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Agent with Immunity

The Florist.

Suburban London, a few years in the future:

Agent Jason Sim stepped out of his car into the pouring London rain. He pulled his collar up around his neck as he walked to other side of the street, and to the sheltering canopy above the entrance to a block of flats. A dozen or so doors further down the street was a florist’s shop with a row of windows above it; this was Jason’s target.

Rain rattled on the metal above Jason’s head as he ran through his plan in his head. When he was totally calm and ready, he looked up and down the street. No one outside in weather like this. Perfect, no witnesses.

He walked to the door, hearing a familiar buzzing in his ears getting louder as he approached. The Florist’s sign read “closed” and the blinds were down. Through them, Jason could see that the shop was empty – containing only empty vases and a few dead flowers on the counter. It looked abandoned. He straightened his collar, and knocked. No-one answered, so he knocked again, more insistently.

After a few moments a woman in her twenties opened the door. She was beautiful, with pale skin and red hair. She had bare feet and was wearing a dressing gown. There was a pink flush to her white cheeks. But the first thing Jason noticed about her was her beautiful green eyes. They were totally glassy, and she was staring emptily at nothing in particular just over his shoulder. When she spoke, she sounded preoccupied and vague, but had a melodic Irish accent. As if repeating something she’d been told to say, she dreamily said; “Sorry… we’re closed.” She then smiled sleepily and moved to close the door.

“Just a minute,” Jason said, smiling, and showing her his false ID. “I’m here to take a reading from your electricity meter. Are you the owner of this shop?”

“Uh.. yes, I am.” she said, sounding confused. She then blinked at him as if unsure about what to say, and her vacant expression flickered for an instant.

“Great,” said Jason, stepping past her into the shop. “By the way, is there a man called Michael Hereford here?”

“Um…” the woman said, but before she could answer a man had entered the room from upstairs. Five ten, brown hair, beard, in his thirties, scar on his face. Meets the description, Jason thought.

The man looked extremely surprised; “Claire, who the hell is this?”

Her white forehead wrinkled in confusion, as if every thought was an effort. “He’s here to read the electricity meter…”

“Michael Hereford?” Jason interjected.

“What the fuck?” the man said, pulling out a strange looking device and levelling it at Jason. It looked like a gun.

Jason nodded. “I thought so,” he said, just as the man pulled the trigger…

Jason was a government employee; not exactly a spy and not exactly a policeman, although his job was really a mixture of the two. He tracked down and stopped illegal users of mind control technology.

Ever since a disastrous security breach at a government laboratory had let a working prototype slip into the wrong hands, mind control devices had been turning up all over the country; sometimes in the hands of people with links to organised crime or corporate fraud but more often than not just some random person who had a bit of engineering know-how and wanted a private collection of sex slaves.

Occasionally the blueprints ended up online, and although the sites were quickly shut down there was usually enough time for a few more people to download the plans to make their own mind control devices. No-one knew how many of these devices now existed in the UK or the world. It was Jason Sim’s job to track these people down, arrest them and rescue their victims. He was good at it, and the main reason for this was that some people were resistant to mind control devices; and 1 in 100 were immune. People like Jason.

…Michael Hereford’s strange gun glowed blue and sent a pulse straight into Jason’s chest. Other than a strange heat as the pulse washed over him, he felt nothing. His mind was still functioning perfectly. With one fluid motion he pulled out his tranquiliser gun and fired a shot into Michael the mind controller, who looked as shocked about Jason’s ability to resist his device as he did about the dart sticking out of his neck. He keeled over backwards and hit the floor hard.

Jason turned round quickly to look at Claire, who just stood there in her gown looking puzzled. So, Michael hadn’t ordered his slaves to protect him if he was attacked. That was always a relief.

Jason holstered the tranquiliser and drew another gun. This one looked similar to Michael’s, but was sleeker and better maintained.

“What’s going on?” Claire asked, “Master?” she added, looking down at Michael’s body with a look of bewildered concern behind her vacant mask.

“Claire, look at me,” said Jason, as she turned and stared down the barrel of the gun.

“Master?” she said again in distressed voice. Her big eyes were open wide, as alert as Jason had seen them. She looked up at him with fear just visible behind her glazed eyes.

“Shh, soon all will be clear,” Jason said, flashing her a reassuring smile as he pulled the trigger.

Claire simply let the blue glow wash over her. She wasn’t trying to fight it, she just stood compliantly as the last trace of concern left her and her face slackened into a dumb look of total docility.

Jason worked quickly; “Obey all my commands and answer my questions quickly and to the best of your knowledge.”

“Yes...” Claire said, eyes fluttering as her mind absorbed Jason’s words as her own thoughts.

“Are there any more people who use these guns or devices in the building?”

“No,” Claire relied – that was another relief. Jason’s research had shown that to be the case, but he didn’t want any nasty surprises.

“Did he come here and use that gun to force you to be his sex slave?”

Claire nodded, her gown slipping to reveal a white shoulder. Jason was again struck by how beautiful she was. Jason stared at the widening gap and her pale skin as he asked; “Are there other mind control devices in the building?”


“How many in total?”

“Two,” this was what Jason suspected. The gun was one, and the other was the cause of the strange buzzing in his ears; an omni-directional low-power box device designed to keep your slaves’ docile, unthinking and obedient—and make anyone trying to visit the florist’s shop pass by unthinkingly. On its own the gun would only last for a few hours. The box explained Claire’s empty expression.

“How long has it been since Michael came here and began controlling you?”

“Two weeks.” Two weeks. This made sense. A few days for the agency to notice anything odd (Michael had been bragging about his device in a nightclub, the idiot, and had even used it on a few women there to show off to his friends. If you don’t want to get caught, you have to be discreet.) After that, a few more day’s research were all that was needed to be sure and receive the order to move in.

“Are there other people being controlled.”


“Tell me how many; then tell me their gender, how long they’ve been here and whether they are dangerous or if they are all just sex slaves like you.”

“Three, all women, they have been here for two days, and they are all just sex slaves like me.” Claire answered simply and robotically, delivering the humiliating answer without a trace of emotion.

“So he changed his other slaves every few days but kept you for the full two weeks?”

“Yes.” So, he was using her shop and house as his home, and bringing round new women to fuck in Claire’s bed. And she submissively let him do whatever he wanted. Such are the wonders of mind control technology, Jason thought.

“Are the others upstairs?”


Okay, thought Jason, the threat’s neutralised. He breathed a sigh of relief. Claire’s gown had now slid down far enough to reveal the curve of a breast, and Jason reached forward and gently pulled the gown open to reveal both of her full, round breasts. Her pink nipples perked up against the sudden cold. Claire had been given no commands, so she simply allowed Jason to do as he wished without reacting, arms by her sides. She was quite something, Jason thought, breasts proudly on display, eyes blank, her red hair framing her beautiful face and ending on the upper curves of her naked breasts. His cock twitched in his trousers.

I’ll deal with her last, Jason thought. “Stay right here,” he instructed Claire.

“Yes… master,” she replied, easily resuming her submissive role with Jason.

When Jason went upstairs he found all three women lying on the same bed, just as glassy eyed and servile as Claire, all naked and awaiting instruction from Michael. He performed the ritual he’d performed a million times before as easily as a policeman delivers an arrested criminal’s rights.

He shot them with his gun, removed all memory of the last few days, telling them that they had been ill and this is the explanation they will use if asked, and told them to leave and resume their ordinary lives. They got dressed, filed downstairs past the still-half naked Claire and left, carrying out Jason’s last command by gradually regaining their self-awareness as they got further from the shop, as if emerging from a dream.

Jason found the omni-directional box and switched it off, packing it and Michael’s gun into plastic evidence bags. Both of them were good quality, Michael was either a clever engineer, or knew someone who was. Jason bound Michael’s arms and feet and checked the dart to make sure that Michael would be asleep for a good few hours yet, and finally turned his attention back to Claire.

Now that the box was off she looked more alert and her green eyes appeared bright, much more like a woman who was under no one’s control; but then again she was standing patiently in the middle of the room, naked to the waist with her breast pert and exposed in front of a man she’d just met.

Jason said; “Claire, soon you’ll no longer be a slave, tell me you’d like to thank me.”

“I’d like to thank you, Master,” Claire said, her Irish accent sounding lovely now it was freed from the influence of the thought-dampening box. Of course, her thoughts were still not hers.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Jason said, motioning for Claire to go first.

This would never have been possible in the days when he worked with a partner, Jason thought. But now, with more and more of these devices being discovered and the agency struggling to cover all the cases with its few agents, he could allow himself a little indulgence as a reward for the risk of a solo mission.

As Claire climbed the stairs in front of him, Jason tugged her gown all the way down. What he saw made his cock grow and tent in his pants. Claire’s beautiful ass was round and full, and flexed magnificently as she climbed the stairs, but nestled between the two smooth globes was a black butt-plug. She had her ass clenched to hold it in place, and she didn’t even break her step as the gown was pulled away. She had been wearing it all this time, Jason though, right from when she’d come to answer the door.

He led her through to her bedroom and ordered her to turn around, now fully naked. She was stunning, with her full breasts and white skin down to the thin strip of pubic hair which showed she was a natural redhead. Her hips were wide, and her skin was smooth and even. Most beautiful of all was her perfectly calm face, free of any concern at all and her mouth at rest, with two dimples in her cheeks; she was a happy person, and probably smiled all the time when she wasn’t controlled. Lucky for her that Jason was here to rescue her. Eventually.

He stepped towards her and ordered her to kiss him passionately, her lips parting and her tongue darting out as she obeyed. Jason watched see her eyes close beatifically as she kissed him, her mind concerned only with obeying her new master.

Jason’s hands slid up and down Claire’s naked body, her firm skin delightfully cool and soft. Her breasts pushed into his chest, and he let his hand snake round to her ass, squeezing both firm globes before resting his had on her butt plug. As she pressed her lips against his he gave the butt plug a twist, causing her to gasp, and he felt her hot breath blow across his face. She resumed kissing, despite the shock, in line with her command.

His hand began to move between her legs, stroking her thighs.

“Become aroused,” Jason ordered. “Part your legs.”

The cool skin became warmer as his hand slowly travelled upwards until it rested directly between Claire’s legs, on her pussy. He ran a finger down her slit, and felt his hand becoming damp as he massaged her soft, wet skin.

“Moan for me,” he commanded. Immediately Claire let out a soft moan, tinted with her accent.

He began to rub her more vigorously, her juices running down her thighs and onto his hand by the time he inserted a finger into her wet pussy. He pushed in and pulled out of her slit, with her moaning becoming louder and her breath more laboured as he slipped another finger into her pussy.

“Come close to orgasm,” he ordered.

She shuddered as she submitted to his orders, and she began to grind her mound onto his hand, her pale skin flushed with excitement and lust as she came close to orgasm.

“Cum on my command, not before,” Jason said, and Claire’s moans took on a more plaintive edge, obeying him even as he denied her the orgasm she craved. Her flushed face was upturned, eyelids fluttering. Her breaths became short and urgent and she shook with the effort to obey and not cum. Suddenly, Jason stopped and withdrew his hand. Claire thrust at the air futilely, whimpering and longing for the friction of Jason’s fingers against her clit.

“Look at me,” he ordered. She opened her eyes and gazed at him, her submissiveness towards him heightened as he denied her climax. He reached out and stroked her breasts, pulling her nipples and causing her to gasp.

“Get down on our knees,” Jason ordered, and she immediately complied, never breaking eye contact as she had not been given permission to do so. She turned her face upwards and the docile expression never left her face.

“Take out my cock and give me a blowjob.” Jason simply ordered. He was now very hard, and his trousers bulged at the same level as Claire’s face.

“Yes master,” Claire replied serenely, before unbuckling Jason’s belt, pulling out his cock and sliding her red lips up the hard shaft.

“Masturbate,” Jason ordered, and Claire’s hand drifted onto her pussy, rubbing her dry hand tenderly between her moist pussy lips until her fingers were slippery enough to begin fucking herself. Meanwhile, her lips were bobbing up and down on the shaft of Jason’s cock, her tongue snaking out to lick the underside and her teeth occasionally gently rasping along the shaft – gripping hard enough to make Jason shiver with pleasure.

Claire was moaning again, and the vibration caused him to harden even more as she took his cock further back into her mouth. Her eyes never left his, although they had again taken on a glassy look – this time from pure lust rather than because of a mind control box.

“Keep looking at me, and cum when I do. Swallow all of my cum.” Jason said as he struggled to hold himself back long enough to deliver the command. “Now!” he yelled as he came, hips bucking as he shot stream after stream of cum into Claire’s waiting mouth. She moaned with pleasure as she obeyed and came, pressing her hand up against her pubic mound as her wet fingers rode her clit through the orgasm, her ass clenching around her butt plug.

She gulped, with only a trickle of semen escaping her mouth and dripping off her chin. A drop landed on her breast and another on the floor at Jason’s feet. She had been ordered to swallow all of Jason’s cum, and she obeyed; she raised her wet hand and retrieved the drop on cum on her breast, sucking the hand still shiny with her own juices. She then bent over to press her tongue to the floor and lick up the drop on the carpet, head down between Jason’s feet and her ass sticking proudly in the air, butt plug pointing directly upwards. He slapped her ass, causing her to jump, but she kept lapping at the floor until she was certain she’d swallowed all Jason’s cum.

She straightened her back, looking up at Jason for further commands. “Get dressed in normal clothes and come downstairs,” he said gently, stroking her hair and face as she nodded her agreement, the colour still in her cheeks as her breathing returned to normal. “Keep the butt plug in,” he added as an afterthought.

While she got ready Jason left and brought his car to the front of the shop, hefting the unconscious Michael into a blacked out bag and into the back seat of his car. The agency would have a few questions for him about where he got his hands on his rather sophisticated mind control technology.

Claire came downstairs wearing a simple plain dress, Jason began to fill in the blanks; “When I tell you to wake up you will forget everything that has happened over the last two weeks. Your explanation is that you have been unwell, you will be extremely creative in thinking of ways to explain to anyone who asks. Go back to running your shop as normal, and tidy up your house to how it was before Michael Hereford arrived, and resume your normal life as quickly as possible. Nod if you understand.” Claire nodded.

“One last thing,” Jason said; “you’ll still enjoy wearing butt plugs. Long ones, fat ones, vibrating ones – you love the feeling and it will make you aroused to wear them at work.” He left this command as a treat for Claire – why not give her something to enjoy during those long days behind the counter?

“Now, wake up.”

Claire blinked, her mind resuming control for the first time in two weeks. “Hello,” she said, her eyebrows furrowing in surprise as she attempted to work out how she’d got here. Her commands kicked in immediately, and her confusion mellowed into acceptance. She looked at Jason as if she’d never seen him before, “can I help you, sir?”

Jason waved his fake ID card. “I’ve got everything I need, thanks Miss.” He said politely. “It’s a great little shop you’ve got here, I’ll be sure to come in to buy some flowers for my wife once you re-open.”

“Oh,” Claire said, looking puzzled. But then she broke into a smile, her dimples showing up against her beautifully pale face; “Great. As long as you’ve got what you need.”

“Goodbye,” said Jason as opened the door and left, watching Claire squirm with surprise as she realised that she was wearing a butt plug, and seeing a flush spread on her face as she realised she enjoyed it. You’re welcome, Jason thought, closing the door.

* * *

Later, as Jason relaxed at home, he was considering the most important rule for mind controllers; if you don’t want to get caught, you have to be discreet. Failure to realise this was the main reason that rogue mind controllers got caught. Whether you use omni-directional boxes or guns or both, you have to keep it quiet.

He shifted his feet on the nanny’s back and took a sip of whisky. Once the children were in bed she patiently waited on all fours as his naked footstool most nights until he was ready to use her, her blonde hair draped over her perfectly straight back. A blast from his own gun each evening and he could do what he liked to her, as long as he followed up with the instruction to forget all about it as she slept. If you don’t want to get caught, you have to be discreet.

Jason’s wife came through from the kitchen. Her naked breasts jiggled as she walked over the carpet to him, her high heels thrusting out her chest as she passed Jason the telephone.

“It’s your work, honey,” she said.

He picked up the phone, and signalled for his wife to sit on his lap.

“Congratulations,” said the voice of Jason’s boss, “I’ve read your report; another very good mission today Agent Sim – perfect take-down with no witnesses.” My report didn’t mention me fucking the victim, thought Jason, but no matter.

“Thank you, sir,” said Jason, as he fingered his wife. She spread her legs for him and he absent-mindedly rubbed her as the man continued;

“Michael Hereford was an excellent catch. Under questioning he has given us all sorts of interesting information…”

Jason listened as his boss described a much larger criminal organisation which was fabricating the guns and boxes and awarding them to its members for good service. Michael Hereford had ran away from this organisation when he was rewarded with the technology; but before that he had reported to his criminal superiors at a hotel in central London, and Jason was being offered the chance to lead a team of agents in the largest anti-mind controller bust for months.

“Of course sir, I’ll start on the prep work first thing tomorrow. I won’t let you down,”

“Well done Agent Sim; you’re going to have a busy week.”

Jason smiled as he hung up the phone; and a busy night, he added in his own head.

They’d broken the first rule, Jason mused, as he ordered the nanny to lick his wife’s pussy and he stood up in order to take her own tight pussy from behind; If you don’t want to get caught, you have to be discreet.