The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Agent with Immunity

The Mansion

Agent Jason Sim awoke to the sight of his naked wife bringing him breakfast in bed. Last night’s mind control gun effects had worn off, but she was acting on a subconscious suggestion that bringing him breakfast in bed would make her happy.

“Morning honey,” she said happily, as he sat up and took the tray from her. Her nakedness was another little suggestion from Jason.

“Morning Jane,” Jason replied. “Oh, you’ve forgotten the jam for my toast.”

“Oh I’m sorry honey, I’ll be right back,” his wife said, hurrying away to fetch it for him.

I love bringing my work home with me, Jason thought.

* * *

Jason drove out of London with Sarah the nanny in the car beside him. She smiled blankly and stared forwards. Earlier, after she’d taken the children to school Jason had asked to speak with her in his study. A quick zap from his mind control gun and she was his for the day, meek and unquestioningly obedient. She was coming to work with Jason—she would come in useful.

Jason had an hour’s drive ahead of him before he reached his target outside of London, so he decided to have a little fun with Sarah to pass the time. He ordered the 20 year old woman to take off her panties and spread her legs. The blonde nanny was wearing a skirt, which she hitched up to her waist on his command. Her bare pussy glistened with anticipation, as Jason liked to keep her in a state of constant horniness. She’d leak onto the seat, but hell, Jason thought, she could always clean it later. Maybe with her mouth. He ordered her to begin stroking herself. Occasionally he reached over and tweaked a nipple or ordered her to place her wet fingers into his mouth.

After a while he said; “Sarah, you’ll follow my commands today just like always. You’re going to be a decoy, but I promise you won’t be in any danger. However, If I get hurt then you are to run away, get back to our house and alert my work.”

She didn’t show any emotion at the prospect of Jason being injured – she was just mindlessly following commands. She nodded her understanding. Jason then leaned in, close enough to smell her perfume and hear her rapid little intakes of breath as she stroked her pussy, and whispered her instructions.

* * *

Agent Jason Sim pulled up his car at the side of the road at the gates to a large country home. It belonged to a member of the mind control criminal group, Greg Goldman, a senior employee with the East Park Consultancy and East Park hotel.

Jason was here to discover as much as possible about the firm. They worked as business consultants, hiring their services to those who needed help solving deadlocks in business negotiations. It was an excellent front for the gang’s real business; using illegal mind control guns and boxes to generate millions of pounds of profit.

Jason had spoken to some former clients of the East Park Consultancy, who were totally convinced that they’d spent huge sums of money for brilliant advice, when it was actually more than likely that the gang had simply sent a man with a mind control gun to convince the other side to back down.

The office’s security looked tight, and now it was greater than normal – they knew that Michael Hereford had gone rogue and may even know he’d been caught. The daunting task of arresting the leaders and confiscating all their devices was made near-impossible by the fact that the Agency would have to do so all on its own – they was so secretive that they couldn’t risk involving another government group or the police.

So, with no other leads and no chance of success with a straightforward assault, Jason had left London and come to this country house to try and arrest Greg Goldman – if the information was good, they’d move in on the hotel the next morning before anyone noticed he was missing. He was outside the house, and it was time to go.

“Okay,” he said to Sarah. “You know what to do.”

She nodded obediently and began to masturbate furiously, panting and bucking on her hand. Jason kissed her on the forehead, tasting her sweat. “Good girl,” he said.

It was warm sunny day, and Jason smiled as he left the car. Behind the gate and gatehouse lay a long drive that disappeared behind some leafy trees after a few hundred yards. The house was beyond that. But Jason had to deal with the gatehouse first.

Jason had no idea what he would find when he got inside, or what traps might await unsuspecting trespassers – he was going to have to rely on luck, speed and cunning, just like always. He felt a frisson of excitement as he approached the gatehouse.

A window shot open as he approached, a suspicious-looking man standing behind it. Jason tired not to show his shock as his heart skipped in his chest. “Morning mate,” he said, “I’ve got a special delivery for Mr Goldman.” He waved towards the blonde woman masturbating in the car.

“You’re not the usual guy,” said the man warily.

Jason shrugged. “No, I’m the new guy. Mr Goldman can’t be too careful who he gets to do his special deliveries at the moment. And by the way, it’s probably best if you don’t ask too many questions about what happened to the “usual” guy. ”

The man paused. “Okay, you can leave her here with me,” He finally said.

Jason smiled and nodded over the man’s shoulder, “Sure. She’s a bit difficult to move, she’s somewhat… preoccupied.” He added, referring to the woman rapidly fingering herself a few metres away. “Can you or the other guy give me a hand with her.”

The man head spun around. He could see no-one else, but nor could Jason. The man’s eyes narrowed and flicked to an alarm button on the wall, “What other guy? What the fuck are you talking about?” He demanded. “I’m the only one in here.”

Jason chuckled warmly, “Just wanted to be sure, mate!” he said, before drawing his tranquiliser gun and dropping the man with a single shot to the chest. A second later he had climbed in through the window and was bundling the man into the corner, noticing with some shock that the man’s hand had been curled around a pistol – not a mind control pistol or tranq like Jason had, but a real gun. These guys aren’t kidding around, he thought.

Jason checked that the guard had been telling the truth, finding nobody and nothing of interest in the gatehouse. Security wasn’t very good here, no cameras, no fancy tech, just a man in a gatehouse with an alarm button. All exactly what Jason had expected from his research, apart from the surprise of the gun.

He returned to the car, saying well done to the obliviously masturbating woman. Her eyes were turned up in pleasure as she continued her task. “Stop,” Jason said, and Sarah placed her hands demurely on her lap, a thin layer of sweat glistening on her face and slightly darkening the wisps of blonde hair that lay on her pink cheeks.

“Take the car through the gate, and park behind the gatehouse. Have your phone ready, I may need you. I’ll call when I want you to come to the front of the house and pick me up.” Jason ordered. Sarah radiated obedience as she listened to her instructions and immediately followed them. She slid over to the driver’s side, leaving a damp trail behind her bare pussy and ass.

She started the car and with robotic execution drove it through the open gate and behind the gatehouse, skirt still hunched around her waist and pussy lips shining with moisture, staring forwards tranquilly all the while.

Jason followed her through. As an afterthought, he added to Sarah, “Keep masturbating, use your phone as a dildo. Put it on vibrate, and cum when I call you. But remember to answer quickly.” Might as well make the wait enjoyable for Sarah, Jason thought, as he watched her pull out her phone and push it into her moist pussy with a fulfilled sigh.

Leaving the gatehouse, Jason moved quickly up the drive. The road soon entered the trees, and here Jason slowed and stepped into the trees so he could see the house before anyone there saw him.

It was a huge Georgian mansion, with three floors and three wings surrounding a courtyard at the front. The trees approached the house quite closely on the east side, so Jason moved down that way, careful not to make too much noise and ever vigilant for others in the woods. He reached the wall, seeing an unoccupied study through the nearest window. Ignoring this, Jason clambered stealthily up a drainpipe to the next floor, and pulled himself up on a window ledge. Peering in, he saw a dark bedroom. The window was slightly open, and with exquisite care he pulled it up fully. He pulled himself through, crouching down immediately as he got inside, and gently lowering the window again to stop the draft as he looked around.

The room contained a bed with a curtain around it, and Jason gulped down his anxiety as he saw movement behind it. He could hear an insistent humming – a mind control box was nearby.

Jason approached the bed, tranq gun by his side. He gripped it, breathed in, and threw back the curtain.

A dark haired woman lay naked on the bed, eyes closed – asleep. Jason lowered the gun. She looked 18, with small pert breasts and a smooth lithe stomach that flexed as she slept. The reason for this flexing was apparent – a thick chastity belt was strapped around her, locked, with a dildo and butt plug between her spread legs disappearing into her pussy and ass. Her hips sleepily thrust at the air every few seconds and she smiled contentedly in her sleep.

Jason’s cock twitched at the sight of this owned woman being kept submissive and sexually charged by mind control even as she slept. He pulled out his own mind control gun, lent over her, smelling the sweet smell of her pussy mingled with her sweat, and shook her shoulders.

She awoke slowly, luxuriously, stretching out her arms and sighing deeply, pushing her ass into the bed and arching her torso as she sought to take the butt plug and dildo further into herself. Jason shook her again, not roughly, just enough to break her reverie.

“Huh,” she said dazedly, still riding waves of pleasure in her sleepy, vacant mind, as her glazed eyes tried to focus on the strange man leaning over her naked, pleading body.

“Good morning,” Jason said, and fired.

She breathed out in ecstasy as the gun took her deeper, as if she’d been shot hundreds of times before and loved the feeling of surrender.

Wasting no time despite the great temptation of her naked, hungry body, Jason got down to business, telling her to follow his instruction obediently and answer his questions fully.

As he began though, it became quite clear that she was in no fit state to answer any questions. The dildo and butt plug were still driving her wild with desire, and she gasped and moaned as they continued to penetrate her gaping pussy and asshole.

Also, she looked incredibly spaced out, as if she had been drugged. Possibly she had been, Jason thought, or maybe the mind control box I can hear is deadening her conscious thoughts so much that she’s basically no more intelligent than an infant.

“What’s your name?”

“Mmm,” she said slowly, mouth lolling open as if trying to answer but being distracted by all the pleasure, “Dunno,” she eventually offered.

“Do you know Greg Goldman?” Jason asked; “this man?” he added, bringing out a photo to show her.

She might have nodded, and her hands moved to her breast. “Mmm, she replied, rubbing slow circles around her erect nipples. “Yeah,” she finally said, squirming as pussy juices began to wet the sides of her locked chastity belt and moisten her thighs.

“And who is he?” Jason asked.

“Master,” she said eventually, “he’s my new daddy.”

“You’re his daughter?” Jason asked incredulously.

“No,” the girl said, giggling through the lust, “but we pretend he’s my daddy and I’m his naughty little girl.”

“So he pretends to be your father, and you’re his sex slave?”

“Yeah,” she said, tweaking her nipples and leaning back with absolute satisfaction.

This girl, this sexual object lying naked and being submissively brought to orgasm as she slept, thought she was Greg Goldman’s daughter? Okay, thought Jason, now I truly have seen everything.

“Why did he make you his sex slave?” Jason asked.

“I visited one day… saw what was going on…” she panted, “ was going to call the police but… mmm, but this is much better… Daddy fucks his good girl…” she finished.

Jason tried to continue questioning her, but was getting nowhere. She didn’t know how many people or slaves were in the house, or where her pretend-Father kept the mind control guns and boxes, or if he was in at the moment. She just answered “dunno,” in increasingly laboured breaths until it became quite clear that she was barely holding off orgasm.

Fine, thought Jason, he held her close to him and whispered that she must cum absolutely silently. “Now,” He whispered, and felt her body convulse with pleasure over and over again, her mouth silently agape and her eyes rolling back, her face a picture of bliss. Her naked body rubbed against his, the friction of her belt against his body driving her wild and her legs clamped down on her dildo, her ass clenched around the butt plug. After an age her ragged breaths returned to the slow, methodical breaths of slumber. She sighed, and went limp; she’d fallen back asleep. Jason laid her back down. Goldman’s mind control box is powerful, he thought.

Jason crept towards the door, listening carefully. For several minutes he heard nothing, and just as he was about to open the doorway he heard footsteps. He ran back into the room, getting into the cupboard on the far side. It had a wicker front, and although he was hidden, he could see the whole room. He grasped both his tranq and mind control gun as the door opened.

A man entered, tall and slim with a well tailored suit. He carried a mind control gun – Greg Goldman. Behind him a curvy black woman followed, wearing red high heels, red panties and a red bra that pushed up her large, full breasts and a choker collar with a lead hanging down between her breasts. She followed Greg submissively – another dominated woman, Jason thought. She closed the door behind them.

Greg was an immune, like Jason. He must be, or else he wouldn’t be able to use the omni-directional mind control box which Jason could hear, it would make him as dormant as his fake daughter and the black woman who gazed at the floor as she trotted behind her master.

So he would need to use the tranq on him. Fine. He could hit the other woman with his own mind control gun and question her (hopefully with more success than he’d had with Greg’s “daughter”) to find out if there were more threats here, and get out of here as quickly as possible.

Greg Goldman had approached his slave’s bed.

“Slave, wake up and cum.” He demanded.

His slave immediately opened her eyes, panting and moaning and clawing at the sides of the bed as she humped the air. Despite it being her second orgasm in five minutes, she shuddered and twitched as she pressed her hands to her chastity belt, which squelched as she pushed it to the hilt.

“Good girl,” said Greg. “Who’d have thought that a few weeks ago you were ready to betray me, just like Fuckslave here – and even being immune didn’t save her, did it, bitch? But now you’re just another slave to my cock, aren’t you?”

“Uh huh... slave to your cock” she moaned, “yes Daddy!”

“Good girl,” Greg said.

Jason, who was poised ready to spring out, did a double take. What? Mind control doesn’t work on immunes, that’s why they’re called immunes! 1 in 100 people like Jason, and all the other agents, and Greg Goldman himself, were immune to mind control devices. Goldman must be mistaken.

Greg studied his mind control gun. “A few tweaks and it works perfectly on anyone I like,” he mused. His pretend daughter merely continued to grind her pussy to some internal rhythm.

“Fuckslave, come here,” he ordered, addressing the other woman.

“It worked on you, didn’t it?” he said to her. “An immune, once so proud and arrogant, now obedient and dutiful to my every whim,” Greg mused.

“Yes master,” Fuckslave answered.

What he hell is going on? Thought Jason.

“Tell me you’re a fuckslut,” said Greg.

“I’m a fuckslut, master,” she replied evenly.

“Tell me you love my cum.”

“I love your cum, master.”

He slapped her across the face. She mewled as her face was struck, but remained impassive and docile, hands at rest at her sides, back arched to present her breasts.

“Good girl,” Greg said, squeezing her ass. “Fetch the whips and ball gags, fuckslave.”

The woman called fuckslave began to walk straight towards the cupboard Jason was hiding in. Time to go, he thought.

He pushed the door wide open, raising both pistols and firing a tranquiliser straight at Greg Goldman. His mouth opened in surprise as the dart struck him in the leg. He staggered and fell face first onto the carpet. Fuckslave, meanwhile, took a hit from his mind control gun, the blue blast spreading over her and causing her to freeze with shock.

Job done, Jason thought. He was half way through his sigh of relief when the woman got straight back up and charged him. This wasn’t supposed to happen! She knocked him back into the cupboard, which banged back against the wall. A box slid from underneath him and a selection of ball gags, dildos and bondage gear tumbled out.

The woman called Fuckslave was prying at his fingers, trying to wrest his tranquiliser gun from him. Her face was impassive and slack but she wasn’t reacting to the mind control gun at all. Sorry for what I’m about to do, Jason thought, as he reached out and yanked the lead attached to her collar. She gasped, stumbling, sliding on a silicone gag and falling onto her knees. She leapt back up, but this had given Jason time to dash forward to take Greg Goldman’s gun from his limp hand.

“Let’s see if this helps,” he said, blasting her with a single shot. She immediately shuddered then straightened up, eyes downward. That’s better, thought Jason. Her mind was blank and ready to be filled.

He delivered his usual speech about obedience and then began to question her. She robotically told him that Greg Goldman had this gun, another less powerful one and several mind control boxes all running from his master bedroom.

There were another ten slaves in the house, all attractive women, and several maids and servants who were also under “the Master’s” control – but that none would disturb them in here, as they had been instructed to keep out. She spoke with a very refined London accent, although the content of her answers was less refined.

“What’s your name?” Jason asked.

“Fuckslave,” she replied.

“What’s your real name?” Jason tried again.

She looked confused. “Fuckslave,” she repeated.

Greg Goldman has done a number on her mind, Jason thought. He sometimes saw people like this, women so broken and submissive that they couldn’t be returned to normal life. She and Greg Goldman’s fake daughter, and the others, would be forever subservient and docile, their minds incapable of anything else. She and the other slaves would most likely have to be taken into the Agency, and kept there permanently. She smiled a vague and deferential smile below her dull eyes, unaware of her fate.

“How did you meet Greg Goldman and end up as his slave?” Jason asked.

“I was his lawyer,” Fuckslave answered plainly, “I tried to blackmail him, so master made me a slave to his cock.” She delivered the sentence without shame.

Made sense, Jason thought. “So we’ll be undisturbed here?” he asked her.

“Yes master,” Fuckslave replied.

“Do you like all this bondage stuff?” Jason asked, “Even if you weren’t controlled, would it turn you on?”

“Yes master,” Fuckslave answered.

“Okay then,” Jason shrugged. “Then why don’t I punish you for giving me a fright with your heroics a few minutes ago.”

“Yes master,” Fuckslave replied again.

“Get down on all fours,” Jason ordered. Fuckslave sank to her knees as Jason looked for the largest ball gag. “Open,” he commanded, and she held open her mouth as he pushed the large red ball behind her teeth. He buckled it at the back.

Goldman’s fake daughter watched from the bed with glassy eyes, still rubbing forwards into her dildo belt. She would do whatever anyone told her. “Cum when we do,” Jason ordered her.

“Raise your ass,” he added to Fuckslave. She pointed her ass in the air, spreading her legs and leaving only the thin strip of material of her panties covering her moistening pussy. Clearly she had been conditioned to become wet at the thought of sex.

Jason stood behind her and unbuckled his belt, letting his cock spring out as his pants bunched at his ankles.

He didn’t bother to take off her panties, just roughly pulled them aside. She moaned through the gag, and his hands slid up her hips and to her breasts. Jason pulled her bra down, releasing her swinging, heavy tits. He rubbed the smooth skin, grabbing the two nipples and pulling down on them, causing Fuckslave to groan into her gag and arch her back even more, presenting her ass to him as he rubbed his cock between the folds of her pussy, lubricating the shaft.

Jason rubbed the head of his cock over Fuckslave’s wet slit, his hand guiding his cock towards her pussy as his other hand wrapped around the lead attached to her collar.

His grip tightened and he pulled on it. Fuckslave leant back instinctively with a muffled yelp, the collar choking her, impaling herself on Jason’s waiting cock. He held the lead tight, forcing her neck back and her blank eyes to stare forward. He pounded her fiercely, elated at his successful capture of Greg Goldman and blowing off steam from the nasty surprise of Fuckslave attacking him.

She grunted through the gag with every slam of his cock, sounding exactly like the Fuckslave she was. She pushed back onto his cock, taking it to the hilt and writhing on it, squeezing and relaxing her pussy in rhythm to his strokes. Her dark ebony flanks were shiny with sweat and her inner thighs were slick with desire.

“Cum now!” He ordered, and she spasmed violently, the walls of her pussy contracting around his cock and pushing him over the edge. She screamed with lust into her gag. He sprayed the inside of her pussy with cum, and on the bed Goldman’s fake daughter threw her hips in the air, pussy sore and red as she rode her third orgasm of the morning.

Jason withdrew his cock, and his semen oozed out of a panting Fuckslave’s slit.

“Sit on her face,” he ordered Fuckslave, pointing at the girl who thought she was Goldman’s daughter. “Lick her clean,” he ordered the other girl. Fuckslave stood up, stiff from the harsh use of her collar, and straddled the bed, settling her open legs on either side of Goldman’s fake daughter’s face, her pussy dribbling Jason’s cum down her thighs as she spread them wide and her pussy relaxed.

She sat down with an audible squelch, and the girl began licking and suckling at the flaps of Fuckslave’s pussy, running her tongue up her thighs and hungrily gulping down the mixture of Fuckslave’s hot juices and her new master’s cum. Fuckslave clasped Goldman’s fake daughter’s head between her thighs as the girl buried her tongue deeper in her pussy, and her ball gagged mouth opened in desire, her obscenely stretched lips bubbling with saliva as she moaned with lust.

I could watch this all day, thought Jason, but I still have work to do. He ordered the two girls to help him bag Greg Goldman, and then ordered Fuckslave to leave the room and retrieve all of the working boxes and guns. As Goldman’s chief slave, she had access to all of this equipment. She returned quickly, and Jason realised how he could escape. There were six boxes, and if he maxed out the power he would reduce everyone in the house to dribbling idiots for as long as they remained in proximity.

Jason checked with Fuckslave the route to the front door. Satisfied, he lifted his phone; “Sarah,” he said, “Come now.” At the other end of the phone he heard his breathless and desperate nanny scream with pleasure, and he could imagine her finally convulsing with orgasmic pleasure having been denied all morning. She had probably ruined the seats of his car with her juices, but hey, if she couldn’t clean them then he could always take it out of her wages.

He heard the car engine start over the phone line, and hung up. She would be at the door in less than a minute. He hefted Goldman onto his shoulder and switched all the boxes to max. Immediately, Fuckslave and Goldman’s fake daughter collapsed, eyes rolling, gurgling at the sudden effect.

Time to go, Jason thought, kicking open the door and running down the wide main staircase. Two maids in short skirts lay on their sides kicking helplessly at the air, their pantieless pussies shaved bare and exposed as they flapped around helplessly. Jason ignored them, pushing open the main door to see Sarah had arrived. She too had slumped in hr seat as the powerful mind control boxes addled her obedient mind, and Jason lifted her back to her seat as soon as he had shoved Goldman into the back seat.

He accelerated up the drive, spraying gravel and rocketing back through the trees to the open road beyond the gates. When he was well clear, he disabled all the boxes, and Sarah sat up, blinking stupidly as if she had just nodded off. Her glassy eyes showed she was still well under from his mind control gun this morning, and her skirt was still around her waist.

“Well done, Sarah,” said Jason. “You did very well. Sleep for me now.” The girl immediately slumped again, blonde hair trailing across her face, her mind switching off on Jason’s command. Her leg drifted across the seat, spreading her pussy which she had rubbed red raw. Jason put his hand between her legs and felt the hotness there. “Tell you what,” he said to her sleeping, debased girl, “I might even let you have the evening off.”

He would contact the agency, file his report and prepare for the assault on the hotel and offices of East Park Consultancy tomorrow. He had Greg’s set of office and hotel keys, so he and his team of agents could let themselves in and quickly shut their operation down. He didn’t mention the mind control gun that supposedly affected immunes, and instead he hid it in the back of his car. This would require further investigation; unofficial investigation.

The girls which he’d left behind would be picked up later by lesser agents – non-immunes, now that the boxes and guns were removed. Jason didn’t know where these eternally submissive women were taken, just that they were removed from society – another casualty of the war against rogue mind controllers.

* * *

When Jason arrived home, after dropping off Greg Goldman at the agency safehouse, he woke Sarah and told her the usual lines; forget all that happened, return to normal, you’re in the car because I gave you a lift to the shops. He let her lower her skirt, then woke her up.

“Thanks for driving me back, Mr Sim,” Sarah said cheerfully, looking at her watch. “Gosh, look at the time. I’d better go and pick up the children from school.”

“No problem Sarah,” said Jason, smiling, “See you back at the house later.”

The girl stepped out of the car, and Jason watched her walk away, ass swaying from side to side. Having a nanny is so useful, he mused.

* * *

Later, when his report was finished, the children were in bed and Sarah was out enjoying her evening off, Jason’s thoughts turned back to the mind control gun that Greg Goldman had used, the one that supposedly worked on immunes. Only one way to be sure, Jason thought, and it’s not something I ever thought I’d have to do.

“Honey, could you come through here,” he called. His wife joined him in his study. She smiled.

“Finished work for the evening dear?” she asked.

“Almost,” he said, idly reaching for his own mind control gun.

“What’s that?” his wife asked curiously of the device that allowed Jason to dominate her sexually and make her into his obedient, pliable fuck toy every night.

“This? What it is, is not enough for me, but more than enough for you,” he replied, firing a shot casually into her chest. She shivered, then relaxed, her face slackening as always and her eyes glazing. She sighed as her mind went blank.

“Whereas this,” he added, pulling out Goldman’s gun “Might just be enough for me.” He held the gun up, comparing it to his own. It was bigger, as pieced-together homemade guns often were, but was of a much higher quality than any of those guns.

He felt great trepidation as he passed the gun to his wife.

“I can trust you totally when you are like this,” he said to the compliant woman standing before him. She was truly beautiful to him still, after all these years of marriage, her brown hair framing her vacant face, and she smiled absently at the compliment.

“Listen very carefully,” Jason said, “I want you to shoot me with this. Once you have done so, tell me to obey you and, let’s see, kiss your feet,” he said. “I will try to resist. Regardless of the whether I pick it up or not, I want you to then tell me to wake up and return to normal, but remember what happened. Do you understand?”

His wife said, “Yes, I understand.”

“Okay,” said Jason, for the first time staring down the barrel of a mind control gun with real fear at what might happen; “Shoot.”

Jason felt his skin tingling up his spine as the blast hit him. Unlike normal, the feeling didn’t fade, and he felt his mind becoming hazy. Through the haze, all he knew was that he must obey the woman in front of him. No other thoughts passed through his mind as he bent over to kiss the feet of this commanding woman who stood before him. “…and wake up.” He heard her say, awaking on the floor as his wife’s feet.

His wife still held the gun, her grip now limp as she had no further instructions. Damn it, thought Jason, as he sat back up. It works. This changes everything. Mind control technology now works on immunes – there are no longer immunes, in fact. If those guys have more of these guns, the agency is fucked. As he thought about this, he realised something else. When he’d been controlled, he’d felt the most enjoyable sensation of weightlessness, of blissful mindlessless. The internal peace you get when you give up all control and let someone else tell you what to do was amazing – such a release. Why not let Jane be in charge for a change.

“Let’s give this a proper test.” Jason said to his wife. “As soon as you squeeze the trigger, I want you to become a sexual dominatrix. Imagine that I’m your slave. Use the gun on me and force me to do whatever you wish. Wake me up and return me to normal when you’ve finished.”

His wife pointed the gun at him and fired, and Jason’s mind descended into the blissful fog of total mental stillness. He could see his wife in front of him, and almost physically felt the command to sink to his knees. He complied, and looked up to see her mouth raised into a thin smile of domination. She is my mistress, he thought, and I must worship her. He absolutely believed this.

Through the haze he heard the order to remove his mistress’s underwear. She then pointed imperially between her legs, and Jason pushed his face into her musky pussy. She told him to get her wet, her hands holding him in place as he lapped sloppily with his tongue and kissed her clit. She grabbed his hair and pulled him away. “Good boy,” she said, and his cock became hard as he knew he had pleased his mistress.

“Strip,” she commanded, “and lie down on the floor.” Jason removed his clothes efficiently, without conscious thought, and lay down.

“I see you’re cock is getting nice and hard, slave,” his mistress said. “Get it harder; masturbate for me.”

Jason felt an overwhelming rush of pleasure as he obeyed, stroking up and down his shaft as he watched his mistress strip. She towered over him, admiring the masturbating man who lay beneath her, before squatting over him and curling her soft hand underneath his balls.

“You want to cum, but you can’t until I give the order,” she said, cruelly squeezing her hand as Jason’s need to cum built to a level he had never experienced before. His cock throbbed and his balls ached as his wife and mistress squeezed him. But he couldn’t cum.

“I’m going to use your cock like a dildo,” she stated. “You will stay rock hard, as the need to cum grows and grows, but even when I cum you don’t be able to.” With that, she sat down on his erect cock, guiding it into her, her wet pussy engulfing the rock hard shaft. Jason simply lay there, hands at his sides, as his wife pushed herself up and down on his cock.

She squeezed with her pussy, fucking Jason’s cock hard and fast, then slowly, letting his cock nearly pop out of her before sliding back down onto it. She moaned, enjoying using her human dildo, as Jason’s brow beaded with sweat and his cock ached for the release she was denying him.

His mistress began to move faster, her breathing more ragged, until finally she threw her head back and moaned in climax. Her pussy clamped around Jason’s cock and she fell forward, her erect nipples rubbing against Jason’s chest and her fingernails raking down his sides. Finally, she relaxed, sighing in ecstasy and looking at her slave’s obedient face.

“Masturbate hard as you stare at my pussy, slave” she commanded as she stood up. Jason reached for his slick cock, using his wife’s juices as lubricant as she watched him pointlessly stroke himself with a fast jerking motion. “You can’t cum until I let you,” she reminded him, laughing at his feverish efforts.

She watched him, lying underneath her and masturbating, in a position that would be incredibly humiliating for anyone not completely docile and controlled. “I am going to sit down on your face. You will lick my pussy. As soon as you taste my juices on the back of your throat you will cum. “Say “Yes mistress” if you understand.”

“Yes mistress,” Jason heard himself say.

“Good slave,” his mistress said, positioning her pussy just above his mouth. “Now slave; lick!” Her hips closed around his ears and she pushed her pussy over his mouth and nose. Jason gasped for breaths as he was smothered by his mistress’s pussy, inhaling the strong sexual scent as his tongue licked at her pussy lips.

The delicious taste hit the back of his throat and Jason’s cock exploded in his hands, jerking and spraying cum in the air, onto his stomach and onto the carpet. He moaned into his mistress’s pussy and after many more minutes of conscientious pussy licking (He hadn’t been ordered to stop after he came) she too moaned as she came again, soaking his face with more pussy juice.

As they both lay, panting, his wife’s submissive nature returned to her. She had completed her task. Jason felt his mind returning to his control as he heard “…and wake up.”

His wife was standing above him, naked, her pussy still wet with excitement and her cheeks flushed. But now the look of domination was gone, she was no longer his mistress, but his slave once again. She smiled at him blankly, awaiting her next command.

“You were good at that,” Jason said, sitting up, amazed at his wife’s creativity within the role. Not a bad idea to let her be the boss every now and again, he thought, as he stood and kissed her forehead.

His cock was still slick with his wife’s juices. “Let’s make sure you’re back to being my humble slave,” he said. “Clean me with your mouth.”

His wife sank to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. She gently licked away her own cum as her husband relaxed in his chair, turning this strange new gun over and over in his hands – this gun that completely changed everything.

The phone rang, and Jason picked it up – as expected, it was his work. His boss congratulated him on another successful infiltration and arrest, everything had gone as planned and the raid on the hotel would happen tomorrow, with Jason as squad leader. However, his boss also phoned him with a warning. “It seems,” the man said, “Greg Goldman knows that our agency heads are given the mind-fucked women, such as the twelve we collected from his house earlier today, as personal slaves.”

“What?” Jason said incredulously.

“I want to know why you told him this, and how you know,” Jason’s boss demanded.

“I didn’t sir, I didn’t know,” Jason said truthfully. There was a pause.

“Hmm,” his boss said. “Well, now you know what we do with captured women – who knows where Goldman heard it from. I predict great things for you, Jason. You’re a good agent. If things go well tomorrow, maybe we’ll talk more about this particular perk, which we provide to more senior agency employees.”

So the agency was no better than any of the criminal gangs it broke up, Jason thought. Go figure. At least I’m not alone in my hypocrisy, he thought, as his wife dutifully licked his balls clean of her juices.

Almost as soon as he had hung up, the phone rang again.

“Agent Sim here,” he answered, expecting his boss.

Good evening, Agent Sim,” said a deep male voice he didn’t recognise. “My name is James Buckingham, managing director of East Park Consultancy. I believe you know all about us, and I know all about you too. Maybe we could talk about the things we know.”

Jason raised his leg to push his wife away from his cock. She sat back on her bottom heavily, raising her eyes to his in surprise at his rejection of her compliant affections. He shooed her away and she sat patiently at his feet, obedient as always, awaiting further instruction.

“How did you get this number?” Jason said.

“Come on, Agent Sim,” James Buckingham replied admonishingly, “you’ve seen my new guns. Your agency’s information is hardly secure when I can simply ask any highly ranking agent for all the information on this case. So, can we talk?”

“I’m listening,” Jason said.

“You know we have mind control guns which affect immunes. And I assume that deep down you know that this means the end of law enforcement against my organisation.”

“Perhaps,” Jason said. He did realise this, all too clearly.

The man went on; “so let’s talk about tomorrow; I assume you’re going to rush in with your colleagues, straight into the waiting mind control guns of my employees. Game over.”

Jason nodded. He too had been considering tomorrow, and had realised that this was what would probably happen – he just hadn’t decided what to do about it yet.

“Assuming I can rely on your discretion, let’s talk about alternatives,” James Buckingham said. Jason listened.