The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Accidental Master

Author: Lord Skies

Chapter Fifteen: The Tenth Night

I slept long and hard once we finally got in bed. The adrenaline from the night was gone and having Angela in the bed, naked beside me, her warmth comforting me, made my sleep the sleep of a small child.

When I awoke, though, I found that warm soft flesh surrounded me. Angela was still in my arms, I was still curled around her and I slowly inhaled the now familiar scent of her hair. But there was also someone plastered to my back, another warm soft body curled around me.

I concentrated for a second and realized that it was Kayla curled around behind me. She was still asleep and had crawled into bed with us because she had started to feel an intense need to be near us.

Angela on the other hand, was awake, but had been laying very still in order to let me sleep as long as I could. Now that she knew I was awake, she started to rotate her ass slowly against my crotch.

In seconds, I was hard, my cock nestled in the crack of her ass. The stimulus of her rubbing her ass against me and the thought that Kayla was laying behind me, as naked as Angela was soon overwhelmed my brain and my lust surged forward. I felt an overwhelming need to have both of them, regardless of the consequences, which entered and left my mind as quickly as water through a sieve.

I shifted slightly so that my erection slid between Angela’s legs and along her slit. I then began to slowly massage her breast with my hand, rolling her nipple between my fingers. She responded with a loud moan and I felt her growing wetter along her slit. I reached down and found her clit, rubbing it lightly, making small circles as I began to slowly stroke my cock between her legs.

About then, I felt Kayla stir behind me, stretching along my back, her hands roaming over my body as she squirmed awake. Angela took this momentary distraction to quickly roll over and face me, kissing me deeply. She maneuvered herself so that my cock was at her entrance and then she reached down between us to guide it into her very hot and wet sex.

Meanwhile, Kayla had started nibbling on my ear, whispering into it.

“That is so hot,” she whispered, “You two are so sexy and I am so wet.”

I felt her hand slide down my back and then between her legs, and I felt, through our connection, that she was now fingering herself. I grabbed Angela’s ass and pulled her hard to me, driving deep into her and she swung her leg over my legs and hooked Kayla’s, pulling her leg over mine so that I was now trapped between the two girls.

Soon we were a writhing mass of sex, moving for the pleasure of all. Angela would thrust to meet my thrust and Kayla was fingering herself in sync with our thrusts. In and out, back and forth, over and over we went, each driving the others onward, and through our connection, our lust creating a feedback loop that quickly rose to a peak and then exploded, both physically and emotionally.

Just as Angela reached her orgasm, Kayla cried out in my ear and between the two of them, my orgasm built and I exploded into Angela, filling her with my cum. My vision dimmed with the intensity of the sensation and I struggled to maintain consciousness, trying to focus my thoughts on the world around me, feeling the many people to whom I was connected and noticing that my connection with Emily was incredibly strong. I felt her responding to our passion and feeling a small orgasm as she sat at the desk of her job.

“I can’t wait to join you there tonight, Master,” she whispered to my through our connection.

I slowly withdrew and concentrated on the two women in bed with me who were still struggling to catch their breath. I rolled slowly onto my back, both women accommodating my movement and ending up with their heads laying on my shoulders. They curled around me, each throwing a leg over one of my legs, each a perfect mirror of the other. It was incredibly comfortable and it felt so right, but also like something was still missing.

I must have dozed just a bit as we lay there because the next sensation that my mind processed was the warm sensation of a mouth on my cock. I quickly looked down and saw the auburn hair of Kayla spread around my lap and her warm mouth cleaning my cock of Angela’s and my spendings.

In a few seconds I was as hard as a rock, which only seemed to encourage Kayla to suck harder and to bob her head faster.

Angela then began to lightly kiss my neck and chest where her head was, kissing her way up to my lips, lifting her head and giving me one of her heart warming smiles before lowering her head, our lips meeting, and kissing me with such passion that I almost lost control and came in Kayla’s eager mouth.

We kissed for a while, time having lost all meaning at this point, until I felt the effects of Kayla’s mouth pushing me to the point of no return.

Angela chose this moment to lower her head, draping my face with her sweet smelling hair, and whispered into my ear, “Cum in her mouth, Master!”

And I did. I felt like a water main bursting, the pressure was so intense and the release so incredible, that I quickly filled her mouth. I felt her begin to swallow repeatedly, taking the head of my cock into her throat and swallowing again and again, coaxing as much of my cum out as she could, until the sensations became unbearable and I cried out.

I tried to pull away, but with Angela laying on my chest and Kayla on my legs, grinding her sex against my thigh, it was difficult to move. Kayla did take the hint though and eased her ministrations until the sensitivity of my cock had returned to near normal, but she did work diligently to keep me hard the whole time.

Then, when I was mostly recovered, she slowly slid up my body, kissing along the way, until she was positioned over my cock. I felt Angela reach down and take hold of my cock and rub it up and down along Kayla’s slit as she began a running commentary in my ear, using a low husky voice that oozed sensuality.

“Do you feel how hot and wet she is, Master?” she breathed in my ear. “Are you ready to have her tight sex wrapped around your wonderful cock?”

She had placed the head of my cock against Kayla’s opening and was watching everything as she whispered in my ear.

“It is so incredible, watching her lower herself onto you. I can almost feel it myself,” Angela moaned in my ear. “Oh God, I can feel it!”

And I could feel her connection with me intensify as indeed the pleasure and lust the three of us were creating was being amplified as it was shared among us. I felt Kayla settle all the way down on me and begin to slowly rotate her hips as she ground against me, and through our link I could feel the incredible sensations this was creating in both of us, and then shared with Angela who mirrored them back to us.

Kayla then began to ride me, sliding up and down, rapidly reaching her point of release in just a few strokes, and I could feel her wetness spreading between us as the muscles in her cunt squeezed and massaged my cock.

“Oh God, you have got to quit long enough for me to drive home,” I heard Emily direct towards us as an orgasm washed over her, just from her connection to us.

And as I thought of her, I could also feel Linda, laying in my bed in my house, masturbating herself to another of many orgasms she had experienced through our connection.

But while I was distracted by Emily and Linda, I didn’t notice that Angela had slipped down along side of us. However, when she began to lick along my cock and where it joined with Kayla, my attention immediately returned to the women at hand.

Kayla immediately raised her head and cried out her pleasure and I moaned loudly as I was still very hard and excited. Kayla, while she still lay on top of me and held onto me tightly, did begin to rhythmically contract her sex around me. Soon, she and Angela had a rhythm worked out so that they were licking and squeezing my cock in sequence, quickly raising my excitement level.

Then Angela took a finger and slid it into Kayla’s anus as she licked around our joining. Kayla immediately began to come, this unexpected intrusion pushing her over the edge. I could feel Angela rubbing up and down along the thin membrane that separated my cock from her finger, and between that sensation and the writhing of Kayla on top of me, I reached my peak and began to pump my cum into her.

Angela must have been fingering herself with her other hand throughout this, because she also cried out as I felt her come, causing her to withdraw her finger and tongue as she rolled to the side and rode out her orgasm. And then I felt Linda and Emily both have their release, simultaneously calling out “Oh Master!” across our connection.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feelings of love I had for Angela, and the newer feelings I was quickly developing for Kayla and Emily, and the deep friendship I had for Linda. I thought for just a second that I should try to sort out my feelings for each of them, because I couldn’t love them all, but just as quickly I felt the four of them pour their feelings of love back to me, and understanding exactly what was happening with us was suddenly incredibly unimportant.

We probably would have lain there all evening, at least until Emily got home and followed through on the erotic images she was thinking about me, until two things happened.

One, we all heard a loud scream through our link. None of us could place it or where it originated. Angela seemed to think it was a man’s scream or terror, so I quickly tried to sense Jonathan, and while I didn’t have a connection with him like I did the women, I did get a very definite sense that he was fine.

The second thing that happed, though it was only a few seconds after we heard the scream, was the phone rang. While this sounded like an innocent enough occurrence, I immediately felt Kayla tense and then stretch toward the phone.

“It must be important, since the service allowed it to ring through,” she said apologetically.

“Hello,” she said softly as she answered the phone, “Yes, he is here. May I say who is calling? Please hold.”

“Master, I think you need to take this,” she whispered in my ear, holding her hand over the receiver, “It is the police detective from earlier.”

I took the phone and kissed Kayla on the cheek before she and Angela left the bed and headed for the bathroom.

“This is Josh,” I said, answering the phone.

“Dr. Halden, this is Ken Tumolski, the detective from earlier today,” I heard over the phone. “I wanted to let you know that I think we have the guy who broke into your house. We got a call from a woman a few hours ago who came home to find her roommate in bed with a man. When neither of them moved when she walked in, she ran to check on them, and then called us.”

He paused here and I waited for him to continue, the silence growing longer until I finally said, “And how does this relate to the break-in at my house?”

“Well, when one of my guys showed up to check out the situation with the EMT’s, he found the bag that you reported missing this morning. He immediately called in a crime team and his prints match those found on your door and in your house.”

“You said they weren’t moving, though,” I replied, my inflection indicating my confusion.

“Yes, it really is quite strange, you see both the man and the woman were naked and appear to be comatose.” He replied, again pausing and letting the silence grow and I realized he was fishing for answers, seeing if I knew anything about this.

“That is very strange,” I said, “Were there any signs of drug abuse or an overdose?”

“Not that we could find,” Ken answered, “Was there anything else in the bag we should know about?”

“Are you asking if I had any drugs in my bag, detective?”

“I’m sorry,” Ken replied, “but I have to ask. I hate doing it, with what you did for my family and all, but I am a cop and I need to know why he took your bag and how he ended up in a coma.”

“I understand, Ken,” I said slowly, “But to answer your questions, I did not have any medications or drugs in my bag. Just some clothes and files from the office.”

“Well, that’s all we found in there, but I’ll need you to come down and see if you recognize this guy and look through your bag to see if anything is missing.”

“When do I need to come?”

“It would be good if you could come down tonight, Sir,” he answered.

“I’ll be there in about twenty minutes, Master,” I heard Emily through our mental link, “Then I can drive you to the police station and we can pick up Angela’s car.”

“Alright Ken, we’ll be there in about an hour if that works for you.” I replied over the phone.

“Why don’t we meet at the hospital where the perp is being kept?” he answered and when I agreed, he gave me his cell phone number with instructions to call when we arrived and he would meet us outside the ICU.

About then, Angela and Kayla returned from the bathroom, looking much refreshed.

“I’ll go with you and Emily to the hospital,” Angela announced.

I looked at her, surprised at her initiative, but the look in her eye told me that it was just her protective instincts driving her to watch out for my better interests.

“And since we aren’t going to stay in bed, I’m going to head over to the restaurant to check on a couple of things. I want to make sure the chef is doing alright since this is the first time I’ve left him alone since we opened,” Kayla added.

I assented to their plans knowing that I had no hope of changing their minds and headed off to the shower while they fixed a quick bite of dinner for us.

* * *

When Emily arrived, Angela and I were waiting on the front drive. It was an unusually warm evening, the warm wind promising the rebirth of spring, but also the reminder of the bareness of winter. As we climbed into the car, I again felt Emily react to my presence, and watched as she shuddered with pleasure.

In a few minutes, though, we were at the hospital and walking in the door, Angela dressed in her best attorney suit on one side and Emily, still dressed in her business suit on the other. I felt like I was well flanked by beautiful women who were there to ensure my well-being. Their loyalty was beyond question, but I also felt responsibility for them and their safety. I feared that tonight could be a trying time, and we all needed to be prepared for the worst.

Detective Tumolski met us near the entrance to the ICU. He was a little surprised, I think, by the two beautiful women who appeared there with me.

“Detective, you remember Angela from my home this morning,” I said as I shook his hand, “And this is Emily, a colleague of ours who gave us a ride over.”

“Nice to meet you, Emily,” he replied before getting to business. “What I need from you is to go in and take a look at the person and see if you recognize him. Then we’ll go over to the police substation here at the hospital and let you identify your bag. Any questions?”

“Can I take anything out of the bag, or is it all considered evidence? There are some documents in there that concern some of my clients and are somewhat sensitive.”

“I’m sorry, but I cant let you take anything out of the bag. I do want you to identify if anything is missing, though. I would hope that this matter could be wrapped up fairly quickly and your belongings returned to you in the near future,” Ken replied.

I shrugged, realizing that there was nothing I could do to affect things, and then followed Ken into the ICU.

When I walked into the room though, I heard Angela take in a sudden breath, but to our credit that is the only reaction that any of us showed to the man laying in the bed before us. Angela and I both recognized him immediately, and Emily knew him from her connection with us.

It was the radiology tech from the previous night.

“Deny everything,” was Angela’s immediate response that she shared through our connection, “Jonathan is the only person that knows of our connection to him, so unless you know him from before, deny everything.”

“So, do you recognize him?” Ken asked.

“I can’t say that I’ve ever seen him before,” I replied as sincerely as I could muster, despite the rage that was slowly building inside me and overcoming my fear of discovery.

“How about you?” he asked Angela.

Angela shook her head. “Is this the scum bag that broke into our house?” she asked.

Ken paused, taking stock of the situation, realizing the anger that seethed just on the edge of her voice. He took a small step towards the edge of the bed, covering it nicely as though he were turning to address her, when in fact he was trying to insinuate himself between Angela and the fool laying in that bed.

Her anger spilled over through our link and surprisingly, it was Emily’s anger at the potential danger to her Master that broke my hold on my anger.

“Die scumbag,” I muttered, as much mentally as orally. All of that hate and anger that had built inside of me was suddenly released and directed at this idiot who had threatened to endanger me, and more so, my beloved.

And just as Ken was turning to me, sure that Angela wasn’t about to jump onto the bed and start beating the unconscious form laying there, the monitor suddenly started blaring. I looked quickly at the monitor and it was a flat line. His heart had stopped.

“Code Blue, ICU! Code Blue, ICU!” came the overhead announcement as the nurses rushed into the room, pushing us out of the room as they began to resuscitate him. For a moment, I felt the instinct to rush in there and start doing compressions. And then I didn’t. He had threatened us, stolen from us, endangered us and now he was dead.

Somehow I knew that no matter what they did, he was going to stay dead. It came rushing to me in a rush of images that slowly faded away as they worked on him. He had seen the effect the vial had on Angela, thought that we had developed some new aphrodisiac, and had broken in to steal it, watching where I had placed the vial after letting Angela sniff it.

But when he got home and opened the vial to sniff it before he gave it to his unsuspecting girlfriend who was refusing to have sex with him, he had snorted too much of it. The smell had startled him and he had accidentally spilled the rest of the small vial into his nose. The effect this had on his brain was devastating. It might not have killed him had I been there, I realized, but in that moment, he became a slave with no master, and he was doomed. His brain could not handle the pain and the agony when he felt the same desires Angela had felt. I was too far away to give him any relief and his brain simply failed.

And now he was dead. A moment later the announcement overhead changed.

“Cancel Code Blue, Cancel Code Blue!” came the voice of the hospital operator.

And then the magnitude of what I had done hit me. Not guilt, he deserved to die, but just the magnitude that I had killed him with a thought. Anger and a command. I suddenly felt sick and then fear hit me.

What if I got mad at Angela or Emily? If I lost my temper, would I kill them with a thought?

“Please, master, give us some credit,” came Emily’s response through our mental link. “We could never get anywhere near there. Remember, Angela and I, the only two who are so susceptible, are also the two who are most linked to you. When you are sad, we now it, even the least hint of it, and the same with anger. We would automatically change to prevent you from getting angry, not because we fear you, but because we love you, are bound to you, and want nothing more than for all of us to be happy.”

Angela agreed and reminded us to pay attention as the detective led us from the ICU and down to the police substation. She had a firm grip on my arm, steering me along the hall, and I realized that Emily was doing the same on my other side. Here I was worried about protecting them, caring for them and not hurting them, and they were having to look after me like an invalid.

When we arrived at the police substation, Ken motioned us to some chairs and walked behind the corner where he picked up the phone and made a call. We watched and waited patiently as he held a short conversation with someone, then he disappeared through a doorway, only to reappear a second later carrying my leather messenger bag.

“Here you go,” he said as he walked over to us and handed me the bag. “I just got off the phone with the DA and they don’t want to pursue this case anymore. So you’re free to go and take your stuff with you.”

I took the bag and looked through it. Everything appeared to be there with two notable exceptions. The vial was missing, but I knew that it was likely still in the bed where the lab tech had dropped it. The other thing that was missing was the hundred dollar bill I kept in a pocket for emergencies.

“Everything there, Dr. Halden?” Ken asked, his voice no longer one of suspicion but of concern.

“Everything except my emergency cash, but that is a small price to pay if nothing else comes of this,” I replied.

“The hundred dollar bill in the left side pocket?” he asked.

I nodded. “Nothing to worry about,” I replied. “I just want to go home and start trying to feel safe again.”

“I can understand that,” Ken replied, “We’ve increased patrols through your neighborhood so I think you can rest easy tonight. The guys will be keeping a close eye on your house tonight.”

I stood and held out my hand.

“Thanks for everything, Detective,” I said as I shook his hand, “I greatly appreciate your response this morning and for helping us through this tonight.”

“Just doing my job, just doing my job,” he replied, “Now take these women home and get a good nights sleep.”

We turned and headed for the door, but as we walked out, I turned for just a second and waved, but I thought toward him a command. I had no idea if it would work, but it was worth a shot.

“You will think nothing more about this crime. You will consider it closed and go on with your job.”

* * *

The drive back to my house was subdued. Emily drove and I sat in the back, giving Angela the front seat. I leaned my head back and tried to meditate, driving all thought from my mind and just feeling the void, the oneness of the universe.

When I had been in medical school, I had worked hard to learn to meditate. It had helped focus my attention during lectures and reading, it had helped my focus and memory during tests. And now it helped as I worked to sort through what had happened to me in the past ten days.

I had gone from a happy bachelor to having four women offer themselves to me. I had sex with two of them and I was sure that I would be having time with Emily tonight.

My body had apparently started producing some pheromone that gave me the ability to command people. And if not to command, then it at least gave me the ability to have a strong influence over them. Even one of my oldest friends was now susceptible to my suggestions.

And tonight I had killed a man with a thought. Sure, there had been a lot of anger behind that thought, but it had still been nothing more than a thought.

And that was really about it. As I saw it, I know had two problems.

One, try not to affect any more women. I’m sure that it sounds like a great fantasy and I had to admit that waking up between Angela and Kayla had been incredible, but I was realistic enough to know that trying to maintain a relationship with more than one woman was going to be a nightmare. I hadn’t been able to maintain a relationship with one woman for more than a few months in my life, and now I was going to try four? But I had to admit that I was hard just thinking about Emily and Kayla together in bed.

“I can’t wait either, Master,” Emily said in her most sultry voice. “My panties are soaked just from sensing your thoughts.”

“Do I need to drive so you can crawl in the back and jump his bones?” Angela asked in a mocking voice.

Fortunately we had arrived at my house and I climbed out of the car after Angela and walked up to the front door.

Bob had done a good job. You couldn’t tell that anything had happened to my front door. And my key still fit, but when I opened the door, you could tell that this door was substantial. I pitied the fool that tried to kick in this door.

I’m not sure when I came to the realization that we were going to be moving in with Kayla and that I would be leaving this house. I liked my house, but I wasn’t attached to it, and Angela and Emily were already upstairs packing more of my clothes and what little Angela hadn’t taken this morning.

I walked around and took a look at my house. I knew I would be back, but this was the last time that my house would be my house. And while I was definitely upgrading, I was still sad to leave.

I sat down on the steps and closed my eyes and in a moment, I felt Angela settle beside me. A moment after that, I sensed Emily settling at my feet.

“We don’t have to leave, Master,” Angela said softly. “Kayla and Emily will be happy to join us here if that is what you want.”

Emily nodded and added, “We’ll all move in here, tonight if you want.”

When I didn’t answer, she started crying. “I’m sorry that I presumed you would want me. I’ll leave now.”

When she started to get up, I reached forward and grabbed her, pulling her to me and hugging her to me, me head aching from the very thought that she might actually not love me. It was like she was already a piece of me, integral to my well being.

We held each other, both of us crying, rocking back and forth on the steps, Angela holding both of us. Sometime later Linda walked in to check on us, but by that time we were just holding each other and sharing our love for each other through our mental link.

Kayla had added hers, even though she was across town, and when Linda walked in, I felt complete and total, like the parts of me that had been missing my whole life were suddenly there. The emptiness I had felt my entire life was gone and I was whole.

Sometime later that evening, Linda left to go home to her daughter and I thanked her for everything she had done. I leaned forward, meaning to kiss her on the cheek, but she turned her head at the last minute and I kissed her on the lips instead. The rush of pleasure was incredible and we both felt it, to the point that I had to catch her and hold her up.

I’d swear she came then, but she struggled to regain herself and when she was standing again, she turned and walked out the front door with all the dignity she could muster.

I turned and smiled to Angela and Emily. We each grabbed a bad and headed out the door. I closed the front door and locked it. I knew it was goodbye, but it felt right, like I was opening a new chapter in my life, a very happy, pleasure filled and exciting chapter. I kissed Angela there on the front porch where we had recently enjoyed such pleasure. Then I turned and took Emily into my arms and kissed her.

If the kiss with Linda had taken my breath away, the first kiss I shared with Emily was enough to cause the lights to dim. She did orgasm as I kissed her and I nearly came in my pants from the intense please of it. Suddenly I wanted to go home and get her into bed, as quickly as possible.

And then I realized that I was going home. It was our home now.

I looked at Angela, smiling at us, and at Emily who had a dreamy look on her face.

“Let’s go home,” I said and we all walked out to our cars and headed home.