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The Adventures of Sultry Girl

Synopsis: Sultry Girl gets Bimbofied

Content Warning: This chapter has a rather intense brainwashing scene where Blair and the reader are bimbofied and given some very patriarchal views on a woman’s purpose in life. I remove all those suggestions at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 8: Bimbofier vs. Fire Bimbo

The next few days passed uneventfully for Sultry Girl and Lustry Lass. Then on Thursday Blair spent the morning alone. Martha didn’t show up for work, or call, or even text. By Sundown Blair was so worried that she was about to start a search. Then she received a heart shattering text message.

I’m resigning effective immediately, I’ll be by tomorrow to pick up my things and go.

What!?! Why? What’s happened?!”, Blair replied, but never got a response. She spent the rest of the day moping and puzzling over the text. It didn’t make sense. It was just so sudden and unexpected. The worst part was how impersonal it was. They had a loving relationship. Was that gone too? Blair didn’t sleep well that night. She kept going over all the questions that she needed to ask tomorrow when Martha showed up to ‘pick up her things’.

In the morning Martha showed up looking particularly perky. She skipped through the door wearing a ditzy grin from ear to ear. Her face was dolled up in a fake plastic smile with more make up than she would usually wear in a week. Her top was so was so low cut that her nipples were on display.

What’s going on Martha?” asked Blair, in a voice filled with confusion and arousal. Her gaze kept dropping down to Martha’s bouncing jiggling boobies. They were almost as distracting as the way that Martha’s ass seemed to be falling out the bottom of her shorts.

I found my true purpose in life!” Martha replied with a giggle and a grin. “I exist to serve men by worshiping cocks. So do you. That’s the true purpose of all women.

Okay first of all that’s sexist as fuck and you’re better than that.” Blair began to speak heatedly. “Secondly, not all men have cock-” she trailed off when she realized that her words were falling on deaf ears.

Martha had already slipped away. She sauntered to the office, then bent over her desk and wiggled her ass in the air as she slowly gathered her things. Blair zoned out for a moment, dissociating about how her lover could say such hurtful and sexist things. Meanwhile Martha’s soft and squishy behind swayed seductively, back and forth. Blair couldn’t help but stare blankly, watching thoughtlessly as Martha’s beautiful booty bounced and swayed and wondering whether this was all just a dream.

You can like, mail my last check here.” Martha said, handing Blair a business card and walking towards the door.

But I pay you cash by the-” Blair began, then she realized that words were pointless here. Something was seriously wrong with Martha. This was a completely different person. People don’t just change like that overnight. And what was with those lifeless eyes and the extremely sexualized outfit. It was like her lover had been brainwashed and turned into a hyperhorny fuckslut. Wait. What if she had been?

Blair rushed to her altar and grabbed the pendant of mental clarity. She handed it to Martha and said ”Babe, I know you’re still in there somewhere. I need you to focus for me and repeat after me. Presence of mind-

Oooh pretty,” Martha interrupted her with a giggle as she put the chain around her neck. The shiny stones and sparkling silver looked fascinating between Martha’s magnificent breasts, but the pendant’s magic would not reach her unless Blair could make her say the incantation. The fascinating stones did nothing to stop her from walking out the door. Thankfully the door handle did.

Is this what it takes to get through to you?” Blair screamed, unzipping her pants as Martha struggled to remember how the door handle work. She reached into her panties and pulled out her erection, then she grabbed her lover by the hair and directed Martha’s gaze downwards.

Martha’s eyes lit up when she saw Blair’s cock. She instantly dropped down to her knees as if she’d been programmed to obediently sink, all the way down to the ground, the moment she saw a big hard cock.

You got, like, such a big cock,” she said, seductively licking her lips. “Could I please, um, suck it for you and like, swal, um, uh. Drink your cum like a good girl?

Yes,” answered Blair. “But you should know that I can only cum for good girls who say a very special rhyme. You want to be a good girl and make me cum don’t you?

Yes Sir,” Martha replied, parting her lips and taking the tip of Blair’s erection into her mouth. She swirled her tongue in a little circle, tasting and teasing the tip before sinking all the way down to the base.

Blair cringed a little when Martha called her sir. Then a wave of pleasure made her knees grow weak. She lost herself for a moment in the blissful sensation, moaning and rocking her hips unconsciously, as she enjoyed Martha’s skilled and eager tongue. Then she looked down at those dull and lifeless eyes, and remembered that she had to make Martha cast the spell.

You want to be a good girl and taste my cum don’t you?” Asked Blair

Yemmph Sirmmf” Martha answered, her mouth still full of cock.

Good girl.” Blair replied, pulling out so that Martha could speak clearly. “Now repeat after me. Presence of mind and force of will, let my thoughts be calm and still.

Press—, um... er, since, of mind and force of will, let my thoughts be calm and still.” Martha repeated, then she took Blair’s cock back into her mouth as the pendant began to glow blue. She felt something click in the back her mind as the magic made her suddenly aware of and able to easily resist all the hypnotic suggestions and programming she’d been given.

“Where am I? and why do I have a cock in my mouth?” She thought to herself as the memories of the day began to return in reverse. She remembered seeing Blair’s cock and being instantly overwhelmed by a blissfully obedient desire to suck and serve. “Is this some kind of kinky hypnotic roleplay? Is that why I’m dressed up like this?” Then she remembered gathering her things and quitting. That didn’t make sense, why would she do and say those things. Then the rest of her foggy memories returned all at once.

I’m sorry,” she cried. “I didn’t mean to say those things. That wasn’t me. You gotta believe me. They took me off the street, and they did something to my head, and I lost control, and just couldn’t think straight, and I almost left you. I’m so sorry.

Shhhh, it’s okay,” Blair cooed, hugging Martha tight. “I’ve got you, and you have control again. Focus on the fact that you’re safe here with me and let go of all your worries. I know this wasn’t your fault. For now you just need to take some deep breaths to clear your head. When you’re ready I want you to tell me everything you remember. Help me find the bastards who did this so that we can make them pay.

They spent the rest of the day discussing what happened, cuddling, and plotting their revenge. Martha remembered being taken to a hotel but she didn’t see which one. She recalled riding an elevator down. They rode all the way down to the third story basement, then pressed a secret switch and dropped even deeper down into a hidden laboratory. There she was strapped into a strange machine, fastened in place with a screen in front of her eyes. A man named Brent spoke to Her. She remembered his words in vivid detail.

My Bimbofication machine is going to rewrite your mind, and then you’re going to lure you’re little friend Sultry Girl into a trap. Honestly I think this petty revenge project is beneath me, but Dr. Sonic was very insistent and his research is vital to our plans. That’s why you’re going to become a brainless bimbo slut who exists to please men. You might be wondering, why bother telling you all this? You won’t remember any of it. I suppose I just want to see the horrified look on your face as you slowly accept your fate. But don’t worry, you’ll love your new life. You won’t be able to not love it. Huahaha.

He pressed a button on a computer and everything after that was a hazy blur. Sometime later she woke up as a different person. She was given instructions to collect her things, hand Blair the business card, and return to the hotel. She obediently followed those instructions because a smart man told her to do so. The business card was for “Pinolva International Hotel and Spire” owned by Michael Pinolva and operated by one of his cruelest lackeys, Brent Kavaski.

It was clearly a trap. He even said it was a trap. But that didn’t stop Blair from wanting revenge. If anything it just made her angrier. She wouldn’t act on that anger however, not until she had a plan. Not when she was up against such powerful opponents. She did her planning, and research, and even came up with a contingency plan in case things went horribly wrong.

In order to prepare that contingency plan, Blair would need someone to hypnotize her and place a trigger deep in her subconscious. To do it properly she would need a powerful friend whom she trusted completely with the inside of her mind. She knew that Cheshire could accomplish the task, though he probably wouldn’t like it, but she was still too mad to at him to want to owe him a favor.

Instead Blair decided to ask Mistress Crimson. She brought along her corral earrings of lust, to offer as a trade. Blair would lend out her earrings to use against Pinolva. If Tanya would place the trigger to use against Kavaski. It was a win-win situation for everyone at this point. Pinolva had already made the first move, so Blair wasn’t worried about him tracing the magic back to her.

* * *

Damn Blair,” Mistress Crimson exclaimed, after listening to Martha’s story and hearing Blair’s request. “That’s fucking savage. Remind me to never piss you off. This guy deserves it though. I’ll do it.

They chatted for a while, about the best way to place that particular trigger, and then about coordinating their strikes against Pinolva. Blair apologized for taking so long to help. Tanya apologized for being so pushy the other night at the night club. They agreed to just look past that and try to be allies moving forward.

When they were ready Blair laid down on a massage table and made herself comfortable. The table was soft and squishy, allowing Blair to easily sink into a relaxing position. She took several deep breaths, letting her mind go quiet as she waited for Tanya to begin. Then a warm and gentle tingling sensation covered her back and flowed across her body as Mistress Crimson poured a coating of puppet goo.

Just relax for me now,” cooed the Crimson Mistress. “Embrace my magic as I coat your body in my puppet goo, and let the pleasure and relaxation guide you down into a blissful slumber. Let every breath you draw you deeper under my power.

Blair felt her mind going numb as the puppet goo massaged her body. It was like being pampered by a dozen trained masseuses with soft and supple hands that slowly caressed all the thoughts from her mind as wonderful waves of pleasure lulled her deeper down into blissful oblivion. She let go of all her thoughts and gave in to that blank obedient sensation . Tanya’s words seemed to fade away while simultaneously being absorbed as enticingly irresistible commands.

That’s right, good girl, just like that. Just follow my words as my power washes over your body and pulls you into blank dreamy thoughtlessness. Let every word drop you deeper down until the world just fades away and all that matters is my voice and the hazy submission you feel as you submit to my will.

Everything turned into a blur after that, and three hours passed by in the blink of an eye. Blair remembered every moment of it, from the seductive techniques Mistress Crimson used to deepen the trance, to the trigger she set and the sexy times she spent on her knees practicing and reinforcing the suggestions. After the third successful trial they decided that the trigger was set. They went their separate ways, with plans to meet up the following evening.

The next day Blair went to Pinolva Hotel and Spire intending to charge headfirst into their trap, showing little sign of any foresight or planning.

Meanwhile Mistress Crimson went to the Pinolva Palace to have a business meeting with Michael Pinolva. She borrowed Blair’s earrings to help get him alone afterwards.

* * *

I have a two o’clock meeting with Brent Kavaski,” Blair Lied to the receptionist, then she carefully watched the young man’s fingers type a password into a computer. She might have been able to use that information to look at Brent’s Itinerary if this wasn’t a trap.

Ah, Miss Spellstone,” The receptionist replied. “Mr. Kavaski has been expecting you. Please follow me to the elevators.

Blair followed along obediently, playing along with his little game because she had an ace up her sleeve. They got into a glass elevator together and rode it all the way up to the penthouse suite. She was too focused on her mission to notice the fascinating view of Metro city sprawled out below as they rapidly ascended.

There was a pleasant ding when they reached the top of the spire, then they walked into the biggest office Blair had ever seen. At the far end of the roomsat an old white man in a three piece suit with a blue tie. He had salt and pepper hair parted to the far right side of his face.

Miss Spellstone,” Brent said with a cheerful smile. He walked around his desk and greeter her with an outstretched hand.

Mr. Kavaski,” Blair replied, looking him in the eyes and shaking his hand while quietly chanting a spell. “Fire and Water earth and air, gather around me and prepare, to shield my form from hurt and pain, until I’m safe and sound again.” Brent showed no indication of noticing her words. That was a good sign. It meant that her contingency plan might actually work.

It’s such a delight to have a hero like Sultry Girl in my office,” Brent coyly stated while taking a seat. “To what honor do I owe this visit?

Cut the crap Kavaski,” Blair demanded, slamming her fist on the desk. “You did something horrible to my lover. I need her back to normal. You’re going to fix Martha, or I’m going to fix you.

Brent just chuckled for a moment, then he pulled out a tranquilizer gun and fired it at

Blair’s chest. The dart contained a sleeping agent powerful enough to knock out an elephant, but it reflected harmlessly off an invisible shell of magic. Brent’s confident smile turned into panic as the missile deflected wide, then he stealthily stepped on a secret button underneath the desk.

Is that all you got?” Blair laughed, as she leapt over the desk and aimed a flying kick. Her kick might have knocked the wind from his lungs and even shattered some ribs if it weren’t for the fact that his chair slid aside at the last possible moment. Her foot caught the edge of his seat as he slid across the room and disappeared through a secret panel on the wall.

There was a loud thunk as the panel slid shut, followed by a hissing sound as the room filled up with gas. Blair might have been able to melt her way through that panel if she had already cast the spell. Instead she lost several precious seconds of oxygen chanting. ”Feel the fire, embrace the flame oh Hestia I call your name. Eternal hearth burning so bright, grant me your sacred fiery might.

Sultry Girl felt lightheaded and dizzy as the fog filled up the room. She staggered haphazardly towards the secret panel as billows of smoke clouded her vision. Drowsy sensations filled her body, making her feel so very comfortable and heavy. It was like being surrounded by a soft warm blanket squeezed just tight enough to relax every muscle into drowsy sedation.

The fiery witch managed to burn through two whole inches of the three inch thick steel plated door before the gas got to her head. It felt like breathing in a cloud of brainfog that slowly drained away all her thoughts and filled her vacant mind with a dense foggy sensation like dropping down in slow motion through a cloud of marshmallow fluff. Every breath made her sink deeper down into that soft and fluffy cloud until she reached the very center and found a blank and vacant void, empty and quiet in all directions like a hypnotized mind in a deep dreamy trance.

* * *

Blair blinked her eyes and shook herself awake. Her head was pounding and dizzy from the knock out gas. She felt cool metal on her wrists and ankles, and a pair of dildos in her mouth and ass. The only thing she could see was a curved screen in front of her face displaying a pink and red spiral that endlessly swirled, drawing her attention ever inwards towards the center of the spiral. Words flashed in white text in the center but they went by too quickly to read.

She tried to reach up and remove the screen, but her arms were locked firmly in place. She closed her eyes instead and tried to focus on clearing her thoughts. If her head would stop pounding for just a moment then she might be able to cast her fire spell again, but she didn’t want to do that right now for reasons that she wasn’t quite awake enough to understand. There must have been a good reason not to fight back against the swirling vortex of colors that glowed through her closed eyelids in a faint display of dazzling-

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Blair blinked her eyes open and stared at the swirling screen. The words were so much easier to read when she just zoned out and stared. “Serve Men Suck Cock” the pretty screen told her. She instinctively sucked on the dildo in her mouth and was instantly rewarded with pleasure. The dildo in her ass began to buzz and thrust deep inside her as a sweet delicious nectar filled her mouth. It was thick and musky like cum while tasting like the most delicious flavor that her drowsy mind could imagine. Drinking it made her feel hazier, dizzier and ditzier like she was sipping on a mind control drug.

“I am drinking a mind control drug” The dizzy witch realized. She stopped sucking immediately and closed her eyes again. The liquid stopped flowing and the dildo in her ass turned off. Her head cleared up a little but she could still see that swirling spiral through her eyelids. Even worse she could still hear that thought stoppin-

Tick Tock Tick Tock

“Serve Men Suck Cock” She read and started sucking down the sweet delicious nectar again. The cock in her ass leapt to life and started thrusting and vibrating sending waves of pleasure crashing through her horny needy body. As the pleasure lulled her mind into obedient thoughtlessness she zoned out and noticed a second message flashing on the swirling spiral.

“Brains are for men. My thoughts stop again.” The two sentences flashed back to back. Blair tried to fight against it. She tried to tell herself that she wasn’t a brainless bimbo and that girls could be smart too, but no matter how hard she tried to focus that thought just wouldn’t stay in her-

Tick Tock Tick Tock

“Serve Men Suck Cock” Blair eagerly sucked on the big hard cock and swallowed the delicious cum that just kept spewing forth from within. The taste of cum on her tongue made her feel so happy and hazy and obedient. Her head bobbed eagerly, sucking more and more as the wonderful vibrating cock thrust in and out of her ass.

“Brains are for men. My thoughts stop again.” Blair giggled when she thought about how much her mind had been stopping lately. Maybe brains were just for men. Maybe she was just a horny bimbo slut like the fascinate screen kept telling her as it covered her vision in a dazzling display of spiraling pink that just kept swirling round and down endlessly forever into the dark and dreamy depths where she could zone out and focus so easily on the words.

No!” Blair yelled out to whoever might be listening. “I will not let you turn me into a mindless bimbo slav-

Tick Tock Tick Tock

“Breasts bring blank bliss” a new message flashed up on the screen and then there was a whirring sound of a pump being turned on. Moments later Blair felt the most incredible sensation like her brains were being sucked out through her nipples as the air slowly drained from the suction cups around her breasts. She knew that the strange symbols on the screen were teaching how to feel this blank blissful pleasure every time her breasts were played with.

Blair started sucking instinctively without any prompting from the screen. The wonderful cum flowed forth once more and drowned her thoughts in liquid ecstasy as the hazy feeling crept back into her brain. The resistant voice in her head felt so weak that she could barely fight back against the mind numbing pleasure of the vibrating cock thrusting deeper into her ass and fucking her into docile submission.

She tried to keep fighting back. She tried to keep waking her mind, but every time she managed to focus on a thought-

Tick Tock Tick Tock

“Serve Men, Suck Cock.” The mantras repeated endlessly as voices she couldn’t quite comprehend whispered erotic instructions in her ears about how good it felt to be a thoughtless bimbo slut.“Brains are for men. My thoughts stop again.” Blair felt her mind FREEZE up as she sucked on the dildo and embraced the empty headed feeling from the cum she was learning to crave. “Breasts bring blank bliss” The mesmerizing screen was proven correct as the last ounce of resistance drained out through the soon to be bimbo’s bountiful breasts.

“Brains are for men. My thoughts stop again.” Hours passed by as Blair just kept staring and sucking obediently. “Serve Men, Suck Cock.” She knew that the programming was sinking deeper into her hazy mind with every drop of delicious cum she swallowed, and that thought turned her on so much that she couldn’t help but bob her head obediently. “Breasts bring blank bliss” She was learning so many important lessons from the screen about her purpose in life as a ditzy cock worshipping bimbo slut.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Time lost meaning as Blair embraced the bimbofying machine that was slowly turning her into a hyperhorny fuckslut whose sole purpose is to serve men. She blanked out completely as the pleasure of obedient surrender overwhelmed her ability to form memories. She obediently accepted and forgot her conditioning as the machine slowly programmed her mind with a fake bimbo personality.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Something was different, but the ditzy bimbo was too blissed out and cum drunk to figure out what. She looked around for the first time at the strange laboratory filled with high tech gadgets that a silly bimbo like her was too dumb to understand. A handsome man stood in front of a strange black box that had lots of thick black strands sticking out the back. Some of them connected to other black boxes and others connected to the wall.

The man’s hands were moving and clicking on a strange rectangular plate as he stared at a glowing screen. Unfortunately, his screen was filled with weird symbols, and didn’t have any pretty spirals for the ditzy bimbo to look at. Fortunately the man turned around and gave her something even better to stare at. Her gaze dropped down to the bulge in his pants and her mind filled up with dreamy desires to serve. She wanted to walk over and ask to suck his cock, but her arms and legs wouldn’t move.

Hi there,” He said with a smile. “My name is Brent, Brent Kavaski. What’s your name?

My name is, uh. I, um” The thoughtless ditz stammered, barely able to think of what a name meant, let alone remember her own. “I don’t know.

That’s okay, you don’t need a name,” He said with patronizing laugh that made her giggle. “I can call you whatever I want. How about I call you Slutty Girl.

Teehee,” The slutty girl giggled in reply. “I am a slutty girl.

That’s right, you’re my slutty girl,” Brent said. Then he clicked some more on the plate and the bimbo’s chair made a clunk.“Now tell me Slutty Girl what’s your purpose in life?

I exist to serve men by worshipping cocks,” The empty headed slut replied automatically. Then she got up from the chair and stepped closer to the attractive man, blissfully oblivious to the fact that she had been bound moments ago. She licked her lips as she stared at fascinating bulge in the dreamy man’s pants.

Good girl,” Brent replied, and Blair felt a wave of pleasure wash over her. “Now drop to your knees for my cock.

The slutty girl knelt without needing to think about it. She sank down instantly and effortlessly then leaned her head towards his alluring crotch. With eager hands she freed his powerful manhood from the confines of his pants. Then she wrapped her lips around the tip and sank into obedient submissive bliss. He said something dreamy and seductive to her, but she was too cock drunk to understand the words.

Yes sir,” she happily agreed as she sucked and licked like a good girl should. She knew those were the only words she ever needed when she had a cock in her mouth. Before long she felt him throbbing and pulsing. The taste of his precum reminded her of a silly little rhyme that repeated loudly in her brain. She felt compelled to silently chant those words silently as she sucked, getting a word or two in each time her mouth emptied out.

Feel the fire mmmphf embrace the flame, oh hmmphf Hestia I call your name. Eternal hmmphf hearth burning so bright, grant mmmphf me your sacred fiery might.

When the spell was complete she felt a compulsion to take his cock deep into her throat and then gather every ounce of her magical energy into her mouth. She didn’t understand why the man started screaming. Nor did she comprehend why his cum was boiling hot as it dripped out of her mouth. She most certainly couldn’t fathom why a second rhyme came to her head, but she said it nonetheless.

Presence of mind and force of will, let my thoughts be calm and still,” Blair confidently stated. Her mind began to wake from the intense brainwashing. She was suddenly aware of all the triggers and conditioning that the Bimbofier tried to make her forget. Blair knew that she’d been given countless triggers and suggestions to serve men, worship cock, and fall back into that bimbo state. She was disgusted by the awful conditioning, and felt determined to remove it from her mind.

Presence of mind and force of will, let my thoughts be calm and still,” Blair repeated the mantra again and the spell gave her strength, power, and clarity. With a little presence of mind and some force of will she was able to easily resist and remove all the unwanted conditioning. She knew that her magic would be there to give her strength and clarity if Brent or his lackeys ever tried to use the bimbofying triggers against her again.

When Blair was done chanting and reclaiming her mind, she looked down and saw Brent lying passed out on the floor. His hands were clasped on his crotch and he wore a shocked expression of agony on his face. She smiled and left him there, deciding that he had suffered quite enough for one day.

A desk in the corner of the room contained Blair’s missing jewelry, along with a file labeled “Pinolva Pleasure Paradise.” Blair absconded with the file, deciding to read through it later after escaping the hotel. She went home and celebrated her victory with Martha. Then later in the evening she learned some terrible news at her meeting with Mistress Crimson.