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This is a work of fiction any similarities between the characters, events, or locations in this story and actual locations, events, or people are purely coincidental.

© 2005 Warlord

Absolute Power

By: Warlord

Chapter 2

Otto busied himself with more ampoules, injecting further drugs into my open vein. He continued his narrative. “It was long past time for me to move on to another identity. I had an exit strategy planned. Such a wonderful American phrase! I changed it slightly after you became my intern.”

He regarded me calmly as he took up his story. “I knew Diana was coming today. She will fire me and I will disappear. Very short sighted of MCL, but it’s the corporate world. So very much like the Reich at such times.”

He smiled, continuing, “You are not aware of the fact that I added your name to the patents I applied for and the articles I wrote while you were with me.”

He gestured to a stack of file folders. “I am leaving you a dozen patentable chemical compounds. Use these until your brain function improves enough that you can develop your own. These dozen compounds, with Diana’s help, will allow you to maintain your occupancy of these labs. Your synthesis of the obedience drug will be much easier with these facilities at your disposal.”

He administered more injections as he continued, “I took time today to visit Diana’s new home. I met her rather submissive significant other, Bailey Weller. She and Diana are irrevocably bonded to you today, Billy.”

That was finally enough of a bombshell to break through my drug induced fog. I started violently. Otto laughed at my response as he said, “I am afraid my precious angel would not long survive without my presence in her life. I have imprinted my Jennifer to you as well Billy. It is a grave responsibility I leave with you. None of these ladies will live on without your presence.”

I shook my head as I protested, “You never asked...”

Otto smiled broadly as he replied, “Yes, I did. I asked you when you were in the throes of my drug—when you MUST tell the truth. You were pleased and happy with my offer of mastery over these and the others. You, of course, have other women that you wish to dominate for your sexual pleasure. It will be my pleasure to aid you in this endeavor as part of my ‘exit strategy’.”

* * *

I was sitting in the chair, with my arms still shackled. It slowly dawned on me that I was alone in Otto’s office. I had no idea how much time had passed or where Otto was for that matter. I was becoming more lucid, coming out of my drugged confusion.

The IV was no longer in my hand; the empty saline bag was still hanging from the IV stand. It must have run for a while. I flexed my hand, examining the red, puffy area of the IV site.

Diana Swane entered the office. Incongruously, she was naked, wearing only her unbuttoned suit jacket. She looked at me calmly, and in the most normal of tones she said, “I let Doctor Kressinger go today. Luckily, you and Jennifer will be able to stay on at MCL to help me with his files and last experiments.”

She continued with a big smile, “I can release you in a few minutes. The doctor gave me specific instructions, Billy. Please don’t be angry with me. I promise this will be the last time I ever disappoint you. The doctor said that you would need time to recover from your treatment. You and Jennifer must accompany me home. You can rest there. I’ll cover for you both here at MCL.”

I was nonchalant in accepting her explanation. In my returning clarity, I correctly attributed my calm to Otto’s drugs. I asked, “Where’s Jennifer?”

Diana replied, “The doctor gave us a list of files and other items you would likely need immediately. Jennifer is collecting them and putting them in the SL600. Then she is cleaning up the lab. By that time I should be able to release you.”

She cringed at that reminder, staring at the floor. Suddenly she dropped to her hands and knees before she looked up saying, “Billy, I know that you must discipline me for my lack of obedience to you. I promise it will never happen again. Forgive me.”

Diana pressed her face to my shoe top, repeating ‘forgive me’—over and over. As an example of the power of Otto’s obedience drug, Diana’s abject behavior was a pretty stunning turn-around.

* * *

At about this same time a hemisphere away, in a massive cathedral built by the conquistadors in what is now that country’s capitol city, the Archbishop is speaking. “A very successful test, Monsignor.”

The Archbishop patted the lithe, naked women kneeling next to him, smiling down at her. Maria, he knew from her weekly confessions as a devout and chaste virgin, had just willingly given him that virginity. He had gleefully taken her every virginity! Her asshole was so tight it reminded...

Shaking his head, he asked, “Monsignor, how does this obedience machine work?”

The monsignor, having just received a blowjob from Maria’s sister, was in a far better mood as he answered, “We discovered it among Michelangelo’s secret coded journals in the deep recesses of Vatican library catacombs. The journals were long ago placed there to protect them, then forgotten.”

The Archbishop looked around. In the sacristy of Cathedral, the orgy was dying down. The twenty-four pious, virtuous women invited to this special Latin ceremony had become wanton harlots and sluts, totally obedient to any request.

The monsignor continued, “Michelangelo called them the “lenses of persuasion”—small boxes with crystals, jewels and specially ground lens placed in a pattern forming the ‘circle of enlightenment.’ In addition he discovered hypnotic tonals and rhythms. Using that as a basis, he designed the words, music, and even organ chords needed for the proper resonance. The specially colored and patterned vestments are Michelangelo’s as well. Our regular ceremonials with candles and incense deepen the suggestible effect. ”

The Archbishop nodded as he absently played with Maria’s tiny, almost nonexistent tits. Pulling on her nipples, he asked, “Why weren’t we influenced?”

The monsignor smiled happily. “No one outside the circle is affected, while those inside have their free wills crushed as they focus their total, absolute obedience on the men wearing the brightly colored robes.”

The Archbishop asked quietly, “And what shall we do with this new vast power we have discovered?”

The monsignor was suddenly animated as he spoke loudly. “America. The home of greed and wrongdoing must be reformed. Widespread sinning, disobedience to our teaching, unchecked homosexuality must be ended. We will stop it now.”

His eyes bulging the monsignor repeated, “Unbridled rampant homosexuality.”

Since the Archbishop could see two priests, members of the monsignor’s construction team, engaging in an act that was pretty universally understood to be ‘homosexual,’ he lost interest in the discussion. Well between that and Maria’s tongue on his balls.

* * *

I realized that my mind was sharper by the minute. Shaking my shoe in Diana’s face, I said, “Diana, sit up, we need to talk.”

Dianna sat back on her heels, looking up expectantly as she said brightly, “Yes, Master.”

I looked in her eyes as I said, “Diana, I need your brain. Tell me why Otto did this for me.’

She smiled happily. “Because he liked you, Master?”

I snapped at her, “God Damn it Diana, I told you to think. The man killed a million fucking people. He doesn’t like anybody but himself.”

She cringed, ducking her head. “I’m so sorry Master. I’ll try to do better.’

She continued in a subdued tone, “Master, You may be a guinea pig, or trial subject. Otto may have left you as a decoy for some reason. Master, you may be a place holder with Otto setting up his eventual return by means of a new identity.”

Diana looked up tentatively as I smiled. “Much better. More like that when I ask you to think.”

Her smile broadened with my praise. She sat back on her heels, with her hands on her lap, waiting patiently. I looked over at Otto’s desk trying to see into his head. Maybe he did like me, but even in my drugged state it seemed, umm, doubtful. I had much to think about.

As I glanced down at beautiful, compliant Diana, I was forced to confront a rather ugly reality. I was going to fuck her and all the others based on Otto’s research at a concentration camp. Those many deaths somehow equated into my future happiness. How did I feel about this origin for my power?

One thing was for sure. Otto was correct. Looking down at Diana’s wobbling breasts I had every intention of USING my new power.

A few qualms were however starting to emerge from my placid stupor.

Just then I heard Jennifer behind me. “Master, the car is loaded, and it is time to release you.”

She was quickly kneeling next to my chair, with her cheek pressed to my hand. “I am so very sorry we had to restrain you, Billy. Can you ever forgive us?”

I looked into Angel’s pain-filled eyes and bit back my automatic smart-ass remark. I was going to need to be careful with my words, even my tone of voice. Otto’s drug had so sensitized them to meeting my needs that any casual joking aside would be taken very seriously indeed. As if I needed more to think and worry about...

Petting Jennifer’s soft skin, I smiled as I softly said, “It’s OK, my Angel. We all had our instructions from Otto. Release me now, please.”

Jennifer was busy with one wrist, while Diana worked, releasing the other. Then they both stood up, helping me to my feet. I trembled for a moment until my dizziness passed. I nodded toward the lab, and my lovelies escorted me into the main lab area. As I stood braced on a lab table, I finally looked at a clock.

I turned incredulously to Diana. “One o’clock.”

Diana ducked her head as if I’d slapped her as she was wringing her hands in obvious distress. She finally replied in a tiny voice. “Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. Otto was very specific. I’m so sorry. Please forgive us, master.”

I put my index finger to her lips as I shook my head, saying in my calmest voice, “Diana, we need to figure out leaving here, and our vehicle situation.”

Diana nodded as she replied, “Your Mercedes SL-600 is loaded and ready to go, sir. I’ll pull my BMW 760Li around and lead to my place. It was strongly suggested that you allow us to drive until at least tomorrow.”

I had to smile at her careful phrasing, but I had to agree. My muzzy head did not lend itself to walking, much less driving. I had another question. “My ride, my Denali?”

Diana looked a touch concerned as she answered, “Otto said we could pick it up in long-term parking at the airport.”

I tipped my head back laughing uproariously as Jennifer and Diana looked on in some disquiet.

If this was a chess game, Otto was many moves out in front. I looked over at Diana, still dressed only in her jacket, as I said, smiling, “Don’t you need to get dressed?”

She nodded, agreeing. “Yes, sir. And if you will allow me...”

Here a bit of the ‘old’ Diana asserted itself. With her back straightened and shoulders back, she continued, “I really should go next door, Sir. Raise hell, and kick their sorry asses, to make God Damn sure this lab is undisturbed for you Billy, I mean Master.”

I shrugged, saying, “Billy is fine in public, ladies, let’s not draw undue attention.”

Looking at the two of them, I silently wondered how we’d avoid undue attention as I continued, “Yes, please Diana do take care of business, then return with your ‘Bimmer.’ Angel, please bring me a cup of coffee, extra sugar.”

I stood contemplating Diana as she dressed. Until now, I had never really thought about the sensual possibilities of a woman dressing. I found the whole experience quite arousing.

When she was dressed, holding her aviator sunglasses, Diana stepped up to me. Her hand on my shoulder, she leaned in to kiss me. Our kiss deepened, with tongues playing in each other’s mouths, as I lost track of time. I came up for air to confront Diana’s reverential gaze. I gently turned her unresisting body toward the door and swatted her on the ass, saying, “Get to work, Diana.”

She giggled as she looked hotly over her shoulder. Her heels tapping staccato rhythm, Diana made for the door.

Feeling a gentle touch on my arm, I turned, to find Jennifer Angel holding my coffee mug. As I took the cup, she seemed to melt into my left side, with her right arm wrapped around me. My arm went around her as her head rested on my shoulder. Angel’s fingers played with the hair on my neck, in a pleasantly distracting manner. I turned, and her lips were right there! Our lips touched softly, then with increasing ardor, as our tongues danced together, chasing each other back and forth.

We continued kissing. I was still holding my coffee. It finally dawned on me that a warm willing female might be an improvement to holding that mug. Somehow mug made it down to the lab table without spilling, and both my arms were around Angel.

While we kissed, my hands traveled from her shoulders down her back, over her ass and thighs, then back up, over and over, exploring, tactually memorizing Angel’s perfect body. My hands paused on her flawless ass, squeezing and kneading. As my fingers drifted away, Jennifer giggled into my mouth. As she pulled back to make eye contact, she said tenderly, “You don’t have to stop, Billy. It all belongs to you. I’m your Angel, Master. My ass, my entire anatomy, is yours to use. Every morsel of my being; every speck of body, mind, and soul is your loyal slave, sir.”

By the time she was finished, my cock was hard and throbbing. Angel felt my arousal, responding by grinding her belly against it. Her soft lips were once more touching mine. Angel kissed my chin, then my neck. As her body slowly settled, her lips surrounded each of my nipples, sucking, then descending to lick my navel, until she was squatting at my feet. Her fingers were busy until my zipper descended, as she spread my pants widely. She reached into my pants, pulling out my engorged cock.

She rubbed her cheek against my cockhead as I moaned deep in my throat. Cradling my cock in her warm palm, she engulfed the head in her hot mouth. Reaching up, she pinched my nipple. I grabbed her head with both hands, screaming, “ANGEL!”

As my cock pulsed, coming in her mouth, my fingers tangled in her blonde hair. Angel’s suction and licking continued, as she swallowed my spending. Then Angel cleaned my cock with tiny catlike licks, until I stopped her. Angel continued squatting and still holding me, with her head resting against my belly.

My sudden sharp orgasm had cleared away more cobwebs. Quietly I breathed, “Angel, look at me please.”

As she looked up into my face I asked, “Angel, did Otto give you instructions or messages for me?”

She looked puzzled for just a moment then her eyes cleared as if remembering as she said cheerfully, “Oh, yes sir. I was only supposed to tell you if you asked, but now you did.”

I nodded as I helped her to her feet, standing quietly as I zipped up. I leaned forward as I gave her a kiss, tasting my cum on her lips. I continued our kiss while my hands wandered.

Abruptly I stood up straight thinking about Otto, I was probably frowning. Poor Angel looked timid as she regarded me. I smiled as I said, “Not to worry, my Angel. It’s just our boy Otto, playing with my head. Again.”

Angel was standing patiently, as I realized there must be a further trigger phrase. “Angel is there some message, something from Otto that you need to tell, give or show me?”

Angel broke into a radiant smile as she said, “Yes, Billy. Please follow me.”

At my gesture, Angel turned toward the lab’s office. I stopped at the entrance, taking my shirt from the hangers and putting it on. I walked in, buttoning my shirt and sipping that coffee, to confront a lovely vision of Angel’s cute little butt as she knelt on the floor with her head in the bottom drawer of a file cabinet.

I sat in Otto’s chair while I waited. I slid open the shallow center drawer of his desk. In the middle sat a large black pistol. I’d never seen it before in my life but I recognized it immediately. It was a Walther P38, the sidearm of World War Two Germany. No surprise that Otto had one.

I carefully picked it up, rolled the slide-mounted safety down to ‘safe,’ then touched the ‘loaded chamber’ pin just above the hammer. I flipped the butt-mounted catch, dropping the loaded clip on the desk. I pulled the slide back, holding up the catch until it locked. I set the P38 on the desk blotter as I reached in the drawer, retrieving half-a-dozen more loaded clips. The clip in the gun and the others were loaded with hollow point ammunition. As I lined them up on the blotter I had a disquieting thought.

I leaned back in the ergonomic chair I turned to Angel, saying, “Angel I need to ask you a question.”

By now Angel had every bottom file drawer in the row open and an interesting stack of ‘something’ next to her. I asked, “What are you doing, love?”

She looked over with a big grin, saying, “Otto’s favorite hiding spot. He shortened all the bottom file drawers a couple inches and put his secrets in that space.”

I sat, more or less patiently, until she was done. Angel knelt behind the secreted items, waiting expectantly for my order to proceed. I had a question first. “Angel, Otto taught me to use that gun. I’ve never seen one or held one, yet I knew just what it was and what to do. How’d he do that?”

Angel smiled contentedly. “Oh, thank you, sir. Now I can tell you every thing.”

With that she was backside up, digging in the file space. This time, a laptop and a cloth bag appeared. She was again kneeling. She looked at me and answered my unspoken question. “This is the lot, Billy. I am released to share all my knowledge with you by your last question.”

Angel reached into the cloth bag to pull out a set of earphones. As she donned them I realized they weren’t ‘exactly’ earphones. The earpieces were joined with eyepieces and metal contacts that fitted the temples. She held the digital connection and pointed to the laptop.

I said, “OK, my Angel, talk to me.”

Angel replied pedantically as if a recording, “A method for accelerated learning or for reinforcing control programming. Administer the L1 drug, and then select the appropriate DVD disk from the library. You have received, and can now access, the needed skills to make your own disks. The educational disks Angel is showing you will allow you to complete your biochemistry Ph.D. in the month it will take you to comprehend the disk contents. The special control disks should be absorbed by any of your new ‘permanent’ slaves as soon as practicable. You have received a great deal of input from this system. This is part of the reason you need to rest for a few days, to allow your mind to assimilate this torrent of information, along with the changes from the drugs.”

Angel carefully stacked the numerous DVD jewel cases and the ‘headphones’ on the laptop. She held up a tall stack of CDs, saying, “Otto’s complete files, Germany to present. Every experiment, every formula, every dossier, all his observations, and explanations.”

Now, a stack of green journals and notebooks. She said, “Otto’s diary, notes, and annotations, from very earliest to now.”

Last, but not least, some unidentifiable stainless steel items, which Angel identified as “Otto designed very specialized devices for covertly administering his drugs. The instructions are on this CD.”

She lapsed into silence. I pointed at the gun on the desk. Angel said, “There’s a shoulder holster in the bottom drawer. Otto suggests you either wear that one, or a modern gun of your choice, from now on.”

I looked at Angel, unseeing, wondering what else Otto had programmed into me and why Otto felt I needed that gun?

* * *


In Chapter Three