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Absence of All Morality (Chapter 16)

After uploading the porn video, Debra and I had spent the next 2 consecutive days doing drugs and fucking each other on the couch.

During the past 48 hours, I shit you not, I had my cock inside of Debra for at least 40 of them.

Even I was somewhat surprised at the level of stamina the hard drugs were giving me.

Debra spent most of the past two days practicing being on top. Slaves needed to be well-versed in all positions, and cow-girl was certainly the position that Debra needed to practice the most.

“Bounce! Yeah! That’s right, Debby-bun! Bounce! Hump that cock! Yeah! Impale yourself! Yeah! I wanna be deep inside you! Ungh! Ungh! Work it, Debby! Fuck-yes! Bounce for daddy!”

Debra’s back, tits, and forehead were drenched in sweat as the overweight cow continued her humping.

I looked up at Debra as she bounced on my shaft. The christian-mom had cocaine residue coming from both her nostrils. I thought it was so sexy how much I had transformed her life.

I kept thinking about how helpless she was. I kept thinking about how miserable she felt. I kept thinking about how much she didn’t want to do any of this! I kept thinking-

I groaned in a high-pitched voice.

Debra’s face and ears were red. She hated how much pleasure her body was forced to give me. She couldn’t hide her hatred even if she wanted to.

“Oh god! Yes, Debby-bun! Ungh!”

I groaned as I came inside Debra. Debra didn’t react, she just continued humping my penis until it was no longer spewing seed into her.

Debra kept my cock inside of her for a few extra seconds. She was making sure that none of her master’s healthy semen was wasted.

What a well-trained slave!

Debra then shakily got to her feet as she stood up to get off of me.

Debra turned to face away from me as she stood up. I loved the look of the butt-naked Debra in nothing but her 10-inch heels.

I stared at Debra’s delicious ass-cheeks. I admired the way the big-girl’s ass-cheeks gave a nice bounce, sway, wiggle, and jiggle as she walked away from me. Her bare, pale, white ass-cheeks had such a sexy way of moving when she stepped in those stupid heels.

“Yes… Goddamn, Debra! Fuck…” I groaned, while looking at her ass-cheeks, thick thighs, and wide hips.

Debra’s fat was in ALL the right places. She was delicious.

“I know that those super-tall heels are terrible for the health of your legs, calves, and ankles. But they work WONDERS for you ass.” I said happily.

I bent over the arm of the couch, leaned over the living room coffee table, and did a line of cocaine.

Debra walked her naked body over to the table. She was hilariously, and aggressively swaying her ass back and forth with each step.

She was ordered to sway her ass and hips like that for the rest of her life. The thought made me feel dominant and horny.

Debra bent over the table and did an equally-large line of coke as well. She was ordered to match my drug intake. Whatever I took, she had to take.

I smiled at Debra. The christian-mom had just snorted a line of cocaine right in front of me on a Sunday morning.

“Sure beats going to Sunday church! Right, Debra?” I asked sarcastically.

Debra clenched her fists.

“I should be attending my church with my family right now! Not… doing THIS… with YOU!” Debra shouted.

“Hey, you no longer have to work a job anymore, Debra! Ever. And you get to spend all day either sleeping, getting high, or having sex. There are millions of people who would kill for the life that we have right now!” I said.

A small trickle of my cum leaked out from Debra’s pussy. Without a second’s delay, or moment’s hesitation, Debra scooped the trickling seed with her first finger, and plopped it into her mouth.

“I’m getting so turned on just thinking about how much power I have over you, Debra. Your mind is just my clay to mold. Your free will, is now just merely a suggestion. Your vagina is just my own, personal, fleshlight. The very flesh of your body is my canvas.”

I stared at Debra’s pale, white skin. “A very pretty canvas. I wonder what your next tattoo should be.”

Debra cringed when she heard the words.

“It’s not fair,” Debra cried after sucking my cum off her fingerthat spilled from her pussy, “Kim hasn’t had to fuck you in weeks!”

“Hey, why don’t you worry about yourself?” I said.

I looked towards Kim’s closed bedroom door, “At least you’ll only be getting banged and creamed for ten years. Kim will be taking your place for the remaining fifty or so. Kimberly will die in this house. You won’t.”

If I expected that statement to make Debra feel a little bit better, but I got the opposite result.

“Don’t take me away from my children for that long!” Debra raged, “Ten years is too long! My children are in the second and third grade! I’ll miss their whole childhood if you keep me here! There is no greater evil than separating a mother from her children!”

“I’m keeping you here because I want to have sex with your fat, suburban body, Debra. I’m not doing this to separate a mom from her children. I don’t give a shit about your snot-nosed brats.” I spat heartlessly.

My eyes wandered from Debra’s wide hips, to her large breasts, to her sweet (but currently super-angry) face.

“Debra, if you ever manage to escape, or kill yourself; I won’t be able to have sex with you anymore. So, before you do, I’ve got to fuck you as much as possible. I’m going to ENJOY the time that you’re stuck here with me. Understand?”

“W-w-water?” The sweaty and out-of-breath Debra gasped, completely ignoring everything I just said.

I stared into Debra’s eyes and slowly nodded my head.

“Yes, you most certainly can get water. I LOVE the fact that you’re thirsty, out of breath, and sweaty. It shows that you’re trying.”

Debra walked into the kitchen. I watched her as she aggressively and stupidly swayed her ass and hips with each step. She click-click-click-clicked her way over to the fridge and began slurping down one of Carly’s water bottles.

I grinned to myself happily as I stared at the small, ugly-looking bulge of the ISA in the back of Debra’s neck.

“Ok Debra, you’ve had enough water. Get back over here and have more sex with me! I’m not finished using your chunky body.”

Debra nodded, but couldn’t verbally respond, since she was chugging several mouthfuls of cold water.

She put the cap on the water bottle and closed the fridge by slamming into it with her large hips.

Debra steadily click-click-clicked her way back over to me. She stood right in front of me, but then glanced away because I began stroking my cock right in front of her.

“Debra, don’t think that just because you’re a big-girl I’m going to let you cheat me out of sex positions. I’m NOT afraid to make you get on top! Being fat doesn’t give you a free pass.”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Thanks for abandoning your children, Debra. I’m very grateful for all of the sex we now get to have.”

“Quit mentioning them.” Debra grumbled darkly, “Keep them out of your mouth.”

“What’s the matter?” I taunted, “Am I not making Ms. Debra feel like a good mommy?”

Debra didn’t answer.

My heart rapidly raced with excitement as Debra took a wobbly, hesitant, shaky step with her left leg and straddled me.

Debra’s large, heavy breasts swayed with her motions as she got in position on top of me.

“Mmm…. Oh, yes… Yeah, Debby…” I sighed as I felt Debra impale herself on me.

I absolutely loved the feeling of my cock being shoved inside Debra’s fiery-hot, super warm pussy.

“Your christian-mom pussy is so warm…” I groaned.

“Fuck you.” Debra spat.

“Yes, I agree. Fuck me.” I said.

Debra slowly began fucking me. She steadily humped my cock, attempting to get a good rhythm going.

“Mmmmm…” I moaned, “My sweet, sweet, Debby-bun!”

“GOD! Stop calling me that!” Debra yelled.

“I spent FOUR years of my life making this damn device! You’ll accept whatever nickname you’re given, Debby-bun!”

I tilted myself and quickly found a better angle. I groaned with immense approval as I felt my cock slide deeper into Debra’s body.

“Fuck me harder.” I ordered.

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra grabbed me with a vice-tight grip and began thrusting and humping me faster.

“Yeah… Work it! Faster! Harder! Work that fat body, bitch! Yeah! Fuck your master, Debby-bun!”

I leaned all the way back onto the couch and just let Debra work her magic.

Debra was gasping and breathing very hard.

Debra was drenched in sweat from our earlier sex and from doing too much cocaine. The cow was struggling to continue fucking me.

Debra was used to doggie, anal, and missionary. Debra was used to being on the bottom. She was used to letting me just hold her down, and drill her. She was used to taking cock. But the poor thing wasn’t ready to be a top. Emotionally, or physically.

Debra began sweating again. Now, I had Debra’s fresh sweat on me. Maybe I was just too horny and/or high, but I didn’t care that she was sweating all over me. In fact, I kind of liked it.

“Hurmph… Hurmph… Hurmph… Hurmph...” The out-of-breath Debra huffed.

Debra was too tired. She began to slow down.

“I’m so close! Don’t you dare stop! Don’t you fucking dare!” I yelled.

Debra continued to buck and fuck herself. She pushed herself to her absolute limits. She kept working my body until I reached my way to orgasm.

Debra and I had a beautiful three or four seconds of eye contact as I came inside her.

Once I finished cumming, Debra was finally able to stop bouncing.

Debra and I both moaned in relief simultaneously, but for very different reasons.

I released my grip on Debra and allowed her to slide my cock out of her body. She then rolled off of me and sat next to me on the couch.

Debra automatically began scooping my semen from her crotch and slowly sucked it off of her fingers.

It took every ounce of strength I had not to give Debra a reward for doing that. I REALLY wanted to reward her, I was just SO proud of her!

‘This is what she’s supposed to be doing.’ I told myself, ‘Don’t reward her for doing the basics.’

* * *

After more drugs, more sex, a round of doggie-style shower-fucking, and several hours later; not much had changed. Debra and I were still on the living room couch completely naked, minus Debra’s stripper heels.

Debra was in my lap again, wiggling her ass into my crotch with soft, rhythmic motions.

This time, it was Debra who was the one awkwardly handling the laptop.

Debra was given a very cruel task: She was to pick out her own humiliating tattoo, but I needed to approve of it first.

“Is this one good, daddy?” Debra asked pathetically, giving another small butt-wiggle into my crotch.

I looked at the laptop screen. It was a Google image picture of someone with a small, cursive, ‘Slut’ tattooed on their left buttcheek.

“I like the idea, but you already have a ‘SLUT’ tattoo. Plus, it’s not nearly big enough. Try again.” I said.

Debra began typing more words into the search engine.

“Hey Debby-bun! You don’t have to softly wiggle back and forth into my crotch. Feel free to bounce around in my lap as well! Oh, and don’t be afraid to grind your ass-cheeks against my cock, too! Work those cheeks, babe. I like FEELING your body move against mine. I LOVE the control over your body that I now have.”

“Yes, daddy.”

I began rubbing both my hands alongside Debra’s thighs as she bounced and wiggled in my lap.

I planted slow, warm, slobbery, sopping-wet, disgusting kisses all over Debra’s back as she continued Google image searching new tattoo ideas.

The sound of my mouth sounded gross, even to me; as I sucked Debra’s skin with my mouth, and drooled all over Debra’s back.

Debra couldn’t help but shiver in disgust.

“Is this one good, daddy?” Debra asked.

It was a neatly designed, but small, tramp-stamp of the word ‘Whore’.

Debra noticed the extremely sour look on my face and quickly added, “I know that it’s not big enough to be acceptable. It’s just the idea. Of course, I know it’ll be bigger than this.”

“Oh yeah, for sure,” I nodded in agreement, “It’s definitely WAY too small. Especially for someone as big as you. It’d have to be like... TRIPLE this size for me to even take this design into consideration.”

“Triple?” Debra gulped, “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, no, you’re right. Quadruple would be better.” I said, nodding.

Debra held the laptop with one hand, and used her free hand to wipe the tears that began streaming from her face.

“More wiggle, less sniffle.” I said sternly, giving Debra a pinch.

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra immediately stopped crying and began to increase the jiggling and bouncing in my lap.

“You’re smart, Debra. I admire that about you. A butt-cheek tattoo, and a tramp-stamp were the two suggestions you gave me? You want a tattoo that’s easily hideable. Very clever.”

“Yeah,” Debra sighed, looking at her ugly shoulder tattoo of my name inside a heart, “I really don’t want another one that’s like this.” Debra admitted.

“Well, that makes sense. And hey, thank you for being honest with me! I’ll tell you what Deb, I’ll cut you a deal. You get one last chance to make a suggestion. Suggest something that I LOVE, and I’ll let you get it on your back, where it’ll be easily hideable. However; if I don’t like the design, then I’ll pick FOR you. And I have to pick, I’m going to put it on your face.”

Debra began furiously typing into the laptop. She really wanted to pick a good design that she knew that I would like. I didn’t look at the screen, partially because I wanted to be surprised at the design she chose, and partially because our position was awkward and Debra’s body blocked most of the laptop screen from my view anyways.

Debra typed something into the search engine. Then she typed something else again. Then again. And again.

“Sorry I’m taking so long, daddy.” Debra said.

“No worries. Take your time, baby. Make sure the design you present me is something that I’ll approve of. You DON’T want me to pick for you, trust me.”

After a few more minutes of typing and scrolling Debra sighed in defeat. Then she began to intensely think to herself for about 10 seconds.

“I’ve got it! What about… ‘PROPERTY OF THE ISA’ in big, capital, black letters?” Debra suggested.

“Wow. That IS a great idea! I LOVE IT! You’ve just saved your face from getting tattooed, Debra!”

I turned Debra’s head to face me and kissed her on the lips.

“Put on one of your dresses, Debby-bun! That idea was so great, that I’ve decided we’re getting that made right now!”

“Can I wipe off your drool before I put on my dress, daddy?”

I chuckled, “Yeah, you can. Sorry about that.”

* * *

“Hey! I knew you’d two would be back!” The tattoo artist said with a smile, “What’ll it be this time?”

Debra showed him the sketch I had her make. It was ‘PROPERTY OF THE ISA’. The word ‘PROPERTY’ had its own row to itself, and ‘OF THE ISA’ was written on the row beneath it. The whole thing had a rectangle drawn around the words. I added that detail. This way it could portray that it was like a sticker or a tag that was placed on Debra’s back.

“Okay. No problem, I can do this easily.” The artist said, “Where do you want it?”

“She wants it right... HERE.” I said, pointing to a good, centralized portion of Debra’s back.

“Alrighty then,” the artist said, pointing to the extended tattoo seat, “Ms. Horton, whenever you’re ready, just expose your back and lie face-down.”

Debra’s legs gave the slightest jiggle of resistance. I could tell Debra was fighting the ISA’s control. But she couldn’t overpower it. She couldn’t prevent herself from moving over to the tattoo seat and getting into place..

Debra followed all of the artist’s requests, and held still while getting the tattoo, as ordered. Her eyes leaked tears while she watched me smile at her the whole time. However, that could easily be passed off as her just being weak to the pain of getting a tattoo.

When the artist was finished, Debra stood up and looked at her tattoo in the mirror.

“Thanks. It’s perfect.” Debra said robotically.

“Yes, amazing. Even better than we thought.” I said in agreement.

Debra held still and allowed the artist to apply tattoo gel and bandage her new tattoo.

“Glad you guys like it! You two are always welcome back here anytime at all! Do you guys—”

He stopped mid-sentence as Debra began resisting the ISA. Harder and with more fight than ever before.

“He’s… c-c-controlling… m-my… b-b-b-b-brain. Help… m-me...”

“Controlling your brain?” The artist asked.

“How could he be controlling you? Sweetie, the guy is just a tattoo artist.” I said.

I knew good and damn well that Debra was talking to the artist, and not me. I was just trying to add confusion to the situation.

Debra stared directly at the tattoo artist with big, desperate, pleading, watery eyes.

“I-I-I-I’m… u-u-u-under… h-h-his... c-c-c-c-control! HELP!” Debra managed to speak.

“What? Your boyfriend is controlling you? He’s in control of your brain? How?” The artist asked, looking at me suspiciously.

“He’s... c-c-c-c-controlling... m-m-my… b-b-brain! HELP!” Debra managed to speak.

“Very funny, Debra.” I said, playing it cool.

“I’m… b-b-being… f-f-f-forced… to… h-h-h-have… s-s-s-sex… HELP! P-P-PLEASE!” Debra uttered shakily.

The artist could tell by the sheer look of panic on Debra’s face that she was being dead serious.

I stared at Debra in horror. How could she directly resist one of my fundamental orders?!

I saw the look of triumph in her eyes as the truth of our situation began to dawn on the tattoo artist. In an instant, all of Debra’s stupid tattoos made sense to him now.


Dear god, NO!

Debra must’ve been practicing how to muster enough resistance to speak freely. She had to have been secretly practicing how to do this for quite a while. After months and months of secret practice, she could almost speak sentences freely.

It didn’t seem like she had the strength to resist the ISA enough to gain control over her body’s movement. But she DID resist it enough strength to speak freely in public, which is almost just as bad.

“I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m calling the police.” The artist said, deeply concerned.

I reached into my pocket and grabbed my emergency ISA. I then quickly surveyed the empty room.

“God-fucking-dammit, Debra.” I grumbled.

I turned and punched the tattoo artist in the face with all my strength.

* * *

Unlike that bitch Amanda who went for my balls, at least the tattoo artist was a clean fighter.

Even though I was a skinny guy, the tattoo artist was even skinner. Plus I was taller, weighed a bit more, and was much more determined to win this fight than he was.

I slammed him to the ground and punched him again and again. The artist landed an impressive hit on my nose, and delivered a solid blow to my jaw, but it wasn’t enough to turn the tide in the fight.

“The money is in the drawer!” The artist pouted.

Debra couldn’t resist the ISA enough to help the artist in his fight with me. She also couldn’t gain enough control over her voice to scream loud enough for help. So instead, she began waving her arms in the window and doorway to try and attract someone’s attention.

Of course, I couldn’t have that.

“Freeze, Debra.” I ordered.

I punched the artist again and kept him pinned to the ground.

Debra’s body vibrated like crazy as she resisted the ISA. As I suspected, she only managed to resist the ISA enough to speak, but not enough to move.

“Just tell me what you want!” The artist shouted.

“Put this on your arm.” I said, showing him my emergency ISA.

“What?! Get off of me, weirdo!”

The artist shoved me off him, kicked himself to his feet, and ran over towards his store phone.

I leaped, and tackled him again. He elbowed me square in the face and tried to twist himself free. I put my hand on the back of his head and slammed his forehead into the hard tile as hard as I could.

I heard a horrifying crack of his skull. A sound that will last with me forever.

He went silent and still in an instant. Blood quickly seeped out from his head and got all over the floor.

Blood. More blood. So much blood. Pools of it. A ridiculous amount of blood.

“Lord have mercy.” Debra whispered, covering her mouth with her hand.

“He’s… He’s just unconscious… right!?!” I asked panickedly.

Debra stared at me, wide-eyed. “What do YOU think, dumbass?!”

“Fuck-fuck-FUCK!” I cried, “I just killed someone!”

I angrily stared at Debra, “You just HAD to open your cocksucker! Didn’t you?!”

“Don’t you DARE blame this on me!” Debra yelled.

“Debra, if I’m going down for this, you are too. Help me move this body.” I ordered, “You’re going to get YOUR fingerprints on him too.”

Debra began crying as she helped me lift the dead body.

“You did this, Debra. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!” I screamed.

“If it were up to me; I would be at church with my family right now! YOU did this to ME!” Debra countered.

“Debra, I swear to god... If I go to prison, I’ll never let you have your family again!” I roared.

“Did you really expect me to just give up?! I want to be free from you and go back to my family! No way in hell was I just going to peacefully spread my legs for you for the next ten years without a fight!”

We carried the body into the bathroom and locked it inside, leaving a huge, obvious trail of blood.

We turned off all the lights, turned the open sign to closed, and fled the scene.

* * *

It wouldn’t take long for the detectives to find out that it was us who did that.

Debra and I were officially on the run.

We ditched our cellphones into a nearby dumpster and quickly drove back to Kimberly’s house. We hastily packed everything we would need. This was an emergency evacuation and as such, we only had time to pack the essentials: All of Debra’s tubeless dresses, her make-up kit, my drugs, my gun, and our laptop.

Oh yeah, and food and water too.

“I just got off the phone with John. I told him that we’re in serious legal trouble. I ordered him to leave work and withdraw five-thousand in cash for us. I really hope the police don’t freeze your bank account, but if they do, this should be enough for us to live on. At least for now.” I said to Debra.

“This is a nightmare!” Debra cried.

“You’re telling me…” I muttered.

“Are you ready to go?” Carly asked sadly.

“I am. Remember, you’re completely in charge of Kimberly, Amanda, and this house. I don’t know when I’ll be back, if ever. I ordered the girls to follow your every command. I wish I could’ve done more for you.” I said, fighting back tears.

“You’ve done plenty.” Carly said, giving me a hug, “Thanks for saving my college enrollment.”

“No problem, partner. Are you sure you want me to take your car?” I asked Carly.

“Of course. The police will be looking for Kim’s car, since she’s your wife. And they’ll be looking for your car too. As well as Debra’s. My car is the safest bet for you guys.”

“Thanks Carly. I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too. Now come on, you’ve got to get out of here! I’ll never forget you! Good luck!”

* * *

I immediately drove to John and Debra’s house. I wondered if anyone had found the body and/or the blood and called the cops yet.

When I pulled up to their house, I got out of the car. Debra unbuckled her seatbelt.

“Stay in the car, bitch.” I spat.

“Can’t I at least say good-bye to my husband?” Debra asked sadly.

“No. No, you can not.” I scoffed, “You really have some nerve, Debra.”

I walked over to John and he threw me an envelope that was stuffed with hundred-dollar bills.

“Here.” John said as he tossed it to me, “Now hurry up and get the hell out of here before the cops come. This is one of the first places they’d search, idiot.”

I peeked into the envelope and thumbed through the wad of money.

“This… this is... WAY more than five grand.” I said to John.

“Yeah. It’s ten grand. It’s the maximum I’m allowed to withdraw without the bank reporting it to the police. I want you to be able to take care of Debra. You two won’t have anything if you’re going on the run. I want Debra to be provided for.”

“You gave ME as much as you could? ME? Just to make sure that I’m able to take care of Debra? You truly do care about her. Thanks, John.” I said sincerely.

My throat tightened. John really DID love Debra. I guess that’s why HE was the one who had Debra as a wife; and it was ME who was just a single, lonely fuck.

John would help a monster like me; just to help out the woman he loved. THAT was what true love was all about. Oh, man! I’ve completely ruined these innocent people’s lives! I’ve ruined their family! What have I done?!

I swallowed my guilt and tried not to think about what just happened. I turned to walk away, but John forcefully grabbed my arm.

“Now you listen here, buddy. Take good care of Debra. YOU HEAR ME?!”

“I hear you. I will protect her. I’ll make sure she’s safe.”

“You better.” John spat.

I turned to leave again.

“Wait,” John said, “What exactly did you guys do?”

“I killed someone.” I admitted.

“You MURDERED someone!?!” John raged, “HOW!?! WHY!?!”

“You’ll hear about it on the news soon enough. It’s like the most solvable murder in the world. The crime scene is so obvious, it’s sad. We’ll be hunted by the cops as soon as someone finds the body and reports it. We only have a few hours to leave the city, at most.”

“Can I at least say goodbye to my wife?” John asked.

“She asked the same thing. The answer is no.” I spat.

John scoffed.

I rolled my eyes, “Okay fine.”

I opened the passenger door and looked at the puffy-eyed Debra.

“You can touch John again,” I ordered, “I’ll let you two hug and kiss goodbye.”

Debra sprung out of the car, ran over to John, and leaped into his arms.

The two both poured tears and they both kissed passionately.

They kissed and kissed and began making out with tongue as they both cried.

John was shoving his tongue into Debra’s throat and Debra was greedily chunging it down.

My jealousy kicked in.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” I screamed.

I grabbed Debra’s arm and led her back to the car.

“Give ‘em an inch, and they take a mile.” I grumbled.

We got into Carly’s car and drove past John. Debra and John both cried as they waved goodbye to each other.

I rolled down the passenger window so Debra could yell one last good-bye.

“I love you, John!”

“I love you too, Debra!”

Debra wiped her face as I quickly merged onto the highway and transitioned into the far-left lane.

“Well Debra, I’m stumped. We made it out of the city, but where should we go now?” I asked Debra.

“Prison.” Debra said, as she put her face into her palms.

Debra and I ended up traveling for several hours. We traveled across four and a half states, and when it was pitch-black outside, and I was too tired to drive anymore, we took some random exit and ended up staying in a run-down motel.

We booked our room from a bearded, fat black man. The guy was an obvious creep. He blatantly checked out Debra, and clearly made her feel uncomfortable.

Debra’s outfit didn’t help. The man’s eyes constantly drifted from her long legs, to her thick ass, to her large breasts, and back again.

When we got the key to our room, he began licking his lips while staring at her ass again.

I held the motel office door open for Debra. When she walked out he let out a whistle.

“No panties either,” He whispered to Debra loudly, “Goddamn, you’re killing me girl!”

Even in the total darkness outside, I could see how quickly Debra’s cheeks flushed bright red.

Debra held my hand tightly. I was grateful for the gesture and pulled her close to me.

Debra had to display to that black man at the counter that she had a man. She had to show him that she was protected and that he shouldn’t try anything.

The echoing of Debra’s click-click-clicking heels stood out in the otherwise totally quiet night. It made me anxious. I could only imagine how Debra felt.

The man stood up from his office chair and stood at his window. He did that just so he could keep checking Debra out.

Another wave of guilt hit me like a train.

Debra should be sleeping in her three-story horse with her children and husband right now! Not being ogled by some pervert at a motel!

This innocent, suburban mom of two didn’t deserve any of this.

Debra glanced back toward the motel office. The man was still staring at her like a starving lion. He stared intently at every slow, ass-swaying step Debra took in those clicking heels.

“I’m removing the order for you to have to walk like that.” I said nervously, “You can walk normal again.”

Debra began to walk normally again, but it wasn’t enough to calm the excitement of the creepy motel owner.

Debra and I glanced back again. We both made eye contact with him, but he wasn’t deterred. He just kept continuing to watch her.

“Protect me. I need you. Protect me.” Debra whispered, in a meek voice, “Please. Protect me.”

Debra grabbed my arm tight and pulled herself in close to me. She was using me to shield to hide herself from the man’s view.

I got an instant hard-on and puffed out my chest.

I felt as if I now had purpose in this world. No, I DID have purpose in this world.

I had to protect Debra’s life; as well as the life of our baby that was still growing inside of her.

Debra was vulnerable, scared, and pregnant with my child. She was now wanted by the law. She was now a fugitive with no idea of where to go or what to do.

She was lost. She was looking to me for guidance, protection, and strength.

For the first time in my life, I truly felt like a man. I needed to watch over Debra, as well as protect my baby in Debra’s belly.

I felt dominant. I felt manly. I felt strong.

Debra and I entered the motel room. All Debra and I had to our name was the envelope of hundreds that Debra carried in her purse.

“You stay in here, Debra. I’ll go get our suitcases. I don’t want you going outside.”

“Thanks, daddy. But if you’re going to leave, don’t take your eyes off the door.” Debra said, clearly frightened.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, babe. Be back soon. I love you, Debra.”

“I, er, I love—”

“You don’t have to lie, Debra. It’s ok.” I said.

I closed the door and jogged to the car, constantly keeping our room door in the corner of my eye.

The black guy was now back at the motel front desk again. He had to know I was outside, but he wasn’t even looking my way. He wasn’t the least bit interested in me.

It almost seemed like he was watching something else. But what?

When I got our two suitcases and returned, Debra was sitting on the bed furthest from the door.

I put both suitcases on the other bed and began unpacking a few of Debra’s dresses, some lube, and her make-up kit.

I looked Debra in the eyes and threw the entire bottle of lube in the trash can.

“What? Why are you throwing out the lube, daddy?” Debra asked with desperation in her voice.

I didn’t answer.

Debra tightly closed her eyes and whimpered.

“These beds are small,” Debra complained, “Do we have to sleep in the same bed together?”

“Yes Debra, of course we do. Are you fucking stupid?” I asked.

I took my laptop from Debra’s suitcase and checked our local news. Nothing but pictures of the crime scene. Photos of Debra and I were everywhere. Cash rewards posted. A fucking disastor.

I looked at Debra with pure hatred.

“Just so you know, it’s taking every ounce of willpower I have not to beat the dog-shit out of you right now.” I said flatly.

I showed Debra the laptop screen.

“Look what you caused!” I shouted.

“I just wanted to get away from you! I’m just SICK AND TIRED of being your sex slave! You know I didn’t mean for—”

“I’m a wanted man. My life is over. I’m SO fucking angry with you, Debra. Put on a fresh dress, comb your hair, and put on your light-blue eyeliner. NOW. I can’t wait to bury my sorrow in your asshole! Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll spit in your ass-crack.” I said angrily.

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra grabbed a fresh dress from her suitcase and quickly walked in her heels into the motel bathroom.

“I want to turn myself in.” Debra said from inside the bathroom.

“Absolutely not.” I said.

“Please. This fear. This stress. This anxiety. It’s not worth it! Let’s just face the law.” Debra said, “I want to just get it over with.”

“I literally won’t allow you to do that.” I said calmly.

Debra walked out of the bathroom with a fresh dress, combed red hair, and light-blue eyeliner on. She heavily sighed.

“So, what’s our plan now?” Debra asked.

“Same as before. Nothing’s really changed. You and I are going to keep having sex. I don’t know when all of this will end. Especially now. Everytime I have sex with you, I have to treat it as if it’s my last time.”

I pointed at the motel phone.

“Debra, call John. Put it on speaker. Our local media picked up our story. We ditched our cellphones, and I’m sure he’s worried sick. I want to let him know that I got you out of the city safely; and that you’re safe. I don’t have your landline number memorized, but I know that you probably do.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra walked over to the phone and instantly dialed the number to her landline from memory.


“John?” Debra said in a cracked voice.

“DEBRA! Oh, it’s so much worse than I thought. You two are all over the news! The police are searching everywhere for you two! They took me down to the police station and grilled me for hours! Are you okay?!”

“No! I’m not okay! I’m scared. I’m really, really scared.” Debra pouted.

“Where are you, sweetie?” John asked in a cracked voice.

“I’m—” Debra started.

“She can’t tell you that.” I cut in, “But I’ve got her here with me. We found a place to rest for the night.”

“YOU.” John whispered hatefully.

“Listen John, I know you hate me. But right now, we’re on the same team. I told you that I’d take care of your wife, and I am. Debra wants to turn herself in, but I will NOT allow her to do that to herself. I’m going to keep your wife safe from the police, even if I have to use my mind control to force her to be.”

“We both know that the REAL reason you’re keeping Debra from turning herself in; is so that you so that you can keep mind-controlling my wife into having sex with you.” John spat, “You don’t give a damn about Debra’s well-being! This isn’t about her safety. It’s about you wanting her body.”

That stung a little. It wasn’t just about that. I truly did have a spot in my heart for Debra. But I knew that no one would ever see that, especially Debra.

“I’m keeping her safe and out of prison. Debra’s snow-white, suburban-ass wouldn’t last a day in there. Those heathenous women would eat her alive.”

“I’m… I’m glad you’re keeping Debra prison.” John said quietly.

“Of course. I won’t let those pigs catch her. NO ONE hurts my Debra but me.”

“So, why exactly did you kill that man, again?” John asked.

“He found out that I wasn’t really dating Debra, and that I was just mind-controlling her this whole time. So, I went to enslave him to keep him quiet… and I accidentally killed him. Um, er, I mean, WE accidentally killed him.”

“Oh my god… she wasn’t even involved, WAS SHE?! Don’t bring down Debra for this! Just turn yourself in. Tell the cops that Debra is innocent and let her live her life! You owe her that much. PLEASE!” John begged.

“Listen John, your wife fled the crime scene. She escaped the state with me. She booked a room with me, and is currently hiding from the law with me. Like it or not, she’s my accomplice. If I go down, so does she.”

John didn’t respond, but I could hear his heavy breathing.

“I know that you hate me. But as long as I’m still in control of your wife’s body, I’m gonna keep her with me. Can you help us a safe, more permanent place to stay?” I asked.

“You’re joking.” John said.

“I could just order you to help us, but I know I don’t need to. I have your wife.” I said calmly.

“Please. Release your control over Debra.” John begged calmly, “I want to help HER, not you.”

“Debra and I are a team, whether she wants to be or not. You help both of us, or neither of us. Your choice. Find us a safe place to stay.” I said.

“Okay-okay. I think if I pull some strings I can—” John started.

“If you have a plan, do it. We’ll be in touch.”

I hung up.

“You made me call my husband and I barely even got to talk to him! You just wanted to have John aid you in your continued run from the cops. You’re keeping me running from the law… JUST so you can keep having sex with me!” Debra cried.

“Well, I—” I started.

“You’re… you’re just USING me! I’m just your hostage! You’re taking advantage of my husband’s love of me; and you’re using it to help yourself! I’m SO FUCKING SICK of being used by you!” Debra shouted.

I sighed. I completely gave up on my idea of trying to explain to Debra that I actually did care about her.

“Just get on the floor, Debra. I’m fucking stressed out. You’re going to help me relieve my stress by letting me fuck you in the ass.” I said calmly.

“Yes, daddy.”

She got down on the floor and perked her ass upwards.

“You’ve abandoned your lubricant privileges. So, would you like some spit in your ass, Debra?”

“Yes, daddy.”

I yanked Debra’s hair, “Ask for it. I want to hear you ASK for it.”

“Can you spit in my asshole before you fuck it, daddy?”

Debra pried her ass-cheeks apart with her fingernails as I spat in it.

I sort of missed, and shot my spit slightly above my intended target, so Debra had to keep her ass-cheeks spread as gravity slowly pulled my spit down. Debra closed her eyes tightly as my bubbly spit slowly seeped into her asshole.

I shoved my cock in Debra’s butt and furiously pumped her ass.

“I’m gonna loosen you up bitch!”

Debra grunted.


Debra grunted in pain again.


“Ugh!” Debra grunted, “Oomph! Oomph! Mmrph!”

I grabbed Debra’s hips and secured a steady grip.

“Oomph! Ugh! Ermph! Ugh! Argggh!” Debra cried.


Tears streamed Debra’s face as I savaged her ass with no lube.

I stroked myself into Debra’s butt again and again and again. Debra’s skin rippled as I drilled her asshole with strength; shoving her face into the dirty motel room floor.

I pounded her harder, and harder. I took my frustration with today out on her asshole.

I dug into Debra’s soft, squishy hips with my fingernails. I squeezed tightly and twisted until I could feel my fingernails tearing skin. A trickle of blood ran down two of my fingers on Debra’s right side.

I was happy that her right hip was bleeding. I wanted to hurt her.

I fucked Debra’s lubeless asshole as hard as I could.

“Urmph! Urmph! Gawah! Urmph! Gwah! Argggh!” Debra grunted.

Tears streamed Debra’s cheeks.

“Mmrph! Mmrph! Mmrph! Ugh!”

Debra balled her hands into fists and inhaled air through her clenched teeth.

“Mmrph! Ahwah! Ugh! Urmph! Gwah! Urmph! Gwah! Urmph! Ugh! Urmph! Oomph! Oomph! Argggh! Gawah! Oomph!” Debra grunted.

“UNGH!” I moaned, “UNGH!”

My back and forehead were sweaty.

I leaned my weight onto Debra and ejaculated into her rectum.

“Yeah… Yeah… Yeah… Yeah...” I groaned.

Debra shivered again.

I pulled my cock out of Debra’s ass and stood up.

Debra clutched her rear-end with one hand and examined her bleeding right hip with the other. She looked up at me with sadness in her eyes.

“Quick shower. Put on your white dress. Put black lipstick on. And wear your peach-smelling perfume. I want you snuggling in bed with me in 3 minutes!” I snapped, “We operate with military-grade precision now, Deb. I’m not fucking around with you anymore! HURRY! GO-GO-GO!”

I clapped my hands loudly three times along with the ‘GOs’ with a stern look on my face to emphasize the point.

“Yes, daddy!”

Debra quickly stood up.

“You’re getting a beating for those tears you just shed during anal, by the way. No more leniency with you, Debra. We’re past that! We’re past ALL of that!”

“Yes, daddy!”

Debra ran over to the other bed, clutching her ass with one hand. She picked up the white dress, and make-up kit I unpacked for her, grabbed her peach perfume from her large, black purse, and dashed into the bathroom.

* * *

Both of Debra’s arms were wrapped around me as I slept.

I was using the pillows, from both of the beds.

The large, chunky Debra had to sleep uncomfortably on my chest. The big-girl had both of her arms, and both of her legs wrapped around my body.

I loved the way Debra’s warm, large, soft breasts squished into my body as we slept.

Debra’s cheek below her right eye was swollen from the beating that I had just given her, and her asshole sore from me fucking her with no lube tonight. As we slept, her asshole was currently filled with my dried semen. (After I beat Debra, I ended up fucking her in the ass again before bed. I didn’t let her clean that time.)

We were both awakened in the middle of the night by a loud banging on the door.


Debra and I were both instantly wide-awake.

I quickly hopped out of bed, grabbed my gun, clocked it, and handed it to Debra.

“If they break the door down, I want you to kill them.” I ordered in a whisper.

Debra’s hands automatically leveled the gun at the door.

“Don’t make me do this!” Debra whispered, tears immediately soaking her face.

I was going to have Debra murder these officers. If she succeeded, then we could continue being on the run, if she failed and got shot, well, at least it wouldn’t be me who died.

“Open the door. NOW!” A different officer roared.

“Hello officers! Can I help you?”

It was the creepy black motel owner who sold us the room.

“We traced a phone call from John & Debra Horton’s house to this motel room.” The first officer said.

“Oh yeah, I heard about them on the news, but I had no idea it was them until they already left. They were here earlier, but they just checked out yesterday.” The motel owner said.

Debra and I looked at each other and gave a mutual shrug. Debra lowered the gun in her hand she had pointing at the door. We both breathed a sigh of relief.

“Did they give you any indication on where they might be headed?” The second officer asked.

“No, they didn’t. But I did see them getting on the highway when they drove away. They were heading south.” The motel owner lied.

“Thank you for your cooperation sir.” The second officer said.

Once the officers left Debra and I began breathing again.

“Please, don’t ever order me to kill anyone again.” Debra begged.

“If I need you to, then you will. I’m GOING to keep using your body for my purposes, Debra. Deal with it.” I spat.

Debra looked at the gun she was holding and began shaking with fear. She glared at me with hatred in her eyes. Her poor, innocent soul had been shaken its very core these past few days.

Debra’s hateful glaring, fearful shaking, and heavy breathing, all while holding a loaded gun was making me nervous; so I took the gun away from her and put it in the drawer.

I then pulled Debra close and began to make out with her. I shoved my tongue deep into her throat, trying to mimic the way John had kissed her earlier; but without the equal passion that Debra had in that moment back then, it wasn’t quite the same.

I began to squeeze and fondle Debra’s ass as I sucked, licked, and tasted on Debra’s involuntary tongue.

I was so turned on.

It was such a RUSH knowing that this innocent, suburban, christian-mom would’ve murdered two police officers in cold-blood for me!

I held a firm grip on Debra. I squeezed her ass-cheeks with all my strength. I aggressively groped her ass and played tonsil-hockey in her throat.

The door swung open while Debra and I were making out.

I took my hand off Debra’s butt, pulled the gun out of the drawer, and pointed it.

“HEY! HEY! EASY!” The creepy black motel owner said, raising his hands in the air, “It’s me!”

I lowered the gun.

“You scared the shit out of me! But hey, thanks for the save with the cops. I really owe you for that one.”

The motel owner closed the door behind him and took a seat on the chair in our room.

“And I know how you can pay me back.”

Debra and I looked at each other, and then at him, confused.

“I have secret cameras hidden in every room here. Because I like to… well, you know... WATCH couples fuck.”

Debra shuddered with pure disgust at knowing that this man was just in the other room; watching her have sex.

“Why are you men such PIGS?!” Debra asked me angrily.

“So,” The man continued, “I’ve seen and heard EVERYTHING that you two have done since you got here. I know everything. Like the fact that you’re mind-controlling this poor woman!”

I pointed the gun at him again.

“Hey! Sheesh! I know you’re jumpy, but don’t point that thing at me! I’m not going to tell anybody.”

I lowered the gun again.

“No, please! You have to tell someone! You have to help me, sir!” Debra begged, “Having to live with your mind under the control of someone else… especially by a MAN… It’s so horrible!”

“Oh, I bet!” The black man laughed loudly as he looked at Debra, “I can only imagine what he’s been making you- OH MY GOD! Look at the size of those heels! WOW! Let me guess? His choice?” The man laughed.

I nodded.

“Eight inches?” The man asked, stroking his beard.

“Ten.” I said calmly.

“HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!” The man erupted in laughter… again.

This guy’s laughter was so loud it made the whole motel room shake.

“You two were obviously the most interesting guests I’ve had, so I HAD to learn more. So, I listened in on the phone call you made to her husband! And can I just say, for the record, you’re a fucking savage! ‘Hey dude, I mind-controlled your wife. I’m going to still keep banging her, but because I’m controlling your wife’s body, you must help me avoid the cops. Find me a safe place to stay.’ You said that shit with a straight face! HA-HA-HA! I can’t believe you pulled that off!”

The black man recovered from his earth-shaking laughter and sat up straight in the motel chair.

“You wanna pay me back for saving your ass? I know how you can.” He looked up and down at Debra’s 10-inch stripper heels, and super-tight, tubeless white dress.

“I’ve had my eye on that one since you two got down here.” He said as he stroked his beard, “That’s one NICE, chunky white-woman ya’ got yourself there!”

He stood up from his chair.

“I’ve got tons of videos of her changing in the bathroom. And I jerked it quite a few times to the video of you doggin’ her ass!” He said excitedly.

Debra looked like she was going to throw up. She obviously hated that this creep had filmed her.

“Ya’ know how much we black men like our big, white women! HA-HA-HA-HA!”

He slowly walked closer to us.

“But now I want the real thing!” The man grumbled as he stepped closer and closer.

“Don’t let him do this to me!” Debra begged.

Debra cowered behind me, using me as a shield. She began sobbing.

It meant SO MUCH me!

She needed me. She needed my strength. She was dependent upon me. Debra was unable to protect her own well-being by herself.

She needed me to protect her, and our baby inside of her. YES! This was my purpose in life now!

I felt like a man again.

I tightened my grip on my gun.

“Sorry bro. I appreciate your help with the cops, I really do. But I’m not just going to pass Debra out. We don’t roll like that.”

“I don’t CARE how you ‘roll’. I want payment for sticking my neck out on the line and lying to an officer’s face!”

He walked closer.

“You’re not touching her!” I yelled.

“YOU’RE the one raping her! At least share her, you god-damn hypocrite!” The black man yelled as he ran towards us.

I shot him in the head.

He collapsed with a loud thud. Dead in an instant.

Debra screamed in terror.

Debra ran away from me and cowered in the corner, sobbing to herself.

I ran over to her and ran my fingers through Debra’s hair, “Shhhh! Shhhh! It’s gonna be okay, Debra. It’s gonna be okay.”

“I want to go home!” Debra scream-cried.

“Yeah,” I agreed sadly, “Me too.”