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The Adventures of Sultry Girl

Synopsis: Blair teaches Martha some magic

Trance Advisory: Every chapter is designed to entrance the reader and have them experience what the characters experience. This chapter has a tentacle rape fight scene.

Chapter 3: Magical Training and Tentacle Trouble

That night at the party, Blair noticed something intriguing about the way her spell worked. Usually performing magic drained her energy and left her feeling exhausted and weak. That night however, she felt energized, supercharged even. She studied the earrings and found that they were brimming with magical energy, Martha’s magical energy. This meant that the enchantment on her earrings could somehow drain energy from others, presumably by having sex with them. It also meant that Martha had wellspring of magical energy within her.

Everyone has a little magic in them, but few are actually able to use it. Most people cut themselves off by not believing in magic, and never allowing their power to grow. Martha was different. She had allowed her magical power to grow, but she wasn’t consciously aware of it. With some training she could probably activate the spells within Blair’s jewelry, and maybe unlock some latent magical powers of her own. I want her to be my sidekick, Blair decided, or perhaps my partner in crime (fighting).

Blair took Martha home that night, and neither of them got any sleep until the wee hours of the morning. They slept in until the following afternoon, and Blair got up to make coffee and breakfast.

Would you like to learn some magic?” She asked, as they sipped their morning brew.

Can I?” Martha replied, sounding uncertain. “I’ve always been curious about magic, but I’ve never felt like I could actually wield any magical power. I’d love to try. Just don’t get mad at me if it doesn’t work. I’m not a witch like you.

I think you have what it takes. You just have to believe in yourself,” Said Blair. She retrieved the ward from her altar and held it out towards Martha.

Martha stared at the pretty stones. The thin piece of hematite on top was black and shiny with smooth reflective surfaces. A long piece of rose quartz dangled below it, pretty and pink. The stones were held together by thin strands of silver that swirled around in an enchanting pattern. The pendant hung at the bottom of a long silver chain that slowly swung back and forth below Blair’s outreaching hand. Martha felt like she could lose herself staring into that pendant, but Blair had other plans in mind.

Try it on.” Blair suggested. “The first thing I want to teach you is how to use my ward. It’s a pendant that I enchanted to produce a magical shield. Danger has a way of following me wherever I go. If we find ourselves in a dangerous situation together, it would give me piece of mind to know that you have this pendant and know how to use it.

So how do I use it?” Martha asked, putting on the ward.

Just repeat after me,” Blair explained. “Try to speak with confidence and power.

Fire, water, earth, and air, gather round me and prepare, to shield my form from hurt and pain, until I’m safe and sound again.” Blair said, then Martha repeated.

Martha felt something, like a flow of energy from deep within her, and a feeling of warmth and safety.

Let’s see if it worked,” said Blair. She opened up the fridge and pulled out a small handful of grapes. “We’re going to start with something small and harmless. I want you to just stand there, and trust in the magic to protect you. Worst case scenario you end up with another sticky mess on your face.

Martha watched in amazement as the first grape flew towards her nose, only to be deflected at the last possible moment by an invisible shell of magic. It burst in an explosion of sticky juice that flew past her right ear. Some of it splashed on her cheek, but most of it landed on the floor behind her.

Don’t worry about the mess,” said Blair as she threw a second grape. “I’ve got a spell for that.

When the handful of grapes ran out, Blair walked over to her bookshelf. On her way there she ran her fingers across a gem set into a broom handle and spoke a single word, ”Broomba”. The broom leapt to life and started cleaning up while Blair rummaged through her shelf of board games. A minute later she pulled out a bag of many sided dice.

These could hurt,” she warned Martha, “So I’m going to avoid your face and other vital areas. Stronger impacts will put a strain on your shield, exhausting your magical energy and exhausting your mind. Eventually the shield will crack and fractionate. That can be an exhausting experience. You may collapse, and be too tired to move for a while. I think it would be best if you moved to the bed before that happened. I’d also like you to remove your clothes first, but only if you want me to take advantage of your helpless state.

Martha flashed a coy smile and seductively ran her fingers towards the bottom of her shirt. She made a sexy show of slowly removing each article of clothing, then she crawled up onto the bed and gave Blair a come hither stare. Blair walked over and kissed Martha deeply on the lips.

Let me know, muah, when you’re ready, mmwha, to continue.” Blair instructed, getting a few quick words at a time between kisses. She reached down and started tracing slow seductive circles around Martha’s areola. Martha moaned and arched her back as they continued to make out. She could hardly think of anything beyond the feeling of Blair’s lips against hers, but eventually the curiosity of learning magic won out. Or was it the allure of being left helplessly immobile that allowed her to break free from those enticing kisses?

I’m ready,” She said at last. “You can have your way with me after my defenses crumble. The same limits apply as last night.

One last thing,” said Blair, holding up a long strip of black cloth. “I’d like to activate the lust spell on my corral earrings. Last night they drained magical energy from you into me. I think I can reverse that effect to help rejuvenate you. I’d also like to blindfold you so that you don’t see me and fall into the lust spell again. Is that alright with you?

Martha knelt on the bed and waited. She couldn’t see anything past the thick strip of black cloth. For a moment, her vision was completely dark, then suddenly it was filled with a dazzling colorful display. She was surrounded by a shimmering sphere of dancing rainbow light that emanated from her chest and coalesced into a thick shell about 3 feet from her body. looking past the sphere, she could see hundreds of tiny lights way off in the distance, like stars in the night sky.

She heard Blair chant ”I dedicate this evening, to love, to lust, to passion, to the goddess Aphrodite, and to all things sexy wild and free.” Moments later the stars were drowned out by the brilliant radiance of what looked like a red dwarf star, suddenly appearing in the room. All she could see outside of her shell was intoxicating shades of red.

Blair watched curiously as the blindfolded Martha gazed around the room. She had a look of wonder and excitement on her face like she was watching a fascinating movie. It wasn’t the kind of look you’d expect from someone who was staring at the backside of a blindfold. Maybe she was just excited to learn magic. Her gaze focused intently on Blair the moment the lust spell was activated. That must be it, Blair decided as she aimed the first die. Martha is excited about learning magic, so let’s do this. Blair started with the 4 sided die, and worked her way up from there.

Bam! Martha watched a dent form in her shimmering rainbow shell, and she felt the impact of a small pointy object. It was like a part of her, a part that wasn’t her body, was struck by a tiny projectile. A pulse of prismatic light emanated from her chest and smoothed out the dent. She felt drained and dizzy as the light left her.

“That sphere must be my shield” Martha thought to herself. “And the impact was Blair throwing the first die. I’m already feeling woozy. It won’t take long at all before I collapse. Then Blair will take advantage of my helpless naked body. Oh my Goddess, I want that so bad. Please Blair, break through my defenses and make me yours.”

Wham! A second dent appeared, larger than the first, as another object struck the shell and left a tiny crack. A large pulse of light smoothed out the dent and fixed the crack. Martha felt weary, wobbly, and incredibly turned on. Every impact exhausted her mind and brought her closer to inevitable collapse. The closer she got the more aroused she became.

How are you feeling?” Asked Blair. “Those were warm up throws. From here on out it’s going to get harder and harder to resist my attacks. I want you to hold on for as long as you can. Are you ready?

I’m a little light headed.” Martha replied groggily. “But I’m ready. Bring it on!

Whack! The next impact caused a large crack in Martha’s shield. She felt dazed and disoriented as a steady stream of rainbow light poured forth from within her. Crack! Another die caused a larger crack before the last one was fully repaired. Martha lost consciousness for a moment, but managed to stay upright. It wouldn’t be long now. Soon she would be helpless and naked, laying on Blair’s bed. That thought was getting her so wet.

Smack! The cracks were spreading, faster than Martha’s magic could repair them. She felt so dazed and disoriented. Her mind was near its limit, and her defenses were already starting to crumble. Thwack! Four large cracks had formed in Martha’s shield and propagated all the way around it. Her fuzzy foggy mind was having trouble forming thoughts. The steady stream of rainbow light from earlier was reduced to an occasional pulse. She knew that the next attack would break through her defenses. She was ready to collapse into a helpless heap on the bed, and succumb to the pleasure of Blair’s touch.

Crash! Her shield exploded into a thousand shimmering shards and a small round object bounced lightly off her stomach. The shards evaporated in a shimmering display, then Martha lost consciousness and fell to the bed. She couldn’t move, or see, or even think, but she could feel and hear.

Well well well, what do we have here? I do believe I have a helpless little slut. Based on those erect nipples and that dripping wet pussy I’d say you’re going to enjoy this just as much as I am.

Martha felt Blair’s fingernail, tracing over her cheek, then under her lips, around her chin, down her neck, and all the way to her chest, before tracing a pair of large lazy spirals that slowly sank down towards her nipples. Somewhere along the way one fingernail had become two, and when they both reached the center of the spiral those fingers began rubbing and pinching her nipples. Blair whispered something into her ear, then those fingers withdrew and started spiraling inwards again.

The sensation felt stronger the second time around. The third spiral was stronger still, as if she was feeling all the previous spirals along with the current one. The sensation was so powerful the fourth time that she felt herself moaning and arching her back, despite the fact that she was too worn out to move or speak. At some point Blair removed her hands, but the spirals continued and the sensation kept growing stronger and stronger.

Martha felt Blair’s lips, kissing just below her chest, then slowly planting a line of kisses down her stomach. She knew where those kisses were heading, and each step made her arousal grow stronger. By the time Blair’s lips met her belly button, the anticipation was too much to bear. She needed Blair’s lips on her dripping pussy and she needed it now, but she couldn’t move a muscle in her body. The agonizing wait left her feeling mindlessly aroused by the time Blair’s lips reached their destination. The endlessly repeating spirals that Blair’s fingers traced on her chest only made that arousal grow stronger.

At long last those wonderful kisses reached the outer folds of her labia. They continued all the way down her slit, then Blair’s tongue poked out and licked all the way back up to her clit. Her tongue swirled round and round then flicked up and down. Round and round then up and down. Blair’s tongue felt so good on her clit. Each time it circled round she felt new areas being stimulated. Each time it flicked up and down she felt a wave of pleasure overwhelm her mind. Round and round, then up and down. Each time the pleasure grew stronger as Martha felt a powerful orgasm growing within. Round and round then up and down.

Soon her body was shaking, and she was screaming. ”Oh Yes! Oh Goddess Yes!” She felt raw sexual energy pouring into her vagina and pushing her pleasure to new heights as her orgasm lingered just below the surface, waiting to be set free. Blair’s tongue was thrusting now, in and out of her vag, and yet somehow she could still feel it swirling round and round then flicking up and down, just as she could still feel Blair’s fingers spiraling on her chest. Tongue thrusting in and out, deeper and deeper each time. In and out, deeper and deeper. Round and round then up and down. Fingers circling inwards towards the center of the spiral.

Blair watched as her mindless slut writhed in pleasure. She knew that she could push Martha over the edge at any moment, with a single word, but she kept Martha right at the brink of orgasmic release. She could feel the sexual energy flowing from herself into Martha. In a few moments all the spent energy would be replenished. Then she would make her mindless slut cry out in ecstasy.

That’s it. Good girl. Cum for me!

Martha screamed out in pleasure and her entire body shook. She thrust her chest towards the fingers that just kept spinning towards the center of the spiral. She rubbed her crotch against the tongue that continued swirling round and round, flicking up and down, and thrusting in and out, deeper and deeper. The pleasure was growing out of control as the sensations kept growing stronger. She felt like she was floating in a cloud of endless bliss, high above the earth, high above all her thoughts, knowing nothing but pure orgasmic pleasure.

The pleasure slowly faded and she sank back down to earth, letting her mind and body wake up, little by little, as she drifted back to consciousness. By the time she landed she felt energized, rejuvenated, and ready for another attempt with the ward.

Are you ready to wake up and try again?” Asked Blair

I’m waking up,” Martha replied, “but I could use a few minutes.

Take your time.” said Blair, as she picked up the dice and put them back in the bag.

Would you look at that.” She chuckled to herself, noting that the last one had landed on 20. “I guess that’s what you’d call a critical hit.

A few minutes later Martha was kneeling on the bed, staring at a fully regenerated shell of shimmering energy. Blair grabbed some more ammunition from her game shelf, a second bag filled solely with ten sided dice. Martha’s shield was stronger this time, but in no time at all it was falling apart. Cracks started forming after just four strikes. After seven impacts her heavy drowsy mind could barely think. The tenth one fractionated her shield, and she dropped to the bed completed exhausted.

This time Blair made herself comfortable and positioned Martha’s head between her thighs. She eased Martha’s head towards the tip of her erection and said ”Suck.

Martha’s lips parted and she let the tip of Blair’s cock into her mouth. It tasted so good, and made her so mindlessly aroused. Blair had a hold of her head and was gently guiding it, up and down. Martha couldn’t move, or even think. She juts mindlessly bobbed her head up and down, sinking deeper onto Blair’s cock each time she went down.

She could feel the raw sexual energy building below the surface and mingling with Blair’s steadily approaching orgasm. Each time her head bobbed up and down she felt the pleasure building. She found it so incredibly arousing, knowing that she was helpless under Blair’s control and knowing that her body was pleasing Blair so.

She felt Blair’s cock begin the throb and tasted salty precum on her tongue. “Oh yes, please fill my mouth with your seed,” she thought as her head began to move faster, up and down, up and down, deeper and deeper. The first splash of cum hit the back of her throat, filling her body with sexual energy and filling her mouth with a wonderful musky flavor. Her head kept bobbing up and down, deeper and deeper, as powerful bursts of semen kept flowing into her insatiably cock-hungry mouth. She couldn’t swallow, so it all just dripped out her lips and down her chin.

By the time Blair was spent, a puddle of cum and saliva had formed at the base of her cock. She lifted Martha’s head gently off her shaft and onto her thigh.

You’ll be able to move again soon,” informed Blair. “The first thing you’ll want to do, when you see the mess you’ve created, is lick it up and swallow every last drop. Just take it easy for now though. Feel the rejuvenating energy coursing through you. Give your mind and body all the time it needs to wake up.

Martha blinked her eyes then stared hungrily at Blair’s cum covered crotch. She started licking, sucking, and swallowing. She didn’t stop until every last drop was gone. Blair was erect again by the time she was finished. Martha instinctively parted her lips and sank deep on Blair’s pleasure rod. She went down all the way to the base, and felt it filling up her throat. All she wanted to do was mindlessly pleasure her Mistress.

Wake up you cock hungry slut,” Blair said, pulling Martha’s head from her erection. “I think it’s time for a short break. Let’s get some snacks and water before we practice another shield spell. Besides, you’d be at that for hours before my body was ready to cum again.

They kept at it for several hours, pausing periodically to rest and rehydrate. Martha summoned a shimmering shell of prismatic light that only she could see. Then she slowly lost consciousness as her defenses crumbled under Blair’s attacks. When her hazy clouded mind couldn’t take anymore, her shield exploded in a shimmering display and she collapsed into blissful oblivion. Then Blair revitalized her with wonderful orgasmic touch that made her body and mind wake up so they could repeat the process all over again.

Each cycle exhausted her mind further and dropped her deeper into thoughtless oblivion. By the fifth time she was so worn out that she didn’t want to move, even after Blair replenished her magical energy. She just laid there and zoned out, staring at the ceiling fan as it spun round and round, feeling each deep breath move her chest up and down.

Eventually the girls got hungry and decided to go out. They tossed some ideas back and forth. Blair suggested ‘In-N-Out’. Martha wanted something fancier, and they settled on ‘Spiral Noodle Thai’. Blair loved the ambience of that restaurant. The walls there were lined with beautiful murals, that gave a rich visual history of Thailand. There was a table, right at the center of the Spiral Noodle Thai, with a perfect view of every mural. Blair told Martha to keep the ward on, just in case. The restaurant was only two blocks away, but it was a dark outside and Blair lived in a rough neighborhood.

The cool night air felt wonderfully refreshing after the hot and passionate day they’d had. They felt it relaxing and calming them with every breath they took. They took a shortcut down a back alley that ran behind the local liquor store. Halfway down the alley they heard a scared voice yelled out ”What the fuck!” then there was a loud slam. Moments later a young man walked down the alley carrying a 24 pack of beer in one hand and a grip of cash in the other. His hands looked strange, slimy and purple. He stared lustily at the girls and walked steadily towards them. Blair stepped defensively in front of Martha and tried to talk him down.

Listen buddy, you don’t want to mess with us. Just let us go on our way and you go on yours. Neil has always been a jerk to me, so I don’t care that you robbed his store. Let’s just forget about each other and call it a night.

The man had other plans in mind. He reached his fingers out toward Blair. They grew longer and thicker as they stretched and expanded into large slimy tentacles. Blair pictured her carnelian earrings in her mind’s eye and focused on that image. She wasn’t wearing those earrings, but if she spoke the incantation loudly and powerfully, she would still be able to invoke the magic.

Feel the fire, embrace the flammmgfph

Blair was cut off mid sentence as a tentacle shot forwards and penetrated her mouth. She bit down, hard, and swatted at a second tentacle that was reaching towards Martha. The tentacle in her mouth did not withdraw. It just wiggled and thrust in deeper. The tentacle she swatted wrapped around her hand and pulled it up into the air.

Fortunately she’d bought Martha enough time to invoke her ward. A third tentacle flew past Blair on the other side and deflected off Martha’s shield. Martha was safe, for now, but Blair was in trouble. All ten tentacles were working together to restrain her. She could hardly move, and with her mouth full she couldn’t invoke any spells. A tentacle had slithered under her panties and was probing against her ass. Another went up her shirt and squeezed her perky breasts.

Blair hated the fact that she was incredibly aroused right now. She wanted to immolate this creep, but all she could do was moan out in pleasure as the tentacles fucked her mouth, ass, and tits. A fourth tentacle rubbed against her crotch and wrapped around her growing erection. The sensations felt irresistibly erotic despite the fact that it grossed her out and pissed her off. It felt like her body was betraying her as she fought to keep her mind from succumbing to the pleasure.

Martha panicked for just a moment before realizing that she could save Blair. She had heard Blair starting to cast a spell. Maybe they could turn this fight around if she could get that tentacle out of Blair’s mouth. She reached for her pocket knife, and leapt forwards, slashing and stabbing. Her plan eventually worked, but it angered the tentacle man. He started smashing against her shield. His tentacles hit much harder than the dice she had been up against earlier.

WHAM! BAM! CRASH! Three rapid fire concussive strikes made a massive crack in her defenses. Adrenaline and desperation had amplified the power of her shield, but she couldn’t hold on for long. She was feeling lightheaded and her vision was blurry. Through all that she managed to keep stabbing at the tentacle invading Blair’s mouth.

When Blair saw Martha charge into the fray, she knew that she had found the perfect crime fighting partner. She tried to reach out and help, but she was helplessly immobile and cut off from her magic. The relentless rubbing and fucking was blanking out her mind with pleasure. When she realized which tentacle Martha was attacking, she focused on the mental image of her earrings. She needed to be ready the moment she could speak, but the overwhelming pleasure was making it hard to concentrate.

WHACK! SMACK! Martha staggered backwards, barely able to see, barely able to think. Her shield was practically falling apart, and her exhausted mind was at its limit. She stabbed down one final time, then BOOM! A heavy blow fractured her shield into a thousand tiny pieces. The last thing she heard before losing consciousness was Blair loudly chanting.

Feel the fire, embrace the flame, Hestia I call your name.

A pair of tentacles caught Martha before she could collapse to the pavement. One wrapped around her wrists, holding them tight above her head. Another wrapped around chest and began squeezing her ample breasts. Three more tentacles quickly followed, penetrating her ass, pussy, and mouth. They thrust in and out, in and out, violating every hole and filling her up so completely. She couldn’t do a thing, couldn’t move a muscle. All she could do was hang, suspended in the air, as the slimy tentacles relentlessly fucked all her holes.

The worst part was how her body responded to being violated. Her nipples were erect and her pussy was dripping wet. She was horny like a bitch in heat. It felt so good to be helpless and used like a mindless fucktoy. Her eyes drifted shut as she surrendered to the pleasure. That’s when she noticed the vibrating tendrils of purple light all around her. That vibrating energy was sending waves of pure pleasure through her body.

That’s it.” Cooed the tentacle man. “Give in to the pleasure of my touch. You can’t fight against it. Soon you will realize that you don’t want to fight against it. All you want to do is feel my- Oh God it Burns!

Sultry Girl superheated her hands and grabbed hold of two tentacles. She didn’t let go until she’d severed clean through. Then she found more tentacles to grab. In less than a minute she had her arms and legs free. Four of his tentacles were hanging limply to the side, another five were busy with Martha. The last one was lashing out at Sultry Girl, trying to hold her at bay. She dodge to the side, then countered with a fiery punch that left the tentacle lying limp.

She charged forward, intending to either knock out the tentacle man or force him to let go of Martha. He reached out with four of the tentacles and tried to restrain her, but she coated her body in flames and the tentacles recoiled in pain. She ducked down under two striking tentacles, then leaped up with a flaming kick. Two tentacles interceded to block the kick, and both of them fell flaccid to the floor. Tentacle man had had enough. He threw Martha high into the air and said ”Catch!” then he turned and sprinted down the alley.

Sultry Girl ran to catch Martha, and realized that she had a moment before her falling friend would land. She formed a ball of fire in her fist, then punched swiftly, sending the fireball flying towards her fleeing foe. Blair caught her friend just as the fireball caught the tentacle man. She gently laid Martha on the ground, then walked over to finish off the tentacle fiend. He was badly burned and knocked out cold. She decided to just turn him over to the cops and collect any reward out for his apprehension.

* * *

When Martha woke up, she was sitting at the table at the center of the Spiral Noodle Thai. Blair sat across from her, wearing an outfit that look singed and torn. The moment she could speak she said.

Oh my Goddess, You’re Sultry Girl! And that’s twice now you’ve saved my life.

I am indeed,” Blair replied. “And I seem to recall you saving my life tonight. Would you like to be my sidekick?

* * *