The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Accidental Master

Author: Lord Skies

Chapter Thirteen: The Ninth Day

I’m not sure if it was the phone ringing or the warm mouth on my cock that woke me, but it was the phone that was irritating me and interrupting an otherwise wonderful blow job. I reached over and grabbed the phone, knocking the base to the floor in the process. I brought it to my ear and groggily spoke.

“Hello?” I heard over the phone.

“Hello.” I answered, not very pleasantly.

“Josh! Sorry to wake you but I need you to stop by the lab on your way into work. I want you to take a look at what I’ve found and see if you can make any sense of it.” He said quickly.

“I assume this is about that project you have been working on?” I asked, hesitant to say much over the phone.

“Yes it does, and I think I may have made some progress,” he answered.

“Alright,” I answered, “I’m not going in to the office until later this morning, but I’ll make it a point to stop in around ten if that’s alright with you.”

“Sounds great. I’ll have finished rounds by then and will meet you in the lab.” He answered.

“See you then.” I answered and hung up the phone.

Meanwhile, Angela had been hard at work, the telephone had only delayed the inevitable and soon I was filling her mouth with the fluid that she so deeply desired.

Angela moaned softly as she swallowed and then she slowly crawled up the bed to lie on top of me, kissing my skin lightly along the way.

“Good morning, Master,” she said as she reached my face and lightly kissed me.

“Good morning, my dear Angela,” I answered as I returned her kiss passionately.

“I’m sorry the phone interrupted my morning wake up call, but I’m glad we were able to get it in this morning. I’ve missed it the last couple of days.”

“I have too, and maybe if we did this more we could stop having sex on the front porch. Besides, if we keep having sex in front of Linda, she’s going to become addicted as well. I mean what would you do if you had to share with someone?” I asked with mock horror in my voice.

“I would gladly share my master with whoever he asks me to share. I would be overjoyed, in fact, for you are such a wonderful man and master that you deserve more than just one slave, I think a whole harem would be about right.”

She said it with a gleam in her eye that made it less of a joke and more of a threat. I could see that a definite part of her believed that it was true.

But before I could ask more about her thoughts on the matter, she kissed me quickly on the cheek and slipped out of bed.

“I’ve got class in an hour, so I need to hurry. Someone made me late with that phone call that prolonged the inevitable.” She said saucily as she sauntered to the bathroom.

I thought about following her into the shower and taking her there as well, but decided that I did not want to make her late for her class. Besides, I needed to get going as well. I rolled out of bed, threw on some running clothes and headed out for a quick run.

When I returned to the house, I met Angela who was just leaving for her class. She looked awesome in a pair of jeans and some black leather boots that came up to her knees. She wore a black suede jacket over a white blouse to round out her outfit.

She gave me a quick kiss and headed off to school.

I headed in and grabbed a shower, starting to get ready for work, planning out my day and plotting out the different places I needed to go today.

I needed to make a couple of stops at some of my smaller clients offices today. One office in particular was thinking about expanding their practice and opening a series of clinics across the region. I had run some numbers for them and had helped set up their business plan to take to the bank. They were supposed to have met last night and had a partner’s meeting to discuss the proposal and decide whether to move forward.

I also now needed to stop by Jonathan’s lab and see whatever it was that he had discovered. I hoped it was the protein structure, which would be the first step to manufacturing the protein. I wanted to do that desperately because it was the only way I could be sure that Angela wouldn’t ever have to suffer through withdrawal like Emily had. Although I did now know of an alternative, I wasn’t sure that Angela wanted to get pregnant at this point in her life and career. I had always wanted children, in a vague ideal sort of way, but never having a relationship with a woman that lasted for more than a few months had been a major barrier toward that end. Of course, I was enough of an old fashion purist to want kids, but not to go out and buy one or adopt one. I wanted the wife and house and all the other trimmings that went with having a family.

And while I wasn’t opposed to it, getting pregnant and then aborting the baby didn’t seem like a good thing to propose. I suspect that Angela would protect a child of mine even more than she would protect me. The Master’s child and only heir and all that jazz would certainly cause some problems for her.

These thoughts were running over and over through my head as I got out of the shower. I quickly toweled off and headed down the stairs to the kitchen. Just as I reached the landing, the door bell rang.

With some trepidation, I went over and opened the door. Linda was standing there, a strange look on her face.

“Hi Josh, can I come in for a minute.” She asked.

I nodded and stepped aside. “I suppose so. Would you like some coffee?” I asked as we walked into the kitchen.

“Yes, thanks, that would be lovely,” she answered, somewhat quietly.

I poured us both a cup of the coffee that Angela had made before she headed off to class. I carried it over to the counter where Linda was sitting and as I sat it down on the counter, she suddenly reached out and touched my arm.

“Ohhh.” She moaned as her head rolled back.

I quickly jerked my hand away, wondering how I could have forgotten her reaction yesterday. She was close to becoming addicted, if she wasn’t already and here I had invited her into the house to be exposed to me yet again.

“Angela said that touching you was incredible.”

I nodded, numbly, not sure what to do. I finally gathered my wits and spoke.

“What are you doing, Linda? When did you talk to Angela?”

“The funny thing,” continued Linda as if I weren’t there, “is that I was doing fine this morning. I didn’t have any urges to see you or come over here or anything. I really thought I had this beaten. Then you had to go running this morning. I watched you run by the front of the house and that started the cravings, the need to come over here and see you. And now, after just touching you, I feel incredible, like a twenty year old version of myself.”

I stared. “Just from touching me?” I asked rather incredulously.

Linda looked at me as if I had grown two heads. “You really don’t know the effect you have on her do you?”

“Angela? I know exactly what I caused to happen to her,” I replied angrily. “I cause her a great deal of pain and suffering. Terrible headaches and cravings and all the other problems of an addiction. Thanks for coming over here and rubbing it in my face.”

I was really angry now and turned to leave her sitting there at the counter while I regained my composure and tried to think about what was happening. Besides, I figured a little distance would be good for both of us.

But as I walked away, I heard a thud and turned to see Linda lying on the floor, holding her head, eyes open wide and staring blankly at the floor.

I rushed over to her and my years of medical training quickly took over. She was breathing, so that was a good sign, and she had a strong pulse, and that was also a good sign. She was not responding to me though, and that was a very bad sign. I quickly checked to see if she had any signs of a stroke, but the rest of her neurological exam was stable. As I continued to examine her, I started to see signs that she was coming around.

I then reached out to Angela through our mental connection and quickly found her daydreaming of a ménage a trois with me instead of paying attention to her class.

“Angela, quick, I need your help.”

“Anything, Master.” She quickly replied. “What’s going on?”

“Linda came over this morning and she has collapsed on the floor. She said that she had talked to you and when she saw me this morning, she developed cravings. Then she came over here to touch me.”

“And then you got mad at her for something,” Angela finished softly.

“Yes, I did. She was waxing poetic about the effect I have on you and I got mad because she didn’t understand all the negatives that come along with it. And then she collapsed.”

“She’ll be alright in a minute,” Angela replied. “If you try hard, you can sense her. She already has some connection to you, but it is different somehow. Like she is somehow immune from some of the effects of your pheromone.”

I concentrated and I could feel her presence there beside me. I could tell from my mental connection that she had been stunned, like a huge mental shock and fainted. I could also see signs of her recovery physically as she started to move and moan. Then she opened her eyes and looked at me.

To the day that I die, I will remember that look. I don’t think that I had ever seen such a look before and I hope I never see it again, for it was the look of abject horror. I think she would have screamed if she could, but I quickly reached out to her mentally and tried to calm her down. While I found her mind very closed, I was able to keep her from running away or screaming.

“Oh God.” Was what she finally did say when she had recovered enough to speak. “Please don’t hurt me,” she begged and tried to crawl away from me, moving backwards without breaking eye contact. I was reminded of the way people used to leave the presence of the king of England, walking backwards and not turning their back.

“What happened to you Linda?” I asked quietly, moving backward from her.

“You happened to me, Master,” she answered. “I made you angry and then I was in pure agony.”

“I’m so sorry,” I replied, distraught, “I was trying to explain the horrible side of this thing that has happened to me, but I swear before God that I wasn’t trying to give you a demonstration.”

“I’m scared, Josh. I’m really scared now,” she said quietly. “What is happening to me? What is going to happen to me?”

“I wish I knew.” I answered simply. “Angela always seems to have a better idea of what is going on than I do.”

“No, Master, just a different perspective,” Angela replied quietly in my head. “I think that Linda will be fine now, and she should probably leave before she gets much more expose to you, but you need to reinforce that she cannot talk to anyone about what is happening and she cant do anything that would hurt or harm you.”

“Linda, I think you need to leave now.” I said quietly. “I understand if you never want to see me again, but you must understand that you can never talk to anyone about me or about what has happened. You also can never do anything to hurt, or harm, me or Angela.”

Linda nodded thoughtfully. “I don’t think I could do anything to hurt you or get you in trouble, which would be hurting you. I don’t think what ever this is would let me. And just the fear of you being that mad at me again is enough to make me not ever want to make you angry.”

“I need to go home now. I’m sorry I made you angry, I didn’t mean to do that.” Linda said quietly.

“It’s not your fault,” I replied, “I’m sorry that I’m having this effect on you. I wish I could have prevented it or control it.”

I walked toward the front door and opened it, Linda following me out onto the front porch.

“Can I touch you just one more time, Master, before I leave?” she asked timidly, looking like she might bolt for the sidewalk if I even appeared to be the least bit irritated.

I reached out, took her hand in mine and tried to think the warmest thoughts I could about her, about her being a good mother for her daughter and a reliable neighbor. I tried to think non-sexual thoughts, but I also had to admit that she was rather nice looking as I thought about her.

When I roused from my contemplation, I noticed that Linda was flush and breathing unevenly. I quickly removed my hand, but it was hard to miss the effect I had on her. Her nipples were hard and erect and clearly showing through her blouse, her pants had a wet spot around the crotch, and she reeked suddenly of arousal and sex.

It took all my will power, but I managed to resist the temptation that she presented me.

“Go home Linda, and if you ever come back, I can’t promise that you’ll ever be able to leave again.”

It hurt me to say that, but it was true. Not that I would order her to stay, but I knew that if she started reacting like Angela, she would be physically unable to leave.

Linda just nodded mutely, and walked unsteadily down the front steps and along the sidewalk toward her house. I watched her until she reached her house, and somehow I knew she was heading straight for her bedroom where she would be masturbating several times over the rest of the day.

* * *

When I showed up at Jonathan’s lab later that morning, I was more eager than ever to see if we couldn’t discover more about this pheromone. Could we create an antidote? Could we at least produce it and have a supply for Angela and even Linda to use when needed? I was even thinking about taking some time off from work and going into the lab to do some of the work myself if that would help speed things along.

“Josh!” Jonathan yelled across the buzz of the equipment as I entered the lab. “You’re just in time to see the first batch.”

“First batch?” I asked as I worked my way across the lab to the hood where Jonathan was standing.

“Yes, first batch,” he replied as he held up a beaker filled with an amber colored liquid. “I finished the protein sequencing over the weekend, and one of my graduate assistants spliced it into an E. coli on Monday. We just ran it through the HPLC to see if it was working and it appears we have a good batch. Not a lot, mind you, but now, as the bacteria grow, they will produce as much of this as you could ever need.”

“And what did you tell them they were working on?” I asked quietly, feeling like a conspirator trying to hide. While we weren’t doing anything illegal, I was sure I didn’t want the entire world to find out about this discovery.

“Don’t worry. I told him it was his final exam. I pretended to make up a protein sequence and had him create it and splice it in. He passed with flying colors, obviously.”

Jonathan beamed with praise when one of his students did well. Students who had graduated twenty years ago were still sources of pride for him. He basked in their radiated glow when they garnered praise, and he suffered with them when they failed. So not only was he proud of making the pheromone, but he was proud of his student for doing such a great job of manipulating the genome of the bacteria. That student definitely had a bright career in the biotech industry.

“So how do we know if it works? Are you sure it is the same?” I asked.

“Well, I was just going to run it through the gas chromatographer to compare it to the previous batch we isolated from your serum. We’ll know in just a few minutes,” he replied.

And a few minutes later, we did indeed know that Jonathan was a good as his hype. The patterns were identical.

“Can we head over to your office to talk for a few minutes?” I asked, not wanting anyone to overhear our conversation. I wanted to pick his brain about what we should do next.

Jonathan nodded and spoke to one of the technicians who had been trying to get his attention. When he was done, we headed to the back of the lab and the relative quiet of his office. Josh shut the door and we sat.

“So, have you thought anymore about how this works and what we might do to stop this?” I asked when we were settled.

“Not really,” he replied as he leaned back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling, a sure sign that he was deep in thought.

“I was wondering if you could get us access to the PET scanner for a little experiment,” I suggested quietly.

“Of course, that’s a great place to start. If we can identify where in the brain the chemical seems to be working, which areas of the brain are stimulated by it, that will give us a clue about how to go about blocking it.”

Jonathan suddenly stood up and began pacing. “I was thinking about trying to make an antibody, but if you are correct, and I suspect you are, then this is most likely a substance that works in the brain, where an antibody is unlikely to penetrate and thus be rather useless. But if we don’t see much activity in the brain, more in the olfactory areas, then we might be able to use an intranasal approach to deliver an antibody or antagonist. Of course, we’ll need to establish the three dimensional structure of the molecule and then identify it’s receptor in order to begin working on an antagonist.”

Jonathan droned on for several more minutes and I just listened and let him. We had worked well together for exactly this reason. Once you gave Jonathan a lead, he had an amazing ability to run with it, to plan out the details and all the steps along the way to reach the goal. I was much more of an idea guy, getting bogged down in the details, but able to see the big picture.

When he had wound down and sat back down, writing some notes to himself, I spoke up again.

“Jonathan, you also must keep this quiet. You can’t tell anyone about this, or about what has happened to me. You can never do anything that would hurt or harm me.” I said quietly but firmly when I had his attention.

Jonathan looked at me like I had hurt him.

“I’m sorry Jonathan, but I’m a little freaked out about this,” I confessed.

Jonathan thought about this for a minute and then nodded slowly.

“I hope you know that I would never intentionally hurt you,” he said sincerely as he made eye contact. “I can understand that you are scared of what is going on, but I know that Angela loves you very much, despite what has happened to you. She sees that you are scared, probably more scared than she is, more worried than she is, and that you care for her very much.”

Jonathan paused, looked up to collect his thoughts and then continued.

“I’ve been your friend for a long time, Josh, and I can’t think of anyone who could be trusted with this power, except for perhaps you. This could be dangerous and even deadly from what we have seen and I want to help you understand this before someone does get hurt, even unintentionally. So I want you to know that your secret is very safe with me.”

He paused, got an evil grin on his face, before continuing, “At least, until you start trying to take over the world, your secret is safe with me. When you do, we’ll have to re-negotiate.”

I laughed. Josh had always had a weird sense of humor. Only he could crack a joke about taking over the world.

“So when can we get the PET scanner?” I asked. “I can call Angela and have her meet us here whenever you can get us a slot. We’ll just need some labeled glucose and your new batch of pheromone and we can start the tests.”

“I’ll walk over there and see who’s working tonight. If it is someone I can trust, I’ll give you a call,” he answered.

I agreed and he gave me a small vial of the fluid to give to Angela if she needed an emergency dose of the pheromone. I didn’t bother to tell him that she still had the first one. It never hurts to be prepared.

* * *

Just as I was sitting down to grab a late lunch, having visited with some of my clients and getting the go ahead on a couple of projects, my cell phone rang.

“Hey, Jonathan!” I answered, seeing his number on the caller id.

“Josh, can you check with Angela and see if you can come in around 10 o’clock tonight?”

“Sure, hold on a sec,” I answered.

“Angela,” I thought to her through our mental link, “Did you have any plans this evening?”

“I’m all yours, Master,” she quickly replied and then giggled.

“We’d be happy to meet you around 10 o’clock tonight at the PET scanner,” I replied into the cell phone to Jonathan.

“Alright. I’ll get everything ready,” he replied. “See you then.”

I hung up the phone and then tried to tell Angela what we had planned, but Angela interrupted before I could even start.

“I know what you two have been planning. It’s like you were broadcasting your thoughts to me all day,” Angela thought to me.

“I have?”

“Yes, and while I would never complain, Master, it has been rather distracting!”

“I’m sorry,” I answered, worried that I had interfered with her classes or work.

“Just come home as soon as you can and help me get un-distracted! I might even have to break out that vial soon,” she thought, and then I could feel the lust and need that was slowly building up inside of her.

“I’ll be home as soon as I can,” I answered and then shifted my legs to relieve the pressure that was building between them.

* * *

I literally flew through the rest of my day. Every time I would pause from my work, every time that my mind would wander, I could feel Angela’s lust through our link. By four o’clock, it was driving me to distraction. Rebecca must have sensed that something was going on, because when I looked at my calendar to see who was coming in for my last meeting, I found that it had been rescheduled.

And since I had the rest of the afternoon free, well, I decided to go home. Maybe decided isn’t the right word, compelled might be a better one.

On the drive home, the lust radiating from Angela continued to rise, it seemed that the closer I got, the more her lust was fueled.

“Oh, Master,” she gasped as I made the last turn into our neighborhood, “Please hurry!”

By the time I made it into the house, my mind was so fogged with lust that there could have been an earthquake and I wouldn’t have even cared. The only thing I could think about was getting to, and getting into, Angela. I shed my clothes as I walked in the door, and headed straight for the bedroom where I knew she was waiting for me.

When I walked in, I was greeted by the sight of Angela wearing a sheer white silk negligee, already transparent from her perspiration. Her breasts were heaving as she struggled to catch her breath, obviously recovering from an orgasm. Her legs were splayed widely open and between them, her hand held a clear dildo which she was rubbing up and down her slit and then pressing into her sex with each stroke, eliciting moans from her that I normally only heard from her at the peak of her sexual release.

When I reached the bed, I leaned over and kissed her nipple through the gown, causing her to scream through another orgasm. She reached up, wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her, dropping the dildo and letting it fall to the bed.

We kissed hungrily, like men given water after a long desert trek might drink water. And as we kissed, I moved between her legs and positioned my cock where the dildo had been just a few minutes before.

As I reached down to help guide me in, my hand hit something solid and plastic, and a quick glance confirmed that she had a butt plug inserted. However, in the moment it took me to register that, Angela had thrust herself up and onto my cock, reaching up to pull me down and further into her.

“Oh God!” she screamed, “That feels so good!”

I began to drive in and out of her with speed and force. The rougher I became, the more she screamed out for me to go harder and faster. I knew I might regret it later, but in the heat of the moment, I bent down, took one of her nipples in my mouth and bit down on it just as I began to erupt into her with my orgasm. This caused her to scream again and to orgasm even more strongly than she had been.

“Oh Master,” she sighed and then her eyes rolled back in her head and she passed out.

I rolled to the side of her, not wanting to lay on her until she aroused. She was still breathing, though rapidly and deeply, and she would occasionally move, so I knew she was all right, just a bit overwhelmed.

I lay back and closed my eyes, letting the pleasurable sensations flow over me, and that is when I started to sense it.

At first, it was just a vague sensation, but as I started to notice it and pay attention to it, I could make out that it was the connection I had with the women who had recently come into my life. The first one I felt was Emily. While I knew her the least, the bond that she and I had appeared to be growing stronger and stronger. This should have worried me, but I was so wrapped up in what was happening that the higher parts of my brain weren’t exactly working at top speed.

It was the sensation that I was getting from it that confused me at first. It was a feeling of intense satisfaction and pleasure. Like she had just had some incredible sex like I had. I wondered whom she was with.

“I’m not with anyone, Master,” she answered across our link. “You two are going to get me fired if you don’t give me more warning than that. I was sitting there answering the phones, when bam, a wave of lust hit me, followed quickly by an orgasm that had me soaking my panties. I nearly didn’t make the bathroom for some privacy before the next one hit.”

“Oh my God,” came Kayla’s voice, “What the hell was that?”

“That was Master and Angela having sex, it appears,” answered Emily.

“I was working in the kitchen and nearly cut off a finger when out of nowhere, a monster orgasm hit. Luckily, no one else is here since I dropped to the floor and started masturbating just as the second one hit,” replied Kayla.

All these women talking about having orgasms soon had me hard again, and Angela, having aroused somewhat, reached down and began to slowly stroke it.

“You two are just jealous, so get prepared, we are going to have another go,” Angela murmured through our link, her lust still palpable through our mental connection.

Angela rolled over and pulled her knees up under her, reaching back and swabbing the head of my cock along her slit, before placing it at the entrance of her ass.

“Please, Master, take me now,” she begged.

I slowly pushed in, and rested only when I was fully buried inside her. I could sense the waves of pleasure that Emily and Kayla were feeling as well, and their lust combined with the sensation of being inside Angela were incredible, nearly indescribable.

I began to rock back and forth, driving into Angela with each thrust, and she rocked back to meet each one. I noticed she had reached down between her legs and she was fingering herself as I filled her ass. Soon she was crying out with another orgasm and this triggered orgasms in Emily and Kayla as well, all of them feeding their pleasure back into me. Soon it fed back too much, the pleasure so great it was nearly painful, and I erupted into Angela, filling her, each pulse having to pass her tightened sphincter such that the pain and pleasure were to much and I screamed out my pleasure as the world faded from view.

Sometime later, I awoke to find Angela cuddled beside me, and I felt warm wet tears on my chest where they were running from her eyes.

“What’s wrong, Angela?” I asked.

“Oh, Master, nothing is wrong. Everything is so incredible that I can’t believe it,” she answered.

I didn’t know what to say so I just held her and let her cry.

A few minutes later, I felt her stir and looked down to see her looking up at me, her chin resting on her hand which was lying on my chest.

“Just now when you were dozing, you were just radiating love and caring and Emily, Kayla, Linda and I all felt it. It was like your hugs, Master, a huge psychic hug for all of us and made us all feel so safe and warm and loved. Thank you,” she said softly and then wrapped her arms around me and hugged me.

We lay like that for a long time and just basked in the warm feeling and physical contentment. Finally, urges like hunger and our bladders made us get up, but it was one of the most special moments of my life and helped me to realize just how much I had come to love Angela. It had also helped me to reach a decision about my future with Angela and to begin to plan for it.