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This is a work of fiction any similarities between the characters, events, or locations in this story and actual locations, events, or people are purely coincidental.

© 2005 Warlord

Absolute Power

By: Warlord

Chapter 4

My eyes opened. I was in an altogether delightful position, spooned up against Angel’s back, with Bailey tucked tightly behind me, her hand lightly resting on my hip. My hard cock nestled against Angel’s athletic butt, while my hand cupped her breast, with my face buried in her blonde mane.

Raising my head slightly, I glanced over to see a wide awake Diana still in the penalty chair. I sat up in bed, waking my two companions. Okay, I admit I’m not very good at this whole punishment thing. Pointing at Diana, I said quietly, “Please release her, I’d like her moved to the bed with the leather cuffs.”

Watching Angel and Bailey work to release her, I realized that Diana’s thighs were wet with her arousal. They each took one of Diana’s arms, leading her across the hall stretching her supine on the bed. Bailey was cuffing her wrists while Angel cuffed her ankles. As they began to tension the ropes, Diana requested drastically tighter, of course, while I countermanded, telling them to slacken.

When they were done, I stood at the foot of the bed, staring at Diana, naked, stretched into an ‘X’, spread-eagled by the ropes’ pull. I had seen pictures like this on the Net, but in person it was awesome. I realized that I was stroking my hard, drooling cock while ogling her exposed, helpless, and to my eyes altogether vulnerable body.

Overwhelmed by my thoughts, I crawled up the bed between her legs, stopping with my knees against her butt. I kissed Diana with my tongue deep in her mouth, then lowered my head, licking and sucking her engorged nipples. I was feeling powerful as my hands encircled her slim waist, while my cock rubbed up and down her wet slit. Diana’s hair lashed back and forth as she wailed in frustration. She pulled against the ropes, but was unable to impale herself on my cock. Bailey held my cock at Diana’s center as I entered her in one deep stroke, still holding her waist in my tight grasp.

Diana screamed as her first orgasm overtook her; in my runaway excitement, I fucked into her helpless body, my hips slapping into hers as our pubic bones smacked together. Diana continued screaming and wailing with each orgasm. My cock grew as I drove deeply into her, holding my cock buried, and sprayed my cum into her, triggering her own massive orgasm. Diana screamed loudly, going rigid, pulling hard on the ropes, flexing her body in a bow off the bed as her cunt spasmed around my cock, drawing more cum from my balls.

Diana collapsed in a heap as I lay on top of her, exhausted, kissing her tenderly. My softened cock fell out of Diana, accompanied by her tiny whine of disappointment. I rolled to the side, as Bailey cleaned Diana’s cunt of our juices, while Jennifer Angel licked my cock and balls clean.

I stood next to Diana’s bed, kissing her goodnight as I covered her with a light blanket and tucked a pillow under her head. She looked up at me saying in all seriousness, “This is hardly punishment, Billy.”

I smiled down at her, saying, “You’re restrained by those cuffs, Diana.”

She smirked as she nodded. I continued gently, “Get some sleep. You have to work in the morning.”

Diana nodded as she quietly said, “Yes, Sir. Master Billy. Thank you, good night, sir.”

Taking Bailey and Jennifer by the hand I led them back to the big four-poster bed. I was soon spooned behind my Angel while Bailey held my cock in her warm hand. I smelled the vanilla scent of Angel’s hair as I held her breast; I was asleep when my head hit the pillow.

* * *

Not seeing the familiar confines of my bedroom. I woke up disoriented, holding an unfamiliar breast, feeling breasts against my back. I lay quietly in my confusion, finally recognizing that my memory hadn’t been a dream.

Gentle kisses on my neck and shoulders, accompanied by Bailey’s mild voice, welcomed me to wakefulness. I rolled on my back, with Bailey and Angel tucked under my arms, cuddling. My contemporaries never discuss cuddling, but it has much to recommend it, especially with two such beauties

Bailey was kissing my cheek as she whispered, “We released Diana before we woke you, Master.”

I nodded, “Good. She should go to work today if possible.”

Bailey continued as she lifted her head to speak in her deferential tone. “Do you wish to speak to her before she leaves for the office?”

I grinned. “Yes, please, but after my shower if she doesn’t have an early morning appointment.”

Bailey nodded. “Of course, Master. As you wish.”

I smiled broadly as I realized that in this house it was literally true.

* * *

I was standing under a cascade of water in Diana’s sumptuous bathroom. Huge, ostentatious, and filled with every conceivable luxury this bathroom had it all!

Best of that all was my Jennifer Angel washing my hair with a deep scalp massage, while Bailey thoroughly washed my body, starting with the soles of my feet. Just as enjoyable, I returned the favor, washing both of them. I found washing their long hair to be another unexpected erotic adventure.

The gym class braggarts never mention showering or cuddling in their graphic sexual conquests. In a flash of insight I realized; they were as virginal and inexperienced as I had been before today. Either complete liars, or exaggerating some hurried, unsatisfying coupling for their audience of gullible boys.

While I was musing, Bailey and Jennifer stepped out of the shower, then turned on the horizontal side sprays. The pounding water utterly relaxed me. Finally, Angel gently pulled me out of the shower, then thoroughly dried me, with substantial cotton towels heated with the towel warmer.

Bailey returned with a long, hooded robe of thick organic cotton. They had postponed their own morning rituals to see to my comfort. I knew from observing my mother, aunt and cousins that Angel and Bailey had much to do this morning to feel comfortable about going out. Smiling, I said in a relaxed manner, “Thank you for a marvelous wake-up. I’ll find my own way to the kitchen. Both of you please take the time you need to get ready for our day together.”

After the thoroughly addicting kisses from them, I padded down the stairs and into the kitchen, to find Diana, dressed for success, standing at the counter with her laptop on the countertop. She was chewing a corner of toast while reviewing e-mails. When she realized I was in the kitchen, her posture changed abruptly as, dropping to her knees, Diana began again tearfully asking for my forgiveness for her transgressions.

I shook my head. Mommy Gwen never dragged out my punishments; why should I be any different?

I gently pulled her to her feet, kissing her into silence as I said evenly, “That’s over and done with, Diana.”

Diana smiled, wiping her eyes as she thanked me. She began bustling around the kitchen, offering me coffee and juice, apologizing for making me wait and generally reminding me that I was master here.

I sat on one of the high swivel stools at the curved breakfast bar, sipping my orange juice, while Diana served my toast and coffee, then hovered until I told her to go back to her laptop. She kissed me, licking the toast crumbs off my lips before returning to her task.

I had just poured myself another cup of coffee when Diana erupted, “God damn it to hell. Fucking weasels. What the fuck did they do?”

I spun the stool around to face her. She was cursing loudly and pounding on the marble counter top as I asked her coolly, “What’s the problem, Diana?”

She turned to face me, holding the counter top, her anger subsiding as she breathed deeply, visibly trying to calm herself as she asked evenly, “Master, do you know what ‘The Fair’ is?”

I nodded as I answered slowly and calmly, “Yes, Diana. It’s the State Fair. You don’t have a state fair where you’re from?

Diana shook her head as I continued, “I LOVE the fair! Our state fair is a nine-day exposition on two-mile square grounds next to Ag College on the edge of Lake City. Started as the statewide agricultural show over a hundred years ago, the culmination of eighty county fairs. Retains that rural farm flavor, adding urban cultural aspects. For those nine days, state fair grounds become state’s fifth largest city.”

She was surprised by my ready answer as she asked quickly, “Master do you also know what a ‘Machinery Hall’ is?”

I shook my head, saying softly, “Sure its not hill Diana? H-I-L-L! Machinery HILL?”

She swiveled back to her screen, exclaiming, “You’re right, Billy. I thought it was a typo.”

Now she swung back, looking deeply confused as I replied, “Part of that rural farmland agriculture heritage, Diana. Open air lots, with displays of tractors, trucks, lawn mowers, and construction equipment—in short anything requiring room out-of-doors to demonstrate.”

Diana nodded curtly as her jaws tightened. She began pushing the words out with grave difficulty. “The weasels in the office set me up. Mega Chem’s Agricultural Division has a display to be installed on this Machinery goddamn Hill. Whatever or wherever the fuck it is. A ‘very elaborate, expensive coming straight from headquarters report to the CEO’ exhibit. My division, being closest, is responsible for implementing this important showing. I’m answerable for what is rapidly becoming a train wreck because my weasel cock sucking managers dumped all the details on my desk with every solitary fucking one now claiming ignorance.”

She took a deep shuddering breath as she grabbed my shoulders and concluded loudly, “I don’t know about any of this bullshit and I just received an e-mail with the CEO’s cell phone number asking for a complete fucking report.”

Diana suddenly realized that she was shouting and gripping my shoulders. Startled she released me looking positively aghast then stepping back hurriedly until her butt hit the cabinets behind her, babbling her apologies.

Shit, this being in charge can be hard work. Fucking Otto! I had to calm her. I covered Diana’s mouth gently with my fingertips, while looking deep into her green eyes, saying slowly and clearly, “Calm down, Diana.”

It was an astonishing transformation—her expression and body language changed instantly. With her suddenly relaxed posture, Diana now had a tentative smile as she lapsed into silence. I looked at her in wonder at the sheer suddenness of the change.

We needed to get our shit together. Still making eye contact I asked her quietly, “How bad is this really, Diana?”

Diana stood for a moment with a calculating look, then responded coolly, “They picked a good one, Master. This is very bad. If this exhibit goes in the shitter I could very well be gone.”

I stood listening as she continued, “I absolutely must be in the office today. While I’m busy with my transition ‘take over’ duties plus sorting out which asshole is responsible for this fair fiasco and getting them moving, the trucks and workman converge at this ‘fairground hill machine’ place today at noon—long before I’ll ever be ready for them. When it all falls off the table this afternoon, my boss and his boss are going to hear every fucking gory detail. Then I’m going to hear from them.”

She looked aggrieved, saying in an almost inaudible voice, “And I haven’t even been here long enough to FIND this fairgrounds place.”

* * *

Jennifer Angel was driving the 600 dressed in her workout togs, tiny short shorts and a belly shirt. We were on our way to her house for a change of clothes, then to mine. Not that I objected to Angel’s outfit; quite the contrary, the view was awesome.

Today was casual day for us, with Bailey wearing a tight pair of stone-washed black jeans with a light green boy beater shirt and cross trainers. We would be going the fairgrounds today, to hopefully sort out Diana’s exhibit crisis.

Still wearing my clothes from yesterday, I was sitting in the plush leather passenger seat next to Angel, with Bailey behind me playing with the hair just above my collar. My backpack was between my feet, with that big German pistol zipped into a side pocket. The files and other items from Otto’s lab had been unloaded at Diana’s.

We were quickly at The Pines, pulling into the driveway of the outsized, two-stall garage for Jennifer’s luxury townhouse as she began explaining while we climbed out of the Benz. “This is a side by side, double house with a two stall garage on the one side butted up to the two stall from the next double house with one common wall on the other. The garage buffer on one side means we have privacy and quiet with only one close neighbor. The garages are tall, with attic storage. The solid line of buildings circles the property, forming a hollow square; this interior courtyard is quite impossible to see from the street.”

We nodded as Angel went on, “The quadrangle with its pool, spa, exercise room, picnic shelter, running track, etc is only accessible through one of these owner townhouses. This very secluded privacy has resulted in the whole interior court becoming ‘clothing optional.’ What that means is the folks using the pool and spa or tanning are nude with a scattering of partly clothed people in the picnic shelter or barbeque and a bit more clothing on the groups in the exercise area and on the running track.”

Bailey began to giggle, as I probably looked as shocked as I felt. Angel grinned as she unlocked her door, inviting us into her home. Bailey, still giggling, asked, “How can this whole complex be made into a nudist camp, Angel?”

Still grinning broadly, Angel stood in her entryway as she explained, “The association bylaws have been amended to make it ‘official’. Plus the association bylaws require a unanimous acceptance vote by current members before any purchase agreement can proceed.”

I smirked. I can imagine that it didn’t take long for a yes vote, after they got a good look at Angel and her rather impressive ‘attributes.’ Angel continued, “The residents of The Pines are typically young with all but a tiny minority unmarried. They’re adrenaline junkies, many of them working at Lake County Regional Medical Center in the emergency room, trauma center, intensive care, or operating rooms.”

Angel continued as we nodded, “The residents are into a good time, for instance, end of the week at The Pines is always a bash. Friday and Saturday nights in the summer are pool party and we all blow off steam. Otto loved this place, and I’m sure you will, too, Billy.”

I nodded as we walked in. Angel took us on a quick tour of her luxury four bedroom townhouse. She cleared up a question for me as she showed us Otto’s room, saying, “Otto stayed with me often even though he owns a very nice home on acreage north of here. When you’re ready, Billy, I can drive you to what Otto called ‘The Farm.’”

She pointed to the desk, concluding, “The keys are in his desk drawer.”

I pulled open the center drawer for a quick look. There were several key rings but I left them. I swung open the closet door to find more than a dozen long guns in soft leather cases leaning against the closet wall. More Otto surprises we would have to save for later. And what about this farm? Later, definitely later.

Sending Jennifer Angel to dress, I sauntered down to her kitchen. Bailey served me coffee that I sipped, while staring out the sliding glass door. We didn’t have to wait long before Jennifer joined us, with a bulky duffle bag over her shoulder, as well as pulling a wheeled suitcase. She was dressed in her ‘painted on’ denim low rise hipsters, paired with a short, pink satin, spaghetti strap camisole top. Angel was exposing a lovely expanse of her flat belly above and below the navel. Did I mention not wanting a distraction? Thought so.

Bailey was cleaning up our negligible mess in the kitchen. I grabbed the duffle bag and pointed at the suitcase, saying, “Bailey, please bring her suitcase out to the Benz while she locks up.”

Angel slipped into her running shoes as I led the way out the door. I was becoming anxious about what I would find at my house. What had Otto wrought?

* * *

We drove along my tranquil suburban street as I became increasingly agitated. It dawned on me that I hadn’t been worried about Gwen until this morning. Otto’s programming had likely prevented any such thoughts until they broke through today.

Angel pulled in our driveway, rolling up to our attached garage. The house, garage and yard all looked so normal. I shook my head. Get a grip, Billy! Otto used mind control not a phaser cannon.

Loitering in the car, I was trying to avoid entering the house as long as possible, totally at odds with my unfocused anxiety. Finally, I opened the car door, stepping out on the driveway. Bailey leaned over the seat to grab my backpack, while Angel shooed me toward the front door.

Only seconds after the car doors slammed, the front door opened wide, with Mommy Gwen appearing on the front stoop. I ran into her arms, hugging her. She was kissing me in a most unmotherly way, as I discovered that Gwen was dressed (sort of) in one of my dress shirts, one of my completely unbuttoned dress shirts being all she had on.

My fingers confirmed her undressed state as they floated up and down caressing her perfect body under the shirt while our lips never lost contact, our only oxygen shared back and forth. Jennifer poked me lightly, saying in a quiet voice, “Master you may want to take this inside.”

I looked around, not relinquishing my embrace of Gwen, to see my Angel and Bailey trying to block any view of our impassioned greeting. I grinned, while Gwen giggled as she said, “She has a point, Billy. The front step is a little ‘public’ for this.”

Bailey giggled as she chimed in with her agreement. “Yes, Sir, especially when Jennifer and I join in.”

I laughed now, saying, “Yeah, that would tend to draw a crowd...”

Looking around I continued more seriously, “...And a crowd of nosy neighbors avid for scandal would be a bad thing.”

Gwen took my hand, leading me inside, continuing to hold my hand as she dragged me to the first floor master bedroom. Okay, perhaps ‘dragged’ inaccurately conveys reluctance on my part to accompany her.

The bedroom was dim, windows covered with room-darkening drapes. The gas fireplace offered the only illumination, its flames giving an erotic glow to Gwen’s body. I reached for Gwen and again I was lost in her lips, my hands traveling over the idyllic body I’d lusted over, seemingly forever.

Suddenly, I feel hands on me as Bailey and my Jennifer Angel intervened, undressing me then positioning us on Gwen’s big bed. Gwen is lying on her back. I kneel between her legs staring at her mesmerized. She reaches between her legs, runs her finger through her wet slit, and then sucks the juice into her mouth with obvious relish. I hear a loud groan, and then realize it’s me. Gwen grabs her thighs, pulling them back to her chest and spreading them widely. She smiles at me through her long legs, her face half obscured by her blonde mane.

I grabbed her smoothly muscled thighs and put my cock at her center, leaning forward. Making eye contact with my mother as my lips touched hers, I drove my hips forward. Our joining was immediate, with eyes, mouths, and genitals touching all at once.

Gwen held my hair, kissing me repeatedly as she used her every muscle, meeting my thrusts. Soon Gwen’s long legs were held up along my chest as I plunged into her.

Gwen screams loudly as her orgasm engulfs her, with her convulsing body triggering mine. As I howl my spasming completion, I collapse bonelessly, my full weight on her.

Gwen’s arms and legs went around me holding me a she kissed me, crooning into my ear, “So good, baby. So good for mommy,” over and over as I relaxed in my mother’s arms, my fingers tangled in her hair.

Gwen grinned at me, as she nodded to the side. I looked over, to see a naked Jennifer sprawled on her back, with Bailey kneeling between her thighs. Bailey’s fingers and tongue were busy, with Jennifer floating from one peak to another. Finally, with a loud scream, she reached her limit, pushing Bailey away as she lay twitching with aftershocks. Bailey looked over at us, smiling happily, her face glazed with Jennifer’s juices.

Gwen and I both laughed, which is a quite marvelous feeling, with her sheathe still surrounding my half hard cock. I rolled us to the side, holding her, gazing into her loving eyes. After my sexual heat cooled I felt guilty and apologetic saying softly, “Mother, I...”

Gwen covered my mouth interrupting me as she said firmly, “No more, Billy, from now on I am Gwen and you are Master. I wanted this just as much, maybe even more than you, my baby. Now, Master, it is long past time that I talk to you about your father. I saw him on television today.”

CONTINUED In Chapter Five