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Absence of All Morality (Chapter 9)

The slaves and I were all sitting at the kitchen table, eating breakfast. I decided that we should all be eating together as a family, and as a result, I made family breakfast and dinner mandatory for everyone in the house, even Carly.

“This was the first morning that BOTH of you guys both woke up with morning sickness at the same time! Good thing we have two bathrooms, huh? Aren’t you ladies simply ecstatic you’re going to become mothers?”

I saw the look that instantly appeared on Debra’s face. She clearly wanted to say something along the lines of, ‘I already am a mother’ but she held her tongue. Good choice.

I liked Debra. I started this whole project all because of Kim, but Debra was becoming the surprise MVP.

Debra’s heart still obviously belonged to her children and John; but that meant nothing. Her body was mine, and as long as she was enslaved by me that would always remain the case.

Her body was the only part of Debra that I cared for.

I simply loved the fact that MY semen, carrying MY DNA, had forcibly fertilized Debra’s eggs inside her. I had stolen this bitch from her family and hijacked her mind, as well as her life. That thought gave me a rushing feeling of dominance I could not even begin to describe.

I wondered why raping Debra felt just a little better than raping Kim. I was beginning to understand. Debra had lost her entire family because of me. She lost her husband as well as her children. This huge loss gave her a deeper level of hatred towards me. A type of hatred that neither Kim or I could never truly understand. That was why raping her felt better; because that deeper level of hatred resulted in me having an even deeper feeling of dominance over the fat bitch.

“Please… I know you don’t like for me to wear well-fitting clothes… but please just let me get new hell heels. Just one size bigger! That’s all I’m asking for. If you don’t do something about these hell heels I think I’m going to have to go to the hospital.” Debra said nervously.

Debra reached for the hell heels, but as she tried to take them off, the ISA made her fingers curl into her palm.

“Can you let me take them off to show you?” Debra asked me.

“I don’t see why not.” I replied.

Now relieved of my commands to keep her hell heels on, Debra took them off. She angrily threw them on the ground as she removed them. I took a look at her feet.

Debra wasn’t kidding, It truly was bad. Both feet were riddled with gross blisters and chafed skin that the heels had been hidden from sight.

“I had no idea they were hurting you this bad,” I said faking sympathy, “Tell you what, if you agree, we’ll make a deal. Do you want to let me mercilessly pound your guts in order to get one shoe size bigger?”

“No.” Debra answered robotically. Then in her normal voice she added, “But I will. They really, really hurt.”

Debra began walking to the living room, but then stopped as she realized I wasn’t following her. She probably assumed we wouldn’t be fucking in the kitchen, since the table was covered with all our food.

“We’re fucking right here. The light is brightest in the kitchen. You know how much I like to see you jiggling while I pound you, you chunky bitch.”

I turned to the other girls.

“Girls, you can both leave.” I said to Kim and Carly.

They wasted no time. Immediately they both left, abandoning their half eaten breakfast.

Debra looked at the table of food and stared at it confused. When she realized it wasn’t going to be over-the-table doggystyle, she got on the ground.

“Missionary? On the floor? Nah. On your hands and knees Debra. Make this good for me. You will desperately beg. You will take my nut with both enthusiasm and passion, and don’t try to move out of the way like you always do when I begin to cum. Just to be clear, these aren’t orders, these are requests. I’m not going to order you because I want you to willingly do this, and if you don’t, the deal is off. Understand?”

“Yes.” Debra said quietly.

“Take this seriously. This is a very, VERY special moment for me, even though we’ve had sex hundreds of times. You know why?” I asked.

“Why?” Debra asked, genuinely curious.

“Because everytime I’ve had sex with you, it has been a rape. But THIS is the very first one that isn’t!” I said happily.

“No, no, this one is too. Every single one of these has been a rape, including this one. Please don’t try and kid yourself.” Debra replied as she got into position.

“No it isn’t. This one NOT rape. Don’t you see? You’re consenting, Debra. We don’t have to have sex right now if you don’t want to. It’s up to you.”

Debra remained quiet as she reflected on my words.

“All you have to do is say the word. If you just say that you don’t want to have sex with me, we can go right back to eating breakfast. We don’t have to have sex. We will only be fucking right now if I have your explicit consent.”

“But then I won’t get the bigger heels… I’ll have to put THOSE back on!” Debra shouted, pointing a shaking finger at the heels she threw on the ground.

“Yes, yes you will.” I said calmly.

Debra remained quiet again.

“Do you want to have sex with me, in order to confirm this bigger-size shoe deal?” I asked Debra.

“Yes.” Debra said robotically.

“Nope. Don’t let the ISA speak for you. I want to hear you say it with your own voice, not that monotone robot shit.”

“I want to.” Debra whispered.

I shook my head. “Not good enough. Dammit Debra! Stop fucking around! You know what I want to hear!”

“I want to have sex with you.” Debra choked.

“I know you do. Now, listen up Debra, when I am close to cumming, you will scream and beg for me to nut in you, okay?” I said, phrasing it like a question to make sure ISA didn’t treat that as a direct order from me.

“Understood.” Debra said calmly.

“You are doing this with your own free will; in order to get something in return. This is a decision being made by you. Now, tell me one more time that you’re consenting with your own voice, okay?” I said, phrasing it as a question once more.

Debra then realized what I wanted to hear.

“I want to have sex with you. This is MY choice and MY decision. A couple of months ago, you and I both know that I wouldn’t have even taken a second glance at someone like you. But now, you’ve reduced me to a point where I am choosing to have your cock inside me. You have raped me lots of times, but just to be clear, this is NOT one of those times. You’re… you’re now getting me to consent to having intercourse with the likes of you. I want this.” Debra choked.

I’m not an idiot. I knew she wanted the deal for the bigger shoes, not my rapist cock. But still, hearing her say these words in her own voice gave me the feeling of dominance I loved.

I moved into position behind Debra.

“If you truly want to have sex with me in order to get this bigger shoe size, then you should beg. Not just for me to cum, but beg for me to fuck you as well.”

“Please… please pound me. Pound my pussy and force me to milk you!” Debra said in her own voice.

“I have your consent?” I asked Debra, drawing this out even further. Hopefully destroying any last remnants of her pride.

“God you’re such a bastard.” Debra whispered, staring at the ceiling.

Debra swallowed.

“Yes, you have my consent.” Debra replied in her own real voice.

I grabbed Debra by her hips and thrusted inside her.

Debra didn’t resist. She never tried to pull away. The ISA wasn’t involved in this intercourse whatsoever. It was breathtaking. I was now having consensual sex with a woman like Debra! This upper-class, stuck-up suburban mother of two was now consenting to letting herself get rawdogged just for some goddamn shoes! Amazing.

I repeatedly pounded my rock hard cock into Debra. I glanced down while fucking her to take a glimpse of her bruised feet. Seeing Debra’s destroyed feet gave me an even deeper feeling of dominance over Debra.

“You’re taking dick… for shoes…” I said as I pounded into Debra.

“Look at what you are… look at what I’ve made you…” I sighed happily and readjusted to be able to fuck Debra better.

“No! Just kill me!” Debra cried as I pounded her, “Jesus Christ! I’m an obese mother of two! Why me!?! Why me!?!”

Debra then involuntarily clenched my cock.

“That’s why…” I sighed.

It was obvious that I was coming close.

“You know the deal…” I said while stroking in and out.

“Nut in me daddy! Cream me! Fill this fat body with your warm seed! Please! I need it!” Debra screamed.

I loved hearing Debra’s real voice begging. I slowed down my thrusts, not wanting our very first consensual fuck to end with me being a two-pump-chump.

Debra however, wanted me to cum as quickly as possible. In order to achieve that, she decided to step up her game.

“NUT IN ME! Force me to FEEL your hot semen in my insides! Fill me up baby I’m begging you! CREAM ME! NUT IN THIS FAT BODY! PLEASE!” Debra screamed, as she began grinding herself into my cock.

“Yes Debra…” I whispered.

“Cream me… cream me… cream me…” Debra moaned as she moved in time with my thrust, helping me impale her.

As if all this shit wasn’t enough, Debra also put up no resistance to the motion of her body. Since Debra wanted me to quickly cum she was smart enough to allow her entire fat body to sway with the motion of our fucking. Her arms and tits were freely wobbling while she did absolutely nothing to slow them. I was in heaven and I never wanted this to end. I couldn’t last for another second if Debra kept all this shit up.

“No more begging Debra...” I ordered while I slightly slowed the rhythm of my merciless pounding.

Debra was having none of that. She knew how close I had to be and didn’t want to allow me to let my bubbling settle down. She saw her opportunity to get me to nut fast, and pounced on it.

Debra, now ordered not to beg, began grinding into me even faster. She then purposely let out a loud-ass moan and began to whimper desperately and repeatedly like a bitch in heat.

“FUCK YOU! You clever bitch… fuck you… fuck… fuck you...” I moaned as I gave Debra her first ever consensual load of baby gravy from me.

“God, you’re so easy.” Debra said dismissively as she felt my cum enter her.

I said nothing. I decided not to even try and give a comeback. I let her keep her cocky little attitude, at least for now. Let her have this small win. She fucking earned it.

I pulled out of Debra. I stood up and looked down at her. Debra remained perfectly still. She stayed in place on all fours and let my cum leak from her pussy and drip down the back of her thighs without being ordered to do so.

I shook my head in both astonishment and pure amazement. Debra could be a real sex bot when she chose to be. That little small detail impressed me so much I decided to give her a small reward.

“Wow, that was amazing. In fact, I’m so impressed that I’ve decided you can have two bigger sizes instead! That’s your reward for being so thoughtful that you let me watch my cum drip from you. I’m so happy I got to have consensual sex with you! Man that was great!” I said to Debra.

Debra’s eyes watered tears of joy as she stared at her discarded hell heels she angrily threw on the ground. As if the mere idea of being allowed a bigger shoe size was too much for her to bear. Crying tears of joy over shoes? Slavehood had broken the previously upper-class Debra to an almost unrecognizable state.

I really did love the fact that this conservative suburban mom had just willingly had sex with me. Raping a fat mother and wife felt really dominant. However, having that same wife and mother you raped later be convinced into having consensual sex with you? That level of dominance over someone is a whole different ball game.

“Get used to this, cause I will never stop wanting to do what we just did.” I said as backed away from Debra.

“I’m REALLY glad you enjoyed it, because you’ll never have sex with me like that ever again!” Debra said as she stood up.

“Um, I’ll just be taking you Debra. You’re my own personal whore.”

“You can always just forcibly take me. But you will NEVER hear me scream for you in my own voice. I’ll make sure of that. You can make me say just about anything in the world, but only in that stupid robot voice. I felt your heavy load last night on the couch. As well as that super heavy load you gave me just now. You love hearing the real me scream for you. And now that you know exactly what you’re missing out on, you can go to hell.”

My heart sank.

“But, if you start making some small deals with me… maybe I’ll scream for you again.” Debra said.

My heart began to rise again.

“I see.” I smiled, “What were you thinking?”

“I miss my family more than anything.” Debra said.

“How much would you scream for me in order to get to see your kids again?” I asked.

“To finally get to see my children? I’ll hoot and holler for you until my voice goes out.” Debra said calmly.

My heart pounded rapidly.

“There’s lots of things you could do. We can negotiate for all types of things.” Debra said.

“Ok, but only small things. There are things that can not be negotiated on. For example, I still want you to be unhealthy, despite the fact that my baby is in you. I want you to gain all your weight back, and then some. I want you over 300 pounds. I want you to be meaty and for your body to be jiggling with every step you take.”

“I understand.” Debra said, throat tightening.

“Being my fat sex object is your life now.” I laughed.

I played with Debra’s red hair, “On a brighter note, I would be happy to arrange some visits with your kids. Anything else?” I asked.

“I really don’t like it when you cum in me. It makes me feel so violated and so gross. I just don’t like the feeling of a stranger’s cum in me. Can I make some deal with you, were you have consenual sex with me, in order to make a deal where I get you to wear rubbers?”

“HELL NO! I will NEVER stop raw-dogging you Debra. I like it when I feel my cum forcibly enter your body! And I really love the fact that a previously snooty, upper-class bitch is now forced to feel my flesh inside her, and take loads from the likes of me! And don’t call me a stranger! I’m not just a stranger, I’m your fucking babydaddy bitch!”

“So there’s nothing in the world I can do?” Debra asked, pleadingly.

“No, there’s nothing. I will never stop making you take my seed.”

Debra tightened her throat again and swallowed. She was really hoping that I would be liberal on negotiations with the continuous raw-dogging. Sorry bitch.

“Then let me organize regular visitation rights with my children. Not just a one-time thing. Do that, and I can beg for you to cream me every single time your dick is in me for a week.” Debra said.

My cock throbbed.

Debra eyed my dick and smiled.

“Oh, you like that huh?” Debra said happily.

“On your hands and knees right now you sexy ass bitch.” I ordered.

Debra immediately got on the ground.

“Now beg for me to fuck you, just like you did earlier.” I ordered.

“Nut in me daddy. Cream me. Fill this fat body with your warm seed. Please. I need it.” Debra said robotically.

I groaned.

Debra then bursted out in laughter; the first time I’ve heard the miserable, suicidal bitch laugh since I enslaved her.

“If you want me to scream for you, then you need me to have sex with you with my own free will.” Debra laughed.

“What else do you want in order to consent to having more voluntary sex with me?” I asked.

“Get your fucking baby out of me! I want an abortion.” Debra said.

“You’re out of your mind. You WILL be having children with me. These deals are for minor changes only, slave. Don’t get crazy.” I said.

“Then I want a bed. I don’t want to live in the living room anymore. Let me move into the basement downstairs.” Debra said.

I scoffed.

“Oh come on! With how much dick I take? The basement should be all mine! I’VE EARNED IT! No one here takes more dick than me! I deserve a floor of the house to myself! No one even uses that pool table down there.” Debra said.

“Eh, I don’t really like the idea of giving you an entire floor of the house. Plus, I’m saving up. I’m trying to afford the materials to build at least three more ISA’s. But, you make a good point, you DO empty my balls on a pretty consistent schedule, cumdumpster. I want you to see that your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. I’ll tell you what, you can move down there, but only if you pay for the bed.”

“We still have a joint account. He said nothing to me about all the dress purchases. I can pull that off. That’s fine.” Debra said.

“Alright then. Well if you have the bed covered, we’re set. So just have consensual sex with me seven times and we have a deal.”

“SEVEN?!” Debra began to laugh again.

“Seven!?! Oh, that’s cute! You do realize that I can FEEL it when you cum in me right? I can feel the thickness of your loads. The sheer thickness of that last load you put in me tells me that seven is way too generous. My offer is one.” Debra said.

“ONE!?! Perhaps you need some incentive when you try to negotiate with me. Put your old hell heels back on. I think you should be reminded of how much I can make your life hell.”

Debra’s face twisted when she mechanically picked up her discarded hell heels and put them back on.

“Perhaps wearing the heels again will humble you. I mean, you’re standing over there; acting cocky, and hard-ball negotiating with me as if you actually have control over your own life! You don’t Debra. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I DO like it when you consent to my cock and scream to take my loads and all, but let’s not forget that I can still rape you whenever I please, even if it’s slightly less fun for me. Let’s just meet in the middle and say four.”

“Three.” Debra countered.


Debra and I shook hands.

My bluff worked. I would’ve settled for one. Debra wasn’t even spending MY money! Plus, I would be able to fuck her in this brand new bed she bought! Debra is a shit negotiator. HA!

“I want one of our three consenual sex sessions to happen right now, and with you on all fours again.” I said licking my lips.

“Well, because I’m consenting to this, I want to be taken on the soft living room carpet instead of this hard kitchen tile.” Debra said.

“You know lighting is better in the kitchen. I want to be able to better see your fat body jiggling while we fuck.”

“The lighting isn’t bad in the living room at all! Besides, I promise that I will be screaming my lungs out. Plus, because this is consensual, you won’t be seeing any resistance from me. I’ll ensure that this fat body jiggles and I’ll make sure to take every drop of your semen when you cum in me. Then you can watch me as I submit to your dominance and moan while you make me take another one of your creamy loads.”

My dick throbbed again. Debra saw that, making my negotiation position weaker.

“Ok, fine.” I said, attempting to sound far more depressed than I actually was.

I saw Debra smile from the corner of her mouth.

I followed Debra as she left the kitchen to head towards the living room. Her heels clicked loudly on the kitchen tile but the beautiful sound of her clicking heels instantly stopped when we walked onto the carpet of the living room.

I was playing Debra like a fiddle. What do I care if the bitch chose the room that I pounded her pussy in?

“Can I take these heels off while you have concsenual sex with me, master?” Debra asked as politely and respectfully as she humanly could.

I smiled, “Yes, you may.”

Debra removed her heels and placed them neatly on the living room carpet. She then quickly got down on her hands and knees, spreading her thighs and tilting her ass back. I was loving this position for Debra.

“Thank you for being so kind.” Debra said.

I was just about to compliment Debra on her manners when I realized she was shaking. Shaking from what? Resistance to the ISA? No this was consensual sex. She was shaking because of something else.

“Tell me what you are thinking about Debra.” I ordered.

“My lifeless body dangling from a rope.” Debra said robotically.

Holy fucking shit. Debra’s mind was retreating to some dark places right now.

“Well, you’re going to need to tuck those feeling away right now because I’m horny and want more consensual sex with you.”

“Yes… I know… Just give me... one... second… I need to compose myself.” Debra said as she quickly disappeared down the hall.

Debra wiped some tears and went to the bathroom. After about 15 minutes of severe crying she came back out, went back to her spot on all fours, tilted her ass back slightly, and spread her legs apart over for me, now fully composed.

“I’m still coming to grips with having sex with you consenually. I had a slight mental breakdown at the realization that I was now handing my body over to you willingly.”

“You’re forgiven slave.”

“Fuck me daddy!” Debra screamed.

I had only put the tip of my dick in Debra. I had some sort of plan to ease myself in slowly, but was taken completely off guard Debra quickly backed herself up, forcing the whole length of my cock in her unexpectedly.

“Yeah… yeah… oh fuck! Yes! Fuck me daddy! Yeah… yeah…“ Debra moaned as I fucked her non-resisting body.

“I love having consenual sex with you Debra.” I whispered in Debra’s ear.

Debra’s face twisted with disgust as I said the words.

“I know you do daddy… Fuck yes… Fuck this pussy! I am your bitch!” Debra panted.

Her face didn’t match her words.

I loved the mental gymnastics my slave was going through. She still had to see herself as the victim, which is kind of hard to do while you’re willingly having sex with your captor.

I inhaled a sharp breath as Debra had already involuntarily clenched. Debra knew exactly what had happened as she let out a fake moan at the exact same time.

“Yes… Debra loves to MILK! Cumpdumpster loves to milk daddy!” Debra screamed about herself in third person.

Debra seemed to be fucking me more than I was fucking her! She was constantly throwing her ass back and forth; forcing me to maintain the quick tempo even though I had kind of wanted to slow down and enjoy myself.

“Fuck… Holy shit Debra...” I whispered.

I dramatically slowed down my thrusting. I had no choice. I was already at the edge.

“I feel you trying to hold back… Don’t hold back daddy! Let it all in me!” Debra cried out.

Debra’s body continued to sexily jiggle, that was the last thing I needed to see if I was going to try not to cum.

I then stopped thrusting and moving altogether. I had to if I was going to hold out any longer.

“Oh no you don’t…” Debra grumbled.

Debra began rapidly throwing her ass and crotch back in forth into my groin and impaled herself with my cock repeatedly. Debra was now solely maintaining our tempo despite my complete lack of assistance. She took the initative as was basically fucking herself with my cock. Damn she was good.

“Daddy you’re cheating! That’s not fair! You have to fuck me! You have to!” Debra screamed, complaining about my foul play.

In her defense I was kind of cheating. I wanted to last longer. I hated that she could make me bust a nut in her so quickly.

“Give me your cream! CREAM ME NOW! PLEASE DADDY! PLEASE!” Debra yelled as she continued impailing herself with my cock, her body jiggling and flopping even more due to the motion.

I was breathing so hard that I couldn’t even give Debra an order to slow down or shut up. With me unable to give an order, I had no choice but to sit back and let her work her magic.

Debra was basically holding me captive with my own penis. Debra was such a good fuck, despite her not having a super tight cunt like Kim or Carly.

“There you go…” Debra moaned as she felt my pre-cum enter her, “Now give me the whole load.”

Debra was amazing.

“Let it all in me… nut in me… nut in me… nut in me… BREED ME!” Debra said as she grinded herself onto my cock repeatedly, consistently, and perfectly.

“Holy fucking shit Debra!” I screamed as I knew I was about to cum.


“YES! DEBRA YES!” I screamed.

I gritted my teeth and gave in to Debra’s magic.

“Wow. You can’t even last a minute in me.” Debra said coldly, all the enthusiasm and excitement in her voice now instantly gone.

I was kind of hoping she’d continue the acting and say more sexy things or do more sexy actions.

She didn’t even grind into me anymore, she just held still and leaned her jiggly ass back even further while I filled her.

My cheeks burned with shame as Debra effortlessly took the entirety of my load in complete silence. I mean, she upheld her end of the deal. She screamed and begged until I came, then took my entire load of semen inside her body without a struggle. She technically didn’t do anything wrong.

It was just something in the way she immediately went silent. The magic instantly ended as soon as I came. I’d be lying if I said my pride wasn’t hurt.

“Fuck. You were amazing Debra.” I gasped.

“Wish I could say the same.” Debra said coldly.


Once I pulled out, Debra stood up and just casually walked away from me. It was so soulless, so loveless.

“Did you beg like that for John?” I asked.

I had to know.

“Yeah, all the time. Pretty much the way I begged with you, was how John and I always fucked.” Debra said robotically.

I was suddenly filled with rage and jealousy. I was so jealous that John got to have Debra screaming and begging like this for years and years. On top of the fact that not only was she THIS amazing, but with John, it wasn’t just an act or a deal, she meant every word.

She actually did want to have sex with him, and she actually did want to have him cum inside her and have his children.

Unlike with me, who had to rape her and forcibly impregante her with a baby she wanted to desperately abort.

I would never have what John had with Debra for so many years! I began to grow a hatred for both John and Debra.

“Let me know when you’re ready for part two and three. I mean, I’m ready to go again right now, but I know you probably need a little break, even though I did all the work.” Debra said harshly.

I don’t know which I hated more, her attitude, or the fact that she was right.

“I want to hurry up and get to the store so we can buy the bigger pair of heels. So I don’t care if you can only last a minute in me, but just try not to take forever between sessions, ‘kay?” Debra said as she walked away with more confidence and attitude than ever before.

God, she was really mouthing off. I knew I needed to say or do something. I needed to keep my slaves in line.

Even her heels seemed to click with more confidence when she stepped on the kitchen tile to get a drink. Debra would get out of control if I kept letting her get away with shit like this. I should’ve punished her for what she was doing, but my mind was in a funk. I was just so angry with myself for nutting fast and my mind was preoccupied with my jealousy of John.

“Oh, speaking of John, that reminds me, we won’t have time for parts two and three anyways. John will be coming over to have you fill out divorce papers soon. I’m going to have to dig through your memories, as well as fill up your head with all kinds of cues and commands in preparation for when John gets here.” I told Debra.

“Whatever, guess we can finish the deal later.” Debra said grabbing a bottle of water.

I smiled at Debra as my cum began to run down Debra’s leg.

“You know, you say my pussy is loose, but that was quite a thick load you just dropped in me. Guess I’m pretty good for having a loose pussy huh?” Debra smirked.

“Yeah, guess so.”

“Or maybe it’s not that loose. Maybe you just can’t get an accurate read of the depths of my pussy because you nut so fast in me you can’t really tell how tight I am. Ever think of that?” Debra said as she grabbed a napkin from the table and wiped off my cum with it.

I smiled and shook my head. Only a snooty bitch like Debra could find a way to act cocky while dripping with semen.

* * *

John knocked on the door. I answered shirtless.

“Hey come on in, Debby-bun is in the kitchen.”

“Debby-bun? Huh? That’s your super clever nickname for her?” John asked sarcastically as he entered.

“Let’s keep this civil.” I said to John.

“Like how you were civil when you were fucking a married woman?” He countered.

John sat at the kitchen table and set down the small stack of papers. John snapped to attention when he heard the loud, steady clicking of his wife’s heels. Deb approached the table, walking slowly. John’s eyes narrowed with disgust when he saw all of Debra’s piercings and her tattooed shoulder.

“You guys are moving really fast, huh?” John asked passive aggressively.

“Oh yeah we are! But it’s not as short-term of a relationship as you might think, since, you know, I’ve been with Debra since you two were married.” I said super inappropriately.

Debra smiled at that. She was ordered to smile whenever I referenced her cheating.

“That’s funny to you?!” John yelled angrily at Debra.

“God, why are you even dating her? Aren’t you fucking married?” John asked angrily.

“Yeah I am. But Kim’s cool with it. Kim and I use Debra for kinky reasons if you know what I mean.” I winked at John.

I turned to Debra, “Hurry up and fill out his stupid papers, Debby-bun. When he leaves, you and I are going to do that one thing again.”

John rolled his eyes. “Hey Debra, the kids think it’s their fault that mommy left. Did you know that?”

Debra’s lips vibrated. The first time John mentioned the kids was another one of her cues. I love it when they struggle against the ISA, because it always wins.

“I love the kids, but I don’t care about the kids nearly as much as his cock. Once I experienced his cock, nothing else mattered as much to me anymore. Not you, the kids, my job, nothing.” Deb answered on cue, robotically.

John’s mouth gaped as he stared at Debra’s pierced face. “I don’t even know you anymore.”

“No, no you don’t. I guess I was in the right place at the right time. Clearly she hated something about her old life. I took advantage of this, and now she lets me do anything to her! If you need more proof, look at this.”

That was Debra’s next cue. Her legs wobbled as she tried to resist again. I don’t even know why they even try to fight the ISA anymore at this point, but I’m glad they still do, I think it’s hot. Debra stood up and spun around and showed off her SLUT tattoo, triggering her next cue.

“These tattoos have their meanings. The one with his name proves my devotion, and the one with slut proves my subservience to him. I do anything for him. I can’t resist. I can’t fight it. Once he put his dick in me, our family and the survival of our marriage stood no chance. I can’t live without his cock. I just can’t.” Deb said robotically.

“You mean you WON’T!” John yelled.

I predicted this exact response, and that line led into Debra’s next cue.

“I mean I CAN’T. Just like you CAN’T fly, or walk through walls, I CAN’T survive without his cock. When we met at his wife’s salon, he tried to pressure me into sex, while we were married. I denied him, and then I told his wife. But he kept trying. I repeatedly rejected him. Every. Single. Time. I repeatedly told him that I was married and wanted nothing to do with him. But he was persistent. Then, one day he cornered me in the women’s bathroom of his wife’s salon. He put a gun to my head. I cried and begged, but despite my pleading, begging, and offers of money, he made me bend over the trash can. Then raped me for hours and hours.”

“So he DID force you!” John stood up from his seat.

“John listen! Debra, continue.” I said quickly.

“While he was raping me, I was FORCED to feel his cock, you see. I had no choice but to feel it. Despite how much I hated to admit it, I was forced to accept how his cock completed me. It filled me up, made me feel full for the first time in my life. Now I always need it. 24/7. Even right now, as I’m sitting here at this table, I feel a little anxious right now because he doesn’t have his cock in me.” Debra said robotically.

I thought my made up story was really good, about Debra wanting to resist and stay loyal to her husband, but my cock being so good it took her anyways. Debra, however said my story was stupid. She might’ve been right.

“Debby-sweetie, he’s drugging you.” John said, looking at her multiple ugly tattoos with tears in his eyes.

I could see John was in pain. Good. Fuck him for being married to Debra for years. I hated the fact that he dicked down and impregnated my Debra before I knew her. I would never be able to make Debra ‘unfuck’ John no matter how much I controlled Debra’s brain. No matter how much mind control I had over her, I could never erase the fact that John had been pumping his seed in my Debra for multiple years. The thought made me sick to my stomach.

But at least Debra was mine now. All mine. I knew I would never let her experience anyone else ever again.

“Look into Debra’s eyes John. She’s screaming for help. I’ve been having the raunchiest sex with your wife. She’s trapped.” I said looking John straight in his eyes, baiting him.

John balled up his fists, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY DEBRA?!”

John got up and charged at me.

“DEBRA NOW!” I screamed.

Deb pointed a loaded, silenced gun at John. He froze.

Debra was ordered to kill John if he was a threat to me. She would confess to murdering her husband and accept going to prison for life. Debra would first only point the gun at John, however, if he still tried to attack me then ISA would make her kill him.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

Debra pulling the gun triggered another cue.

“I will gladly kill you if you harm him, John.” Debra said robotically.

“Listen to yourself! Debby-sweetie, he’s drugging you! I know he is! You’re tattooed and pierced up, the first time you had sex with him, it was because he was RAPING you, and now you’re having sex with him everyday. On top of leaving your children, a six year marriage, AND dating a married man who raped you!” John screamed.

“I’m gonna call the cops. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I do know that you’re a woman-drugger and a rapist and you need to be taken down.” John said.

I pulled out my emergency ISA and planted it on the back of John’s hand. He tried to pull his hand away from me and walk towards the door.

“Don’t fucking move unless you want a bullet in your head!” I yelled.

Debra’s chunky legs wobbled, and her hell heels made a small scraping noise against the kitchen tile. Debra tried desperately to move her legs. Her arms jiggled slightly too. Presumably to try and point the gun at me instead of her old husband. All to no avail.

Once the ISA dissolved into John’s hand he scratched it, he never saw the ISA so he suspected nothing. We sat in silence for a little while as I simply planned on waiting another thirty seconds for the ISA to take control.

After a long silence, John spoke.

“So what are you planning on doing exactly? Do you two just plan to have us stand here all day? Look Debra, I’m not gonna hit him ok? So let’s just put the gun down and—” John froze mid-sentence as the ISA connected to his brain.

I laughed, “You know John, I never planned on enslaving you, but I decided to make you suffer once I realized how much I hated you. You can now speak, but in normal tones only Johnny boy, no yelling, and you must honestly answer any question I ask of you.”

“So this is what you did to my wife?” John asked sadly, heartbroken.


“Why are you doing this?” John asked.

“Because I hate you.”


“You’ve been putting your dick in my cumdumpster. You’ve been having amazing sex with her for years and planting your filthy seed in her heavenly, chunky body. Debra’s magical pussy is meant to be enslaved by me. Not freely fucked by you.”

Debra’s face made an open mouth-gape, not being allowed to cry in front of John.

“Well, the jig is up Debra, so you can cry, as well as talk freely in front of John as if he was a sister slave.” I ordered.

Debra immediately began bawling. “I’m… I’m just so happy after all this time, you know the truth now!” Debra sobbed.

“I love you John! I love the kids! I love you so SO much! I would never abandon our kids! And our marriage means the world to me! It was the best six years of my life!” Debra cried.

“I love you too Debra!” John cried.

“John listen to me! You have to either save me, or kill me! He’s been controlling me! Every horrible thing you can imagine, he’s done. The constant rape and torture has been horendous! He makes me do disgusting… awful… horrible things with him! You have to find a way to save me John! I can’t live like this any longer!” Debra cried.

John began bawling too, “I’m so sorry I doubted you! I will do everything to help you! You know I will!”

I clapped my hands together.

“I have an idea!” I said excitedly.

“How about we get rid of these…” I threw the divorce papers in the trash can.

“And John, how would you like to become a cuckold?” I laughed.

“Stand right there,” I pointed to a spot by the table where he could watch, “Deb, doggie style, your usual spot.” I ordered.

Deb assumed the position, facing her husband.

“Watch me fuck your wife.” I ordered John.

John winced as I unzipped my pants.

“This is what I’ve been doing to her ever since I took control of her brain.” I said darkly.

“No…” John whispered.

“While you were married, I ordered her to keep everything a secret from you. You never knew it… but she was so miserable… so suicidal… so depressed… and was getting raped by me constantly!”

“Debra…” John whispered with tears in his eyes.

“I used my mind control to make Debra sneak over to my house all the time. You were so clueless John! Many, many times, I wouldn’t let her clean. I would make your fat wife sleep next to you in your bed. While you slept like a baby, she would be lying awake in misery, freshly fucked and dripping with my seed.”

“How could I not have noticed… Debra I’m sorry!” John cried.

“It’s not your fault… he made me sneak around with him.” Debra said quietly.

“What has he done to you? Tell me. I want to know everything.” John said.

“Well for one thing… he’s… he’s been… raping me… you know… without protection. So… you know...” Debra whispered, covering her face as she began to cry.

“No… god damn you… GOD DAMN YOU!” John screamed as loud as the ISA let him raise his voice.

“I need an aire. Someone has to have access to my technology. Debra is relatively young and her womb is still nice and fertile. She’ll make a wonderful mother to my children!” I said with a smile.

“This is a nightmare. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than this!” John cried.

I bent Debra over the table. As she bent down, and her small dress rode up, revealing all her naughty bits.

“Debra will be a good mother to my children. I will make Debra give birth about 6 or 7 more times. John, you will work like a dog in order to have enough money to provide for my children. Once she can no longer have children and I’ve picked an aire, I will let you have Debra back. I do not want her life, I just want to use up the remainder of Debra’s youth. So, in about a decade, when she’s lost her beauty and fertility, you can have her back.” I said staring directly at the boiling John.

“In the meantime… every day... every night... all the time... I will continue to do this…”

“Dear god…” John whispered. Tears pouring from his eyes.

“The Debra you knew is dead. Take a look at what I’ve turned her into.” I said to John darkly.

“Hey Debra, I’m ready for part two!” I laughed.

“Not here. Not in front of him!” Debra cried.

I got down on my knees and tightened Debra’s heels as tight as I could.

“You’ll wear these forever if you don’t.” I said coldly.

“John… forgive me.” Debra said, summoning her strength as she raised her ass.

“Fuck me daddy!” Debra said, her face burning with shame as she turned away from John.

“If you notice, I didn’t order her to say that. Very recently she’s been having sex with me consenually.” I said to John.

“No she hasn’t. You’re just making her say that or something.” John said disbelievingly.

“Tell him the truth Debra, that is, if you want to be the one to tell him. If you don’t, I will.”

“He’s telling the truth John, but it’s only a partial truth. I have consenual sex with him now in order to get small favors like bigger shoe sizes and my own bed. Just to make life as a slave just a little more tolerable.” Debra said, cheeks turning red.

“I… I thought he was just making you say that. I wouldn’t have believed anything you said, if it weren’t for your cheeks didn’t turn red. Debra… this IS true? He’s not making you say this?!” John said, mouth gaping.

“John listen! You don’t understand! He likes it when he has consensual sex with me. And if I denied the deal he’d just rape me anyways, so I—”

“So you sold your pussy to him like a prostitute, yeah I get what happened!” John said coldly.

Debra looked really hurt from John’s insensitive comment, that meant that now was the perfect time.

I pushed into her hard. Debra grunted as I stroked into her nice and deep. Her pussy lubing herself up quickly as always.

“You’ve ruined our lives! I’M GONNA KILL YOU!” John screamed as loud as the ISA let his voice raise.

I freed Debra’s tits from her small ass dress so John and I could watch them bounce. I loved making the cow’s tits flop around. Her arms that supported her on the table jiggled sexily with every stroke I put into her like always.

“Cream me daddy! Force me to take your nut!”

“Look at her! Big tits flopping, thick arms jiggling, I LOVE IT! One of my favorite positions to rape your fat Debby is doggystyle because of how I make her bounce!” I laughed.

“I love that your wife is SO FUCKING FAT that her arms jiggle while we fuck!”

“Why her?!” John cried.

“Because she’s a goddamnned good fuck!” I screamed.

“You love how good a fuck I am, don’t you daddy? Please nut for me daddy! You love to creampie my captive pussy don’t you? Cream me!” Debra begged in her own voice.

“What the hell are you doing Debra!?!” John yelled as loud as allowed.

“I need to do this John…” Debra whispered.

“Make me have your babies daddy! Yeah that’s it! Shove your man meat into my damp slit! You made me nothing but your whore! I want to take your nut!” Debra begged.

The look on John’s face made me almost feel okay that he creamed my Debra. Almost.


That last sentence was too much for me.

“Oh fuck! Here it comes… take another... steamy-hot load in you, you… fat… fucking… cow!”

I expected Debra’s legs to wobble or for her to try to inch away in some desperate attempt to avoid my nut. I temporarily forgot that as part of our deal she agreed to take my creamings without struggle, and was pleasantly surprised as she remained firm and accepted my creaming with no resistance whatsoever.


I pulled out of her a little quicker than normal, I usually like to make sure every drop goes inside Debra, but this time I wanted a little to spill out so John could see.

“John, did you enjoy watching me cream your wife?”

“No.” He answered robotically.

“I do appreciate how wet you got, how miserable you seemed, and how well you took that load in front of your husband. I just have one small question though... WHERE THE HELL WAS MY MILKING?” I yelled.

John’s eyes narrowed, since he was the only other man that’s been inside Debra he knew exactly what I was talking about.

I strangled Debra and threw her to the ground.

“NO! STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” John screamed.

I punched Debra in the face again, and again and again.

“You’re dead! You’re fucking dead!” John cried out, looking away.

“Watch this beating Johnny-boy!” I ordered.

I kicked Debra in her hip twice, punched her 3 more times in rapid succession, and then I slapped Debra so hard it echoed throughout the house. I then kicked Debra and reached down to choke her and held the grip until I knew she was beginning to suffocate.

“That one doesn’t count. You still have two more consensual fucks before you get the bigger heels. Slurp me till I’m hard slave, guess we’re going to have to try again!” I said cockily.

“I only have one more! Not two! Milking wasn’t part of the deal!” Debra screamed, “We shook hands!”

“Ugh, fine! You know, I think it’s fucking AMAZING that even with MIND CONTROL involved, you women still manage to somehow be difficult! Just suck my dick slave!”

Debra began slurping my meat.

“Look your husband in the eyes, and tell him you love him while my cock is in your mouth.” I ordered.

“Er luft goo.” Debra gargled.

John’s whole body vibrated like crazy, he was putting up an insane amount of resistance. He was going to be worn out for the rest of the day. You can’t just continuously put up full-on resistance or you’ll wear yourself out. The ladies learned this detail early on, but Johnny-boy was just a rookie.

I took Debra on the floor while her husband had an aerial view.

“You like this Johnny-boy? I rape her on the floor a lot of the time too. She really hates it when I cum in her. I ordered her to be repulsed by cum. Mine and yours, that’s why she stopped sleeping with you. Her being so repulsed makes it a lot more fun when I always make her take or swallow my hot seed.”

“I love it when you beat and rape me daddy! Now take me on the goddamn floor like the cheap whore you’ve made me!” Debra yelled in her own voice.

“If you insist.” I said with a smile.

I put my dick inside Debra again and began to slowly fuck her missionary.

“You’re already so hard again daddy! You made me taste my pussy juice off your cock! Daddy doesn’t care about me, you take what you want, don’t you daddy?” Debra said.

“You’re goddamn right.” I grunted, “I rape an upper-class bitch like you, and within a month you’re calling me daddy and begging me to nut in you!” I said enthusiastically.

Debra stared me straight in the eyes.

“I’ll give you everything. All my money. Everything I own. I will even give birth and raise your baby. Just end this. Free me.” Debra pleaded as I pounded her.

I gave her a solid few strokes, and even though I was super turned on, I made sure to go slow. I gave her pussy time to work it’s magic. After a solid, slow, steady pistoning, Debra’s vagina clenched my cock.

“Ahhhh… there you go bitch… that’s more like it... milk me!!!”

John gritted his teeth.

“Beg me Debra. Keep your end of the deal.” I grunted.

“I love milking you! I am your personal whore! I consensually fuck you in front of my husband now! I will always be here to have sex with you!”

“Yes... Debra… Keep it up…” I groaned.

“Yes! You take everything I own daddy! It’s all yours!” Debra screamed. “You take everything from me daddy!”

“My brain…”

“My body…”

“My ass…”

“My tits…”

“My pussy…”

“My life…”

“My pride…”

“My future…”

“Fuck yes Debra!” I screamed, “I won’t free you for years! You hear me!?! YEARS!”

Debra tightly wrapped her legs around me and clenched me as tight as she could with her warm, fat thighs as she was previously ordered to do so whenever we fucked missionary and she knew I was close to nutting.

As I came in Debra I couldn’t even thrust my spewing cock into her; as her legs held me tightly in place. Her fat legs and thick thighs held me in place with all of her might. I just held my dick inside her and allowed it to spew my seed until my balls had been emptied.

Fuck, Debra was good.