the length of my tongue as I pushed it in.

I grabbed Debra tightly and began fucking her.

Debra grunted in my mouth as I roughly plowed her on the bathroom sink.

I broke the kiss. My trained slave knew immediately what to do.

“Yeah. Yeah-daddy. Fuck me! Fuck your slave!”

Debra’s stripper heels began scraping against the bathroom wall as I plowed her.

Debra’s vagina got wet. Thank god vaginal stimulation was involuntary.

“Fuck me daddy! Yes! Yes!” Debra cried.

I grabbed Debra’s hips tightly and repeatedly thrusted into her. Debra’s heels repeatedly smacked the bathroom wall as I raped her.

“Yes-daddy! Be rough! You know I can take it!” Debra yelled.

Oh yeah, she could take it. I already knew she could, she didn’t have to tell me!

I thrusted into Debra’s pussy again and again and again.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I love this, daddy!”

“Oh fuck… I missed this…” I moaned as soon as Debra’s vaginal walls clenched my cock.

I held onto Debra extremely tight. I knew she wasn’t going to squirm away, as I already told her not to do that anymore, but I was paranoid. I just really wanted this load to go inside of her pussy.

“Cum in me.” Debra said in a monotone voice without any enthusiasm whatsoever.

I groaned as I came inside Debra. Her legs went straight as she felt me creaming her.

“That’s-a-good-girl! That’s-a-good-girl!” I said, rubbing Debra’s hair and talking in a distorted voice like she was my damn dog.

Debra narrowed her eyes at the disrespect.

I snapped, pointed at the ground by my feet, and whistled.

Debra hopped off the sink, got on her knees, and looked up at me.

“I’m about to play some video games and do some more drugs. I want you cleaned up and in fresh clothes. Basically, I want you to do your entire morning routine all over again, minus the enema.”

“Understood, daddy.”

“After you’re done with all of that, just wait on the bed in silence. Whenever I feel like having you sex with you again, I will.”