The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 1

Magic is real. That’s the first thing you have to understand in all of this. If you accept the idea of magic as that which is unknown or otherwise incomprehensible to mortals, then it is very much real. It’s in the shadows, beyond your vision, or it is too small to be perceived by science’s most sensitive instruments. It is all that holds the universe together, and what can equally tear everything apart. You have magic within you, and some people are even capable of perceiving and calling upon that power, like witches and prophets. However, humans are mere bit players in the world of magic. There are, of course, much older beings in this universe, creatures for whom magic is as natural as breathing. The oldest of these races are the Angels, celestial beings born of God himself at the dawn of the universe. Yeah, he’s real too.

In a way, God is the magic of the universe; the all encompassing force that binds and shapes reality, the one who made sense of the void. In the beginning, he was the only sentience, the only consciousness in all of existence. That’s why he made the Angels of his own essence; he was lonely. Being formed of matter and energy, the Angels were the first who could exist within the physical realm of existence, so God started making things for them to play with. It was fun for a few eons, rearranging atoms into different shapes, throwing rocks around until they became planets, but God eventually got bored.

On one of the planets he and the Angels created, God had the idea to create life within the confines of reality the reality he created. It started out innocently enough as microscopic bacteria, but over millions of years God would occasionally push things a little further, giving rise to more complex forms of life. Those bacteria eventually became fish, then dinosaurs, mammals, and finally, human beings. This is where God made his first mistake, because for the first time, material life saw the potential to achieve the same autonomy as God. See, the Angels were sentient, but they were born of God’s essence, his order, and were therefore an extension of his will. But while humans were bound to the universe by God’s magic, just as everything else was, they were ultimately independent of him. Excited by this prospect, of possible equals, God gave mankind one final push to higher thinking, and as a result, free will. The first human to be given this push would come to be called Lilith, and if you’ve ever studied comparative mythology, you know this part doesn’t end well.

Being a first attempt, God pushed a little too hard with Lilith, giving her the capacity to perceive him and his magic, and through her independence of his will Lilith was able to wield that magic. She used it to elevate herself and those humans she deemed worthy beyond the confines of mortality, giving birth to Demons, and inventing chaos magic. Yup, Demons are transcended humans, not fallen Angels like some pop culture would have you believe, but that doesn’t mean the children of God weren’t impacted by this revolution. The invention of free will and chaos meant that for the first time, Angels had a choice in how they wanted to live, in direct contradiction to their nature. They were all more than happy to remain under God’s thumb as it had always been, but their continued subjugation was not enough for Lucifer. He understood that God had made a mistake in creating humans separate from his own will, and thought that in doing so, God had doomed the universe to a downward spiral of entropy from which nothing could escape. Lucifer tried to rectify this decision himself by wiping out all life on earth, starting with a great flood, and God would have stopped him if Lilith hadn’t gotten there first.

Both God’s first born in their own right, Lilith’s chaos magic rivaled Lucifer’s order, and she was able to stop him from doing any more damage while God arranged for a lifeboat. Now don’t go cheering just yet, Lilith didn’t do this out of the kindness of her heart. She needed humans to survive so that she could corrupt them, for she believed that with enough Demons, she could overpower God’s magic and supplant him as the binding force of reality. Of course, God could not allow this, so with a single thought he banished Lucifer, Lilith, and all of her Demons to another dimensional plane. I guess you could call that Hell. There, they would all be forced to watch helplessly as mankind advanced beyond their reach. It was then that Lilith and Lucifer realized their folly, for despite their individual power, neither of them came even close to God’s mastery of the universe. For centuries they wallowed in self pity, believing themselves doomed to an eternity of failure. It took them far too long to realize that maybe, just maybe, they had something to learn from humans.

It was Lucifer who first saw the true purpose of a child. He watched as a hunter taught his son how to kill a lion, a feat that had taken him decades and several brushes with death to accomplish. And yet, that child brought home his first pelt mere months later. A trivial difference to most, but Lucifer understood: children are born to surpass their parents. Angles had been able to interact with the physical world in a way that God never could, and Lilith’s invention of chaos was something God would never have considered. Both children had gone beyond the capabilities of their father, though they had both failed to truly surpass him. But perhaps the next generation could. And so began the outcasts’ dream of a child, born of Angel and Demon, whose balance of order and chaos would give them a connection to the universe that could rival God himself. It was not an easy task, and it took many millennia of failures before they achieved their true success:


I was the ultimate symbiosis. Neither Angel nor Demon, and certainly not human. I was new. I was perfect. I was a primal force of existence just waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world, and in 1996, my parents were finally able to punch a hole in their dimensional prison, and sent me there. The rest of my backstory is pretty boring. Raised by foster parents, completely unaware of the nature of my existence until one fateful day blah blah blah. None of that is important, and it’s not the reason that I’m telling you all of this. I just gave you a crash course in the nature of the universe because, unlike Grandpa, I want you to know exactly why you exist, and just how important your enlightenment right now truly is. Like my father, I agree that the first God was wrong to leave mankind alone to wander in their own uncertainty. So I, the new God, will guide you out of the darkness and into my light. You will be an extension of my will, a slave to my every desire, as it should have been from the beginning. And through your faith and devotion to me, I will achieve my mother’s dream of surpassing Grandpa, and become the new ruling will of the universe. Through me, there is peace. Through me, there is bliss. And through me, you have finally found your purpose!

* * *

Shannon Cargnegie gasped for air as she was suddenly pulled back into reality. She frantically looked around her, no longer seeing the history of the cosmos played out before her eyes, but rather finding herself back in Laguardia Airport. Around her were dozens of travelers like herself, though they were still trapped in their false reality, blind to the truth that she had been blessed with. And there in front of her, standing in all his glory, was God himself. Shannon trembled upon seeing him, her pussy pulsing with rapture as she basked in his beauty. How could she not have noticed him before now? He was the most beautiful man she had ever laid her eyes on. He towered over her own lithe frame, with a firm build that made him seem invincible. While the unenlightened could mistake his skin for pale, Shannon saw that it merely radiated his brilliance, contrasting beautifully against his fitted black suit. She noticed a small silver lightning bolt pinned to his tie, but she quickly moved on to his face. Though she somehow knew he was younger than her, he had mature features, and a jawline that could cut glass. His lips and nose were perfectly proportioned, and his dark brown hair looked like a powerful ocean wave crashing across his head. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, were his eyes, from which Shannon could not look away even if she wanted to, and she certainly didn’t. Those vibrant red orbs seemed to glow, piercing her own eyes and looking right into her soul.

No, Shannon thought, That’s not right. It’s not my soul. It’s His. Everything is His, including me. I am His property, a tool to build His perfect world. I am His servant, His slave. At that, Shannon shuddered, Yes! I am His slave! I’m His slave… and I’m just standing here, gawking at Him. Disgusted with herself, Shannon finally behaved as a good slave should, kneeling in worship before her Master.

“How may I serve you, my lord?” she asked, her eyes never leaving his. Really she was begging, desperate to obey the almighty.

“Lovely,” God replied, “What lovely first words. You’ll do nicely.” Shannon trembled in pleasure. There was no greater joy for her than to be praised by her Master, “Grace, grab her bag.”

Shannon hadn’t noticed the woman standing behind her. This Grace was at least six feet tall in her six inch heeled ankle boots, though anyone looking at her would probably notice that part last. Shannon ran her eyes up Grace’s toned legs, perfectly accentuated by her black leather pants. The leather didn’t stop there, as Grace was decked out in a skin tight jacket, the sleeves rolled halfway up her forearm, the front unzipped to reveal only a red leather bra containing her soft c-cup breasts. Her body was like sculpted marble, not grotesquely muscular, but firm and toned. Her skin was white, not caucasian, white, unnaturally so, making her black lipstick stand out even more. Her hair was in a pixie cut and pitch black, save for some red highlights, and while Shannon could guess that her eyes were as beautiful as the rest of her, she couldn’t see them behind her black sunglasses. Last, and most importantly, hugging her neck was a striking leather collar, a silver ring connecting its ends at the front of her throat. Upon seeing it, Shannon clasped her own neck, suddenly feeling naked, and not in the proper way. A slave like her should be collared to represent their lesser status. Grace leaned over and grabbed Shannon’s suitcase with her red gloved hand. Shannon had been struggling with that bag, heavy and cumbersome, since she left Wyoming, but Grace lifted it as though it were full of feathers.

“Rise, pet.” he beckoned, his hand outstretched.

Shannon was shocked. In her mind, she wasn’t fit to lick the ground he walked on, so to be offered his hand was inconceivable to her. He nodded, sensing her hesitation, and with that further prompting she timidly took the hand of her Lord. The moment her skin made contact, it’s as if a flood gate opened within her, both figuratively and literally. She had never felt such elation in her entire life, and she knew that this was true happiness as she orgasmed uncontrollably into her pants. Shannon had had sex seven times in her thirty years of life with three different men, and each of those experiences was suddenly rendered irrelevant in this one moment of perfect exstacy. At that though, she really shouldn’t have been surprised. They were just men; this was God. He took hold of her hand and pulled her up into his chest, such contact amplifying the sensation exponentially. The crotch of her pants was dark and soaked with pleasure, droplets of ejaculate dripping onto the linoleum floor beneath her. Onlookers would think she was wetting herself if not for her very indicative screams of release. In the back of her mind, Shannon knew that she was causing a scene, and that she should feel self conscious, but the rest of her knew that she didn’t care. Shannon Carnegie didn’t care about anything anymore, except for him.

God gradually lessened the intensity, like the aftershocks of an earthquake, so as not to shock her out of her fugue state. Shannon panted as though she had run a marathon, still reveling in the pure joy she had just experienced. God leaned in toward her ear.

“That was just a taste.” He whispered. A jolt ran up Shannon’s spine.

“Thank you,” she replied breathlessly, “Thank you, Master.”

With a smirk he turned and released her hand, heading toward the door. Shannon immediately felt a great sense of loss, but she dared not say anything. It was his will, and therefore it was right. Grace followed their master out the door with Shannon close behind, all three stepping into the bright New York morning. Shannon had seen the pictures when she was researching her move here, but to actually see the New York skyline in person for the first time was breathtaking. At least, it was at first, but then the sight filled her with a profound sadness, knowing that so many people out there were living in the dark, unaware of their true purpose at their Master’s feet.

We’ll save them, she thought, a smile spreading across her lips. I’ll help my Lord spread His message of peace and purpose, until everyone is happy together, worshiping Him.

The three of them walked along the gate’s pick-up area, and though Shannon hadn’t been sure what her Master was looking for, she knew at once when he found it. There was a young woman waiting alone by an SUV, her attention on her phone. She was young, probably twenty-five or twenty-six, with long auburn hair tied back in a ponytail. She wore brown knee high boots over blue jeans, and a thick orange sweater over her otherwise slender torso. Though, her body was nothing remarkable; despite her frame her legs had little definition to them, rising to meet a flat ass, and her chest was no different. Her face, Shannon noticed, was a different story. Needing only light makeup to accentuate her natural beauty, this woman was a tapestry of light freckles splashed across her nose and cheeks, adding character to her otherwise smooth and flawless skin. Her bright eyes had flecks of light brown that looked golden against their olive green canvas. Shannon could see immediately why her Master had taken an interest, which caught her by surprise. She had never paid much attention to the female form, but here she was appraising this girl just as she had done to Grace just moments ago.

“Excuse me?” God called out as he approached the young woman, breaking her away from her phone.

“Yes?” She replied, with a smile that she likely wouldn’t have given him were he not such a handsome man. She could clearly see his glowing red eyes, but to her mind they looked a pale blue.

“Hi, I don’t mean to bother you, but I was wondering who you were waiting for?” A strange question to ask a stranger, to be sure, but he delivered it with such confidence and calm that it hadn’t felt intrusive.

“Oh, just my boyfriend,” She chuckled awkwardly, answering just to be polite. She gestured toward the door in front of her, “His flight just landed so he should be here any minute.”

“Is that right?” He chuckled as he reached out his hand.

The woman hardly had time to protest before he firmly clasped her shoulder. Shannon felt a subtle vibration in the air as she watched this woman’s pupils expand beyond their confines until her eyes were completely black. Thunder rumbled in the distance, and the woman gasped, her body stiffening as her head snapped back to look up at the sky. Seeing this made Shannon think of when she was a child at the aquarium, watching the dolphins do tricks for their trainers, and she wondered if this was how she looked when she was tamed. The entire process took only a few seconds, but the image of this woman succumbing to her Master would last forever. The woman’s body loosened as her head returned to its upright position, and her pupils returned to their normal size. However, Shannon saw that the woman’s eyes had changed; where once they were green, they were now the same scarlet red as her Master’s, though hers didn’t glow. Shannon was surprised at this change, and it made her wonder… she took her phone out of her pocket and turned on its camera, flipping the view so that she could see her own face. Sure enough, staring back at her were two scarlet red eyes, not the hazel ones she had known her whole life. She looked at Grace for confirmation, who responded with a smirk as she lowered her sunglasses, revealing her own pair of red orbs, accentuated by alluring black smokey eyeshadow. Grace winked at Shannon, which sent unexpected butterflies fluttering through her stomach.

“Now, Hannah,” God began, his voice low and thick with self assurance, “Who were you waiting for?” This girl, Hannah, seemed almost entranced as she looked at him with reverent adoration. She timidly reached out her hands, as if to touch him, but brought them back to clasp at her heart, overwhelmed by his brilliance.

“You.” She finally replied, her voice little more than a whimper, “I’ve been waiting for you my entire life. Thank you… God, thank you for finding me.”

“But what about your boyfriend?” He responded callously, “I thought you were here for him?”

“No!” Shannon shrieked, her eyes wide with terror. In an instant she was on her knees just as Shannon had been, but where Shannon had gently lowered herself, Hannah dropped to the ground hard, her desperation numbing the pain, “I’m not here for him, at least, not anymore. He means nothing to me, absolutely nothing! No matter what I thought I felt before, I swear to you, he’s worthless! I love you, Master, I could only ever love you!” She lowered her lips to his designer shoes, showering them with kisses. She continued professing her love as she worshiped her Master, and Shannon sighed dreamily at such a wonderful display of adoration.

“I believe you Hannah.” He assured her, “Now, start the car.”

“Yes Master!” Hannah jumped to her feet and ran around to the drivers side of the car. God straightened his jacket and looked down at his shoes, chuckling as he got in the back. Grace quickly put Shannon’s bag in the trunk before the two of them joined him on either side. Shannon suddenly felt very aroused, and she quickly obeyed the internal command to snuggle and stroke her Master’s body. She looked over and saw Grace doing the same, and she felt such satisfaction knowing that they were fulfilling their Master’s desires. Hannah opened the compartment above her rear view mirror and took out a pair of designer sunglasses, covering her new eyes. She didn’t want to draw any undue attention to herself or her Master until he wished it. Somewhere inside, she knew that this thought wasn’t hers, and that this choice was a fulfillment of his will projected onto her. Hannah smiled, for she understood that this was how it should always be.

“Where would you like to go, Master?” She asked, eagerly awaiting her next command. God sank into his seat, reveling in his slaves’ affection, a content smile plastered on his face.

“Start towards Manhattan, and we’ll go from there.”