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The Accidental Master

Author: Lord Skies

Day Six

I awoke early the next morning and found myself alone in the bed. I was growing accustomed to the sound of the hairdryer running when I awoke and the sight of a naked Angela awaiting me in the bathroom.

This morning, however, was Saturday. That fact dawned on me when I didn’t hear the hairdryer running. I wondered where Angela might be and then I smelled the coffee. The aroma of fresh brewed coffee and something that smelled delicious drifted into the bedroom from the kitchen below.

I got rather groggily out of bed, grabbed a robe and headed downstairs as I tried to finish waking up. When I arrived, I saw Angela curled up on the bench in the window seat, sipping a cup of coffee and staring outside. When she heard me enter the kitchen, she turned quickly and tried to put on a smile.

“Good Morning, Master!” she said when she saw me.

I could tell that she had been crying by the redness around her eyes and was trying to put on a brave front. I walked over to her and knelt down beside her and kissed her softly, then leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“I’m scared too, Angela. I’m scared too.” I whispered.

When I pulled back, she nodded and started to get up.

“May I get you a cup of coffee, Master?” she asked.

“I need one desperately.” I replied as I took a seat at the table and grabbed the paper to read the front page.

A moment later Angela had returned with my coffee and served it to me with a kiss on the back of the neck, sending shudders down my body. Angela chuckled and I grabbed a lock of her hair that had fallen across my chest, pulling her down so that I could kiss her properly, if a bit forcefully.

“Now serve us some breakfast, wench!” I commanded when I broke the kiss, taking a line from her journal that she had written when she was fifteen.

“Of course, Master.” She replied with a twinkle in her eye. “I have crepes warm in the oven just waiting for your command.”

“So that must be what I smelled earlier.” I replied, then realizing that it must have taken quite a bit of time to prepare them I asked, “When did you prepare that?”

Angela looked down for a moment and then back up to me, one of the most submissive gestures I had seen from her.

“Master, I didn’t sleep very well last night, so I got up around five and started cooking as quietly as possible.” She replied. “I hope you like the crepes; they are an old family recipe that is somewhat of a cross between a soufflé and a crepe.”

“Sounds delicious.” I answered and as she opened the oven, the smell immediately filled the room. “Oh God that smells delicious!” I added as my mouth started watering and I noticed just how hungry I really was.

“Now I’m starting to get jealous.” Angela smirked. “I thought you only got that look when you were thinking about me.”

“My dear, I’m so hungry I might really eat you if you don’t feed me.” I joked.

“Hmmm, eat me, eat me, eat me!” she laughed. “Well, maybe I’ll let you off this time and let you eat breakfast since I worked so hard to make it.”

And it was a great breakfast, maybe one of the best I had ever eaten. Of course the fact that I ordered her to strip naked and lay across the table while I ate the crepes off her didn’t hurt the meal any. And I made sure to leave a mess that I needed to lick up when I was done eating!

Then I did eat her, or at least licked and sucked on her until she was screaming for release. The commands I had given her not to move her arms and legs had held her on the table, but the command not to orgasm was perhaps the most cruel. So when I stood between her thighs and slid my very hard cock into her sex, I released her from her command not to orgasm.

As soon as I released her, she came. She came and came and came. It was an incredible sight and an incredible feeling. With just a few thrusts, I was cumming inside her. A quickie no doubt, but sometimes when the sensations and the foreplay all add up, even the best porn star can’t control himself.

When we both calmed down enough to catch our breath, I released her arms and legs, picked her up and carried her up to the shower. We were both still a little wobbly on our feet, but we did manage to get through a shower. We got ready quickly because we were now running late for our meeting with Jonathan.

Angela just pulled her hair back in a pony tail and slipped on some jeans and a t-shirt. She looked as beautiful as ever, au naturale so to speak, with no makeup or any fuss. Just her god given beauty and she was amazing.

I followed her down the stairs as I finished getting ready and climbed into the passenger seat. I let Angela drive the Porsche to Jonathan’s lab, a sure sign that I trusted and loved this woman. As any man who loves cars knows, you don’t let just anyone drive your beloved Porsche!

The trip to the lab was a bit nerve racking, but Angela was very smooth with the car, a natural stick shift driver in every sense of the word. I finally relaxed as she carefully maneuvered the car into a parking spot by the back entrance. I called Jonathan and he met us at the door, letting us in and leading us through the maze of labs till we got to his.

Jonathan had already assembled everything he would need to do an extended blood type analysis. He had gathered the needed materials from the blood bank at the hospital and it was all gathered around two chairs which I assumed were for us.

“Why don’t you both take a seat.” Jonathan started as he ushered us into the lab. “I am going to take a few tubes of blood from each of you and then we’ll do some testing on it. If everything goes well, we’ll set up a direct transfusion and see if we can reduce these cravings of yours.”

I nodded and we both took our seats. Jonathan started with me, drawing about six tubes of blood for testing. Then he did the same with Angela.

“You two look about as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.” Jonathan joked as he mixed the tubes of blood and walked over to where his equipment was laid out.

Neither of us laughed at his attempted humor, and he quickly got to work on the extended typing of our blood.

In just a few minutes, he had determined that we were both B positive, not the rarest blood type, but not the most common either.

Then he started the more difficult procedure of doing an extended typing, including an HLA typing. Angela was looking increasingly pale as Jonathan worked with her blood and mine. I was trying to help Jonathan do some of the more routine tasks, but soon it was just a matter of waiting. Finally, I stood and walked over to Angela.

“I think we should go get lunch, Jonathan. What would you like to eat?” I asked as I took Angela’s hand as started leading her toward the door.

“Just bring me back a sandwich of some sort.” He called out, engrossed by something under his microscope.

I walked with Angela out of the lab and to the car in the parking lot. We took a quick drive over to the Village Tavern by the mall and each had a beer as we waited for our food. They had the State-Duke game on the television and as we watched, I noticed that Angela seemed to be pulling for Duke.

I watched her for the last couple of minutes of the first half and she did indeed seem to be pulling for Duke, tensing whenever State scored a basket and smiling when Duke scored a goal.

Coming from a long line of State graduates, I had a problem with my girlfriend, as I had come to think of her, pulling against my team. Then the evil side of my personality reminded me that I had control over this woman.

Just then, our food was delivered to the table, and we both dug into our food, trying to finish our meal before halftime was over so that we could watch the second half. As I ate, I thought about how I could torment Angela and convince her to pull for State as any good human being ought to do.

As we finished the meal, I finally hit upon the plan, and just as the second half got underway I leaned over and whispered my commands to Angela.

“Angela, you will feel a small rush of pleasure every time State scores a basket. Every time that Duke scores a basket, you will feel of stab of pain in your nipples and clit. If State wins the game, you will have a tremendous orgasm that will leave you feeling refreshed and full of life, but if Duke wins, you will feel the intense pain of a piercing in your nipples and clit.”

Angela jerked and looked at me, eyes wide as she registered the commands, and their intent. And at that moment, State won the tip and sank a three pointer to start off the second half.

Angela saw the basket and immediately let out a small yelp as the first of many small orgasms swept over her.

I chuckled when she turned to look at me. The look on her face was indescribable. The closest I can come is to say she looked aghast at the prospect of having to watch the whole game like this, and at the same time, aroused at the prospect of having to watch a whole game like this.

Just then, Duke’s guard hit an incredible three pointer and I watched Angela become almost rigid as the pain shot through her nipples and clit. I watched her for a moment as the look of pain disappeared into something darker.

I signaled the bartender to quickly bring us our check and Jonathan’s to go order. I kept a close eye on her, hoping she wouldn’t cry out in either pain or pleasure and draw too much attention to us. Of course, I also wanted to see her reaction to the next State basket. I finished paying the tab just as State tipped in a ball. I turned to look at Angela only to see her flush with pleasure again as a small orgasm washed over her.

“Master, please undo this command.” Angela whispered in my ear.

“Why should I do that, Angela?” I asked.

“I can’t take much more of this. Please, Master, I will do anything.” She begged.

“Can’t take a little pain?” I teased.

“Master, if you don’t undo this, I will wet my jeans with a huge orgasm before the game is over.” She replied quite seriously.

I took her hand and started to lead her out of the bar, just as Duke completed an easy backdoor lay-up. Her hand went tense, then lax and I turned to watch as a small orgasm from the pain ran through her. Before I could do anything else, the State guard ran the length of the floor and hit a quick jump shot, causing yet another orgasm to wash over Angela.

I literally ran out of the bar, pulling a stumbling Angela behind me, trying to get her out of the bar and away from a television as quickly as possible.

When I had her outside, I made sure no one could over hear us and spoke to her.

“Angela, I am changing my previous command so that you will feel a dull ache in your left big toe whenever Duke hits a basket. The rest of my commands will remain the same. Do you understand this?”

“I understand, Master. Thank you.” She replied as she collapsed into my arms.

I helped to her to the car and was just getting her in when she started to come around.

“Oh Master,” she mumbled as she aroused, “Please understand, nothing like that has ever happened to me before.”

“I have heard of people who have this kind of reaction to pain.” I said to her. “I never imagined that I would meet one.”

“Seriously.” She replied. “I thought it would be a fun game when you first whispered the commands into my ear. It wasn’t until Duke hit that shot that I realized just how intense it would be and what it would do to me.”

She grabbed my hand once I was in the car. “Can we turn on the game again Master?” she asked with a sly smile. “I want to hear State beat Duke!”

I laughed and punched the radio to the game as I started the car.

The drive back to Jonathan’s lab was quite interesting. Every time State scored, and they made quite a comeback, Angela would squirm in her seat. When Duke would score, she would rub her toe and mutter about the refs or the crowd or some other comment. By the time we got to the parking garage, the car was filled with the scent of her arousal.

There was only a minute left in the game and State was down by a point after a big comeback. Angela was pulling for State, she wanted the big orgasm she knew would occur if they won and I was hoping to get to watch it wash over her.

Sure enough, as the time ticked away Angela became more and more tense, until, as time expired, the State guard hit a three pointer to win the game by two points.

Angela threw her head back and screamed out her pleasure as the orgasm washed over and through her, filling her with pleasure and life and vitality, just as I had ordered. It was a pleasure just to watch her go through the emotions that ran through her face, changing her expression with each one.

Then she jumped at me, pinning me to the seat as she slid it back. She tore off her clothes and reached for mine, tearing open my pants, frantically trying to get at my cock. When she had it free, she slammed herself down on it, pressing it deep within her cunt. She started the cycle of up and down on my cock, trying to maneuver in the small confines of the car. At one point, she leaned back and hit the horn, blasting it as she rode out one of many orgasms.

After a few minutes of watching this intense expression from her, I felt my own needs rising and soon I was shooting off inside her, filling her with cum, which triggered yet another orgasm in her.

At last she seemed to calm down. She held me tightly as we both struggled to catch our breath. Then she slipped back into her seat, leaning over to suckle my cock and clean it thoroughly. Only when I was clean and starting to reassemble my clothes did she start to clean herself and then dress herself.

Of course, her shirt could only partly be assembled because there was a rip at the neck where she had struggled to get it off. However, it covered all the necessary areas, so it would do. Her hair was also a wreck, but a few minutes with a brush and the rear view mirror and soon she was presentable enough to head into Jonathan’s lab.

When we returned to the lab, Jonathan was still hunched over his computer reading the results of the extensive cross matching and HLA typing. In fact, he was so engrossed in his work that he didn’t even hear us come in the lab. It wasn’t until I sat his sandwich on the counter beside him that he looked up.

“You’re back already?” Jonathan asked.

“Yes. We’ve been gone for more than two hours.” I replied.

“No wonder I’m so hungry.” he said as he finally responded to his body’s need for food. “Let me print these results and you can read them while I eat.”

Jonathan hit the print button and Angela walked over to the printer to collect the results.

As Jonathan ate his lunch, Angela handed the print out to me and proceeded to read over my shoulder.

At first, I had trouble believing the results. My first thought was that there was something wrong with the equipment or that Jonathan had accidentally contaminated the two samples. But as I read, I realized that he had also thought this and had recalibrated the equipment. He had then repeated the experiments. He had even been sure to use a different vial of blood for the second analysis.

The results were hard to believe because they were so unlikely. It was similar to the odds of winning the lottery.

As I finished reading the results, Angela leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“What does it mean?” she asked.

“It means, for all intensive purposes, that we are the same everything. The same blood type and even the same tissue type. We would normally only see these kinds of results in identical twins.”

Angela laughed. “I always wanted a brother when I was growing up. Now I find out that I have a twin brother.”

“But to be identical, we would have to be the same gender. At least realistically that is the only way identical results such as these would occur.” I replied.

“He’s right.” Jonathan said as he quickly swallowed the last of his sandwich. “Only identical twins have exact matches like this. Some sibling pairs are very close matches which is why transplants are so successful in them.”

“So what do you think is going on.” I asked. “I am pretty damn sure I was an only child. I mean I was born at home and my mother was never pregnant again before she died.”

“Yes, that would be hard to explain then.” Jonathan said. “I was hoping that you two were somehow split up or switched with other children at birth.”

“So it sounds like Angela and I need to go home and draw up our family trees and see if there is any way we could be related.” I said.

“That would be a good place to start.” Jonathan agreed. “I would also like to do some additional testing like a full chromosome analysis, some drug testing to be sure that there are no unusual chemicals in your body, and a serum protein analysis to see if there are any unusual chemicals that your body is producing.” he said.

“Oh great.” Angela sighed, “I should have known you would want more blood. All doctors are really secretly vampires.”

“Close!” Jonathan jokingly replied. “We just keep them locked up in the basement.”

Jonathan prepped everything for the further blood work and a cheek swab to do some more advanced genetic analysis. And he prepared to do a direct transfusion so he would only have to stick each of us only one time.

“Alright,” Jonathan started, “Last chance to back out.”

I looked over at Angela as she sat in the chair beside me. She was clutching the arm of her chair and looked a little pale. However, she shook her head and motioned for Jonathan to get started.

Jonathan looked questioningly at me and at my nod, he got started.

In just a few minutes we were all done. As the needle was removed from her arm, Angela took a deep breath and let it out slowly, her relaxation apparent in her face and her body language.

“So how do we test whether it worked?” Jonathan asked.

“Well I suppose we can repeat the experiment that we conducted the first night we were together.” I replied.

“Yes.” Angela replied. “A distance test should give us some idea, though the real test will come this week to see how long I can go without having withdrawal symptoms.”

I nodded. “Why don’t I go get in my car and I will drive down I-40 until you start to get a headache.”

“Sure, but should I stay here?” she asked.

“Yes, definitely.” Jonathan replied. “I need to get some paper work done anyway and someone needs to watch you for a while after your transfusion.”

“O.K.” she answered, “but may I please get my bag out of your car so that I can get some studying done while you are gone.”

I nodded and we headed out to the car while Jonathan continued to prepare the samples he had just taken from us.

“Are you sure you want to test this.” I asked.

“I know we need to do this but I can’t say that I am terribly excited at the prospect of another headache until you can return.” she replied.

“I promise to drive quickly on the way back. Just don’t wait until the pain gets bad. Call me at the first sign off pain and I will turn around and head back.” I said.

“Just drive safely.” she murmured in my ear and then kissed me like I was a sailor getting ready to go off to sea.

When she turned around to walk back inside, I watched the seductive sway of her hips and was again reminded how lucky I was to have met such a beautiful creature.

* * *

An hour and a half later I was cruising down the interstate, nearly a hundred miles away from Winston-Salem. I could still feel Angela in my head and I could tell that she was still feeling fine.

I tried to reach out to her with my mind again and was surprised when her voice seemed to echo inside my head.

“Could you not yell when you do that? Please Master?” her voice said.

“I should ask the same of you.” I replied, trying to relax and not concentrate on her so intently. “I’m just about to head up the mountains and I was wondering how you were feeling.”

“Really, that far?” she asked. “I feel fine. In fact I was rather distracted by my studying and so I didn’t notice that the time had passed so quickly.”

She paused as the realization hit her. “This means it worked! We’ve not been that far apart since this started and I feel nothing at all.”

“That is great.” I answered with enthusiasm similar to hers. “I’m going to turn around at the next intersection and head back. I don’t want to push it any more than we already have.”

“I agree Master. And I miss you now that I realize you have been gone. It isn’t a physical thing, just that I rather enjoy having you close.” She replied.

I thought the warmest thoughts I could of her, trying to let her feel the feelings that I had developed for her in a short period of time. I felt her surprise through our connection, then heard her think those three special words. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I thought back at her. “I’ll be there in an hour or so depending on traffic.”

A few minutes later, I had turned around at an exit and was headed back toward Winston-Salem. The Porsche was humming along at 80mph in the left hand lane and the air was whistling through the crack in the sun roof.

Then I sensed Angela giggling just before I heard her in my mind again. “I think this transfusion has had another effect. The link between us seems stronger. I can feel how happy and relaxed you are as you fly along the highway.”

I agreed with her as I zipped around a truck in the right lane, doing a nice slalom maneuver to get through some traffic.

“The reason I am bothering you though, Master,” she continued, “is to warn you that your cell phone is about to ring. Jonathan thinks I am insane after I told him that you had just turned around at exit 42 and would be back in a bit over an hour. He wants you to confirm it.”

Just then, the phone did ring and I hit the hands free as I closed the sunroof so I could hear him.

“Hello Jonathan.” I said into the phone.

“How did you know it was me?” He asked.

“Angela told me, of course. She is worried that you think she is crazy after she told you that I was on my way back.”

“But how can she know that? Are you telling me that you two share some telepathic link.”

“But of course we do.” I answered. “I mean, think about it for a minute Jonathan. She cant stand to be away from me for more that a few minutes, maybe an hour or two if she is full of my cum. Now don’t you think that is a bit odd? Is an empathic or telepathic link really any more absurd?”

“I guess not. But being the doubting Thomas that I am, I want to do a little test. I am going to write a number on a piece of paper and show it to Angela. She can’t talk and I want you to tell me what number it is.

“Sixty-Seven.” I replied in the phone before he had even finished writing it. Angela had listened to both sides of the conversation and had watched him writing, thinking the result to me.

“Alright, now I am officially freaked out.” He said over the telephone.

“Sorry.” I said to him, not really knowing what else to say.

“Well, I may have found something as well, but I need to do some more work. I need to head over to the main campus to use the main chemistry lab to get a few tests done. Are you ok with me leaving Angela here by herself until you get back? I don’t think there is any danger of a transfusion reaction at this point.” He said.

“That’s fine. I’m sure she’ll be fine and apparently our connection is very strong right now so I can call you if she starts having any problems if I cant get there quickly. But can I ask that you not bring too many people? Try to keep this as private as possible.”

“No problem. I’ll let you know if I find anything.” He said just before hanging up.

“He is still looking at me strangely.” Angela relayed to me. “Now I don’t think he thinks I’m crazy, but he thinks I am very strange. Maybe even scary. I wonder what would happen if I said ‘BOO’ to him?”

“Be nice!” I admonished her. “I seem to be making good time so I should be there in bit. Think about what you want to do this evening.”

“I want to go to the game.” She replied. “I thought I had told you that I got tickets to the game in the student section and was going to take you as my date, Master. Of course it is fine if you’d rather not go.”

“I’d love to go to the game,” I thought to her, “I was just worried about you and having to explain to everyone who I was.”

“Why, I would be happy to tell them all that you are my Master.” She returned with a lilt of silliness in her thoughts. “But seriously, you are my boyfriend too, and that is what I would tell them all. If any of them are at the game, I would be surprised. They don’t ususally go to the games.”

“Then I would be happy to go to the game with you.” I responded.

“Great!” she replied with obvious excitement in her voice. “May I ask one thing, Master?”

“You may ask.” I thought.

“Can you please not give me a command like this afternoon? My jeans are still wet and I would like to see the whole game.”

“I think I can grant that wish.”

“Alright, I need to study and you need to concentrate on your driving.” Angela thought. “Please be safe, Master.”

“I’ll see you soon, Angela.”

* * *

The only other interesting observation that we made that evening was that Anglea seemed to be able to joke with me and even tease me a bit without being negatively affected by it. She didn’t consciously try to disobey me nor to displease me, but she could taunt me a bit and it didn’t hurt her.

It wasn’t clear to me that this was an after effect of the transfusion. I was secretly hoping that it was because that would mean that we might eventually be able to cure her so-called addiction to me, but Angela seemed to have a different take on this turn of events.

“I think I am learning better what pleases you and what you are irritated by. You like a bit of banter I think, and this is an outgrowth of my better understanding. So my subconscious no longer secretly thinks I am actually trying to hurt you. Thus my body isnt reacting to it.” Angela told me as we drove home from the game.

We went back to my house where Angela proceeded to show me just how well she was learning to please me.

When we went in the front door, she had me sit on the couch and proceeded to do a little striptease, then she proceeded to undress me using mostly her mouth and teeth, giving me small kisses whenever she uncovered a new bit of flesh.

Then we headed upstairs where she asked me to lie on the bed and gave me one of the best massages of my life, her hands working the knots in my back out, the oiling her body and finishing off the massage by sliding her body up and down my back.

When she was sure I was nice and relaxed, she had me roll over and oiled and lightly massaged the front of my body with her hands. Then she poured some more oil over her breasts and proceeded to rub me with her breasts, paying particular attention to my cock.

Then she slowly slithered, at least that is the best way I can describe the way she moved up my body, until her legs were on either side of my hips. When she was positioned perfectly, she pushed down and we both gasped out loud as my cock slid all the way in to her very hot sex with one thrust.

She then proceeded to slowly ride up and down on my cock for the next hour, having several orgasms herself before I finally erupted inside of her, filling her with a torrent of cum.