The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 10

Tiffany stood and looked around at the four pairs of blank glossy eyes staring off into space. She waved her hand in front of Trev’s eyes. She prodded Josh’s chin. She tentatively cupped Erin’s breasts. Finally, she tiptoed in front of Alice, and very gently planted a light kiss on the blond’s luscious lips. All the time arousal was building in her, a slow burning anticipation as her pussy begged her for more attention. When her lips touched Alice’s, it sent electric shivers of excitement vibrating through her nerves.

“Wow...” she quietly marveled at her predicament. She had them all in trance. She was in complete control.

Clearing her throat slightly, she then announced “Can you all hear me?”

“Yes.” came four robotic voices in reply.

“Oh... Wow.” Tiffany gasped. Their monotonous, simultaneous reply had sent signals of pleasure sparking through her mind. It was so fucking hot...

“Are you all in a deep, mindless trance for me?” she then asked.

“Yes.” The reply was almost identical, like a recording set to repeat.

“Oh...” Tiffany bit her lip. It was too good, too much. The temptations and fantasies manifesting in her mind were threatening to run amok if she wasn’t careful.

It was okay though, she reasoned with herself. She was going to be sensible, yes. She was going to be responsible, definitely. But at the same time, there was no reason why she couldn’t savor this moment, and enjoy this feeling.

“And you are all going to obey my every command, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” Once more, the four emotionless voices blended into a single drumbeat of flat obedience.

“Holy crap that’s hot...” Tiffany exhaled a tempered breath. “You will all obey completely and then remember nothing when you wake up, won’t you?”


“Oh, fuck me...” Tiffany muttered to herself, feeling the heat within her spike. Suddenly, four pairs of hands all grappled her at once.


“What the!” she exclaimed, though her words were quickly muffled as her top was dragged up over her head. As warm hands unfastened her belt and sunk their way to her soaked panties, sudden understanding dawned on her.

“Oh!” Tiffany cried out in surprise as Trev’s finger slid smoothly inside her warm wet pussy. “Wow! Fuck! Right!” she breathed sharp breaths coated with pleasure. “Because I said fuck me... But I didn’t mean—” her tee-shirt was being pulled off now, as the hands worked in incredible efficiency to guide her arms and legs.

“Fuck!” Tiffany exclaimed as Trev’s fingers pushed deeper inside her. She should shout ‘stop’ next though. This wasn’t supposed to be happening…

“Yes!” The word slipped out of its own accord. Why did this feel so good? Why wasn’t she stopping it? They had her surrounded on all sides, their calm slow breathing at odds with their sensual touching. She was being handled with such tenderness, yet so firmly and deliberately it was beyond exhilarating. She had to stop this though! Surely! She had to-

Warm lips interrupted her thoughts as Alice’s mouth met her own. Alice kissed her with such passion and desire that Tiffany’s thoughts melted as her bra was unfastened and her panties slipped off her unresisting feet to follow her pants. Keen mouths encircled both her nipples, biting, sucking, teasing, and pushing Tiffany’s mind deeper and deeper into a sticky hot pool of helpless indulgence. She kissed Alice back with passion, losing herself in the flow of their meeting tongues, feeling her entire body tingle with erotic joy and an aching need for more.

Then, just as suddenly as the kiss began, Alice was gone, the sucking on her nipples stopped, and the fingers withdrew from her pussy. Her head spinning, the now naked and flushed Tiffany was powerfully guided by eight hands to bend over the kitchen counter.

“What—” she started to say before her world instantly exploded as a massive dick pushed its way inside her.

“Holy fuck! Wait! Wait! Everyone wait!” Tiffany frantically gasped through panting breaths.

Everyone froze immediately.

“Wow... just... seriously... wow...” Tiffany breathed out, desperately trying to catch her bearings and being exceptionally careful with her word choice.

It had all happened so fast... She hadn’t meant for it to, but clearly her words were taken out of context. She felt like she should be ashamed or guilty for letting things like that happen, but really she just felt exorbitantly horny and desperate for release. She took a moment to take in the situation, even as she felt the throbbing hard dick pulse with anticipation inside her, dulling her thoughts in a fuzzy pink haze of sex-obsessed lust.

Looking back, she saw it was Josh that was filling her up. She bit her lip hard to stop herself from instantly telling him to keep going. It was so hard to think, his hard shaft felt so incredible inside her. Clearly, being gay didn’t translate while deep in trance.

Tiffany herself was barely Bi. Yes, she found Trev and Josh attractive, along with a couple other guys on campus. And Chris Hemsworth, of course. But with women, she checked out almost every second woman she saw when out and about and her internet browsing feeds were full of sexy ladies and all-girl encounters , so it only seemed natural labelling herself a lesbian with an asterisk.

Erin was crouched under her, kneeling with her mouth inches from Tiffany’s dripping wet pussy. It wasn’t hard for Tiffany to realise she had been about to start licking her tantalized clit even as Josh started pounding into her. God, it was so fucking hot. Alice and Trev were on either side of her, and she wasn’t sure what they were about to do before her words made them freeze, but their hands looked ready to roam her naked body, to grab and squeeze and caress her stimulated body.

She knew, beyond any doubt or self-delusion, that none of her friends would engage in this behaviour while awake, so she knew it was exceptionally wrong to let them continue.

On the other hand, they wouldn’t remember a thing. Unless, perhaps, if the program was used to make them remember.

“You all love being controlled by me.” Tiffany explained even as she fought against the urge to moan in pleasure. “If for any reason you ever are made to remember this, you won’t feel like sharing it with anyone, you will be exceptionally glad it happened, you will tell me in private that you remember it and that you want me to control you more because you loved it so much. Understand?”


And that was it. Tiffany felt herself cross so many lines her head spun. Or maybe it was spinning because her arousal was overwhelming her. Either way, fuck it, she had landed herself in this erotic mess of mind controlled bodies. She was too horny to do what she knew was the right thing. She had won; she had managed, though barely, to come out on top controlling everyone. She knew she was evil and perverted, and was disrespecting each one of her friendships by doing it. But it felt too good. She had the power and she could feel her lustful need corrupting her every thought with it.

Why fight what felt so good? Why not embrace her dark fantasies?

“Good slaves…” she said with a sly smile on her lips. “Continue.”

Josh instantly started pounding into her, filling her up and eliciting shocked gasps of incredible pleasure from Tiffany’s lips. A heartbeat later she felt Erin’s mouth close around her clit, adjacent to where Josh slowly and powerfully thrust himself into her. Erin’s tongue licked with the same expert passion it had not long ago in Josh’s bedroom. Tiffany’s eyes rolled back in her head as wave after unstoppable wave of sensational bliss crashed into her melting mind. Then she felt a pair of lips start kissing and sucking her neck, as hands grabbed her breasts, squeezing them together. A second pair of hands started pinching her nipples, gently at first, then harder and harder.

Tiffany starting screaming as a massive and powerful orgasm shattered her mind and obliterated every nerve in her body. It felt like every single source of erotic pleasure was being amplified to eleven all at once, and before she knew it, she was pleading desperately. “Stop! Stop! Stop!”

Her friends all instantly ceased. Josh’s dick slid out of her, the hands all over her lifted, and Erin pulled back from her clit that was stimulated beyond all imagination. Tiffany’s knees buckled beneath her and she collapsed to the floor in a sticky, sweaty mess, panting uncontrollably with glazed over eyes. She still felt so much pleasure vibrating through her, like there was far too much of it to dissipate any quicker. The echoes of her orgasm seemed to last forever as minute after minute passed with Tiffany simply lost in a hazy daze of blissful satiation.

Eventually, thoughts seemed to seep back into her, her breathing returned to something resembling near normal, and she started becoming aware of everything again.

She was lying naked on the floor of Josh’s kitchen. Her friends all stood above her, looking blankly into nothing. They were all fully clothed, except Josh, whose dick was still rock hard and sticking out of his boxers while his jeans rested unbuckled around his thighs.

Tiffany started feeling everything that had been put on hold when her pleasure centre had taken over. She was cold, especially on the vinyl kitchen floor. She was starving, having not eaten since she grabbed a quick snack at her own flat many hours ago. She was also aching, tired, and feeling overwhelmed with confusion and guilt. It had felt so good just moments ago, why now, having cum harder than ever before in her entire life, was she being bombarded with thoughts of shame and guilt? She had decided in the heat of the moment to succumb to her darkest desires and let her friends fuck the living daylights out of her. Why did she feel so bad about it now?

God, it was annoying. There was a voice in her head chastising her for being so crass, for letting her baser instincts control her, for reducing her friends to what could arguably be called mindless fucktoys. She wanted that voice to fuck off and die. That had been the most unbelievably hottest sexual experience of her life, and she wanted to savour the memory fondly, dammit!

Maybe she could use the program to rid her of such annoying thoughts. Maybe she could programme herself to accept the part of her that wanted to dominate and control…

The thought of being mindlessly entranced in the chair once more sent shivers of excitement and dread through her simultaneously. She could definitely learn from Lucy’s mistake, and ensure that her instructions were ironclad and prevent her from losing control to someone else. But then why was the idea of losing control exactly like that so tantalising? Even though she had experienced the reality of being controlled by Lucy and realised how truly horrible it was to be so ready to betray her friends, why did the memory of it turn her on rather than repulse her?

Tiffany exhaled a deep sigh as she stared at the ceiling of Josh’s kitchen. It would probably take something more sophisticated and powerful than the program to sort out the mess inside her head. Why did she simultaneously want to enslave and be enslaved? Why did she crave power but feel so guilty immediately after harnessing it? Why was she so adamant she wasn’t going to use the power to make her friends into her sex slaves, only to do just that when she let the wrong words slip out? Urgh! She ran frustrated hands through her hair. She was hungry, cold, tired, stressed out, confused, and still incredibly horny. This was too much. What could she do?

Anything. She could do anything. Fuck, that was a terrifying and sexy notion…

Well, some release for all her friends would be a good start… They did, after all, help her achieve the most mind blowing orgasm she had ever experienced.

“Erin, start sucking Josh’s dick.” She said casually, “Alice, start sucking Trev’s dick.”

“Yes.” Two feminine voices acknowledged one after the other. It sent a fresh wave of electric shivers down Tiffany’s spine.

The girls obediently moved into position and took the respective dicks into their mouths. Tiffany watched in fascination at the different styles they employed. Alice was fast and shallow, managing quick sprees of taking Trev’s dick into her mouth at once before having to slow down, albeit to a still impressive pace. Erin, on the other hand, was slow and more sensual, bringing her lips out to the very tip of Josh’s hard member before deep throating the entire length of it, to Tiffany’s complete amazement.

“Good girls...” Tiffany purred. “Guys, you will cum harder than you ever have before when I snap my fingers. Girls, when the guy cums in your mouth, you will swallow it, and once you have, you will experience the most amazing orgasm in your life. Do you all understand?”

A mixture of “Yes” and “MMphm” let Tiffany know that they were all ready to obey. She held up her hand, carefully placing her left thumb and middle finger together. The power was hers to do with as she pleased. It was up to her to use it as she saw fit, and to control herself from going too far.

Ultimately, though, she loved her friends. She wanted them to be happy. She wanted to be in control, but she wanted them to be happy. There was no reason she couldn’t have it all.

She could fix things for Trev, that much she knew. Lucy was still sitting in the next room mindlessly entranced by the program, waiting for Tiffany to mould her a new reality… Yes, it would be her turn soon... But first, Tiffany sighed in satiated contentment as she watched the girls suck the guys, all of them robotically blank, yet very humanly passionate in their motions and moans.

She snapped her fingers.