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The Adventures of Sultry Girl

Synopsis: Blair surrenders to Mistress Crimson

Chapter 6: Devious Surrender

Blair knew she couldn’t win the fight. Even if she could remove the Puppet Goo, Mistress Crimson was still a formidable martial artist. She didn’t need to win the battle though. That wasn’t the wager.

The cunning made it look like she was giving in because she wanted Tanya to believe it was over. The real reason her flames went dark was because she could only focus on a single pair of enchanted earrings at time.

What are you smiling about?” inquired Mistress Crimson. “You’ve lost. Does it make you happy to finally give in to my power?

I realized something,” Blair explained, as Tanya slowly approached. “I realized why you were so eager to fight me. It’s not because you need my earrings. That’s just an excuse. The other night at the dungeon, my lust spell amplified your desire to defeat me. I ended the spell on myself that night, but the effect still lingers in your mind. You’re still under my SPELL!

Tanya was taken aback by the sudden realization that she was in fact still under Blair’s lust spell. She didn’t usually go out of her way to challenge and conquer good people. Especially not through such coercive means. There was something special about Blair though, something that compelled her to use any means necessary to get what she wanted, something she couldn’t stop thinking about. Now she understood why.

Blair took advantage of the momentary reprieve. She concentrated, picturing the earrings in her mind’s eye. The image was so clear, twin pieces of coral, wrapped in that fine silver wire, dangling down below her ears. She focused on the image of those enchanting earrings slowly swinging, back and forth, as she chanted with magical intensity.

I dedicate this evening, to love, to lust, to passion, to the goddess Aphrodite, and to all things sexy and free.

Tanya felt Blair’s magic wash over her, like a wave of pleasure and passion caressing every inch of her skin, heightening her sensations and desires. Her eyes focused intently on Blair and determination filled her mind. She was determined to defeat and control this witch who’s spell she had fallen under.

Blair looked so helpless and submissive, kneeling there naked except for a fine coating of crimson. The rest of her clothes had dissolved under the power of the puppet goo. She had a look of lust and submissive surrender in her eyes, like she readily embraced her position, down on her knees. That look of was seductively captivating, but she couldn’t hide the sly smile of a cunning witch with a plan.

Your magic won’t save you,” Tanya declared as she stalked towards her prey. “You’re still coated in my puppet goo. All you’ve done is increase my desire to conquer you.

Blair could do nothing but helplessly kneel as Mistress Crimson walked over and drew back her hand. SMACK! She slapped Blair, hard, across the face. ”Submit!” She demanded with a WHACK, delivering a devastating backhand. Meanwhile her puppet goo caressed Blair’s sensitive nipples and stroked Blair’s growing erection, moving in time with every slap.

The helpless witch was swaying senseless from the staggering assault. SMACK ”Give in!” Every slap took her deeper under Mistress Crimson’s control. SLAP “Submit!” She felt so aroused and helpless. THWAP “Surrender!” She felt so wonderfully submissive WHACK “Concede!” Pleasure and pain overwhelmed her mind. SMACK “Bow Down!” She could hardly think straight. WHACK “Obey!

Please,” said Blair, leaning into her submissive urges and bowing her head in defeat. “Dominate me. Bend me to your will. Make me your obedient sex slave. Let me serve you and worship your sexy body.

Mistress Crimson grabbed Blair by the hair and locked eyes in a serious stare. She knew that the witch was trying to arouse her with seductive thoughts of having a magical sex slave for the evening, but she would much rather have a willing pleasure puppet. Tanya grabbed Blair by the chin and made that message very clear.

You don’t want to be my slave,” she began in a sweet and sinister voice. “Slaves are broken, exploited, and forced to serve their abusers. That’s not what you want. Is it? You’d rather be my willing pleasure puppet, eagerly obeying my every command because it feels so good to obey. Isn’t that right?

Yes,” Blair whimpered “Please. make me your lustful sex doll puppet eager to please and pleasure you however you like.

Tanya’s head was filling up with lustful thoughts, making it hard to think about anything else. She already planned to act on those desire, but first she had to win their little wager and show this witch who is boss. She pulled back her hand and struck hard with a series of slaps.

SLAP! SLAP! ”That’s right my pretty little plaything. Beg me to take control.” SMACK! WHACK! “Surrender to my control. Let your body give in. Let your mind give in.” SLAP! THWAP! “Tell me you’d do anything I ask. Tell me you’d do anything just to feel my control over you.

Yes,” Blair moaned out. “Oh Goddess yes. It feels so good when you take control of me. It feels so good when you make me your plaything. Please. need to feel more. Please Mistress. I’ll do anything you ask. Oh Please. Anything to satisfy your desires. Please Mistress. Anything to please you.

Tanya could feel the growing heat and wetness between her legs. The desire to turn Blain into her pleasure puppet had grown so strong that it was hard to think about anything else. She pushed those thoughts from her mind and focused on the task at hand.

That’s right puppet,” she said, caressing Blair’s burning cheeks and slowly lifting the witch to her feet. “You’ll do anything I ask, but you’ll need to do something for me before I let you worship my body. You must promise to give me your corral earrings and the lust spell.

Yes Mistress,” Blair replied. “I didn’t bring my earrings with me, but I have already given you the lust spell. I can see that it’s growing stronger in your mind, enhancing all your desires. That’s all that I can give you right now. Won’t you please make me yours. Please Mistress. It’s all I want. Oh please. It’s all I can think about.

Come with me,” Tanya demanded, wiggling her fingers and pulling on invisible strings.

Blair couldn’t help but crawl behind her, back into the empty nightclub.

The captive witch felt wonderfully enthralled as she crawled behind her Mistress. Every motion sent a wave of pleasure, emanating from the magic strings that pulled her. It felt like being massaged, by a thousand soft invisible hands, that buzzed with a tingling electricity. The waves washed over her in an instant, lighting up her entire body with pleasure and leaving her wanting more.

Blair crawled all the way to a comfy sofa where Tanya lay waiting. She knelt down on a pillow that was graciously provided, then looked up in anticipation.

Tanya towered over her and leaned down for a kiss. Her face stopped inches away, then flared with anger.

Don’t think you can fool me!” Tanya said, each word blasting a breath of hot air on Blair’s face.“You think you can seduce me, but you don’t realize that you’ve fallen under your own spell. You want to feel the sweet surrender of giving in to my power. You crave the pleasure I can give you, the joy of obedient submission. But you won’t feel that ultimate pleasure of surrender until you agree to hand over your corral earrings. Now I think it’s time to remind you who pulls the strings in this relationship.

Blair knelt there, paralyzed by the puppet goo, and couldn’t move a muscle as Tanya grabbed her by the chin. All she could do was FREEZE as Tanya’s lips pressed gently against hers. She felt a sweet and tender moment of pure joy, followed immediately by the sharp pain of clamps snapping down on her nipples.

Then she felt strings, pulling down on the clamps. Pulling her down. Down to her knees. Down to the ground. All the way down until her knees were fully bent and her eyes inches from the carpet.

Blair stared at the floor for a moment, then felt a foot in heels stepped down on top of her empty head. She wondered briefly if Mistress Crimson had worn those heels during the fight or formed them with puppet goo afterwards. Then her Mistress stepped down harder. She felt a wave of pleasure roll over her body, as she let her head sink all the way down. Her eyes closed tight instinctively, as her body shuddered with pleasure and desire to obey.

The cunning witch had never felt so helpless and aroused, so utterly controlled and dominated. Yet at the same time she was somehow powerful and in control. She could taste the raw sexual energy flowing out of Tanya and into her. That pure passionate power revitalized her with every act of dominance she submitted to. Blair leaned into her submissive urges, drawing strength as she urged Tanya into further acts of dominance.

Oh yes Mistress,” the lustful witch moaned. “Take control. Make me yours. Please Mistress. Bend me to your will. Dominate my mind. Oh Please. Make me obey. Turn me into your slutty little plaything. Can’t resist anymore. Need to please you. Need to worship your body.

That’s right, beg for me,” Mistress Crimson demanded. “This is where you belong. On your knees, under my feet, begging me to control you. Now kiss my foot and tell me your body belongs to me.

My body belongs to you,” Blair whimpered, kissing up from the bottom of Tanya’s heel. “I’m yours,” She moaned kissing down the top of Mistress’s foot. “I can’t think, of anything, except pleasing youmph-” She said, kissing each of Mistress Crimson’s toes.

Her subtly seductive words of worship were interrupted by Tanya’s toes, shoved into her open mouth.

Good girl.” Crimson cooed as she shoved her foot in deeper. “Shut up. Suck! and listen. You belong to me. You’re my little puppet, eager to feel the pull of my strings. Eager to please and obey me. Now repeat after me, and feel a wonderful wave of pleasure after each word you repeat. I’m a good girl for my Mistress.

I’m a good girl for my Mistress.” Blair repeated in a vacant monotone voice.

The defeated witch did not even realize that her mind had given in. Somewhere along the way, the pleasure and submissive thoughts made her drop deep into obedient puppet trance.

I love to obey her,” Mistress Crimson Continued. “I live to obey her.

I love to obey her, I live to obey her.” Blair mimicked in that monotone drone.

I promise to give you my corral earrings of lust.” Mistress Crimson finished. Then she watched Blair snapped to her senses at the mere mention of her earrings. There was a dynamic shift in her energy, triggered by a condition that she had held firmly in mind when she drifted off to that dreamy subspace.

You don’t need to win our wager,” Blair grew bolder with her suggestions. “That was just an excuse you made to challenge me. Now that you have me, nothing else matters. Not when you have a willing and obedient puppet here to fulfill your every desire. All you can think about is controlling me and making me please you. And it feels oh so good to control me, doesn’t it?

Tanya felt her resolve weakening as her arousal grew stronger with each passing second. She could feel her energy draining away into Blair’s spell, and she could sense that Blair’s resolve was growing stronger. The Crimson Mistress wasn’t sure if she could win their little wager, but maybe she didn’t have to. Maybe she could get exactly what she wanted while letting Blair have her victory.

You’re right,” Mistress Crimson agreed, sitting down on the couch and making herself comfortable. “This was always about defeating you and bending you to my will. You don’t want to give in completely today, and that’s okay. I respect your boundaries. I won’t make you lose our wager. You’re already my obedient puppet, on your knees, worshiping my feet. Slowly kissing up my leg, unable to stop yourself as you worship my sexy body.

Blair felt a tugging on the back of her head, pulling her upwards as she kissed every inch of Tanya’s dark black skin. She moved agonizingly slowly, kissing up from the ankle, then the calf. Her chest rubbed automatically against Tanya’s feet and legs and she wiggled seductively all the while. Her luscious kisses ascended all the way up the back of the knee, then lingered there giving blair a gorgeous view of Tanya’s inner thighs.

The helpless puppet watched in amazement, slowly kissing closer, as Tanya’s puppet goo parted at the crotch and revealed a perfect pussy. Blair licked her lips in anticipation as she slowly descended. Each kiss took her one step closer to those dreamy lips. Each kiss was a step down towards the mind numbing pleasure of obediently serving and pleasuring her Mistress.

Blair kissed all the way down and felt the wonderful pleasure of puppet goo rubbing and caressing her body. Her hands moved, all on their own, squeezing her breasts and stroking her cock. She wore a glazed over look of pure pleasure as her lips met Mistress’s pussy. Her tongue began to explore, circling outwards in little spirals, playfully teasing and feeling Tanya’s body shake with pleasure and need.

That’s right puppet. Lick it. Just like that,” Tanya moaned as Blair’s tongue flicked up and down on her clit. She closed her thighs, holding her puppet firmly in place.

The magic enhanced every sensation as Blair’s tongue moved with skill and precision. She felt Mistress’s body shaking with desire. Every flick of her tongue, up and down, made the pleasure grow.

The horny witch swirled and explored with her talented tongue, finding new rhythms and angle to lick from, each one more enjoyable than the last. She began to moan and lick faster, as she felt the pleasure building towards a climax. Each moans sent vibrations through her tongue, driving Tanya’s pleasure to new heights.

Good puppet,” Mistress Crimson encouraged. “Just like that. Make me cum!

Blair licked and moaned and stroked and rubbed, as Tanya moaned and squeezed. The pleasure kept on building so she moaned out.

Mistress Please. Please cum for me I need to feel you shake with pure delight.” Blair focused down on Tanya’s clit and licked with all her might.

Good puppet,” Mistress Crimson moaned, as she began to CUM. Her body felt such pleasure that it made her mind go numb. She shook and moaned and lost control but only for a while. Then she looked down at her puppet and she flashed a wicked smile.

The witch felt her head pulled away, and she could only stare, as the puppet goo sank down and formed a puddle in the air. That puddle shaped itself into a lifelike crimson cock. Then Blair’s head descended downwards and she felt a pleasant Shock.

The crimson phallus slid right in. She took it nice and deep, then gagged as endless waves of pleasure lulled her hazy mind to sleep. Her dreamy eyes closed for a moment and then opened up to find, that she was bent over the couch presenting her slutty behind.

Blair shook her head, trying to account for the lost time, then she moaned as her Mistress penetrated her ass. The magical crimson cock seemed to rub and vibrate from the inside, making her melt with pleasure at every THRUST. She moaned and rocked her hips in time with her Mistress letting her eyes roll back as her thoughts went blank once again.

I won’t make you lose our wager,” Mistress Crimson whispered sweetly in Blair’s ear as she passionately pounded her ass. “But we both know you’ll return to give in completely to my power. You’ll find some way to rationalize it your mind, a perfectly reasonable excuse to come back and submit to me. It might only make sense to you, but that won’t matter. What matters is that you will be back. Say it for me. Tell you’ll be back to give in completely to my power.

Yes Mistress,” Blair moaned out in a monotone voice, as that wonderful crimson cock THRUST into her ass. “I’ll be back, to give in completely to your power.

Good, girl,” Tanya said, accentuating each word with a powerful THRUST. “CUM! for! me!

The sultry witch shivered and shook with pleasure. She began to shoot thick strands of cum from her cock. Every deep hard thrust made the pleasure grow stronger, as her Mistress continued pounding in and out of her ass. Her eyes slipped closed and she lost track of time as she kept cumming for what felt like forever.

Sometime later she blinked her eyes open once more. She was kneeling on the floor, staring at the mess she’d made, and feeling an irresistible compulsion to lick it clean.

Tanya lay collapsed on the other seat of the couch with a look of satisfied exhaustion on her face. She whispered sweetly as Blair licked up the cum.

You win this round Sultry Girl, but I ask one favor of you before you go. Watch Michael Pinolva’s new campaign advertisement. Listen closely but keep your mind guarded. You’ll understand why I need to stop him. I make my move in 3 weeks time. Give me a call when you change your mind.

Blair entered Tanya’s number into her phone and walked off into the night. She got home safely and searched the web for the Pinolva’s new campaign ad. It simultaneously disgusted and horrified her.

The ad was filled with revolting rhetoric about a woman’s place in society and how the Homemaker act would fix the problems of Metro City by enforcing traditional family values. This was nothing new. Pinolva had always run on a sexist patriarchal platform.

The thing that horrified Blair was the noise she heard in the background. The dreadfully familiar mind numbing ticking of Dr. Sonic’s timepiece. “Oh crap” she thought “not this aga—”

Tick Tock Tick Tock

The effect was weaker through video, but thought stopping nonetheless. It was perfectly timed with the rhythmic waving of the Metro city flag and the repeated suggestion to reelect Michael Pinolva. “Fucking politicians” Blair fought angrily to resist. “You can’t just brainwash people into voting for your sexist propagan—”

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Blair felt an irresistible compulsion, sinking in. She knew that she would vote for Michael Pinolva and the Homemaker act.

The idea of voting for that slime bag was nauseating, but compelling nontheless. If the compulsion persisted, she knew, especially with repeated exposure, it would be difficult to resist on election day.

When the ad ended, Blair walked over to her altar. The witch picked up her half enchanted pendant of mental clarity. In two weeks time, the enchantment would be finished. Fortunately for her, the process of layering the enchantment gave temporary access to the magic once a night. She held the stones gently in her hands and chanted intently.

Presence of mind and force of will, let my thoughts by calm and still.

The words echoed in her mind as she chanted them again and again. Every repetition made her feel more aware, more alert, more conscious and focused. She was in control of her own mind and could easily push away the unwanted compulsion. She was wide awake and thinking clearly once again.