The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 8

Deflowering Pauline

“So,” Alan asked, “What do you want to do?” He and Pauline were in his car. He hadn’t yet started the engine, so they were still in the Van Devanter’s driveway. Usually when Alan took a girl out he came with a plan, either a movie or some activity, but his recent adventures had left him little time to prepare.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Pauline began, “There really aren’t any good movies out now, and I feel like doing more than just sitting around at a coffee shop and talking. Hey, how do you feel about bowling?”

“I haven’t been bowling in years. I think the last time was at Tim Elroy’s twelfth birthday party. Sure, that sounds cool.” Alan started the car and pulled out.

“So,” Pauline asked, “Have you heard about my sister?” Alan put up his guard, wondering if Pauline knew anything about him and Kate. “She got the letter today. She got into Barnard. The two of you will be going to college together. Maybe she’ll start being less rude to you.”

When they reached the bowling alley Alan jumped out of the car and went around to open the door to help Pauline out. He leaned down to take her hand, and as she came out of the car their faces were at the same level, an unusual occurrence since Alan was an inch shy of six feet, and Pauline was barley two inches over five feet. Pauline leaned into him, her lips pressing against his, and Alan was a bit taken aback because he hadn’t used any mental commands on her, and in effect this was a first date. Even though they had gone out briefly last year Alan knew that Pauline didn’t kiss on the first date, and he also knew she was a virgin, so he had figured he would have to rely on his mental powers to warm her up. They kept kissing as Pauline emerged from the car, and continued even as he managed to close the door behind her. Alan had to bend his knees a bit in order to keep in contact, and Pauline had wrapped her arms around him, her hands rubbing up and down his back. The were startled out of their reverie by the blast of a car horn, and a the yell from the car’s driver, “Hey you two, get a room!”

Pauline backed away from him slowly, her face burning with embarrassment. As she and Alan walked to the entrance of the bowling alley she ran her hands over her hair, neatening it.

* * *

Kate was in her bedroom when the phone rang; it was Chad. She had no idea what to say to him, but he spoke first. “Uh, how long has this thing between you and Alan been going on?” Kate didn’t know if she would be able to answer. She had tried talking about her “relationship” with Alan to others before, but for some reason she found herself unable. She didn’t know that Alan had altered her mental commands so that she could talk to Chad. After pausing for a minute to form her answer she was surprised that she was able to get the whole story out.

She told him about that first day in the newspaper office at school, how he fucked her and took her in the ass, breaking her anal cherry. She told him about the first time Alan had shaved her pussy, and the visits to the mall, to Dirty Dan’s Piercing Parlor, and how when Dan had pierced her second nipple she had had an orgasm. She told him everything. As she was nearing the end of her narration she heard Chad grunting on the other end of the line, and she knew that he had come, and she could almost picture him stroking his cock, but for that the picture in her head was not Chad. It was Alan.

* * *

Alan was having a blast. Bowling strikes was easy if you had the power of the Seed and were telekinetic. “I can’t believe how well I’m doing!” he said to his date as he bowled his fifth strike in a row. “I’ve never broken a hundred before.” Pauline smiled at him as she sipped her Coke through the straw. “One day soon those pretty pink lips will be wrapped around something bigger,” he thought to himself. By the time he was bowling his tenth frame a large crowd had formed around his lane, cheering him on as he approached perfection. The bowling alley manager was standing at the rear, camera at the ready to take Alan’s photo for the “Wall of Fame.” As all ten pins fell competing the 300 game the crowd began cheering, and Pauline gave him a hearty hug. The manager told him that he always sent the photos of the 300-gamers to the local paper, and they often published them.

“That was great, Pauline.” They were walking back to his car, his arm around her shoulder, and hers around his waist.

“Hey jerkoff!” someone yelled from behind them. Alan turned and saw a half-full beer can flying at them, too late for him to do anything about it because he would not use his telekinetic powers in public so conspicuously. As the beer can bounced off his forehead and landed on Pauline he saw that there were four guys stalking them, including his “friend” Geoff Sherman. He handed Pauline his car keys, and instead of speaking to her he just mentally commanded her to run to his car, get in and lock the doors, it was faster this way, he reasoned to himself. He stood between the retreating Pauline, who was dripping with beer, and their pursuers. Why the hell was Geoff trying anything with him? He scanned his mind and read that Geoff thought he could stand up to him if the odds were four to one in his favor. As they neared him Alan was able to identify the other members of the mob. All were teammates of Geoff’s: Matt Castro, Philip Herzog, and Walker Jackson, and all four of them had at least thirty pounds and three inches on Alan. He wasn’t worried.

“Geoff, what the fuck is going on?” He could see the apprehension in Geoff’s look, and noticed that of the four he was at the back of the pack.

“Shut your fucking mouth, loser!” Phil screamed as he charged at Alan. Alan took a half a step to the right as Phil attempted to tackle him, and they came in contact, though his side step distracted Phil, and he was unable to get his arms completely around Alan. Alan stiff-armed him, and he was pushed away by Alan’s outstretched hand. Phil was crouched in tackling position, lowering his center of gravity like Coach Tompkins had taught him in football practice, and his eyes were squarely focused on Alan’s torso, so he didn’t see the fist hurtling towards his chin as he charged again. Alan’s punch landed straight on his chin. The force of the blow was so great the Phil’s feet left the ground and he flew about a yard and a half back, landing flat on his back, groaning and nearly knocked out. Matt and Walker then charged him, fists flying, and Alan ducked and weaved to avoid the blows. He hit Matt, the biggest of the quartet, about six and a half feet tall, and almost two hundred fifty pounds, all muscle, right in the gut, and Matt crumpled to the asphalt, doubled over in pain, and the wind knocked out of him. Now it was Geoff and Walker, and as the latter approached for another pass Alan raised his right leg and brought his foot down directly on Walker’s knee, gratified by the crunching sound of sinew and bone coming apart.

“Please,” Geoff had ceased his approach, and was almost dumbstruck at the scene before him. “Please.” He was rooted in place, unable to do anything but to beg. “Please.” Alan saw a tear form at the corner of his eye.

As Alan approached him Geoff began to back away, but Alan told him to get on his knees. “Please don’t hurt me. Please.”

“Down, NOW! On your knees!” He screamed at Geoff, and the bully complied. “Do you want me to break you right arm or your left arm, asshole?” Tears of terror were streaming down Geoff’s face, and he was breathing labouredly. Geoff was right handed, and he was so afraid at this point that he wasn’t thinking straight. Instead of thinking of a way out of his situation he was trying to decide which arm he wanted broken. He held up his left arm as if to shield himself, but also to offer it up as the arm to be broken. Alan grabbed it with both of his hands and gave it a mighty squeeze, but before it was even close to breaking he released it, and shoved Geoff over so he was prone. “I’m not a fucking bully. I don’t break people’s arms for kicks. Assholes like you think it’s fun to hurt people, and you’re all going to hell for it.”

He could see that Geoff was weeping freely, and that his body was in mild convulsions of fear. As he turned his back on them he called over his shoulder to Geoff, “Make sure you clean up this trash,” gesturing to his three friends laying on the surface of the parking lot, “I don’t want to get a summons for littering.” As he reached his car he turned and looked and saw that Geoff was in the midst of helping his friends to their feet.

Pauline unlocked the doors as he approached, and he could see that she was trembling in fear, but a little goggle-eyed at what she just witnessed. He got in the car, and Pauline threw herself at him, burying her face in her chest, crying softly. He tilted her head up and kissed her on the mouth, her tongue slipping between his lips, her breathing ragged. He eased her off of him and started the car, pulling out of the lot and into traffic. Pauline was silent during the drive back to Alan’s house, still dealing with the lingering fright within her.

* * *

Once inside the house he poured her a soft drink and brought it to her at the couch. Pauline was at last able to speak about the incident. “I can’t believe those jerks! Coming at you four on one! How did you fight them off? I couldn’t believe what I saw.” Alan kissed her, and then led her to the bathroom so she could clean herself up, going to his bedroom to get her a shirt to wear instead of the beer-soaked blouse she had on. When she emerged barefoot a few minutes later she found him in his room, the lights dimmed and reclining on his bed. She curled up next to him and he flicked on the television using the remote. The NCAA tournament was under way, and they watched an early-round game in silence. Pauline wove her fingers through his, and for the first time since leaving the bowling alley she felt safe. Soon they were necking, their mouths exploring each other hungrily.

She knew that Alan’s parents were going to be out for a while; they were in New York, at his dad’s law firm’s annual banquet, and she was considering how far she would let their fooling around go. When Alan’s hands began to slip “below the equator” she didn’t protest, and she loosed a small moan as he cupped her ass through her denim jeans. And when he began to pull off her top, she didn’t object, but instead began to take his shirt off. This was going farther than she had planned, but her foremost thought was that she was happy that she had the aforethought to have chosen a pretty bra that night as she was getting dressed for her date.

She was very close to stopping him when he began to unfasten her bra, but she was feeling so good she said nothing. Alan’s kissing technique was so masterful, she was as turned on as she had ever been in her life. The feel of her hardening nipples against his firm chest was exquisite, and the feel of his hands as they roamed her back was causing her to lose herself in the moment. She felt his hands at her waistband, and he unbuttoned her jeans and slowly lowered the zipper, and she lifted her ass up an inch off the mattress to let him pull down her pants. Once they were off he tossed them over the side of the bed and put his hands on her again. His touch was driving her arousal to never before seen heights, and she blushed, not only face but her whole body reddening, a tingling sensation spreading throughout her. She clawed at his waistband, yanking open his belt, and then opening his pants, frantic to get them off. She still wasn’t sure if she was going to go “all the way,” but since he took off her shirt, and then she his, and then he took of her jeans, she thought it was only right that she take off his chinos. As Alan began to run his hands all over her, over her naked chest and over her panty-covered behind, she began to moan rhythmically, her tongue vibrating in his mouth.

Alan laid her back on the bed face up, his body over hers as he licked and kissed her. He started around her neck, and then moving to her chest. “Yesssss,” she hissed as he took one of her pink nipples between his lips and began to suck on it. After giving the other nipple the same treatment he moved further down; she giggled softly as he licked around her navel before sticking his tongue into it. Her entire body was covered with goose pimples, and she was shivering with arousal. She froze when she felt his hands on her hips, his fingers under the elastic waistband of her pale pink panties. He looked up at her, right into her eyes and paused, wordlessly asking for permission to remove them. Pauline knew this was going too far, but she was more sexually stimulated than she had ever been before.

“Take them off, Alan. Take down my panties,” she told him, her voice weighted with equal parts excitement and worry. Alan slowly pulled them down, his hands caressing her thighs and legs as he eased them off. Pauline’s breath caught in her throat, partly from the sensuousness of Alan’s hands on her legs, and partly from her anxiety. No boy had ever seen this much of her, and confusing thoughts were running through her mind. She had always though she would be older than sixteen when she surrendered her virginity to a man, and that part of her mind wanted to stop this right now. However, whenever she did fantasize about her first intercourse it was Alan who was sharing her bed. In many ways what was happening in his bedroom was her dream come true.

She had had a crush on Alan since her first day of high school, when she saw him walking down the hall with his friends. She really hadn’t seen very much of him since the year before because she had one more year of junior high after he had started at Truman, and she had been surprised at how grown-up he had become in that year, losing his baby face and becoming much taller. It was because of this crush that she joined the newspaper, and she waited almost three years for him to finally ask her out, despite the numerous hints she had dropped over the years. It was only because of Kate’s meddling that their previous relationship dissolved, and now in a way she was getting a second chance to be with him. “If Kate hadn’t interfered last fall maybe Alan would’ve taken my virginity then,” Pauline thought, the idea warming her. At this point she knew that she wasn’t going home a virgin tonight.

The feel of Alan’s tongue on her vagina snapped her out her daydreams. The touch was electric, and she began to mutter his name over and over again, “Alan, Alan, Oh! What are you doing? Oh, that feels soo-ooo-oo goooo-ooo-oo-ooo-od.” She was shuddering so hard it sort of sounded like she was trying to speak through a particularly bad case of hiccups. Alan licked the surface of her pussy, the tip of his nose gently pressing into her clitoris. Slowly he worked a finger into her, quickly feeling her intact hymen and putting a small amount of pressure against it. Pauline gasped at the pain of the stretching of the thin membrane, and Alan relented, causing her to sigh in relief.

Putting his mouth back on her he plunged his soft tongue into her, his face rubbing against the sparse hair which covered her sex, and she panted at the sensations. Running his tongue up and down her wet opening he began to gently tease her clitoris with the pad of his finger, and after a short while Pauline seized up in orgasm, loosing a scream, tears running from her eyes. “Alan, Alan, Alan! I’m have-have-having an, oooooh Alan! Coming!” It was not the first orgasm she had ever had, but it was the first she had received by the attentions of another, and its quick onset, strength, and duration astonished her. She realized that she was raising her butt was up off the surface of the bed and pressing her groin into Alan’s face. Wiping the tears off her face with her hands she looked up at him, and smiled. As he crawled up her body he shed his shorts, and was naked by the time he managed to kiss her. Closing her eyes she reveled at the feel of his kisses, and began to purr softly. Her eyes popped open when she felt the hard shaft pressed against her side, and reached down to grasp it. She had never seen a penis in person and was surprised by the size of Alan’s dick, and the warmth it gave off. Slowly she began to stroke it, pleased that Alan began to moan softly in response, pleased by her ability to gratify him.

Alan propped himself up on one hand and got between her legs, holding her knees to widen them. “Alan, do you have a condom?” Alan used the Seed to convince her that they didn’t need one. He wasn’t worried about impregnating her; the Seed could take care of that for him. Slowly he pressed the head of his cock against the petals of her excited pussy. “Please Alan, be gentle to me. It’s my uh first time.” She was a little ashamed that this was her first time, not knowing if her inexperience would lessen Alan’s pleasure from the act they were about commit.

Alan leaned over her and kissed her. “Don’t worry Pauline, I know I’m you’re first. We’ll do this slowly. Tell me at once if anything doesn’t feel right and I’ll stop.” Pauline was so overcome with emotion at his response that she lifted her head off the pillow and gave him a hard passionate kiss, a signal to continue her deflowerment.

“You’re so big. I don’t know if you will be able to get it all in,” she whispered, worried that her short frame wouldn’t be able to take all of him, wouldn’t be able to please him.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you,” Alan whispered back, as he wiped a stray tear from under her eye. He pushed in slowly, the head of his penis resting against the thin membrane of her hymen. “This is going to hurt a little when I push through. Are you sure you want to keep going?”

Pauline could feel the heat coming off his penis as it rested on her maidenhead, and she couldn’t think clearly enough to speak, so she nodded, her eyes aglow as they met his.

“Oh!” she squeaked as he pushed through her virginity. The pain was brief but sharp, and she could feel her heartbeat accelerate, realizing her forehead was bathed in sweat. “That-that hurt, ugh.” Alan kept still as she gathered herself. “Keep going. I want more of you in me.” She moaned as Alan slid a few more inches into her, and when he began to pull out and push in with a very slow rhythm she started to pant. “Oh! That feels nice. Ummmmmmm, very nice, very nice, very nice, very nice.” Alan had buried almost two-thirds of his cock in her and he gradually increased his rhythm, quickening and slowing down based on Pauline’s facial expressions. It seemed to him that she preferred a slower pace, and he accommodated her, gently sawing in an out. Her legs came around his body, and he lowered himself on top of her, supporting himself with his arms, and tilting his head forward so they could kiss.

Her panting increased in frequency and volume, and Alan knew she was nearing orgasm; within a minute she came, and Alan ceased his attack. Pushing himself up he looked between them and saw that he had all nine inches in her, and he could see a small trickle of virginal blood escaping from her vagina at the point where he ended and she began. He withdrew and laid beside her holding her close. Pauline looked down at his cock and saw that he was still hard. She was somewhat confused by this as she assumed that he came when she did. She thought that men always came when women did, and after that they went soft, able to perform again only after a good night’s sleep. She realized she had a great deal to learn about sex, and was hesitant about asking Alan if he had orgasmed, worried that if he hadn’t it must have been something she had done wrong.

After a few minutes of cuddling she couldn’t quell her curiosity, and asked. “Did you have, you know, an orgasm?” Alan drew her even closer and told her he hadn’t, but not because of her. What Alan didn’t say was that he could hold out as long as he wanted because of the seed, nor did he tell her he had been monitoring her anxieties, and that he wanted to calm her fears. They laid together for awhile, caressing each other’s sweaty bodies and watching more of the basketball game. Soon both of them became amorous again, and Pauline was moaning as Alan had started to lick and suckle at her nipples. When he drew back from her she opened her eyes and saw that he was holding his penis upright in his hand, the head pointed towards the ceiling. “Want to go for a ride?” he asked her, a crooked grin on his face.

Not really knowing what to do Pauline straddled his body, and placed her pussy lips against the head of his cock. Alan held her by her hips as she sunk down on him, completely enveloping his erection inside her moist vagina. When he was buried to the hilt her knees had reached the bed, and she began to bounce up and down, slowly, as she was discovering she liked. “This is great!” she thought to herself. His penis felt wonderful, so warm and filling, scratching an itch she didn’t know she had before this night, and the job he was doing on her nipples with his gentle fingers was fantastic. In this position she could control the pace, and she loved it when Alan sometimes lifted his hips off the bed to meet her at the end of her down stroke. She gave a mellow grunt every time he did this, excited by the feel of the power of the strokes.

Sweat was pouring off of her, and she could see that Alan was also becoming quite soggy. When she orgasmed, her cries echoing off the walls of his bedroom, her body shook so hard she was worried that not only would she fall off his erection but off the bed as well, Alan grabbed her by the shoulders and bent her over to kiss her, spraying his ejaculate in her spasming channel, and when she felt the splashes of come in her she came again, courtesy of Alan’s power. Alan, his slowly softening erection still lodged inside Pauline, pulled a comforter over the two of them, and she rested her head on his shoulder.

It was still relatively early, not yet 10pm; Pauline didn’t need to be home before midnight, her vacation curfew. After a short hour’s nap Pauline awoke and moved quietly into the bathroom. During their rest Alan’s erection had totally deflated and slipped out of her, and he didn’t stir at all when she had risen. Pauline Van Devanter looked at herself in Alan’s bathroom mirror trying to see if she could notice a change in herself. “I’m a woman now,” she thought to herself, and that thought brought a smile to her lips.

* * *

When she returned from the bathroom she was slightly startled to see that Alan was awake, and a brief panic overtook her; she was naked and Alan could see all of her. Immediately realizing that she was being silly, after all they had just had sex and he had seen her naked the whole time of it, she giggled and jumped back into bed. There was a west coast game on the TV, and they watched for a little while, Pauline settling comfortably in Alan’s warm arms. When the game ended shortly after eleven, they dressed and went downstairs. They had a deep conversation while watching the game, and Pauline was relieved that Alan considered them a couple. “So, are we back together?” he had asked, and Pauline answered him by getting in top of him and kissing him. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes,’” he chuckled when she released him.

During the short drive back to the Van Devanter house Pauline dozed off, and didn’t wake up until after Alan had opened the passenger-side door and unbuckled her seatbelt. He helped her out of the car and they walked up to the house. As they were kissing on the porch the porch light came on and Mr. Van Devanter opened the front door. He was embarrassed at catching them, though they quickly broke apart at hearing him. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t my little girl and Alan Marshall.” He wasn’t mad at Alan, or anything. Teenagers kissed, and if there was any boy he didn’t mind kissing his baby daughter it was Alan. He invited them inside, insisting that Alan stay for a mug of cocoa, and Alan politely accepted.

Pauline’s mom greeted him warmly as they saw the two enter, and asked about their date. “Oh mom, we had a great time. We went bowling and Alan had a perfect game. His picture’s going to be in the newspaper! Then we went back to Alan’s and watched some basketball on TV.” Mrs. Van Devanter was making the cocoa as Pauline recounted her date, and Alan was glad that the excited girl didn’t mention the other things they had done that night, the fight in the parking lot or the lovemaking. Kate came down the stairs and entered the kitchen. She was happy to see Alan, and it showed.

“Hey Alan, it looks like we’ll be in school together next year.”

“Yeah, Kate, I heard from Pauline.”

“I just think this is wonderful,” Mrs. Van Devanter interjected, “You and Kate will be able to ride the Metro-North trains together when you come home. And it’s a load off my mind that she wont be all alone in the big city!”

Pauline walked Alan to the front door and they started kissing again on the porch. In the kitchen Mr. Van Devanter was telling his wife, in hushed tones, that he had caught them at it before, and it pleased her to know that Pauline had gotten involved with such a fine young man. She was sure that a nice guy like Alan would never press sex on her daughter, or any young lady for that matter.

* * *

Alan started his car and pulled around the corner. He parked and cut the engine; pulling his cell phone out of his jacket pocket, he keyed in Kate’s number as he walked back towards her house.


“I’m coming back to the house. I’ve parked around the corner. Open the backdoor and wait for me there.” He clicked off.

* * *

Kate was so excited she was almost hyperventilating as she made her way to the rear of the house. Alan was standing right outside the back door, and she quickly and quietly led him up the back stairs and to her room. Kate’s room was at the end of the long hall, the farthest away from her mom and dad’s master suite. Between them was Calvin’s room, then the guest room, then Pauline’s. She was sure that no one would be able to hear them when they got down to business. She didn’t know that Alan had the power to make sure they wouldn’t be disturbed.

“Suck my cock, slut,” Alan commanded her once the door shut behind them, and as she fell to her knees she began to peel off her clothes. She crawled to him on her hands and knees, not because he had commanded her to do so (even mentally), but because the act made her feel degraded, and that aroused her. By the time she crouched before him, his pants were off and his proud erection was sticking straight out. Kate worshipped it with her mouth, first kissing and then licking it all around before taking it into her mouth. Alan used the Seed to relax the muscles of her throat and lower her gag reflex, and Kate was surprised to see she was taking him all the way in. His pubic hair tickled her nose, and even that turned her on. “Taste anything different, slut?” he half-sneered at her. “I took Pauline’s cherry tonight. Can you taste her on me?” Kate moaned around his shaft, and began pumping his cock into her mouth even faster. “So, that’s why Pauline seemed so happy downstairs,” she thought through the haze of her arousal.

Alan moved over to her bed, and she crawled after him. She took his dick back into her mouth and started to deep-throat him again. She could feel his cock vibrating and expanding in her throat, and just as she knew he was about to come he reached across her body and yanked the butt plug from her clutching rectum. As she came he shot his load down her throat, and she came again, moaning and humming around his shaft. “The next time I fuck Pauline I’m coming to you right after, while my dick is still wet with her juices. I’m going to use her pussy juice as the lube when I fuck your hot ass.” Kate removed her mouth from Alan’s cock and just groaned in excitement. The very idea of it was so sick, so perverse, but she could feel the juice running out of her own pussy, so turned on was she at the thought of what Alan had just said.

Alan flipped her over and put her on her hands and knees. He reached under her and pawed at her dripping gash. “You like that idea, don’t you, slut?” Kate just whimpered in response. “What now, slut? What do you want me to do to you now?” More whimpers. “Do you want me to fuck you, slut? Do you want my big cock in your tight slutty pussy?” Kate continued to whimper, tears of arousal dripping from her eyes. She felt such a strong need to be fucked. If Alan didn’t sink his cock into to her soon she was sure she was going to die. “Do you want my hard dick, my big dick up your slutty ass? Well, slut, speak! Ask and you shall receive.”

“Pleeeeease Alan,” she hissed, “Please fuck me. Use me. I need it in me so bad. Please, please put your big dick in me. Fuck your little slut. Fuck me please. I’m going to die if you don’t fuck me.” She was panting in need, and Alan sunk his cock into her red-hot pussy in one strong stroke. As he hit bottom Kate had another orgasm, her body bouncing off the mattress. “Ohmigod! Yessssss! Fuck your slut! Fuck your slut! Fuck your slut! I love it so much! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m coming again Alan. I’m coming on you big cock while you fuck your slut. It’s so good. Fuck me, Master. Fuck me hard.”

Her calling him “Master” amused him. He had never ordered her to do that, neither verbally nor by mental command. She really was a submissive. Alan pulled out of her cunt and quickly penetrated her ass, and Kate had another massive orgasm as he took her that way. “Yesssssss! My ass, Master. Use my ass. Fuck it. Fuck, fuck, fuck it. Use your slut’s ass, Master. I love it!” She exploded into another mammoth climax, and yet another a half-minute later when Alan came in her ass. She lifted herself off the bed and turned to embrace him. Her sweat-soaked body slid against his as she rested her head against his chest. “We’re going to have a great time in college next year,” he told her, and she looked into his eyes. “Yes, Master, I know we are.”