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This is an adult lesbian story, including extreme sexual situations among women, including dominance, submission, and mind control. If such things offend you, please read no further and in no case under the age of majority for wherever you live. All disclaimers of ASSTR apply.

©2001, revised 2011 by Sara H

This story is posted by permission of the author. Do not post elsewhere, in part or in whole, without the express permission of Sara H.

I’ve included a sort of tribute to Alphax and his story “Presents” in this segment... for those who see a similarity, it was on purpose, and done with great affection for a story that has given me much pleasure over the years...

* * *


Patsy looked at Natalie with her biggest puppy-dog eyes. Up to now, it had been the one thing that Natalie couldn’t resist. The uncomfortable silence was excruciating. “Nats. Look over here. There’s something I want you to see.”

“What makes you think I want to see it?” Natalie’s voice was cold as ice.


“I’m not curious.”

“Yes, you are.”

“Fuck you.”

“Come on, Nats, what’s wrong?” Patsy asked. Her voice betrayed real confusion.

“You know what’s wrong. You betrayed me. I trusted you.” Natalie refused to look at her.

“I had to be convincing. Tamara would have known I was faking if I did anything else,” pleaded Patsy.

“Yeah, right,” spat Natalie.

“You would have done the same thing.”

“No, Patsy, I wouldn’t. It would never have gone that far.”

“Listen. It’s taken months to get this far into Tamara’s circle of trust. I’ve brought something that will explain it better. Please look.”



“You’re not going to leave until I look, are you?”

“Natalie... well, no, I’m not. It’s important. Seven years as partners, Nats. It’s important. I promise.”

Natalie glanced up at her partner briefly. She caught a tiny glimpse of something in her hand. It was enough. “Ohhhhhh... ”

Patsy felt herself break into a wicked smile as she held the laptop closer. “That’s right, Natalie. Look at the screen. It almost looks alive, doesn’t it? So full of pleasure. Do you feel it?”

“What the fuck... is... ”

“This is how she makes you feel all the time, Nats. It’s more than good, isn’t it?”

“God yesss... ”

“You didn’t know it could be like this did you?”

“Nooo, I... didn’t... kn... oh Godgodgodgodgod... ”

“Now look over here.”

“B-but... " Natalie’s head turned at Patsy’s beckoning, despite her desire to resist.

“That’s right. Turn your eyes this way.”

The entire wall was pulsating with the morphing, hypnotic image. Patsy walked over and whispered in the enraptured woman’s ear. “It only gets better from here. It’s tied directly into the pleasure centers of your brain, now. There’s no turning back.”


“Not Jesus. Mistress Tamara... ”

* * *

Natalie looked up as the monitor in front of her faded. As the image disappeared, so did her memory of having seen it. Her eyes were dull from lack of sleep. Her body was sore and aching from hours of what seemed to be limitless pleasure.

Someone was opening the door.

It was her. Tamara. The woman she had to resist. It was important to be able to bring her in for interrogation. Because—because why? Natalie tensed and fought to remember. Her brow furrowed as she studied the beautiful woman’s face.

A sudden look of satisfaction lit up her face. “Because she is a criminal and has developed perhaps the most powerful form of mind control ever seen.

Tamara, watching the evidence of emotions as they galloped through Natalie’s conscious mind, smiled.

Natalie gasped as a tingle of pleasure glittered on her clit and in her nipples.

“You’re doing very well, Natalie. So much more willing than your partner was at this stage. Still, you’re holding out well beyond where most of my recruits find themselves by now. Hours ago, they’d have been crawling over to lick my feet and beg for a taste of my flesh.”

Natalie groaned as the picture made its way in a wave of pleasure outward through her body. Not just the skin... each jolt of heated passion forced another rasping breath that even made her throat, her lungs feel like they were about to cum. Every inhalation was like an orgy of tongues licking at her most secret erotic places... places previously unknown even to herself.

“It’s relentless, you know,” said Tamara. Her voice held a hint of compassion, surprising Natalie. “The cerebral matrix, I mean. You can’t feel it working. But already you’re beginning to work with it. And since I control it, you are beginning to work with me. Soon, it will take over your higher thought processes, redirecting your own beliefs that are incongruous with your newer, better purpose, and replacing them with more—correct ideas.”

Natalie listened intently, feeling every word add another touch of pleasure, and replied, “But the—brain is always—adjusting. The—pathways change constantly... There—is no way—ungh—to completely eradicate the orig—original thoughts.”

“Oh, but you see, the implants monitor everything at once. And they are superconductive. It’s a nice idea, you know—no resistance creating no resistance. The device is so much faster than your brain that it’s as if it has to do something every few hours. That leaves lots of time for analysis and mimicking your thought patterns so that no “internal alarms” go off.

“Your most basic motivations are already changing at an exponential rate. Your survival instinct is being keyed to me, and your memories of soothing and nurturing have been almost fully reshaped by now. It’s quite impossible for you to stay the slightest bit upset with me. I’m already your most trusted authority and comforter, deep in your subconscious mind where you can’t see or change it. And you can’t tell what the changes are, since when they happen, it’s just who you are. Perception is, quite literally, reality.

“Higher functions will begin to change by within a day or two. By tonight, you’ll be wondering why you can’t stop thinking about me... yet it will seem totally natural. By morning, when I allow you to remember your devotion to me, you’ll wonder how you could ever think of me any other way. Within a week, you won’t even think about it any more. You will simply be happy. You will obey me with every breath, with every motion. Every utterance will be silently dedicated to my worship.”

“You’re... s-s-sick,” stated Natalie, trying to ignore the streamers of bliss extending down the bones of her legs. “You are sooooo... good... um... evil. So evil...”

“No, I’m not. I’m driven. And for my purposes, I need absolute loyalty, devotion, surrender and obedience. Absolute. Surely, my precious pet, you should be able to see the logic of it.”

“Yes, I do... see the... logic,” said Natalie, shivering with delight at her new title, listening despite herself. It was so hard to hang on. She had less than a thread. She began to pray it would be enough.

“And you can see the elegance, can’t you?”

Natalie fought to think for a long moment. She had wanted to argue, but it was true. So true. “Yess, it is elegant.”

“In fact, it holds a kind of fascination and beauty for you. I’m sure you’re just seeing it now, although it might have escaped you before.”

Natalie felt as if the wind were hitting her in the face, opening her eyes wide. She looked at Tamara with a kind of wonder. She was likely insane... but how could someone so brilliant and loving be so evil? “How could someone as bad as you think of something so... so beautiful?” she asked, gasping as another wave of orgasmic teasing soaked into her asshole and cunt.

“Because I’m not evil, Natalie. I’m what everyone has tried to keep you from. I’m the woman your mother didn’t like, your father didn’t trust, and your minister told you would lead you to the depths of Hell. And it was all because they were afraid of losing control of you.

“Deep inside you knew better, but you didn’t have the strength to fight. So now, you fight to stay blind. That’s because you don’t want to face the fact that you caved in under their constant pressure. But I know it’s not your fault. I know you didn’t have a chance. I’m everything you’ve ever wanted anyone to be for you. I’m perfect. I’m worthy. I’m worthy of everything you have to offer. You see that, don’t you?”

The ravaged agent tried to answer but the room was spinning too fast. Invisible sparks of heated lust were showering down on her from nowhere and everywhere. She let out a long sigh as she opened herself to the pleasure of it... it was so much easier to just let go and feel than try to respond. Sobs broke free and tears streamed down her face. Her hands began to move over her body, multiplying her blissful arousal as a thought formed itself in her consciousness. “Tamara...

Her legs were beginning to spasm, as she grabbed the table, openly gasping and moaning. “Tamaratamaratamaratamara...

Then, as if from an unseen cue, her head snapped up and she spoke, her voice calm and collected, completely oblivious to the pleasure-filled motion of the rest of her body. “Initial parameters set for Sapphic Front Obedience Level One.”

Tamara smiled. “That’s better. No arguing, now. No explanation. Feel the pleasure and know the truth. The truth is that I own you. Because I own you, I decide how I will be addressed. I am Mistress, or Mistress Tamara, unless I say otherwise, my sweetness. Every pleasure you have ever known is now assigned to me. Things that have given you pleasure in the past now have no effect. The pleasure they created now comes from obedience to Mistress Tamara.

“The following command, spoken only by me, will return you to this Obedience Level. It’s a simple phrase, really. Obedience Level One.

“That’s it. Oh, I used to have all kinds of complex triggers I used, but after awhile it got hard to keep track. So when I, and only I, say to you, ‘Obedience Level One,’ this will be the place you willingly return.

“The ceramic intra-cerebral matrix will guide you. You accept its guidance because it is the guidance of Mistress Tamara.

“We are going to add levels and categories and all kinds of wonderful things, and all of them will make you feel so good.”

“Then, there will be a few a things you must do for me, Natalie...”

* * *

Rhonda Havermeyer looked up from her desk at the sound of approaching footsteps. She smiled when she saw it was Natalie. That meant it would actually be an intelligent conversation. “Hiya, Natalie. How come you’re slumming in the dungeon today?” she asked.

“Well, you know me. Always interested in the riveting world of Network Administration,” said Natalie, with a touch of playful sarcasm. “Besides, I wanted to see you,” she whispered.

Rhonda pouted, sticking out her lower lip. “Now you know you’re going to get us in trouble. For God’s sake, close the door!”

As soon as she did, Rhonda nearly leapt into Natalie’s arms, kissing her deeply as they spun together. Their kiss broke, and Rhonda added, “I thought you were going to play it safer from now on. You promised,” she whined.

Both women started giggling, unable to stay upset for long. They fell into another kiss as their hands slid over each other and their bodies ground together. Natalie fell backwards into a chair, and they stopped for a moment, gasping for breath.

When she was able to speak again, Natalie said, “Well, I’ve found this great screen saver, and I thought it might be worth putting out on the network. At the least, I want to use it on my system, but I know you’re as territorial about deviant software as I am about cases. Would you mind testing it out?”

“Just how ‘’deviant’ is it, Natalie?” asked Rhonda through her laughter. She had never understood why no one just called it, “non-standard,” but that was par for the course. It was probably the result of ubernerds coming up with IT terms.

Recovering Rhonda chided, “Great. Bribe me with lust for a personal favor. Now, Natalie, you know that if I looked at every screen saver everyone wanted to use, I’d never get to do anything else.” She cocked her head to the side a bit and smiled.

“So I’m going to have to up the ante?” said Natalie, giving back the same look.

“Depends on what you have in mind.”

“Dinner and wine, followed by soft music and the... ‘unit’?”

Rhonda let go a sexy sigh as she breathed, “Girl, you do know how to tempt me...”

“Or would you like to have it right now, lover?” asked Natalie. With a coy smile, she pulled a corner of the soft, delta-shaped sex toy out of her purse.


“If you want.”

“It could be big trouble.”

“All the more to excite you with, my pretty,” cackled Natalie, starting to laugh again. “I know you hunger and thirst for danger.”

“Okay, you’ve convinced me,” said Rhonda, after a moment of consideration. “Let me put my “gone to lunch” message on and lock the door.” She sauntered past Natalie, turned the latch, and encoded the palmprint scanner.

Natalie traced her lips with her tongue. “Mmm, lover. But, um, would you mind checking the screen saver first? I’ve already had several people asking for copies. Then there’s nothing waiting to be done later. You could take a long lunch.”

Rhonda sighed. “Okay, okay. Hand it over. You know, you’ve never brought me anything before. This isn’t some ploy to brainwash me, is it, baby?”

“Of course it is,” answered Natalie, sounding completely serious. “Just test the damned thing and okay it so we can get to the real reason for my visit—whipping you into mindless obedience and pleasure.”

Rhonda took the offered CD and felt the wetness between her legs. She wondered if she might be in love with Natalie. “If I have to wonder about it, probably not... but it’s only a matter of time, I think. And if I’m thinking that, maybe I already am...

She blushed at the thought. Being with a woman had not been in her plans. She’d been married after all, until her husband had one too many flings. It was Natalie who had walked in on one of their more volatile fights over the phone. Rhonda had hung up crying, and Natalie found herself in the role of emotional rescuer.

Rhonda’s arousal had been a surprise to both women, but especially to Rhonda. She was quick to succumb to it though—she’d never been afraid of the idea, after all—and already more than six months had passed. Even now, the idea of being with a man had not resurfaced, and she was beginning to come to terms with the fact that she was a lesbian.

As she loaded the CD and installed the screen saver, her thoughts were a thousand miles away. She didn’t notice as the powerful hypnotic graphic began, pulling her face forward. She had no inkling as her thoughts changed from thinking of Natalie’s beauty to the powerful allure of the image floating on her screen. It was like sliding down into a featherbed.

As hands brought a pair of small headphones to rest over her ears, she was completely oblivious to anything around her. Her mouth dropped open a bit as her eyes grew wide, her mind increasingly vulnerable to the suggestions that became demands, and the demands that became commandments, and the commandments that hardened to steel pillars in her mind.

Natalie watched from across the desk, eyes glazed over in passion and lust. Watching her lover submit to Mistress gave her more pleasure than she’d imagined just a few short days before. But it wasn’t watching the seduction of Rhonda’s will that made her fingers begin to circle and press faster and faster over her red-hot clit.

It wasn’t seeing Rhonda’s nipples grow hard as pebbles as the pleasure began to make its inevitable changes.

It was her own absolute obedience to Mistress Tamara.

It was a very long lunch.

* * *

Rhonda got home late. Setting up the system-wide overnight installation of the new screen saver had taken longer than usual. At least it was Friday. She had the whole weekend ahead of her.

She smiled as she remembered Natalie’s tongue driving deep into her sensitive asshole. It was something she’d never allowed before. Then again, Natalie had never suggested it. It just seemed so natural now.

She picked up the box waiting on her doorstep and placed it on the couch as she went back to her bedroom. Undressing, she thought again of how good it was. She giggled, clenching her sphincter in remembered pleasure as she stepped into the shower.

She came out twenty minutes later, and put on a t-shirt and panties. Instead of going to the TV, she picked up the heavy box and went to her computer. She placed the CD Natalie had given her into her PC and began the program. She mewled as the familiar graphic took its place on her screen, consuming her vision. She sat there for a few minutes before turning to open the sealed carton and pull out the apparatus inside.

Humming slightly to herself, she assembled the pieces, never noticing that she had not seen it before. It looked like a kind of wireframe upside-down designer flowerpot, with an adjustable ring at the top made to fit around her cranium. A cable stretched from the bottom ring. With an assurance that gave the appearance of years of experience with the device, she plugged it into a port on her computer.

She placed the odd-looking contraption on her head with a contented sigh. Her fingers were careful not to disturb of the hundreds of dull titanium tubes that projected from nearly every angle away from the cranial ring, tubes that varied in length from one-half to nearly three inches. Precision was important, but she didn’t find it difficult at all.

She looked like an exotic, technological princess, wearing a platinum crown and veil. Satisfied it was properly in place, she found a button on the lower ring, which was just below her chin, and pressed it.

There was a hiss as the upper ring tightened to her skull, becoming completely immovable. The swirling image consumed her attention as she pressed the button a second time.

* * *

When she woke up, she removed the apparatus and placed it, exactly as it had arrived, back into the box. She placed the box outside her door and stopped cold.

Something was very wrong.

She tried to think of what it was she’d forgotten, but it kept eluding her, as if it were teasing her in a ruthless game of mental cat and mouse. She would catch a glimpse of what it was she’d forgotten... feel its weight, and know it was coming...

Only to have it disappear again.

Something about her computer. Something it was doing to her. Yes. That was it. She walked back to her study and sat at the chair. The screen was blank, but it was running. She pressed the enter key.

It came to her all at once, with no warning. “Obey. I need to obey.

She watched as the pattern grabbed her by the mind and dragged her down again, down to the addictive pleasure of surrender... of someone else telling her what she needed to do, so that she didn’t need to think. Didn’t need to worry. It was all fine. All taken care of. Just obey.

Words appeared over the image. “Type what you are feeling.

Her eyes filled with horror as a strange humming filled her mind. Her head recoiled in fear as her mouth opened in a silent scream. Her limbs went rigid as panic and confusion set in. She was terrified.

She began to type.

The cerebral matrix recorded everything.

* * *

Tamara looked down the long list of female agents who had, until recently, been unswervingly loyal to the Department of Psychological Research, or the “Agency” as it was more commonly known. Of course, it wasn’t commonly known at all, and never called by its true name. “Such is the nature of secrets,” she thought. “How silly is it to give something a name when you can never use it?

It was typical of Marvin Reynolds, though, and she found it no surprise that he was now the head of the whole group of brain jockeys.

But am I any better?” she asked herself. In the three weeks since she’d set Natalie and Rhonda loose in the bowels of the enemy, she’d transformed the almost the entire home staff of the Agency into her own version of covert, mind-altering operatives.

No, it wasn’t the same. Besides, her slaves didn’t forget who they were. They just were shown a more enlightened course of action. A more fulfilling lifestyle. Of course, they really had no choice in accepting it—after all, who could resist absolute, enhanced euphoric pleasure when compared with the drudgery of everyday existence?

It was a pointless, idle conversation with herself. Soon enough, Reynolds would be falling right in line with the rest of the agents she had seduced, and this would be nothing but an exercise in abstract philosophy.

She picked up her vibrator and turned it on, twisting the knob to full intensity. Its buzz filled the room, and soon she was tugging at her nipples, not thinking of anything else at all.

* * *

Marvin Reynolds, Director of the Agency, was a master of lucid dreaming. He was an active participant in his nightly excursions into his own subconscious. It was a skill that had saved him from enemies more than once. It was easier to catch someone trying to mold his mind this way, and he could give himself as much power as he needed to be victorious. The secret, if you could call it that, was that everything here was metaphor. Every landmark, made consciously or subconsciously, was his to control while he was here. The only person he’d met with the same level of ability was Patricia McClanahan, but her skill was innate... she didn’t even realize what she was doing.

He pulled open a large wooden door beside a hand-painted sign that read “The Caverns of Security”, and stepped inside.

“The mind is a strange landscape,” he thought as he walked by black caverns that cast teal streaks of light across the stone-paved walkway that wound through his psyche. For all of its bizarre imagery, after years of wandering through, he felt completely at home. He knew every nuance of every location.

He turned the corner and floated down a level.

“The mind is a strange landscape,” he thought as he walked by navy blue caverns that cast dark green streaks of light across the stone-paved walkway that wound through his psyche. “So beautiful.” For all of its bizarre imagery, after years of wandering through, he felt completely at home. He knew every nuance of every location.

He turned the corner and floated down a level.

He stopped cold. Something was wrong. He looked down the pathway and laughed. No, it was fine. He began to walk again. “The mind is a strange landscape,” he thought as he walked by purple caverns that cast yellow streaks of light across the stone-paved walkway that wound through his psyche. He stopped for a moment to watch the shapes that seemed to dance in the yellow streamers. “Strange that I never noticed how beautiful they were,” he mused. For all of its bizarre imagery, after years of wandering through, he felt completely at home. He knew every nuance of every location.

He turned the corner and floated down a level.

He stopped cold. Something was wrong. A sense of something more profound than Deja vu licked at the outer edges of his thoughts. But everything looked the way it should.

He took a few steps forward and stopped again. “The mind is certainly a strange landscape,” he thought as he stared at the pulsing black of the Caverns. Dark, blood-red light oozed from the entrances of each, and as he looked down at the black, liquid catwalk that wound it’s way through his psyche, he saw that the caverns stretched out in every direction further than he could see.

New places to explore. A wave of intense awe and pleasure gripped his thoughts, and he sat, watching the beautiful, dancing light as it revealed mystery after mystery. He knew he should probably continue on, but it was a much better idea to obey his instincts. After all, a little time to relax would do him some real good. He moaned as he sank into the red ooze, and let the light and pleasure consume every thought.

Outside the entrance to the caverns, the sign was changing itself. Letters reformed themselves like liquid snakes into something new.

“The Caverns of Pleasure and Obedience.”

Elsewhere, in worlds within worlds within worlds, other changes were taking place, unseen and unfettered by the thoughts of the person who had recently still thought himself Master.

* * *

Rhonda tied in the last of the fiber optic cables and closed the panel. The PCs had all been upgraded over two weekends, with the help of her team. They had managed to do it without bothering any of the staff. They had all been too busy receiving their final training— the bursts of pleasure and programming that welded them seamlessly to the will of Mistress Tamara.

Now that the secure lines were in, they would be in almost constant contact with their Owner, able to carry out her must subtle commands. And soon, she would be with them in person.

She grinned. There was a much more pleasant task on her list, now.

She walked from the interface room to her workshop, taking her time, savoring every step. As she entered, she looked at the two worktables and watched the breathing of the women bound to them, eyes covered with opaque goggles that were feeding visual information into their minds, coupled with the powerful reshaping of the CIMs.

Patsy and Natalie had been there all night, becoming more and more fanatical and debased in their devotion. They bordered on full psychotic obsession now, and they were nearly ready. If Rhonda had seen them like this only a few weeks before, she would have cringed in terror and despair.

But now, she was nearly cumming from the pleasure of seeing Tamara’s will accomplished. She remembered who she had been. How she had felt about such things. She moaned loudly as knowledge of the changes in her mind stimulated her even more, driving her wild with need and obedience. If she met her old self walking down the street, she realized, she would be the enthusiastic means of her own downfall, if Mistress would allow her the honor.

The convoluted thought brought her to her knees, trembling with pleasure that she couldn’t hope to process. “Fuck fuck fuck yes Mistress oh my cunt... oh yesssss...” Her laughter echoed down out the door and into the halls, unheard by the dozen or so agents lost in their own deranged pleasures.

After a time, she compensated for the rippling orgasms and staggered to the table nearest to her. “Oh, Natalie, love... Mistress has such important plans awaiting you...” She looked at her sister slave in envy. She didn’t know why Mistress was further indoctrinating Natalie, but it didn’t matter. It was what Mistress wanted, and so it was perfect and right. She knew that it was beyond the bound slave’s ability to be insulted or even to question. Natalie was already as obedient as any completed femservant in Mistress’ arsenal, and she understood the honor of Mistress Tamara’s attention for what it was.

Pure, undiluted Nirvana.

* * *

Patsy sat on the sofa and finished her cappuccino. It had been exceptionally good. Joyce was very talented in the kitchen, it seemed. So good, in fact, that she might deserve a reward. Patsy set her cup down and considered the fifty-year-old woman.

She’d obviously been quite a beauty when younger. Even now it showed through her more matronly features. She was in the process of moving from a youthful glow to aging elegance. Dressed as she was, kneeling in her sheer negligee, Patsy felt her pussy twitch with desire.

“Ah, Mrs. Reynolds. It’s so fortunate that you stopped by the office to surprise your husband. You almost feel like family there, you know. It would be such a shame to leave you out of everything,” cooed Patsy, her voice syrupy with delight. She looked around. “And it’s so nice of you to have me over to your home!”

Joyce looked up at Patsy, her face twisted into a mix of fear and hatred. But when she spoke, her voice was quiet and seductive. “Thank you, Mentor. I love to please you, and in so pleasing, be the delight of our Mistress.”

“Very nice, Joyce. Oh, but what a look!” said Patsy, as if to a wayward child. “I think you might need a refresher on the pleasure of obedience... after all, I’m here to teach you...”

Despite her deep conditioning, the older woman tried to shake her head no. It looked more like a tremor, but Patsy knew it for what it was. “It’s much easier if you just give in, Joyce. You’re only being allowed this little rebellion to entertain Mistress, anyway. She wants to see the look on your husband’s face as he watches you fall hopelessly in love with the woman who will be the purpose for every breath you take. No, not me. I am just a catalyst.”

She pointed again to the many video cameras placed around the room, capturing her from almost every perspective. “You see? Now be a good girl and put on a nice show for hubby.”

Patsy stood and walked over to the kneeling captive, spreading her legs and thrusting her hips forward. “Say it.”

Joyce’s mouth fell open, eyes pleading for mercy. She couldn’t remember how to be silent. Everything she tried just made the words come more easily to her trembling lips. “The slave begs a taste of her sister’s hot, steaming cunt in honor of my only love and eternal Owner, Mistress Tamara.”

“Oh, Joyce, that was pretty good, but you just didn’t have your heart in it. Again, with feeling. Try to make me cum with your words.”

Joyce screamed inside as her voice, outside her control, became sultry and seductive. It dripped with lust while she repeated the phrase. “The slave begs a taste of her sister’s hot, steaming cunt in honor of my only love and eternal Owner, Mistress Tamara...

“Much better, Joyce. But I think I’d like your hot little tongue on my asshole. Wouldn’t that be better?”

Joyce felt her thoughts melt away as the image of her tongue in Patsy’s brown, puckered anus bathed her in wanton desire. “Oh, yes so much better... pleeease let me taste and tongue-fuck your asshole, Patsy!” There was no more room for screaming in her mind now. No room for resistance. The pleasure was just too great to allow space for anything else.

“Mmm, okay,” sighed Patsy She turned around and bent over. “If I’d known you were so hot for it, I’d have mentioned it much, much sooner.”

Joyce moaned as multiple triggers went off in her mind, wiping away the last of her defiance. She looked to one of the cameras and licked her lips. Her eyes shone with obscene hunger. “Marvin, honey,” she nearly sang, “I do this in honor of the love of my life, my purpose for living, my Owner and Mistress, Tamara Morgan, in order to show you her infinite power. And it’s much better for me than it is for you...”

She stretched out her tongue as far as she could and, grabbing Patsy by the hips, dove into her asshole, moaning and mewling as her own pussy exploded in pleasure. She began rocking back and forth, pulling the agent with her, grinding into her with wild abandon. Her grunts echoed with Patsy’s as their implants began to work in sync, driving them deeper and deeper into their frenzied passion.

“Mungf! Mungf! Mungf! Mungf! MUNGF! MUNGF!

Patsy screamed as her climax swept through her, pulling Joyce with her... and Joyce... her corner turned, her life changed, her mind forever one with her Purpose... sang a mantra of moaning as she rose in flaming orgasm like a phoenix from the ashes of doubt and despair... a mantra that, along with the inhuman pleasure she could no longer live without, was a hymn of grateful obscenities given freely...

Given freely... obediently... to Mistress Tamara.

And then it was time to begin again, and again, and again...

* * *