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Accidents: Origin part 2

Lisa barely knew her neighbor Phil. So when she heard some funky laughter coming from his house next door she was mildly creeped out. She was in the middle of watching Sally Jessie, and masturbating with her favorite toy, the bunny ears, when his cackling suddenly distracted her.

She put down Mr. Bunny and got up to turn on the radio to drown out the laughter. She laid back down and tried to get back into her rhythm.

When the doorbell rang Lisa jumped. She had just found her rhythm again, and certainly wasn’t expecting company, so when the doorbell rang she jumped as if she’d been caught.

The doorbell impatiently rang again. Lisa put on her robe and went to the door. It better be important, but she had a sneaking suspicion someone was selling something. Worse, it could be someone selling religion. She had put the witnesses in their place last month, but they had short memories. And now they were walking around sharply dressed in business suits. It was hard to tell them apart from real people.

She peaked through the eye hole and gasped. It was Phil! He almost never stopped by. Lisa had an inkling that it was because he had a crush on her, or at least thought she was attractive. But she also saw when he came home from work and knew he put in long hours. Phil looked to be pretty much a loner. Which was too bad, because he was kinda cute. In a white lab coat braniac sort of way. The kind of guy her mother would always approve of. And that was the kiss of death.

Once again the doorbell rang, and she jumped again! Did he want a cup of milk? Small talk?

“Hello Phil” She said politely as she opened the door.

“Hi Lisa.” Phil said. “It’s a little cold out here, you should invite me in.”

“Right, where are my manners. Come in, please.” Lisa said politely.

‘What!’ her mind yelled a second later.

Then his appearance distracted her. He looked a little odd. He was wearing hospital pants and a plain white t-shirt. But the most unusual thing was his eye patch. She didn’t remember him having an eye patch before, and this one was just a very dark sunglass lens on an elastic band. Lisa wasn’t really sure what he wanted, and she didn’t want him to stick around to explain it.

“Hi Phil, good to see you. I’m kinda busy, so is there something you need?”

“Well Lisa, I was in a bad accident in my house, and just got out of the hospital.”

“Oh man, I’m sorry to hear that, are you alright?” He looked alright. Well at least physically. And Lisa didn’t really care, she wanted to get back to Sally and Mr. Bunny.

“Well, there was some complications from the accident,” He pointed to his eye patch, “and I wanted to find out the extent of the, uh, injuries.”

He reached up and toyed with the patch, and Lisa had a strange sense of impending dread. But she couldn’t look away. He slowly lifted the patch. Lisa looked hard to see what was there.

“Oh my god—” Lisa exclaimed, and gagged. “That’s disgusting, why’d you have to show me that?”

“Well, when you make love to me, I want you to see all of me.”

Lisa started to express her anger at that statement and kick Phil out, but Phil continued. And she lost her momentum. Phil jumped right into his experiment.

“Lisa, you are beautiful, and it’s a shame to cover that wonderful body.” Lisa was listening to what Phil was saying as she was compelled to let her robe fall away. “You are beautiful. You should see how beautiful you are.”

Lisa looked over at a hallway mirror. She was attractive. She knew she had good looks, but had never really stopped to admire herself before.

“You are so beautiful, I bet you arouse everyone who sees you.” She did have an effect on the men, but now she was getting turned on by her own reflection.

“You shouldn’t let that body be denied pleasure.” He was so right, she should be getting pleasure. She began to rub her tits. Her nipples stood up at the attention, and she pinched then. She pulled one breast up to her mouth and started to lick her own nipple. She looked at herself in the mirror and was increasingly aroused to see her reflection in such a wonton state. Her pussy was moist and aching.

Phil thought he’d try and see the extent of his newfound influence.

“Lisa, you are incredibly aroused.” Which was true enough before Phil told her, now it was law. “Lisa, you may not touch yourself.” Lisa’s arms fell to her sides. “Lisa, you are with a man. You are having sex with a handsome man.”

Lisa started moaning again. She moved her body erotically while standing in the hall with Phil, imagining making love to her ideal man. “Lisa, this man is driving into you hard. You are filled and aroused, and you are close to cumming.” Lisa’s moans got louder. She started pumping her hips to the imaginary lover. Sweat glistened on her forehead, and her nipples and pussy were visibly swollen.

“In a moment you and your lover will cum. You will have an intense orgasm with your man.” Phil was watching in mild disbelief as the beautiful woman absorbed all his words and acted them out as truth.

“Lisa, you are very close to orgasm, you are on the verge of cumming. Lisa, you are cumming NOW!”

She shrieked and quivered as the orgasm engulfed her. She caressed her invisible lover as her body shook and her pussy gushed. She came for almost a minute, naked perfection shuddering and moaning in pleasure without having been touched at all.

“Now, your lover is here with you.” Phil said, and Lisa looked up at him with lust filled eyes. “You shouldn’t let your guests go unattended.” His experiment was working beyond his belief, and his renewed sense of confidence was showing.

Lisa practically jumped Phil, she pulled his shirt off and began kissing him all over his chest and neck. Phil was already hard from her performance, and Lisa grabbed his cock and started pumping. Then she led him into the bedroom and pushed him down on the bed.

With lust and heat, she pulled the remainder of his clothes off and jumped him. Her hot pussy engulfing his hard member. She rode him, pumping him in and out of her sex with the enthusiasm of a college co-ed. She bucked and screamed and talked dirty to him.

Phil laid there and enjoyed the sex. He was increasingly aroused at the thought about what he could do next. Lisa then picked up the pace and Phil was close to cumming. “Lisa, CUM!” and she did. Her throes of passion driving him to orgasm and he came in hot and hard spurts into her eager pussy.

Lisa continued to climax while she grinded on Phil’s dick. Her pussy soaking up every drop of his cum. She rode him for another minute, and then collapsed in a heap on the bed next to him.

Then with a start she was suddenly aware of what just happened.

She sat up sharply and let out the first syllable of a scream.

“Be quiet.” Phil said calmly. “In a minute I’m going to tell you to fall asleep. You will fall into a comfortable sleep and not remember that this happened. You’ll just remember that you had a fantastic dream about a wonderful lover. When you wake up you’ll be well rested and happy.”

He told her to go to sleep, then went home and experimented further with his abilities.

What would he do. What could he do. He could manipulate matter to a certain extent. And he could influence what people thought. Maybe even downright control them. Could he read minds? Could he create objects. He tried, but couldn’t think of what he wanted to make.

He looked at his clothes in the mirror. He imagined wearing a nice suit. And instantly, he was wearing his favorite charcoal gray Bill Blass. He thought of what he was wearing before, and the clothes changed back.

He was amazed, and tried this trick another six times before moving on.

Could he create something out of thin air? He took off his shirt and pants and thought again of the suit. Nothing happened. He tried again, and again nothing happened. He stood there naked and looked at himself in the mirror.

Phil knew he was handsome enough. Maybe not the top of People’s sexy one hundred, but better than average. Work didn’t leave him much time for the gym though, and his age and diet were catching up with him. He thought for a moment, and his stomach began to shrink and change. He used his newfound power to eliminate that small spare tire. Then he toned up his abs.

Why stop there. After a half an hour Phil was an Adonis. Michelangelo’s David. The picture of masculine perfection.

Maybe that was a bit overboard. He returned himself to his prior shape, with a small tummy tuck and a little more tone in his chest, back and arms. He admired his work for a bit. Just as good as he looked in college. Then he thought about the mildly receding hairline at his temples. Fuck hair club for men, he closed his eyes and when he opened them back up he had the coif of an eighteen year old.

There was enough change that he was really happy with his looks, but not so overboard that he wasn’t still himself. Vain? Maybe, but true happiness started with a good sense of self worth. And he sure as hell was on the way toward true happiness.

He put his clothes back on and changed them to a pair of casual slacks and sharp ribbed v-neck t-shirt. He was about to head back out when the phone rang.


“Phil Cartwright.” The voice said matter-of-factly.

“Well you know me.”

“You had an accident.” It was a female voice. With a slight English, maybe Scottish accent. Very sexy.

“Yeah, are you calling from the hospital?”

“No, now be quiet and listen.”

Phil was getting used to this new power and his newfound control over his own destiny. He didn’t like being told what to do. He told the voice to go fuck herself. Or rather he didn’t. He remained quiet.

“Thank you. I’m sure you’re seething inside that someone is telling you what to do, and you’d like to hang up the phone right now.” And at that suggestion, Phil did, or was about to. “Do NOT hang up this phone. You will listen to everything I have to say.” Phil stood there obediently and listened.

“Phil, you had an accident that changed you. It gave you abilities beyond imagination. You have been inducted into the secret and ancient world of the Accidents. You were wondering maybe if you were unique? Yes, maybe in your specific abilities, but you are not alone in being different. The world of the Accidents is very old and full of hidden power struggles, unknown battles, and backstabbing politics.

“You are a new player and you must be very careful. You are very powerful, almost too powerful for your own good. We haven’t had a new power introduced like this in over two hundred years. You’ll make an interesting new player on the chess board. If you make it past the first few weeks.

You’re especially new and inexperienced. It was easy for me to find you. You must learn to hide the effects of your power, to minimize the thoughts you radiate. You’ll figure out what I mean soon enough. Now you may speak. Quietly and respectfully.”

“Who (’the hell’ he thought) are you?”

“I’m a very old Accident. You’ve learned what one of my abilities is, I can control people like you can.”

“Like hell you can!”

“Ah, ah. That was disrespectful. And to show you that you aren’t as powerful as you think, get hard.”

Phil felt his dick come to attention in his pants. He was far from aroused, but at this mysterious woman’s command, his cock came to life.

“Now Phil, you are becoming aroused. You like the sound of my voice, and you will do what ever I tell you to do won’t you?”

“Ah, uh, sure.” Phil stammered. The feeling of dread and helplessness he felt from being fired the other day was coming back a hundredfold.

“You find my voice very sexy, and your dick is becoming ever more sensitive. You love the sound of my voice, and you can feel your arousal growing as you listen carefully to what I tell you. Isn’t that right?”

“Oh Yes ma’am.” And her words became more and more true.

“That’s right. Now you are very aroused. Your dick is straining, and you want very badly to cum.”

Phil moaned into the phone.

“Cum prick.” The voice commanded, and Phil bucked and unleashed his load into his pants. “That sounded enjoyable. Now that you know who is in control, we can resume our conversation. Do you have any questions?”

“There are others out there like me?” Phil asked, and looked down at the growing wet spot in the front of his slacks.

“Others yes, but not like you. It depends on the accident that granted them their abilities. One was bitten by a radioactive spider. One was doused with a rack of chemicals and can run faster than sound. One was electrocuted during sex and can ejaculate lightning. Yes, I’m told it is indeed as painful as it sounds. Some created the accidents that created them. A few of them succeeded, some died, some were horribly deformed.”

“What about you?” Phil asked.

“Sorry, but that I cannot tell you yet. You’ll find your allies and your enemies in time, and I’ll fall to whichever side is necessary when we meet. For now I’m just setting you on your path.”

“What do I do?”

“You’ll figure that out.” Phil could hear the smile in that beautiful voice. Then there was a click, and Phil was left holding the dead phone, with more questions than answers.

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