The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Accidental Master

Author: Lord Skies

Chapter Nine: The Seventh Day

I awoke the next morning to find Angela wrapped around me, one of her legs draped over one of my legs, and her arm clutching me around the stomach. She was plastered to my back, and I smiled when I realized just how close I had grown to this woman. If I wasn’t careful, she would literally grow onto me.

I thought back to the night before as I lay there, trying not to wake up Angela. It had been an incredibly sensual experience, and while it wasn’t the most sexually intense or outlandish thing we had done, it had that something different which I couldn’t quite place.

My first thought was that I was in love, and the feelings that had run through my body were just that, the feelings of love, and that had made the experience more intense. But the more I thought about it, I knew that there was something else as well. I had been in love once before, and the sex had been special, but there was still something different about it.

I thought back to that relationship and wondered if perhaps I hadn’t been in love. Had I just been deluding myself? I tried to think back to how I felt, but it was nearly impossible because all of those memories and emotions had come to be linked with pain from her betrayal. I was sure that I couldn’t adequately compare the two, but the best I could remember, this was nothing like the feelings I’d had for my former love.

In fact, as I thought about the experience-as I tried to relive the sensations and feelings I’d had last night-I started to think that some of the increased sensations were physical in nature. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I became of this. If anything, the additional emotional sensations had followed these new and incredible sensations.

As I tried to categorize and describe them, I realized that it was as if waves of pleasure had rolled over and through my body again and again until I had reached orgasm, when the pleasure became almost too intense, too powerful, like looking into the sun.

Angela chose that moment to groan and shift her body, her arm sliding down until her hand touched my now erect cock. She moaned a much more pleasant moan and started to slide her body down mine to take my cock in her mouth.

I wasn’t convinced she was awake, so I watched her, and in fact her eyes never opened, and she seemed to be drawn to my cock like a bee to honey. She slowly maneuvered between my legs and licked up along the shaft of my cock until she reached the head. She then took just the head into her mouth and began to treat it like a lollipop.

The sensation of her warm mouth on my morning erection was incredible, and soon all thoughts were driven from my head. The old adage about only having enough blood for one head was certainly being proven true as Angela tried to suck more blood into the head of my cock and my body eagerly tried to meet her desires.

I gave into the sensations and let my eyes close as my body relaxed into the wonderful sensations that I was feeling. And just when I could feel the passion rising within me, as the need to come climbed to overwhelm my very thoughts, I felt it again, that strange sensation that I had felt the night before.

I tried to concentrate on the sensation, a very difficult proposition giving my current state. I couldn’t quite place it, but the feeling felt familiar. It was a feeling of pleasure and warmth, but it wasn’t coming from any part of my body.

Angela chose that moment to interrupt my thoughts as her thoughts intruded.

“Would you try to concentrate on what I am doing instead of what I am feeling!” her voice echoed in my head.

Then it dawned on my what it was that I was feeling. I was feeling the same sensations that Angela was feeling. Our mental connection that seemed to have grown stronger from the blood transfusion, seemed to have given us the ability to sense what the other was feeling.

And it had been incredible the night before, so I banished all rational thought from my head and concentrated on the sensations in my cock and within a couple of minutes I was once again at the edge and ready to erupt.

As if to pay me back, Angela chose that moment to torment me. She pulled off my cock and flicked her tongue rapidly back and forth over the head of my cock.

“Oh God!” I cried out as the sensations tore through me, the feeling exquisite as she tormented me with pleasure, but didn’t allow me to come. Just when the sensations threatened my very sanity, she swallowed my cock entirely, the head pressing deep in her throat. That was enough to send me over the edge and I came. And she came, and it was the most incredible way to amplify the feelings we were both feeling.

The best I can describe it, is the way an orgasm can be stronger or more powerful after a long build up with a lot of foreplay, or the way a second, or third, orgasm can feel more intense. That was the way the combination of our sensations made that orgasm feel.

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I heard Angela coughing. She had passed out from the intensity of the orgasm and my cock was still in her mouth and she was having difficulty breathing. I quickly pulled out of her mouth, and then pulled her up, all of which served to arouse her and she smiled at me as her breathing returned to normal.

“Oh Master!” she cried out and threw herself on top of me.

* * *

Sundays have always been my favorite day. From the time I was a small child, I have loved Sundays. The day is calm and slow, it is filled with sports in the afternoons, no matter the season. From football, to golf, there is always some sport to watch.

And then there is the Sunday paper and a hot cup of coffee, sitting on the porch, letting the sun warm you as it rises, and the birds serenading you with their songs. This had always been my idea of the perfect day.

Today I realized that I had been wrong. Angela made the day perfect.

It turns out that Angela loved Sundays almost as much as I did, and we shared many of the same goals for a Sunday. Hers still involved studying, but that would come later in the day. Until then, we had some pastries I had picked up on my way back into town, a pot of very hot and very rich coffee, and the Sunday paper on the porch, with Angela sitting by my side.

I listened to her read the comics, listened as she laughed and giggled as she read them. Her laugh was infectious and as sweet as the birds that were singing in this early spring weather we were having. The only draw back was that I kept staring at her instead of reading my section of the paper. Not that she seemed to mind. Every time she looked up and saw me staring at her, she would smile or wink and then return to her comics.

When I was finally able to tear my gaze away from her, I returned to my paper and went to take a sip from my coffee mug, only to find that it was empty.

“May I please fill your cup, Master?” I heard Angela say from my side.

I quickly looked up to see her standing there in one of my button down shirts holding the coffee pot. She looked far better in it than I ever did, and I loved the way it accentuated her long, lean legs.

“How did you know I needed a refill?” I asked.

“I just did.” she replied and shrugged.

I nodded to her and held out my cup for her to pour. While she did, I slowly ran my hand up her leg, savoring the smoothness of her legs.

“If you go any higher I am likely to spill some of this hot coffee.” she said as she finished pouring. “I don’t seem to be able to control myself around you and I would hate to hurt you.”

“That’s my job,” I joked with her. “To control you, and use you, and torment you, and pleasure you, and just about anything else I can think of,” I winked as I talked, trying to convey the suggestive intent of my comment.

“Careful, Master, or you’ll have me as hot as this coffee. What would your neighbors think if I were to climb on your lap and ravish that wonderful cock of your right now?”

“They’d be wishing they were me and thinking I was the luckiest guy in the world,” I answered her honestly.

And then she did exactly what she had threatened, which was exactly what I was after.

She pounced on my lap, setting the coffee on the table beside me and then reaching down to free my cock from my pants. As soon as it was free, she lowered herself onto it, proving that she indeed had an aversion to underwear while she was around me.

In just a few strokes she was already into her first orgasm, biting her lip and muffling her mouth with my neck to keep from crying out as she came there on the covered front porch. While no one was on the street, I would not have been difficult to tell what was going on if someone had chanced by at that moment.

Then, with the spasm still running through her body, Angela began to squeeze my cock with her internal muscles in a way that was almost overwhelming. With a subtle motion, she ground herself against me and rhythmically squeezed me until I was sure that my cock was going to explode inside of her form the pleasure that she was inducing.

And then I did explode into her as my orgasm quickly peaked and flowed over me, each spurt making me groan out load in ecstasy. Angela chose that moment to kiss me and try to muffle my groans, and somehow, probably from my connection with her, I knew that a woman was walking by and watching us.

I could also tell that this both embarrassed and excited Angela, and so I decided to push a little.

“Take off your shirt,” I ordered her with a low voice as I broke the kiss.

“Oh God!” she cried out as another wave of pleasure ran through her when she hurried to comply.

“Now ride up and down and make it obvious what you are doing for our audience,” I continued.

“Oh yes, yes!” she cried out, not acting at all but simply letting the moment override her embarrassment.

“Now look at the woman on the sidewalk and make eye contact. When you do, you will have a powerful orgasm wash over you,” I commanded.

And she did. It was such a powerful orgasm that the wetness from it drenched my pants that had only been pushed out of the way for her to get access to my cock.

Angela sagged down on top of me, breaking eye contact with the woman when she did. She was shuddering as waves after wave of pleasure washed through her and I held her tight until her body calmed down.

“That was quite a show,” came a voice from behind me, obviously the woman who had been walking down the sidewalk had come closer to investigate.

“Oh God!” was all Angela could muster in response and I was buried under her.

I finally managed to move her head to my shoulder so that I could respond, but that movement caused me to slip out of Angela eliciting another groan from her.

“I’m sorry if we offended you, Ma’am,” I replied trying to smooth over a somewhat indelicate situation.

A delicate laugh her response and I felt some relief. Hopefully we weren’t going to get busted for public indecency.

“I’m not offended, Josh, just aroused,” she replied.

I jerked around to see that it was my neighbor from two doors down that we had shown our little display to. She was divorced and the mother of two kids and was quite attractive and I felt a new stirring in my cock with her next words.

“Just be sure to let me know in advance the next time you want me to take part so that I can be more prepared and more active.” And with that she turned and walked back down the step and out to the sidewalk to continue her morning exercise.

Angela chose that moment to slide off my lap and between my legs, taking my still hard cock into her mouth and swallowing it, sucking her juices from it as she hummed and swallowed it over and over.

When she knew I was close she stood up and faced away from me, running the tip of my cock back and forth along her slit, lubricating it. She placed it at her anus and slowly sat down, slipping it all the way in on that first thrust.

The tightness of her anus and the sheer perversity of having anal sex on the front porch soon had me on edge. I reached around and pressed hard on her clit with one hand and pinched a nipple hard with the other. This again sent Angela over the edge. I marveled for just a second how pain seemed to have that effect on her, then my mind went blank as a powerful orgasm tore through my body.

Angela managed to hold on to the chair until I had finished my orgasm, then she literally fell to the floor as her muscles refused to obey her brain any longer. I slid out on my chair to lie beside her, holding her and making sure she was alright.

The bushes hid us from view, I knew, so I relaxed and held her in the warm sunlight on the floor of the porch, marveling at the fates who had given me such a wonderful woman.

* * *

Sometime later I awoke to the sound of the phone ringing. Angela was laying with her head on my chest and her arm under my head like a pillow. Her leg left leg was draped over me, hiding the interesting parts from anyone who might have ventured onto the porch. Fortunately, no one appeared to have seen us since my neighbors discovery.

The phone rang a few more times until the answering machine picked it up. I figured it was my staff calling with some updates or to make sure everything was still on for our big presentation tomorrow. But then I heard the unmistakable sound of Jonathan’s voice on the answering machine. He was talking fast and loud, a sure sign that he was excited, which meant he had probably found something.

I gently prodded Angela who awoke with a smile for me, a smile so sweet and full of love that I almost forgot I needed to get inside and catch Jonathan’s call before he hung up. For a moment, all I wanted was to hold her in my arms and kiss her and show her just how much she meant to me.

But then the beep of the answering machine broke the spell, signaling an end to the message and an end to the moment. I kissed her on the forehead and gently rolled her away, pulling up my shorts and darting for the door back into the house before anyone could see my state of undress or disheveled appearance.

I punched the button on the machine to replay the message while I looked at the caller ID to see where he had been when he called.

“Josh, it’s Jonathan,” His voice on the machine said. “I need to talk to you today, as soon as you get this message. I’ll be at the lab until around 5 today and after that you can reach me on my cell. Again, please call me as soon as you receive this message.”

His voice had sounded urgent, so I immediately hit the redial button on the phone and called him.

“Lab,” Jonathan said when he answered the phone.

“It’s Josh,” I replied, “I couldn’t get to the phone before it cut you off.”

“I’m glad you called. I’ve found a few things that I think you need to know about. I assume Angela is there as well?”

I glanced over to the door and saw her strolling in, completely oblivious to the fact that she was naked and in full sight of anyone who might be walking down the street. “Yes, she is right here.” I answered.

“Alright then,” Jonathan said, “I worked quite a bit on this and the best I can tell, you two have completely clean extended drug screens, so I don’t think that either of you is under the influence of some hallucinogen or psychotropic, mind altering substance. I am also running genetic samples on both of you through the sequencer, but it will take some time to get that done.

“However,” he continued, “the reason I called is that on your serum protein electrophoresis, I identified an unusual spike. I spent some time today trying to identify it, and as best I can tell, it is a protein, a peptide of some sort with an attached aromatic ring.”

I was confused at this point, but Jonathan had been the chemistry guy, so I waited for him to explain.

“The best way I can describe this,” he said, “would be to compare it to a pheromone. It would be in a similar class, but you seem to be producing a lot of it. It was quite a noticeable spike on your test results.”

“So, some chemical that my body is producing is causing this reaction in Angela?” I asked.

“I can’t be certain of that. I am still intrigued by the near identical genetic makeup that you two share and I think that has something to do with her reaction. However, I do think that this finding may explain why she needs to be near you. She may be absorbing this pheromone, this chemical, and that is feeding her desire to be around you.”

“Alright. So can we make this chemical?” I asked, hoping that with a manufactured supply, Angela could get away from me and wean herself off the effects of the chemical. I wasn’t sure I wanted that to happen, but her welfare came before my feelings, especially my lust.

“I need to finish characterizing and purifying it from your blood sample. When I have a pure sample, then I will have a better idea of it’s exact composition. Then we can think about making it, or creating an antibody to itm or even something to block it.

“Just think about how incredible a discovery this could be,” Jonathan exclaimed.

I was starting to get a bit nervous, because I had a very good idea of what this might mean. It could mean a lot of experimenting on me, new mind control drugs, and a whole host of nightmarish scenarios.

“Jonathan, you promised to keep this quiet,” I said quietly into the phone.

“Yes, Josh, of course,” He replied. “I haven’t told anyone.”

“You can’t ever tell anyone, Jonathan.” I said to him.

“I will never tell anyone,” Jonathan replied, rather monosyllabically.

And then it dawned on me exactly what was happening. “Jonathan, have you started to concentrate the chemical from my samples?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m working on it now,” he replied.

“Get it under a hood now and don’t let anyone else in the lab,” I barked at him. “I’ll be over there in a few minutes.”

There was a pause on the phone.

“Oh shit.” Jonathan finally said.

“Exactly. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

* * *

I grabbed a quick shower and kissed Angela goodbye as I headed out the door to the lab. I needed to assess just what had happened to Jonathan, and how concerned I would need to be about everyone around me. I couldn’t exactly live with causing this kind of effect in my co-workers, friends and neighbors.

Angela was going to head back over to her house and do some studying and catch up on some household chores. I told her that I would call later when I had a better idea of what was happening with Jonathan. Surprisingly, she didn’t seem upset that Jonathan seemed to be under my control somewhat, at least to the degree he was very suggestible. In fact, as I explained his reaction to her, I saw a flicker of some emotion go across her face, only to be followed by a sly smile.

I knew that I could command her to tell me what she was thinking, but I needed to get to the lab. So I smacked her on the butt and headed out, instead. Besides, I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what she was thinking. I was beginning to realize that Angela was far more sexually complex than I had first thought, and those looks usually ended with the two of us being hot, sweaty, sticky, and very thoroughly satisfied.

The drive to the lab seemed to take forever. I got stuck behind a couple of older folks who were on their way home from church. They were in no hurry, and the harder I tried to pass them, the slower they seemed to drive.

When I finally did get to the medical center, I skidded into a parking spot and ran into the lab as fast as I could, nearly running down a lab tech as I rounded a corner. I had a vision of Jonathan having a reaction similar to Angela’s painful reaction and I wanted to get there as quick as possible in case he was in pain.

When I burst through the door, though, he was working under the hood, setting up a HPLC column to separate and purify the chemical he had identified in my blood. He was working as calmly as he ever did, and nothing seemed to be amiss.

“Hey, Josh. Thanks for coming over.” He said.

“You seem to be fine. I was worried about you,” I replied as I watched him for anything that seemed suspicious.

“I am fine, except for the fact that I am an idiot for not isolating this thing under a hood sooner,” he said, shaking his head and returning to work. “I think I have a way of isolating the protein. I think I can get a decently pure sample based upon the information I have so far, then we can try to do more detailed analytical studies when we have a better sample.”

“So what can I do?” I asked.

“Brother can you spare a pint?” he jokingly asked, pointing to the blood draw chairs. “We could use some more samples if you think you can afford to donate it.”

“If it will help us with this project, I can give you a couple of pints[TU1].” I replied, walking over to the chair and preparing to draw the blood myself.

“Just one will do for now,” he said, “I’ll be over there to stick you when I get this started.”

I got everything ready and sat down in the chair, prepped my arm and inserted the needle, and attached to the blood bag. I had done this many times before, being a regular blood donor in the lab where I had done my research. We hadn’t had time nor money to pay for blood samples back then, and I had donated many times, drawing my own blood in order to further our research.

By the time Jonathan turned around from his work under the hood, I had just about filled the bag.

“I forgot you were so blasé about needles,” he muttered as he finished up the process and withdrew the needle. “You do know that you are weird that way, don’t you?”

“Like my lack of fear of needles is the most worrisome thing in my life right now,” I retorted.

Jonathan ignored me as he got the blood ready to spin down and separate. While he was doing this, I looked over the results he had generated so far, checking his work as closely as I could, and writing down a few questions that came up as I read.

“Josh, I need you to give me an order,” he said quietly from behind me.

“Jump on one foot,” I quickly replied before he had time to prepare himself.

When nothing happened, I’m not sure which of us was more relieved.

“Oh thank God!” he exclaimed after a minute. “I like you a lot Josh, but I was going to have to kill one of us if I was turning into your slave.”

“Well thanks a lot!” I feigned hurt at his words, “I am a nice guy! You could do worse than me for a Master. Just ask Angela!”

We both started laughing at that point, the kind of laughter that comes when the tension had suddenly been relieved.

When we had recovered our sanity a bit, we went over his notes and the questions I had come up with. Jonathan was going to do some work on purifying more of the chemical and then we would do some tests on animals. Jonathan also agreed to let me have a small bit of it for Angela to carry with her if she started to have another withdrawal reaction.

When we had our plan of attack, I headed out the door, leaving Jonathan to finish up in the lab. I had offered to stay, but there really wasn’t anything to do but to wait for the HPLC to finish and then put the sample in the deep freezer. So I headed out and drove over to the office to check in with them to see if everything was still on track for our presentation tomorrow.

On the way to the office, which of course was on the other side of town—past two large churches guaranteeing that a multitude of slow drivers were going to put themselves between me and my destination—I got to thinking about Angela and how she was doing.

“I’m fine, Master,” she thought to me, “Now please quit worrying about me so I can concentrate. I’ve gotten a lot of studying done, and I am almost caught up after not studying most of last week.”

“I was just worried about how you were reacting to my absence,” I replied.

“That’s sweet,” she replied, “But I am fine. Go get your work done at the office and then pick up some pizza on your way to my place.”

“Yes, boss,” I replied sarcastically, then realized that the people in the car next to me at the stoplight must have thought I was crazy because I was talking out loud to her[TU2]. Angela thought this was hilarious and starting laughing, which of course made me laugh, which then made the people in the car looking at me absolutely convinced that I was insane.

I did eventually make it into the office after I had gotten control of myself. I wrote a note and taped it to the door to remind me to call for pizza before I left. Then I headed to my office to review the proposal one last time and check in with the members of my team.

Amazingly, only one small problem had crept into our proposal. A supplier we were using for a quote had discontinued their product line and I spent an hour online looking at prices for replacements. I knew that I could get a better rate than what I found online, but that would just make me look even better when our final proposal was released.

I made a few phone calls to my team members and when I was satisfied everyone was ready and everything was in order, I started closing down my computer and heading for the door. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 6 pm and realized that I had never eaten lunch. This of course reminded me that I needed to order pizza.

“What do you like on your pizza?” I asked Angela, telepathically.

“I like everything, even anchovies.” She replied.

“Then one large pizza with the works is it.” I answered and dialed the phone.

It was then, as I waited for the pimple faced brat to answer the phone and take my order, as I sat in the dark office and looked around, that I realized that whatever was going on with Angela and Jonathan might in fact be why I had been so successful in my business. Perhaps it was this pheromone, or whatever it was, that made people susceptible to my suggestions.

As I thought about this and pondered what it meant, ethically, I became so engrossed in the thought that I completely ignored the pizza guy when he did answer the phone. It was only the sound of the recording saying, “If you want to make a call, please hang up and dial your number again.” That brought me out of my reverie.

I then redialed the number and successfully placed the order, shook my head to clear the awful thoughts I was having, and headed to the store to pick up our pie for dinner. On the drive, I kept thinking of all the times that things had gone my way when it seemed unlikely, or a long shot. I kept wondering if I had earned those things or if this chemical was responsible for it. Over and over I thought about it.

I was so worked up that when I walked into get the pizza and found out they were having to re-cook it, I lost my temper and started yelling at the guy behind the counter. And when he offered to give me the pizza for free, and even a two liter Coke to make up for the inconvenience, I got even more angry. Once again, it seemed, that people were going out of their way to please me and give me what they thought I wanted.

But it was all fake. All of it was due to some chemical that my body made. All my work and accomplishments to that point were just fakes. None of it was real.

I stormed out of the pizza shop and made it to my car before I completely lost it and started crying with a despair that I had never felt before in all my life.

[TU1]He gave a transfusion and a few vials of blood yesterday. Can Josh really spare all that blood?

[TU2]Why wouldn’t they think he wa talking on a speakerphone?