The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Accidental Master

Author: Lord Skies

The Fourth Day

I could definitely get used to this, I thought as I drifted into consciousness feeling a warm mouth sucking on my morning erection.

When I did manage to open my eyes, I was again greeted with the sight of Angela, beautiful blonde Angela sucking intently on my cock and playing with herself as she did so.

When she looked up and caught my eye, she again pressed down and let my cock slip into her throat and began to bob up and down on it, lightly squeezing my balls with one hand until I began to pump my come directly into her throat. Each time I would spasm, she would swallow and the sensation made my orgasm last until I was seeing blue.

When she was sure that I had nothing left to give her, she slid up along side me.

“Good Morning, Master.” She said with a twinkle in her eyes. “I know you hate mornings, but do you think you might start to like them just a little bit if you knew that awaited you?”

“I do think that I would be a morning person if I woke up like that every morning.” I replied, laughing. “Of course, I might die from that much stimulation every day too.”

“Well we cant have that, so we’ll just have to make sure that you stay healthy enough to endure it.” She replied haughtily.

She gave me another kiss and then sashayed into the bathroom, blowing me a kiss over her shoulder as she turned the corner.

I thought about joining her, but figured that it would just get me in trouble again, so I rolled over intending to get up when I heard her shower go off.

Sometime later that morning, I was again awakened, but this time it was Angela lowering her wet sex onto my re-hardened cock. She was crouched over me, squatting on her feet and holding my cock so that she could lower herself all the way down on it.

When I was deeply seated inside of her, she grabbed the head board and started squeezing my cock rhythmically with her internal muscles. She was incredible at this, and it felt like there were small wet hands wrapped around my cock and squeezing.

Then, when I was even harder than before, she started moving up and down, squeezing me just before every upstroke, holding tight until she reached the end of my cock, then releasing and sliding back down.

Soon she was bouncing up and down on me, her still damp hair flying around her face, her firms breasts bobbing up and down in front of my face, so tempting that I had to lean up and capture a nipple between my lips and start sucking and nibbling on it.

That was enough to push her over the edge, apparently, because just as I lightly bit on her nipple, she shuddered and slid all the way down on my cock, her legs splaying out to the sides. I could feel her muscles spasm around my cock and so I let her ride it out as I ran my hands up and down her back and over her tight ass.

In a few minutes, she had recovered, so I rolled over on top of her, pulled her legs up over my shoulders and began to rapidly pound into her, not stopping or slowing until she began to thrash her way through another orgasm which was enough to send me over the edge as well.

For a few minutes, I just held there, deep inside of her, looking into her slightly glazed eyes and wondering how wonderful this was and how awful at the same time. That’s when I felt my cock soften and slip out of her.

I let go of Angela’s legs and rolled over on my back, letting her head drop to my crotch and clean up all our secretions. She was quick and efficient about it and surprised me when she took a small paper cup and used it to collect all our secretions from her sex, then taking it to the bathroom where she proceeded to drink it down, chasing it down with a cup of water.

Then she surprised me again by pulling me into the shower and washing me from head to toe. I especially enjoyed the scalp massage, when she pulled my head down into her breasts so that she could better reach my head. Or at least that was the excuse she used.

“Don’t you need to get to school, or your job?” I asked as I finished rinsing the soap from my body and watched her begin to wash herself.

“My first class isn’t until ten, and then I have to head downtown and sit in on the hearing we were preparing for last night.” She replied.

I slipped out of the shower and finished getting ready while she was still in the shower. I figured that I didn’t have to be at work terribly early either, so I slipped downstairs and worked on some breakfast.

Even though I had gone shopping the day before, I had mostly bought things that you could eat on the go, since that was how we both seemed to do breakfast. But I did have some eggs, mushrooms and cheese and decided to cook some omelets.

I prepped all the food and started the water for coffee, then waited until I heard her heading down the stairs to start her omelet.

“I hope you like cheese and mushroom omelets.” I called out as she came down the stairs.

“I love them!” she replied. “I thought you had gone to work already. What are you doing fixing breakfast?”

“I thought I would surprise you. Since neither of us had to go in early today, I was craving some breakfast, so here it is.”

I flipped the omelet out and onto her plate and poured her a cup of coffee while my omelet starting cooking. For my efforts, I was treated to a delicious kiss and a breathless nibble on my ear.

“I just hope I ‘enjoy’ it as much as I enjoyed dinner the other night.” She whispered in my ear as she ground her pelvis against my hip.

“Be careful what you wish for.” I replied and mental concentrated on the idea of her having a very small orgasm after she swallowed every bite. I wondered if my experiment about her sensing my thoughts and desires would hold true when it came to commands.

I finished up my omelet and we both sat down to eat. I picked up the paper and pretended not to pay any attention to her eating, but when the first bite went down, the look in her eyes was priceless.

“Master! Oh God, What am I going to do with you?” she replied as she gripped the table and steadied her breathing. “Am I going to have to worry about that every time I eat something today?”

I was chuckling as I watched her. “No, but you said you wanted to enjoy it, so I just concentrated on making you enjoy it.” I replied.

“Really?” she asked. “Now you can control my reactions just by thinking about them?”

“Apparently. I thought I would try with this. It seemed harmless and you were the one who was teasing me about it.”

“No, I definitely deserved it. And if I wasn’t dressed and ready to go to class and work, I would reward you for it. But it is a bit scary that now you can affect me just by thinking something. I mean, what if you are day dreaming about me have a mind altering orgasm in the middle of my presentation later today? It could get rather awkward.”

I hadn’t thought it through quite to that extent and I realized that she was right. And I did day dream a lot.

“What if I gave you a command that only when we were physically together could my thoughts affect you?” I asked.

“I’m not sure I want to risk it.” Angela replied thoughtfully. “The other times that you have tried to alter my responses to you have been quite painful. I don’t want to have to suffer through that. Besides, I am feeling well now that I have plenty of you in me, so lets not try any experiments this morning.”

“Good idea. I will try to not fantasize about you during the day and we should both think about how we can test controlling your responses, or at least find ways to manage them.” I answered.

Angela stood up and I walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek.

“Master, thank you for looking out for me and working with me on this. I am really glad I met you and not some weirdo creep that would be taking advantage of me all the time.”

Then I felt terrible because I had been taking advantage of her, using her for sex and toying with her with the thought command. The power of controlling someone was going to my head and I needed to be very careful with Angela.

Then I noticed that Angela was clutching me with one hand and holding her head with the other.

“Please, Master, I’m sorry for upsetting you. Please don’t be angry or upset. Please make the pain go away.”

Instantly I felt even worse and then was absolutely dismayed when this caused Angela to fall to the floor, wrapping her body around my legs and holding her head in her hands as pain wracked her body.

I dropped to the floor, kneeling beside her and started trying to think happy and pleasant thoughts, remembering all the times I had been with her over the past couple of days, and how, last night I had been so happy to have met her. Then I remembered the key I had made for her.

When she had calmed and looked up at me with an attempt of a smile I said, “Angela, I have something for you. I had it made last night and while I know the circumstances between us are a bit strange, I would want you to have this even if we had met normally.”

Then I got up and retrieved the key, kneeling back down beside her and handing it to her.

“A key to your house, Master?” she asked, looking at it.

I nodded.

“Oh thank you so much. I promise you wont regret meeting me, no matter what happens. I will always want to be at least your friend.” She replied as she hugged me tightly.

That little act was like a switch. She had be in pain and depressed from her fear of disappointing me, and now she was happy and bubbly and appeared to be in no pain at all.

She returned to her seat and took another bite of her omelet before I could tell her not to orgasm from every bite. To my amazement, she seemed to want it and she flushed and started beathing deeply as she swallowed the first bite.

“Thank you for my orgasm, Master” she said to me as I got up from the floor and took my seat.

Then again she took another bite and swallowed it, the flush of her neck and chest increasing and her breathing becoming a bit more ragged after this bite.

She managed to finish her omelet in just a few more bites, each time thanking me for her orgasm. When she was done, she looked up at me.

“Did you wish it just about this omelet, or about eating in general?” she asked.

“About this omelet.” I replied.

“Good. That was fun, but I can see how it would get painful after a while.” She said.

Then she walked over to me and hiked up her skirt. “Master, I need to change panties now as these are soaked. And since I need to change anyway, would you please fuck me one more time?”

And with that she peeled off her panties and leaned over the table, presenting her ass and sex to me. Not being one to deny a request, I stood and dropped my pants, my cock already hard from watching her orgasm her way through breakfast. I placed my cock at her entrance and pressed into her until I was deep inside of her.

“Oh god, yes, that feels so good.” She moaned when I hit bottom. “Please fuck me Master!”

And I did, right there on the kitchen table, with my pants around my ankle and her skirt pulled up around her waist. Of course, I loved the fact that she was still in heels and her stockings and couldn’t resist running my hands up and down her silky legs as I pounded into her.

And then, amazing for the third time that morning, I was filling her with my cum and she was screaming through another orgasm. When I was done, I leaned over and swept her hair to one side and kissed her on the back of the neck.

“That was amazing, Master!” she whispered quietly. “I had never imagined that I could cum so hard and so many times as I have with you in the past hour.”

“And I never imagined that I could come so many times and so hard. At least not since I was fifteen and just discovering sex!” I replied, laughing.

I leaned back and pulled from her, sitting back in my chair, only to feel Angela immediately turn and wipe a gob of my semen off her thigh and lick her finger clean. Then she knelt between my legs and quickly cleaned my cock of our juices. Then, when she had made sure that there wasn’t any cum going to spill out of her sex, she headed upstairs to straighten herself up and get some clean panties.

I went to the half bath and made sure that I was presentable. I was certainly clean after Angela’s tongue bath, but my clothes were a bit rumpled and my hair needed to be brushed.

Angela was coming back down the stairs just as I was getting ready to head out the door. I just had to stop and admire her long legs encased in black stockings and heels that accentuated her legs even more. Her skirt and suit were dark gray and she had on a black turtle neck sweater and with her pale features, she looked absolutely incredible.

I whistled a soft cat call as she got to the bottom of the steps and she did a turn to show off her outfit when she realized that I was admiring her view.

“Why thank you Master.” She said when I politely clapped my approval. “I thought you would approved. I know how much you like black.”

Which made me think again. How did she know that I loved black. It wasn’t like I had black rooms in my house, or even furniture. I hadn’t worn anything black to work, although my car was black. But still, it bugged me that she seemed to know things about me, just like I knew things about her.

“Is something wrong, Master?” she asked, drawing me back from my thoughts.

“Nothing major, just lost in my thoughts.” I replied. “But I would like to spend some time talking with you tonight.”

“I would be happy to spend sometime talking about what has happened to us. I do think we should explore and discuss it. I shouldn’t be late tonight as not much will be going on with the case I am working on today other than some opening motions. I’ll try to be here as soon as possible.” She replied.

I nodded and got a very nice goodbye kiss before I headed out the door and into work.

Later that day, while I was reviewing the budget of the proposal we were preparing for next week, my cell phone went off and I started to panic that something was happening with Angela. When I looked down at the display, it was Angela’s number and I quickly answered it.

“Angela, what’s wrong?” I said when I answered the phone.

“Master, nothing is wrong. I was just calling to let you know that I ate lunch today and nothing unusual happened to me. I wanted to make sure you weren’t worrying about me. In fact, I have had a great day and my case got postponed and so I am free for the afternoon.”

I sighed a big sigh of relief.

“When I saw your number on the caller id, I started to worry about you.” I replied. “I am very happy though that nothing else came of my wish this morning.”

“You and me both, Master.” She replied.

“Well enjoy your afternoon, they say it is going to be nice and warm this afternoon, maybe spring is actually here.” I said.

“Actually, the other reason I was calling was that I was wondering if you would like to go out to dinner with me this evening. I was going to call and get reservations at a little restaurant I know if you were up for it. Maybe we could have part of our discussion over dinner where we would be in public and I would have to behave.” This last part she said with obvious mirth in her voice.

“Sounds great. I should be done here by four, so why don’t I pick you up around five at your place and then we can head out for drinks and then dinner?”

“Yes Sir, Master. I’ll see you around five. Have a great afternoon!”

“Bye Angela. See you soon.” I said and then hung up the phone.

Something about talking to her, though, got me to thinking again. I tried not to think about the beautiful sight of her writhing with an orgasm, bent over my kitchen table, but instead on how I could make things better for her, and us.

And then I remember a friend of mine who was a physician who did a lot of research at the medical school. I wondered if he would have any insight. I asked my admin to track down his office number and then got back to work.

Nearing four o’clock, Rebecca, my admin, returned with the number. I realized I needed to get rolling if I was going to change and be ready to go out this evening. As I hustled around the office, I noticed Rebecca smiling at me.

“So, can I assume that Mr. Boss Man has a date tonight and that it was her on your phone earlier?” she asked, the mirth in her voice reminding me of my earlier conversation with Angela.

“Why yes I do.” I replied haughtily, then in a conspiratorial whisper asked, “Is it that obvious?”

“Yes, it is, but only to people who know you. You just have this smile on your face and I don’t think much of anything could wipe it off your face.” She replied.

I laughed and as I headed out the door, I turned and said, “I’ll let you know all the dirty details tomorrow, but for now, take the rest of the day off and send everyone else home too.”

She cheered and I ran for the door before I got peppered with questions from the office staff.

Once I was safely in the car and on the freeway headed home, I dialed Jonathan’s number. It had been nearly a year since I had seen him, but he had been a good friend and someone I could trust. I was hoping that was still the case.

“Dr. Brown’s office. How may I help you.” Came the voice of his receptionist on the other end of the phone.

“Hello, this is Doctor Halden.” I replied. “I was wondering if Dr. Brown was in the office and if I could speak with him.”

“Just a minute, Dr. Halden and I’ll see if he is in a patient room.” She replied and I pictured her as being young, younger than Angela, petite but trashy looking while I waited on hold. I knew she was asking him if he wanted to talk to me and that if he didn’t, she would come back and tell me that he was in with a patient, could she take a message.

“Josh, you old fool, how are you.” Came Jonathan’s voice through the phone, stirring me from my reverie.

“I’m great, Jonathan. How are things going for you?”

“Busy, man, but busy is good. We are making some good progress on this project that you helped get funding for.”

“Great, in fact the reason I am calling is that I wanted to tap into that mind of yours and see if you could help me with a little problem I have run into.”

“Sure, anytime. Can we talk now, I am just finishing up with my last patient and waiting until I have a hospital committee meeting I have go to at six.” He replied.

“Well, I’d rather not talk about it over the phone, but can we meet you at the Tavern and maybe talk about it over a drink. There are a few things I want to show you as well.” I said. “How about we meet you there at 5:30?”

“We?” Jonathan asked.

“All part of the problem I want to talk to you about.” I replied, trying to keep my voice even. Jonathan was a great judge of people and could tell when something was going on or you weren’t telling him the truth.

“Alright, I’ll meet you at 5:30, and if this problem of your is as interesting as I suspect it is, I might just blow off this committee meeting.”

“Great, see you at 5:30.” I said as I hung up the phone.

Just a couple of minutes after five I was pulling up in front of Angela townhouse. I was expecting to have to wait, so I parked and turned off the engine. Just as I was starting to get out of the car, I saw her walking down the sidewalk towards me.

All I could do was stare because she looked absolutely gorgeous. She was wearing a classic little black dress and these very tall heels that made her legs and feet look divine. I must have been staring because the next thing I knew she was leaning into me and whispering in my ear.

“I’m not wearing anything under it either.” She replied, obviously enjoying the reaction it was having on me.

I followed her around to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for her, helping her into the seat and getting a nice flash of her gorgeous legs as I did.

Then I got into the car and headed toward the tavern.

“I got reservations at The Vineyard since I’ve been wanting to eat there.” Angela said as I worked my way onto the freeway.

“That’s perfect.” I replied. “I thought we might have a cocktail at the Tavern and then we can walk over. There is someone I need to meet before we go to dinner and I asked him to meet us there.”

“Sounds great and I really love their Martini’s.” Angela replied. “Have I mentioned that I love your car. I have always loved Porsches and every time I see yours I get a bit of a chill.”

“I get a bit of a chill too when I see it sitting in my drive and sometimes I wonder if it is a dream. I never would have thought that at thirty-two I could afford such a car.”

In another minute we were pulling up to the Tavern and I helped Angela out of the car, getting a kiss on the cheek as I did so. When we walked in I immediately saw Jonathan in a both near the back of the restaurant where he could see everyone in the place.

I chuckled and led Angela back to his table.

“Angela, this is Jonathan, an old friend of mine from medical school. Jonathan, this is Angela, a new friend of mine and the reason I asked you here.” I said as we sat down.

As soon as I had said this last part, Angela jerked around and glared at me.

“Angela, don’t talk.” I said to her and the look on her face got even fiercer. It looked like she wanted to yell at me and I watched Jonathan taking in the scene.

“Don’t move, Angela” I said next as she was starting to become restless trying to get my attention and suddenly she was a statue.

“So found a plaything who will obey your every order?” Jonathan asked.

“No, found someone who can’t refuse anything I ask of her. And I mean that as literally as you can imagine. This is why I need your help.”

“Well, now, that does sound interesting.” Jonathan replied, all the while studying Angela and noticing little details as I did, like how she was starting to sweat and that even her eyes were not moving or blinking.

“You might want to release her before her eyes get to dry in this air.” Jonathan said, always the advocate for the patient.

“Angela, you may move and talk, but please don’t be angry and please don’t draw attention to us.” I said.

Angela just grabbed her head with one hand and slid over to hold tight to me with the other.

“Actually, the biggest problem,” I started, “Is that she seems to have to be in contact with me all the time, or else she gets these terrible headaches and seems to be in agony.”

“When did this start?” Jonathan asked her.

“A couple of days ago.” Replied Angela, still holding her head.

“I was getting beer for the basketball game and then I noticed that she was kneeling at my feet, grabbing my leg and calling me Master.” I continued.

Angela nodded and continued, “I was there trying to decide what to get for dinner the rest of the week when I noticed Master looking over the beer selection. Then something happened and I somehow knew he was my Master. Then I thought that I was going insane because my head started pounding with this pain and I just somehow knew that if I could touch him, the pain would go away. The next thing I knew, I was kneeling in front of him and as soon as I touched him, the pain eased.”

“And what happens when you are away from him now?” Jonathan asked.

“Well, we figured out one way for her to get away from me for short periods of time.” I replied and watched Angela blush. “After we have sex, she seems to be able to go for several hours and be away from me.”

Angela nodded and added, “His semen seems to ease my craving for his touch.”

To give Jonathan credit, he didn’t laugh, but he did look around and somehow I knew he was looking for a hidden camera.

“No, no hidden camera Jonathan. Unfortunately, this is real, though I thought I was being fleeced when it first happened.” I replied.

“Master, are you sure this is a good idea?” Angela asked me quietly, seeing that Jonathan didn’t seem to believe us.

“I trust Jonathan.” I replied, “And I know he is one of the smartest people in the area, if not the world and if anyone can help us, he can.”

That seemed to bring Jonathan back to reality and he sighed. “You always keep things interesting, don’t you Josh?”

“Hey, I’m not responsible for this one. I’m just the victim.” I said laughingly.

“I thought I was the victim!” Angela retorted, a smile on her lips.

“Have you tried a blood transfusion?” Jonathan asked. “I assume that you are getting his semen in the normal ways and that might explain why it only lasts a few hours, which is why its effects only last a few hours.”

“But what if we aren’t a match?” I asked.

“Have you checked?” Jonathan asked and I shook my head.

“I am B positive, Master.” Angela said meekly.

“Well, then I guess we will be trying a blood transfusion and some extended typing because I am B positive as well.” I replied, looking at Angela with a smile.

“See!” Jonathan exclaimed, “I am brilliant!” At which we all laughed.

Later that evening, Angela and I were sitting in a small cozy table in the back of the restaurant sipping our coffee and sharing a very rich chocolate crepe filled with custard and covered in a thick and dark chocolate sauce.

“Do you really think it will work?” Angela asked, the tone of her voice giving away the worry that she felt.

“It might.” I replied, “But it wont work forever, because no matter how close our blood types are, you will eventually build up antibodies to my cells and then you will start having reactions to the transfusion.”

Angela nodded. “So it really isn’t a long term solution, just not as short term and a lot less fun than our current solution.” She said with a wink.

“We’ll head down to Jonathan’s lab this weekend and do some testing to see how close a match we are, and if it is close, we’ll try a small transfusion to see how it works.” I said and she smiled.

She leaned over the table and kissed me, but I was distracted by the view down the front of her dress and missed that she was smearing chocolate sauce along the side of my cheek until she reached my lip and I tasted the chocolate on her finger as she broke the kiss.

“I guess you will just have to lick that off, now won’t you?” I asked.

“What ever you say, Master.” She replied throatily and leaned over and licked my face until it was clean, the whole time giving me a wonderful view of her nakedness beneath her dress.

At that point I quickly paid our bill and we headed out to my car for the ride home.

As soon as we were in the car, Angela leaned over and unzipped my pants, pulling out my already erect cock and sucking it deep into her mouth. I moaned at the intense feeling and quickly pulled the car over to a dark corner of the parking lot and shut off the engine.

When we were parked, I pulled Angela over the center console and had her straddle my lap just as we had in the parking lot outside of her workplace. She quickly understood what I wanted and lowered herself onto my cock, using her internal muscles to rhythmically squeeze my cock as she kissed me fiercely and tried to shove her tongue down my throat.

As our kiss ended and we both came up for air, Angela started to rise up on my cock and then let her weight pull her back down. She was amazing in how she would squeeze my cock just as she was starting to rise and then would relax and let her body fall and mold against mine.

I unzipped her dress in the back and slipped it down so that I could access her incredible breasts, sucking on her very hard nipples, causing her to moan loudly and triggering her first orgasm of the evening.

Instead of slowing down to catch her breath as she usually did, she redoubled her efforts this evening and began to ride my cock even faster, losing some of her rhythm in doing so, but the feeling of her sex in spasm around my cock more than made up for it.

Soon I was coming and filling her with my semen, thrusting up to meet her, which set off her own orgasm. Then she leaned back and hit the steering wheel and some how pushed the horn, startling her and causing her to slide off my cock.

She quickly maneuvered back over the console and buried her face in my lap, sucking and cleaning my cock. When it was clean to her satisfaction, she carefully tucked me back into my pants and then proceeded to gather all of my cum that was trying to leak out of her sex and then lick it from my fingers.

“When we get home, I want another dose in my ass.” She whispered in my ear as I started the car and drove home in near record time.