The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Agent with Immunity

The Hotel:

Mary walked behind her desk, lifted her skirt around her waist, and gently pushed the dildo built into her chair into her naked pussy; just as she did at the start of every working day. Within moments the rod inside her buzzed – her boss was calling for her. She stood up, sliding her pussy free, and walked to the door of her boss’s office as she straightened her skirt. She was on the top floor of East Park Consultancy, and if she had looked out the window she would have seen two cars pulling up outside, far below.

In the front car, Agent Jason Sim looked across at his colleague Amanda. She looked nervous, and he felt it too. Today he was leading the biggest raid of his career, a surgical strike at the nerve centre of a large corporation which had used mind control technology to achieve great wealth and power at their client’s expense.

He turned towards Amanda; “It’s fine,” he said. “All we have to do is pretend to be a husband and wife checking in. Dozens of couples check in everyday.”

Amanda held the case on her lap tightly, mentally preparing for the mission. Jason looked in his rear view mirror; a man in the car behind nodded. Jason’s agents were ready. He and Amanda would enter the hotel as guests, while the other three would enter East Park Consultancy itself, using Greg Goldman’s keys. All were agents, like Jason, and all were immune to mind control guns and boxes. The two teams had several targets.

But first, as Jason had said to Amanda, they must check in at the hotel. He gripped the door handle firmly. “Let’s go,” he said.

Amanda and Jason walked together; they would be pretending to be a couple for the first section of their mission, until they had reached their first target at the spa. Amanda was a lot shorter than Jason, and quite curvy, plump even. By no means as thin as Jane, Jason’s real wife, although the comparison was hardly fair, as Jason’s wife was kept in great shape by a mixture of daily, energetic sex and the subconscious command to maintain a healthy low calorie diet.

A tasteful plaque bearing five stars discreetly announced the hotel as one of London’s most luxurious and expensive. The lobby was grand, white marble and tall potted palms reaching to a high vaulted ceiling. A uniformed man held the door for them.

“We will provide someone to help with your bag,” he said, subtly signalling to a colleague.

Jason reached across, taking the bag from Amanda, who tried to keep a hold of it until Jason shot her a warning look. “I’ll carry our case, dear,” he said. He turned to the man, smiling. “It’s fine, we can manage.”

“Certainly, sir,” the man said, as they walked past.

Amanda looked concerned. That case contained their gear for the mission, and if anyone searched it they would quickly be exposed. Jason rubbed her shoulder, as if embracing his wife.

They approached the desk. Waiting for them stood a beautiful tanned blonde in an immaculate white uniform. Her blue eyes lit up with apparently-genuine delight at the arrival of new guests – that’s five star service right there, Jason thought. Her name badge read Christina.

“Good morning,” she said, beaming.

“Hello,” Jason replied, “I have a reservation for one night for Mr and Mrs Smith.”

“Certainly, Mr Smith,” Christina said, handing him a keycard from the wall behind her. “We have prepared room four-twelve, on the fourth floor, for you. If there is absolutely anything you require then please call reception and I will happily provide whatever you need.”

“Thank you,” Jason said, taking the card from the desk and walking towards the lifts. Jason pressed the “call” button. Amanda was sweating. Jason was getting worried that her nerve was wavering, which might jeopardise the mission, so he leaned across tenderly, as if to kiss his ‘wife’. “Calm down, we’re in,” Jason whispered in her ear, “They don’t suspect anything.”

Amanda nodded, eyes flicking back down to the bag. Jason drew it close to him to show her it was safe. I haven’t heard any mind control boxes yet, Jason thought. I don’t suppose they have them just lying around the reception though.

They rode the lift to their floor, and Jason let them both into their suite. It was huge and decorated in white, with rich mahogany furniture and original paintings on the walls. Goes some way to explain the thousand-pounds-a-night price tag, thought Jason as he dropped the bag on the bed and moved to close the curtains. Behind him, Amanda opened the case, bringing out two tranquiliser guns, two mind control guns, and Jason’s new, rather special mind control gun.

She was moving quickly, professionally, but the spare gun caused her to pause. “What’s this,” she asked Jason.

“One of their guns I picked up yesterday,” he replied, picking it up and neglecting to mention its most important aspect, the fact that it worked on immunes. “For blending in,” he lied.

Even as he replied her noticed her hands were shaking, and that Amanda had picked up both tranqs, aiming one at Jason. She was shaking even more now, her eyes wide. “Stand right where you are,” she said, her voice firm.

Shit, what does she know? Thought Jason. “What’s going on,” he asked as calmly as he could, now very worried.

“It’s nothing personal,” Amanda said, “but I’m going to tranq you, complete the mission, and claim the credit,” she shrugged. “I don’t want to be a mid-level agent for ever, I’m sure you understand. I’m going to leave you here for the hotel staff to discover in a few hours, after I’m long gone.”

Bitch! Jason thought. This will completely ruin my plan, and probably my life. Although weirdly it seemed that she wasn’t aware of Jason’s true intentions for today.

“Anything you’d like to say,” Amanda said smugly, her speech delivered and her hand now clinically steady.

“So, it’s cold-blooded betrayal,” Jason said, raising his eyes to meet hers, radiating resigned acceptance. “Of course, I expected you’d try something like this,” he added, and she looked suspiciously at him. “That’s why I took all the darts out of the guns before we arrived.”

That was all Jason needed, just her tiny switch of focus from him to the gun’s chamber. That was all he needed to raise his mind control gun and fire. The blue blast hit Amanda in stomach and she fired back in surprise. Jason had lied, the guns were not empty, and the dart only just missed his arm as he leapt aside.

Amanda, as an immune agent, didn’t expect her mind to suddenly leave her, and as Jason straightened up he saw her hands hanging loose at her sides, guns dropped and forgotten, slack mouth hanging open in frozen surprise.

“Shut your mouth, it makes you look like a fool,” Jason said, and Amanda did as instructed. What a fucking relief, Jason thought, that the immune gun works on her too.

“Let’s just change that plan of yours a bit,” Jason said. “I’m going to complete our assignment, alone, and you are going to stay here and think about how sorry you are. Take your clothes off.”

The curvy Amanda hastened to comply. She unbuttoned her blouse, shrugging it off before bending over, her tummy bulging as she took off her shoes and tights. She then unfastened her bra, releasing her ample, pale breasts, which bounced free as the bra dropped to the floor. As she reached for the waistband on her cotton panties, Jason told her to stop.

“Spread your legs, arch your back,” he ordered, and she shifted her weight for him as ordered, breasts jutting out wantonly. He approached, looking into her eyes and seeing nothing but docile submission. Raising his hand, he slapped her breast. She yelped instinctively as her wobbling tits swung from the impact. He swatted them again, and again, and she whimpered as both breasts became red and tender.

“Humiliation makes you wet,” Jason told her, sliding a hand down the outside of her smooth cotton panties. Immediately a moist warmth greeted him, and he rubbed her pussy through her panties as his other hand rolled her nipple. She squealed.

“I can’t believe you were thinking of betraying me, Amanda,” Jason said, pulling down on her sore nipples, causing her to bend her neck and stare passively at the floor as she gasped.

“I thought we were friends,” Jason added, rubbing her pussy and feeling her panties absorb her growing dampness, “After all, why would you let me do this to you unless we were friends?”

Amanda said nothing. She had not been ordered to reply.

“Bend over the bed,” Jason said, and Amanda complied, her wide hips presenting her ass at Jason’s hand height. He spanked her, and she jumped up with fright, then immediately returned to the position she’d been ordered to adopt, ass up.

“This is humiliating, isn’t it?” Jason said casually, spanking her other ass cheek. “Rub yourself and get even wetter.” Amanda’s hand reached between her legs and stroked up and down as Jason spanked her again and again, her face buried in the duvet and her ass getting redder and shinier with every slap. Eventually, Jason stopped, hearing the moist stroking of Amanda’s hand on her sodden panties.

“Take them off” Jason commanded the red faced, panting woman. Amanda hurried to obey, sliding the panties down her legs and stepping out of them.

“Give them to me,” Jason said, and Amanda bent to pick up her soaked underwear. Jason took it, smelling the warm, wet fabric. He lowered the panties to her shiny pussy, wiping them up the slit, getting even more juices onto the already soaked garment.

“Open your mouth,” he said, and Amanda’s mouth fell dumbly open. “The taste will drive you wild with desire,” Jason said, before stuffing Amanda’s panties onto her open mouth. “Say thank you, Amanda,” he instructed.

The chubby woman sucked at her own juices, eyes turning upward in delight at the heavenly taste. “uhh… ‘ankoo,” was all she could manage.

Jason looked at the breathless, degraded woman before him. That’ll teach her to try to get one up on me, Jason thought, feeling no anger, only satisfaction. After all, how could he be angry at this servile, eager slut standing in front of him sucking noisily on her own wet panties.

“I have a mission to complete, but I’m going to organise for someone to come and pick up where I left off. Listen carefully,” Jason said, and Amanda dutifully listened as Jason reached for the room phone…

A few minutes later, Christina the receptionist knocked at the door. Jason answered. “Thanks for coming,” he said.

“I’m happy to help, sir,” she said cheerfully, “how can I help you?”

Christine was quite something. Thin, tall, tanned, her clean white uniform pressed and fitted, and now she was out from behind the desk Jason noticed that her white leggings hugged her crotch tightly. He would be amazed if she wasn’t being used as a blankly obedient fuck toy by her bosses at every available opportunity.

“My wife has something she’d like to ask you in the bathroom,” Jason said politely, stepping aside to let Christina in and closing the door behind her.

Jason watched in quiet contentment as Christina looked into their bathroom and saw Amanda perched on the bathtub, legs wide open, feverishly masturbating with a bar of soap, a messy lather of soap and pussy juice dripping down her thighs and down the outside of the bath.

“Where’s the soap?” Amanda panted.

Christina gasped in shock and disgust, her look of horror unknowingly delivering Amanda’s trigger to a huge orgasm, which rippled through her buckling body. The naked woman slid off the bath onto the floor, her legs opening and closing as she humped the frothing bar.

“Get it? It’s a joke,” said Jason, stepping in behind Christina as she turned her confused face towards him. “Where’s the soap? Wears the soap?” She opened her mouth in mute astonishment as he raised his mind control gun.

“No? Amanda hoped you would find it funny,” he said, pulling the trigger.

The shock melted away from Christina’s face as the blue glow reflected in them– she’s used to this, she’s not even fighting it, Jason thought.

“Good girl,” he said, as the receptionist slowly raised the corners of her mouth into one of her customer-pleasing smiles.

I’ve got a mission to do here, Jason thought, and quickly asked her how he could get into the spa and how he could reach the gold members’ area. As a regular hotel guest he was not permitted entrance, but after a few creative questions he had Christine’s staff room keycard, directions for the staff clothes cupboard, and a plan.

“Good girl,” he repeated, pocketing her key. “There is one other thing you can do for me.”

“Yes sir?” said Christine, earnestly.

“Yes, I want you to help Amanda to learn how to be a proper sex slave. I want you to dominate her sexually, get her to lick your pussy, and make her realise her rightful place is kneeling at the feet of her betters. And be as rough with her as you like,” he added generously.

“Of course, sir,” Christine replied as professionally as if Jason had asked her for room service.

“As for you,” Jason said to the prostrate Amanda, who was still lying in a heap on the bathroom floor. “You didn’t want to be a mid-level agent forever,” Jason said flatly. “Well, you got your wish. How about being an obedient sex slave instead? Christine is your new mistress.”

“Get up, bitch,” Christine added, her blank eyes indicating her lack of mind but her actions authentic as she grabbed Amanda by the hair and the naked woman half-crawled and was half-dragged to the bed. Jason watched as Christine slid off her tight leggings and panties and yanked Amanda’s whimpering face into her crotch.

“Smell it,” she commanded, and Amanda inhaled deeply, burying her nose in between Christine’s legs. “Now lick it, and love licking it,” Christine commanded, squashing Amanda’s face into her pussy and moaning as Amanda’s probing tongue lapped enthusiastically, exactly as instructed. Jason could already see the slick wetness of Christine’s pussy on Amanda’s chin as her face snuffled around her mistress’s slit.

Who’d have thought that Amanda had a mind of her own twenty minutes ago, and had never even considered pussy licking as a career, Jason thought. What a shame that I have work to do. He picked up his tranq, and his mind control gun, and prepared to leave.

“Keep it up, Amanda,” he said over his shoulder, “Someone will be along to pick you up later, once you’ve had a lot of time to practise being a submissive slut.” Okay, Jason thought, as he left the moans of pleasure behind him, time to take down the first target.


Jason was good at blending in, looking like he was supposed to be somewhere. This ability, combined with Christina’s keycard, meant Jason was soon wearing the same white uniform as the hotel staff and heading unchallenged through Staff Only parts of the hotel.

Normally he knew he wouldn’t be able to get into the gold members’ area of the spa, even with the keycard, but this morning Jason knew it would be unlocked. Jason had been promised.

As expected, the door opened when pushed, and immediately the smell of oils and balms swirled around him as he stepped into the warm changing room. He had two targets here, both business partners in the East Park Consultancy. Jason had excellent sources and his information on both of them was comprehensive; one was scheduled for a massage in half an hour and the other should already be here, in the private sauna. Him first.

Jason passed the staff desk, commandeering a trolley of fresh towels before setting off down the corridor. He stashed his guns underneath, as they made his new uniform bulge alarmingly. Not the best thing if he passed any guards, and he doubted he would be able to convince them that the lump was all just him.

The corridor past a windowed door, and beyond it Jason saw two black-suited men. The sauna was in there and there was no way Jason could simply ask them to let him wander in, trolley-load of towels or not. Time for my best James Bond impression, Jason thought, continuing to push the trolley down the corridor before silently doubling back and crouching next to the door, tranq and mind control gun ready. Mentally fixing the layout of the room in his mind, Jason pushed the door open and raised both guns, dropping one guard with the tranq and giving the other a blast from the mind control gun. The man blinked, and Jason worked with maximum efficiency.

“Answer fully and honestly. Are there any more guards beyond you?” he asked quickly but clearly.

“No,” the man replied, and seconds later hit the floor with a tranq in his own neck.

Looking through the next window, Jason saw the room beyond this anteroom led to changing rooms. He dragged both men through, and found the door was lockable. Don’t want to be disturbed, he thought, sliding the bolt.

Beyond this, he could hear running water and peeked round into the sauna’s changing room. A naked woman was emerging from the showers, and Jason crept back, watching unnoticed as she finished drying herself. She didn’t see him.

She had dusky, middle-eastern skin, and her long brown hair was curly and springy. She dabbed herself with perfume before snapping open a bottle of oil and rubbing it all over her body, starting with her feet and working up her smooth legs. She rubbed her ass with circular motions, getting the oil to spread evenly, and held her hair up as she oiled her back, before finishing with her breasts and stomach.

Her brown skin was firm and glistened with oil, making Jason’s cock twitch with desire. She finished by reaching for a fine silver chain, featuring two rather painful looking clamps at either end. Without flinching she opened the clamps and fixed one end to one nipple, then repeated with the other.

Apparently now prepared, she padded out of the shower room on bare feet and turned to find herself staring down the barrel of Jason’s gun. Her gleaming breasts jiggled as she jumped in surprise, her chain swinging between them.

“Sorry, I really should have knocked,” Jason apologised, firing expertly. The shock faded from her face. “Now, work must come before pleasure,” Jason said, giving her the usual basic speech about following orders, before establishing that she was going to meet the target in the sauna and he was intending to have sex with her. Obviously, Jason thought. What man with a mind control gun could resist? He ordered her to continue as she had intended.

She resumed walking, Jason following, her hips swaying alluringly and ass delightfully full and burnished as she approached the sauna door. It was solid oak wood, and she swung it open slowly, posing sexily at the entrance, hand on hip, for the gratification of some unseen person within.

Jason heard a man exhale appreciatively. The target, he assumed.

The woman entered, closing the door behind her, and immediately Jason moved into action. Too dangerous to walk in, for all he knew that man may have an immune gun at his side ready to fire, and it would take too long to drag that door open to maintain the element of surprise. Instead, Jason simply stepped up to the thermostat on the tiled wall and turned off the sauna. Jason took the time to slip off his clothes and when the door opened he was naked. He didn’t want his clothes to get damp in there.

A middle aged man emerged, greying hair, in good shape and wearing only a towel. He wasn’t holding a mind control gun, to Jason’s relief. He wheeled round to the thermostat in irritation, getting a faceful from the mind control gun for his troubles.

“You won’t need that,” Jason said, indicating the man’s evident erection. “What’s the girl’s name?” He added.

“Daliyah,” the man said.

“Follow me,” Jason said, stopping only to switch on the sauna before entering, closing the door behind them. It was hot and dry, and Daliyah stood in the middle of the room, totally preoccupied, gently rubbing her hand over her shaved, bare pussy.

“He fucked you yet Daliyah?” Jason asked her directly.

“No,” she replied dreamily, eyes closed.

“Good,” said Jason, stepping close enough to smell the oil covering her body. “Did he tell you to get ready to fuck him? Are you hot and wet?”

“Yes,” Daliyah answered the private question compliantly.

“Well, lucky for you I’ve got to wait until my next target arrives. I’ll save you from disappointment.”

Jason moved past Daliyah, his hand sliding onto her hip and turning the peacefully masturbating woman round to face the benches along the wall. He sat down, with her now rubbing herself before him.

“Sit in the corner, you,” Jason added casually to the target. “Masturbate watching me enjoy your morning sauna, and all the benefits that involves. Cum when we do.” The man did as he was told, dropping his towel and following the humiliating order; he had no ability to resist.

“Daliyah, come over here,” Jason said tenderly to the woman, and she obediently stepped closer, her slowly circling hand now level with Jason’s face. Jason reached forward and tugged her chain, causing her to yelp softly as the clamps stretched her sensitive nipples but not stop touching herself.

Curious, Jason asked; “before you were controlled, did you like nipple clamps?”

The answer took a while to arrive as Daliyah struggled to remember. Eventually she said, “…no.” and her tranquil expression was momentarily replaced by a frown.

“And this bastard made you wear them even though you don’t like it?” Jason added, referring to the humiliated man stroking himself in the corner.

“Yes,” she said.

“Okay,” said Jason, “then let’s take them off.” He reached forward and removed both clamps, before gently rolling her nipples between his fingers to sooth the feeling back into them. Daliyah gasped at the pain as the feeling returned, but soon her face softened into a sigh of gratified release.

“You’re welcome,” Jason said to the dull eyed woman in front of him. He ran his hands over her slippery breasts, marvelling at how firm yet soft they were, palms brushing over her now free nipples. He dropped his hands down her sides and onto her ass, the oil meaning he had to fill his hands with her buttocks before he was confident they wouldn’t slip. He pulled her towards him, her pussy now hovering just above his stiff cock.

“Stop masturbating, use that pussy juice to lube me up,” he commanded the docile woman, and her hand slid from her pussy onto the shaft of Jason’s cock, massaging and gripping to make his cock shine like her smooth stomach, firm breasts and long brown legs. Her hand went back and forth, sexily working the oil from her onto his cock, coating it evenly and thickly until it shone.

“That’s enough,” said Jason, hands still on her ass. “Kiss me,” he added, and her lips parted as she brought her face close to his.

He could smell and feel the oil mixed with Daliyah’s sweat on her lips, felt her breath in his mouth and her hair brush his chest, and her wet, slippery body press into his. Jason broke free of the lingering, passionate kiss to give her the order “sit down”, and she spread her legs as she sank, wet and ready, onto his cock.

The combination of oil and pussy juice meant Jason slipped inside her tight slit easily; even as she tensed her muscles the inside of her pussy felt silky and smooth, although it gripped him tightly. She began to slide up and down, breasts moving up to Jason’s face, and he took her nipples into his mouth as she rode him. They too tasted of a delicious mix of oil and sweat, and Jason sucked at both, swirling his tongue around the aureoles and sucking them into his mouth. Daliyah moaned with pleasure.

Jason’s hands slipped off her wet ass as she bounced up and down, but he held on, pressing her even harder onto his stiff cock. She kept up a steady rhythm of slow, deep strokes, getting imperceptibly faster with every thrust until her ass was slapping against Jason’s lap and she was panting from lust and exertion. Jason couldn’t hold back much longer, and told her to keep going, but even faster.

Daliyah’s hair leapt and her breasts bounced into Jason’s face as she obeyed, sweat now running down her stomach and between her legs and dripping onto Jason’s cock. She tighten her pussy around Jason’s cock as and Jason kept a firm hold on her ass, holding her close and pushing on every down stroke until his cock twitched and he felt the imminent feeling he was about to cum.

“Cum now!” he yelled, spasming upwards into Daliyah, whose pussy responded by clenching and pulsing in harmony, and she pulled herself onto him, both of them shaking as powerful orgasms ripped through them. Jason blasted his cum into her, and felt his cock slide through the thick mess of cum as he withdrew.

For a moment he sat in the dry heat of the sauna, Daliyah panting on top of him, her breasts still brushing his face with every breath, enjoying the blissful feeling of contentment he got from fucking this beautiful, mindless woman. He stroked her curly brown hair, twisting it round his finger and bringing his hand up to brush her shiny cheek. Her pussy was slowly oozing its contents onto his lap.

“Taste it,” he whispered to her, and she dipped a finger into her slit, twisting it and withdrawing it slick with a mixture of his and her cum. She closed her lips around it, sucking happily. Jason gently shifted Daliyah onto the bench as her hand dipped back down again for more. She put her feet up, lying back and idly rubbing her fingers in the juices leaking from her pussy and licking them off.

“How long have you been an obedient sex slave?” Jason asked.

“Two months,” Daliyah answered indistinctly as she lapped a strand of cum from the palm of her hand.

“You’re probably not too badly mind fucked,” Jason told her helpfully, “so maybe when I come back I‘ll still be able to give you your normal life back. I hope so,” he added truthfully, to the sex object in front of him.

He stood up, for as much as Jason could watch her all day, eating the slippery mixture of juices from her own pussy, he had another target to take down.

In the corner, Jason’s target sat with a handful of his own cum and a blank expression. “Clean yourself up,” Jason said to him in passing, “then stay there until you’re told to move. I’ll be back once I’m finished with your friend.”

As he closed the door he smiled as the sight of two blank eyed slaves, each licking up a sweaty handful of their own cum. Let’s hope the plan for target number two goes just as well, and just as enjoyably, Jason thought. -

Target number two was the chief financial officer of East Park Consultancy, and consequently the richest and most powerful of Jason’s targets. He was also, Jason happened to know, not popular with his boss; a few hundred thousand pounds going missing here and there are a drop in the ocean for a company like East Park, but when the thousands start to become millions someone’s going to take notice.

So, Jason thought, I suspect that today he might find the guards are called away on urgent business just as he’s settling in for his massage. Jason waited patiently in his white hotel uniform down the corridor, folding and refolding the towels on his trolley as he waited for the door to open. After a few minutes, exactly as predicted, six men rushed through, passing Jason and his benign towel folding.

As they left, Jason stepped smartly through the open door and suddenly jumped in fright as he saw that one guard had stayed behind. Jason’s hotel uniform stalled the man’s gun just long enough for Jason to instinctively fire a loosely aimed tranq dart into the man’s shin. The drug worked fast, but almost too slow as the man had his finger on the trigger of his own pistol as he keeled forwards. Jason leapt forward to catch the collapsing man and carefully slide the gun away. Not quite according to the plan, but no matter.

He had been told to expect three women masseuses and the target in the massage studio. Jason padded towards it, skirting round the side of the main room and slipping inside an adjacent room. Scanning it very carefully for more unexpected guards and finding none, Jason looked around. The room was full of the masseuses’ kit; bottles of coloured oils and balms and creams, clean uniforms and various apparatus; but also some rather more unusual items; bondage gear, restraints and gags.

Not your usual massage parlour then, Jason thought. He could also hear the subtle but insistent sound of a nearby mind control box in the back of his mind. I couldn’t hear that outside, Jason mused, but thick walls suit my purposes. He slowed his breathing and listened carefully.

Jason could hear movement in the massage studio, the swish of cloth, the click of shoes on tiles, and the stress-releasing groans and grunts of a man settling in for a long massage session.

Trying to take on four people in an unknown room is pushing the extent of my skill and luck, thought Jason, considering the next best way to tackle this next challenge. As it turned out, he didn’t have to worry about it, as soon the sound of footsteps began to approach his hiding place. Jason tensed and flattened himself against the wall.

A woman entered. From behind, Jason could see she was small and lightly built, with shiny black hair and a simple white gown. She busied herself selecting bottles from the shelf in front of her. Jason pounced, one hand sliding over her gasping mouth and the other pressing his mind control gun into her side. He fired, and the woman in his arms shuddered as her mind dropped.

Whispering instructions to obey him, Jason turned the woman around. She was oriental, Japanese he thought, and had full, heart shaped lips. He watched her glassy eyes as he delivered his instructions to her compliant mind. “Only whisper,” he said, “and tell me where the others will be in that room.”

“Right now, Sandy is massaging master’s legs, and Mina is above master. Master is on the table in the centre of the room, master,” said the little woman demurely with a hint of a Japanese accent, unaware of the unusual semantics in referring to both the men she thought of as master in her hazy state.

“Okay, listen carefully,” said Jason. “When I tell you to go, I want you to run back through and tackle Sandy. Hold her as long as you can, and I’ll deal with the others.”

“Yes master,” said the Japanese woman.

“Go,” said Jason, flinging himself round the corner and into the massage studio.

The room was lit by candles, and stank of incense, and Jason only saw the vague shapes of the people he knew were there. He aimed his mind control gun at the woman on the table and hit her in the back. She threw her arms up in surprise but stayed on top of a now startled man.

Meanwhile, Jason’s new slave darted out from behind him and tackled her colleague to the floor. Jason dove between them and pressed his gun right against the ribs of the other woman, firing off another blue blast. The gun hissed with heat generated from two back-to-back uses.

“Hold him down!” he yelled to his three recently zapped captives, and the three white-robed women hastened to the table, holding down the now-kicking and thrashing man. It was only then that Jason noticed he was actually tied down to the table by ropes attached to his ankles and wrists. He was also gagged and naked.

“Let him go,” Jason said, and the three women stood back. Jason aimed the gun at the man, but saw that the side vents were glowing white hot. He lowered it, thinking it was best not to overuse it in case it broke. Looks like these immune guns, for all their merits, can overheat.

The man looked up at Jason in surprise and fear, although in any case his mouth was pulled rather absurdly into a wide “O” of shock by the gag.

“He likes to be tied up during his massage? He’s into that sort of thing?” Jason asked one of his submissive women.

“Yes master,” she replied.

“Aren’t massages supposed to be relaxing?” Jason said.

“Master?” the woman replied in confusion, her glassy eyes blinking as her sluggish mind failed to comprehend what he was asking. The man was yelling into his gag now, ropes taut as he stretched his arms out as far as he could. He was younger than Jason expected, mid thirties, and in good shape, unlike his captured colleague in the sauna.

Ignoring his cries, Jason quickly delivered his usual speech about obedience to the women’s open minds, adding that they would not listen to any of the instructions given by the man on the table. Just to be on the safe side, Jason thought.

“How long have you been here, controlled like this,” he asked Sandy, the tallest and oldest-looking of the three Japanese women, in perhaps her late twenties. The other two looked like they could be eighteen.

The answer took a while coming. The mind control box was still on, Jason reminded himself. “Six months.”

“Are you actually masseuses?” said Jason.


Good, thought Jason, reintroducing them to a life beyond this man’s control should be possible. A few questions later and Jason had retrieved the mind control box from underneath the massage table. He switched it off and the women perked up imperceptibly, eyes regaining that little bit of sentience that let Jason know they weren’t yet totally mind fucked by their humiliating existence as sex slaves.

“Okay,” Jason finally said to the man, “I’m going to ask you a few questions, and there’s no point shouting for help, your guards are not going to come to your aid. I’m an agent with the government’s anti-mind controller agency, and you are under arrest for illegal use of mind control devices.”

Hearing this, the man slumped back, arms dropping back to his sides.

“Take the gag off,” Jason said to the women. Mina stepped forward and unbuckled it, pulling it free and stepping back to her position at his side, eyes lowered.

“Fuck you,” the man said, sneering at Jason.

“That’s original,” Jason said dismissively. “Now, you should know that your boss James Buckingham gave me a rather large file about you, Mr White, and the evidence within it is easily enough to convict you for life for corporate fraud, not to mention your mind control offences.”

The man, Mr White, looked totally thrown by the mention of James Buckingham. His eyes left Jason’s face and saw the gun he was carrying.

“That’s one of our guns – the ones that work on immunes.” Jason nodded. “You were sent here by James? I’ve been betrayed?” Mr White asked, now looking utterly crestfallen.

“I wasn’t sent here by James Buckingham,” replied Jason, “but he was just as interested as me in having you taken down.”

“I was betrayed.” Mr White repeated.

“Yes,” Jason said simply. Mr White said nothing.

“Now I think I know why,” Jason said, “because your boss wants more for himself, and he also wants an excuse to liquidate his assets and get out of the country to escape the agency’s investigation.”

Mr White suddenly laughed nastily, “fat chance of that,” he scoffed, “We have hundreds of millions invested in this country in our consultancy. James is fucking clever, he’s going nowhere and he’ll have set you up too, agent. You can count on it.”

“How will he do that?” asked Jason.

“Fuck you,” Mr White spat back.

James raised both the gun and his eyebrow menacingly. Mr White sighed.

“I don’t know how he’ll do it,” the man admitted, “but believe me; your agency is no longer safe. Not now James can build guns that work on immunes like you and me. He’s won; no-one can touch him.”

If he was being honest with himself, Jason knew this. But for now he had a mission to complete. He could deal with the repercussions later. He needed to get the targets out of the building, contact his colleagues in the offices next door for a status report, and get back to the agency. He would retrieve the other target, and contact his colleagues now. He would need to leave this room for a few minutes.

“Looks like my new gun’s cooled down now,” said Jason.

Mr White was suddenly angry; “Fuck you, you bastard. You and your whole fucking organisation are going to be destroyed and there’s nothing you can do. You fucking bastard!” he yelled.

“I’m not so bad,” Jason replied evenly, “You’ve still got ten minutes, so I’m going to let you finish your massage.” He raised the gun and fired into the man. Mr White pulled on his ropes again, gasping, then fell back, blank eyed.

Just think how much easier so many of my missions would have been with this gun, Jason mused. Now I can just ask immunes to arrest themselves.

“As I said, enjoy your massage. And stay right here, I’ll be back soon.” Jason instructed the now totally compliant man. He turned to the others. “Women, how about one last massage for old time’s sake? Continue as you normally would, but don’t untie him afterwards. Remember, he likes it rough. And be quick, you only have ten minutes.”

The three Japanese women nodded, dropping their robes and revealing tight leather catsuits underneath. The suits hugged their slim figures, with holes at the crotch and breasts, which were pushed upward and outward by the leather underneath them. The suits were studded and buckled with gold. A bit gauche, thought Jason, but it’s not my choice.

As could be expected of mindless slaves, they showed no shame and didn’t move to cover themselves from Jason’s scrutiny. Mina climbed back on top of Mr White, dropping her exposed pussy onto his face as the other two pushed their mouths towards Mr White’s cock, tongues flicking out from between their pink lips. Jason stepped away, leaving them to their massaging.

Back in the corridor, he got a signal on his mobile, and called his colleagues next door. No response from the first agent. Or the second. Worried, as at least one of them should be ready to take his call at a moment’s notice, he called the third. No answer.

Fuck, thought Jason, something’s wrong. Have they been caught, has James Buckingham trapped them somehow? I knew I couldn’t trust that bastard, though I hardly had a choice, The alternative to cooperation was to be immediately attacked by mind control gun wielding guards as soon as they entered the building. Even so, Jason couldn’t leave them, and something had not gone to plan. He had to go next door and find out what.

Working fast, Jason returned to the sauna and found Daliyah and the target still slowly rubbing themselves. Jason ordered them to get up, and returned to the changing rooms with them naked, padding on bare feet, behind him. Daliyah’s oiled breast jiggled in a way that made Jason’s cock twitch once again. Almost a shame to set her free, Jason thought, but she deserves it.

He returned with them to the massage parlour, barging in on the ongoing process. They were well underway, two of Mr White’s catsuited masseuses riding his face and cock, and the third whipping his stomach with a thin crop. He seemed to like it, trusting in time with the strokes of the whip.

“Time’s up,” Jason said shortly. “All of you cum now.”

They all did. The two women quivered on top of Mr White, and his hips ground upwards, blasting his cum into the masseuses waiting pussy. Sandy dropped her whip, her hands furiously rubbing her pussy as she too felt an orgasm rush over her.

Behind Jason, Daliyah moaned with pleasure, and Jason turned just in time to catch her as she stumbled, shuddering as the unexpected climax hit her, and her eyes flickered upwards. Her supple, oiled body felt cool after the heat of the sauna and Jason held her close to stop her from collapsing to the floor as her bare feet lightly skipped over the tiles due to her smooth brown legs spasming in the throws of orgasm. She sighed happily, one hand lightly flicking her clit and rubbing her slit, almost absentmindedly.

Jason looked into her open, submissive face, flushed with lust. “Sorry, I really should have been more specific,” he said.

He waited until the last tremors had left her body, and asked her if she could stand.

“uh huh,” she said happily, her face inches from his and her warm breath carrying just a hint of her own pussy juice and Jason’s cum, which she had so eagerly swallowed earlier that morning.

“There you go,” Jason said kindly, helping her back up. He kissed her softly.

“Okay, here’s the plan,” Jason said to his assembled, mindless slaves. “You and you”, he said, pointing to his two targets, “get on the towel trolley. Sit on the bottom shelf, tuck yourselves in, and wait there.”

The two men complied immediately, folding themselves up into a humiliating hunched position on the trolley, one in front of the other. Looks a bit stupid, thought Jason, but chuck some towels over them and hey, it’s just a pile of dirty laundry. One last thing, he thought, instructing them to forget all about the mind control gun that works on immunes, and finally shot them both with a tranq dart. Their tightly packed bodies relaxed into sleep, ready for the agency to collect and question when they woke up in a few hours as their normal selves.

He then set to work on the girls. This took longer, and he needed all of his skill to weave a fabricated story for them so that when they were released from under the hypnotic influence of the gun they would not remember anything, and would be able to resume their lives.

After a while he was quite happy with the work he’d done on the minds of the three masseuses. They had worked at the hotel, but now they’d quit, and they would look for massage jobs elsewhere. They seemed to understand this. Simple enough.

Daliyah he was less certain about. From his questioning it became clear that the girl had been totally owned by the spa. When she had been brought here she had been instructed to sell her possessions and break off contact with her friends and relatives, and had for a long time known nothing other than her life as an obedient sex slave, good for nothing but sucking and fucking.

Her mind might not be able to cope with being released from mental bondage, and although Jason was certain that her independent mind still existed beyond the current docile exterior, he wasn’t at all sure she would be able to pick up her life where she left off.

Normally with these borderline situations Jason was quite clear about what to do; mark her down as mentally broken, or mind fucked, and take the girl back to the agency to be held there. But now that Jason was certain about what the agency did to these women; give them to some high ranking member of the organisation to continue their roles as docile sex slaves, that seemed rather pointless.

Jason looked at the vulnerable, naked girl in from of him, hands at her sides and her breasts still rising and falling with every breath, and decided to do something he would never normally do. He gave her his card, with his phone number on it, and left the last, lingering suggestion that even after she woke up, even after days had passed, she would want to call him. Jason wanted to know if she would be able to manage now without the daily release from thought that mind control guns had given her, and this seemed the only way to check.

“Go and get dressed,” he told all of the women, “and follow my instructions.”

He smiled as they filed out of the massage studio, still blankly obedient, but not for much longer. Jason then turned back to the task in hand.

He pushed the rather heavy towel trolley out of the studio, back down the spa corridor and into the hotel. He stopped to change back into his suit, and then found a service exit, and pushed the trolley through. It clattered as it shunted the doors back, and Jason was outside.

The trolley rattled on the rough ground. “Sorry gents,” said Jason casually, keeping up a steady pace. Beyond the alley, at the side of the road, was exactly what Jason had hoped to see; an unmarked white van. The driver nodded to him, and Jason nodded back twice; once for each target.

The driver left the cab, swung open the back doors, and together they pushed the laundry trolley into the waiting darkness. The doors closed behind them.

“Let’s go,” suggested the driver. Indeed, this was supposed to be the conclusion of Jason’s mission.

“Not yet,” said Jason.

“Agent Sim?” the driver said.

“I’ve lost contact with the second team; I’m going after them to find out what happened.”

“Sir, you can’t,” the driver said. “Agency protocol prohibits that, we can’t risk another agent entering the area of a failed mission – we’ve got to go, now.”

“You go,” said Jason. “We can’t lose three agents.”

“Where’s your partner?” the driver added.

“Four agents,” Jason corrected himself. He turned to the driver. “Go.” He said. Jason began to walk away. The East Park Consultancy towered above him. The driver was right, with no plan and no ability to communicate with the others he would be operating on instinct with no knowledge of what awaited him. This was very dangerous at the best of times, but now, with James Buckingham somewhere in there and quite certainly planning a double cross, Jason was extremely apprehensive.

Jason knew he had to discover why James Buckingham had helped him enter the hotel and take down his own business partners. But even more important that that, the mind control gun that worked on immunes was in Jason’s holster, and the potential of that gun alone meant that Jason had to see this mission through to the bitter end. He couldn’t just continue work as normal knowing that at any moment he could be betrayed by a mind controlled colleague, or even targeted himself.

Time for a bit of discretion, Jason thought to himself, as he walked into the shadow of the tall office block of the East Park Consultancy.