The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Absolute Obedience

Part Three

by Simon bar Sinister

July 1999

Time has passed. Days? Weeks? Maria can’t keep track any more. Maria awakes in a big, luxurious bed. Lying next to her, still asleep, is Master. Even though he is sleeping, an aura of power surrounds him. Just looking at him makes Maria feel meek and docile. Before, Maria wandered aimlessly through life, unsure of what would happen next. But now, everything is certain, definite. Maria no longer has to worry about anything. Anything at all.

Maria gets out of bed, moving softly and silently. More than anything, Maria wants to throw herself at Master’s sleeping body. She wants to make him as hot for her as she is for him. She wants to make him want to fuck her for a good long time. But Master has given her an order—he is not to be disturbed in the morning. Maria must not disobey.

Quietly, Maria creeps down the hallway to one of the other bathrooms in the large house. She pees, takes a quick shower, and prepares herself for her Master. Generously, Master has given Maria a large assortment of underwear and lingerie for her to wear. She doesn’t need any regular clothes any more, since she never leaves the house. Maria takes a long time to choose what to wear. Maria finds it difficult to make any kind of decision these days. It would be so much easier if Master would order her what to wear, but Master can’t be annoyed with this kind of minor detail.

After a while, Maria finds a white silk teddy to wear. It’s kind of tight, and it pinches her in places, but it makes her feel sexy. After she does her makeup and her hair, she spends a good long time looking at herself in the mirror. She can’t believe how soft and feminine she is! Master will be so pleased! He will want to fuck her for sure!

She sneaks back into Master’s bedroom. She spreads herself out comfortably on the end of the bed, and patiently waits for Master to awaken. Ever since she was a little girl, Maria had always been fidgety, unable to sit in one place for more than a few minutes at a time. But now, Maria finds that she cat sit here, staring at her Master, her mind completely blank, forever if necessary...

Master’s eyes open. “Good morning, Master,” says Maria. With a look of lust in her eyes, she slowly crawls over the bed towards her Master, making sure he gets a good view of her tits. She crawls under the covers with him, cuddles up to him, and plants a big wet kiss on him. Maria can barely contain her excitement. Master seems to respond to her kiss, but after a few moments, Master breaks the kiss and says, “Go make me breakfast.”

Once again, Maria is disappointed that Master won’t fuck her. But also once again, Maria cannot disobey. Without consciously thinking about it, she’s already up out of bed and moving quickly down to the kitchen. It’s as if a magnet is pulling her.

She arrives in the kitchen, puts on an apron, and begins to make Master his breakfast. From upstairs she can hear Master in the shower. She wishes she could be in the shower with him.

When Master finally comes down to the kitchen, Maria’s standing there with a tray of food in her hands. “Your breakfast is ready, Master,” she says meekly. He sits at the kitchen table, and Maria places the meal in front of him.

“Where’s my paper?” he asks.

His newspaper! How could she forget that? “Sorry, Master!” she says, as she runs to the front hallway to retrieve his newspaper that was dropped through a slot in the door. She returns instantly, hands it to him, and says, “Your paper, Master.” She is smiling from ear to ear. Even such little things can be so satisfying! For Maria, obedience is bliss.

As Master eats and reads the paper, Maria stands a few feet away, perfectly still, her hands folded in front of her. Once again, Maria finds it so easy to stare at him and think of nothing.

Finally, Maria’s patience is rewarded. Master finishes his coffee, puts down his paper, and says to Maria, “Come here and kneel!”

Maria lets out a squeal in anticipation of what is about to happen. She is quickly at her Master’s feet, her eyes hungrily staring up at him. She realizes she could take the initiative, but she doesn’t want to. She wants Master to tell her what to do.

“Open up my robe,” he says. Maria complies, and Master’s cock, still flaccid, is revealed to her. “Kiss it,” he continues. As Maria plants her lips on it, she feels it begin to quiver.

“Take it with your hands and massage it,” he orders. Maria wraps her hands around her Master’s cock, and she feels it growing rock-hard. “Lick it,” he says. With long, loving strokes, Maria runs her tongue up and down his shaft.

This continues for some time, with Master giving out orders, and Maria obeying. Sometimes Master grabs Maria’s head and guides it with his hands. Master is in complete control now, and Maria is nothing but his puppet.

The end is approaching. Master isn’t giving Maria orders any more, he isn’t saying much of anything. At this point, though, it doesn’t matter. Maria has Master’s cock in her mouth. She has repeated the same sucking motion so many times it has become automatic. Maria is a machine, her mind is completely detached from the situation.

Maria orgasms, even before Master does.

* * *

It’s later that afternoon. Master is talking on the telephone, sitting in his leather recliner. Playfully, Maria steps up behind him and runs her fingers through his hair. Master pays little attention to her. Unable to resist, Maria leans over and softly plants a kiss on his neck.

Master puts the phone down, turns around at looks at Maria. “Can’t you see I’m on the phone?” he says.

Immediately, Maria stops what she was doing. She kneels on the floor at Master’s feet. “Sorry, Master,” she says, humbly. Master is talking on the phone again and doesn’t seem to hear her apology.

Maria is distraught! She made Master angry at her! How could she be so stupid? Maria feels the tears well up in her eyes. She takes a could of deep breaths and tries to calm down. After a few minutes, Maria feels a little better. She kneels there, at the feet of her Master, her hands folded in her lap. She stares at him, and tries to think of nothing.

But now, Maria finds that it is difficult to think of nothing. Thoughts keep popping up in Maria’s head. She notices that Master is talking on his cell phone. She suddenly realizes that there aren’t any other telephones in the house, only Master’s cell phone. For some reason this bothers her. She doesn’t understand why. She shouldn’t need to think about such things. She shouldn’t need to think about anything at all.

Maria stands up. Since she’s having difficulty thinking of nothing, she decides that she should go and do some housework. That should help her take her mind off things. Maria loves to make home for her Master.

Maria goes and gets a feather duster, and begins to dust in the living room. She tediously covers every square inch of the room, focusing completely on her task. She is able to get rid of those pesky thoughts that keep popping up in her head.

For a while, at least. Maria has finished dusting the living room, and is now dusting the front hallway. While she works, she keeps glancing over her shoulders and looking at the front door. When she looks at the door, a strange feeling comes over her, the same sort of feeling she got when she saw Master talking on the phone.

Finally, Maria stops dusting altogether, and just stares at the doorway. She slowly walks over to the doorway, something in the back of her mind keeps pushing her on. She tries to open the door, but it’s locked. A feeling of dread washes over her. Quickly, Maria runs back to the kitchen, and tries to open the side door. It’s locked also.

The strange feelings Maria’s been having suddenly make sense. She is locked in the house, and there aren’t any phones for her to use. She’s being kept a prisoner. Maria realizes she’s afraid. She feels like a caged animal.

Maria’s fear suddenly unlocks a flood of memories. She remembers everything: Being drugged in the restaurant, losing her job, betraying her best friend. It’s too much for her to take all at once. Tears are streaming down her cheeks. She bangs on the door in anger.

Roberto enters the kitchen. “Are you OK, Maria?” he asks. “I think that you need something to drink.”

“That isn’t going to work this time,” says Maria. “I remember everything. You’re not going to get away with it.”

Roberto laughs at her, condescendingly. “I already have gotten away with it!”

“What are you talking about?”

“What are you going to do to stop me? Who are you going to turn to?”

“If I go to Diane and explain things to her, she’ll understand.”

Roberto laughs again. “I think that Diane is a little more concerned with saving what’s left of her business. By now, she knows about the plane tickets to Brazil that were paid for with your corporate credit card. She thinks you sold her out. If you go to Diane, she’ll have you arrested for selling trade secrets. Which, by the way, is what will happen if you go to the police.

“And even if you managed to avoid jail,” he continues, “what then? You’ve focused only on your career. You have no meaningful relationships. You’ve simply used your friends and lovers to get ahead. I should know—I was one of the people you used. Now your career is gone, and you have nothing left. Your only chance for happiness is to finish what has started, and to submit to me completely.”

“Fuck you!” shouts Maria, and she starts kicking on the door again.

“You want out? Here, be my guest.” He opens the door with his key. “I’ve got your wallet, and the keys to your car and your condo. You’ve got no place to go, and the only thing you’ve got to wear is your underwear.”

Roberto steps away from the door with a smug, patronizing look on his face. Maria, her eyes burning with rage, gives him a hard kick in the balls. Roberto falls down on the floor and cringes with in pain.

Quickly, Maria runs out of the kitchen and into the garage, where her car is parked. She opens the garage door. Then she reaches under the left front fender and finds a small magnetic box that contains a spare car key. She gets into her car and drives off.

Maria’s mind is reeling. What is she going to do? She can’t go back to her condo, she doesn’t have the key. She’s having trouble thinking straight. She’s still not completely recovered from being under Roberto’s power. Maria just drives around, with no destination in mind. Where can she go?

Her mind keeps coming back to Diane. Diane is her best friend. If Maria went to Diane and told her the truth, she would believe Maria, wouldn’t she? There’s no way, it’s all too farfetched. If she shows up at work, in her underwear, telling a story of how she was drugged and brainwashed, people would think that she’s crazy.

Wait a minute. What if she brought proof that she was drugged? Diane would have to believe her. If she could show Diane some of the drug that they gave her, it would prove that she wasn’t lying.

Maria knows what to do now. She has to go back to where she was first given the drug—back to the restaurant that Roberto took her.

Maria drives across town, and arrives at the restaurant. At this time of day, there aren’t any customers, but there are about a dozen of the scantily-clad waitresses walking around. A few of them glance up at Maria, but they ignore her, and continue to go about their business. This is the one place where Maria, wearing only a skimpy piece of lingerie, doesn’t look out of place.

She walks behind the bar, and looks for a sample of the drugged liquid she drank. She can’t find any. There isn’t anything but the normal bottles of liquor that you would find behind a bar. She knows it’s got to be here though. She can smell the faint odor of the drink wafting through the air. The smell is unmistakable. It’s got to be here somewhere.

With her nose, she follows the odor of the drink back to it’s source. Aha! it’s coming from the kitchen. Just as she is about to enter the kitchen, one of the waitresses who had previously ignored her suddenly grabs Maria. “You can’t go in there,” says the waitress.

“Oh, yeah?” says Maria. “Try and stop me!”

“You don’t understand,” says the waitress, with a look of concern in her eyes. “You can’t go in there, it’s—”

Maria pushes her out of the way, and enters the kitchen. Except that it’s not a kitchen. The entire room is filled with flowers —the same kind of orchid that Roberto gives her. In one corner of the room is a strange-looking contraption with tubes coming out of it—it’s a distillery. Overhead there are bright, bright lights, and the air is hot and moist and thick with the smell of the orchids—the same smell as the drink she was given.

The smell is overwhelming. Maria can’t think straight. Everything’s so fuzzy. Feel so sleepy. Must try to stay awake. The smell... it’s so powerful. Can’t stay awake. Feel so calm. So peaceful. The room is rocking back and forth. Muscles feel so limp. Really mustn’t fall...

Maria passes out.

* * *

“Maria, open your eyes,” says a familiar voice. Maria opens them and sees Roberto standing over her. She is in the back room of the restaurant lying on the same couch that she had before. The couch is soft and comfortable.

Maria tries to stand up. Movement is difficult. Her mind is still very fuzzy. “Your arms and legs are completely limp,” says Roberto. “You can’t move.” As soon as Roberto says this, Maria’s arms give out from under her, and she flops back down on the couch like a rag doll. She tries to move her arms again, but she can’t. Just like Roberto said.

“Maria, can you speak?” asks Roberto.

“Yes,” Maria manages to say.

“Who am I?”

“You’re Roberto,” she says.

“You know me by a different name too, don’t you?”

Maria thinks about it for a moment. “You’re Master,” she says.

“From now on, you will know me only as ‘Master’. You will forget that Roberto ever existed.” Maria’s mind is a fog, but his words cut through the fog like fire and burn themselves into her brain. Permanently.

Master asks her again, “Who am I?”

“You are Master,” she immediately replies.

“And who is Roberto?”

“Uhm...” Maria thinks for a little while. “I—I don’t know.” Master seems pleased with her response.

Master walks away momentarily. When he returns, he is holding something in her hands. Maria has trouble making it out— everything is still fuzzy—she finally sees that it is a pair of scissors. Master kneels next to the couch, and cuts away at Maria’s tight-fitting underwear. Maria can’t do anything about it, she can’t move at all. Soon the last stitch of clothing is gone, and Maria is completely naked.

“Do you feel relaxed right now?” asks Master.

“Yes, very relaxed.”

“Do you feel submissive?”

“So submissive...” she purrs.

“Maria you have not yet submitted completely to your Master. There is still a part of you that tries to resist.”

“No, that’s not true.”

“If you look deeply within, you will find the part of yourself that still resists. Do you see it?”

Maria searches her feelings and finds that Master is correct, there is still a tiny part of Maria that refuses to give up control. “Yes, Master,” she says.

“Maria, giving up the last bit of resistance is the most difficult of all, but you must do so if you wish to submit to your Master completely.”

She tries to let go of the last part of her will, but it refuses to go away. “I—I can’t.”

“You must breathe deeply, in... and out.... You must relax even further. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to stop resisting. Relax... relax... Deeper and deeper...

Maria can’t believe that she can relax even more, but Master’s voice is calm and soothing. Once again, Master’s words burn into her brain, and she is more relaxed than she ever felt before.

Maria is no longer lying on the couch in the restaurant. Maria is floating outside of time and space. Maria is in a state of absolute peace, absolute contentment, absolute submission.

Maria orgasms.

* * *

Maria suddenly realizes she is back lying on the couch. Her arms and legs still can’t move. Master is standing over her, completely naked, just like she. Master leans over and kisses her. He slowly caresses her soft skin. She can do little except writhe around on the couch. He breaks the kiss and says, “You will obey your Master.”

He delicately brushes his fingers over her erect nipples, sending chills down her spine. “Say it,” he commands.

“I will obey my Master,” she repeats.

Master spreads her legs wide open, and gets on top of her. Master’s burning hot lips kiss her neck, her breasts. “I will obey my Master!” she says, even louder.

Master enters her with his thick, hard cock. “I will obey my Master!” screams Maria.

He gives a long, slow thrust. “I will obey my Master!”


“I will obey!”


“I will obey!”


“I will obey!”


“I will obey!”

Thrust. “I obey!” Thrust. “I obey!” Thrust. “I obey!” Thrust. “I obey!” Thrust. “I obey!”

Thrust. “Obey!” Thrust. “Obey!” Thrust. “Obey!” Thrust. “Obey!” Thrust. “Obey!” Thrust. “Obey!”

“Obey! Obey! Obey! Obey! ObeyObeyObeyObeyOBEYOBEYOBEYOBEY!!!”

“Come now!” he commands.

Maria obeys.

* * *

They are in Master’s car, riding back to his home. Maria sits in the passenger’s seat, her mind completely blank, and stares at Master as he drives.

The car stops at a traffic light. Master turns to her and says, “Come now.”

Maria obeys.

The End.