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Absence of All Morality (Chapter 6)

After raping Doctor Martez a few times, I struck a deal with her before Kim and I flew home. She would send Kim and I half of every paycheck she received for the rest of her life. She would also pay to fly to our state once a month just to let me cream her. In exchange, I would leave her alone in Hawaii with her free will intact for as long as she kept the money coming.

It felt good to be home. I couldn’t wait to break the exciting news to Deb and Carly once they came to welcome us back, they were sure to be excited for the pregnancy of their sister slave. We waited at Kim’s- I mean MY house for about an hour for them to welcome us back after our honeymoon was over. When Debra and Carly finally showed up, over an hour late.

“What the hell took you so long, cow?!” I demanded angrily of Debra.

To be honest they weren’t too terribly late, and I personally didn’t mind their timing at all; but with my baby in Kim’s belly, and with how well my honeymoon turned out, I was feeling on top of the world and was on a total power trip.

“I’m sorry,” Debra began, “My husband was getting suspicious. I was only saved by the fact that I had Carly with me. Can I please not find my husband repulsive anymore? My husband suspects something is going on! Plus, I was never out this much before… I deny sex with him every time he tries because of your new commands! I know you like to torture us a lot, but I’m asking you this as a favor just this once.”

I gave a sarcastic chuckle.

“You’ve got some nerve coming in here late and requesting things. You came in late, and Carly doesn’t drive. So your master was limited to just one slave for over an hour his first day back home!”

“I… I’m sorry.” was all Deb could think of to say.

“You’ll be placed on fertility drugs. No more birth control. You will have my baby as punishment for being so disrespectful.”

Debra got down on her knees and begged. “God no! Please! My husband has had a vasectomy! He’ll think I cheated!”

I laughed. “Think? He’ll THINK you cheated? I think the proper term is, ‘He’ll KNOW I cheated’.”

“I have never cheated on him,” Deb whispered, “You’ve been raping me.”

“How many rape vicitms do you know who have their perpatrator’s name tattooed on their arm, cow?” I said, eyeing Deb’s hideous mark up.

“Stop calling me that. Please!” Debra said, her face turning red.

“You’re getting as red as your hair, Debby!” I laughed. “Tell me now, are you self-conscious about your weight?” I asked.

“Yes.” Debra immediately replied robotically, the ISA forcing her to answer my question. Then Deb blinked, “I mean… yes of course. All women are.”

“Kim, run to the bathroom and bring the scale to me.” I ordered.

Kim disappeared down the hall.

Deb glanced at Carly and then looked at me with hatred. “Why are you doing this?” she demanded, her voice cracking.

“Just punishment for being late. Something tells me you weren’t as fast as you could’ve possibly been. Were you?”

Before Deb could respond, Kim appeared with the scale.

“Let’s see what we’re working with. Hop on.” I ordered.

Debra’s legs wobbled as she put up resistance to the ISA. “I don’t like to weigh myself.”

“I don’t remember asking.” I said.

Debra kicked off her black heels as she got on the scale.

“Hey Carly, guess her weight.” I ordered.

“250.” Carly guessed.


“260?” Kim guessed.

“280! The bitch weighs 280!” I laughed.

Tears of embarrassment streamed Debra’s face. That’s overweight for a man, so Debra must’ve been mortified. I pulled out my phone and opened google.

“A newborn Asain elephant weighs about 91 kg, which is 200 pounds.” I laughed trying to capitalize on Debra’s shame..

“Stop.” Debra whispered.

“So you weigh more than a fucking baby elephant?” I laughed.

“Why are you doing this?” Carly asked.

“Because our little piggy needs to know how much of an animal she is. Now you two, weigh yourselves.”

Kim weighed 125 and Carly weighed 112. I stepped on the scale for fun, and I weighed 147.

“Christ,” I said to Deb, “You weigh more than any two of us combined!”

I smiled a shit-eating grin as I said, “Thankfully you can don’t have to worry about sharing the fertility drugs, you can just take them all, because Kimberly doesn’t need them anymore!”

Deb and Carly gasped.

“Yeah... Aren’t I just the best?” I laughed.

“Oh and yes, I’ll be making her raise it!” I said enthusiastically.

“Take a pill, piggy. Then I’m gonna pump a batch of cookie batter into your oven! You can have one too!” I laughed some more as Debra swallowed one.

“Kim you watch and masturbate to this. Carly go to your room, close the door and do some homework or something. After I rape Ms. Piggy over here, I’m going to teach you how to drive, I’ll make sure you get your license by the end of the month.”

“WOW.” Carly said, “Ummm… thanks!” She quickly disappeared to her room.

“Why do you treat HER so fucking nicely?!” Deb demanded. “What makes that dumb cunt so special?”

“Good question.” Kim agreed, nodding.

“You need to stop worrying about others and concern yourself with my cock, slave. Drink some water and bend over my fucking kitchen table.”

I freed Debra’s tits from her dress and began with the super-hard nipple pinches that I loved doing to her.

“These huge tits… they don’t belong to you,” I said as I pinched them as hard as I could, “they belong to me.”

I spread Debra’s ass cheeks apart and coughed a lugey in her crack. Debra shivered.

“Gross huh? But this huge ass… no longer yours either… this is also my property. So I get to do whatever I want with it.”

I slid my cock into her dampening pussy walls. My honeymoon with Kim and the doctor was fun and all, but I did miss the wetness of Debra while I was gone.

“But by far the best part of you that I own is this overlubricating pussy.” I said as I began pumping her.

“You do not own me,” Debra said, her fat arms shaking while we fucked doggie style, “You don’t own any of us. This is rape!”

“Not an issue for me! I love raping you, you fat, moist cow. I missed your warm, clenching hole while in Hawaii. Now I want you to repeat—”

My sentence got abruptly cut off as the milking started.

I inhaled a sharp deep breath, “Fuuuuuucccccckkkkk…..” I moaned happily.

“I... I DO own you... FUCK.... now repeat... that I own you. Until you take... my seed.”

“You own me. You own me. You own me. You own me. You own me. You own me. You own me. You own me. You own me. You own me.” Debra robotically chanted.

I grabbed Debra by the sides of her chubby stomach and pushed in as deep as I could. I rested my groin on her fat thighs as I creamed the cow.

“Yesss… good slave... “ I whispered in her ear as I drained my load in her.

I pulled out of Debra. I then rudely pushed her down onto the table as I used her as support to help me stand up.

“I love that I can do absolutely anything! Anything at all to you! You guys just have to sit there and take it!” I laughed.

* * *

Carly was an absolutely horrible driver. She somehow managed to scrape Deb’s car into a parked one. But after about 2 hours of practice, she managed to become a bad driver, instead of a horrible one.

“We’ll practice a lot more, but at least you’re improving.” I said.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” Carly asked.

“I uh…” I stammered.

“I will never like you.” Carly said.

“I know that, I just—” I began.

“You raped me.” Carly said, “I’ve seen what you’ve done to my boss and to that innocent woman. I hate you. No matter how good you treat me, you need to know that I will never like you. Ever.”

“As long as that ISA is inside you, I don’t need you too. I can’t make you like me, but if I make you act like you do, and treat me as if you do, 24/7 for the rest of your life, then what’s the difference? So you can either thank me for treating you special, or you can be raped and impregnated like everyone else. What’s it going to be?”

“Thank you, sorry for being disrespectful.” Carly said looking down.

“I forgive you. I do have to rape you again, as well as beat you for being disrepectful though, and of course I’m going to cum in you, but assuming you’re still on your birth control you’ll be fine.”

Carly’s lip quivered. “I understand.”

“Or,” I began, “I can rape Kim and Deb tonight instead.”

Carly paused, “Well that’s not really fair to them.”

“It’ll just be a routine fuck. They’re used to it now, regardless of whether or not they’ll admit that. You, on the other hand, aren’t used to it yet, and I will also be beating you as well.”

Carly nervously shook in her seat as she asked, “You’re going to beat me?”

“Yes. I will beat the shit out of you.” I said calmly.

“Rape them instead.” Carly said looking upwards at nothing in particular and gripping the steering wheel tightly.

“Don’t feel so guilty. They already hate you.” I said to Carly.

“Yeah, I heard what they said about me when you told me to do homework.”

“Exactly. The only way they’d no longer hate you is if you gave up your special treatment and got tortured and ruined like the rest of them. Then they’d be sympathetic towards you. But would you really want that to happen anyways?”

“No, I wouldn’t. I’d rather they hate me, then to also be tortured.”

“Good,” I smiled, “Now I want you to be the one to tell them that they will be taking your place tonight.”

* * *

“You can’t be serious.” Kim said disbelievingly.

“I heard what you two said about me, but it’s not like that was just a one time thing, either! I see the way you two look at me, I know you hate me. I don’t know why he treats me differently, but thank god he does! I’m not gonna let him ruin my life too just to make you two feel better!” Carly yelled.

“In fact, it’s actually you two are the selfish ones!” Carly continued.

“Us?!” Kim asked angrily.

“Yes you two! How dare you ask me to sacrifice my life just because you two had yours stolen from you? It’s a tragedy that you two were robbed of your lives, and I hate him too! But me losing my life isn’t going to bring yours back!”

During this whole argument I just sat at the table quietly. This worked exactly as planned; keep them fighting amongst themselves and prevent collaboration. If they all cared for each other, and worked together then there would be some chance, however small, of them finding some loophole or error I made in programming them. But I felt like with them fighting internally, and being focused on jealousy, pettiness, and bickering, they stood less of a chance of somehow overthrowing me.

“Imagine if the situation were reversed. And I had you raped twice as often in my place, how would you feel?” Debra demanded.

“You wouldn’t be in that position because I would’ve never tried to make you feel bad for getting special treatment in the first place! I’d be happy that at least one of my sister slaves got to have somewhat of an okay life even if I didn’t!” Carly countered.

“You’re just dodging the question! You selfish uncaring bitch!”

“Don’t call me a bitch, Ms. Piggy!” Carly yelled.

Scratch that. Better than planned. WAY better.

Debra stood up from her chair quickly, Carly did the same.

“Your so lucky I’m ordered not to hurt anyone!” Debra laughed. Then she spat in Carly’s face.

That’s a loophole a didn’t see coming.

“You girls are no longer allowed to spit on people or in any way assault them.” I said quickly.

“Rape her again.” Carly said to me, coldly. Staring right into Debra’s eyes. “Ensure that she’s impregnated. Make her lose her husband and her kids. You don’t deserve to have a family.”

“HOW. DARE. YOU!” Debra yelled as loud as my programming allowed her too.

“Oh and by the way I’m making updates to slave gear.” I said, “And Carly gets to be the one to pick it. You can ALL wear 6 inch heels; OR Carly can wear flip flops, and you two wear those.” I pointed to the multiple pairs of shoeboxes. The hell heels, those unwalkable 10 inch abominations I picked up in Hawaii.

“Your pick Carly.”

Carly slowly wiped the spit from her face while staring at Debra. “Make them suffer.” Carly said smiling harshly and she slipped on a pair of red flip flops.

“Ok. Carly, you’re new slave uniform is sweatpants, flip flops, and any shirt and undergarments of your personal choice. Deb, in addition to your clothing rules, you must now wear those hell heels... forever. You can only be barefoot when sleeping or showering. Good luck with that. And Kim, those heels are now part of your slave uniform in addition to your tight bras and thongs.”

Everyone got changed. And the two women watched Carly put on her sweatpants with envy.

“Debra, when I have my thick-girl cravings, I decided I might as well go all out. You girls will have specialties. I’m gonna make you fatten up. In addition to the normal weight gain that pregnancy already yields. You can start by eating that entire brand new box of twinkies.”

Deb slammed her fist into the kitchen table.

“I’ve been slowly losing weight though. I’ve lost 25 pounds these past few months before I met you, I’ve finally found a plan that’s working for me.”

“You mean you used to be over 300?” I said amazed. “Well we’re gonna get you back to that. I want your ass meaty, and your tits heavy. I’m going to start tightening my control over my slaves diets.” I winked at the now-vegan Kim.

“Oh, except for you Carly. You’re free to eat whatever you feel like.”

“Oh, come on!” Kim yelled.

* * *

“It might… take... a few… tries… to… pregnant.” I said in between strokes.

“Overweight... people... struggle...more with... conceiving.”

I grabbed Debra’s red hair and yanked hard as I fucked her doggie style on my kitchen table. I could feel myself bubbling up as I slid into Debra easily. She was by far the least-tight slave I owned, but something about her quickly dampening walls made her very easy to cum in.

I released her hair and then quickly adjusted my grip and immediately grabbed another handful of her fiery red hair. With all my strength I pulled her head back, badly messing up her doo as I began to nut in her. ‘The human body is wonderful’ I thought as Debra’s vagina betrayed her as she involuntarily clenched my cock with her pussy.

“Yes… ahhhhh yesss… you fat bitch… milk your master…” I moaned in her ear as I made her insides soggy.

Kim began to cum as the ISA controlling her fingers made her play with her love-bud perfectly. She closed her eyes in shame as Deb and I stared at her.

I grabbed Deb by her shoulders, “Walk with me,” I said.

I led her to the bathroom and looked at our reflections.

“Look at your reflection,” I ordered. “Gaze at it.”

Debra looked at her reflection as commanded. Her hair was now ruined, badly. It was all out of place and just looked plain awful from me absolutely pawing it. Her tattoo was now fully healed. Bold, prominent, huge, and ugly as ever. Her stomach violently rumbled, a side effect of the fertility drugs I put her on, and my semen was slowly running down her legs.

Debra’s lip quivered. She was so close, and I knew she was just a few degrading comments away from full-on mental breaking down. I wanted to see it.

“This is you now…” I said grabbing her ass.

“You’re going to lose everything…” I scooped some of my leaking semen and put it back in her pussy.

“You know that right?” I asked evilly.

“Your kids…” I nibbled on her ear.

“Your husband…” I scooped up as much remaining semen as I could and put in her ass.

“I’ll make sure he finds out.” I then attempted to leave a huge noticeable hickey on her neck.

“He WILL find out…” I kissed her on the lips.

“Your diet? That’s gone…” I softly pinched her stomach.

“Do you know what else is gone?” I whispered.

“You’re pathetic attempts of trying to be known as anything else besides ‘the fat girl.’”

“Stop this.” Debra begged.

“You wanted to be beautiful so badly…” I cooed in her ear.

“So you got your hair done regularly at Kim’s salon.”

“Don’t say it… Please.” She begged.

“You began extreme unhealthy dieting recently that was very hard for you…”

“Stop talking…”

“But it was working. You were losing weight, but became cranky, moody, and stuck up to Kim and everyone else in your life, as a result of these extreme and unhealthy dieting practices.”

”I hate you so much.” Debra gasped.

“You aren’t the stuck up bitch everyone thinks you are, you’re a victim. But I didn’t know that, so I decided to teach you a lesson by enslaving you.” I rested my semi-hard cock on her ass cheek.

“Mmmmm… yes it makes so much sense now. I get it. My poor, sweet Debby-bun.”

Divide and conquer. Debra has just been feeding me ammunition.

“You know… if you think about it, you attempting to diet and no longer be the ‘fat girl’ is what put you into contact with me…” I licked a tear from Debra’s face.

“We can’t escape who we are…” I cooed.

“I never would’ve met you otherwise… You attempted to try and change who you were and better yourself. Now look at you!” I laughed.

“All my life I’ve been fat… I finally began losing some weight after all these years. JUST for it to then make me run into you. Now you’re just gonna slide in control of my brain and make me gain it all back. Life is so cruel! I want kill myself. I really, really, really want you to let me kill myself.” Debra said.

“Sorry but I need to have you alive.”

“Why?” Debra said, sniffling trying to hold back the tears.

“I need you alive to rape you. But that’s not the main reason.”

“What is then?” Debra asked, sounding more curious then sad.

“It’s because it satisfies something deep in my evil heart to torture you. I will be raping you for many, many more years to come. I promise.”

Debra burst into tears and I left her alone in the bathroom sobbing for over an hour.