The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 6

New Kinks

That evening Alan sat at his computer and began the process of Googling the proper nouns he read in his notebook.

“Your search—Devaryesh—did not match any documents.

No pages were found containing ‘devaryesh’.”

“Your search—Paishiya’uvada—did not match any documents.

No pages were found containing ‘paishiya’uvada’.”

Hyrcanus returned 4,180 hits, but as he clicked on the links he read that Hyrcanus was one of the Macabees, the Hasmonean kings of Israel in the second century B.C.E. Hyrcanus was also the name of one of the heirs to the empire of Alexander the Great. Neither of these references fit the timeframe of the story Alan had in front of him.

Curiously, the next search “Axa Delta” returned six hits, five of which related to a short story written by the Argentinean short story author Jorge Luis Borges, and even more interesting was that the story in question was titled “Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius.” Now he was making progress: a cross-reference between the Axa Delta and the mystical object mentioned by Hyrcanus, the Orbis Tertius. Alan jotted down a note to get a copy of this story from the library.

When he searched on “Smerdis” he hit pay dirt. Devaryesh, he figured, was obviously a variation on “Darius,” and when he search on it he hit the mother lode. He printed out a fairly thick stack of pages, and put them in a folder to read later.

* * *

Leila knocked on Megan’s door, the sun setting behind her. Under her right arm was the brown paper bag from the sex shop. Megan unlocked the deadbolt, and they kissed, their tongues dueling feverishly. They were standing in the doorway, where their neighbors could see them, but they didn’t care.

* * *

Pauline returned home at 6 o’clock from the girl’s volleyball match. Truman had won in four sets, and she was eager to write up her story. She hoped the photographer she assigned had taken some good shots. The team had beaten their archrivals, coincidently enough a school in the next town over called Thomas Dewey High School. She was toying with the idea of running the famous photo of a smiling President Truman holding up the headline “Dewey Defeats Truman” in the photo spread, as a joke. She’d run the idea past Alan in school tomorrow.

Kate was in the dining room, her books and notes spread out over half the table. “Hey Kate, how are you feeling?” she asked.

“I’m fine sis. That thing on Friday was just a cold or something.” Pauline noticed that Kate wasn’t wearing a bra, and this was unusual. Even at home Kate was usually fully dressed. Their Aunt Linda, mom’s sister, had flabby bosoms, and Kate was in the habit of keeping her breasts fully supported by a bra when not in bed. “She’s been acting weird lately,” Pauline thought. “First she fainted in school, and then she didn’t protest when Alan came with us to the mall. I wonder what’s going on with her.” Pauline became even more curious when at dinner her mom mentioned that Alan was over this afternoon to help Kate with her calculus homework. Math was one of Kate’s best subjects; perhaps he was showing her what she missed on Friday.

* * *

The rest of the week went by fast. Next week was spring break, and both the students and the faculty were anxious for some time off. Alan and Megan met twice that week during lunchtime, but he hadn’t been over to her townhouse because of the crush of school work. Before break he had to hand in a physics lab report and a History term paper, on top of the essay Megan had assigned, and all were due on Friday.

* * *

After school let out for break on Friday the parking lot was full of kids whooping it up. They were all relieved to be free for the next nine days (a five-day school week bracketed by two weekends). Alan even spotted some of his more daring classmates smoking a joint in the far corner of the lot. He threw his backpack in the backseat and was just getting in when Kate approached. He had gone over to her house Wednesday night to inspect the new nipple ring, and fuck her in the ass.

“So Alan, staying in town for break?” she asked quietly so no one around them could hear.

“You got it, my slut. I’m just looking forward to a relaxing vacation.”

“Not too relaxing, I hope,” Kate quickly countered with a wicked smile. She loved it when Alan called her names, especially “slut.”

“Don’t worry babe, I’ll find time for you. Call me tonight.” He drove off. Megan had told him about all of the fun she and Leila had been having with the dildoes, and he wanted to buy one for Kate before they got together.

* * *

Saturday morning, awake at dawn, he biked around the town for a while, thirty-five miles according to his odometer, then headed over to Megan’s. He hauled his bike up the three steps to her door and let himself in with his key, leaving the machine in the foyer, just inside and leaning against the wall with the right side facing in so that no one who walked by would mess themselves on the recently greased chain and gears. He heard laughter from the bedroom, and when he climbed upstairs and went in he saw Leila and Megan on the bed. “Hey girls, I’m here,” he announced his presence.

“Hi Alan,” they both chirped at once. He peeled off his sweaty jersey and stood before them with a wet sheen covering his body.

“I’m think I could use a shower. Either of you two care to join me?” The women giggled, and after a brief debate, during which Megan expressed her doubts that her shower could hold three people, Leila rose from the bed and joined him in the bathroom. They slipped into the shower together and Alan turned it on, adjusting the spray to the desired temperature. Leila embraced him from behind as he twisted the faucets, and soon they were both slippery from the water. She released him slightly, her hands still clasped together on his stomach, but slackened her arms to allow him to turn within her arms. As they faced each other their lips came together, and they kissed passionately. Alan’s hands came to rest on her ass, and he reached down and began to massage her rosebud.

“Mmmmm, yeah. Play with my ass. Mmmmm.” His finger already being wet, he began slowly pressing the tip into her tightest of holes. “Ohmigod, that feels so GOOD,” Leila cried out. She always enjoyed it when men played with her ass, though she’d never been fucked there. For Alan, however, that policy might just be reversed. The pleasure she was getting from his finger was driving her wild, and she unclasped her hands and brought her right hand from around Alan’s back and placed it on her pussy, rubbing her clit. The combination of feelings was mind-blowing, and after a few minutes she orgasmed loudly, eliciting a grin from Megan out in the bedroom as she tidied the room and made the bed.

Catching her breath she quickly set to the task of giving Alan a blow job to remember, and Alan was surprised at how much of his nine inch penis Leila was able to swallow, seven inches by his estimation. She was deep-throating him, a new sensation for Alan. The old Alan, before the Seed of Paishiya’uvada, counted himself lucky whenever he could get a girl to take him in her mouth, and he had never been deep-throated before. She pulled back and released him from her throat.

“Let me know when you’re about to come, so I can just keep the head in my mouth. I want to taste you.” Alan’s mind was so clouded by the sensations that he could only nod in response. She attacked him once again with her mouth, quickly achieving her former depth. After about five minutes of enthusiastic sucking on Leila’s part, Alan was ready to come. He tapped her on her shoulder and she got the message, releasing almost all of his cock from her throat, retaining only the head, her lips wrapped around the crown, the tip of her tongue making stabbing motions against the tip of his dick.

“Uhhhhh!” he moaned as his seed spilled into Leila’s mouth. He reached behind himself and held onto the nozzle to keep from slipping. Leila’s mouth came off of him as she swallowed his come, and then she took it again, sucking out the last stray drops from the head. Now that both of them had gotten off, Alan grabbed the bottle of shampoo from the edge and started to wash his hair, while Leila lathered up one of Megan’s bath sponges and soaped up Alan’s chest, crotch, and legs.

They got out, drying themselves off as went back into the bedroom. Leila wanted to attend to her hair, and Megan was anxious to have a turn with Alan, and she almost tackled him as he came into view. Alan fell to the bed, and Megan got on top of him, straddling his chest. She put her hands on his wrists and held them to the mattress. Alan knew he could escape her clutches, but wanted to see what she was going to do. She was wearing a red and gold kimono, a short one which would have barely reached halfway down her thighs to her knees had she been standing up and not astride him. She lowered her ass so that she was actually sitting on his chest. Alan could feel that she was bare under her robe, and she began slowly rubbing her ass against him. “I’ve got you trapped, young man. What are you going to do for me when I let you go?”

“Well Megan,” he began, but she stopped him.

“Ms. Kelly.”

“Right. Well, Ms. Kelly, what did you have in mind?”

“Come on boy, use your imagination. Would you suck my pussy?”


“Sure what?”

“Sure, Ms. Kelly, I’d suck your pussy.”

“Would you fuck me?”

“Yes, Ms. Kelly.”

“Fuck me hard? I like being fucked hard. Hard, Alan, hard. Do you understand, hard?”

“Yes Ms. Kelly.”

“Then fuck me hard.”

Alan threw his weight, and he was on top of her. Roughly he parted her legs, untied the belt of her robe, then fed his hard cock into her. Megan—Ms. Kelly—groaned and wrapped her legs around his ass, her ankles crossed. He gave it to her hard like she wanted it, and soon they were both huffing and puffing from exertion. Her legs tightened around him, and she came, screaming, egging him on. Alan kept fucking her never slackening his pace. Leila sat down on the bed next to them, cross-legged, with her hands between her thighs, fingering herself.

“Is this hard enough for you, Ms. Kelly?” Alan grunted between breaths.

“Yes, fuck me. Fuck my tight pussy. Fuck me HARD.”

Alan was hammering his dick into her, and their bodies were bucking with wild abandon. Leila reached between them with her free hand and began fingering Megan’s clit, and she exploded again. Alan blew his load into her, and a second later Leila joined them in orgasm. The three of them laid back on the bed, Megan half on top of Alan, and Leila next to her, running her hands lazily up Megan’s shivering body.

“I’m starving,” Alan announced. “Got anything to eat?” Megan told him he’d find some bagels in the kitchen, and he gently slid her off him, and went downstairs. He spread cream cheese over three bagels, put them on a plate and then poured three big glasses of orange juice. As he was mounting the stairs he heard Leila’s screams from the bedroom, and he quickened his pace.

The bagel half he had balanced between his teeth almost fell out at the sight before him. Megan was wearing a strap-on dildo, and was laying flat on her back as Leila was riding her from above, moaning and groaning. Alan ate his bagel while he watched Leila fuck the dildo, and when he was done he downed the juice almost in one gulp. He approached them from behind, and began to finger Leila’s exposed asshole again. This really seemed to turn her on, and he moistened his finger in his mouth and started feeding it in.

“Oh Yeah! Finger my ass Alan. It feels soooo good.”

Megan hadn’t been able to see what Alan was doing from her position, and her eyes widened at Leila report. He leaned forward and whispered in Leila’s ear, and she nodded. Quickly going into the bathroom he brought out a bottle of baby oil. Greasing his dick he got up on the bed and pushed Leila forward, so that the breasts of the two girls were mashed together. Megan’s thrusting slowed because of the change in position. Alan lined up the head of his dick with her tight entrance and slowly pushed the head past her anal ring.

Stopping after an inch of penetration he asked Leila if he was the first to have her ass. She had been holding her breath, half in anticipation, half in trepidation, and in order to answer him she released all the air in her lungs groaning, “Yes, the first.” Megan could see a small tear escape from the corner of Leila’s eye, but in pain or lust she did not begin to know.

Alan pushed his cock deeper into Leila, and Megan resumed fucking her with the dildo, amused at the sight of Leila slack tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth, as well as her eyes rolled to the back of her head . Soon Alan was feeding his full length into her, at a slow and even pace. Leila was coming every few minutes, and even Megan was very turned on. She hoped she would be the meat in the fuck sandwich next, and the mere thought of it was arousing her. After ten minutes of getting it in both holes Leila had her biggest climax yet, and Alan exploded in her ass. He was sweating like a pig.

“It seems I need another shower. It’s your turn Megan—I mean Ms. Kelly.” He went in first and started it, and she joined him shortly. They soaped each other tenderly, and kissed often, their slippery bodies pressed together. Leila had just recovered when they returned.

Megan grabbed the strap-on dildo and handed it to Leila. “My turn,” she told them as she handed Alan the bottle of baby oil.

* * *

Alan left them around two o’clock. They had fucked a few more times after Megan’s first d.p., and then taken a nap. They were still dozing as he wheeled his bike down Megan’s front steps, and he had left them a note on the kitchen table. Pulling up to his own house he stowed his bike in the garage and peeled off his still damp jersey, entering the house bare-chested. His mother came up behind him as he was bent over, his head in the refrigerator.

“That was some long ride you took. You were gone when dad and I woke up.”

“Yeah,” he yawned, “Seventy-five miles, longest yet this season. I’m training for the Montauk Century in June.” His mom nodded, accepting his explanation.

“Oh, by the way, your cousin Nina called and invited me into the city for lunch on Monday. We’re going to lunch and then to the Met. Do you want to come?” Alan agreed. Nina was one of his favorite cousins, and he hadn’t seen her baby, now eight months old, since she was first born. Nina and her husband Jack had hired a sitter to watch the baby during the funeral last week, and had left the little girl in the city.

“We’ll go back to Nina’s after the museum, wait until your dad is done at the office, and meet him for dinner.”

“Hey, while you’re relaxing at Nina’s I’ll take a subway to Columbia and have look around, and I’ll meet you at dad’s”

“That’s an excellent idea,” his mother replied, “It’ll be good for you, getting the lay of the land and all.”

Alan went upstairs, his sweaty jersey draped over his shoulder, and took his third shower of the day, a brief one so as not to dry out his skin.

He and Kate had talked on the phone last night and she had told him about a party at the house of a classmate whose parents had gone away and left him on his own. Pauline was going too, she had mentioned, as an inducement for him to attend also. He called Pauline and asked her if she needed a ride, and Pauline happily accepted.

* * *

“Who was that?” Kate asked her sister when she hung up the phone.

“Alan, He’s giving me a lift to the party tonight.”

“Uh, could you call him back and ask him I could drive over with the two of you? There’s going to be beer and punch at the party, and I don’t want to have to refuse drinks because of driving.”

Pauline looked at her sister like she was a space alien. She hated Alan Marshall. Just last week at the Mall, after he had been nice enough to drive them over and treat them to lunch she had barely uttered a word to him, and now she wanted to show up to one of the biggest parties of the year in his car? Curiouser and curiouser.

“Sure sis, I’ll call him right back.”

Kate didn’t wait to hear her sister place the call. She strode up the stairs and went into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. Stripping, she masturbated to an orgasm, but a pale shadow to the likes she had when Alan touched her. Getting into the shower she washed up, and then shaved her legs and pussy.

* * *

Alan pulled up to the Van Devanter’s at 8:30. Pauline came out wearing hip huggers and a pale yellow man’s dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and tied at the bottom so that her lean midriff was exposed. Alan whistled, and she blushed. Kate followed a few minutes later, wearing a billowy peasant skirt that came down to her mid-calf, and a sleeveless formfitting white top. “Hi Kate, you look nice.” She shot him a smile.

They weren’t going straight to the party; Alan had proposed to Pauline that he take the two of them out for dinner before the festivities, and after checking with Kate, she agreed. They went to an Italian place in town, and ate well, not leaving until after ten.

The party was at Geoff Sherman’s house, and Alan relished the thought of showing up there uninvited. When they pulled up to the curb on Geoff’s street, one of the guys in the car in front of them, a goon on Geoff’s lacrosse team, gave him a dirty look, and called out, “What the fuck are you doing here, Marshall? Nerds aren’t welcome.” Alan and the girls ignored him, and they made their way up the path to the house. It was a good party, lots of beer and loud music. Alan even saw a good number of his own friends milling about. He and the girls separated, and Alan made his way over to greet some of his pals.

Around midnight he caught up with Kate who was mingling with a couple of her friends. “Do you want to get some air?” he asked her, and she went off with him, leaving her friends staring at their backs in shock as they walked outside. There were a good number of people outside. The air was crisp, but not uncomfortably cold, and Kate led Alan to a bench in the garden. He sat down, and then pulled her onto his lap, and she let out a muted squeal.

“I’m not wearing any panties,” she told him, “And I feel soooo wicked. I shaved for you this afternoon.” The were semi-secluded, and Alan pulled her skirt out from under her ass, and draped it over them. He reached under the skirt to feel the smoothness of her pussy, and she purred. Wrapping his left arm around her torso he lifted her up a few inches so he could reach for his fly. Freeing his dick, he then lifted her higher, placing the head against her labia, barely penetrating her pussy.

“Alan, what are you doing? There are people around. Someone could catch us, ugh ugh, at any minute. We, ahhhhh, shouldn’t, ohhhhhhh, be, Ohmihod, doing, ooooh, this.” Alan had been slowly lowering her onto his impaling hardness, and by the time he was completely buried in her, her protests had ceased. She lifted her bra cups over her tits and brought up Alan’s hands in hers so he could play with her nipple rings through her top. Her teeth gritted so as not to cry out in pleasure as she bounced up and down on his erection, and after about ten minutes she had a delicious orgasm, her knuckle between her teeth to keep the noise down. It wasn’t just the stimulation from his cock in her wet pussy that had driven her wild, or even Alan’s playing with her clit under her skirt. It was the fear of being caught that had in the end sent her over the top. She got off on it.

She hopped off of Alan’s lap and they set about to adjusting their clothes. Kate went ahead, and Alan made his way slowly back to the house. As he entered he saw Kate talking to her putative boyfriend, Chad, and he was amused by the slightly pissed off look Chad gave him. Alan couldn’t blame him; Chad was a good guy, but here he was at a party and he couldn’t find his girlfriend. Worse, she had shown up in Alan’s car, and he had just seen the two of them coming from the same direction. “If I were him, I’d be pissed at me too,” Alan thought. Helping himself to a beer from the fridge, Alan started to make the rounds. A bunch of guys from the lacrosse team started to accost him, demanding to know why he was here. Just then Geoff walked into the room and Alan called out over the music and the chatter, “Hey Geoffy-boy, you don’t mind that I’m here, do ya?”

Geoff meekly responded no, and Alan turned to the jerks and shrugged his shoulders, moving along to a new group of people.

Around 2 am Pauline came up to him and asked him if he was ready to leave. He told her to find her sister, and they all walked out together. Chad ran after them. “Hey man, I’ll drive my girlfriend home, if you don’t mind.” He sounded a little peeved. Alan turned around and said, “You’ve been drinking a lot, Chad. It would be better if I saw them home.” He reinforced this suggestion using the powers of the Seed of Paishiya’uvada.

“I’ve been drinking a lot Alan. It would be better if you saw them home.” This confused him. He hadn’t fucked Kate in almost two weeks, the weekend before that Friday she had fainted, and he had resolved to get into her pants, or under her skirt as the case was, tonight. The three of them left a confused Chad on the front porch and walked to Alan’s car. “Power is useful,” he mused to himself.