The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 3

Enter Kate, Stage Left

The clock radio began pealing at 7am, and Alan used his telekinetic power to flip the switch to silence it. It was becoming second nature to move things with his mind, but he only did it in the privacy of his bedroom. Emerging from the shower a few minutes later he dressed quickly and went down to get some breakfast. After a fast bowl of cornflakes, a banana, and a cup of coffee he headed out to school.

* * *

“License and registration,” the cop at the side window asked him. Alan didn’t know why the cop had pulled him over, but he was sure the policeman would tell him. They always liked to rub you face in it by explaining what you did wrong in an overcomplicated fashion. “Sir, you blew through the stop sign at Westervelt Road.” Alan was sure the cop was telling the truth. He was distracted, both by thoughts of Megan and thoughts of the Seed.

Alan looked at the cop and thought for a moment. “Officer, I think you’re mistaken. I came to a full and complete stop. Looked both ways and then drove on,” Alan lied. The cop blinked a few times and seemed puzzled.

“I am sorry sir. You are right. You came to a full and complete stop. Looked both ways and then drove on. I don’t know why I pulled you over. I’m going to let you go now, and I hope I didn’t make you late.” Alan grinned as he pulled away, watching the cop go back to the squad car in the mirror. Cool. It was like that scene in ‘Star Wars’ when Alec Guinness told the stormtroopers, “These are not the droids you are looking for.” He was psyched, and in fact made excellent time to school, arriving early enough to stick his head in at the newspaper office. He made some comments in the margins of a few articles that were waiting in his box, and left them in the out box for the copy editors. The copy editor would hash out Alan’s comments with the reporter, and then send it to layout.

Walking to home room he was approached by numerous people offering their sympathies over his grandfather’s death. His homeroom teacher paused taking role when he reached Alan’s name to welcome him back. Two days out of school had taken a toll on his sense of rhythm, and he was further diverted by his anticipation of seeing Megan, and thoughts of his new abilities. His first period was a free period, and he was supposed to go to study hall, but he usually spent free periods at the newspaper office, one of the privileges of being in charge. As homeroom let out he was making his way there when he ran into his ex-girlfriend Pauline Van Devanter. He and Pauline had been friends for a long time before going out on a few dates. They had decided that they were better off as friends, and after the third and final date they had almost simultaneously suggested that they “just be friends.” Pauline was also the sports page editor of the newspaper, a job Alan had championed her for, never having gone to a girl before. Pauline was a junior, about five feet tall in her stocking feet, dark brown hair and blue eyes, with a cute face.

The one problem with Pauline was her bitch of a sister, Kate. Kate, for some reason, disliked Alan, and was never one to hide her feelings. Kate was a senior like Alan, and was the leader of a click of popular girls. The two weeks that Pauline and Alan dated Kate made her hatred of him show in a variety of ways. She even forced one of her peons into make a pass at him, so as to drive a wedge between him and her sister. Alan and Pauline were standing in the hall chatting, Pauline offering her sympathies. Hundreds of students were milling about them, and Pauline had to stand close to him so they could hear each other. Alan had his arms crossed in front of his chest, and Pauline had placed her hand on his forearm. Just as they were about to part company Kate came around the corner, and seeing them made a beeline to confront her sister. “Haven’t you had enough of that loser?” she sneered at her sister. Pauline knew better than to respond. Kate was a drama queen, and she wanted no part of this scene. Leaving Alan with a friendly peck on the cheek, she gave him a hand gesture indicating that she wanted Alan to call her later. Alan nodded and shot her a smile, watching Pauline leave, but Kate’s blood was riled up, and she was itching for a confrontation with Alan.

Even though Alan was fairly popular, he wasn’t a member of the Truman H.S. elite. Sure, he was invited to some of the better parties, but not all of them, like Kate the Social Butterfly. Kate thought herself superior to him, and even though her kid sister wasn’t on the same social plateau as her, she resented the fact that Pauline hung out the likes of Alan Marshall. When he briefly dated her sister she took it a personal affront. After Pauline left Kate began to needle Alan, unnerved by the stupid grin on his face.

Alan had decided to humiliate Kate, and just as the halls began to clear a plan formed in his mind. He decided that Kate would accompany him back to the newspaper office, and there she would rape him. She would tear off his clothes, and mount him like a bitch in heat, all the while being allowed to express her self verbally, questioning why she was acting that way. Alan didn’t know if this was a free period for her, and he didn’t care. He sort of regretted not making a move to get Pauline into bed, and he decided that fucking the bitchy Van Devanter sister would be fun. Plus, Kate was hot. She was taller than her sister, about 5′4″ with a lithe figure capped with fairly big breasts, and a round, curvy bottom, displayed nicely in the pair of tight jeans she had on.

Alan let her tear into him for a few more seconds, and then put a sheepish look on his face and started walking away from her. Sending out a mental command, Kate followed him down the hall, spitting abuse. “Who the hell do you think you are, Alan Marshall? You don’t turn your goddamn back on me you fucking twerp. Come back here, loser.” She followed him into the newspaper office and he locked the door behind her. Dropping to her knees she grabbed at Alan’s belt and began unbuckling it. “Stay the fuck away from my sister if you know what’s good for you,” she said as she unzipped his fly. Pulling his pants to his knees she added, “You were a loser in grade school, you’re a loser in high school, and be prepared to be a loser for the rest of your life. Chad will mess up your face if I tell him to, and I will if I catch you sniffing around Pauline again.” Alan’s cock popped out and Kate began licking the head with the tip of her tongue, holding it steady with her right hand. After licking the shaft all around she put the head to her lips and gave it a kiss.

All of a sudden she realized what she was doing, and recoiled, a horrified look coming over her face. “What the fuck?” she cried out. She was confused. She had never had any sorts of feelings for Alan Marshall. Her hostility was not a mask for any subconscious desire. She really detested him. Why was she on her knees licking his penis? Why was she unbuttoning her blouse, and pulling her bra off? Why was she standing up to open Alan’s shirt? She blinked hard and shook her head, trying to clear it, but found she couldn’t stop running her hands all over Alan’s chest. He was nicely buffed, and she was surprised that she was enjoying herself. After a minute she returned to her kneeling position and guided his cock into her mouth. She took about three inches, and then got the shock of her life-Alan was fully erect now, and Alan was huge. She crossed her eyes to gaze the length of his shaft, and couldn’t believe her eyes. She had never seen a penis so large. Alan had been reading her thoughts the whole time, and decided to send out a wave of arousal. The back of his head buzzed momentarily, and immediately Kate’s hips started churning.

Alan pulled his cock out of her mouth, took two steps to the left and pulled a chair out from a desk. Sitting down he noted with satisfaction that Kate has crawled after him, her eyes never leaving his crotch, and her tongue hanging out, also pointed at his dick. Alan stroked his dick, looking Kate right in the eye. She got his message, and buried her face in his crotch, kissing his shaft up and down. Taking him into her mouth again she reached down and began to take off her jeans. Alan put his hands on her head, holding her in place, and running his fingers through her raven-black hair. By the time her jeans were down to her knees she was licking Alan’s balls, and had plunged her right hand into her pink silk panties. Curling her pointer and middle fingers into a hook, she pushed them up her pussy, and was surprised at her wetness. Groaning, she took his cock back into her mouth, relishing the flavor and hardness of his shaft.

Alan was enjoying himself. Letting her worship his manhood for a few more minutes, he then pulled her mouth off of him and pulled her to her feet by placing his hands under her armpits and standing up. Kate kicked off her sneakers, and wiggled the rest of the way out of her jeans. Alan reached between then, grasped the band of her panties at the hips and tore them off her body. Kate gasped.

“What the hell is going on here, prick? Let me go you bastard.” Alan said nothing, for he had already decided to show his contempt towards Kate by not giving her any reply. He would remain silent through the whole encounter. Taking his seat again he held his penis in his hand, pointing straight up. “Fuck you, you bastard. There is no fucking way I’m gonna fuck you!” But as she was saying this she began to straddle him, the two of them facing each other. “No fucking way. No fucking way,” she said as she positioned her dripping slit over the head of his penis. She kept repeating this until Alan penetrated her. Her eyes bulged, and she began chanting, “Fuck, fuck, Fuck, FUCK!” He pulled her down so that his whole cock was insider her, and held her still, impaled on his nine inches. She had stopped talking, and was gasping instead, her head tilted back in ecstasy. “Ohmigod,” she screamed, as Alan sent a mental command for her to orgasm. Her hips began to rotate, and her crotch ground into his.

Alan had given her a whopper of an orgasm, and she had never felt anything like it. Her boyfriend, Chad, the football captain, had been fucking her regularly, but he was good for about three minutes of unsatisfying friction, never once giving her a climax, and she had fallen into the habit of masturbating after their dates to get satisfaction. She prided herself on her ability to get her own rocks off, but the orgasm she just felt made those seem like nothing. Her entire body was on fire, and she felt the a slippery sensation where the two of them were joined. Looking down she saw that her pussy had secreted a great deal of lubrication upon orgasm. She tried to kiss Alan, but he brought up his hands to stop her. Alan had no interest in kissing her; she was still a bitch, he reasoned, and he didn’t kiss bitches.

Holding her by the hips Alan began to lift and drop her on his erection. Kate was moaning and gasping, and occasionally she was able to form words into sentences. “What the, ah ah ah ugh, fuck are you doing, ah ah ah ugh, to, ugh, me.” Her neck muscles were slack, and her head was tottering around uncontrollably. Alan didn’t answer, instead sending a mental command for her to have another mind-blowing orgasm. He was fucking the hell out of her, and he wanted her to know it. After she had calmed down a bit he stood, his prick still buried in her pussy, pulled out of her briefly, bent her over the desk, and began fucking her from behind. Coming to her senses from the shift in position she began berating him. “Fuck you, Alan, you bastard. Stop!” But she was throwing her body back into his strokes, her ass slapping against his groin so hard that it was making an obscene noise. “Fuck you! Fuck you! Uh uh uh uh...Yes yeah yes Yes. Ohmigod! I’m fucking you...”

Alan slowed his rhythm, allowing him to use his whole shaft, pulling out so that just the tip remained in her, and then slowly pressing forward until he was buried to the hilt. Kate’s groans were constant now, her hot channel in a near constant state of spasm, and her body was covered with a fine sheen of sweat. Her head was resting on it side on the desk, and sometimes she tilted it forward, so that her chin rested on her chest. This was so she could see him, and when he noticed her looking at him, he flashed her an evil smile. “So good, that feels soooooo good,” she hissed at him.

She saw Alan wet his finger by placing it in his mouth, and she wondered what he would do next. She was hoping he would diddle her clit, which was rock hard and rubbing against the edge of the desk. Instead he brought it to her asshole and began to tease her anus. “My God!” Kate thought to herself, “He’s not going put his finger in my ass, is he?” Alan listened to her thoughts as he toyed with her anal ring, and shoved his finger in about half way. Kate immediately seized up in pain, and tears streamed out of her eyes, but she didn’t cry out, or even ask him to remove the invading digit. Alan eventually forced his whole finger up her butt, and began pumping it and out slowly, matching the thrust of his dick in her tight pussy. He could sense her discomfort and he decided to modify her mind, making her like the feelings of his finger in her ass, but leaving intact the sense of utter degradation that came with them.

She came again, her pussy clenching around his penis, her ass squeezing his finger so hard Alan thought he would lose circulation, and her whole body stiffening and seizing up, her torso rising off the desk at a 45 degree angle. She didn’t even scream out this time, just exhaled loudly, and then her body came back to rest on the desk, her tears now falling out of her eyes at a faster rate. Alan pulled his cock and finger out of her, and saw that her body was still twitching.

Spitting in his hand and then rubbing the saliva onto his shaft, adding to the moisture left there by her juices, he then placed the head up against her rosebud and pushed it past her tight anal ring. After the head popped through her sphincter, momentum carried him forward and he buried about half of his nine incher in on the first thrust. Using the Seed to relax her ass muscles, he soon had his whole length sheathed in her clenching butt. “You fucking piece of shit,” Kate groaned, “I hate you. Oh! That feels so fucking good, you jerk. Fuck my ass. bastard. Harder. Ungh yeah. Oh oh oh ah oh...yes!” Alan had commanded her to come, and he felt her pussy squirt out juice, striking his upper thighs. Alan came in her hot, buttery ass and pulled out, sliding down to sit in the chair. Kate hadn’t moved. She was bent over the desk, her body continuing to shake, and she was breathing like she just ran a 10K. Alan pulled her off the desk and sat her in his lap, twisting her head around so they were face to face. “Did you like that, bitch?” he sneered. She didn’t answer, just kept taking long breaths. Her eyes had a worshipful look to them as she stared into his face.

“Well, slut, why so quiet now?” he prodded.

“Ohmigod.” She finally spoke. “Ohmigod.”

Alan reached around and began pinching her still hard nipples. She had nice boobs, he thought, soft and lush, about a C cup he estimated. Despite their softness they didn’t sag a whit, and they stood proudly on her chest, high on her torso, her nipples pointed up. Alan’s attentions were making her horny again, and she began to breathe more heavily again. “So, slut,” he went on, taunting her, “Did you like it when my dick was in your mouth.” Kate nodded. “Did you like when I fucked you.” Again she nodded, becoming even more ashamed. “Did you like my finger in your tight ass? Did you like my cock in your ass?” Tears began to flow down her cheeks again, but she kept nodding.

“Which did you like better, my finger or my cock?” She didn’t answer, so he pinched her nipples harder, lightly twisting them. She moaned, and through her moans managed to whisper, “Your cock.” Her neck went all limp again, and she hung her head down in shame, no longer able to look him in the eyes. “You’re just a little slut, aren’t you?” She wanted to scream in disgust, run for the room and tell someone that Alan had raped her. Tell a teacher, tell the principal, tell the cops, but she couldn’t seem to move. She wanted to be on Alan’s lap. She wanted him to call her names. As much as the nipple pinching was turning her on, so was the humiliation of her situation. She wanted to do all of those things: to see Alan arrested for rape and sent to jail, but she just kept he place shook her head no. “Admit it, you fucking slut. You loved it in your ass.” Her head kept shaking from side to side, tears down her cheeks, but she was visibly aroused by his hands on her breasts.

“I’m a slut,” she moaned. “God,” she went on, “You made me come so hard. I’ve never felt so good.” Her body was bouncing a little in his lap, and there was fire in her eyes as she brought her head up to look him in the face. “I’m...I’m a slut, Alan. I’m your slut. Please, that was so good. I, I, I came so hard when you fucked my ass. I never knew...I’m your slut Alan. My body belongs to you. Use me. Anywhere, anytime. Please, you have to fuck me again, fuck my ass again, soon.”

Alan stood and began to dress. As he rose her body slipped off his, both being slippery from the sweat of their exertions. She slid to the floor and laid face down on it. Alan could see his semen tricking out of her ass, and that she was still tremulous with arousal. He grabbed her shredded panties off the ground and wiped his dick with them, dropping them so they landed on her back. Pulling up his pants, tucking the shirt in and fastening the button he looked down at her with contempt. “Get dressed slut. I’ll deal with you later, but I have a class in ten minutes.” She turned over, and seeing him fully dressed she began to do the same, tucking the ruined set of underpants into her purse.

When they were ready Alan checked the hall, surprised that no one had come to investigate Kate’s screams and moans. Seeing that it was clear he walked her out, pulling the door closed behind him to lock it, he spun her around and backed her up against the wall, his face and inch from hers, and looking right into her pale blue eyes whispered, “Tell no one about this, slut.” As he spoke he reinforced this command with his mind. She leaned up and in to kiss him, and he took her lower lip between his teeth and bit down, but not so hard as to break the skin and cause her to bleed. She groaned softly at this.

Alan turned his back on her and walked away, headed to his double period physics lab. He didn’t see her sink to the floor, her back sliding down the length of the wall. Watching him turn the corner she mumbled aloud, “I’m Alan’s slut.” The idea seemed to cheer her. Standing again, she began to make her way to her next class. Her tryst with Alan had caused her to miss first period French, but Mrs. Martin was always nice to her, and she knew it wouldn’t be a problem. As she made her way down the hall she realized she was in discomfort. Her crotch was sore, and her ass hurt. Instead of going to AP European History she went to the nurse’s office, and looking the way she did, with her hair in tatters, and covered in sweat, the nurse took pity on her, giving her a tylenol when she had complained of cramps. Kate got into a cot and pulled the scratchy wool blanket over her. Just as she drifted off she mumbled softly, “I’m Alan’s slut.” The nurse didn’t hear.

About an hour later the nurse woke her up, and Kate saw her mom standing over her. Ten minutes later she was bundled in the SUV. Mom had taken the keys to Kate’s Jetta, giving them to the nurse to get to Pauline. “What’s wrong Princess? You look terrible, all pale and sweaty. I told Conchita to warm up some soup for you before I left, and we’re going to put you right to bed once we get home.”

“I’m Alan’s slut,” Kate mumbled.

“What’s that dear? I couldn’t make out what you were saying.” Kate was in the back seat, prone, her face buried in the cushions. She turned her head and in a louder voice she answered her mother, “I said, ‘I felt faint.’” Her mother tsk tsk’ed as she signaled for a left turn out of the school parking lot.

* * *

Alan went to physics feeling good about himself. A week ago he would haven’t have even dreamed about degrading another human being like he did to Kate, but he figured he was a bitch, and in a very slight way had it coming to her. She certainly seemed to have enjoyed herself, and the sight of her, looking like a living rag doll, pleased him. His clothes were a little disheveled, and as he waited for the bell to ring while standing outside Mr. Stanton’s classroom for the second of the two physics periods to begin he used the Seed to take the wrinkles out. He saw Pauline approach him, and he straightened up. “Alan,” she began, “I just want to apologize for my sister. Sometimes she lets her mouth run off, and you shouldn’t take it personally. She’s just Kate, and there’s nothing we can do about it.” Alan told her he wasn’t offended, and she gave him a smile. “There is something I can do about it,” he thought, “And I did.”

“She probably tore into you because she wasn’t feeling well. She just went home with my mom. The nurse came and gave me her car keys.” Pauline gave him another light peck on the cheek and moved off to get to her next class. He watched her saunter down the hall, looking at her from behind, and wondering if her ass would feel as good as her sister’s had. Pauline felt his eyes on him, and turned, her long brown hair whipping over her shoulder, gave him another smile and moved along. “See you after school at the newspaper,” she called out.

* * *

Wringing her hands Megan Kelly watched Alan among the group of students headed to her class. As the rest of the class entered she handed out the quiz. “Alan,” she cleared her throat and continued, embarrassed by the croaking sound which came out when she called his name, “Since you missed the last two lessons you don’t have to take the quiz. Could you run this over to the principal’s office to me?” She held out a piece of paper, folded over. As he approached her, she walked him to the door. “Read it,” she whispered. As the door shut behind him Alan walked towards the main office, and unfolded the paper.

“Come to my house at 5pm. Call ahead and I’ll leave the door unlocked.” On the paper was Megan’s home and cell numbers, and her address, though Alan remembered the way to her house from the night before. Alan pocketed the paper and headed to the boy’s bathroom, killing time until he could return to class without being suspicious. As he stood before the sink washing his hands the door to the stall behind him opened, and out came Geoff Sherman, the captain of the lacrosse team, and the school’s biggest asshole, at least in Alan’s opinion. Geoff was about 6′3″ and had a hulking presence. He was know to bully smaller students, not to take their lunch money or anything like that, but just because he liked to intimidate. Mr. Mendoza, the math teacher and lacrosse coach always bailed Geoff out of jams when the administration wanted to discipline him. Alan disliked Mr. Mendoza, too. Geoff hadn’t really ever hassled Alan before, but since they were alone, Alan presented a target of opportunity, and Geoff had poor impulse control.

“So, Marshall, you dweeb,” he said as he moved closer to Alan, “How are you and the rest of the fairies at the newspaper getting along.” He came up right behind Alan and stood menacingly at his back. Alan calmly continued to run his hands underneath the faucet. “What’s that, punk, I didn’t hear you,” he said with a snarl, pushing Alan forward with his beefy frame until Alan’s hips were pressed against the sink. Alan struggled out from between Geoff and the sink and spun around, reached up and dug his fingers into Geoff’s clavicle, the fingers pressed between the bone and the flesh at the base of Geoff’s thick neck, creating a depression in the muscle, the sinews stretching painfully. Geoff crumpled to his knees, and Alan used the Seed to temporarily increase his strength as he bent over and brought his left hand to Geoff’s neck. As he squeezed Geoff with both hands, right on the collar bone, left around the neck he narrowed his eyes into slits and stared into his eyes.

“Don’t ever fucking think you can touch me again.” He left Geoff struggle for air for a half a minute, and then released him, pushing him over so he collapsed on the ground. Alan returned to the basin, and began washing his hands again. He kneeled down over Geoff and dried his hands on the bully’s shirt. “If you don’t want me to really fuck you up, never lay hands on another student in this school again. If I hear any shit about you, I’ll smack you down so hard your kids will be born dizzy.” Geoff whimpered in fear, terror blazing across his beady eyes as they watched Alan stride out of the bathroom.

The day was turning out to be a good one.

* * *

Ms. Kelly was collecting the quizzes as Alan reentered the room, and Alan took his seat. As the period ended Alan packed his things slowly, and was the last student in the room. Walking to the door, he closed it instead of leaving, and then advanced on Megan, as she was erasing the board, her back to the door. Megan anticipated that Alan hadn’t really left, and when he embraced her, wrapping his arms around her middle from behind, she let out a happy and contented sigh. “We have to stop meeting like this Ms. Kelly,” Alan whispered in her ear, and she tittered. Turning within his arms she stood on her toes and kissed him, her tongue slipping past his lips. After a minute he pulled back, grabbed his backpack and let himself out. “See you after school,” he said as farewell, heading to meet his friends in the cafeteria.

“Oh God, my panties are wet,” Megan thought to herself as she sat down. “How can I teach this afternoon with wet panties?” Going to her closet and unlocking it, she took out the panties she had planned to change into after showering at the gym after her workout. Pulling her sodden underpants off, she used them to sponge the juices off her slit, placed them in her gym bag, and pulled the dry pair on. Instead of going to the gym she would go to the mall, to the fancy lingerie store, La Perla, and buy a couple of dozen pair of sexy underthings. Last time she was there she had spent more than a thousand bucks, and that was only for six pairs of panties and four brassieres. It would be expensive, but worth the price. She almost never indulged herself, but after her indulgences with Alan she was less hesitant about giving in to her desires.

* * *

Entering the newspaper office after school that day Alan hoped that he wouldn’t be stuck there for a long time. The paper was put to bed every Friday, and transmitted to the printers as e-mail attachments. On Tuesday mornings, stacks of newsprint arrived and were placed in bundles on racks throughout the school. Alan had taken the initiative in turning the paper from a semi-monthly into a weekly, and the principal and faculty advisor had agreed to try it out as a one-year only experiment, but Alan knew that if they were successful, the paper would be allowed to stay as a weekly the next year, and even though he wouldn’t be around to see it, he felt that the accomplishment would be a proud part of his legacy. Alan immediately sensed that the office was in disarray, his two day absence more disruptive than he thought it would be. The senior editor was fighting with the layout editor, the copy editor was screaming at some freshman whose name Alan could never remember. Alan picked up a heavy dictionary and slammed it down on the conference table to get their attention. This shit was going to take awhile, and he prepared for the long haul.

Alan began directing his people like a general commanding his troops. The staff may not have all liked him, but they respected him, and began to fall into line. Even with everyone now working instead of bickering, Alan foresaw that he would be stuck here until almost dinner time, and he cursed to himself. There was no way he could stop by Megan’s that afternoon. After making his rounds to each of the workstations in the now relatively quiet room, he told each staff member individually what he needed from them, and then stood behind them, waiting for them to start bringing him problems and minor disputes to settle.

Around a quarter of five Mr. Bar Levi, the faculty advisor came in and was pleased by the harmony and busy pace. Reporters and copy editors started drifting out once their copy had been check by Alan and passed down the room to layout, so the room was fairly empty. Mr. Bar Levi and Alan chatted for a bit, of course the teacher relayed his sympathies, and Alan asked Mr. Bar Levi to keep an eye on things for a minute so he could step out for a bit of fresh air. Once outside Alan speed dialed Megan (he had programmed her numbers into his phone while walking from her classroom to the cafeteria), and told her that he was stuck at the paper, but could he see her tonight? Megan instantly agreed, trying to hide the disappointment in her voice.

* * *

Already having decided to skip the gym Megan headed to the mall. On her way out after buying new, sexy panties she walked back to her car and realized she didn’t have anything to do for the next few hours. Indulging herself, she drove to the hair salon. The place was fairly quiet, and Megan went whole hog: manicure and pedicure, and Antonio styled her hair. She had her fingernails and toenails lacquered a girlish pink. In the back of her mind she thought that the shade would make her look and feel younger, and with the age difference between her and Alan, every little bit helped. The girls at the salon talked her into a facial, arguing that the time it would take to perform would allow her nails to dry before she had to get back in the car. She realized she hadn’t brought sandals, so she was stuck at the salon until her toenails dried, and agreed to the facial.

* * *

Pulling into the parking spot in front of her house, she strained to reach into the back seat of her car to retrieve the shopping bag from the lingerie store. As she was closing the door to her car, her neighbor Leila Tsing pulled into the spot next to hers. They were good friends, and shared almost everything, but Megan was embarrassed when Leila said, “Hey Sugar, you look hot! Big date tonight?” Then she spied the shopping bag, and a smile spread across her face. “Who’s the new guy? Must be something special, spending all that money, huh?”

Megan let herself in the townhouse and Leila followed her in. Leila was much more experienced when it came to men than Megan. They were about the same age, and Leila was a physical therapist at the nearby hospital. She was slightly shorter than Megan, and had a lithe body, almost curve-less and unbelievably thin. Her ass was surprisingly rounded, and her breasts were only slightly too large for her frame. She had lustrous black hair, so dark it almost seemed navy blue, and she kept it long, and tied up in a pony-tail, framing her very cute face.

Megan was torn. She thought Leila would be a good person to talk to about Alan. She wouldn’t judge, and she did know a lot about men. On the other hand, her relationship with Alan was wrong in the eyes of society, and it would be risky to reveal anything about it to a third party. Megan turned circumspect, but Leila kept pressing her about her nail polish and the new hair style and underwear, and was sure that Megan was expecting a man. Some part of her felt sorry for Megan. Her friend never dated much, and the intervals between boyfriends had been lengthening of late. “What was that last guy’s name?” she tried to remember. “Dan? Don?” Leila couldn’t quite remember. He and Megan had broken up over six months ago, and Megan had been alone ever since. Leila could sense that Megan wanted to tell her about her new man, but something seemed to be holding her back. After dickering around the point for awhile Leila just decided to be blunt. “So, girlfriend, spill it. Who’s the new guy?”

Megan’s face reddened and she hesitated before answering, barely able to get the words out. Her mind raced with the thought that by confiding in Leila she would in some way betray Alan. But mostly she really wanted to tell someone, to share with someone. The last few days had been among the happiest of her life, and she was bursting at the seams to dish. “Promise me, Leila, that nothing I say leaves this room,” waiting for Leila to agree. Her friend nodded and Megan continued, “His name is Alan, and we’ve only been, ah, seeing each other for a few days.”

“Why the mystery Megan. We’ve always talked about stuff like this. What, is he married or something?” Megan told her the whole story, from the kiss at lunch, to the sex after school, to last night’s lovemaking, but leaving out the raunchier details. As she narrated she noticed her friend was rapt with attention. When she finished she began to cry, and told Leila that Alan had stood her up this afternoon, putting her off until night. “I know I’m being stupid, but some part of me feels as if I’m losing him. I’m just going crazy, but being with him makes me so happy.”

“Don’t worry about it Meg. It’s every high school boy’s fantasy to make it with his sexy teacher. Hell, I even fantasized about one of my male teachers in school. So, he’s the first guy to get you off, huh?” Megan nodded. “I’ve never been with a younger man, but I imagine the energy is incredible.” Megan smiled. Talking to Leila had calmed her down, and the relief at having someone to talk to about Alan was a catharsis. They chatted a bit more, and confirmed their standing date to watch “Sex and the City” together on Sunday night. After Leila left, Megan took her bag upstairs and laid the new purchases out on the bed, trying to figure out which pair to surprise Alan with tonight.