The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Accidental Master

Author: Lord Skies

The First Night

Sometime later I awoke to the sensation of a warm mouth on my cock. Looking down, I saw Angela’s head buried in my crotch, eagerly licking up the remains of our earlier passion.

“The last time you did that it just caused a bigger mess.” I said as evenly as I could deliver it.

Her giggle felt funny and she pulled up trying not to cough.

“Please don’t make me laugh when I am doing that, Master” she said. “I almost choked on you!”

I pulled her up and kissed her, overcoming her resistance as I pressed my mouth against her, savoring the taste and smell of our combination on her lips.

After it was apparent that I needed at least a few more minutes of rest, I let her roll to my side.

“Do you think we might make it somewhere more comfortable before you attack me again?” I asked, a mischievous grin on my face.

“I’ll apparently do anything you tell me to do.” She replied, her grin matching mine.

“Then get up and help me with these dishes.” I replied with a wink.

“Yes Master.” She smiled and said, helping me to my feet after she had stood.

“I will be happy to clean up our dinner, Master, but could I go the washroom and freshen up first?” she asked.

“Sure Angela.” I replied. “It is just down the hall and on your right.”

With that she turned and walked down toward the bathroom and would have sworn there was more sway in her hips then than there had been earlier in the day. I wondered for a minute if it was the sex or a show. Either way, I watched until she turned the corner out of sight.

While she was cleaning up, I walked into my bedroom and grabbed an old sweatshirt and some boxers for her to wear since her clothing was essentially ruined. And while I hated covering up her wonderful body, I also didn’t want her getting cold and sick just because she looked hot in stockings and boots.

I walked back to the bathroom just as she was opening the door.

“I thought you might want to put these on since your other clothes are scattered around the floor and in some cases, in multiple pieces.”

“Thank you Master.” She said as she smiled. “I would be happy to dress however you would like, but it was getting a bit chilly. Do you mind if I take off my boots and stockings?”

“Not at all. Then we can have dessert and talk about what we need to do about tomorrow.”

A few minutes later we were sitting at the table and I was just about to take a bite of my chocolate chip cannoli when I noticed that she was looking at her food with a look of apprehension on her face.

“Ummm, Master?” she asked.

“Oh, Angela, I’m sorry. I order you to taste your food as you would normally and to enjoy it as you would normally.” I ordered her.

“Thank you. I’m not sure I could take much more of that kind of pleasure every time I took a bite of food.” She replied with a tough of laughter in her voice.

“But what a way to go!” I replied with a laugh. “I would either die from exhaustion or from obesity, whichever got me first.”

She laughed nervously and then took a small nibble of her food, a look of relief washing over her face when nothing else happened.

After dessert, we sipped our coffee and tried to figure what to do about tonight and tomorrow and the future.

“You know,” she started, “since we had our little adventure on the floor, the need to be in touch with you all the time has disappeared.”

“Really?” I asked. “You don’t need to touch me now?”

“I will be happy to touch you Master.” She replied with a wicked smile, “but I no longer feel like I ‘need’ to. I wonder if its because I still have a bit of you inside me and that is meeting the need.”

“Maybe.” I said as I thought. “Do you feel up to a little experiment?”

“If you are wondering if this also means I can get further away from you before I have a terrible headache, then yes, I want to explore that a little. I mean I do have a job I would like to keep, Master, and I can’t do that if I have to be touching you all the time.”

So we started doing a few experiments with me sitting at the table and her walking away from me. When she was out the front door and down the sidewalk a block, I felt relief wash over me. Sure it would have been fun for a few days, but my god, I did need a little time alone to keep my sanity!

When she was back she knelt down in front of me.

“Thank you, Master, for letting me explore this and being patient with me.” She said as a tear ran down her face.

“Can I ask one more favor, Master?”

“Sure, you can always ask me questions Angela.”

“Thank you, Master. Could we go get my car and then go to my house so that I can pick up some clothes. We could even stay there if you prefer, but I suspect that you would rather sleep in your in own bed and I wouldn’t want to ask you to discomfort yourself for my sake. I suspect that it would only cause me pain if I did.”

“I would be happy to go get your car and then let you get some of your stuff to bring over here.”

“Thank you, Master, Thank you.” She said, smiling, as she jumped up and gave me a kiss that soon had my blood flowing south again.

She must have felt the reaction she had cause because she got this sly look on her face as she broke the kiss and slithered (and yes I mean slithered) down my body until she was faced with my crotch. Then she quickly freed my cock and pressed it into her mouth and down her throat.

If I hadn’t cum earlier in the evening, I wouldn’t have lasted long, but as it was I still didn’t last as long as I wanted to. Of course she was persistent, and talented, and soon had me pumping her mouth full of my cum again.

She played it to the hilt as well, looking up at me with an open mouth and then swallowing with a flourish, and loud “ahhh” to accompany her theatrics.

Reaching down I pulled her up and kissed her hard, biting her lower lip until I drew blood.

“Now do you think you can behave yourself?” I asked her in a mockingly threatening tone.

“Master, I will do anything you tell me to do.” She replied evenly, without a smirk on her face.

“Then lets go get your car!” I replied and headed out the door.

A short while later we pulled up in front of a townhouse in one of the nicer neighborhoods in town. We had picked up her car and headed over to her house. She had earlier admitted that she had given me the blow job to make sure she had enough of my semen in her body that she could survive being apart from me. She didn’t want to chance being in the middle of the road and suddenly having the terrible headaches return.

I parked my car and followed her into her house when she had the door open.

“I’ll be as quick as I can, Master.” She yelled as she headed up the stairs. “I just want to grab some clothes for work tomorrow and pack a quick bag.”

“Take your time and make sure you pack several sets of clothing. And some clothes to wear around the house too.” I yelled up to her.

Her reply of “Yes, Master!” floated down from the second floor and I spent some time looking around her house.

She was obviously from a fairly well to do family. The townhouse was nicely furnished and tastefully decorated. The kind of tasteful that took money but didn’t look like it took money. Her refrigerator was covered with pictures of people in various locations, everywhere from the beach to mountains, to old looking European cities.

I opened up her refrigerator and found a beer, a Becks, my favorite and popped the top and drank it while I waited.

I walked up the stairs with my beer to continue my exploration of her house and found her changing clothes in her bedroom. She was trying to shimmy into a pair of jeans and I paused and just watched the sexy show she was inadvertently putting on.

When she looked up and saw me as she buttoned her jeans closed, she blushed and looked down. She paused for a moment and then looked back up.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to put on something besides your sweatshirt and shorts.” She said quietly.

“I think it is a wonderful idea.” I replied. “You look a lot nicer in those jeans than you did in my old boxers!”

“Thank you Master.” She said as she hurriedly finished getting dressed. “I’ll only be a moment more.”

I walked in and sat on the edge of her bed and looked around her room. I had expected a rather feminine décor, but was surprised to find it was decorated in blues and auburns and not a frill in sight.

I noticed that she had disappeared into the bathroom and was rustling in there, so I scooted back on the bed and made myself comfortable while I was waiting on her, expecting her to take a while. She surprised me however, returning in just a couple of minutes carrying two bags and a garment bag slung over her shoulder.

“I’m ready anytime you are Master.” She said as she emerged from the bathroom.

“I hope you brought some lingerie.” I said with a wicked grin on my face. “Watching you get dressed was more fun than I imagined it would be.”

She blushed and looked up at me, “I did pack a few outfits, Master, but would you like to see them?”

“I think we’ll just have to have a little fashion show.” I replied, a large sly grin crossing my face. “Why don’t you pick one out and go put it on and then come out and model it for me.”

She nodded and put down her bags in the corner of the room by the door, opening one of the bags and taking out a small black lacy looking thing.

“Do you want to watch me change or shall I change in the bathroom?” she asked.

“Change in the bathroom and surprise me.” I replied.

“Yes Master.” She said as she headed in to change.

As I waited on her to reemerge, I began to wonder why I had ordered her to do that. It really wasn’t like me to enjoy lingerie. I had never had much use for it before. But here I was anticipating seeing Angela in her sexiest lingerie. Was it the power already going to my head, or was it something about this ‘thing’ that had occurred to us.

Before I could reach any far reaching conclusions, Angela returned from the bathroom and all thought in my head died. To say that she was spectacular would have been an insult to her. Words couldn’t describe how beautiful and sexy she looked.

She was dressed in a black lace teddy with garters and black stockings, the kind with the seam running up the back. She had on 4 inch heels which made her legs look about a mile long. The lace of the teddy hid nothing, and you could clearly see her every curve and obvious arousal beneath the garment. Her nipples were hard and poking through the material and her sex was swollen and aroused.

She walked to the foot of the bed and turned there, giving me look like a veteran model and I wondered for a minute if she had done some modeling in the past.

Then she bent over and rubbed her hands up and down her long legs, looking back at me as she slid a finger along her hips and then up to her lips.

I applauded. That and the tent in my pants let her know that I was enjoying the show, so she winked at me and disappeared back into the bathroom with a sexy smile on her face.

Just about the time my breathing had returned to normal, she returned, this time wearing a black leather corset. She had left the stockings on, but changed back into her tall black boots and had added elbow length black velvet gloves to the outfit. This time, though, she had on no panties and her sex was clearly red and swollen with her arousal.

She again did a turn for me at the end of the bed and then bent at the waist, her ass high in the air, her legs spread apart and she ran her fingers up the insides of the legs and then along her sex, before standing up and continuing to run her hands up and over her breasts and then stretching up toward to the ceiling before looking over he shoulder at me with a sly smile.

At that moment, I would have sworn that she was stripper and that I was in a club. But then I noticed that she was blushing and aroused and I reminded myself that she knew I could order her to do anything.

“Bend back over and masturbate for me.” I said slowly.

She nodded and sensuously removed her gloves, and making a show of it, spread her legs and bent over. She spread her sex with her fingers and then rubbing back and forth along the length of her sex. She did this several times, spreading her wetness around and then plunged a finger into her sex, deeply and surprisingly forcefully. She quickly began to pump it in and out and then two fingers.

Within a minute she was plunging three fingers into her sex and was moaning and tossing her hair back and forth, obviously close to her climax.

“Stop.” I ordered her, noting that she immediately stopped in mid stroke.

“Continue with the fashion show.” I told her and watched as she struggled to stand up and walk in her boots back to the bathroom and out of sight.

After more rustling and moving about in the closet, she returned in a few minutes wearing a body stocking. I knew that I was in trouble when this outfit was the most conservative one that she had worn. It was black and patterned, covered every inch of her body, but hid nothing.

She made a show of adjusting the way it laid over her breasts, and then again bent over, showing me how the crotch came apart for easier access.

I couldn’t take much more, and figuring that I didn’t need to wait, I slipped off my pants and walked up behind her, slipping my very hard cock into her very wet sex. My efforts were rewarded with a load moan as she pressed back against me.

Neither of us lasted very long. All the dress up and fore play had both of us hot and ready. She lasted about three strokes before she started screaming and pulsing around my cock. I doubled her stamina, lasting all of about six strokes before I started pumping her full.

She cried out again as I came inside her and then started to slump to the floor, causing me to fall out of her and one last shot to land on her back as she fell to the floor. I tried to grab her and lift her back up, but she was limp and I realized that she had passed out. For the first time in my life, I had caused a woman to pass out from her orgasm.

Of course, it is a lot sexier in fantasies than it was when I was confronted with the reality. I mean, what do you do with a woman who is unconscious. Not to mention that she was leaving a sticky messy spot on the floor where she was laying and our combined secretions were draining out of her.

So I did what any man would do. I went to the bathroom and took care of myself, and when I was done, I wiped her face with a cold wash rag until she started to come around.

As she woke up, she looked at me, at first confused and then, as she recalled what had happened to her, a smile crept across her face.

“I think my Master liked his fashion show.” She said with a glimmer of wickedness in her voice.

“I think you are right.” I replied. “But you need to get up and put on some real clothes so that we can go home and get some sleep since both you and I need to go to work in the morning.”

“Yes, Master.” She replied with a twinkle in her eye. She quickly got up and headed to the bathroom. In a few minutes she had returned and I grabbed her bags and we headed downstairs and out to our cars.

“Master, may I wait here for a few minutes after you leave to see how far away you can get before the headache returns? I am still worried about tomorrow and trying to go to work and be apart from you for an extended period of time.”

“Actually, that is a good idea. Here is my cell phone number. I want you to call me if you start having the headaches again and I will turn around and head back this direction.”

After giving her my number and getting hers in exchange, I got in my car and thought about how strange this was. Here I was getting her phone number after getting in her house and her bed and her pants. A bit different than my usual dates.

Before long I was pulling into my garage and still no phone call from Angela. So I called her.

“Hello.” She said when she answered the phone.

“Hello Angela. I just wanted to let you know that I am at my house.”

“Great Master. I think when I am full of your sperm I can make it apart from you. Now I just don’t know how long it will last.”

“I guess we will find out tomorrow.” I answered. “At least this way, your co-workers will really see you get sick and not just think that you are skipping out on a day of work.”

“True, Master, but I would hate to miss too much work. I wont be able to get a job with a good firm if I don’t have a good reference from my summer internship. I’ll be at your house in a few minutes and we can talk more then.”

Later that night, I was in the shower, trying to smell a bit better than the stale sex and sweat that I smelled like. I was just rinsing my hair when I felt soft hands on my back.

“Master, would you like for me to bathe you?” I heard Angela ask.

“Sure!” I answered, getting a mouthful of shampoo in return.

Just as I got the last of the shampoo out of my mouth, Angela took the soap and began to wash my back, working her way down, massaging my muscles as she washed me. I found that in order to remain standing, I needed to lean against the shower wall, since it took a great deal of effort to resist the pressure she was applying to my back.

Then I felt her arms wrap around me and soon she was sliding her body up and down against mine, the slippery sensation of the soap between our bodies, her soft breasts pressed against my back, her soft kisses on the back of my neck were erotic beyond belief and I was soon hard again.

Her hands started roaming over the front of my body and found my erect cock. She moaned and pressed herself ever tighter against my back as she took a soapy hand and slowly started to stoke my cock in time with her sliding up and down my back.

After several minutes of this, she relented and turned me to rinse in the warm water. She plastered herself to my front and kissed me deeply as she began to slides her body up and down my front, her hand staying on my cock and rubbing it in rhythm with her body.

As the soap rinsed away, her skin lost it slipperiness so she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth, pressing forward until the head hit her throat. She looked up at me and with a look of adoration, she swallowed my cock and started humming, just as she had done during our dinner.

After all the sex we had earlier in the day, I wasn’t in any danger of coming, so I leaned back against the wall and just enjoyed her ministrations. She was good at what she was doing and I wondered again just how experienced she was. What had her life been like before today? But all those thoughts were pushed away as I felt her start to bob on my cock, the head slipping in and out of her throat with each bob of her head.

After a few minutes of this, I could tell that her throat was starting to get sore. She was starting to crease her forehead with each thrust. I pulled her up and out of the spray of the water where she could open her eyes and look at me. I wiped her face and pulled her to me for a kiss, pressing my tongue into her mouth. She opened her mouth and readily accepted me, pressing her body against me and moaning her lust.

After a minute or so, I broke the kiss in order to catch my breath, and she laid her head on my shoulder. I could feel her hot breath on my neck and then her kisses on my neck traced up to my ear where she nibbled on my earlobe before whispering in my ear.

“Master, I have the most intense desire for you right now. Have you ever tried anal sex before?” She asked in the most sultry voice I had ever heard.

I nodded that I had and felt her shiver with desire.

“Please fuck me in the ass Master.” She whispered in my ear and then clutched me tightly as another shiver or spasm ran through her body.

I lifted her face and looked into her eyes, wondering where this was coming from. I wondered if it was fear of what I could do to her that was making her debase herself to retain some control of her life. But instead of fear or shame in her eyes, all I could see was lust. Lust as hot as I had ever seen. And I could feel it, from touching her, rolling off in waves, as warm as the water from the shower.

I kissed her hard, my lips pressing against hers, my tongue pressed into her mouth until it felt as if my lips would bruise from the pressure. Then I turned her around and had her lean against the wall of the shower, bending over and presenting her finely shaped ass for me.

In order to make it as comfortable as possible for both of us, I first slid my cock into her wet sex, slowly stroking in and out a few times, then I pulled out and pressed the tip of my cock against her anus and pressed forward. I was going to go slowly and allow her to adjust to the intrusion, but she had other intentions.

As soon as the head of my cock had passed her sphincter, she pressed back against me in a thrust that buried my cock in her to the root. Then she started rocking back and forth, her ass so tight around me that the skin on my cock was sliding up and down as I plunged in and out of her.

Soon I was thrusting into her as hard as she was thrusting against me and in a few minutes I found myself emptying my come into her again. I tried to recount how many times I had come, and I found that I couldn’t recall. Maybe I was tired, or maybe all the blood that was supposed to be flowing to my brain was flowing lower in my body, but I simply couldn’t count the number.

With a moan, Angela pulled herself off of me and turned to wash my cock in the cooling water before she washed herself. I quickly rinsed off again and got out of the shower, giving her some peace to get cleaned up and ready for bed.

I planned to watch Sports Center and catch up on the scores I had missed when I laid down in the bed. However, the next thing I knew, Angela was slipping into bed and curling up in my arms. I kissed her lightly on the neck and was back asleep in seconds.