The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 1

Life Cycles

Alan Marshall was a fine, respectful, upstanding young man. He visited his grandfather in the hospital every day after school He was a senior, and in his last semester, and he had plenty of free time, just counting the days until graduation. After graduation he had an internship at the local newspaper, a job he had won through a writing contest he had entered with one of his school newspaper pieces. Since getting into college and winning the contest he had passed off his editor-in-chief duties on the paper to his successor.

His grandfather was dying of congestive heart failure, and he had spent the last month in the cardiac care unit. There were no private rooms in the CCU, but there was a comfortable chair next to his grandfather’s bed, and when the old man was sleeping, which was most of the time, Alan sat next to him and did his homework. When his grandfather was awake they chatted, mostly baseball, their common passion. One day while Alan was visiting, a new patient was brought into the room, and placed in the bed next to Alan’s grandfather. Alan stood and looked over his grandfather’s hospital bed to see the new arrival, but the nurse quickly drew the curtain to block his view. Soon after the new man was brought in, the nurses left. Alan then noticed that his grandfather was stirring, and the conversed for a bit, before he drifted back into unconsciousness. His parents arrived and they all stayed a few hours before going home for dinner.

A few days later Alan was leaving the hospital room and he couldn’t resist the urge to have a peek at his grandfather’s roommate. When he put his head through the curtain he saw that the man was awake, and he was gesturing at Alan to come closer. With a bit of trepidation Alan approached him. When he was right next to the bed the old man reached out and grabbed Alan’s exposed forearm and gripped him tightly. Alan felt a strange sensation throughout his body, sort of like an electric shock. Then he heard a voice and looked down at the old man, but he could tell, even in the diminished light in the curtained off area of the hospital room, that the old man was not moving his lips.

“I am giving you my gift.” The voice in Alan’s head said. “You have the power to control the actions of others, and more powers will come to you as you develop your skills.” Alan was scared by this strange experience, but he couldn’t remove himself for the old man’s grasp. The old man was staring up at him intently. Soon the strange sensation passed, and he stood rooted in place for a few seconds. Alan then realized that the old man was now talking to him.” You are such a good boy, so devoted to your grandpa. You are a worthy vessel to carry the Seed. Use it well, and all you desire can be yours.” The old man’s voice was weak and raspy. When he released Alan’s arm, his eyes closed, and an instant later all sorts of alarms on the monitors went off. Alan quickly left the room, passing two nurses and a doctor as they rushed to attend to the old man.

The next day the bed next to his grandfather’s was empty. When the nurse came to change his grandfather’s bed Alan asked her about him, and learned that he had died the previous evening, shortly after Alan had left. Alan thought about what the man had said, and couldn’t make heads or tails of it. If not for the strange feeling in his body when the man had held his arm, and that voice in his head, Alan would have chalked the whole experience up to coincidence: the man’s death and their encounter happened at the same time merely by chance, but he knew that something had happened between them, and that the man’s last act was deliberate. He had given Alan something called “the Seed” and had done so by the touch. Alan didn’t know what the Seed was, but instead of doing his homework while his grandfather slept, he kept replaying yesterday’s strange scene in his mind. He didn’t even notice when his parents entered the room. Alan had been sitting still in the chair for more than two hours, and he hadn’t even noticed the time.

When they got home that evening Alan’s father asked how his day was. For a brief instant Alan considered telling his dad about the old man and the Seed, but he quickly reconsidered. He didn’t understand what had happened, and he was certain that his father could shed no light on the situation.

* * *

The next day in school Alan found himself thinking about the old man and his message, and that strange voice in his head more and more. He wasn’t concentrating, and during English class he was flustered when the teacher had asked him a question and he was so lost in thought he hadn’t heard her. She raised her voice slightly to get his attention, but because Alan hadn’t been paying attention he had no idea how to answer the question.

“Alan,” she said with a note of exasperation, “I know you and your friends are suffering from senioritis, but you really do need to pay attention in class.” Alan was stung by her rebuke, but only slightly so. English was one of his best classes, and he had been earning very good grades all year. He apologized to the teacher and the class continued. He resolved to pay more attention to the lesson, but was soon drifting out again, though this time he was concentrating not on the strange episode, but on his English teacher, Ms. Kelly. This was a familiar distraction for Alan and his male classmates. Ms. Kelly was a drop dead gorgeous example of the feminine form.

She stood about 5′7″, with dark red hair worn perfectly straight down to her shoulder tops, porcelain white skin dusted with a few very small freckles on her face. She had a slim figure and nicely rounded breasts, though she dressed conservatively, usually wearing a skirt which fell past her knees, and never too tight so as not to flaunt what Alan and his friends imagined was a spectacular ass, coupled with a blouse and a sweater in order to hide her bust. This being springtime, it was a cotton knit, a light yellow. She never dressed to turn the little boys on in their seats, but the effect was there, despite her better efforts.

Alan didn’t know how old Ms. Kelly was, but she had been teaching at his school for two years, so he estimated her to be about twenty five or so. She looked younger, and one of Alan’s friends once remarked that she wouldn’t look out of place on the high school’s cheerleading squad, waggishly adding that she would raise the standards of that squad considerably.

When the bell rang to release the class to lunch Ms. Kelly asked Alan to stay after. As Alan approached her desk at the head of the classroom he felt that strange buzzing in his body again, the same one he felt in the hospital with the old man, but this time it was concentrated in his head. After the class had exited Ms. Kelly busied herself with some papers on her desk, leaving Alan to wait quietly. This was part of her classroom management strategy, making a student wait after he or she had wasted class time by either inattentiveness, as in Alan’s case this time, or by disruptive behavior. She thought to herself, “That Alan is usually pays attention, I wonder if there’s something going on with him. Most of the boys I catch daydreaming are usually staring at my legs, but he seemed to be staring into space. I’ll ask him if he needs to see the counselor.”

“Did you say something, Ms. Kelly?” Alan asked. He could have sworn she had just told him to see the counselor, but wasn’t sure she had spoken to him.

“Pardon?” she asked back.

“Did you just tell me to see the counselor” he asked.

“Did I?” she thought. “Could I have been speaking aloud while thinking?” Figuring she had indeed mumbled the last of her private thoughts she looked up at Alan and said, “You know, Alan, that might not be a bad idea. Is something troubling you? You seemed to be out of it today, and that’s not like you.” Alan thought about it, and though he knew that she was referring to the incident when she caught him thinking about the Seed, he also knew that he was staring at her throughout the second half of the lesson. He grasped for an excuse.

“I was visiting my grandfather in the hospital yesterday and I saw the man in the next bed die.” That was a good one, he thought, and it had the added benefit of being true, well, at least part of the truth. She swiveled in her chair and put her hand on Alan’s, expressing her sympathy about that traumatic event, and then asked about his grandfather. Alan told her that his grandfather wasn’t expected to live long, the doctors and nurses were just keeping him comfortable in the face of the inevitable. She rose and gave him a light hug, just to show that she cared. She really wasn’t supposed to have physical contact like this with students, but she felt that in this situation a little hug wouldn’t be inappropriate, and Alan had always been a respectful and conscientious student, one of her best. She just pressed her head up against his shoulder, and clasped his left hand with her right.

“Wow,” Alan thought, “I should have told her some sob story months ago. I wonder what it would be like to kiss her.” Immediately the light buzz in his head intensified, and Ms. Kelly tilted her head up, running her pink tongue over her lips. Her head came forward and she stood up on her toes, her hand at the back of his head, leading him into her. Alan stood about four inches taller than his teacher and angled his head down to meet her lips. Her tongue shot into his mouth, caressing his gums on above his upper teeth before snaking past into his mouth, stabbing his tongue and licking the roof of his mouth. They both moaned softly and Ms. Kelly’s arms came around his body, pulling him into her. Alan hoped no one would come into to spoil this.

At that moment, walking down the hall towards Ms. Kelly’s classroom was Judy McClould, assistant principal of Harry S. Truman High School. She and Ms. Kelly had planned to meet for lunch that day, but just as she was about to reach the classroom she stopped. Without knowing why she turned on her step and went back to her office, carrying her brown bag lunch.

Alan was in heaven. The most beautiful woman he knew was passionately kissing him, holding him close. He could feel her heartbeat in his chest, though he wasn’t completely sure it was hers he was feeling, and not his own, and her hands were exploring his back with an almost frantic abandon. He brought his hands up to feel her back and hold her, and her tongue became more frenzied, exploring every corner of his mouth. But when he dropped them down to rub her behind, she stopped suddenly and pulled back.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she asked archly.

“Me? I didn’t do anything, Ms. Kelly. You kissed me.”

“You better get going. Right now.” She was still breathing a little hard. Alan hesitated, and Ms. Kelly repeated, “Now!” So he took his leave.

* * *

There were only two periods after lunch, and Alan was even more distracted than before. Not only was he still puzzled about his encounter in the hospital, he couldn’t wrap his mind around what went down in the English classroom. His last period of the day was Physical Education, and he was so lost in his thoughts that he never noticed the basketball headed towards his head as he ran down court. It didn’t hit him that hard, but it unbalanced him, and he tripped over his own feet, his head striking the gym floor with a sickening sound. The coach ran up to him, but he was already hauling himself to his feet, telling his friends that he was OK. The coach had told his friend Greg to take him to the school nurse, and no amounts of Alan’s protests could dissuade him.

“What’s up with you Alan?” Greg asked. “The whole day it’s like you’re in a daze. Hello? Earth to Spaceman Alan?” Alan just told his friend that he was distracted by his grandfather’s condition, and Greg left it at that.

Because the nurse made him lie flat on a cot for more than an hour he missed the final bell and the hallways were nearly silent as he walked back to the gym to change into his regular clothes. After retrieving his stuff he realized that he needed to get a couple of textbooks from his locker before heading out to the hospital for his daily vigil. As he turned the corner to reach it he bumped into Ms. Kelly. Startled, they paused for a moment. Alan began replaying the kiss in his mind, remembering the soft feel of her lips, how her body shuddered in his arms, her perfume.

“Oh, ah, Alan. I’m, eh, glad we ran into each other. Could you come back to the classroom. I need to speak with you. Alone.” Ms. Kelly was almost stuttering, and she had a vaguely unhappy look on her face. Alan followed her back, enjoying the view. When they reached the classroom Ms. Kelly locked the door. She was almost red-faced about the lunchtime events, and she did not want any stray person in the hall hearing what she had to say to Alan.

“Alan, I don’t know what came over me before. I’ve never done anything like that with a student, and I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about me. Just know that nothing like that will ever happen again.” Alan was just staring at her. She wasn’t sure she was getting through. Alan wasn’t listening because he found it hard to concentrate with the object of his desire so close, and that damn buzzing in his brain had returned. Fighting the buzz, the only thought running through Alan’s mind was, “She’s so damn hot. What I wouldn’t give to fuck her.” All of a sudden Ms. Kelly’s felt very warm, and extremely amorous.

She stepped up to Alan quickly, embracing him tightly, tilting her head up into a heated kiss. Alan was almost as shocked as earlier, but he knew better than to turn down a good thing. He pulled her into him, and they once again began exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. This time Ms. Kelly’s moans were louder; though when Alan cupped her ass after thirty seconds of necking and she pulled back he thought it was going to be a replay of what happened during lunch period. This time however Ms. Kelly had pulled away so she could get her hands free to unzip her skirt. Alan’s head was spinning. The buzz he felt had receded and he was astounded by the vision before him. Ms. Kelly was now pulling her sweater over her head, and her face was flushed red. She quickly shed her blouse and was standing before him in a white bra and matching panties. “So hot...I’m so hot,” she kept repeating.

She stepped forward, pressing her body into him again, reaching out to pull his shirt out of his pants. She ran her hands under his shirt and up his chest, groping him. Their heads came together and they were kissing again. After a minute she pulled her head back and then leaned into him again, licking his ear. “Take me, Alan. Right here. Right now. I need you to, to, uhh, uhhh, so good, that feels sooooo good...” Alan had unhooked her bra and it fell to the floor between them, her nipples hard, rubbing against the fabric of his shirt. Her tongue shot into his ear and she moaned again.

“Get undressed, young man. Now!” As he lifted his shirt over his head he felt her opening his belt. By the time he had tossed his shirt to the corner of the room she had zipped down his fly. He unbuttoned his pants and she frantically pulled them down along with his briefs, and then knelt before him, untying his shoelaces. Once she had his shoes off he lifted his legs one after the other and she shucked his pants off around his ankles. Swiftly she rose, pulling him into her again, her nipples raking across his chest. She was sweating, and it served as lubrication as she slid her body up and down her chest. “Touch me Alan...I’m so hot...I’m hot for you. Please?”

Alan picked her up an sat her down on the edge of her desk, then he leaned over and began suckling at her breasts. “Oh, Alan! That’s so good. You know how to touch me. You know how to make me feel good.” Her head tilted back, and she let out a low-pitched moan in pleasure. Alan put his hands at her hips and began to edge her panties down, and Ms. Kelly wrapped her arms around his neck for leverage and lifted her ass off the desk so he could pull her panties off. Alan stared at her pussy, admiring the neat triangle of her downy red pubic hair. Leaning her back so she was prone on the desk, he bent down and leaned forward so that the backs of her thighs were resting atop his shoulders. He saw that she shaved around her vagina, presumably for swimsuit purposes. The thought of his teacher wearing a skimpy suit made his blood boil as he advanced his mouth towards Ms. Kelly’s womanhood. “Oh My God!” Ms. Kelly exclaimed as she felt Alan’s hot breath, soon followed by his mouth, on her pussy. She began shaking and groaning in excitement as her young student began to eat her out in earnest.

Megan Kelly was by no means a virgin. She had given up her cherry on prom night, and when that bastard dumped her not a week later she was crushed beyond belief. During college she had slept with a few men, but only in the context of long-term relationships—she had learned her lesson. Up to this moment she had had five lovers, but none had ever put his mouth to her pussy. She wasn’t even sure if she had ever orgasmed. The one thing she was sure of at that moment was that she was receiving more pleasure from Alan Marshall, high school senior, than she had ever felt before. Soon her body was bucking and thrashing wildly, her pelvis rising up to keep in contact with the lips and tongue of the young man before her. After just a few minutes the pleasure became almost unbearable. Her head started to shake from side to side, and her speech became indecipherable.

Alan knew she was about to come. He had only been intimate with three girls, and had only fucked one of them, but he knew the signs of approaching orgasm. Ms. Kelly’s body became stiff, her knees bending around his neck to trap his head in her crotch, and she let out a prodigious scream: “Yes, yes Yes! I’m coming, Alan, I’m coming!”

Alan stood up and watched her as she came down from her orgasmic high, studying her body. He was proud of his work; her nipples were visibly erect, her body covered in sweat, and by the looks of her she was hyperventilating. Her eyes were closed and the corners of her mouth were curved up in satisfaction. He leaned over and began to kiss her, first her perky breasts, and then up her neck, to her face, coming to rest at her lips. She opened her eyes and stared at him. She could not stop thinking that about the pleasure he had given her. Now she was sure-she had never orgasmed before today. Now she knew what an orgasm was. The student had taught the teacher. Their tongues continued to duel, and she began to become more relaxed, her breathing evening out.

Alan pulled her to an upright position, and then sat beside her on her desk. Their hands began roaming over each other again, and naturally her hands made it down to his cock. Alan was nervous. His cock was a respectable six inches, and while that was good enough for high school girls, he was worried that it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the goddess who sat beside him. At that moment he felt the buzzing in his head intensify, accompanied by a similar tingling in his penis. He shrugged the feelings in his penis to his excitement, but when he looked down at his crotch the sight amazed him. Ms. Kelly was masturbating him, and his cock was just to the point of full hardness. His cock looked much bigger. First he thought his mind was playing tricks on him, but he put his hand down next to it to get a reference to its length, and it seemed to be half again as big, nine inches. It was also growing thicker than before.

Alan couldn’t wait to try his new cock out, and he new exactly who the correct test candidate was. He extricated himself from Ms. Kelly’s ministrations, and had her lay back again. She knew what was coming, and couldn’t-wouldn’t-object. Alan stood between her outstretched legs, guiding his massive cock to her pussy. When he made contact, he rubbed the head up and down her wet slit, teasing her, just a little. He knew that he couldn’t hold out much longer with out penetrating her. Ms. Kelly began whimpering softly, her eyes looking up at him expectantly. “Put it in me, Alan, please. I need it, I need you hot...I’m so hot.” Alan shifted his weight forward and head of his enhanced manhood penetrated his lovely teacher. She sighed loudly, and then began to gasp as he pressed himself inside her. “So good, Alan, so hot.”

When he bottomed out she let out a soft growl. He held himself still within her, reveling in the sensations. Her pussy felt like it was rippling around his shaft, her legs crossing around his back, holding him in place. She looked up at him again with a look of half-love, half lust in her eyes. Alan looked back at her. He was afraid he was going to pop off right then and there, and he desperately hoped he could hold out for a while. He noticed that his head began tingling again, but again shrugged it off to the excitement of the moment.

Her legs relaxed a bit, allowing him to begin a sawing motion. He gradually built up speed, and was fucking her with a great deal of vigor. All of a sudden her body seized up again, becoming stiff. She threw herself forward and slammed her crotch at his dick, impaling her pussy to the root. “I’m coming, Alan. You’re making me come again. Oh my GOD!” He could feel her pussy spasm around her cock, and the sensations overwhelmed him, loosing his seed in her pussy. She was hyperventilating again as Alan withdrew his manhood from her, lifted her into his arms, and carried her to the back corner of the classroom, where there was a couch.

“So,” he asked, “Was it as good for you as it was for me?” She gave him a glowing smile and rested her head against his chest. They cuddled, fondling each other lazily. Alan heard footsteps in the hall and hoped that no one was coming to investigate Ms. Kelly’s cries of passion.

* * *

Mr. Stanton, Alan’s physics teacher, was headed out to his car when he heard the screams. He followed them around the corner to the door of Ms. Kelly’s classroom, and was about to enter. Suddenly he stopped, paused for a few seconds and couldn’t remember why he was where he was. Making an about face he headed to the main entrance, walked smartly to his car and went home.

* * *

Alan buried his face in the crook of his teacher’s neck, lightly kissing her pale white flesh, and getting soft coos in response. He could stay this way forever he thought. “That was so nice, Alan. I could stay this way forever.” Ms. Kelly’s words jolted him from his reverie. He turned his wrist and glanced at his watch. It was 4:15. If he didn’t leave soon, his parents would make it to the hospital before him. He rose and walked back to the front of the room, gathering his clothes. Carrying them back to the couch he told Ms. Kelly he had to go, and she embraced him, pulling his mouth to hers. She gave him a deep kiss, and they separated. Alan walked with her to her desk and they got dressed.

“Uh, Alan?” she said when they were both dressed, “We, ahem, uh, still need to have that talk.” She didn’t know how she got herself into this situation. She had taken him aside to tell him that the kiss earlier that day was a fluke, a one time thing only, and she ended up fucking him. It was the most satisfying, strike that, the ONLY satisfying sexual encounter of her life. Alan turned from the doorway to wait for her to continue, but she was suddenly speechless. He advanced at her, taking her into his arms, bending down a bit so he could kiss her neck. No words came to Megan Kelly at that moment. All she could think of was that she was in love with Alan Marshall, an eighteen year old boy. He was kissing her neck, and the pleasure was dripping through her body, like that time she broke her leg and was attached to a morphine drip. Alan was like a drug. She barely missed the morphine when they started her on Tylenol, but for some reason, she believed Alan would be a harder habit to break. She reached around his body and clasped his butt with both hands. She felt his lips and tongue on her neck pick up their pace and sighed. Alan backed away, explaining that he was expected at his grandfather’s bedside.

“Can we talk about it tomorrow?” he asked, and she could only nod in response, words continuing to fail her. “OK, Ms. Kelly, see you then.” As he left the classroom Megan wondered if Alan knew where she lived. She sat at her desk and stared off into space. After a while she heard the honk of a car horn in the parking lot, and that brought her out of her daze. She looked at her watch, and was amazed that it was nearly five o’clock. Gathering up her things she check the room for signs of their coupling, decided there was nothing noticeable, and left. On the short drive home she decided to cap off this fantastic day with a nice, long bubble bath.