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The Accidental Master

Author: Lord Skies

Chapter Twelve: The Eighth Night

Amazingly, we were able to shower and get ready without any actual sex. That’s not to say that there wasn’t some teasing and touching. There was. In fact, there was quite a bit of that.

Despite that, I was able to get out of the bathroom relatively quickly. I resisted Angela’s attempts to entice me to be a little late by spending a some quality time together, or more precisely, entwined. I slipped on my tuxedo and headed downstairs to catch a few minutes of the news. It gave me a chance to recover and Angela some space in the bathroom to finish getting ready.

A few minutes later, and much quicker than I had anticipated, Angela came down the stairs.

I stared at her.

To say that she was stunning would have been an insult. To say that she looked magnificent would have been the understatement of the year. So all I can say is that I couldn’t say anything for a few minutes. She was a vision in a long black sheath dress that hugged her every curve, high strappy heels, long gloves and her hair piled atop her head in that way that women do to mystify men. It simply took my breath away and all I could do was stare.

Angela, seeing my expression and my inability to talk, did a small pirouette at the bottom of the stairs and then sauntered over to me. She leaned over which gave me an exquisite view of her cleavage, and whispered in my ear.

“I take it you approve of my choice of attire for the evening,” she whispered.

I nodded my response and let my other parts salute her with their answer.

“Then you should also know that what you see is what you get. You can see everything I am wearing, Master,” she continued.

Then she reached down to stroke a gloved hand along my now very hard cock. This, of course, did not help my ability to communicate at all. Any blood that had been previously headed to my brain now made an abrupt turn and headed south. Thinking with that organ instead of my brain almost made us very late as I explored her lack of undergarments.

Fortunately, I did regain my senses. We made it out to the limo I had arranged to take us to the party before we were too terribly late, though I am sure we were a bit flush and breathing hard when we did make it outside. Angela turned and smiled when she saw the limo, giving me a soft kiss on the cheek as I assisted her into the car while the driver held the door open and politely looked away when Angela climbed in.

Of course I was her date and I was allowed to look. And I did. As she climbed into the limo, her long dress parted along the high slit down the front revealing her neatly shaved sex in all its glory. It was breath taking, even though it was a sight I had seen very recently. Dressed up with heels and a nice dress, it was somehow more exciting to see this exquisite treasure.

I chuckled when I realized she was watching my reaction, especially my biologic reaction, and her sly grin let me know that she had accomplished her goal of teasing and tormenting me. I bent down to climb into the car slid into the seat beside her.

I leaned over and kissed her softly, then bent to nibble on her ear and whisper to her.

“You are a naughty little minx, aren’t you?” I whispered, letting her hear the lust in my voice.

“It’s what my Master loves,” she replied huskily.

I couldn’t argue with that. I settled into the seat and wrapped my arm around her, pulling her to me and holding her in a hug as we rode to the restaurant.

* * *

The restaurant was a small Italian place that we had rented out for the evening. This made a few potential patrons upset, but a promise of a discount when they returned avoided any ugly displays. I hadn’t been to this particular restaurant before, but it came highly recommended and I was always in the mood to try some good Italian food.

It was nice to have these little social outings with the gang from work. Everyone made it a point to get dressed up and go a little formal and fancy. We had a relaxed attitude at work where jeans and t-shirts were encouraged. The work was what was important, not the way you dressed.

Of course, we had all been in suits and business attire earlier in the day, but seeing the guys in tuxes and the women in formal dresses made for a nice contrast.

We were one of the last couple to arrive, for some reason we had been forced to circle the block a couple of times as Angela tried to figure out how to coax some additional cum from me in the back of the limo with her mouth. She succeeded, but it had made us more than just fashionably late.

The group hadn’t waited on us, for which I was relieved. They had already opened the bar, everyone seemed to have a drink and the appetizers were spread around the table. Conversation was flowing and it was a bit noisy in the restaurant. We weren’t a large party, only about fifty of us, but the room wasn’t that large and we filled it nicely.

When we walked in though, there was a noticeable lull in the conversation.

I hadn’t told everyone that I was bringing a date to dinner tonight. It wasn’t unheard of for me to bring a guest, or even a date, but I was as likely to show up alone as I was to have a date. Rebecca, my admin, had known, but she had been loyal to me all these years keeping my secrets, and she hadn’t disappointed me this evening either.

I figured that Angela was probably used to this happening. She was tall and gorgeous and had a presence about her. I was sure that she attracted a great deal of attention when she walked into any room. And dressed to the nines as she was tonight, she was certain to get all that and more.

When I looked over at her though, I could see that she was a bit flush and seemed slightly embarrassed by the attention. I found this a bit odd and made a note to talk to her about this later.

A couple of people who were standing near the door turned to us and I started to rounds of introductions. I knew all the people in the room, having worked with them for several years, but Angela amazed me with her ability to remember people’s names.

Angela was soon the center of attention and I was just her arm candy. I let her take the lead and stood by quietly as she talked to people. Most of the questions were polite and easy, things about her being a law student and going to school. But when one of the marketing group asked about how we met, I tensed just a bit. We hadn’t talked about how to answer some of the trickier questions regarding our relationship.

“I ran into him in the grocery store.” Angela replied calmly, not missing a beat. She didn’t offer any more details and no one asked any other questions. I nearly sighed out loud with relief.

Soon enough, it was time for the meal. Everyone gathered around the table and Angela and I took our seats. As we sat, I was struck by the fact that well over half of the employees in my small company were women. It was something I had noticed before, but with all the recent events, I wondered if it was in part due to the special pheromone I produced.

That also got me to thinking about Rebecca again and how she had remained so loyal to me for so long. She had followed me out of my practice and into the business world. Sure, I had made it worth her while. She was now a stock holder in the company, just like all my employees, and she was a lot richer as a result. But it still made me wonder how much my ‘influence’ might have been responsible for her decisions and her loyalty.

As always happens when something is on my mind, I had slipped into my own thoughts and was completely ignoring the conversation around me. Angela must have noticed this because I soon heard her voice in my head through our shared connection.

“What’s bothering you, Master?” she asked.

“I’m just wondering how many of these people around the table are working for me because they want to or because they are under my influence,” I replied.

Angela turned to me and smiled, then leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“If you don’t quit worrying about things you can’t control, I’m going to slip under the table and give you a repeat of my treatment in the limo. Now smile!” she whispered.

I chuckled and smiled, turning to kiss her quickly as she began to lean back.

I then made a concerted effort to enjoy the meal and the conversation around me. The food was delicious and while it wasn’t authentic Italian, it was much better than much of the food I had eaten in Italy on my last trip there.

I also made it a point to talk to everyone around the table. I always tried to be careful to balance work and life, but these people were special to me and I enjoyed hearing about their personal triumphs and troubles. More than once, I had helped someone around the table when they were in a bad situation, and more than once someone had helped me with a problem. We were friends as well as co-workers, and I worked to cultivate that relationship a little more this evening.

To my chagrin, though, the whole group decided to tell stories about me while we waited on dessert. They had obviously decided that Angela didn’t have a broad enough understanding of who I was, so they took it upon themselves to share with her some of their favorite Josh moments.

Rebecca, my admin, decided to go first. While she didn’t really violate any of my secrets, she did pick one of the more embarrassing stories to share with the group.

“When Josh was still in practice,” she began, “there was a young nurse, just out of nursing school who came to work for us. She was a bright girl, but she developed a huge crush on Josh, volunteering to do extra work for him, changing her schedule so she would be working when he was in the clinic and just generally finding a way to be around him all the time.”

I knew the story, and I tried to dissuade her from telling the rest of it, but she was determined to tell the story of the first female stalker.

“All of us thought it was cute, but there were a few times when she took it a bit too far. Once, Josh had gone into his office to change clothes after getting some blood on his pants. He had closed the door but not locked it. And this nurse, her timing impeccable, walked right into his office when his pants were down around his ankles with the pretext that she needed a chart off his desk.

“Josh was red the rest of the afternoon!” she continued, “But the best was when she followed him home one evening and walked into his house stark naked, offering herself up to him. What she didn’t know is that it was Josh’s birthday and several of us had planned a surprise birthday party for him.

“And while her present was already unwrapped, Josh never got to enjoy it! When she realized that she had just propositioned him naked in front of her co-workers, she turned and ran from the room.”

The whole table was laughing and in tears at this point, trying to imagine the poor girl coming in and being more surprised by my surprise party than I was. I just felt bad for the poor girl. Her name had been Susan and I later learned that she had been killed in a car wreck a few weeks later. No one else knew that, not even Rebecca, but it weighed heavily on my mind as I listened to the story again.

“She never came back to work,” Rebecca concluded, “Never picked up her stuff or last paycheck. And poor Josh was red for a week he was so embarrassed.”

Angela must have sensed my discomfort again, because she flashed a look at me and reached under the table to grab my hand, which was clenched on the seat of my chair. I hadn’t even realized that I had such a death grip on the chair until I felt her hand trying to break my grip.

A few other people around the room realized that I wasn’t terribly happy about her telling that story, and so the next couple of stories were much milder. One of the marketing people told a story about how I had once gotten out of a speeding ticket by explaining that my date, who was in the car, had just started her period unexpectedly and I was trying to get her home before she ruined the nice pale colored outfit she was wearing.

After a few more milder stories, the wait staff finally brought around coffee and desert. The extensive assortment of cakes, pastries, and other goodies caused the table to quiet down. Everyone was too busy stuffing their mouth with food to do any more story telling which was a relief to me.

After desert, the party started breaking up. A few of the staff needed to get home and relieve their baby-sitters. A few of the folks made other excuses and departed a few minutes later. I had noticed Angela slipping out of the room, heading toward the restrooms in the back, but she had been gone more than a few minutes when I noticed that she was still in the back.

I started to worry, of course, so I reached out with my mind to see if I could sense her. I could immediately tell that she was fine, but she seemed to be involved in a serious discussion with someone, so I left her alone and tried to tell a few embarrassing stories about Rebecca to pay her back for her earlier tale about me.

The ten or fifteen people who were left listened intently as I told the story about the ghost in her car. Anytime she left something in her car, she would return and find it moved, or missing, or in a couple of cases, destroyed. At first, she hadn’t paid much attention to it, but when she returned once to find a few bags of groceries she had left in the back seat destroyed, looking as though some wild animal had rummaged through them, she began to get a little worried. At long last, it had turned out to be a raccoon who had made a nest in the stuffing of her back seat.

I got some polite laughs and Rebecca seemed to be inclined not to tell any more stories about me, though I was sure she had a few more to tell. As everyone else prepared to leave, Rebecca noticed that Angela was still missing.

“Do you want me to go check on her?” she asked me.

“I think she had a phone call. I’m sure she’ll be back in a minute,” I replied.

“Well, I need to go to the restroom before I drive home anyway, so I think I will just check on her and remind her that we are supposed to be having a party in here,” she answered as she got up and headed for the back.

I sent a mental nudge to Angela to let her know that someone was coming to check on her and she quickly indicated through our mental link that she was fine and would return shortly. I could sense that she was amused by something, but I couldn’t get a sense of what it was. She was getting better at hiding her thoughts.

Sure enough, a few minutes later Angela returned to the table with Rebecca and they were laughing at something as they walked into the room. Angela sat down beside me and reached over to squeeze my hand and share a small smile with me.

Rebecca, meanwhile, gathered her things together and excused herself to head home. She leaned over to give me a kiss on the cheek and then gave one to Angela.

The manager of the restaurant then came over to our table to deliver our check and to make sure that everything had been to our satisfaction. I had seen her moving around, but hadn’t paid much attention to her. When she approached, though, I was astonished at how closely she resembled the woman from the morning. She had the same long auburn hair and striking green eyes but was just different enough that she was obviously not the same girl. She must have been related, I thought, because the similarities were just too remarkable to be a coincidence.

I suddenly became worried about her reaction if she were to get too close to me. I wondered briefly how she hadn’t been affected before now. But before I could do anything else, she was standing beside me. She bent down to speak to me.

“I hope the meal was to your satisfaction, Master,” she whispered. “I would be happy to compensate you for any deficiencies in our service.”

That was when I noticed Angela who was laughing hysterically at me.

I turned to look at her, angry at her for not being honest with me, but also curious as to what was going on.

Angela suddenly stopped laughing and held her head in her hands.

“Master, she is Emily’s sister. I thought you might enjoy the joke. Please don’t be angry with me,” she choked out as she held her head.

I was just upset enough that I was still angry with her.

“Who the hell is Emily?” I asked.

“Emily is my sister and the woman you met this morning at Baptist Health Services,” the manager said to me softly reaching out to Angela to make sure she was alright. “When Angela saw me in the back of the restaurant and from her impression of Emily, she came over to introduce herself, thinking I was Emily.”

“And you thought you would add another woman to my entourage without discussing it with me?” I asked, still fuming that she found this so funny while I was petrified of the consequences.

Angela dropped out of her chair and to her knees at the side of my chair, literally throwing herself at me feet.

“Please forgive me Master. I am so sorry,” she pleaded.

“Please don’t hurt her,” the manager said softly as she knelt beside her. “I urged her to let me do this. I was well aware of the effect you had on Emily this morning and I knew of her relationship with her former Master. I thought it might amuse you and I could have a little fantasy fun with the two of you.”

I was too surprised for a second to be angry and Angela’s sobs and moans quickly diminished as my anger diminished. Here was a woman who was willing to risk becoming my slave, just for the sex and the fun of it.

“So you were willing to risk your freedom to sleep with me?” I asked, quite stunned.

Emily’s sister nodded and looked down at the floor, blushing slightly.

There was a very quiet moment in the restaurant as the implications of that statement worked their way into our minds.

“I was always jealous of my sister and her relationship with her Master,” she said quietly.

I looked down at Angela, who briefly met my eye and nodded. Then I realized I had two beautiful women kneeling at my feet in a very public restaurant. I quickly looked around, panicking that there were still people from my work around.

“Everyone has left, Master,” Angela said softly, seeing my reaction. “I told Keila not to come out until everyone else was gone.”

“I even sent all the kitchen staff home.” Keila added, “I told them we could clean up in the morning, though I intended to do it myself.”

I slumped back in my chair and looked over the two of them. Here were two absolutely gorgeous women. They were both tall, thin but not skinny, both had long straight hair, one a brunette with deep blue eyes, the other with auburn hair and striking green eyes. Both of them wanted me, were offering themselves to me together. One was an absolute slave to me, the other wanted to be.

This was too much. Sometimes, fantasies are better when they don’t come true, when they can’t come true. Some aren’t supposed to come true, these are best when they are safely tucked away in the far-flung fantasy closet. Having a harem was definitely a fantasy that I wasn’t sure I wanted to experience in real life.

Angela’s presence in my mind, though, seemed to be eager to say something, so I indicated my permission for her to speak.

“Master, I know you didn’t ask for this. You didn’t seek it out. You are so full of integrity that it troubles you to have this kind of control. But you need to understand that it makes me happy, a joy I had never felt before, when I please you or pleasure you. And Keila, even Emily, Linda, all have had a taste of that and they all want a piece of it to hold on to.”

“I’m sorry if I caused you pain or discomfort,” Keila said softly, “If I thought that this would have caused you such distress, I would never have agreed with Angela to do it.”

Just then, she grabbed her head and I could feel Emily’s presence in my mind again, just as I had for that brief moment this morning.

“Oh Master!” she exclaimed in my mind, “I can sense my sister now and communicate with her. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

And then she was gone, and for all intents and purposes, so was Keila. She was so involved in exploring this new ability to communicate on such an emotional level with her sister that I was forgotten. Only Angela was still watching me, and when she saw that Keila was distracted she climbed up into my lap and kissed me softly on the cheek.

“This is why I love you, Master,” she whispered, “You take a potentially terrible situation and turn it into gold for those around you. Just as you did for me, now you have done the same for Emily and Keila.”

“But I didn’t do anything!” I replied vehemently.

“And that is the beauty of it.” Angela answered softly as she stared at the woman still kneeling on the floor.

* * *

The limo was still waiting for us outside of the restaurant when we finally did make our way outside. I made sure the Keila was all right and that she didn’t need any help. We had waited around until she had locked up the place and made it out to her car safely. She thanked me over and over before she realized that words could not express the joy she had found that evening. She grabbed me and gave me a soul-searching kiss, then climbed into her car and headed home. Angela just smiled at me the whole time.

When we got in the limo, Angela leaned forward and whispered something to the driver who just nodded and chuckled before he raised the privacy partition.

Angela then turned to me, reached behind her, unzipped her dress and shimmied out of it as she knelt in the floor of the limo. She leaned forward and reached for my belt and zipper, releasing them both and reached into my boxers for my cock. She gently extracted it, stroked it softly and leaned down to smoother it in soft feathery kisses.

I resisted the urge to tell her she didn’t have to do this, but I decided that I deserved a little pampering. I would have been hard pressed to tell you exactly what I had done to deserve it, nevertheless I let Angela have her way. What man would refuse a beautiful woman who offered herself up freely? Besides, for the first time since we met, I felt that tonight Angela was truly giving herself to me freely.

When she was finished pleasuring my cock and balls with her light teasing kisses and warm breath, she began to lick every inch on my cock and balls slowly, covering them with a healthy dose of saliva. Working her way around until she returned to the head of my cock and taking it slowly into her mouth, she lowered herself until my cock pressed against the back of and then slipped into her throat.

Once there, she held herself very still, swallowing periodically and humming softly. This was indeed and exquisite torture and my body cried out for me to grab her head and fuck it hard and fast to my release. But instead, I reached inside me for a bit more control and let Angela pleasure me in her way this evening.

Soon enough she began to bob her head up and down on my cock, taking it from a light kiss to deep throat on each stroke. She slowly built up her speed and just when I was about to explode, she buried my cock in her throat and began to swallow repetitively.

I quickly lost it and was pumping my cum down her throat with such force that my vision dimmed and felt my mind begin to slip from my body. I could feel my head roll back and my eyes slowly close, but I could still see everything around me, even Angela, with her head still in my lap and my cock still in her throat.

And then I felt her presence there with me, and then Emily’s and Keila there beside her. Then I felt Linda and Jonathan touch me, and then a whole host of people whose lives seemed connected to mine, like Rebecca and my staff, my family who were no longer alive, even my grandfather who had been dead for decades. They were all there and one that seemed new to me. I felt so warm and peaceful and safe that I simply savored the sensations and lost myself.

It was only Angela’s voice that brought me back, her voice thinking inside my head.

“Not yet Master,” I heard her think, “Soon, I think, but not yet.”

And then I found myself back in the limo. I reached down to pull Angela into my lap and kiss her. That was when I noticed she was crying.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, suddenly concerned.

“Absolutely nothing, Master,” she replied softly. “These aren’t tears of sadness, they are tears of joy. I can’t imagine being happier than I am at this moment.”

About that time. I noticed that the limo had come to a stop and when I looked out the window, I realized that we were parked in front of my house. The driver was standing outside and was about to tap on the window to let us know we were home.

Smiling wickedly, I grabbed Angela’s dress and opened the door of the limo, climbed out and started to walk into the house. Angela gave a theatrical moan and then climbed out of the car, not even attempting to hide her nude glory.

“Now be sure to tell the driver thank you!” I scolded her when she started to walk right past him and hurry into the house.

Angela smiled at me. “I hope you are enjoying this, Master!” she replied saucily. Then she turned to the driver, put a hand on his shoulder and kissed him softly on the cheek. She whispered something in his ear but I was too far away to hear it. It must have been nice, because he blushed all the way down to his toes. Angela then slowly turned away and wearing only her high heels, she sauntered down the walk to the front door.

I opened the front door and motioned for Angela to enter. I walked back down to the driver, gave him a hundred dollar tip and thanked him for his service and discretion.

“Enjoy your evening,” he said with a smile and then slowly drove away.

I turned and walked back in the house, wondering what Angela had up her sleeve this time. Of course, I forgot that she didn’t have any sleeves on, and when I returned, she was laying on her back, arms and legs spread eagle on the rug in the foyer. She had taken my bowtie and tied it into a blindfold.

“Please fuck me Master.” She muttered over and over as she laid there, her lithe body undulating slowly and sensuously to some unknown rhythm.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I quickly shed my clothes and knelt between her legs, sliding the head of my cock up and down her slit to get it nice and wet. She was indeed wet, dripping even as she was so aroused. I placed myself at her opening and slid into her cunt in one long slow thrust.

When I was buried inside of her, I began to move my hips in small circles, pressing my pelvis against her clit and grinding against her. In just a few moments, she was screaming through her first orgasm. I continued to grind against her, holding on for dear life as I rode out her orgasm with her. Only when she seemed to have recovered a bit did I slowly pull out and then begin to thrust all the way out and all the way in, long sure strokes that quickly brought her back to the brink or orgasm.

I leaned down to kiss her, then kissed my way down to her neck where I bit her, none to gently, and she was gaining thrashing through another orgasm,

After two rounds for her, I was now one behind, so I started to thrust in and out of her, with a slowly increasing tempo until I felt my own orgasm approaching. I kept up a steady rhythm and to my surprise, Angela had a third orgasm before I got to my release. But when I did, I pressed hard and deep into her and felt her muscles spasm around me in response to the spasm of my cock that were pumping my seed, my essence into her and her womb.

And then it dawned on me. Was that what she meant about my out of body experience earlier when she had said not yet? Was she talking about having my child? Was that one of the presences I had felt out there entwined with my own in the great cosmic oneness I had experienced for that brief split second?