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Absolute Control (Friday Night Fights)


Summary: 4 female friends start a tradition to stave off boredom while their men are out of town on the weekends, discovering the erotic power of hypnosis and the thrill of absolute control.

“No freakin’ way” said Amanda as she had her third glass of red wine. “I know the web is mostly perverts and pop up advertising, but are you serious...there’s a site where people get off hypnotizing other people?”

Giggles filled the room. The four women were all good friends. They met thought their

Husbands, and since the men went out of town most weekends for business, they made it a point to hang out. Amanda was a tall redhead, the kind who lucked out and got hardly any freckles, and had been gifted with big breasts to boot. She liked her wine and was loud and out spoken. Monica was petite, brunette, and exotic looking. She was a mix of

Something or other, and her short stature was made up for with dark, flawless skin, almond eyes, and a butt to die for. Alison was your typical California blonde, fresh out of a 12 step program for cocaine, but cigarettes and alcohol were still ok in her book.

She was a teen model once, but her binging and purging over the years left her looking a little rough around the edges. Still most men who saw her desired her, even if only for one night stands, her marriage was one of convenience. He brought home a check, and she’d open the gate...if you know what I mean. Last but not least was Lindsay. She worked for the phone company, and this baby had back..and then some. She was average height, had been active in sports in high school, and probably the most muscle per pound out of the four.

Monica replied: “Really, I saw this sight and tripped out, and I thought it would be fun to try it instead of watching some suck ass movie and wake up with hangovers for a change”

She said. “Hypnosis isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be,” retorted Alison “they couldn’t get me to quit smoking through hypnosis, waste of fucking money and my time.”

“Now let’s not be negative Alison,” said Lindsay, after all the only thing you aren’t addicted to is cock!” She laughed, the others followed. “Seriously, let’s do something wild,” said Monica. We can wrestle, and the winner gets to hypnotize the loser.” “Shit, why just wrestle, make it bikini wrestling and then hog tie the loser while you put her under”, said Lindsay. “You know I’d kick all your white asses and have me a slave harem to do my housework, pedicure, massage, wash the car...hell this idea ain’t half bad Monica. “Christ don’t turn it into a race issue every thing else..I’m just fucking with you”. Said Amanda. “How do we determine who wrestle’s who? Asked Monica.

“We’ll draw names out of a hat, and then go with the two that come out.” Said Alison.

The women took pieces of paper and wrote there names on them. They put them into an empty bowl from the kitchen, since they couldn’t find a hat. After staring at the hat and drinking more wine, they got up the courage to try it out.

They drew names and got supplies from the kitchen. The two names drawn were Lindsay and Amanda. “Hey, since this is the first night, we all have to wear bra and panties, instead of bikinis. This old pair of panty hose will be used to hog tie.” Said Monica.

The women disrobed, and nervously began. “You’re going down, biiiiitch. " Said Amanda to Lindsay. “Very funny, red, prepare to submit.” Was her reply.

Monica turned on the stereo to some techno and turned up the volume. The music pounded the room as the women began wrestling. It was pretty weak at first, but then

Amanda tripped Lindsay and threw her to the floor. They wore each other out, trying to pin each other, grappling, grasping, gasping. They were both hot, but not in the same aerobic shape as when they were in high school. It took effort to do this. Covered in each other’s perspiration, the techno getting louder and louder, finally Lindsay pinned Amanda, threw her on her stomach and tied her hands behind her back, she then got her in a choke hold and stopped right before Amanda reached unconsciousness. With Amanda limp and helpless she tied her long pretty legs together, and then brought her expensively pedicured feet up to her tied hands and hog tied her. The other women were

Shocked, amazed, and truth be told, aroused.

Amanda was wiped out, the exertion, alcohol and being chocked out had her very woozy.There was no fight left in her. Lindsay took a pendant one of the other girls gave her. She sat on Amanda and held her head so she couldn’t move and had to keep her eyes on Lindsay. “Now listen to me, carefully and completely, you are exhausted, you have no energy left.

Just listen to my voice and let go. Relax. You can’t fight it, there’s no point. I won and you are exhausted, so sleepy, so tired, just worn out. Your muscles are fatigued, your mind is tired. You can’t even think, you’re too tired. You don’t want to think, you need me to think for you, Lindsay, let go and let Lindsay, let go and let Lindsay. Now whisper it back to me.”

The defeated Amanda was tired of this game, she was buzzed, she was tired, she had a long stressful week and couldn’t wait to sleep, she went along and repeated, she was getting woozy. “Let go and let Lindsay” she whispered.

Lindsay continued. “You’re going to totally relax, and block out every sound but my voice.” Monica turned down the music, and put on just soft static in the background as white noise. The women were all fascinated, would it work?

“Now,” said Lindsay " I want you to close your eyes, you can’t keep them open, they are too heavy and you are too tired. All you want to do, all you can do is keep listening to my voice, letting it fill your head, hearing only my voice, accepting everything I say.

Tell me you accept everything I say, now” Amanda responded. “I accept everything you say.” Lindsay felt herself getting wet. This was a power rush. “You accept everything I say and love this game, you love the wrestling and hypnosis game, say it.” Amanda

Responded. “I love this game, the wrestling and hypnosis game.” The other girls were astonished, they were transfixed that the tall, beautiful redhead who was hogtied, and on her back was now going into trance very deeply. “When you were a kid did you ever watch tv shows or movies with hypnosis?” Asked Lindsay. “Yes.” Was Amanda’s soft reply. “Everything you saw was true,” said Lindsay.

When you are hypnotized you are completely under the power of the hypnotist, thinking what the hypnotist tells you, and having to respond in a monotone, always addressing her as Ma’am, are you clear on this Amanda?” asked Lindsay. Something amazing happened, beyond the girls’ expectations. Amanda’s voice became very monotone, and her body stiffened. To accommodate her, Lindsay untied the feet from the hands, as Amanda’s long legs stretched out in front of her, and her arms extended stiffly behind her. “Yes Ma’am I am clear, I hear and obey.” There was an audible gasp as Amanda lie there.

Lindsay was beside herself. This was amazing. “Amanda, your trigger phrase to go into this deep of a trance is “Queen Lindsay.” “Do you understand?” She asked.

“Yes, Ma’am.” “I know you wanted me to win this time, because you knew you wanted be hypnotized and serve me this weekend, say it!” Barked Lindsay. The other girls didn’t get that this was a hypnotic suggestion, and thought she was questioning Amanda.

“Yes Ma’am I wanted you to win so I could serve you.” “No way! Exclaimed Alison,

Amanda is secretly a submissive?” Semi ignoring her, fascinated with her new found power, Lindsay replied. “Yeah, seems like it don’t it?”

Lindsay untied Amanda. “Amanda, you are completely under my control now, and will follow my instructions all weekend, you have desire or ambition except to do what I tell you do, as my servant this weekend, do you accept this? “Yes Ma’am.” Was Amanda’s

Monotoned reply. “When I gently slap you on the cheek, you’ll awake, not rememberbeing hypnotized, but still fully responding to your trigger when I use it. You’ll be reallyhungry for something you usually don’t like..what food do you not like? “I do not like pickles, Ma’am. She replied. Hmm, thought Lindsay. “You now love pickles, you cannot get enough of them, and each one you each gets you as buzzed as two shots of tequila would, understand? “said Lindsay. “Yes Ma’am. Was her reply. Then the slap.

Amanda looked disoriented. “What’s up guys? Why are you looking at me so weird? Damn, I need a pickle, “she said. The other girls giggled as Amanda opened the fridge

And took out a huge kosher dill. She looked at it lustfully and then took a bite. “mmm, that good!” she said. She wolfed it down, then hiccupped. She ate another and another, and another. She sat staring, looking like she’d just finished a tequila shooter contest. “Stand up and walk over her a minute Amanda”, said Lindsay fromacross the room. Amanda stood up, almost fell over and giggled, then tried to stagger over to Lindsay. She was WASTED. Like a total drunk, off of pickles.

The other girls were astounded. Alison said: “This is too freaking wild, I can’t wait until next week to see who battle and wins, I’m studying up. Damn, the money I could have saved on drugs!” The others all laughed. Monica spoke next. “OK, this has been fun and kinky, definitely not your typical bridge night, but before Amanda cleans out my fridge I’m calling it a night. Is everyone safe to drive? Everyone nods, but then they look at Amanda. “Ok, Lindsay, since Amanda is too “wasted” to drive, you take her home and drop her off, ok?”

Lindsay knew dropping Amanda off was the last thing she was going to do, she had her trigger up her sleeve, and was ready for a weekend of being pampered, having a maid, Someone to do her cooking and just plain boss around. Um, sure, I’ll drop her off, then have her call you when she’s safe and sound. See y’all Monday! Lindsay and Amanda got into Lindsay’s car, as everyone drove off.

“Wow, I can’t believe that pickles got me this wasted, I mean it’s wild, they never had that effect on me before.” Said Amanda as they drove down the street. Amanda was a chatty Cathy al the way to the Freeway, and Lindsay had had enough when they got to

Amanda’s exit. “Then this one time in High school we got soooo wasted on Boone’s farm Strawberry Hill...and then Robert said...” she was interrupted by a loud and curt:

“Queen Lindsay” and Amanda was silent. She stared ahead at the road. They passed her exit and continued toward Lindsay’s. As they pulled in the driveway, Lindsay turned the

“send own number feature” OFF on her cell phone. She speed Dialed Monica. And turned to Amanda. “Amanda, " yes Ma’am. Was the reply. “Speak as though you are not hypnotized, in your normal voice, and tell Monica you made it home safely and are going to bed, then say goodnight, see you Monday. “Yes, Ma’am,” she said in her normal perky voice. Lindsay handed her the phone. She said everything as instructed and Monica was none the wiser. She handed the phone back to Lindsay. “Queen Lindsay” said

Lindsay again. Amanda stiffened and looked glassy eyed. “You will go into a deeper trance every time you go under, do you understand? Asked Lindsay. “Yes Ma’am.” was Amanda’s reply, now monotone again. “Every time I put you under not only is the trance deeper, but more powerful. You lose a little desire to think for yourself, and gain more pleasure in your whole body each time you are hypnotized. It’s very addictive being hypnotized, especially by me. You have always had a tremendous crush on me, admiring me, my ebony skin, my voice. You’ve always had a secret desire to just do for me, wait on me hand and foot. You have the whole time you’ve known me, hoping I’d ask you to use your skills as a professional interior designer to do my house for me. You never asked, fearing rejection, do you understand? “Yes Ma’am was her reply.

“During the week, in between our girl’s night out, you will be at my disposal, should I need or want you to do anything for me, is that clear? “Yes Ma’am,” said Amanda. This is going to be great, thought Lindsay, now to get inside the house and continue. “Amanda, you are no longer buzzed from the pickles when I snap you out of trance, but as you know is your duty whenever we are alone, you will carry my things into the house.”

Lindsay gently slapped Amanda on the cheek and Amanda dutifully got her things and brought them into the house for her dear friend, Lindsay.


Lindsay’s man was out of town for the weekend, and Lindsay was not big on picking up after herself when he was gone. She waited until the last second Sunday night and picked

Up hastily, tossing it all into the hamper and let the dry cleaner sort it out. Not this weekend though. Her friend, a stuck up most of then time interior designer would be the maid.

“Um, Amanda, I’m sorry for the mess.” She said. “Hey wait a minute, weren’t we going to drop me off at my place? I’m confused.” Said Amanda. “Hmm, that won’t do, it doesn’t please Queen Lindsay!” said Lindsay. Amanda went back into trance, this time deeper than the last. To be sure Lindsay walked over to her. There stood the tall, lovely redhead, looking blankly ahead, in a deeper and more powerful trance then the last three or so times she’d been under that night. How far would Lindsay go?

She alternately slapped and then said Queen Lindsay over and over and over and over until she lost count. The one side of Amanda’s face was pink from slapping so Lindsay worked the other side for quite a few repetitions. Amanda had in and out of trance

Who knows how many times now, how deep was this one?

“Amanda, can you hear me?” “Yes Ma’am was her very monotone reply. She looked especially distant, her body especially stiff. She was reacting to all those movies from her childhood that while inaccurate about the power of hypnosis worked to Lindsay’s advantage. “You trance is very very deep now isn’t it!” said Lindsay. “Yes Ma’am.

“You have no desire to think for yourself, or do for yourself, it’s all about Me now isn’t!

You wish you could let me think for you so you could throw yourself into doing my bidding, totally obedient, totally compliant, absolutely under my control, don’t you?

Isn’t it making you hot thinking that your brain only wants to hold the thoughts I give you, the commands I instruct you to carry out?” “Yes Ma’am, I want to do your bidding,

And give you absolute control.” Was Amanda’s reply.

“You ARE totally mine to command when you are trance Amanda, you think NOTHING

but what I tell you. When that’s done you follow my next instruction and so on, until you have done all I have commanded. Obeying me now gets you wet. Each completed task increasing your pleasure, your desire to serve. If I get bored or run out of things to have you do, you can remain motionless until I instruct you otherwise, not minding at all.”

“Your Goal, Amanda, is for me to take such total control that you no longer need to think when you are in private with me. It is to just obey, to serve, like a living robot. Waiting for me to tell you what to do. When we are around the other girls you will act as you always have, on the outside, but on the inside you will be aching, wishing, needing me to hypnotize you because that is how you feel fulfilled, by being under my power.

Do you accept and understand” said Lindsay, now dripping wet, thinking of the power she had. “Yes Ma’am, I understand and accept.” Was Amanda’s reply. Lindsay picked up a garment off the floor. I was a pair of panty hose, torn and rumpled. She held them up to Amanda. She specifically put the crotch of the hose into her face. “Inhale deeply and get very turned on by this scent from now on!” Barked Lindsay, Amanda inhaled the musky scent from the hose and felt her body respond. Lindsay Took the feet of the stocking and shoved that part under Lindsay’s nose. “This scent reminds you that you are always submissive to me, and belong at my feet, doing my bidding. It reinforces your obedience, and is something you’ll find yourself sneaking to do, distracting you when you do my laundry for me, or tidy up. You’ll even crave it when not in trance, ashamed of your secret adoration of this scent, which makes you derive even more pleasure out of it when given the chance.”

Lindsay then lifts her arm, and places the pit up against Amanda’s face. It’s slightly pungent after a night of wrestling. “This scent plain makes you hot, you want to lick it until the scent is all gone, but you can’t, you aren’t allowed. I makes your body quake in pleasure, but you are just short of orgasm. You can’t make a sound of pleasure either,

Just revel in it, crave it, and not be allowed to have it.” Amanda’s tongue fought against the back of her teeth, wishing it could just brush against the stubble once.” That should make our next wrestling match very interesting, thought Lindsay. I’m a shoo In every time, once I get her pinned. “When we wrestle you will give it your all, unless you encounter one of your worship scents, which will then make it very hard to fight and worship at the same time.” Said Lindsay.

She looked over Amanda: Tall red hair still perfect, flowing. Her skin was flawless, and she always had an expensive manicure and pedicure. She always wore designer clothes,and expensive perfumes. What a bitch, she thought to herself, this would be a different experience altogether, she mused.


Lindsay looked around the room at the mess. Pumps everywhere, stocking, gym clothes, Underwear, Doritos bags, etc. “Amanda, clean up this mess while I get a shower!” she commanded. “Yes Ma’am I will clean up this mess.” She repeated back to her. Amanda went about tidying up, cleaning the mess. Putting the trash away, and putting the clothes into piles, with nonchalance she put Lindsay’s husband’s clothes into a pile, but when it came to Lindsay’s it was different. She picked up each pair of shoes and looked at them with glassy eyed admiration she caressed each pair and looked to be sure Lindsay was still showering.

When she felt sure she inhaled deeply, and touched her crotch, she whispered to herself,“serve Lindsay” and trembled. She did the same with the hose and socks. When she got to the underwear and panty crotches, she trembled as she sorted, wanted to bury her face in them, to show her admiration, her submission, but she didn’t want to get caught, she was so wet now it showed through her outfit. Once the room was tidy she looked it over, and said out loud. “Tidy this mess.” Then stood in trance, silently waiting for her next command.

Lindsay took a long leisurely shower, she took her sweet time, not worried about Amanda. She wasn’t sure how long it would take to do the room, nor did she care.She wanted to see what happened when Amanda ran out of commanded tasks. Would she come out of trance or just wait for the next command? How deep had she gotten her in one night? She looked at herself in the mirror as she stepped out of the shower. She was still in great shape, her husband loved her ass, and gave it plenty of compliments and attention. She looked over her dripping body, and looked at her hands and nails. Time for a pedicure and manicure, and to schedule a massage..wait, the pampered bitch in the next room under hypnosis could use her memories to replicate the treatment she got!”

“Amanda get in here, now.” She yelled from the bathroom. From a statuesque pose to quick response, Amanda followed the voice she completely obeyed. Standing in front of the naked, wet Lindsay was an honor for her. “Kneel before me” and Amanda knelt before the wet, woman. She looked up at her with intense admiration. “Dry me off, starting at my feet, and work your way up” said Lindsay. Amanda complied. Lindsay looked in the mirror as she was patted so gently dry by the trembling hands of the woman who desired so much just to serve her. “Apply moisturizer to me now.”

Said Lindsay, as Amanda complied. Lindsay sashayed into her bedroom, threw down the covers and crawled into bed. She stretched out and called Amanda again. “Amanda, get in her and rub my feet.” Amanda appeared at the foot of the bed. She knelt and began to give a foot rub to Lindsay. It was wonderful, she really knew what she was dong and was really into it, because it was the only thing on her mind. Pleasing Lindsay, serving her, being where she belonged, at her feet, obedient. “Now I’ll probably drift off to sleep while you do this, so when I do you will do the following:” said Lindsay. “Once I am unconscious you will freeze into position, aware of me, focused on me, thinking of me. You will repeat the following mantra to yourself:

“When I am in trance I exist to serve Queen Lindsay, I am her humble servant, I need only her thoughts in my head, and am absolutely under her control. When I am in trance I belong to her, and become her living robot. I allow her absolute control of my body and mind, I belong to Queen Lindsay. When I am not in trance I fantasize about being hypnotized so I can be fulfilled.” She then said. “As I stir awake in the morning, you will begin to massage my feet again, and then give me a full body massage. Whe I tell you to stop you will automatically go into the kitchen to make my breakfast, and coffee.

On weekend mornings I like to be served breakfast in bed. Begin the massage. “Amanda answered “Yes Ma’am, and began. Lindsay was getting drowsy.