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This is a work of fiction any similarities between the characters, events, or locations in this story and actual locations, events, or people are purely coincidental.

© 2005 Warlord

Absolute Power

By: Warlord

Chapter 3

Jennifer Angel patiently sat back on her heels. I was lost in my reverie. Eventually, coming back to the present, I found myself looking into Angel’s adoring eyes, surrounded by her halo of platinum hair.

I smiled at her as I said gently, “I guess that stuff goes with us as well, Angel. See to it, please.”

Angel sprang to her feet, pulling a capacious Zero Halliburton wheeled metal case from behind the office door. She was carefully stacking the laptop, disks, and journals in the case, as I warily pulled open drawers on Otto’s desk. The contents were uniformly unremarkable—pens, pencils, and post-it notes. Well, the bottom drawer did include the Bianchi X-15 shoulder holster and several boxes of Remington Golden Saber jacketed hollow point ammunition. By now, I was pretty much inured to Otto’s little surprises.

I stood up, slipping into the holster, with the heavy leather strap over my left shoulder. I clipped the holster to my belt as I looped the elastic over my right shoulder. Picking up the P-38 and inserting a clip, I racked the slide, chambering a round, then rolling the safety down just before I inserted it in the holster.

Standing behind the desk, wearing the holstered gun, I was amazed at how heavy and bulky it was. Nobody in any of those action movies I saw seemed as encumbered as I was. Just another case of Hollywood lying!

Walking to the hangers outside Otto’s office I picked up a Mega Chem Labs windbreaker. Putting it on and zipping it a bit did an admirable job of concealing the holster. If I was going to be armed on a regular basis, we would definitely have to find a better, um, that is, lighter, more compact firearm. This big, heavy gun was hardly the ideal solution.

Otto’s sudden need to flee was disquieting. I was becoming more and more convinced that my now extended family and I were in some peril, dictating my having a gun of some sort handy.

I walked back into the office, dropping the additional clips in my windbreaker pockets, then handing the extra boxes of ammunition to Jennifer. She swiftly stacked them in the wheeled case, then looked up at me, gesturing to the case. I nodded, and she closed it up, wheeling it out of the office. I stood, contemplating the poetry in motion that was Angel traversing the laboratory, on her way to load the metal case in the Mercedes.

After refilling my coffee cup, I wandered through the lab, my steps surer now, coming out of my Otto-induced befuddlement. Back in front of the lab’s office, I was greeted by more world-class kisses from Angel; time was suspended, lost in her arms and lips.

* * *

The staccato rapping of Diana’s high heels announced her return. She quickly joined Angel in my arms, kissing me. Two beautiful women were sharing my lips, kissing me in turn. Lips brushing my cheeks, neck, and ears, while they politely waited their turn at my lips. Their tongues licking my lips and teeth, as they allowed mine full rein.

My pulse was throbbing, with my hard cock pressing at my khaki slacks, my arousal leaving an unmistakable wet spot. Diana started to lower my zipper. I reached down, staying her wrist. My action surprised all three of us. The hard pulse of my stimulation was flushing more of the soporific out of my brain. With this newfound clarity feeding my disquiet, I decided we needed to move along.

Smiling, I slowly shook my head, saying in a soothing tone, “Not now ladies, we can play at Diana’s.”

They both nodded happily. With kisses for me, Jennifer and Diana were adjusting each other’s clothing, while I tried to make my rampant cock a bit less obvious.

* * *

As we were getting ready to leave, I turned to Jennifer with a question. “Angel, Otto knocked me out with something that smelled like almonds and I was down for the count. Did he leave any of that stuff and the dispenser?”

Jennifer nodded as she walked back into his office, pulling open a file drawer. She smiled happily as she retrieved something. She carefully set a heavy, gold-decorated Waterman ballpoint pen in my open palm, saying, “Otto has his own built into a heavy signet ring. This was one of his spares.”

Jennifer pointed at the pen’s decorative design as she explained, “That’s the safety. You slide it and then you push there and the aerosol delivers from this end.”

Only by looking very carefully could you see the tiny opening in the end of the pen. I uncapped it to discover that the ballpoint worked just fine. Jennifer held up a gold cigarette case decorated with same design as pen. She flipped it open to reveal cigarettes and a thin gold lighter. Then she manipulated a hidden catch and the cigarettes hinged aside to reveal a row of one-milliliter hypodermic syringes, each filled with amber fluid, as she continued, “This is the antidote for the spray. One subcutaneous injection awakens you. The second ends the effect. Without the injection, the subject is under for a couple of hours. The effect lasts about twenty-four more.”

Diana and I both nodded. Diana asked calmly, “Would it be better if one of us administered that spray, Master. Then if it blows back in our face you’re still awake, protected.”

Jennifer giggled as she said, “Good point, Diana. We do need to protect our Master, but not in this case. He is quite immune to all these drugs as are we. For that matter anyone of his slaves with the permanent imprinting is immune to these lesser drugs’ various effects.”

Diana smiled as she said, “You’re quite well informed, Jennifer. That will be very helpful to our master.”

I glanced at her with some concern, but the tone wasn’t sarcastic and her expression was serene. Jennifer, taking no offense at all, smiled as she replied, “Yes Diana, Otto told me simply everything about everything. The drugs help me remember it all but with an added compulsion against me ever revealing anything without Otto’s permission. Billy cleverly figured out how to secure that permission.”

I grinned as I pointed at the lighter. “Does this do anything besides light cigarettes?”

Jennifer looked serious as she replied, “Not that one Master, but somewhere around here is a Zippo that Otto designed to shoot tiny darts that immobilized the subject allowing Otto to administer a follow up drug or simply flee. Would you like me to find it, Billy?”

I just stared at her, shocked speechless at Otto’s machinations.

Diana interceded, saying, “I’ll help you look, Jennifer. We need to make sure our Master Billy is well protected.”

* * *

I was still blown away by Otto’s toys; like this Zippo lighter, a souvenir from the 1964 World’s Fair, with that fair’s Unisphere globe on its case.

The cigarette lighter part still worked, now fueled by a tiny butane reservoir. Deep in the Zippo’s chimney was an almost invisible tube, that used carbon dioxide to propel a half-inch long needle with feathered bases, having an almost miniscule payload of one of Otto’s wonder drugs. The lighter’s magazine held eight darts, ready to be fired rapidly one-after-another as soon as the hinged cover was flipped open and the safety released.

The Zippo went in my windbreaker pocket, the pen clipped in my shirt pocket, and cigarette case in the back pocket of my khakis

We stood next to the two cars as Diana provided directions to Bear Paw, the gated golf community, to Jennifer. Diana stood by the open door to her BMW 760 Li Sedan, looking at me expectantly. It dawned on me that she was awaiting my permission.

I asked, “Do we need anything else, Diana?”

She shook her head as she replied, “No Master, I mean Billy. I’ll lead the way if it’s all right with you. Will you be riding with Jennifer?”

I nodded with one last admonition, “Let’s go then, please, but no speeding. I don’t want any official notice.”

Diana quickly replied, “Yes sir, no speeding.”

She looked a little disappointed.

I climbed in the Mercedes Benz 600S with Jennifer. She eased out of the parking place to follow Diana who was already at the parking lots exit with her blinker flashing impatiently. Jennifer giggled. “Good thing you told her not to speed, Billy.”

* * *

Diana was far ahead of us and quickly out of sight. I saw Jennifer’s apprehensive look and I commented, “Don’t worry Angel, I can get us to Bear Paw. Mommy Gwen and Auntie Grace regularly play a round of golf there with friends from Gold’s. I’ve had to play sober cab often enough to know the way.”

Jennifer smiled gratefully as she continued her careful passage of the dark, deserted streets. Sinking back into the soft leather seats, I pulled my Marlboros out of my backpack, loading them into my new cigarette case. I shook one out, tucking it between my lips, and lit it with the cars lighter. I cracked the passenger window, although the Benz’s luxury ventilation system was doing a commendable job of dissipating the smoke.

My smoking was perhaps the one rebellion of my entire life. Gwen made it a short-lived one. I started out swiping her cigarettes. She swiftly put an end to that, not by admonishing me, but simply by buying a carton of my newly preferred brand when she bought hers.

As our ride glided through the murk I quietly finished my cigarette, trying not to think too much.

* * *

We rolled up to the security gate at Bear Paw to see Diana standing next to her ‘Bimmer’ with her index finger jabbing firmly into the chest of the guard. We could hear her raised voice over the engine noise of both vehicles as Diana cleared up any confusion he might have over our need for unfettered access.

It was only moments and he was handing Jennifer a laminated vehicle pass to hang from the mirror, a gate opening transponder, and an envelope containing key cards and number codes for the gates keypad station. He stood next to the open gate, at quivering attention as Diana climbed back in her car and led us into Bear Paw.

We drove along the wide boulevards, among the outsized estates of this exclusive community, passing the Club House that gave access to their very own Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course.

We turned a corner following Diana into a cul-de-sac. With a blip of her throttle she pulled into the driveway of an immense Tudor mansion. Diana was out of her car, gesturing us along the side of the house and behind, into a garage stall. Then Diana pulled up behind us. I climbed out to find a concerned Diana wringing her hands saying:

“Master Billy, I’m so sorry. I like to drive too fast, and quite forgot that I was not supposed to speed. I’m very sorry, Sir.”

Diana was contrite as she stood there with her head down, so different then her stance at the guard shack. Jennifer tactfully interrupted to ask, “Billy, shall we unload the car now?”

I shook my head saying, “Not right away, Angel. Maybe bring along my backpack, but otherwise lets go in and get settled. Alright Diana?”

Diana smiled more happily as she led us to the back door of her new home. We entered a spacious kitchen through the mudroom. The kitchen was filled with the best of modern culinary equipment, mostly in pairs. Broad marble counters held every imaginable kind of appliance, with the crystal stemware and fine china displayed in glass-fronted cabinets.

We walked around the breakfast bar, and past the round table with its twelve place-settings. The table fit in one corner of the roomy kitchen, overlooked by the outsized bow windows. I gestured to Angel to drop my pack on one of those chairs.

Diana led us through the French Doors into the formal dining room, with its elongated table graced by several silver trays holding sterling serving pieces.

Looking past the vast table into the living room, all filled with furniture, decorations and art. I turned to Diana with a question. “This is all quite ‘moved in.’ I thought you just got here?”

Diana smiled cheerfully as she replied, “MCL’s relocation office found this house and a decorator for me. Almost everything you see here was provided by that decorator who I supervised by looking at pictures or watching videos then trading e-mails and phone calls as each room came together.”

I grinned at the state that decorator must have been in after any one of those ‘supervisory’ phone calls from Diana as she continued, “We were in a much smaller townhouse in my last posting. We left most of the furniture right there for the next owners. The few furniture pieces we kept, plus our personal items, even our cars, came here by moving van, arriving Monday. Bailey organized the move in while I tended to final items before flying in today to take over this division.”

Jennifer continued to explore the vast rooms, with Diana following. I sat down on one of the leather couches in the conversation, grouping facing the fireplace in the great room. As I sat, my big pistol shifted. I reached under my arm, moving it to a more comfortable position. Jennifer and Diana both looked over with some concern.

I asked Diana, “You own a gun, Diana?”

She answered enthusiastically, “Yes, sir, Master. A Glock model 35 in .40 caliber loaded with Winchester Silvertip hollow points. It’s upstairs next to the bed. Do you want me to get it for you?”

I shook my head as another question occurred to me. “Diana, your companion. Bailey, is it? Where is she?”

Diana now replied in an off-hand manner, “She’s upstairs in the bedroom. She’s holding her greeting position until I release her...”

Then Diana’s face wore a look of confusion for just a moment; it cleared as she continued, “Though from now on, Master Billy, it will be up to you to decide how you wish to be greeted, and by who.”

I was incredulous as I asked, “She’s been upstairs waiting all day?”

Diana saw my expression and was quick to answer, “Oh, no, Sir. Once Bailey completes her few tasks for the day she has the run of the house, Master. When she hears my car, she is to go to the bedroom and assume her greeting posture.”

I nodded in understanding as I said, “So that added throttle you gave your car as you were pulling in, letting the exhaust bark was a warning for her?”

Diana smiled. “Yes, Sir.”

Then she smirked as she continued ruminatively, “Although, if Bailey feels it been too long since she’s been disciplined, she will ignore that. Part of the game is, if I feel a need for a punishment session, I will sometimes park some distance away, catching her completely by surprise.”

I was shaking my head as I contemplated their relationship. My porno surfing showed me many odd, unusual, even kinky sexual liaisons. I just never expected to see one like this in real life, and never ever thought I’d be a part of one!

* * *

I finally roused myself off the couch, saying, “I’m beat, ladies. Let’s find a bed so I can get some sleep. Although with everything that has happened, I’ll probably have insomnia.”

Jennifer giggled as she patted my arm saying, “We’ll just have to relax you then, my Master.”

Yeah, that was relaxing; not! Diana led the way up the broad, curving staircase. She threw open the double doors leading into the master bedroom suite. I walked into a huge room, dominated by the massive bed, surrounded by its steel four-poster framework. My eyes were captured by the figure kneeling next to that vast bed.

A petite brunette, her hair streaked with pale highlights reaching far down her back, in a red transparent mesh baby doll, knelt on a thick satin cushion. Her butt settled back on her heels, with hands resting lightly on her wide spread thighs Diana pointed, saying simply, “Bailey Weller.”

Bailey nodded silently in greeting. I’ll have to admit there was something about having a beautiful woman kneeling, awaiting my instructions, that was instantly arousing! Before I could say or do anything, Jennifer stripped, kneeling next to Bailey, with a naked Diana joining them only an instant later. Gazing at the three of them, kneeling, and only an arm length away, was already beyond any possible fantasy I had ever imagined.

Diana suddenly spoke up, “Master Billy, I’d like to request my punishment now rather then later.”

I looked at her in some puzzlement, asking, “Um, punishment, Diana?”

She nodded vigorously as she spoke forcefully. “Oh, yes, Master. For my failure to release you promptly and my speeding. I need to be punished.”

I glanced over, to see Bailey and Jennifer smiling and nodding slightly. This was quite outside any of my experience; I needed some help that was for sure. I pointed at Bailey. She sat up straighter thrusting her breasts forward as she said, “Yes, Master?”

I grinned at her little display as I said, “Bailey, please show me the sorts of things that Diana used to punish you.”

Bailey fairly leapt to her feet as she grabbed my hand leading me into the next room. I walked in and saw something that looked like punishment stocks, an odd X-shaped cross on the wall, and a huge medieval rack in the center or the room, all surrounded by weird wooden furniture with unusual padding, cuffs and chains. Hanging from the walls was a collection of numerous whips, paddles and canes.

I was nonplussed, shaking my head at this display. I turned to an obviously disappointed Bailey, saying, “It’s too much, too soon for me. I may never be into this like you and Diana. What kinds of things did she do that weren’t quite so um severe?”

Bailey giggled as she said, “Come with me, Master.”

Across the hall was another bedroom. This one had a queen-sized bed exactly in the center of the room, with four heavy leather cuffs connected by thick soft ropes to each corner. Bailey pointed next to the bed, to a weird-looking heavy wooden chair as she explained, “This is my restraint chair. It has sheepskin lined leather cuffs to hold wrists and ankles as well as forearms and thighs to the chair. The chair back is completely cut away as is the seat. This allows access to torment the person being punished while they are completely unable to move.”

Bailey sat in the chair demonstrating the wide spread and helpless posture. My arousal was building as I asked her, “What kinds of tormenting things?”

Bailey smiled as she remembered, “One of her favorites was to have me restrained in this chair next to our bed. Diana would go out and pick up another woman. I’d have to watch their lovemaking all night being totally frustrated. Then in the morning...”

I snickered at that story. This sort of punishing I could do. Seemed altogether appropriate to punish Diana just like she punished Bailey. I picked up the chair as Bailey led me back into the master bedroom. Bailey quickly knelt back in line as I set the chair just inside the open double doors.

Diana’s eye’s got big when she saw the chair come in the room. I silently pointed at Diana then at the chair. She slowly moved to it and sat down. I said:

“Bailey, Jennifer... please buckle her in.”

They moved with alacrity to make up the myriad of cuffs. Well they were tying her up, I slipped out of my windbreaker, hanging it over a nearby chair, then slid the shoulder holster off. I opened a deep drawer in the bedside desk, where I placed the pistol, still in its holster. Diana was quite trussed up by the time they were done. I rapidly lost interest in Diana, as my Jennifer Angel and Bailey pulled me toward the big bed.

Bailey was kneeling while Angel stood, both of them undressing me, kissing and licking any of my newly exposed skin. Bailey kissed the head of my cock, then took it in her mouth, teasing with gentle suction and soft licks. I was harder then I can ever remember being. My fingers tangled in her long brunette hair when, suddenly, without any warning, my balls turned inside out as I came, my throbbing cock spraying in her mouth.

I trembled all over from the intensity of my orgasm as I gasped, “Sorry Bailey, I didn’t...”

Bailey cut me off as she licked her lips with obvious relish. “No problem, Master Billy, quite alright. I love how you taste.”

Angel was kneeling on the bed, pulling me into her kiss, as I realized that I was still hard. Climbing up on the big bed, I pulled Jennifer Angel into my arms, kissing her as my fingertips caressed her naked body. Bailey helped me settle Angel on her back, with me kneeling between her widespread thighs.

I couldn’t wait even one more second!

Leaning forward, I kissed Angel deeply as Bailey positioned my cock at her center. Bailey pushed on my hips, as Angel raised hers to meet me. I slid in slowly, totally engulfed by Angel. My cock swallowed by her body until our pubic bones touched. I lay on top of Angel, unmoving, kissing her lips, chin, cheeks, and neck as I caressed her face and hair.

Angel’s body caressed my cock in an astonishing fashion, until I began to move in tiny strokes, then longer and deeper, my hands at her thighs now, holding her as my hips slapped hers with my cock’s every deeper penetration.

Bailey continued to kiss and caress us, as Angel’s ankles locked behind me with her hands urging me on. Angel screamed as her cunt spasmed around my cock, my orgasm following hers an instant later, my spending deep inside her causing yet another, even more intense orgasm for my Angel.

I collapsed bonelessly, my full weight on Angel, as she hugged me close with arms and legs wrapped tightly around me. Angel was cooing tenderly in my ear, as her lips softly caressed my face.

Bailey rolled us on our sides as she gently separated us. I lay on my back, holding Angel’s hand as Bailey licked me, cleaning my cock and balls with her lips and tongue. Eyes closed, I relaxed with my fingers unhurriedly stroking Bailey’s lustrous hair as she settled her cheek on my thigh. As my breathing and pulse slowed, my frantic thoughts stilled...

CONTINUED In Chapter Four