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This is a work of fiction any similarities between the characters, events, or locations in this story and actual locations, events, or people are purely coincidental.

© 2006 Warlord

Absolute Power

By: Warlord

Chapter 7

Bailey was kneeling next to me with her cheek resting against my hip, her warm palm cupping my balls while she unhurriedly fisted my half engorged cock. Unconsciously my fingers combed Bailey’s soft curls, in time with her leisurely caressing.

Hannah caught my eye as she pushed her sunglasses up into her blonde curls; grinned then blew me a kiss. I smiled happily, contemplating my favorite cousin. Her shape was perfect not too hot, not too cold—her porridge was just right! Slim, trim and yet with gymnast and dancers muscles and long, long legs. Did I mention that Hannah was perfect? Thought so!

I tugged upward on Bailey’s hair. Bailey lithely gained her feet and I took the opportunity to kiss her tempting lips.

When we came up for air I took Bailey’s hand, we walked to Hannah on her lounger. I leaned down to kiss Hannah as her arms went around me pulling me close. Time suspended as I lost myself staring into those deep blue eyes tasting those lips touching that flawless skin. Hannah’s lips were in constant motion tenderly kissing my cheeks, ears, eyes, chin, and lips.

I was on my back with Hannah sprawled on top of me. Don’t know how that happened but I’m not complaining. My hard cock was trapped between us; the friction of her oiled skin was a delicious torture.

Hannah held my face with just her fingertips as she lovingly gazed into my eyes saying tenderly, “I’ve always loved you Billy. You just never realized how much.”

Her wet slit slowly massaged my cock as she continued, “I told Melissa, that I’d do anything at all for you...

She stared intently into my eyes as she breathed, “...Anything. You...just...never...asked.”

My cock jolted at her words. Hannah smirked at my wide-eyed expression. She quickly covered my mouth with her fingers before I could respond. Her hand drifted down between our bodies until it reached my throbbing cock. I groaned as her thumb spread pre-cum across the head.

Hannah’s body shifted until my cockhead was inside her. Hannah unhurriedly settled and I entered her. Hannah stopped with me deep inside her, amazing muscles massaging me. I was incoherent, groaning from sheer pleasure as Hannah tweaked and pinched my nipples, rising and falling on me in measured cadence. I yelled loudly as I grabbed her waist slamming my hips upward as my cock sprayed deep in her womb. She screamed her completion as her orgasm followed on the heels of mine. I checked out for a couple minutes, maybe longer.

* * *

When my eyes opened, Hannah was laying across me kissing and cuddling. I glanced to my right to see Diana alertly kneeling next to me. When Diana saw I was awake, she leaned forward, lightly rubbing her cheek on the back of my hand. I whispered, “Diana.”

She snapped back into an erect kneeling posture with her shoulders back. This did marvelous things for her breasts. She was still in her skirted suit but had taken off her blouse having only a frilly red bra under her jacket. Diana seemed to know instinctively that I liked that look with her tits ‘barely’ contained, threatening to break free of their confinement at any moment.

I crooked my finger and Diana shuffled forward. Reaching up with my hand behind her head I pulled her to my lips. My tongue licked her lips and scraped her teeth. Diana’s mouth opened for my probing tongue. As we kissed, I felt her relax, calming as I caressed her tidy hair.

Pulling back from her I gazed into her eyes as I soothingly said, “Diana, clean my cock, please.”

She nodded, saying brightly, “Yes, Master Billy, immediately.”

Her lips dropped to my chin, then chest and belly staying in contact with my skin all the way down my body until her tongue swiped my cock. Diana was busily cleaning our juices, as I looked over at Brianna in the next chaise locked in an intense sixty-nine with Bailey.

I watched as Brianna shoved her thumb in Baileys ass while biting her clit triggering a wrenching writhing orgasm. The sound of Bailey’s orgasmic screams bounced off the walls. Brianna grinned over at me as she held Bailey in a loving embrace her head resting on Brianna’s thigh.

Hannah’s giggle brought my attention back. My fingers were petting Diana as she tenderly tongue washed my cock and balls. The intensity of my lovemaking with Hannah had me so satiated that even Diana’s face buried in my groin was not arousing me.

When she was done. Diana rested her cheek on my thigh with her fingers randomly stroking Hannah and my skin. Diana asked in a supplicating manner, “Master Billy, can we talk?”

I sat up smiling as I said, “Certainly, Diana.”

Diana sat back up on her heels with her hands lightly resting on her widely spread thighs. She nodded, saying quietly, “Thank you, sir. First, Master thank you so much for taking care of the exhibit. I’ve heard praise for our progress from several people in our corporate headquarters.”

She looked around as her smile died away. Looking pensive, Diana continued, “Master, I think I’ve found the person who sabotaged me. But it makes no sense. I can see no way that destroying me benefits him at all. I am deeply confused, Billy.”

I nodded. This was a new, improved Diana. The ‘old’ Diana would have heedlessly attacked, with little questioning the motivations of her foe. Shifting Hannah just a bit, I sat up straight speaking in a carrying voice, “Diana needs our help. Get dressed, a little, anyway. We’ll get together in the kitchen to hear from Diana and decide what needs to be done.”

Diana gave me a relieved smile as Hannah pulled me to my feet leading me to the poolside showers enclosure. Bailey and Brianna hand in hand followed.

* * *

I followed Brianna’s enticing ass into our kitchen. Hannah and Bailey had gone ahead leaving her to dry me after our shower interlude. I had a towel wrapped around my waist while I completed drying my hair with another.

The clothing of choice seemed to be one of my button front shirts. Only Gwen and Grace had their thongs. Diana had removed her skirt and wore only the jacket and that enticing frilly bra.

Bailey was moving purposefully around the kitchen serving beverages. I sat on one of the center island’s swivel stools, enjoying the view while the ladies settled. A naked Jennifer Angel sat up on the counter next to me coquettishly playing with my hair in a thoroughly distracting manner. There was slightly less than ‘no chance’ that I was going to stop her. Bailey handed me my coffee with a cold bottle of Propel to Angel.

Seeing everyone in attendance I gestured to Diana who began speaking in a halting voice. “I think I found the person spreading all the malicious rumors and trying to sabotage me. His name is Ronald Nelson; he’s a vice president for facilities. He goes by Ron Del. Since I’ve taken over this division from ‘Old Man’ Lauritz, this Ron Del guy has been after me in a big way. I really don’t understand the connection. I haven’t fucked with him or his people, and he really isn’t on a career track to benefit if I go down He’ll just get a new boss.”

Diana answered questions that fleshed out her statement. I sat thinking about her situation as she responded to Hannah’s question, saying, “He seems very conscientious, Hannah, first one there in the morning and last one out at night. When he’s not traveling of course.”

Gwen perked up. “Traveling? Traveling where, Diana?”

Diana smiled as she replied, “MCL like most corporations is moving their production off-shore where ever possible. When new products come out of the this lab, Ron is one of the people responsible for surveying foreign sites, then setting up pilot plants to prove feasibility before corporate takes over and builds a full scale facility. He just returned from Venezuela and before that he was in Pakistan.”

Something was nagging at me as she talked about this Ron guy and his job description. I sat quietly to let it surface. Brianna exclaimed, “That’s freaky. During the anti-substance abuse classes we’re required to take as part of cheer, the teacher talked about drug trafficking and where illegal drugs come from, and how they get here.”

She paused and looked around the kitchen. “Like I said its funny, a guy in the drug business visits two of the biggest drug smuggling routes, back to back.”

* * *

In the sudden silence then excited chatter that accompanied Brianna’s observation I pondered her words as I also wondered if I was having an ‘Otto’ moment.

Really it did not take any great insight to realize that many illicit drugs flowed from Afghanistan, right nest door to Pakistan and from Columbia, right next door to Venezuela. On the other hand, Venezuela’s crude oil production made it a perfectly reasonable place for a chemical plant.

Hannah asked a logical question. “Maybe it’s personal. Were Lauritz and Nelson buddies?”

Diana shook her head as she grinned. “Near as I can tell, Aldous Lauritz wasn’t around the office enough to be acquainted with anybody, much less buddies. If Aldous wasn’t on the golf course, he was at his lake home or his winter haven in Arizona. One of the big reasons I’m here is because of Lauritz’s inattention.”

I looked over at Jennifer Angel, asking softly, “How about it, Angel, you or Otto know anything about this guy?”

Angel shook her head as she mused, “Doesn’t ring a bell. If Otto had contact with any Ron Del, it must have been in a regular business setting, like plant planning meetings. I agree with Diana though, Lauritz was a nonentity, totally uninvolved, each section ran by themselves.”

Angel continued her insights. “Otto had links high up in corporate including President’s and CEO’s offices, he pretty much ignored Lauritz but then so did everybody else.”

My head swung around at Angel’s words. If Otto was so connected...why did he allow Diana to come here and fire him?

* * *

First things first. I needed to find out all there was to know about Mister Ron Del Nelson. And what the fuck kind of guy goes by Ron Del anyway?

Turning to Angel, I asked, “Otto have anybody else he owned at MCL?”

Angel smiled as she answered, “If he did, Billy, the information is not available to me.”

I nodded as I grinned. “Yep, that would be our Otto. Don’t make it easy or anything.”

I shook off my irritation as I sat thinking. Turning to Angel I asked calmly, “Angel, did Otto have a code word or code phrase that would trigger deep seated programming?”

Angel looked just a tiny bit glassy as she repeated, “The information is not available to me.”

I nodded. Not today anyway. I turned to Diana asking, “Diana, I need to call Carol Bonner, from HR.”

Diana never even asked she quickly dug out her cell phone and began scrolling the numbers, saying crisply, “I assume she’s at home, master.”

Well if Otto had anybody on his ‘payroll’ I was betting that a contender was Carol the VP of HR. Diana handed me the phone and I pushed connect. As it rang I thought about how I’d approach this. As I heard her voice say: “Carol Bonner” I still had no clue. I calmly said, “Carol, Billy Hadley.”

Then I waited and waited some more. Finally after the silence had stretched for seeming days Carol’s tiny voice replied, “Yes, Master. How may I serve you?”

* * *

Jennifer Angel was cruising up and down the rows of parked cars at the airport’s long term parking facility looking for my Denali. We would hopefully find my ride then meet the others at ‘The Mall’!

That would be The Mall Of America, biggest mall in the whole wide world! Normally, I would not find that all that much fun, but right down from Nordstrom’s near The Diner where we’d be having supper was right on the same block with Aeropostale, bebe, Puma, Oakley, Sisley, Torrid... and well you get the idea. The ladies’ favorite boutiques were nicely at hand and right across the way was the biggest Victoria’s Secret in the world!

Normally I’d nip around the corner to Barne’s and Noble or Brookstone to hang out while I endured the wait but, I dunno, maybe not this time.

I glanced over to see the Kubotan swinging from Angel’s keys. Dressing for our shopping trip this time included the ladies arming up for our field trip. After supper we’d all be going to MCL, meeting Carol Bonner and a “cracker” of various identities, who last time I hired him was bLinDrAstA666.

Seeing the Denali tucked in a corner next to a column interrupted my musing. An orange traffic cone “carelessly” tipped against the license plate obscuring the numbers showed Otto hadn’t lost his touch.

Kissing Angel, I stepped out of the Benz closely followed by Gwen. I glanced back as she grinned, saying, “I’m coming along. You get in too much trouble alone.”

I had to agree. Tossing the cone aside while she climbed in the passenger side, I scrambled behind the Denali’s wheel. Closing my eyes, I tried to sense Otto as I speculated. What was Otto up to? What did he want me to do? There were no answers.

Disconsolately I put the SUV into drive and prepared to ransom us out of the airport parking system.

* * *

By the time we got to The Diner, Diana had the big table in the alcove. The Diner was my favorite retro restaurant! It was all about red upholstery, chrome, black and while tile with big neon signs on every wall. The big Wurlitzer jukebox was filled with ancient Elvis and the waitresses wore poodle skirts and roller blades.

Healthy it was NOT! The only things worth getting on the menu were dripping monster burgers, heaps of greasy French fries and huge piles of oily onion rings. Did I mention every thing was wonderfully greasy and tasty? Thought so!

By now the ladies were drifting in, already laden with the first upmarket shopping bags. Our waitress Ashling, a lovely Irish lass with more than a smidgen of Goth, made an intriguing picture as she roller bladed up to take our drink and appetizer order.

Ashling looked intrigued by the table of women and a lone male as she looked at me speculatively, saying, “Today’s specials are on the front of your menus. What can I get you to drink? Who wants an appetizer?”

It was quickly a free for all as we ordered. Ashling seemed up to the task of keeping our orders straight as she wheeled away. I was seated on one end of the long table with Diana at the other. Bailey sitting next to me was intent on feeding me tiny portions with a careful napkin dabbing between bites. Gwen sitting opposite her seemed highly amused by Bailey’s solicitude and my discomfort with the attention.

Brianna sitting half way down the table looked up brightly to ask, “What’s on the agenda for tonight, Billy?”

There were several nods indicating general attention as I answered, “We hang out here at the mall until closing time...”

The table erupted in cheers, slowly subsiding as I continued, “We stop at Jennifer’s to pick up some equipment she thinks will be useful. We’re scheduled to meet our cracker at MCL after midnight. Carol Bonner gets us inside and provides the access we need to hopefully get to the bottom of Diana’s Ron Del mystery.”

With that Ashling brought our burgers and we got busy chowing down. The mall, and the atmosphere in the diner had everybody in an excellent frame of mind and the table bubbled with good humor.

Ashling stationed herself at my shoulder for longer periods as the meal progressed. Brianna teased her about joining my ‘harem’ and clearly Ashling was unsure about the offer.

As the ladies completed their meals the siren call of shopping called them away from the table. It was finally down to Gwen and Diana keeping me company. Ashling was even more confused as each of the shoppers asked my permission before leaving the table then kissed me with some intensity on the way out.

Diana paid our tab while Gwen and I carried shopping bags out to the Denali. Ashling looked wistful as I hit the door.

* * *

My job was simple. I sat on a bench centrally located to the boutiques and my harem dumped shopping bags in my lap. I shuttled those out to the Denali.

Gwen took pity after my hundredth trip out to North Parking, leading me into Caribou Coffee for a needed respite. Flanked by Gwen and Grace, I sat sipping my Latte. The empty chair was almost violently jerked away from our table. A tall blonde man in a jean jack flipped the chair around and sat straddling it. His cold eyes took in Gwen’s hand dropping below the table. He shook his head warningly, saying, “Please don’t! It will only draw attention none of us want.”


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