The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 19

Kate’s (new) first; reports from the field.

“You’re such a coward,” he said in between bites of his pizza. He, Kate, Scarlet, and Soren were splitting a pie at V&T, a college favorite across the street from the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Soren had stepped away to chat with some people he knew at another table, and Scarlet was in the lady’s room. Kate had just admitted that she hadn’t acted upon her attraction to her roommate, despite the fact that she had resolved over vacation to do something. It was the first Thursday night after the start of spring semester classes, and every time she tried to screw up the courage to approach Scarlet in a sexual manner she lost her nerve . She had tried to be more provocative around her, mostly by dropping her reticence over being naked in her presence. Scarlet had gotten many peeks at Kate’s smooth pussy and pierced nipples these past ten days or so, but had not made a move on her.

She sipped her Diet Coke, red-faced.

“What’s the hold up?” he asked

“I don’t want to talk about it here, OK?”

“’Kay. Later,” Alan answered, amusement dripping from his voice as he took another bite.

After the pie had been demolished, the foursome made their way back to campus. Scarlet didn’t say anything explicit, but Kate knew she was meeting Jessica tonight in the latter’s dorm room, so she invited Alan to her room to study and hang out. It was still fairly early, not even eight o’clock when Alan arrived, his knapsack slung over his shoulder full of books. They settled on her bed with her head nestled under his shoulder, Kate plowing through a book for her lit class and Alan did some reading for history.

* * *

“Scarlet’s with her, uh, friend. All night.” Kate told him, not looking away from her text.


“I just can’t work up the guts to, you know, come on to her. I flirt a little, but she hasn’t clued in or anything. It’s kinda strange. I thought she was in to me.”

Alan sat up and Kate repositioned herself do they were facing each other. “You have a block when it come to initiating sex.”

Kate agreed.

“And you’re also on the, shall we say, submissive side of the spectrum.”

Kate nodded.

“Would it help if I introduced you to someone? I mean, are you holding out for Scarlet as your first?”

“No. Would you? That would be great.”

“This person I know is exactly what you’re looking for. And, maybe if I ask her, she and you can work on your dominant side together.”

“Who is she?” Kate asked, her breathing accelerating.

Alan paused before answering, deciding whether or not to tell Kate he had been sexually involved with his English instructor, but after a brief thought he went ahead. “Her name is Miranda. She was the grad student who taught my L&R section last semester. She is a dominant, well mostly, and she has a submissive lover, Laura. We hooked up in the fall. She had never been submissive to a man before. Before she met me, that is.”

Kate giggled, and Alan fished his cell phone from the pocket of his jacket.

“Y-you’re calling her n-now?”

“Why not?” he replied with a wink. “The night is young,” he added, consulting his watch, seeing it was half past 8 pm. “Neither of us has class tomorrow, and she probably doesn’t, either.”

She waited with baited breath as Alan dialed the number. She could only hear his side of the conversation.

“Hello, Miranda? It’s Alan. Ha ha, yeah. Good times, good times. Speaking of which, I have a little, ah, situation I think you can help me with. Are you busy now? Great. Be over in a few. Bye!” He turned to Kate, who was a bit shell shocked by the possibilities before her. “Katie, get your coat. No, wait, first you have to change.”

“Change?” she asked, her voice tinged with fear.

“Yeah. Take off all your clothes,” he said over his shoulder as he walked away from her and towards her closet and bureau. By the time he had turned back around, a lace bra and panty set in hand, Kate was standing in the center of the room, trembling in her naked glory. He passed her the skimpy lingerie and turned back to continue pick her outfit. A tight canary yellow sweater went on next, no blouse underneath it, and though she objected at first to the skirt (“Jeez, Alan, I can’t wear a skirt, it below freezing out!") she nonetheless donned just-above-the-knee length garment. No hose, but a pair of cute ankle socks and a her nice sneakers.

“W-where are w-we going?” she asked breathlessly as he took her hand and they started to the elevator bank.

“It’s not too far. Actually, you’re closer to her apartment than I am.”

* * *

Miranda lived in a small building on Claremont Avenue, The back of Barnard’s vest-pocket campus abutted Claremont. Alan lived closer to the center of campus—in Carman Hall, just opposite Butler Library—on the other side of Broadway so it took the pair less than five minutes to reach Miranda’s.

Kate was somewhat surprised seeing Miranda. She had expected either a very lesbian looking type person, butch haircut and a muscular physique, or a dominatrix-like appearance. She was just a pretty woman, about an inch or so taller than herself, with very attractive reddish-blonde hair, a trim figure with nicely rounded rear end. Kate spied her perky breasts capped with hard red nipples poking through a tight white t-shirt. After taking their coats, Miranda ambled over towards the kitchen and motioned with her head for Alan to follow her in.

“Who is she? Is she your girlfriend? She’s so gorgeous,” Miranda babbled.

This was a tough question for Alan. He had never really reconciled who he was to Kate, so he answered carefully. “Uh, she’s sort of my girlfriend. We’re not officially dating, but we spend a lot of time together. We went to high school together.”

“Oh, trying to get into the panties of the high school crush, huh? Well, how do I fit into this whole situation? I’m confused.”

“Oh no, I’ve had Kate many many times. She’s, uh, my part-time slave.”

Miranda sucked in her breath, her eyes glistening with desire. “How do I get to be your part-time slave, Alan?” she asked coquettishly, her eyelashes batting to beat the band.

“Yeah, well, anyway,” he started, changing the subject. “Katie has never had a lesbian experience, and she wants to, but doesn’t quite know how to get started, so naturally, I thought of you. She’s also, as you can guess, submissive, another reason why we’re here.”

“My lucky day,” Miranda sighed. “Laura’s gonna kick herself for going away skiing ‘til Sunday night. So how should I play it, hmmm? Bitch Goddess Slave Mistress? Or just a regular seduction? Just the two of us, or are you going to play as well?”

“Go with the seduction bit, and I’ll play it by ear on the joining in.”

Alan went back to the couch and sat next to Kate, and he took her hand in a reassuring manner; her palm was slightly sweaty.

Miranda handed both of them bottles of Stella, and took a mean drag from her own. They spent ten minutes or so chatting, and Kate started to relax as she got to know her host. After a little while Miranda took position on the couch next to Kate, and now Kate was sandwiched between Alan and Miranda; she had not released her grip on Alan’s hand, and was still a bit nervous.

All of a sudden Miranda leaned over and kissed Kate gently on the lips, and felt the freshman girl stiffen slightly. Alan felt it too, as the strength of Kate’s clasp on his hand hardened.

Miranda was staring into Kate, and when the latter opened her eyes as the kiss broke Kate could see the intense expression showing on Miranda’s face. Kate had a desperate desire to please, her natural submissiveness coming to the fore, so she leaned into Miranda and tried to kiss her, but the redhead pulled back and gently placed her hands on Kate’s shoulders.

“Relax, Kate, let me,” she whispered as she brought her head forward and slipped her tongue slowly into Kate’s mouth. Kate was taken aback by the sheer softness of the kiss, it was gentle and undemanding. Feeling more and more comfortable as the seconds elapsed she turned into Miranda, and was embraced her softly around her middle, hands tracing placid patterns on Kate’s back. When Miranda broke the kiss Kate sighed, and brought her arms around Miranda, running her palms over the smooth cotton of Miranda’s t-shirt, testing the flesh underneath.

Miranda was really turned on by Kate, from her looks to her smell, to how her mouth tasted on hers.

“Hey there, Stud,” Miranda winked at Alan, “How ‘bout leaving us two girls alone for awhile? Just a little while.”

And with that she showed him to the door.

“What’s this? A change of plans?” he asked in the doorway.

“I know what I’m doing, so trust me. Come back in a couple of hours. Then we’ll have some fun together. All together,” Miranda promised, pressing her spare set of keys into his hand right before she closed the door on him.

“Now where were we?” she asked Kate with a smirk as she came back into the living room and rejoined her on the couch.

Kate’s head was spinning, dizzy, lost in the breathtaking erotic haze her first timid attempts at girl-girl contact had put her in. Miranda took her in her arms again and they touched foreheads, their eyes boring into one another.

“Kiss me again,” Kate breathed, almost trembling at Miranda’s proximity, tilting her head to the side to allow Miranda to complete the act. Kate felt warm, and she could feel a similar heat coming off her partner, and was swiftly again rapt to Miranda’s attentions. She offered no protest—neither verbal nor physical—when she felt Miranda’s hand on her knee, journeying up her thigh towards her crotch, and she gasped in Miranda’s mouth upon feeling fingertips tenderly stroking the fabric of her panties, gingerly manipulating the flesh beneath.

With a satisfied smirk on her face Miranda noted that the silky material was warm and damp. She pressed harder against Kate’s clothed pussy, and she felt the outer lips of the black-haired girl’s pussy bloom open, causing a gush of juice to flow out and soak the fabric under her fingers.

“MmmmMMMmmmMmm!” Kate moaned, closemouthed, her lips still ensnared against Miranda’s. As they ground their mouths against each other’s, as their tongues dueled against the other, slowly swirling in battle, Miranda felt Kate’s hot breath pelt against her face, forced through the small apertures of Kate’s small nostrils.

It was Kate who broke the kiss, jerked back at feeling the other girl’s fingers snake around the edge of her panties and into her soupy pussy.

“Yess!” the dark-haired teen hissed, grinding her pussy against the invader. Miranda peppered her face and neck with little kisses, and massaged Kate’s chest through the sweater.

“You like that, don’t ya, baby?”

“Yes. Please. More,” she managed to blurt through quivering lips. “More.” And before she knew it she and Miranda were in the bedroom, on the futon, Kate topless and pantyless, her skirt hiked up around her waist, flat on her back with Miranda sitting next to her. Miranda leaned over and kissed her, one hand fooling with a nipple ring, the other calmly exploring Kate’s hairless snatch, fingers teasing in and out, often stopping for a minute or two just to sport around with the engorged clit, then plunge back into the steaming depths. Miranda took her time, bringing Kate time and time again to the brink of release, and then pulling her back.

A fog of lust and passion enveloped Kate, and she lost herself in the enormous turn-on of it all. Her mouth on Miranda’s became frantic, and without knowing what she was doing her hands grabbed the bottom of the older girl’s shirt and began to tug it upwards. Miranda leaned back, breaking off the kiss and titty play, but making very sure to keep her fingers buried in Kate’s sweltering twat as she did. Kate made swift work of Miranda’s top, tossing it over the side of the bed, and then propped herself up enough to reach Miranda’s right breast with her frenzied lips, trapping a garnet-colored nipple between them and sucking hard.

“Oh yes, baby, like that, just like that. You’re doing wonderful, baby, my baby girl. You like the taste of my nipples, of my little titties, yes. Like that, baby, just like that.”

It was a novel experience for Kate, though she loved it, surprised by the level of her ardor in the act. Not only that, but it was turning her on, big time. Even thought Miranda had temporarily abandoned her interest in Kate’s ringed nipples they remained hard as rocks, and the fingers in her pussy were bringing her closer and closer to climax. As he licked and sucked the older girls breasts she moaned, increasing the vibrations thereby enhancing Miranda’s pleasure; in response Miranda upped the tempo of her manipulations of the teen’s pussy, thereby amplifying Kate’s moans, leading to faster frigging, etc. etc.

It was a vicious cycle, soon coming to its denouement.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeiieeeeee,” Kate screeched, loud enough to wake the neighbors. Her head snapped back, a pop audible as her mouth released the stiff nipple it had been lavishing. “Oooooooooooooh! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” she squeaked, her pussy flooding with girl come to the overflow, then soaking Miranda’s hand and wrist as the latter continued to masturbate her, painting her smooth pubis with creamy juices. Miranda brought her head down and planted delicate little kisses all over the writhing sweaty teen; when Kate regained enough strength she grasped Miranda’s head tightly in her hands and dragged her lips up to her mouth and kissed her ravenously. They necked for quite some time, and then helped one another out of what remained of their clothes.

As they cuddled Miranda languidly drew her fingers through Kate’s smooth wet pussy lips. Kate felt the tingly sensations spread throughout her body yet again, her mind drifting inward upon itself, quiet mewls escaping past her lips; she barely noticed right away that Miranda had brought those moist fingers to her mouth. “I’m tasting myself,” Kate thought in wonder, her mind only slightly registering the import of the act. Her tongue made a few tentative journeys out of her mouth and was soon avid to the task of cleaning her own juices off the hands of another. Sure, many times since first submitting to Alan she had sucked him off after he had fucked her, but lately she had noticed that her secretions had increased in output to a dramatic degree.

“Tastes nice, doesn’t it, baby?” Miranda purred, and Kate nodded dumbstruck in response, her mouth now filled with the redhead’s dainty come-soaked digits, worshipping them with her lips and tongue, actively missing them when Miranda periodically removed them to gather more juices from her still dripping gash. Now instead of just sticking her fingers in Kate’s mouth Miranda was rubbing the juices all over Kate’s face, then she lapped the juices off the younger girl’s face, and Kate shook in arousal.

Miranda reached down and spread Kate’s pale slim legs and descended between them. Kate could feel the other girl’s hot breath caress her pussy and she shivered slightly at what was to come. Ever so slowly Miranda drew near to the damp slit before, her cheeks rubbing against the inside of Kate’s quivering thighs, savoring feeling of the silky skin.

“Ooh!” Kate yelped as she felt the first contact of Miranda’s tongue on her outer lips. Miranda’s licks were feather soft as she soothingly explored the denuded gash, swirling her tongue about, avoiding the hardened clit which crowned the opening. It was different, very different from what Alan did when he ate her out; tranquil yet shockingly exciting at once. Gradually Miranda picked up the pace and range of her explorations until Kate was driven into a frenzy of excitement, her body shimmying and shaking all over the place, her butt bouncing off the futon mattress and up into the enthusiastic mouth consuming her. She gasped when Miranda at last favored her clit with a few firm licks, running the tip of her tongue over and around it in a circular patters.

“That feels sooooooo goooooooood,” she moaned as Miranda added a finger to the equation, at first just rubbing the outside of her pussy, and then slowly, slowly, slowly pushing inside all the way. She was rapidly approaching orgasm, and Miranda could see the signs, from the blush spreading over Kate’s whole body, to the acceleration of her respiration and bodily tremors. Suddenly the finger abandoned Kate’s cunt, and she came at an instant as Miranda forcefully shoved it up her little asshole.

“OH GOD YES!” she roared, her tightest passage spasming uncontrollably around the older girl’s finger, her pussy squirting copious fluid over Miranda’s still attacking tongue. “Coming, COMING, COOOOOMING!” Her body jerked around the bed so much she actually flipped over, and Miranda stayed with her, her finger still buried up her tight rump, pumping in and out with a steady cadence. Just as she came down from her orgasm her body seized again when Miranda began diddling her clit rapidly with her free hand, and she exploded anew, screaming out incoherently as she shook and shook in release. Miranda rose up and kissed her hard, and Kate’s tongue eagerly explored the other girl’s face, lapping up the shiny secretions which covered it with a glossy sheen.

They rested until Kate recovered. Miranda pulled her up se that they were sitting, facing each other; neither of them spoke. Miranda reached out and began to massage Kate’s nipples, and Kate, after brief consideration, began to treat Miranda’s nipples likewise. Miranda moved her hands down to Kate’s pussy, and Kate mirrored her, and when Miranda pulled her fingers from Kate’s gash and licked the juices from them, Kate followed suit, giving her her first taste of another pussy besides her own. Miranda tasted different, and very pleasant.

Miranda laid back on the bed and opened her thighs in invitation, and ever so slowly Kate found that her mouth was drawing near to the red-haired fringed pussy. First she touched it, drawing her fingers up and down through the pouting pink lips, and before she knew it her face was mere inches from it, the aroma of Miranda’s excitement almost dizzying. She withdrew her fingers and leaned into it; her nose made first contact, brushing against the hard clit, and Miranda sighed, her body relaxing, thighs spreading wider to allow Kate to get her face all up in there.

Miranda gasped when she felt Kate’s tongue begin its tentative explorations, just the tip of it touching her pussy, and the gasps turned into moans and groans as the tonguing became more adventuresome. Her hands snapped down, gripping Kate’s black mane gently, holding her mouth to her crotch. “Yes, baby, like that. Good girl. Lick me. Put your mouth on me. Good girl, good girl,” she hissed, and Kate took the cue, jamming her tongue in as far as it would go.

It was an exceedingly pleasant experience. It was much different from sucking Alan’s cock, which was hard and unyielding. Pussy was soft and silky, and Kate was not only licking she was rubbing her whole face into it, smearing juices all over. She brought her right hand up and inserted one, then two fingers in Miranda’s quivering channel, and her mouth settled on her clit, first just kissing it gently, then taking the flesh between her lips and swirling the point of her tongue over it in ever increasing speeds, and at last closing her mouth over it and sucking.

Miranda exploded in orgasm, her upper body bucking and bouncing wildly off the futon mattress, her thighs clamping shut around Kate’s head, trapping the younger girl into place. Kate didn’t mind, and kept at her, jamming her slippery fingers in and out of Miranda’s still-gushing twat. The fires of passion with in the older girl rose up once again, and as her orgasm consumed her she beat her fists against the mattress; once the climax had passed she pulled Kate off of her and hoisted her up so they were face to face. Their tongues dueled, and Miranda licked all her feminine secretions off Kate’s face.

* * *

Alan let himself back into the apartment. The bathroom door was open, and he could hear the shower running; he stripped down to his shorts and pulled the curtain aside. Kate and Miranda were washing one another and looked at him as the curtain opened.

“Hey there,” Miranda said seductively.

“Hi,” Kate squeaked as Miranda ran a hand over her pussy.

“Mind if I join you?”

“It’ll be a tight fit. Why don’t we adjourn to the bedroom?”

Alan had helped Kate dry off, and on their way back he pulled Kate aside.

“How was it?”


“Did you eat her?” he asked, and Kate’s blushing in response told the answer.

The room reeked of sex, the smell of pussy tickling his nose. Miranda was reclining in the bed, propped up by a pillow when Alan and Kate entered. “So, what should we do now?” she asked with an evil grin.

“I want her to eat you while I fuck her from behind,” Alan decided, pushing Kate onto the bed so she was facing Miranda’s pussy, her ass up for him. Kate got down to business, and had Miranda screeching in no time. Alan buried his face in Kate’s pussy, his lips lapping up the trickle of fluids that were coming out of her engorged gash. Kate shuddered when she felt Alan lick around the ring of her anus, but kept eating away at Miranda nonetheless. The two girls orgasmed together, and Alan knelt behind Kate and teased her opening with the head of his shaft, rubbing the tip against her pussy lips, and from time to time inserting it in her just an inch before withdrawing.

Kate’s mouth was a frenzy on Miranda’s hot pussy, Alan’s teasing stoking the flames of her passion. Miranda came again, her legs curling around Kate’s head, locking in place again, and Alan shoved his cock into Kate’s pussy, half his dick entering with the first thrust. Kate’s head shot back with such force that, amazingly, she broke free of Miranda’s legs and screamed. “OH GOD YES, FUCK!”

Alan kept feeding her cock and soon he was fucking her with the full length. Kate lowered her head and rested the side of it against Miranda’s crotch and belly. “Fuck me Alan, fuck me good. FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!” He kept at it until she climaxed, girl juice shooting out around his cock and dripping on the bedding, adding itself to the moisture already there. He rolled Kate on to her back next to the other girl, still shivering and trembling, and approached the recumbent Miranda. She sat forward and immediately began slurping at his cock, soaked with Kate’s spendings.

“Mmmm, I love sucking cock, but only your cock,” she purred between licks. Kate watched them with drowsy eyes.

“I know how you feel,” she put in. “I never liked going down on a guy before I began sucking his cock.”

“I <slurp> never went down on a guy before <slurp> Alan. He <slurp> made <slurp> me <slurp> do it, and <slurp> I couldn’t <slurp> <slurp> believe <slurp> much I <slurp> <slurp> <slurp> <slurp> liked it.” She pulled back for a second, and added, “But never for anyone else. I even liked eating his come! <slurp>! <slurp>! <slurp>!”

“Oh yeah, I know! I love his come! I never swallowed before he first made me. I also love it when he comes on my face, although I’m not too picky about where he comes. In my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass, it’s all good.”

“He fuck you in your ass?” Miranda asked. She had ceased her oral attack and was slowly jacking him with her right hand as she turned her head to look over at Kate. Her mouth and face were covered with saliva, and it shined in the light of the bedroom. “He does? Do you, uh like that?” Kate turned bright red and nodded vigorously.

“I thought that was just for the guy,” Miranda continued.

“No,” Kate shot back, interrupting. “I love it there. I come every time,” she said, pride brimming in her voice.

“Every time you were assfucked, or just with Alan?”

“She’s only assfucked with me. I took her cherry back there.”

“Do you want to try it?” Kate asked, a smile forming on her lips. Miranda was shocked that it was her, and not Alan, asking the question. She had never had anything larger than a finger in her ass (which she loved), and the thought of taking Alan’s monster up her rear passage was fear provoking, but, on the other hand, Kate did seem so enthusiastic, and her enthusiasm was infectious. She nodded, to Kate, not to Alan.

“Oh, goody!” Kate laughed, clapping her hands. “I’ll help!”

“What do I do?” she asked Alan.

“Kate’s the director of this little play, so ask her,” Alan replied, grinning over Kate.

Kate had Alan lay on his back and she had Miranda lay face down. After licking around her rosebud for a few seconds she went into the bathroom and looked through the medicine cabinet for some sort of lubricant. She found a bottle of cream and went back into the bedroom. Miranda had repositioned herself and was laying on top of him, and he was lightly rubbing and pinching her distended nipples. She reached between them and began rubbing lube on Alan’s erect penis, and then, without any warning to Miranda, shoved a slippery finger up her upturned ass.

“Ooh! That feels good!” Miranda cooed as Kate slowly fingered her ass while at the same time planting little kisses all over the skin of her bottom. Kate’s other hand began work on massaging Miranda’s pussy, and before long the red-haired girl was writhing in ecstasy.

“I think she’s ready,” Kate announced, and helped Miranda turn over and straddle Alan’s slippery cock, facing away from him. She maneuvered the older girl so her tight rosebud was resting against the tip of the hard cock below her. Just as his dick pierced the tight anal ring Kate snaked out her tongue and licked all around Miranda’s dripping slit, which caused her to relax her ass muscles and take a few inches of Alan in her ass.

“Oh, JESUS!” Miranda moaned.

“Feels good, huh?” Kate asked.

“I, uh, think so, yeah!” she grunted as Kate pulled her down so that more of her tightest passage could consume the length of Alan’s cock. When she bottomed out Kate held her still and began licking her again. She wanted to fuck Alan, but Kate’s grip holding her in place, her ass impaled unmoving on the monster of a cock, was strong, so she concentrated on the magic Kate’s busy tongue was conjuring. “She’s really getting good at that!” she thought in wonder as Kate mouthed her dripping gash.

“Ohmigod! Ohmigod! Ohmigod!” she screamed as a force-five hurricane of an orgasm consumed her. Kate released her handholds at her hips and began, with Alan’s help to slowly raise and lower her puckered hole on his erection. Almost immediately Miranda exploded again, her sweaty body falling back to rest on his. Kate moved to the side of them and plunged her tongue into the older girl’s mouth as her fingers diddled Miranda’s bloated clit. Alan was gently moving his dick in and out of her clenching asshole as Miranda regained her bearings.

“Turn me over,” she hissed, then directed Kate to lay back and open her legs. Alan got behind her and plunged his cock up her butt with one stroke as her mouth descended upon Kate’s pussy. As he increased the speed and strength of his strokes Miranda’s tongue became a whirlwind of passion as she gave Kate a thorough licking. The black-haired girl screeched and clamped her thighs around Miranda’s head. Miranda screamed in Kate’s pussy as she came again, setting Kate’s fires anew, and Miranda was still gasping in release as she felt Alan empty his balls into her quivering rectum. He collapsed on top of the pair of them, and then they rearranged themselves to get comfortable. He hadn’t slept in more than two days, and his eyelids were heavy. Kate had gone to the bathroom and returned with a wet washcloth, and the two women were taking turns swabbing down his semi-soft cock.

He slept.

Kate and Miranda each gave his cock a few quick licks and snuggled on opposite side, and soon they too were slumbering.

* * *

“Excellent, I’ll see you on Tuesday,” Alan said into his cell phone, and clicked off.

Neil had just arranged for the last of the data to be shipped to New York with no questions asked, and would be back in New York the next morning. His assignment was to study the research full-time, Alan joining him when his schedule allowed, but three afternoons a week minimum.