The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Accidental Master

Author: Lord Skies

Chapter Fourteen: The Ninth Night

When we finally managed to get out of the bed, Angela and I cleaned up and headed over to the hospital. We didn’t eat since she was having the PET scan and I didn’t want anything to interfere with the test. Even vigorous exercise prior to the scan is usually discouraged, as that can change tissue metabolism, but since we were going to be concentrating on her brain, I hoped that our extended sex session earlier wouldn’t interfere too much.

Jonathan met us at the entrance to the radiology department after I called him to let him know we were walking in to the hospital. He, as usual, had everything set up and waiting on us.

For the test itself, we had a couple of different ideas. For one, we wanted to get a baseline scan of her brain metabolism to see if there were any particular hot spots that seemed unusual. Then we wanted to repeat the test with me holding her hand, standing right beside her. Finally, Jonathan was going to have her open a vial and take a sniff with the exhaust fans in the room running full blast. Then we would get a final set of images. Since each one took some time and we wanted them spaced apart, we were going to be there for several hours.

Angela was quite the trooper and lay on that cold, hard table for most of the night, being very careful not to move. I had accidentally been the one to tell her to be still and to try not to move. Even as I said it, I realized that it might cause problems for her. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t seem to undo the command. It was as if somehow Angela knew I wanted her to be very still, despite what I might say to her. As a result of Angela laying so still, we were able to get some very clear images.

Otherwise, the night was uneventful. The only problem was the effect that the vial of pheromone had on Angela. The tech was curious as to what we were studying but she knew Jonathan well enough not to ask too many questions. He had a habit of telling you every detail of his research if you asked him about it, so most folks did as he asked and tried to keep quiet. When Angela had a small orgasm and her knees nearly buckled under her as she sniffed the vial, the tech gave me a funny look. I just shrugged and nothing else was said.

The part of the experiment that we hadn’t thought through was the reading of the scans. Sure, I knew what a PET scan was and how to use it, but I wasn’t a neuroscience person. I hated it, in fact. Jonathan had a bit more of an idea how to interpret the pictures, but we needed someone who did this for a living.

Eventually, we did decide to approach another of our classmates who was a neurochemistry and was generally trustworthy. Besides, we figured that with a vial of pheromone and my presence I could order her to forget everything, or not to talk about it. The only part that did worry me, though, was the fact that she was a woman. I counted her as a friend and I didn’t want to hurt her.

As the last scan finished, I walked back into the room to tell Angela she could get up. As I approached her, though, I heard a soft snore and realized that she was fast asleep. I glanced down at my watch and realized that it was 3 am. Jonathan also showed the wear of the late hour. Only the tech seemed unaffected and he was used to working the night shift.

Jonathan chuckled when I signaled him that Angela had fallen asleep. He had gotten the images burned into a CD and had deleted them from the master file on the scanner. As he headed out the door, he promised to take them over to Laurie Walker for her to give them a read. I meanwhile gathered Angela up in my arms and carried her out to my car as the tech finished cleaning the room and getting it ready for the morning rush.

Angela snuggled into my neck when I picked her up, only rousing briefly when I deposited her into my car. The drive home was quite sedate as well, other than struggling to stay alert on the drive.

When we got home, I carried Angela up to the bed and deposited her there. I hoped she would be able to get enough sleep to make it through class tomorrow. In addition, she had to work as an intern tomorrow and I worried about her doing a good job there. I remembered all those sleepless nights as a resident and I didn’t want her to have to suffer through a similar experience.

After Angela was tucked into bed, I got ready as well. I was tired but didn’t feel very sleepy, something I attributed to my anticipation of getting the results of the PET scans we had just done. I was rather impatient about things like that, not a good trait for a doctor.

As I was fooling around in the bathroom, getting ready for bed, I felt Emily’s presence.

“You need to get some sleep, Master,” she whispered quietly in my mind.

“Why are you calling me Master?” I asked in reply.

“Because that is what you are,” she answered.

I waited for her to expound on this observation.

“I’m not sure how to explain it,” she continued when she realized I was waiting on her. “With you, it is different. I don’t feel like I need to be there with you, I don’t have that craving to touch you like I used to have with my Master. But I do know, somehow, that you are my Master, and that makes me very happy on a very basic level.”

“How can it make you happy? To know that I can hurt you with just my thoughts, that you might suffer again like you did when your previous Master died, how can that be a good thing?” I asked.

Emily thought hard about this and I waited for several minutes for her answer.

“Master, I think it is because I am submissive. Some people are natural leaders, some need to follow, some need to feel like others care for them. I consider myself a very independent woman. I can take care of myself, I earn my own way. I know that I don’t need anyone to survive. But I did learn how happy I could be when I was with my former Master and I know I can experience that and more with you. You have a gift that is far more powerful than his was and I can feel that there will be many women around you. I know that I will be just one of those women and I know that Angela will always come first in your heart. I know that, and still I want to be a part of it. Your women share a very special bond, something that I haven’t experienced before. My sister and I can communicate now all the time, with just our thoughts. We have always been close, but I couldn’t be happier with what you have given us.”

I tried to digest what she said. Were the women who were affected by the pheromone those women who were naturally submissive? Were they women who had submissive tendencies, or was this a feeling that was cultivated by exposure to the pheromone itself?

“What’s bothering you, Master?” I heard Kayla now in my head and I started to worry that I was going insane.

“You are definitely not going insane!” she exclaimed and I marveled at how it was like I could really hear them talking in my head.

“I agree, you are perfectly sane,” added Emily and then I felt a sleepy affirmation of my sanity from Angela.

I walked out of the bathroom to check on her and she was still sound asleep and didn’t appear to have moved since I tucked her into the bed.

“Then how am I talking to you?” I asked Emily and Kayla, “ESP is just science fiction, it doesn’t really exist. There aren’t any confirmed cases of it, ever, and the few hoaxes that have been tried have been easily discredited. So I ask, how can I communicate with you and be sure that I’m not losing my mind.”

“Because you’ve been given a great gift,” came Linda’s reply. “You are a wonderful and kind person and have helped more people than you can imagine. I have no idea how or why this happened, but as much as I would love to hate you for the effect that you have had on me, I just can’t. I can’t help loving you and caring for you and even obeying you. Now would you please tone down the broadcasting of your thoughts so that some of us can sleep?”

“I’m sorry,” I replied softly, or at least I tried to think softly as I thought my apology toward them.

“There is no need to be sorry, Master,” came the reply from all three of them.

“Do you want me to come over there, Master?” Kayla asked. “I just got home from the restaurant and I would be happy to drive over to your place if you need someone to sit up with you.”

“No, I’m fine and Angela is here with me, even if she is asleep. I think I just need to get some rest and take some time to think about things,” I replied.

“Alright, Master. I hope you get some sleep,” Kayla said and then I could no longer sense her presence.

“I’m happy to come over as well,” Emily answered somewhat timidly, “In fact I really want to and I am such a night owl that it would be no problem for me, but I know that isn’t what is best for you right now. Please know that we all care very deeply for you. And that isn’t just the pheromone talking.”

“I appreciate your offer, Emily,” I said, “But I don’t want you out driving this time of night. And I’m a bit afraid of what would happen if you were here. I definitely want to be well rested and at my best when we do meet next time.”

Emily giggled and I could feel her rising lust through our link.

“I’ll be thinking about you as I help myself to sleep,” she replied, “Have a good night, Master.”

And then I was alone.

* * *

I did eventually fall asleep that night, but it was a troubling night, plagued by dreams and nightmares. Many were just bits and pieces of visions of horrors, of falling, of being trapped, of people I loved and knew dying or bleeding.

But it was the last dream before the morning that I remembered the most.

I was in a small meadow. There was a circle of oak trees around the clearing and the ground all around me was covered with flowers. Beautiful, delicate flowers of every shape and color stretched from a small bare patch of ground on which I stood all the way to the trees.

I was looking at the flowers and admiring the vast array of colors, when I heard screams that seemed to be coming from beyond the trees. It sounded like a woman screaming, like she was hurt or injured and so I turned toward the sound and started in that direction.

But as I stepped into the flowers, I stepped on a flower and I heard faint screams coming from the ground below. I took another step and the screams grew louder, though they were still faint. I stopped and started to look down when the screams beyond the trees grew even louder and I thought I could hear a woman screaming out “Master!”

I again took a step deeper into the flowers and the screams that arose from around me grew even louder. I now bent to look more closely at the flowers, and what I saw made me sick to my stomach. The flowers weren’t flowers at all, but tiny women bound tightly in brightly colored cloths and made to stand on tiny green pedestals.

I looked back at where I had stepped and I saw tiny body smashed flat and obviously dead where I had killed them. I reached down and gently unwrapped one of the small women, setting her free.

She immediately threw herself to the ground, kneeling and bowing her head to the ground at my feet. She was saying something over and over, but I couldn’t hear what it was over the screams of the other tiny women and her voice being muffled by the ground.

Then I heard the screams coming from beyond the ring of trees again. They sounded like a woman being tortured and I felt the need to go and help whoever it was, but I couldn’t kill the women who were bound between me and the edge of the meadow.

I started to undo another of the bound women, only to have her throw herself at my feet.

“Help me undo them!” I screamed.

The two women looked up at me fearfully and the first woman spoke to me, her eyes never meeting mine as I rushed to unbind as many women as possibly.

“We cannot help you free them, Master. Only you can free them,” she said.

“Then go and tell me what is happening beyond the edge of the meadow!” I demanded.

“It is the evil one, Master. He has captured us here and is slowly killing one of our sisters,” the other woman said.

I screamed out to the edge of the clearing, “Show yourself. Stop hurting that woman.”

I continued to free women so I could make my way across the clearing without killing any more of them, each time I did, they threw themselves to the ground and bowed to me, I was but a few steps from the edge of the clearing when I heard a scream from behind me, causing me to look up.

There standing at the edge of the meadow was me. Though it was obvious it wasn’t me, since I was in the meadow. It looked like me, but it looked like the angriest person I had ever met.

But the worst of it was that he held and bruised and bloody Angela in his arms. She had obviously been beaten and appeared to be unconscious.

“So you think you can save all these women?” my evil twin asked. Then he laughed the most evil and maniacal laugh I had ever heard. “But from whom are you saving them?”

And then I realized that I was only trying to save them from myself, and my screams of horror were matched only by the evil glee in my twins voice.

* * *

I awoke screaming, thrashing around the bed, trying to free myself from the covers that had wrapped around me. Angela was screaming my name and as I awoke, I realized that the burglar alarm was blaring and Angela was trying to wake me.

In an instant, I was awake and I ran to the closet and grabbed the shotgun that I kept in the closet. I then grabbed Angela and threw her into the closet.

“Lock the door and get on my cell phone and call 911!” I ordered as I closed the door.

My order had the intended effect on Angela and I heard her dialing the cell phone as I heard steps leading upstairs creak as someone climbed them.

I chambered a shell in the shotgun, aimed it for the door and waited. There was what felt like an eternity of silence and then I heard the stairs creak again. This was followed by footstep running across the wood floor down stairs.

I waited a few moments and when I heard nothing else, I cautiously approached the door and quickly peeked around the corner and down the stairs. The stairs were empty and I could see the front door standing open. I carefully looked around the upstairs and found nothing out of place.

About then I heard sirens in the distance, approaching quickly. I returned to the bedroom and asked Angela to unlock the closet door. I then quickly unloaded the shotgun and placed it back on the shelf. Angela and I waited in the closet, with the door closed and her talking to the 911 operator on the phone.

In seconds I heard multiple sounds of footsteps in the house below us and Angela whispered to me that they knew where we were and would be up to us in a moment when they had cleared the rest of the house.

Sure enough, in a couple of minutes, I heard more footsteps coming up the stairs. I heard a voice say that they were in the bedroom and to tell them to open the door and come out slowly. A couple of seconds later I heard the 911 operator say the same thing to Angela.

I nodded and after Angela had laid down the phone, we slowly opened the door and walked out with our hands in front of us. There were about ten cops in my bedroom, guns all drawn, pointing at us. I stood very still and when they saw that we were alone and fine, they quickly put away their guns.

“Are you Josh?” one of the policemen asked.

“I am,” I replied, “I’m Josh Halden and this is Angela Turley. There is a shotgun in the closet behind me and it has shells in it but none are chambered.”

“Thanks, Josh, but you can relax. I don’t know if you remember me, but you saved my brother’s life a couple of years ago when he got real sick and ended up in the hospital.”

I looked at him and while I couldn’t remember his name, his face triggered my memory of his brother.

“I’m sorry I don’t remember your name, but I remember your brother. He was in the ICU for about a month and you and his wife visited him every day without fail.” I said as I recalled their family.

Meanwhile the other cops had started to clear out and head down stairs once they were sure the house was indeed empty.

“My name’s Ken,” the cop said, “Everything’s going to be alright, but we need to check a few things, take fingerprints and the do all the things we do for a crime scene.”

“Did you fire the shotgun?” he asked.

“No, just grabbed it in case I needed it.”

“Good, that keeps things simple,” he said. “Why don’t you two throw on some clothes and then come on down stairs and outside. Try not to touch anything outside of this room.”

We nodded and I realized that I was standing there in just my boxer shorts. Angela looked rumpled but beautiful in her t-shirt that I had left on her when I tucked her into bed. I quickly threw on some jeans and grabbed my wallet and keys while Angela pulled on some jeans.

When we were dressed, the officer, who had waited just outside the bedroom, escorted us out of the house and down to the police cars clustered around the street. The flashing lights and sirens had awakened several of the neighbors and I saw a few people watching from windows or porches as the officer asked us a series of questions.

The rest of the night seemed to drag by. It was about 5:30 am when the alarm had gone off, and we watched the sun rise from the sidewalk as the crime scene folks gathered fingerprints and searched the house and grounds for any sign of the intruder. Sometime later, they asked me to go through the house and see if I could tell if anything was missing.

When I went back into the house, I was surprised by how neat everything still was. I had expected the house to be ransacked and then the police to have trampled things even more. But amazingly, everything was in place as far as I could tell. I called in Angela and had her take a look around to see if she could tell if anything was missing.

And she saw immediately what was gone.

“Where’s your bag?” she asked me.

“Oh shit!”

The bag that I had taken to the lab, that contained the small vial of pheromone, was gone.

I described the bag to the officer, but when he asked me if there was anything of value in the bag, I told him just some clothes and papers, but I didn’t mention the vial. I tried to play it cool because I didn’t want to many questions asked, but the officer seemed content that it was just a bag with work related stuff in it.

Finally, around 7 am everyone seemed satisfied with the situation and started to go, leaving me and Angela to deal with the consequences. The front door was shattered and wouldn’t even close, we were both exhausted and to be honest, I was still a bit freaked out.

And as much as anything, I was going absolutely insane worrying about the missing vial of pheromone.

Angela could tell I was worried, so she left me alone and headed upstairs for a shower. I just collapsed on the couch and stared at my ruined front door, wondering who I was going to call to come fix it and when I might be able to call them.

Rousing me from my reverie, Linda arrived and knocked on what was left of the front door. When she saw me sitting there, she cautiously stepped into the foyer.

“I brought some coffee,” she ventured softly.

I tried to smile, I tried to express my gratitude but the shock of the morning had finally gotten to me. That, coupled with the fatigue of not sleeping and the adrenaline finally wearing off, and I realized, far too late, that I was in trouble. My vision slowly dimmed as Linda neared and I remembered hearing someone screaming in agony and then it all went black.

* * *

Angela told me later that I was out for about twenty minutes. However long it was, it was long enough that they were worried. Apparently, when I had collapsed, Linda had screamed and run to me. Angela had felt the sudden absence of my presence and had rushed downstairs from her shower, draped only in a towel. They had arranged me on the floor and propped my feet up so that they were higher than my head.

Angela was using her wet hair like a wet rag to wipe my face and Linda had run for the phone. Thankfully she didn’t call 911 like she had intended, I think that Emily and Kayla had intervened. They had also felt my sudden absence from their minds, had also heard a scream, and each had immediately run to their cars to come be near me.

So when I did awake, I was surrounded by four beautiful women, each hovering over me, each touching me.

And I could literally feel their energy pulling me back to consciousness, back to health. It was like I could feel energy flowing from each of them. It was like they were feeding me their energy and keeping me healthy just as they needed my touch, my pheromone to feel pleasure, to feel fully alive.

I realized then that it was truly a symbiotic relationship. We each received something in return for what we gave up. The women in my life received intense pleasure, the ability to communicate telepathically, and the cost was a dependence to be near me. On the other hand, I had four women to look out for my welfare, four women from whom I could draw power and rely on in times of stress. I gained new insights from each of them through our telepathic connection and my mind seemed to work even faster than usual, probably a result of five minds working together, not just one.

I slowly sat up and Emily brought me a glass of water.

“Here, Master, you need to drink something to keep your blood pressure up. You are suffering from shock after all the adrenaline wore off,” she said as she helped me up and to drink the cool water.

“And then you need to let us take you to our house and take care of you,” Kayla said quietly.

“Yes, you should go with them. I’ll be here today and can make sure the front door gets fixed,” Linda added just as I started to think about protesting.

“I’ve already called my professor and the judge and they know I won’t be in today,” Angela added. “The judge even offered to have an officer serve as a guard if I still felt unsafe. So I’m staying with you and I think we should go with Kayla.”

Emily then added her opinion. “I’ll be coming with you. I have some medical training and I’ll be there to make sure that both you and Angela are all right. And you don’t need to be working. You are both tired, sleep deprived and running on adrenaline. You need to eat and then get some sleep. And the best way to ensure that is to go home with Kayla.”

Realizing I had little hope of winning an argument with these four women, I didn’t even mount an argument. I just nodded and took another drink of water, wishing it was coffee instead.

“I’ll pour you a cup,” Linda called out from across the kitchen where she was pulling a fresh pot out of the coffee maker. “I spilled the last one on the floor when I saw you collapse and ran to your side.”

She saw me glance at the floor to see how much damage had been done.

“I cleaned it all up and you’d never know there was a spill,” she said with a smile.

“I’ll go up and help Angela pack a bag for you and her,” Kayla added and then she took Angela by the hand and led her up the stairs.

Emily helped me up into a chair and Linda brought me a cup of strong coffee, made just the way I liked it. Linda then went out and got the newspaper and brought it in and we all three sat around the table, drinking coffee and reading the paper.

“Where’s your daughter?” I asked Linda.

“She’s with my Mother,” she replied, “Don’t worry about her or me. We’re fine. You aren’t going to make me abandon my daughter. Her hold on me appears to be far stronger than any effect you may be having on me.”

A few minutes later, Kayla and Angela reappeared with two suitcases and another bag that I could tell held my dop kit. However, I was struggling to see why we needed two suitcases.

“Did you get the kitchen sink too?” I asked facetiously.

“Oh damn!” Angela shot back, “I knew I forgot something.”

Kayla and she walked out the door and I got to my feet followed by Emily and headed to the office where I intended to give Linda the number of a handyman I had used on a previous project. I was hoping he could fit in some time to come over and fix my front door.

But just as I rounded the corner to the office, I saw him walking up the sidewalk toward the house, his tool bag in hand.

“I called him,” said Linda softly from behind me. “You had given me his name before and I sensed that you would want him to do the work.”

I nodded, not knowing how to reply, and walked to what was left of my front door to greet Bob Robillo, my handyman.

“Bob! I’m so glad you were available.” I said as he walked up.

“Well, my last job finished up yesterday and this one shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours,” he replied, already taking in the damage to the door.

“What can you do to make it more secure?” I asked.

“Well, I was thinking,” he started in a slow drawl that let me know I was in for a long explanation, “that we could put some steel rebar in the frame and then a steel door. That way the next time some idiot tries to kick in your door, his leg’ll break, not your door.”

He chuckled at this and nearly choked on his tobacco spit.

I shook his hand and told him that Linda would be around if he needed anything. He gave me a second glance at this, knowing that I was firmly in the bachelor camp. When the other three women walked out onto the front porch, I thought his jaw was going to hit the floor. He looked me a question, but I just smiled and went to join Kayla, Emily and Angela at the curb where a discussion regarding who was going to drive was going on.

“I’ll drive my car.” I said as I walked over to the garage and climbed in. Angela decided to ride with me and Emily and Kayla each drove their own cars.

* * *

It was the mansion on the western edge of town that finally broke me out of my funk. Even the drive over, following Kayla who drove almost as aggressively as I did, hadn’t cheered me up. But the mansion she pulled up to and parked in front of got my attention.

“Welcome home, Master!” she exclaimed as she walked back to our car.

Angela was just as amazed as I was, her silence spoke volumes. She just looked wide-eyed at the house and the extensive lawn that surrounded it.

“I inherited Mom’s home and Emily got Dad’s home,” Kayla said as Angela and I stared, “She also got her Master’s money and life insurance so she is quite a bit better off then I am, but I have the bigger house so we thought my place was better for all of us.”

I slowly got out of the car and Kayla took my arm and led me into the house.

The house was quite large in appearance. It was built to look a bit like a keep, with a stone exterior and appeared to be three stories tall and about the size of four of my houses. The inside was just as impressive. The only house that I had ever seen that appeared to be bigger was the Biltmore house in Asheville.

Kayla showed us in and ushered us upstairs to a bedroom that was bigger than my master bedroom at home.

I didn’t realize how tired I was until I saw the bed, and the fatigue hit me then. Kayla made sure we had everything we needed before she stepped out and closed the door. Angela and I shed our clothes, crawled into bed, curled up with each other and were asleep in mere seconds.