The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 11

Tiffany lay on the floor, her eyes closed with a dreamy smile plastered across her sweaty face. She was enjoying the sounds of satisfied pants and gasps that surrounded her like the closing decrescendo in a symphony of sex.

She could get used to this. She could enjoy this. They wouldn’t remember, they’d just emerge from trance feeling good. Feeling great, even. But as the afterglow of pleasure started washing away from her with each breath, doubts and shame returned to Tiffany’s mind.

Had she actually gone insane? She had just put all her friends into a trance and had them fuck her. She had them fuck each other! She didn’t think she could frame that in a way that wasn’t completely messed up.

A rising panic started sprouting up from the darkest place in her imagination. They would find out. They might then use the program on her, they might not, but either way, they would shun her from their lives for betraying their trust so fully and so invasively. She’d be cast out by the only people she had ever been able to connect with. She’d be friendless. Again.

She felt the fear try to grip onto her heart, and focused on squashing it with her resolve. She was in control. She would not let any of them find out what she’d done. She wasn’t going to do anything bad, anyway.

The sex had been so good, too. Fuck, the sex had been completely amazing. And this way there was no complicated emotions involved for anyone apart from her.

She looked over her friends. Though their breathing was still heavier than normal, they were all still blank, still deeply entranced. Tiffany immediately wondered what it must have felt like. The thought of herself being mindless and deep in trance, being totally obedient and unquestioningly compliant as she was ordered to lick, to suck, to kneel, to bend over and present herself... She wouldn’t think, she would just obey as she was penetrated in every orifice. She would cum over and over and still be stuck in the deepest trance, barely showing any signs of it.

Her cheeks flushed bright red at the thought of it. For a moment, she envied Alice and Erin. Moments ago they had only shuddered as explosive orgasms rippled through them. Neither screamed, neither moaned. They just collapsed to the floor, breathing heavily. Tiffany could practically feel the release of sexual energy radiating from them, as if being in deepest trance made every slight sign of arousal all the more potent.

Her pussy throbbed as she looked at them, equally desiring more stimulation and time to recover. And with each moment that the echoes of her friends’ orgasms faded away, the feelings from the rest of her body became more demanding. She really needed to pee, and she was starving. She couldn’t really ignore either anymore and pulled herself to her feet.

“Everyone, tidy yourselves up. Make it look like nothing just happened here.” Tiffany instructed as she gathered up her clothes.

“Yes.” came the simultaneous and bland reply. As before, it sent a shiver of excitement through Tiffany’s body.

As she pulled her underwear and pants back up, she couldn’t help herself. “And when in this trance, call me ‘Mistress’...” she commanded.

“Yes, Mistress.” they collectively replied.

Tiffany bit her lip and moaned softly hearing those words in surround sound. They sounded hot. They sounded right...

Having to concentrate exceptionally hard to stop herself from getting distracted again, Tiffany told everyone to wait while she quickly ran to relieve herself. For the short while she was in Josh’s now-spotless bathroom (‘Thank you, Trev!’ she thought), Tiffany couldn’t help but marvel over the fact that she had her four friends motionless in trance in one room, and Lucy being consistently wiped into mindlessness by their incredible program in another.

Erin had been right, she couldn’t let Trev, Alice, and Josh simply destroy the program. There was too much potential, too much good it could do. Admittedly, Tiffany didn’t consider herself to be an incorruptible guardian of the trance inducing machine, but she was the one awake, which meant she was in charge.

She emerged from the bathroom stimulated with purpose. Her four friends were now standing upright, having fixed tousled hair and crumpled clothing.

They looked perfect.

“Everyone, when I say ‘Sleep, everyone, sleep.’ You will all drop into this deep, mindless trance all at once, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. Now… umm, when you wake up, you will all remember Erin and I arguing that we shouldn’t destroy the program and you feel convinced that we were right. You don’t want to destroy the program. In fact, more than ever, you want to finish it, complete the Algorithm, and discover everything that it can potentially do. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And lastly… Let’s see…” Tiffany mulled over her thoughts. She wanted to be able to influence her friends, but she knew it would be crossing all kinds of lines if she simply compelled her to do just anything she said. “Ok, I got it. Anytime I say the word ‘Seriously’ followed by your name or by ‘everyone’ the next statement I make you will feel like you strongly want to agree with what I say, follow any instruction I give, answer the question honestly, or otherwise see my point of view, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. Awesome.” Tiffany smiled. Yes, little nudges here and there. That was alright, that wasn’t going mad with power. Them all calling her ‘Mistress’... That was just a little fun, a harmless indulgence while they were all in trance and wouldn’t remember it. She wasn’t about to have them call her that while awake. That would be too much…

It would be hot, though.

Tiffany shook her head and tried to clear her mind of the repeated buildup of dirty thoughts and indulgent fantasies. She had to focus. Everyone else would be getting hungry too. There had been quite enough excitement for one night.

She needed to wake everyone up, and then take care of Lucy. Then she realised that the moment Trev woke up, he would immediately go to Lucy and probably wake her up. Tiffany didn’t want things to play out quite that way. So instead, she hatched a quick plan.

* * *

“Wakey wakey, Lucy…” Tiffany chirped, turning off the screen and removing the headphones from the petite brunette. “I hope that was relaxing for you.”

“Tiffany… That was…” Lucy rubbed her eyes and blinked repeatedly at the now-blank screen before looking up at Tiffany’s smiling face. “That was incredible!”

“Right?” Tiffany grinned. “It’s quite something, right? Don’t you feel like you could stay in there for hours?”

“Longer.” Lucy sighed. “So I lost the spin, huh?”

“’Fraid so.” Tiffany shrugged, offering Lucy a hand to help her out of the chair.

“That was so nice I can’t say I’m sorry. Though, it’s funny…” Lucy remarked with a frown, taking Tiffany’s hand and getting to her feet. “I clearly remember the bottle landing on me, but I don’t remember actually coming here and going into the trance. Is that normal?”

“It might be. We’re only just starting to explore what the program is and what it can really do. There’s more we don’t know than what we do right now. The plan is for Josh to write an algorithm to automate the part where we have to adjust the frequencies to get someone into the trance state. The idea is that someone will sit in the chair and the algorithm will have them in trance within seconds.”

“That’s…” Lucy began, but then hesitated. “So what do you plan to do with it when it’s finished?” She looked back at the screen, frowning again.

“Honestly, I’m not sure we’ve thought that far ahead.” Tiffany admitted. “Whatever it is, though, it’ll be something to benefit us in some way, even if it is just a really nice way to relax.” She smiled politely at the concerned-looking Lucy.

“That sounds really nice, I suppose.” Lucy seemed to push her nervousness aside, smiling gratefully at Tiffany. “I really appreciate you guys all making me feel so welcome tonight, I feel like I’m becoming more a part of your tight-knit group.”

Not being able to resist it, Tiffany’s smile curled higher into an amused smirk. “Hey, there we go!” she exclaimed, linking her arm into Lucy’s. “We’re becoming best friends now! And between you and me, I can think of a few more inventive ideas to use on the people we put in trance…” she started to lead Lucy back towards the lounge.

“Oh yeah?” Lucy gave a surprised smile, but let Tiffany lead her through. “What ideas do you have?”

“I actually liked your suggestion for Alice to not give her the ability to lie. Were we to implant that suggestion into anyone we didn’t trust, we could get them to spill all their secrets, couldn’t we?”

“Uhhh, sure.” Lucy replied, her smile remaining on her lips despite the frown forming once more in her eyes and brow. As they entered the lounge, her expression changed completely into one of nervous confusion.

Lucy was greeted by the sight of the remaining members of the group standing as still and as rigid as statues before her.. Only their eyes moved, following Lucy in unison.

Lucy looked sharply at each of them in turn and then back to Tiffany. “I... Tiffany?”

“Oh look!” Tiffany said theatrically, “what’s that in Alice’s hands?”

Lucy’s gaze snapped around to see what Alice was holding as Tiffany watched with growing amusement.

“What’s going on?” Lucy demanded through a shaky voice, looking back up to Tiffany, her alarm plastered across her expression.

“Take the note and read it, Lucy.” Tiffany instructed gently. “And then tell me if it’s contents are true.”

Lucy took the note out of Alice’s grip, her face a picture of unease. She held it up and read it several times over.

Tiffany watched her closely. She saw Lucy’s entire body tense, she saw her pupils contract to pinpoints of terror, and she saw her face drain of all colour as she started to break out into a cold sweat.

“Well?” Tiffany prompted after a couple of minutes had passed. Lucy remained frozen in place, staring at her own writing before her like she has become a statue along with everyone else.

“I don’t understand.” She murmured. “I didn’t write this.”

“Is that your handwriting?” Tiffany asked with fake politeness.

“Well, yes, but—”

“Then you clearly did write it.” Tiffany interrupted, the politeness in her voice being taken over by stern condescension. “But more importantly,“ she added, “Is it true?”

“I… I…” Lucy sniffed, tears forming in her eyes now. “I thought we were all having such a good night... I thought we were getting on much better... When did I write this?”

“It’s true, though, right?” Tiffany repeated herself more pointedly, taking the note out of Lucy’s hands and gesturing at it with dramatic flair. “You’ve been sleeping with James behind Trev’s back, yes or no?”

“What’s wrong with Trev?” Lucy snapped at Tiffany through tear blurred eyes. “And Alice, Erin, Josh. What’ve you done to them, Tiffany?”

“They’re in trance, and will stay that way until you answer the question.” Tiffany asserted. She handed the paper back to Alice’s motionless hands, and made her grasp it once more before turning back to Lucy with fire in her eyes. “Is it true? Are you fucking James?!”

“Let them go, Tiffany!” Lucy demanded, though her voice wavered with apprehension. Regardless of her uncertainty, she still clenched her fists. “This isn’t right!”

“Answer the fucking question, Lucy!” Tiffany ordered. “Do it before I make you.”

Lucy flinched at this and then stared back at Tiffany in anger and disbelief.

“Seriously, Lucy.” Tiffany said slowly. “Answer the question.”

Lucy gave one last desperate glance to the blank, mindless faces all staring at her before she bowed her head and uttered. “Yes. It’s true.”

Trev, Josh, Alice, and Erin all reanimated, shifting their weight and taking in deep breaths.

“Well, she’s able to fess up.” Erin scoffed. “At least there’s that.”

“Honestly, was this really necessary, Tiff?” Alice frowned, her hands already back on her nose after stuffing Lucy’s note into her pocket.

“We shoulda let them do this alone...” Josh muttered.

“Well let’s give them some space now.” Tiffany suggested. “I just wanted to hear it from her own lips.”

“Word. I’m starved.” Erin stated. She took one last look at the head-slung Lucy and rolled her eyes. “Food, I’m comin’ atcha”

Alice and Josh followed, Alice announcing that someone was gonna have to spoon-feed her if she had any chance of eating.

Only Trev, Lucy, and Tiffany remained standing by the door to Josh’s bedroom. Neither Trev nor Lucy were moving, and both were staring down at the floor. Tiffany glanced between them, not sure of what to say next. Her plan, as quickly cobbled together as it was, had been to freak Lucy out into confessing by having everyone blank and mindless, staring her down. It had worked well enough, although she had programmed Lucy before she woke her up that she wouldn’t run away or break down into hysterics. Little nudges like this, Tiffany reasoned, were fine. She had all the power now, but she was determined to use it moderately, and only use it to benefit her friends.

But what now? Here was her first big test. Trev was hurting. Lucy was too, she supposed, but she didn’t much care for Lucy’s pain. The bitch brought that on herself. But Trev... Well, she cared deeply for Trev, and she was determined to help him.

“Trev...” she said kindly after another minute had passed. “What would you like to do?”

“Please don’t, Tiff.” Trev muttered, looking up at her with tear stained eyes. “I know you want nothing more than to help, but you can’t magically fix this.”

‘Yes, I can,’ Tiffany thought, though she knew better than to say it. She instead nodded solemnly and said. “Okay. I’m going to get food, I’ll leave you two alone.”

“Thanks.” Trev replied, looking now at Lucy with a plethora of mixed emotions.

“Just... Trev?” Tiffany said.

“Yeah, Tiff?”

“Seriously, Trev, don’t be afraid to say what you want to say and do what makes you happy, whatever you do.“

Trev smiled slightly. “Sure, Tiff. Thanks.” He then turned to Lucy and said, “Lucy. Look at me.”

Lucy looked up with a distraught face.

“Come on.” Trev said kindly. “We’re going to go to the guest bedroom and you’re going to tell me… why… how… all of it. This is a mess, but we’ll clean it up.”

Tiffany watched as Trev let his girlfriend away to privacy. Part of her wanted to follow and listen to everything that was said, but she knew it wasn’t her place. She may have the ability to control, but she was determined to be responsible with it. Besides, she had said what she wanted to say.

And she had given Trev access to her trigger for Lucy. Lucy would drop into trance if either she or Trev said “Sleep Lucy sleep” to her. Everyone else had been in trance when she told Trev this, so it would be their little secret. She hoped Trev used it wisely. He deserved to be happy, and he didn’t deserve Lucy’s betrayal.

Tiffany reached the kitchen island and started rummaging for her usual order among the forest of takeaway bags. She vaguely listened in to what the others were saying, though her mind was still in the guest bedroom, trying to imagine what was happening between Trev and Lucy.

“So what are we gonna do with the rest of the evening?” Alice asked, still resting her fingers on her nose as Erin decanted her food for her.

“We should work on the algorithm more.” Erin suggested. “We’ve wasted the evening so far, but we could still get some stuff done.”

“Food first.” Alice insisted. “Work later.”

Tiffany couldn’t help but agree. She needed to sit and rest for a while. She tucked into her food as they started watching Mama Mia on Josh’s home cinema system. Erin sipped away on another beer, remarking that the taste was starting to grow on her. Alice ate her food one handed, and in her drunken state, was singing along poorly when the songs came on while making endless lecherous comments about Pierce Brosnan. Tiffany’s favourite was “He can double-oh me anyday”

Tiffany’s mind wouldn’t stop thinking about all the possibilities that now lay before her. The temptation was so incredible, but she had already resolved herself to certain limits. For one, no one was going to lose their free will and become helplessly obedient to her. As incredibly hot and fantasy fulfilling as that would be, that had to be a line.

And no more making Josh interact sexually with any women. That would be just as bad and equally as wrong as making Alice interact with another woman… Just because Erin did it to her once already didn’t mean Tiffany could disregard Alice’s orientation simply because she wanted to indulge in her own selfish desires. And no making Trev interact with anyone. Trev had a girlfriend. Well, maybe not after tonight, but while he did, it was out of line for Tiffany to have him be intimate with herself, Alice, or Erin

The craving Tiffany felt to have complete command over someone—or multiple someones—was rather demanding, though. She couldn’t be in this position of total power and not play with it, right? It would be her wildest fantasies let loose, her utterly dominating and enslaving her prey.

Alice and Josh were both out. Neither of them were the correct orientation to be into Tiffany in a more-than-friends capacity. While she was sure the program was capable of changing that, it was too complex a thing for her to do confidently. Even attempting such a thing would also be unethical on so many levels that Tiffany firmly decided not to even go there.

Trev was a possibility. Her crush on Trev had been slow simmering over the last couple of years. Tiffany had felt sparks between them on a couple of occasions when they had been hanging out, but she had observed far more frequently Trev checking out Alice and being flirtatious with her. He hadn’t been seeing anyone before Lucy arrived on the scene specifically to be with him. Once that happened, the occasional flirting and hints of attraction instantly halted. He clearly took the boundaries of his relationship seriously, unlike his current partner.

Of course, if Trev was in the process of dumping Lucy, everything could change. Tiffany didn’t let her imagination run wild there, though. She knew that it could go either way, especially with the trigger phrase she had equipped Trev with.

That left Erin. Tiffany found herself staring at the tomboyish girl frequently as the movie played on. Thanks to the events of earlier that night, Tiffany now knew what Erin was hiding under all those baggy hoodies and jeans. Even now she was sporting that incredibly sexy red latex catsuit beneath her bland outfit, and the promise of a hot, curvaceous body lay under that. Honestly, Tiffany was seeing Erin in a whole new light since seeing her blank and mindless in the chair just a day earlier.

It was comfortably straightforward for Tiffany to picture Erin on her knees before her, looking blankly up, awaiting instructions. All Tiffany would have to do is say a word and Erin would strip, or massage, or lick, or finger, or essentially do anything Tiffany could imagine. She already was imagining a lot, but there was always room for more.

Yes, Erin would be her outlet right now. Erin would be her slave, her toy, her fuck doll that would allow her to explore just how deep her desire to control truly went. Feeling contented with her knowledge of what was to come, Tiffany allowed herself a satisfied smirk as she sat back and enjoyed the movie.

A short while later, Josh remarked. “Uhh, guys? What are we doing sitting on the couch watching movies?”

“What d’ya mean?” Erin asked quizzically.

“I mean… when did we even start watching this? I can’t seem to remember anything about this evening.” Josh said, more than a little confused.

“Oh, oh wait. Oh no.” Tiffany said as a bolt of terror jolted her into frantically looking at her phone, taking it out to look at the time. “I remember! I remember now! Fuck!”

She knew that looking at the time would confirm her fear, but she couldn’t not look. She had to know, she had to know if she had any time left, even seconds, something to leave herself a message, to somehow help her to remember later. But as soon as she saw that it was a couple of minutes past midnight, something instantly clicked in Tiffany’s mind and the entire evening’s worth of memories drained completely away...