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Absence of All Morality (Chapter 7)

“Yes… yes… uuuuunnnggghhhh… I need this… I want you… pregnant.” I groaned in Debra’s ear.

“God… fuck! I want you to walk around pregnant!” I yelled excitedly as Debra involuntarily milked me and I began to cum.

Debra had ALWAYS put up a struggle when I began to cum in her. If there was one thing Debra could stop, it would be this. Debra always desperately wanted to avoid getting filled up with my seed, even before I ordered her to find cum repulsive.

This time however, Debra didn’t struggle. I was highly surprised to see that her legs didn’t wobble and her face didn’t twist with hatred. As I moaned, she knew what was coming but didn’t attempt to move away. She just submitted and allowed my throbbing cock to pump semen inside her.

I made sure to pull out slowly, leaving behind as much of my baby batter in Debra as I possibly could.

This was probably a response to sheer exhaustion. I had ordered Debra to call off work and come to my house in the morning. Since the moment she got here, I had been fucking Debra all day long. I felt dominant knowing that I was working her sweet pussy overtime as its clenching routine became commonplace. That was the only reason she didn’t resist. God, repeatedly raping someone to the point where they are too worn down to resist anymore is so fucking hot!

I had lost count of how many times I filled Debra with my seed today, but let’s just say with the help of all the drugs I was using, the number was almost certainly more than the amount of presidents we’ve had.

“About eighty percent of the time you involuntarily milk me, and I absolutely love it! I feel so cheated the few times you don’t, so thank god you did this time.” I laughed.

My balls began to ache from all this sex, and I went to sit down and drink some water.

Kim looked even more tired of this than Deb, if that was even possible. She took it upon herself to finally stop masturbating since I nutted in Deb already, no longer wanting to flick her bean any longer than the hours she already had.

“Keep masturbating until you cum again. Then you’re done for the night.” I ordered KIm.

“You internally clench me, and get so fucking wet so god damn fast, cow. Even after I rape and plow you all day. What’s your secret? This amazing pussy of yours makes it very easy to cum in you. You’re the least-tight and least-hot girl here, fatty. But you are by far the best to nut in, which thankfully gives your fat fucking ass a reason to be here.”

Debra slowly and shakily got up off my kitchen table. She eyed my semen leaking from her pussy and looked ready to vomit; her orders making her physically repulsed by cum inside her.

“Which do you think your husband will find out about first?” I asked, stretching my arms, “My baby in you, or your hideous branding mark?”

“Your baby. The pregnancy will be impossible to hide. Plus I’ve started to get skilled at hiding my tattoo and navigating blind while around him.” the ISA made Debra answer robotically.

Kimberly gasped as she had her orgasm and then walked back to her room. She wobbled as she was still learning to walk in those horrible hell heels.

“Have you had sex with your husband since I ordered you to find him and I repulsive?” I asked.

“I almost did… once. But the real problem isn’t the repulsion. I would’ve been more than willing to push past that just to give my husband pleasure. The real problem Is the fact that the repulsion this ISA makes me feel for your evil rapist ass, is the exact same repulsion it makes me feel for my loving husband. When I’m at my home and away from you, I want to push the thoughts of you as far away as possible. The feelings that this ISA makes me feel for him… it reminds me of you. It reminds me of all the times you rape or torture me. So I can’t have sex with him now, I just can’t.”

Debra’s voice cracked every time she said the word ‘you’. I was really getting to her now, even ruining her life at home, while I wasn’t even there.

Debra kept eyeing the bathroom.

“You can clean up, it’s been a hell of a day,” I said to Deb, “Oh, and take another pregnancy test while you’re in there.” I ordered.

Moments later I heard Debra breathe a sigh of relief. Fuck.

“God damn it… Fucking-obese-cow-son-of-a-bitch.” I grumbled.

“The longer it takes you to get pregnant, the more I’m gonna have to rape you! Enjoy many more days of creaming!” I yelled down the hall, trying to dampen even the brief moment of happiness she was feeling.

Debra quickly came outside of the bathroom and glared at me.

“You said it yourself, obsese people struggle more with conceiving. You’re making me gain weight back to try and torture me, but you’re only making it that much harder to get the rape baby you want, you stupid fucking bitch!” Debra yelled at me.

I marched over to Debra. She turned to try and run, but it was too late. I grabbed her in a chokehold and dragged her back into the bathroom. Even though I’m much stronger, the big Debby probably could’ve put up a decent fight, with her being twice my weight and all, but with the ISA in her brain not allowing her to hurt me, all she could do was try and remove my hand from her throat.

I gave her a punch to the jaw.

“The nerve…” I groaned as I threw her on the ground.

“Suck your own pussy juice off my cock till I’m hard.” I ordered.

“I’m sorry…” Debra said quietly she crawled over to me and began to slurp.

“Bend over the sink and arch your back.” I ordered after she got me hard.

“Let’s see… we’ll be piercing your nose and tongue, and I’m gonna ink you up some more. Just pray I decide to spare your face.” I said as I forced my cock in her still-damp pussy.

I pushed into Debra hard and suddenly. Which in turn, made Debra lose balance and catch herself on her toes. I refused to let her adjust or regain balance, making her stand on her toes as I began pounding away. Debra had to hold on to the sink for support.

“Please, no more tattoos.” Debra begged as I pinched her nipples.

“Yes, more tattoos. And we’re piercing these things as well.” I said pinching as hard as I could, trying unsuccessfully to draw blood.

I can’t last very long in Debra. Even after I just came, her wet walls and magically clenching warm pussy just make me cum so goddamn fast every single time. I buried myself as deep as I could in Debby and gave her a second helping of warm gravy. However, this seemed to part of the dreaded twenty percent as her vagina didn’t start milking me this time.

“Milk me!” I screamed anxiously.

“God damn it milk your master! I need you to milk me!” It was too late as I emptied myself and no milking came. I felt so robbed.

“Fuck you, you worthless cunt!” I yelled as I kicked Debra’s legs from underneath her as I pulled out of her.

Since Debra was only balancing on her toes, she lost balance completely and smacked into the sink on her way down.

“AAARRRGGGHHH!” Debra cried on the ground.

“You fucking made me chip a tooth!” She cried.

“Good! And you’re gonna show off your tattoo to your husband the next time you see him.”

“Wait! Stop! Please!” She said as I turned to leave the bathroom.

“You should’ve milked me, slave.” I said looking down on the ground at her.

“IT’S INVOLUNTARY!” Deb screamed as loud as allowed, “You’re lucky I ever even ‘milked’ you at all. I’ve been milking you all day long! You should be grateful. I’m already doing everything you ask. Why are you punishing me?”

“Eh, you know you’ll be losing your husband no matter what; once I make you have my baby. Why do you even care so much?” I asked.

“Because I love him... I want to enjoy this final time I’ll have with him… because I know that you will eventually make me lose him forever.” Debra said, her voice cracking badly.

That sentence would’ve made almost anyone else in the world feel sympathy. But the feeling of morality is absent for me. I take what I want, when I want; if I can.

“You need to get one thing straight. My goal isn’t to ruin your marriage, Debra. If THAT’S what I wanted to do, I could just make you divorce him right now. I simply want to fuck the shit out of your fat body; and force you to have a baby or two. Whatever else you want to do with your free time isn’t really my concern. I’ve told you this before, I want you women for your bodies. The brain is just part of the package deal. I don’t care about your marriage one way or the other, I truly don’t. But if me forcing you to have a baby causes you to lose your loving husband, then so be it.”

Debra’s lip quivered. She looked down at my second helping of cum on her thighs that had leaked from her pussy. She looked ready to puke. Debra then gave me a spiteful look as she glanced at her hell heels and tattoo on her shoulder. Then she then whimpered as she rubbed her chipped tooth. All things caused by me. Debra’s life really did suck, I’d probably be suicidal too. HA!

“I’ll tell you what, you don’t have to show your tattoo off just yet. But don’t think this is because I’m being nice or something, it’s just because I’ve come up with a different plan to torture you even more! I need you to understand that your life now exists at my convenience, my leisure, and my pleasure. You can do only what I find the mercy in my evil heart to allow. I am in absolute control of your brain, body, and life.”

My cock throbbed when I said that last sentence.

“You want to hold onto your husband for as long as possible? Fine. But now I’m going to use this, Debra. I have to make your husband think you’ve been cheating on him with me! In a few months I will fuck you at your house. I want to see your husband’s face when I purposely get us caught cheating. I’ll make you apologize, admit that you’ve been my secret whore, and then you will show off your pregnant body! Then I’ll make you sit down and explain to your kids that mommy is a cheater. I’m really looking forward to that day.” I laughed.

“No,” Debra whispered, tears flowing, “If you don’t care about my marriage one way or the other, just let me find a way to tell them. Don’t make me lose my family.”

“I’ll think about it. You can go home to your husband, slave, I know you’re dying too. You did good today Debbie, minus that last non-milking part. Because I was cheated out of a milking; no cleaning up today. I know it’s not your fault, but it kind of turns me on to know that you will be walking around in your own house, next to your husband all day, with MY dried cum between your legs. You will be sleeping next to your husband tonight, carefully hiding the tattoo of my name, and secretly having my seed between your legs. Yes, that’s so hot! I hope you feel my dried cum as you attempt to sleep! God I wish I could see it! I think I might have you instal cameras in your house at some point. God, I love this control I have over you!”

Debra stood up and made her way to the door, refusing to make eye contact with me.

“Aren’t you going to kiss me goodbye?” I asked as she walked past me.

Debra balled her fists, then came over and gave me the type of kiss she knew I wanted. Lots of tongue, and lasting way longer than any normal couple’s goodbye kiss would.

“Be back first thing in the morning. 9 am. We’re going to keep up with this rigourus fuck routine until you’re pregnant. Be sure to keep taking those fertility drugs and drink plenty of water.” I ordered.

After Debra slammed the front door I could hear her angrily kicking some shit on my porch. I think she then punched my mailbox, and finally I heard her heels clicking as she walked away.

The rest of the day was pretty chill. Doctor Martez mailed me a check for around 2 grand and more driving practice with Carly. Since Debra went home, we practiced in Kim’s van. No way in hell she was driving my car.

* * *

It was the next morning, 8:45 and Debra unlocked and walked in the door for some more rigourus fucking. I gave her a key to the house, might as well. She had seemingly learned her lesson, not only was she on time, but she was early. The slaves were learning.

She was being forcibly impregnated and possibly losing her entire family all because she was late one time. Probably the biggest punishment anyone has ever received for being late.

As Debra entered, she darted her eyes around, but refused to make eye contact with me. Her hands began to shake slightly and she bit her lip.

“You look suspicious. Tell me what you are thinking about slave.” I ordered.

“I showed him the tattoo of your name and told him I cheated on him.” Deb answered robotically.

“What? Why?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“You are so evil that you had the nerve to make a plan that involved walking into MY HOME one day, and breaking the news to MY HUSBAND and my own young CHILDREN that you got me pregnant. I could see how excited you were. I could tell you looking forward to the fun you’d have that day... so I decided to ruin all of it by telling him. Fuck you. If I can deny you pleasure in any way possible, I will.” Debra said.

Debra winced and backed up. Her anger got the best of her, and she knew it. She expecting me to flip out, beat her, or torture her again. Debra took a deep breath and tried to explain herself.

“Plus, I figured if I admitted it now, I could save our marriage once I got visibly pregnant. I would just say I stopped the cheating a long time ago, but was already pregnant. I figured that if he already forgave me for cheating, then he wouldn’t leave me over just being pregnant. So see? I had some logic as well. This wasn’t just about trying to fuck you over. I swear!”

Debra covered her face and backed up into the wall, and put her hands up to her face.

“Please don’t hurt me! Don’t beat me! I’m sorry!” Debra screamed.

Instead I just calmly asked, “How’d your husband react?”

“He wanted to take the kids and stay at his mom’s place, but I acted super guilty and told him I’d stay in a hotel instead.” Debra said robotically.

“No need, you’ll just be staying here. With you here, you can get more of my cum in your guts. Everyone wins!” I said.

There was then super loud banging on Kim’s- I mean MY front door. I opened it. Some pissed off thirty-something white guy.

“Can I help you?” I asked passive aggressively.

“Yeah, you can. Stop fucking my wife!” the man screamed.

“You followed me, John?” Debra asked her husband.

“If you hit me, I’m calling the cops.” I said matter of factly.

“I’m not gonna hit you. Even though I should.” John grumbled. He turned to Debra.

“Debby sweetie,” John said, tearing up, “I want to get through this, but you need to leave this man’s house right now.”

Debra started walking towards him.

“Stay right there, Debra.” I ordered.

Debra stopped walking.

“Debby?” John’s voice cracked.

Debra looked at me with big, pleading eyes.

“Johnathan… it’s not what it looks like.” Debra whispered.

“Is he forcing you?” John asked.

Debra’s lips quivered as she put up resistance as the ISA made her answer, “No.”

“Off my property. Now.” I said.

“Deb, I’m heading to my car, if you don’t follow me there, we’re done. I mean it.” John said.

He turned to leave. Debra’s legs wobbled as she worked up a small sweat, trying to fight the ISA in her brain with all her might, the hardest resistance I’ve seen so far. She still didn’t manage an inch.

“Nu uh. You owe me a milking.” I said.

“I’ll do anything,” Debra begged. “Just let me go to his car.”

“Why do you slaves always say that?” I laughed. “I can already MAKE you do anything. That’s not a good negotiation tactic at all. You wanted to spoil my pregnancy surprise, huh? Then I guess I’ll just have to make the most of this moment instead. You just fucked yourself over Debra. Now scream ‘I don’t love you anymore’.”

“I don’t love you anymore!” Debra yelled out.

John stopped reversing the car. And began crying.

“No,” Debra whispered, “Nonononono you have to stop this!”

Deb grabbed my arm and screamed my name at me.

“STOP THIS!” she yelled as loud as the ISA allowed her.

“Nah. I decided to be nice and let you hide your tattoo. How do you repay me? By ruining my pregnancy surprise! That’s the thanks I get? This is what you deserve. Now you STILL have to watch your husband have his heart broken, except that with the way you did it, you don’t even get your final months with him before your pregnancy shows!”

John started wiping his tears and just hatefully stared at Debra and I.

“Pull out your phone.” I ordered Deb.

“Send him a text. You will say, ‘Sorry I hurt you John, I still care. I just no longer have love for you. Hopefully we can keep this civil. I’ll fill out divorce papers as soon as you need me too’.”

Debra’s thumbs vibrated like crazy as she tried with all her might to resist. As soon as her iPhone made the sound that the message had sent she fell to the floor and broke down in a crying mess.

“Stand up and look happy.” I quickly ordered.

“You monster! At least let him see me LOOK sad about this!” Debra screamed as she was forced to display a smile. “BURN IN HELL! BURN IN HELL!”

“Cool story babe.” I said calmly. “But we have a baby to make, remember?”

I threw Debra to the ground and mounted her missionary style, with the door wide open. John just stared at us with a gaping mouth, as he watched me pull up Debra’s dress and put my dick in his wife, Debra’s lack of panties making my job easy. I smiled a shit-eating grin at him, and slowly closed the door.

“Did you see him? He saw us fucking.” I said to Debra.

Kim’s bed squeaked as she stood up and walked over to us, and began masturbating.

“Did... you hear... all that Kim?” I asked as I pounded the sniffling Deb, still weirdly having the smile on her face as she moaned in agony.

“Yes.” Kim answered robotically.

“She’s… so goddamn wet.” I said to Kim.

“You may be an overweight cow… but FUCK... your pussy’s good!” I gasped.

I began to make out with Debra. She rested her tongue underneath mine inside my mouth which I absolutely loved.

Debra’s soaking pussy and warm tongue was too much for me. Deb’s fat thighs clamped me (as she was ordered whenever we fucked missionary) and held me in place as I pushed myself in and emptied my balls in her cunt.

“Mmmmmm….” I moaned happily into Debra’s mouth as she milked me dry.

Even after I gave her everything I had her greedy pussy continued betraying her and milked my cock more. I lost all my hardness, and with a heavy heart I reluctantly pulled out of Debra.

“FUCK I love your pussy!” I screamed out loud.

Debra whined into my mouth, hating the fact she was involuntarily giving a bastard like me such a huge amount of pleasure.

“And I love making you a soggy little cow.” I said to Deb, giving her smiling face a quick peck on the lips.

“You don’t have to look happy anymore, and take another pregnancy test,” I ordered as I stood up, “I’m gonna think of what your next tattoo should be.”

Debra wobbled on her heels as she shakily got up. The big girl making heavy clicking sounds in her heels as she disappeared to the bathroom.

“Would you like the word ‘SLUT’ across the back of your neck, or a swastika on your cheek? How about a—”

Debra shrieked.

“No… fucking… WAY!” I laughed.

“Well, that most recent fucking was too soon to be the one that got you pregnant, but just like with Kim’s pregnancy I’m gonna pretend. Let’s just say that the fucking in front of your husband was the one that did it!” I laughed again.

We heard the sound of flip flops smacking the ground as Carly appeared. The first time I’ve seen her leave her room all weekend. She opened the refrigerator, took the other half of my pizza and stuck it in the microwave.

“Hey Carly, you look cute in flip flops. Tonight we should—”

“Pass. Don’t get things twisted. I will never want your rapist cock anywhere near me,” Carly said.

My eyes slightly narrowed, and Carly quickly realized she was speaking a little too liberally with me.

“Just rape Deb some more,” Carly nervously added quickly, “She’s prego with your baby and just lost her hubby. I think you’d love to break her spirits some more.”

“Yeah you’re right.” I said.

Carly was lucky I enjoyed torturing Debra so much. Carly routinely dodged bullets by using Debra as a shield. She had no idea how lucky she was, or maybe she did.

“You mean you heard all that, and you don’t even care or feel bad?!” Debra yelled at Carly as loud as the ISA allowed.

“I feel a little bad for Kim, but you? Not really.” Carly said as she took a bite of pizza.

“A little?” Kim scoffed.

“Wait let me get this straight, she gets to do whatever she wants and eat your food?” Debra demanded.

“And deny you sex,” Kim added, “You raped my ass to the point of requiring stitches over doing the exact same thing.”

“You said it was because she treated you with respect, but that doesn’t sound very respectful to me. You should rape HER!” Debra said with hatred in her voice.

“And get her pregnant.” Kim added.

Carly turned around and looked at Deb and smiled evilly. At this point, I believe Carly realized my weakness; that my love for torturing Debra would always be able to pull the spotlight off of her if she played her cards right.

“The swastika will get her fired. She should spend all her free time working like a dog whenever you aren’t raping her, that way you can take even more money from her. So go with the word ‘SLUT’ on the back of her neck. It’ll combo well with her dresses, be embarrassing, but also not fireable. Oh, and make ’em sleeveless. I’m pretty sure that’s how she’s been hiding her tattoo this whole time.”

“Good point Carly! Deb, in addition to your current clothing commands, the dresses must be sleeveless.” I said.

Keeping me turned on, focused on torturing Debra, and suggesting even more degrading clothing worked to perfectly get all my attention on Deb. I realized exactly what Carly was doing, but I didn’t care.

The ISA made Debra immediately take off her dress and stood naked in front of us. Carly smiled at the naked Deb and quietly returned to her room. She had successfully evaded the spotlight that was cast on her, and scored a big win as she got my attention placed back on torturing Deb. Mission passed as far as Carly was concerned.

“I guess you can wear that dress one last time while we go clothes shopping. Oh and bring your bank card, you’re going to be paying for all the outfits I choose, obviously. But also we must withdraw the maximum amount of money every day before your husband, I mean ex-husband gets wise.” I laughed.