The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Agent with Immunity

The Office:

Agent Jason Sim could have guessed that all of the receptionists at East Park Consultancy would have been beautiful young women in tight blouses, and so they were. And although he couldn’t be certain he also guessed that they obediently provided their bosses with a free-of-charge after hours service as sex toys in addition to their day jobs.

“Good afternoon sir, welcome to East Park Consultancy,” chirped one of the fresh-faced women, standing up from her chair with practised politeness to greet him, causing her firm breasts to strain against her neatly ironed white top. “How may I help you?” she asked warmly, clearly conditioned to treat visitors with respect verging on flirtation.

“I’m here to see James Buckingham,” Jason said directly. Might as well get this over with, he thought.

“Certainly, sir,” the woman said, asking for his name as she picked up the phone. Jason gave it, leaving out his title “agent”, of course.

“I will let his assistant know you’re here,” the woman said to Jason, then into the phone; “I have a Mr Jason Sim here to see Mr Buckingham.”

She listened for a few moments, and replaced the handset.

“Welcome, Mr Sim,” she said, smiling, her shiny red lips parting. “Mr Buckingham’s assistant has explained that you’re here to assess our staff practises, and has asked me to give you a building pass so you can visit his colleague Lynsey Green. Shall I give her assistant Mary a call and let her know you will be on your way up?”

What the hell is going on, Jason thought, Lynsey Green was the other agents’ target, and why has James Buckingham given me a building pass? It must be a trap. Thinking fast, Jason replied, “No, that’s fine, I want to visit a few other departments on the way anyway.”

“Certainly sir,” the woman replied, handing him his pass. Jason thanked her, his outward demeanour totally calm and professional as he fastened the pass to his suit. The security guards around the room’s edges didn’t pay him any attention as he glanced at the wall map, which told him where to find the office of Lynsey Green, Vice-President. He also found the office of James Buckingham, Managing Director. Jason didn’t want to simply walk into whatever trap they had planned, so he instead decided to visit the human resources department and find out more about the MD, in his supposed capacity as “Staff practises assessor.”

He took the stairs, not the lift; he was on edge and didn’t want to back himself into any confined spaces right now. As he climbed, he considered what had just happened. Maybe the agents had been caught and stopped by Lynsey Green, and James Buckingham was still trying to help Jason with his mission. Or maybe Jason’s colleagues or been unable to get close to Lynsey’s office and had aborted the mission, but then they would surely still be in contact. Or maybe James Buckingham had engineered their capture, and planned to trap Jason too, to make sure the agency stayed out of East Park’s way.

Jason opened the door to the human resources department and smiled; unsurprisingly most of the staff here were attractive young women, but there were several men and older women too, so it could almost have been a normal office apart from the faint trill of a mind control box somewhere in the room. Seemingly this one encouraged hard work, as the staff radiated great concentration as they sat at their desks. The atmosphere was one of hushed productivity and everyone stared fixedly at their computers, typing efficiently. A whole office under the influence of a mind control box, Jason thought. These guys have got some nerve.

Jason entered as if he belonged, confidently, examining the staff at their desks as he walked between them, not exactly sure what he was looking for but hoping that something would present itself.

“Excuse me,” said a stern female voice behind him. Jason turned, retaining his composure, and found himself facing a woman who was as tall as him, standing with her hand on her hip as she scrutinised Jason. She looked surprised by his visitor badge, and leant in to read it. At this point Jason let his eyes wandered down to her huge breasts, which were concealed relatively well by a thick cardigan but still plainly evident.

She looked up, noticing Jason’s appreciative glance and glaring at him. “And why exactly are you here, Mr Sim?”

“Staff assessment,” Jason replied smoothly, “Mr Buckingham asked me to evaluate each department’s output level and standard of work. I’ve decided to start with this department, since HR is at the heart of your company.”

Jason could see from her eyes that the box had no effect on her, she was immune like him, but the fact that she could also see it had no effect on him would boost his credentials as a ‘specialist’ assessor at the company. However, she didn’t look convinced by his story.

“I’m the office manager, and I wasn’t told about this,” she snapped, scowling at Jason. “I’m going to phone Mr Buckingham’s office and check.” She stormed off towards her office, her wide hips swaying behind her, and Jason followed quietly.

She opened her office door and was surprised to see Jason right behind her. “Wait here, Mr Sim,” she said curtly, closing the door in his face. Glancing casually over his shoulder to check that no-one had heard this last sentence, he pushed the door open and went inside, closing it behind him. He didn’t want her making any calls.

She looked up at him, midway through dialling; now angry. “Mr Sim, I asked you…” she began furiously, taking a bolt of blue energy to the body from Jason’s immune mind control gun before she could finish. Jason watched as her look of surprise flickered to a haughty smile – as an immune, she wouldn’t be expecting the gun to have any effect – then her face slackened and her eyes glazed over, leaving just the echo of shock as she realised that her mind was being dampened into complete submission.

“Good,” said Jason, “Your disdain was beginning to get in my nerves.” He then delivered his usual speech about obeying instructions and answering questions truthfully, watching as the woman absorbed his words as facts without conscious choice. He specifically asked her to co-operate fully and give extensive answers when she deemed prudent. She nodded in understanding.

“You didn’t tell me your name; that’s quite rude, I told you mine,” Jason admonished her, “What is it?”

“Catherine,” she replied, her voice now flat, all suggestion of irritation gone.

“Thank you. Will we be disturbed in here, Catherine?” Jason asked.

“No, the employees won’t move from their desks when the mind control box is on.”

“Good,” Jason repeated. “Well, now that we know each other by name, I think we can be more comfortable with each other while you answer the rest of my questions. Get undressed.”

Catherine nodded, beginning to unbutton the cardigan that concealed the curve of her enormous chest.

“Catherine, I want you to tell me why you think James Buckingham wants to have members of his own board removed from the company.”

“A new gun,” she said dreamily, now beginning on her blouse, “guns like yours, which works on immunes. The board is made up of immunes, and now they can’t trust each other. Mr Buckingham thought that some of his board were considering seizing management of the company.”

“Was Lynsey Green one of those people?”


“What about you, it’s never been used on you?” Jason asked.

“No, when the board received them they voted to forbid their use on immune employees.”


“We are valuable staff members entrusted with the company’s secrets,” Catherine said, shrugging off her blouse, her voice tinged with pride despite the monotone delivery, “and we are vital for the day to day running of affairs. Besides, the board can have sex with any of the regular employees out there whenever they like.” Catherine reached behind her and unclipped her bra, and her huge breasts bounced free. They were pale and white, with surprisingly small nipples for such large breasts.

“Are those natural?” Jason digressed, distracted by the sight.

“Yes,” Catherine answered promptly.

“Why do you wear clothes that hide your natural assets,” said Jason,

“It’s to separate me from all the mind-controlled girls out there,” Catherine said honestly, “The mind control boxes tell them to wear skimpy clothes and act slutty, so I wear these clothes to stand apart. It’s more professional.”

“None of them have breasts as large or as beautiful as yours,” said Jason, reaching out and stroking his hand up her firm, cool flesh. Catherine let him, she had been told to.

“Say thank you for the compliment,” Jason insisted.

“Thank you for the compliment,” Catherine parroted back to him in her own voice.

“Down on your knees,” Jason said, continuing his questioning as Catherine pulled up her skirt to allow her to sink to her knees in front of him; “How did you come to be employed by East Park Consultancy?”

She craned her neck up to address Jason, “I applied for an administrative job; they interviewed me and tried to control me there and then. I was immune to the guns of course, and they immediately offered me a job of higher rank and pay.”

The absurdity of her position made Jason smile, naked to the waist and on her knees in her own office, following commands as easily as if they were her own decisions and still coherently answering his questions. “What did you think about the mind control side of the business? Why did you accept a job here? Take my cock out,” Jason added.

Catherine shrugged, reaching for Jason’s belt as she replied; “I disliked it at first, but it’s a really good way to increase productivity, and they offered me twice the money any other employer would offer.” She pulled out Jason’s cock, which hardened in her light grip.

“I want you to wet my cock with your mouth; then give me a tit fuck,” Jason ordered. “Don’t let it stop you answering my questions.”

Catherine obeyed, bobbing her head down and wrapping her lips around the head of his cock and pulling it into her mouth, licking it until it was shining and wet. She slid her mouth off it with a slurp, and as she pulled back a strand of saliva glistened between her lips and the tip of Jason’s cock.

“Very good,” Jason praised her, “Now tell me where James Buckingham got the immune guns.”

Catherine straightened her back and stuck out her chest so that Jason’s cock lay between her two large breasts. “We have a research division based outside the city,” she said, using her hands to move her breasts aside so that Jason’s cock nestled further into the warm, soft gap between them. The pleasantly soft flesh enveloped Jason’s cock and she began to flex her back so the shaft slid against her slick skin. “They made the changes to the original design; it cost millions of pounds but it’s worth it for the potential it gives the company for expansion of its core areas.”

That last sentence had sounded quite robotic, even by the standards of a willing sex slave compliantly pushing a stranger’s cock up and down between her breasts, and Jason picked up on this.

“And you’re sure James Buckingham has never used the guns on you?” Jason asked. “Use your mouth to lick the head,” he added.

“Oh yes,” Catherine replied, her head bobbing down and her tongue lapping out with every stroke, making her voice indistinct. “He invited each of the… mmm… immune employees into his office to… mmm…. explain it to them in great detail. He assured me that the… mmm… the most valued employees had nothing to worry about,” she added, giving the head of Jason’s cock a longer lick as she finished speaking.

Jason chuckled, “I’m sure he did,” he said, then continued with the questions; “Are you aware of any reason he might want to bring agents in from outside to do his dirty work for him? Isn’t it a great risk?”

“It’s a test,” Catherine said, squeezing her breasts together and dribbling more saliva onto the tip of Jason’s cock, working it between her breasts to give her the lubrication needed to rub up and down even faster “He’s going to sidestep the government anti-mind control agency by using the immune gun on the agency leaders, but he also wants to head hunt the agencies most capable agents for East Park Consultancy.”

“Head hunt as in offer them jobs?” Jason asked.

“Yesh,” Said Catherine thickly, her flicking tongue obstructing her speech.

“That’s what he told you?”

“Uh huh.”

“Is that why I’m here?”

“Uh… no,” said Catherine, looking confused as her head bobbed up and down just above Jason’s waist, hands still pressed to the sides of her breasts, “You’re here to assess staff practise.”

“Ah yes, of course,” Jason said, “I forgot. But while I remember, let me tell you that you’re doing a great job at corporate entertainment.” Catherine obediently continued to rub her tits up the shaft of his cock.

“Anyway, that’s cleared up a few things,” Jason went on, “and while you’re still my submissive slave, let me tell you a few things.” Catherine listened as she continued to use her breasts to masturbate Jason. “Firstly, try to be a bit less bad-tempered with guests in your department; secondly, try being less disparaging about your staff. Just because they can’t resist the box turning them into mindless fuck toys and hard working drones doesn’t mean you’re a superior person. Besides, you’re not even immune to mind control anymore. Just take a look at yourself,” he added. “Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” said Catherine meekly.

Jason sighed happily as Catherine’s huge breasts drew him close to orgasm. “Pass me your cardigan,” he instructed her, and her hand dropped to the floor, letting one breast flop free and causing Jason’s cock to slip out, bouncing off the nipple and making her breast quiver. She held up the cardigan, which Jason took, and she immediately replaced his cock in between her breasts.

“You are beautiful,” said Jason, “and someone as beautiful as you shouldn’t hide behind horrible clothes like these.” Catherine nodded, causing her chin to rub off the end of Jason’s erect cock. “I’m going to do you a favour,” said Jason, “so stop tit fucking me and hold this up.”

Catherine obeyed, holding the cardigan by the sides so it lay draped over her naked breasts. Jason grasped the shaft of his cock and ran his hand over Catherine’s huge breasts with the other, stroking them all over and rubbing the nipple between thumb and forefinger. He squeezed as he felt himself on the verge of cumming, and the little animalistic moan that came softly from Catherine’s open mouth drove him over the edge.

Jason’s hips bucked and he shot a thick stream of cum on to the cardigan, spasming several times until he had left several damp stains down the front of the item.

“I’ve done you a favour by ruining that cardigan,” said Jason to Catherine’s blank expression. “You can try to clean it…” he said, pausing, looking at her glassy eyes. “What are you waiting for?” he added. “Go on; try to clean it.”

Catherine dropped her mouth to the thick wool and sucked at the cum patches soaking into the garment, making a wet squelching noise. Jason continued; “but you won’t manage, and you’ll have to wear only your blouse instead. So, as I said, I’ve done you a favour.”

“Now get up and get dressed,” he added, replacing his cock in his pants. “Some of us have work to do.” He addressed this to a woman sitting on her knees with a cum streaked cardigan dangling from her mouth below glazed eyes.

Catherine obeyed, and as she dressed Jason’s fed her mind a stream of commands to make her forget everything that had happened while remembering his suggestions. “Wake up,” Jason suggested.

Catherine blinked, her mind shifting back into gear. She smiled at Jason; “Thank you for visiting our department, Mr Sim; It’s been a pleasure. I hope you have all the information you need?”

“Yes I do, thank you Catherine,” Jason replied in a businesslike manner, “What you told me was very useful.” And it was, Jason thought. Perhaps his colleagues were even now being persuaded to leave the agency. Despite this possibility, however, they had apparently left their job unfinished. Before Jason approached James Buckingham to find out exactly what was going on he would need to pay Lynsey Green a visit.

He thanked Catherine again for her help, and she said that he was quite welcome. “If you require anything further then you are welcome to visit our department again.” she added.

“Thank you,” said Jason, “But I think what you gave me was more than enough.” After exchanging a professional handshake, he was gone, leaving Catherine with a feeling of general wellbeing and a wastepaper basket stuffed with a cum-soaked cardigan.

* * *

Jason passed back through the Human Resources department, his presence not attracting even one curious glance from the entranced employees. He climbed the stairs to the floor of Lynsey Green’s office, where a group of guards stood at the entrance to the stairs and lifts. Jason flashed them his pass casually, and they nodded him past.

This floor had an open plan central area, with corridors running off towards the various offices of the board members and windowless meeting rooms. Jason could guess that these were used for controlling visiting clients and convincing them to part with their cash in return for East Park’s Consultancy services.

As Jason walked through the deserted central room he felt incredibly on-edge, as if he was being watched from all angles. This could easily be a trap, he reminded himself again, as he walked down the corridor branch that led to Lynsey Green’s office.

In the anteroom outside the vice president’s office, Lynsey Green’s assistant Mary sat with her legs apart under her desk, enjoying the sensation of fullness that sitting on her chair’s inbuilt dildo gave her. She sighed happily as she reached for a memo and the dildo shifted inside her wet pussy, then looked up as she heard someone approaching.

“Good afternoon,” she greeted Jason, seeing from his pass that he was a verified visitor, therefore an immune, and due a greater level of regard than the usual clients who visited Ms Green – mostly confused-looking women who had felt a compulsion to show up for a meeting they couldn’t remember organising.

Flushed cheeks, Jason thought, looking at the secretary. Either she’s feeling a bit warm in this ambient office temperature, which seems unlikely, or something’s turning her on. “Hello,” he replied, “Jason Sim, Staff Practises Advisor. Is Lynsey Green in her office?”

“I’m afraid not,” said Mary. “Do you have an appointment?”

“Do you know when she’ll be back?” Jason said, ignoring the question.

Mary answered; she’d been trained to obey immunes. “In fifteen minutes, sir.”

“Any security cameras here?” Jason asked, checking that no-one was around apart from him and the sitting young woman.

“No,” replied Mary, opening her mouth to politely repeat her question asking if Jason had an appointment, but before she could frame the first syllable she’d been hit full in the chest by a shot from his mind control gun.

“Forget you saw me,” said Jason, “sleep for the next sixty seconds. Then wake up and continue with your work as if nothing’s changed.”

Mary’s head slumped onto her chest, and Jason indulged his curiosity. He bent his head under her desk, and could immediately smell Mary’s arousal. Her skirt was up around her waist and her thighs were slick with pussy juice. Her legs were wrapped around a dildo which disappeared into her shiny shaved slit. As she relaxed in sleep, it slipped out of her very slowly. I see Ms Green likes to see her employees well taken care of, Jason thought, quickly straightening and heading through to Lynsey Green’s office before Mary woke up.

After sixty seconds, Mary’s eyes opened and she sat up. Reaching down, she pushed herself back down onto her dildo properly. If it wasn’t tight inside her she might not feel Ms Green buzzing for her, and that wouldn’t do at all.

Inside the office, Jason grinned. The office was tastefully decorated and large, but the sofa was quite a lot bigger than one might expect in a typical office, suggesting it got more use than most executive suites. Paintings on the walls featured lithe woman in various sophisticated guises and poses, nothing sexual, but the abundance of these paintings suggested to Jason that Ms Green might be quite keen on the affections of her own gender.

Jason searched the office quickly and efficiently, finding nothing of any interest to him in his capacity as an investigating agent, but plenty of Ms Green’s sex toys, including a fearsomely big strap-on which he guessed Lynsey’s secretary was subjected to. Just as well she’s kept open and loose and wet by that dildo out there, Jason thought.

Tidying up after himself, Jason ducked down behind the sofa. Not exactly dignified, but it’ll do, he thought. After ten minutes, he heard footsteps approaching, and the door opened.

“Mary, have you cum today yet?” asked a woman in a businesslike manner. Jason didn’t hear the answer, but from the woman’s next words he supposed the answer was no; “Good girl, I will buzz you into my office shortly and give you your reward for the day. Very good girl,” the woman repeated, closing the door and walking to her desk, heels clicking on the floor.

“But first,” Jason said, making the woman jump and spin around, “I’ll be your next appointment.” He fired, and she gasped as she realised that she’d been hit by a gun that worked on immunes. Jason watched as she tensed her whole body, and he smiled as she relaxed, unconsciously letting her will be washed away by the blue glow.

“I’m an agent with the government’s anti-mind control agency,” Jason said, by way of introduction. “Obey me, answer all my questions honestly, and trust me,” Jason ordered to her hopelessly obedient mind, and Lynsey nodded, last remnants of shock leaving her relaxed face as she felt a compulsion to trust this strange man in her office and do whatever he wished.

“Let’s not keep Mary waiting,” Jason scolded Lynsey. “That poor girl’s been waiting for release all day, I bet. Buzz for her.”

Lynsey walked to her desk and pressed the buzzer, and Jason could imagine Mary clenching her thighs together outside the office, before slipping herself off the buzzing dildo and heading for the door.

“Yes mistress?” Mary said as she entered the office, and looked at Jason with recognition and surprise.

“I was just telling your mistress what a good girl you’ve been today; fully deserving of release,” said Jason pleasantly, firing off the immune gun at Mary. Jason gasped as his hand suddenly seared with pain and he dropped the burning-hot gun. It had been used so much in the last few minutes that it had overheated.

Fortunately for Jason, Mary had been hit, and she sagged where she stood, head down, as she accepted the loss of mind willingly, like always. Damn power-hungry immune-guns, Jason thought, shaking his hand to try and cool it, nowhere near as elegant and efficient as the old guns.

“Mary,” said Jason, “I want you to obey me, and follow all my instructions, and trust me fully. I probably won’t need to ask you any questions, I’ll be mostly talking with your mistress, but answer any questions I do ask you honestly.”

“You’ve been teased all day by your mistress, so I think it would only be polite if she was the one to give your orgasm,” Jason said to Mary, “I’d get her to lick your pussy, but I need her mouth to answer my questions. How does she normally give you your reward?”

“I will either eat mistress’s pussy under her desk or she’ll fuck me with her strap-on,” Mary said matter-of-factly, blankly, “then when she has received enough pleasure she permits me to cum.”

“She gets pleasure from fucking you with a strap-on?” said Jason, stepping closer to Mary and running his hand up under her skirt, feeling the wetness of her thighs.

“It has a built in vibrator which stimulates her pussy as she fucks me,” Mary replied, not reacting to Jason’s touch; she had not been ordered to.

“And this happens every day?” Jason asked, reaching the top of her legs and placing his hand over her naked pussy, feeling the lustful heat radiating from her.

“Most days,” Mary replied. “Although sometimes if mistress has already had several business meetings she won’t require any more pleasure, so I have to wait until the next day.”

Jason withdrew his hand, and walked over to Lynsey. “Suck this clean,” he ordered almost as an aside, and she closed her lips around his fingers one by one, licking off Mary’s juices. Jason turned again to Mary; “So she keeps you waiting all day and night without an orgasm, despite you sitting on that buzzing dildo out there organising her appointments for her and being a diligent secretary?”

“Yes,” said Mary evenly, not showing any suggestion of frustration at her mistress’s inconsistent rewards, nor any surprise at the sight of her boss, her mistress, obeying this new master’s commands to lick Mary’s pussy juice from his fingers. Mary didn’t need to think; she was a satisfied, mindless slave.

“Well today’s going to be different,” said Jason, “you’re going to be the boss for a change. Get naked and put this on,” he said, holding up Lynsey’s strap-on dildo.

“Yes sir,” said Mary, immediately dropping her skirt around her ankles and exposing her glistening pussy, as she took the huge cock from Jason and buckled it around her waist, pulling the smaller vibrator section up against her clit and buckling it again at the back, pulling the under-slung strap tight against her pussy lips and up between her buttocks. She’s very proficient at this, Jason thought; I assume Lynsey usually gets Mary to put the strap-on on for her.

Mary straightened her back, the black shiny cock wobbling in front of her. “Bend over your desk,” Jason said to Lynsey as he sat back in her office chair. Lynsey bent forwards compliantly, her face dropping to Jason’s level. He met her glassy stare, and ordered; “Strip from the waist down.”

Lynsey nodded, and reached for her designer leather belt, unbuckling and sliding down her black skirt with a rustle of cloth as it fell down her legs, then putting her fingers down the waistband of her panties and exposing her ass and pussy to Mary. Then, raising her legs one by one, she absentmindedly swayed to one side and kicked away both garments. Her expression didn’t change once; she displayed blank acceptance throughout.

“Masturbate with your hand,” said Jason, “You’ll need to get yourself nice and wet if you want to fit that dildo into your pussy.” Lynsey pushed a hand in between her legs and began to stroke her pussy lips.

Jason sat back in Lynsey’s leather chair, and began his interrogation of the obediently masturbating woman; “Tell me about your plot to take over East Park Consultancy’ I want to know who the conspirators were, what your plan was, and why you were doing it.”

Lynsey spoke in a monotone, reeling off the details methodically and precisely as Jason had ordered. She named all of the board members that had been on Jason’s hit list, and herself, and revealed their plan to use the new immune mind control guns on James Buckingham and the other board members and convince them to sign the company over and resign. The primary reason was simply greed, but secondarily because of their fear that James Buckingham would do the same to them if he got the opportunity. Nothing that Lynsey said was counter to what Jason was anticipating; it was all mere verification of what others had said. So, East Park Consultancy had been fighting a civil war with itself, Jason thought, and my intervention decided the winning side.

Lynsey had begun to go into specifics, details which were now irrelevant as all of her co-conspirators were in custody. “You may stop talking,” Jason said. Lynsey closed her mouth and was silent apart from the quiet little sound of her hand rubbing her ever-dampening pussy.

“Did you know that James Buckingham knew about your plan?” Jason asked.

“No, but we suspected that he might,” Lynsey said. “We thought that he had already used his immune mind control gun on some of the immune employees to whom we’d entrusted some of our plans.”

“You suspected rightly,” said Jason, thinking of Catherine’s hazy recollection of her visit to James Buckingham’s office. “Now, tell me why you think he’d get my agency involved.”

“He’s been speaking about recruitment,” Lynsey said. “He knew that as long as he had the immune guns he could defeat any agency operation against him, and since the agency is corrupt anyway he wanted to employ some of their best operatives for our firm, figuring that they would have no moral qualms about defection.”

“And that’s why he’s taken the risk of getting personally involved?” Jason asked. “He wants to offer us jobs?”

Lynsey shrugged, which as her current position was lying flat on her own desk with her hand buried in her pussy, looked ridiculous.

“I really need to speak to James Buckingham,” said Jason. “Thank you for your assistance, Lynsey,” he added. “Now I’d be happy to reward you in the same way that you usually reward Mary.”

Throughout the questioning, Mary had waited, frozen with no commands to act on, with the huge dildo jutting out from her groin and the vibrator wedged deep in her own pussy. At the mention of her name, she raised her head in recognition.

“Mary,” said Jason, “I want you to bring Lynsey to orgasm with your cock. Do to her as she would normally do to you, and you may cum when she does.”

“Yes sir,” Mary replied, her voice husky as the vibrator took her further into her own mental mist of lust. She stepped forward, guiding the dildo between her mistress’s open legs, and with her hand helping slide the head into position, she gave an almighty thrust with her hips.

Lynsey’s glassy eyes were suddenly wide and her mouth formed an O of shock as the thick dildo stretched her pussy wide open. She grunted as Mary pounded her mercilessly, Mary’s hips slapping into Lynsey’s ass with every lunge.

“If this is too much for you to take then you only have yourself to blame,” said Jason, watching Lynsey’s head rock back and forth as she kept staring forward. “You dish it out; you have to be able to take it,” he pointed out helpfully to the woman’s reddening face.

“Uh huh,” she replied obediently, as Mary increased her speed, now impaling her boss on the dildo with great powerful strokes which left Lynsey moaning with lust. Mary’s eyes were closed, she was clearly in total ecstasy as the vibrator rubbed her sensitive clit closer to her long-denied release. Her face shone with perspiration and her hair leapt with every thrust of her hips, her hands now on her boss’s ass, giving her leverage to pull her mistress onto the dildo.

“How does Mary know when to cum, normally?” Jason asked Lynsey curiously.

“In between animalistic grunts, and through her moans, Lynsey managed to slur; “Uh… I tell her to… uh!”

“Okay,” said Jason, “Mary, when you are ready, tell Lynsey to cum exactly as she would tell you.”

“Yes sir,” panted Mary, as she continued to fuck her boss’s pussy. She pushed in deep, pressing the vibrator tight in against her own pussy, and let out a shuddering, long moan. She withdrew the vibrator slowly, and both women sighed with pleasure as she slid it back in again, up to the hilt.

Jason watched as Mary’s eyes opened, and she smiled imperiously down at Lynsey, doing as instructed despite her vacant state. “Slave,” she said, “you may cum… now!”

Lynsey thrashed on the desk, her pussy tightening around the dildo and her head thrown back in the throws of orgasm. This was Mary’s cue to cum, and she too shook as the intensity of her orgasm tore into her. She pushed in with the dildo, firmly pressing the vibrator into her slit as her ass flexed reflexively and her naked breasts wobbled in sympathy to the shaking of her legs.

Jason watched as they both moaned and panted for a very long time, Mary now hanging onto Lynsey’s back for support and Lynsey holding the edges of the desk to stop herself from sliding off the dildo, pushing back to keep herself firmly planted on it, both totally satisfied and owned by desire, mindlessly carrying out their instruction to cum and not at all bothered by the presence of Jason during their intimate shared orgasm.

Eventually, the shakes weakened, and Mary pulled her hips back, bringing the shiny wet dildo out of Lynsey’s stretched pussy.

“Lynsey, look at the mess you’ve made,” Jason said. “Clean it as Mary normally would,” he commanded. “And do it quietly,” he added; “I’ve got a phone call to make.”

Lynsey straightened and stood up from the desk, more than a little shaky from the fucking she’d just received, and sank to her knees to suck the huge sloppy dildo into her mouth. Jason picked up her desk phone, read James Buckingham’s number from the list, and typed it in.

“James Buckingham’s office,” replied a female voice.

“Tell James Buckingham that Jason Sim would like to speak with him. Tell him I’m in Lynsey Green’s office.”

“One moment,” said the voice, and the line went quiet. Moments later, the phone was picked up.

“Jason,” said the deep, measured voice of James Buckingham, “I hope you have been successful with your staff assessment.”

“Lynsey Green is no longer a threat,” said Jason flatly, looking at the woman sitting on her knees, naked from the waist down and mouth wrapped around the thick black dildo that stuck out from Mary’s hips. “In fact, all the targets are neutralised. The information you gave me was correct. So, where are my agents?”

“They’re with me,” said James, “and they are unharmed.”

“Did you use the immune gun on them?” Jason asked directly.

“Only on one, for defensive reasons,” James replied evenly.

“The others?”

“They’re fine. I’m talking with them right now,” James said.

“And why would that be?” said Jason cagily.

“Come down to my office,” said James. “I have an offer to discuss with all three of you.”

“What’s to stop me from simply walking out of here with all my targets and reporting back to the agency about everything I know?”

“Nothing,” said James. “Although you know as well as I do that your job will become next to impossible when you’re up against immune guns, and the agency is getting more and more stretched these days as it is. Besides, aren’t you curious about my offer?”

Jason considered this. He knew he couldn’t leave; the agency was not a safe haven, and from all he had discovered it was quite possible that East Park alone could tackle the agency. Jason knew he had to speak to James Buckingham to get to the bottom of all this.

“I’m coming down,” he said, then hung up. He looked at the two women, Lynsey’s face shiny from where the dildo had slapped against her chin and cheeks as she licked off her own juices.

Jason worked quickly. “Lynsey, clean yourself up, get dressed, and wait at your desk. Mary, same goes for you too, and make sure no-one disturbs Lynsey. By the way, when you are questioned, forget all about the immune guns.”

The two women moved to obey, Mary removing the straps of the dildo and letting it drop to the floor, while Lynsey stood and slid her panties back up to her still-wet pussy. “Someone will be coming to pick you up shortly,” Jason added.

* * *

Walking along the corridor towards James Buckingham’s office, Jason felt great apprehension. It would be so easy for James to simply shoot him, or for Jason to shoot James. If he got even the slightest indication that James’ intended to shoot, he’d shoot first.

Jason used his pass to get past the seemingly endless numbers of guards on the way to James’ office. They would have looked out of place in any normal office in London, but of course in normal offices when board members had a row they didn’t usually reach for their mind control guns. He could hear the buzz of mind control boxes as he walked through the building too, and the employees passed him with glassy eyes.

Jason reached James Buckingham’s office, and was shown into a meeting room by James’ personal assistant. Jason was on a knife’s edge, ready to reach for his mind control gun and tranq at the first sign of danger. He was surprised to see his two colleagues Melissa and Sally sitting on executive chairs around a glass table. James Buckingham wasn’t there.

“Jason,” Melissa said, “please sit down.”

Jason sat, and they explained to him that James had offered them a job as enforcers for East Park, and they’d accepted, having realised like Jason that the existence of immune guns meant that the agency would be ultimately defeated. They had been unable to reach Lynsey’s office and had been picked up by James’ guards. He wanted them for their skills as agents, and for their knowledge of the agency. He also wanted Jason.

“James would like to come in and talk to you, but only after you hand over your immune mind control gun,” Melissa said, holding out her hand. “He can hear everything we’ve discussed,” she added, pointing out the red light on the telephone on the table.

“How can I trust him?” asked Jason.

“We’re here,” said Melissa, “we’ve both got immune guns in case he tries anything” she added. Sally nodded.

Jason paused, then unholstered his immune mind control gun and passed it over.

Melissa took it from him and held it on her lap. The door opened, and James Buckingham came in, a broad man with blonde hair. Jason waited just long enough to see that James Buckingham was holding a mind control gun to make his decision.

What Jason hadn’t mentioned was that he now had Lynsey Green’s immune mind control gun too. He drew it smoothly, hitting James Buckingham easily in the chest, before kicking the glass table in front of him and dropping off his chair as both his colleagues leapt up and fired at him. The shots hit the table, and Jason saw the blue patterns spread over the glass and dissipate to nothing as he waited just long enough for James Buckingham to feel the effects of the mind control gun.

“Get them to stop firing at me!” Jason blurted.

“Sleep,” said James, and both Melissa and Sally’s heads drooped forward and their arms relaxed, guns clattering to the floor. Jason fired his mind control gun at both of them, and they shivered as they felt their minds calming to an open, suggestive state.

Jason stood, exhaling in relief as the moment of action had passed and he was the only person in the room who wasn’t totally blank minded. He told them to obey his instructions and answer his questions, then began to uncover what was really going on.

Clearly, James had intended to use his immune gun on all the agents and convince them that the mission was successful – the job offer was a trap, at least for now, although he would want some former-agent slaves working for him when the agency fell. James blankly told Jason that he had even prepared computer files and mind controller device building tools that the agents could take with them so the agency would be convinced that East Park no longer had the capability to use mind control. It was a watertight plan, and Jason could see no reason to change it. The fact still remained that immune guns could now be built, and from his questioning it seemed that East Park weren’t the only organisation that could make them – this meant that it was too dangerous to continue to be an agent.

Jason explained his situation to blank eyed James; “I’m a small fish in a big pond, and one day, regardless of how careful I am, I’m not going to see shark until it’s too late.” James said nothing, just listened.

“So I’m going to leave the agency and I want a job. From my research, I know you have business interests all over the world, including several tax havens in British overseas territories. Bermuda looks nice, so I want you to give me high paid freelance work keeping rogue mind control from damaging your business interests there. I only want one contact; you, and I don’t want anyone else to be aware of my existence there. It’s safer that way. After I wake you up, you will think that this was your idea and that you convinced me using your immune gun. Understand?”

James nodded.

“Like you, I’m not a particularly moral man,” said Jason, “I’m just discreet about my indiscretions. It seems I work for a corrupt organisation, so why not work for another corrupt organisation for more money? Maybe I am a hypocrite, but at least I’ll be a rich hypocrite with someone watching my back.”

Jason was a master at debriefing former slaves so they didn’t even realise they had been controlled, and he used these skills to set to work on the minds of the people before him. James Buckingham would think he had controlled Jason, and that he had offered him the job in Bermuda. Jason’s colleagues, all three of them in this building and Amanda in the hotel, would return with Jason to the agency. After the mission report was finished, complete with enough fabricated content to patch everything over, Jason would resign.

“Wake up,” he said, watching as each of them as they absorbed Jason’s instructs to selectively forget and their minds slid back into gear.

“I’m glad we could come to an agreement,” said James, effortlessly resuming his charming persona, leaning in to Jason as he shook his hand. “Welcome aboard,” he said quietly, so Jason’s colleagues wouldn’t hear.

“Let’s go,” Jason said to the other agents, and they filed out after him carrying the various mind control equipment James had let them have. The only remaining tasks now were collecting Lynsey Green and Jason’s co-agent, Amanda, from the hotel room where he had left her with her face buried in Christine the receptionist’s pussy.

Recovering Lynsey was a simple matter of flashing his ‘staff assessor’ pass to a few guards, and returning to his hotel room as Mr Smith was equally straightforward.

As he opened the door to his hotel room, the heavy scent of hot arousal hit his nostrils. Amanda was still faithfully following his last instruction, and lapping at Christina’s pussy. The receptionist lay back languorously on the bed, guiding the mindless Amanda towards pussy-licking perfection.

“Very good, both of you,” Jason said, his interjection not causing Amanda to stop – she had not been ordered to stop. “Amanda, Christina, you will both cum now.”

Both women shuddered, Amanda shoving her tongue deeper into Christina’s pussy as she gasped in pleasure. Christina’s toes curled up and her stomach quivered as she clenched her thighs around Amanda’s wet, shiny face. They both moaned and gasped, Christina writhing around on Amanda’s firmly planted tongue and Amanda’s hips flicking upwards as she humped the air.

“Stop,” Jason ordered, and they both settled into a relaxed state, Amanda’s head still between Christina’s legs. Amanda lifted her head slowly; clearly her neck was stiff from all the practice she’d been getting. Christina sat up and closed her legs, stretching and exhaling in satisfaction, stray strands of her hair sticking to her flushed cheeks.

“Amanda, get dressed and wait for further instruction.” Jason ordered. The naked woman slid off the bed and bent to pick up her discarded clothes, her breasts swaying as she stooped and walked across the room, recovering everything in her arms before pulling the items back on, sleepily and sluggishly. Jason turned to the blonde woman lying on the bed.

“Christina, get dressed and leave. Return to work as normal and forget what happened here. Use whatever excuse you are normally told to use when you’re being fucked by someone with a mind control gun.”

“Yes master,” replied Christina, and she too began to collect her clothes, content to be dismissed so easily in her blank state.

She left, and Jason shot Amanda again with the immune gun, just to make sure she wasn’t slipping free of its effects yet. Her head drooped, and she accepted the return to total mindlessness without a struggle. Jason was still angry with her for trying to tranq him and claim credit for the mission, so as he gave her instructions to forget what had happened today and ignore her sore neck and tongue, he also inserted a few suggestions which would give her a bit of embarrassment at work over the next few days.

He approached her, so close that he could smell the sweat from the chubby woman, and said “You said you didn’t want to be a mid-level agent forever, but with the damage you’ll do to your professional image flirting shamelessly, wearing revealing clothes and maybe even having the odd quickie with male and female colleagues, you might find promotion further away than ever.” Jason shrugged. “That’s a suitable punishment, isn’t it? Being the office slut, at least until the suggestions wear off?”

Amanda blankly absorbed Jason’s words without conscious ability to filter them from her own, and obediently listened, nodding vaguely whenever she heard him ask a question. “Wake up,” Jason said.

Amanda blinked, her mind catching up with her lingering instructions and glossing over the facts that she could taste pussy in her mouth, and that her own slit was still very wet.

“Time to go,” said Jason.

“Uh… yes, ok,” she said, still looking confused.

“No need to look so nervous, Amanda,” said Jason in a friendly voice. “The mission was a success.”

“Oh, good,” said Amanda, eyes flicking down to Jason’s crotch. “Maybe we ought to celebrate?” she casually suggested, her eyes flicking back up to meet Jason’s. She smiled mischievously.

“Save it for later, we have to go now,” said Jason, “I’m sure you’ll find someone more than willing to celebrate with you at the office.” He turned and swept out of the hotel room leaving Amanda half jogging along behind him as he headed for the lift. Soon, they were out of the hotel and heading for their cars.

The other agents were in their car, waiting, with Lynsey Green slumped in the back seat, a few final instructions from Jason and a tranq dart preparing her for her internment at the agency. Jason and Amanda got into their car, and the agents drove away.

* * *

The mission had been a success. As far as the agency knew, all of the targets had been captured, East Park’s mind control kits had been confiscated, and Jason’s report had been filed detailing the events exactly as he wanted them to be remembered. Jason tendered his resignation in the same afternoon, citing personal safety concerns and a wish to spend more time with his family, insisting that his nerve for agency work had gone.

His boss was surprised, and reluctant to accept given Jason’s excellent record, but Jason insisted that he felt it was the right thing to do. The agency head instead gave him an open leave of absence, telling Jason that he’d be happy to give him his job back after some time off. Jason handed in his security pass, and his tranquliser, and his mind control gun. His official one, anyway. His immune gun was still in his car, and he intended to keep hold of that one.

* * *

Jason got home late, exhausted from the day’s efforts and still spent from fucking Daliyah and tit fucking Catherine, with only one more thing to do before he shared the news, and plans to move, with his wife. He stepped into his office, locking the door, and took out his mobile phone.

From the phone’s sound recordings, he played back the conversation from James Buckingham’s office. Jason thought he knew what had happened, but what if that’s what he’d been told to remember by a mind controller? He tried to remain calm as he listened, praying that he wouldn’t hear something unexpected.

He replayed it from the start, from his conversation with his colleagues, the sudden flurry of noise when James Buckingham had entered, and the long programming that followed. It was exactly as he expected! Jason grinned, everything had gone to plan. He had pulled it off, and was going to Bermuda, of all places, where no-one had immune guns (apart from him), to earn much more than he had as a government agent dealing with the occasional amateur mind controller. The perfect job!

He heard his wife knock at the door. He opened it and embraced her in a long hug. “I’ve got good news,” he said, and she smiled back at her now joyous looking husband. “I’ve been offered a new job…”

And Jane listened…

… and lay back in bed, imagining herself lying on an exotic beach, warm sun beaming down on her naked body, no-one for miles around. Her eyes were closed, and her face was totally relaxed, partially through the feeling of great serenity in her fantasy and partially because she was obediently following her husband’s instructions. She stretched, enjoying the feeling of sand on her back and the mild wind on her breasts and stomach.

Since no-one else was on the beach, she leisurely reached across and rubbed around her breast, gently squeezing and stroking the sensitive, warm skin. Her nipples began to stiffen, and soon she was rolling them between her fingers, a slight smile on her face as she began to spread her legs; letting that cool breeze tease her dampening pussy.

She kept one hand on her breasts, rubbing and squeezing, as her other hand settled on her thigh. She exhaled happily, and arched her back as her hand nestled between her legs, on her pussy. She started running a finger down her pussy lips, taking her time with getting herself aroused, in no particular hurry as she enjoyed the afternoon sun, and the sound of the waves on the sand.

She used her whole hand to rub up and down, slowly, stimulating her pussy and spreading her legs further to give herself better access. Finally, after many minutes of teasing herself, she slipped a finger into her hungry, wet slit. She moaned, very quietly, in satisfaction.

Jason stood at the bedside and watched her. She was staring upwards; eyes open but glassy and unseeing, totally enraptured by the fantasy he had spun for her. She was enjoying some imaginative anticipation of their new home, and he could leave her to enjoy herself. He closed the door gently behind him, and went to look for Sarah, the nanny.

Jason found Sarah tidying up the children’s toys after having got them into bed, and politely invited her to join him in his study. The 20 year old woman replied, “Of course, Mr Sim,” and followed him down the hallway.

He closed the door behind them, and invited her to take a seat. She did, looking slightly nervous. After all, she wasn’t under mind control, and was slightly concerned that she was in trouble with her boss.

“Everything’s fine,” said Jason reassuringly, and he too sat. Sarah nodded, looking slightly less anxious but still curious.

“I’ve got a new job,” Jason began, “and it involves moving. To Bermuda, in fact.”

“Oh,” Sarah replied, nodding worriedly. “Okay.”

“And we’ll be moving very soon; in a few days.”

Sarah now looked crestfallen. Jason pressed on to the most important point.

“I know it’s short notice, as I only found out about the job earlier today, but I wanted to give you a choice.” Jason continued. “You can stop working for me, and I’ll pay you for the next month to make up for the short notice,” said Jason, “or you can come with us.”

At this, Sarah looked up, surprised. She had clearly been expecting to be told she was out of a job. It was important to Jason that she decided for herself, and that he didn’t just mind control her into coming along, as of course he easily could have done.

Jason went on; “If you do come, you’ll have full accommodation with us and I will give you a pay rise, plus if it doesn’t work out all you have to do is tell me and I will buy you a plane ticket back to the UK.” Jason smiled at the astounded Sarah. “We think you do a good job, there will be enough changes for the children as it is, and Jane and I would love it if you’d consider coming with us. Equally, we would completely understand if you’d rather not come, and I will arrange for your severance payment to be made to you before we leave. It’s entirely your decision.”

Sarah was quiet. “Wow,” she eventually said. “Congratulations on your new job, Mr Sim,” she added.

Jason grinned; the first thing she had to say was about his good news; she was a very thoughtful young woman. He went on; “You can take some time to think about it, Sarah. Is there any other reason you’d want or need to stay here; any personal reasons, family, that sort of thing?”

“No,” said Sarah, contemplatively, “There’s no reason I couldn’t come...” she said, tailing off in thought. Jason stood up.

“Please, take some time to consider it. Sleep on it, Sarah. Let me know tomorrow.” He moved to open the door.

“Mr Sim?” Sarah said, and he turned back.


“I think I would like to come with you,” she said, saying it almost like a question and looking up at him as if checking that this really was acceptable.

“Great,” said Jason kindly. “You’re sure?”

“Yes,” she said, with more evident enthusiasm. “Can I come? Really?”

“Of course,” said Jason, laughing at her timid acceptance, her obvious enthusiasm masked only by her concern that Jason wasn’t really serious. “It wouldn’t be the same without you. Jane and I were really hoping you’d say yes.”

“It’s so exciting,” Sarah said, jumping up and hugging him in a moment of elation. “Bermuda! Wow!”

“I know, it is exciting,” said Jason, breaking from the platonic hug, showing emotional reserve with a girl who regularly and obediently performed all manner of sexual acts on his command. “Not the worst place to be offered a job, is it? For either of us,” he joked.

“Where is Mrs Sim?” asked Sarah.

Jason smiled, omitting to mention that his wife was lost in a private sexual fantasy in the bedroom above the study, masturbating herself to orgasm on a sun drenched beach of her own imagination. “She’s preparing for the trip,” Jason instead replied.

“Should I go and pack too?” Sarah asked.

“No need to do that just yet,” said Jason. “By the way, I’m glad you accepted the offer of your own free will,” he told Sarah, “I didn’t want you to feel coerced.”

“I don’t,” Sarah assured him earnestly. “I’m really serious about wanting to come.”

“Good,” said Jason, reaching for his mind control gun, “and tomorrow you can pack, but now let’s celebrate.”

“Okay,” said Sarah, smiling, “shall I go and get Mrs Sim?”

“She’ll join us soon,” said Jason, the blue glow hitting Sarah and causing her to immediately relax to the controlled, mindless, submissive state she adopted most evenings, open to all of Jason’s commands.

“Get naked, Sarah,” Jason said, and the girl unquestioningly obeyed.

When Jason’s wife joined them in the study her face was flushed with the heat from her slow burning but powerful orgasm and her naked breasts jiggled as she closed the door and walked over. Sarah was on her knees before Jason, celebrating the good news by kissing and gently stroking his cock as her own hand rubbed in a circular motion over her clit. She slid over to one side, leaving room for Jane to sink down next to her. Together, their mouths licked and sucked Jason’s cock until it was totally erect. They continued, licking and sucking and nuzzling his cock, facing each other with glassy stares.

“I want you to swallow it all, Sarah,” said Jason, and the girl shifted so she was facing his cock directly, then sucked it deep into her mouth and worked her lips up and down the shaft. Jane dropped her head lower, licking her husbands balls and the underside of his shaft, submissively letting her employee draw almost the whole length of her husband’s cock into her mouth. She was not jealous, just totally obedient to her master’s wishes, as was Sarah.

Jason held Sarah’s head in position as he fired his load into her mouth, and she gulped it down as ordered. Jane and Sarah moaned with ecstasy since they had been conditioned to feel pleasure when Jason did. “Good girls,” Jason said, stroking his wife’s face with one hand and running his other up Sarah’s chin, retrieving some cum which had escaped and feeding it back into her mouth. She sucked on his finger as he drew it out of her mouth, then she dipped her head forward to clean the remaining cum off his cock.

“Sarah,” said Jason, and the girl shifted her glassy eyes from his cock to his face. “It really wouldn’t be the same without you. If you’d said no, tonight might have been the last time we could do this. Aren’t you glad you said yes? ”

“Yes, master,” the girl replied blankly, as her tongue lapped at her employers’ cock.

* * *

A few days later Jason Sim, his wife, his children and Sarah boarded a plane. James Buckingham had sent the tickets by courier, mentioning over the phone how keen he was for Jason to get over there and sort out a few issues he’d been having on the small island. Jason said he would be glad to deal with them, and thanked James Buckingham for setting up an account with a large down-payment for Jason to get settled into his new home.

At the airport, a mind control box in Jason’s luggage was enough to convince the baggage inspectors that his mind control gun was totally fine to have in his hand luggage, and the flight went smoothly. Nobody took any notice of this seemingly ordinary family on a seemingly ordinary trip- because despite all of his skill, intelligence and cunning as an agent, if there was one thing that Jason Sim was best at, it was being discreet.