The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 14

“And awake!”

Tiffany jerked as consciousness slammed into her like a sucker punch. Everything was dark. At first, she thought she was in a pitch black room, but then she felt the soft cloth wrapped around her head and covering her eyes. The disorientation was overpowering, but she was able to piece together snippets of information.

Her hands and feet were bound, and she was spread out on a bed, presumably tied to the four corners of it. She tried to speak before she realised that her mouth had a rubber ball strapped into it. Instead, she let out a deep, pleasurable moan. The realisation of how incredibly aroused she was took several moments to filter through her now awake mind, and she found herself writhing with pleasure and trying in vain to slip a hand out of her restraints to fulfil her desperate need to touch herself.

“Sshhhh,” a nearby voice said. “Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance…”

She knew that voice, didn’t she? But it sounded so echoey and distant while her mind found it’s bearings that Tiffany couldn’t place it with any certainty. It was difficult to think, even. How long had she been under? How did she get here? Where even was here?

The questions were quickly ignored, however, as the arousal asserted itself across her conscious mind. Fuck, horny… She needed release so fucking badly. Another moan escaped her mouth as the pleasure seemed to wash into her mind like waves on a shore, slowly rising. She wanted to drown in it. She needed to cum.

But the voice, whoever it was, they were in control of this situation. Tiffany felt utterly helpless, and rather than be scared or even worried, she knew beyond any doubt that she was safe. Instead, her predicament was driving her wild with arousal. She was at the complete mercy of… Who? Lucy? Lucy phoned her, that was her last memory. But that didn’t feel right.

Who else?

“Ernnnnnnn,” she tried to say.

“Yeah, the ball gag is gonna make that pretty difficult, Tiff…”

“ERNNNNNNN!” Tiffany screamed this time.

“Alright! Alright! Hold on…” Tiffany felt a pair of hands gently remove the ball gag from her mouth. She gasped for breath and then swallowed the saliva that had built up with the gag in place. As she did so, her blindfold was removed and warm light flowed into her eyes. Her vision was fuzzy as the room slowly came into focus.

“Fuck! Fuck! Oh god! Fucking hell!” She panted. “Please! Please, I need to cum! I need it so badly!”

“Yeah, that’s possibly because someone programmed you to feel more pleasure in your entire life while you are restrained like this…” There was a blurry figure to match up with the voice now. Tiffany thought that it was probably Erin. Who else could it be? The voice continued in a playful, sultry tone. “And maybe that somebody made it so that when they touch you, it becomes even better?”

“Fuck me…” Tiffany rasped, barely able to form the words. “Please fuck me, fuck me now, I need to cum.” Her mind was drowning in pleasure now, she literally couldn’t form any thought apart from how badly she wanted to be touched, kissed, and fucked senseless.

“Alright, Tiff, but after, we’re going to have a little heart to heart, you and I…”

“Anything! Anything!” Tiffany replied desperately. At this point, it didn’t even matter who it was. “Please… Please!”

Then she felt fingers glide up her thigh, and her brain melted. Her eyes rolled up into her head and all efforts to confirm the figure’s identity were forgotten.

“Oooooohhhh! Ooooh yeeeesssssss! Yes, please!” Tiffany felt like the words were being siphoned out of her mouth as a side effect of the pleasure she was feeling. She had no control. She had no control and wanted no control. She only wanted more of this.

“When you cum for me, it will be the most powerful and incredible orgasm of your life, and you’ll feel it for as long as you can handle before it starts to ebb away. Once you cum, you’ll gradually return to your normal levels of arousal and be able to think straight again… Y’know, eventually…”

Before Tiffany could even acknowledge or agree, she felt a warm mouth and tender tongue envelope her pussy. Even from the first touch, it was explosive. Within seconds, she was riding on a surge of erotic bliss unlike anything she had ever felt in her life. The stimulation flooded through every cell in her body, electrifying her nerves from the tips of her toes to the end of her hair.

“Oh yes yes yes yesyesyesyesYES!” Tiffany managed to articulate before her words merged into a long, delighted scream. The orgasm crashed through her like a tidal wave of pure ecstasy, and she rode that wave all the way through, feeling like she was experiencing an eternity of heaven in one incredible, prolonged moment.

Endlessly panting and feeling simultaneously comatosed and stimulated beyond all imagination, Tiffany gradually felt the residue of the limitless pleasure start to ebb away. It felt like hours, but was probably more like minutes, before she even tried to move, all the time feeling fingers caress her bare skin. She hadn’t even realised that she was completely naked until now.

When she opened her eyes to gaze up at the young woman straddling her, she instantly felt faint, and the colour drained from her cheeks.


* * *

Lucy took the hard, warm cock into her mouth and felt it slide all the way down to the back of her throat. She then let it slide out again until the tip, glistening with precum, was just being brushed by the softness of her ruby red lips. She looked up and smiled, her big brown doe eyes full of longing.

“Do you like that?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Babe, that feels fucking amazing,” Trev replied, resting his hands gently on the side of her head, not exactly grabbing and pulling, but putting the slightest bit of pressure to let his girlfriend know. “Don’t stop.”

Lucy moaned in agreement as she complied. She thought she would deepthroat Trev’s rock hard dick for a while, then change things up a bit, suck on his balls maybe, or tease his shaft with her tongue. Anything to give him as much pleasure as she could. Anything to use her body to please him.

It was a bit odd, she thought. A couple of days ago, she would never have given him a blowjob so readily. She typically insisted he go down on her, because he said he liked that. She didn’t particularly enjoy sucking cocks, or giving handjobs, or doing anything that would involve her giving out pleasure while not being stimulated at the same time. She much preferred to be the one being spoiled, being treated like a princess, to receive without that irritating expectation of equal reciprocation.

But right now, Trev had asked her to go down on him, and she had not only agreed, she had eagerly wanted to the moment he suggested it… Now here she was, being an incredible girlfriend, if she did say so herself, but getting confused about why she was so eager to go this extra mile. Hadn’t he told her she had always been enough for him, without her needing to do things that had always made her uncomfortable?

Except… She can’t have been all that uncomfortable in the past if she was enjoying herself so much now, right?

She started to take Trev’s balls into her mouth, applying just the right amount of pressure so that it stimulated him without being painful. Judging from his gasping moan, she was doing a pretty good job.

It’s not that she wasn’t opposed to giving Trev oral pleasure. Not at all. She was principally against giving oral pleasure to anyone. As far as she was concerned, giving blowjobs was something for hookers and women who were so scared they were going to lose their man they would bribe them with head to stay. She was above that. She was better than them. She was to be treasured and pampered and do the receiving in this relationship, not the giving.

At least, so she had thought… Since leaving Josh’s flat last night, she was questioning so many of her choices and viewpoints in life.

Last night had been weird. There she was, spinning that bottle with Tiffany and rather enjoying how much everyone was acting funny from sitting in front of that huge swirling screen. She swore the bottle looked like it was going to stop on Tiffany, yet she clearly remembered it landing on her.

Then she was suddenly in the spare bedroom with Trev. He looked like he had been crying, and she realised she had been also. But then he had told her to not worry about any of that, and just like that her worry vanished. Instead, he kissed her, and she kissed him back. They had made passionate love. Lucy had gasped and writhed in pleasure in ways she had barely ever experienced. Trev had filled her up with erotic bliss, and afterwards they had both collapsed in a sweaty mess, limbs entwined while whispering how much they loved each other.

It had been perfect. Story book perfect. It had been the kind of lovemaking that Lucy wanted to happen daily. But then, part way through holding her, Trev’s energy suddenly changed. He had asked her what they were doing there, because he too seemed to lose his memory of the night.

It was all clearly to do with that strange computer program Trev had made with his friends. Lucy had no idea what it had done to all of them, but she suspected it was more than just missing memories.

She didn’t feel like she had been changed, but she was undoubtedly acting differently. Seriously, here she was, licking the tip of Trev’s dick and running her hand up and down his shaft. She didn’t normally do this. She didn’t ever do this.

But that didn’t mean she didn’t want to right then, and that she wasn’t enjoying it. She felt happy hearing Trev’s moans of pleasure and contentment, and each noise he made sent a shiver of pleasure through her. She was so wet for him right now, so undeniably wet and horny that she wanted him desperately inside her more than she ever had before. Could that strange program do that to her?

“Oh fuck, oh fuck yes, I’m close…” Trev rasped when Lucy took his whole cock deep into her mouth once more. Time for her to stop then, and perhaps for him to push his way inside her… She loved feeling him release his load into her wet, waiting pussy. She started to pull away, but Trev urgently said, “No, keep going. Please, keep going.”

‘What?’ Lucy thought, ‘No. I’ve never done that before!’ But to her own surprise, she grunted in agreement and kept sliding her mouth all the way down to the base of her boyfriends dick, feeling the head in the back of her throat. All the way down, and back, and down. She didn’t want to stop.

“Swallow… Swallow when I cum,” Trev strained through his own overwhelming sensation of pleasure, barely getting the words out.

‘Absolutely not!’ Lucy instantly thought. She hadn’t swallowed a single drop of cum in her entire life. She wasn’t about to start now. Not for Trev, not for anyone.

But suddenly she wanted to. More than that, she needed to, and she knew she was going to. But wait… She never did that… Something strange was happening here… That wasn’t…

Before she could finish the conflicted thought, she felt Trev’s dick unload into her mouth, pulse after pulse, so much and so quickly it threatened to choke her. She instinctively swallowed as much as she could, still sucking on the end of the dick, clearly determined not to miss a drop. Pleasure flooded through her as she managed to swallow all of it, she felt so incredibly close to her own orgasm just then. Who knew that could feel so good…

But it wasn’t the actual swallowing that felt so pleasurable for her. It was knowing she was doing what Trev wanted, and was being a good girlfriend. That was what felt so incredibly pleasurable.


After she had finished licking his now softer dick clean, Trev thanked her, took her into his arms, and kissed her while telling her how much he enjoyed that. The words alone sent wonderful vibes of satisfaction and pleasure through Lucy, which felt amazing, yet still very confusing.

Trev soon fell asleep, slipping into a post-orgasm coma. Lucy felt she should be annoyed at this, but she found she wasn’t. It was, after all, past midnight, so she wasn’t going to hold that against him too much. Instead, she lay in his sleeping arms, racking her brain.

Why was she suddenly so concerned about being a good girlfriend? She had decided long ago that she would be a good girlfriend if Trev managed to turn into the decent boyfriend she always knew he could be if he tried. He was always so emotionally distant from her. He liked hanging out with his friends more than he enjoyed spending time with her, and he kept treating all the things she wanted him to do for her as chores.

When they were growing up together, he worshiped the ground she walked on. She could do no wrong, and she always came first. Since he moved away and she followed him here, things had been different. He had been different. It’s why Lucy had been sleeping with James, Trev’s flatmate, in the first place. If Trev had been spending more time with her, really connecting with her, she wouldn’t even be able to sleep with his flatmate without him noticing. James was a socially awkward, desperate, horny little man-child who constantly feared that Lucy was going to break things off with him. He did every little thing she asked of him just to get the chance to touch her. Now why couldn’t Trev show some devotion like that?

Funny… Lucy just realised that she had absolutely no desire to sleep with James in that moment. In fact, this was the first time she had even thought about him in the last 24 hours. She had seen him earlier tonight, of course, when she and Trev had come back to Trev’s flat, but James always gave them a wide berth when she and Trev were together. He joked that he was being a good wingman and giving “you lovebirds” some space, but in reality he was worried that if he was in the same room as Trev and Lucy at the same time, he’d crack down the middle and start spilling the beans about their “horrible betrayal”… What a loser.

Honestly, Trev had brought that situation upon himself. Surely he’d see that, if he were to ever find out…

If he did happen to find out, and he happened to have a computer program that could erase memories and make people act differently…

Lucy did her best to remember anything else from the previous night at Josh’s apartment.

She remembered having a great time though, and while she used to despise them, she really liked Trev’s friends now. All this despite no memory of it…

The answer was painfully obvious.

“Son of a bitch,” Lucy seethed between clenched teeth, keeping herself quiet so as not to wake Trev. “I’ll fucking… I’ll...”

She had no idea what to do. Based on how much she didn’t want anything to do with James, she reckoned they found out that she had been sleeping with him. They must all know, the sneaky cunts… Well, two can play at wiping memories… How, though? She couldn’t just waltz into Josh’s flat unannounced and insist he showed her how to use the program on him and his lovely friends, whom she really liked now. No! She couldn’t trust that thought, it wasn’t real!

She had to plan. She had to think. She had to find a way to remember, if she could.

Her phone was reachable on the bedside table. Careful not to disturb Trev, she grabbed it and opened the app she used for taking all manner of notes for things. Just as she was about to open a blank page, she noticed an entry that she didn’t remember writing. The time stamp was from part of the lost time from last night! Her eyes widened, and she felt her heart rate increase.

Nervous and excited, she opened the note and began to read. When she got to the bottom, her angry expression melted into a wicked smile.

* * *

“But How? When?” Tiffany asked, flabbergasted.

“And who what why?” Alice chuckled in reply. She was wearing nothing except a red silk bra and panties. The slender lines on her pale skin took Tiffany’s breath away.

“Actually, why is a good one,” Tiffany admitted, before adding some emphasis, “So yeah, why?

“Really?” Alice scoffed. “Tiff, unless I’m very much mistaken, your fantasy has literally fallen onto your lap. And you’re hung up on the details?”

“Humor me,” Tiffany insisted. It was just too much to process without a little context.

”Fine…” Alice sighed, rolling her eyes. “You get one question, and then we start.”

“Start what?” Tiffany asked, her eyebrows raising in alarm.

“Was that your question?” Alice chuckled, shaking her head at Tiffany.

“Shit! No,” Tiffany replied frantically. “Okay, how did you do this? Lucy called me, then I’m here. How did you manage to pull this off?”

“Really? That’s it? Tiff, I thought you’d have something more interesting for me. Oh well…” Alice looked off to the side, teasing the inside of Tiffany’s leg with her fingers. Tiffany shuddered, but kept rapt attention on Alice.

“Nobody told me to forget everything at midnight last night. I don’t remember who was giving me instructions while I was in the chair, but I think it was you, Tiff, and you forgot to make me forget. And what a night it was after that… I think the most interesting part for me was when Lucy was mindless in the chair. Of course, before that, you had been mindless in the chair, and Lucy was in control. I was tied up on the bed, feeling drunk and stoned, but that didn’t mean I still didn’t have some wits about me. Lucy fucked around on her phone for a while, I dunno if she was texting someone or what, then she wanted to try out the chair, and you managed to use that to take control again… Then you were able to put Erin into a trance. You had her drop to her knees and mindlessly eat you out right there in Josh’s bedroom. I gotta say, Tiff, I never thought you’d do something like that…”

Tiffany felt a cold chill spread through her body. She had done that? To Erin? Right in front of Alice?

“No…” Tiffany replied. “I couldn’t have! I mean, I don’t remember anything like that!”

“No, of course you don’t, because Lucy had you in the chair before that point and she made it so you would forget everything between the moment you entered the apartment and midnight. In addition to forgetting to make me forget, you forgot to make yourself remember. Lucy even let you remember everything she said to you when you were in that trance, so you could have stopped it when you had the chance.”

“I don’t… I…” Tiffany weakly tried to defend herself, but how could she?

“But it was clear to me from everything said and done that you and Erin have both been scheming, trying to take control of each other? Trying to take control of the group? You have a trigger in my mind, apparently, and one for Trev, and one for Lucy. Erin has one for me and one for Josh. You both seem to feel like you each have the right to take control of everyone around you because you can. Honestly, had I known that messing around on Josh’s computer with Trev would have brought out this side of you, I’m not sure I would have done it. Or maybe I would have, but been much more careful…”

Tiffany, still in her wrist and ankle restraints, stared up at Alice with her full attention. She wasn’t sure if she was being chastised or not at this point, but Alice was most definitely making her very uneasy. Alice was supposed to be easy going, carefree, a bit of a wild spirit. The person on top of her right now seemed so much more calculating and dangerous.

“You still haven’t answered the question,” Tiffany remarked nervously.

“Oh, that’s easy,” Alice dismissed with a wave of her hand. “Erin was in touch with me earlier about meeting up with you after work. She mentioned inviting Lucy as well. I didn’t reply right away, but when I did, I didn’t hear back from her, so I wasn’t sure if it was still happening. I knew you never have your phone on you when you’re working, so I tried Lucy, and we met up to come into town together.

“When we arrived, we were across the street when I saw you leave the diner and go off towards your bus stop. I saw a chance and took it. I pretended that my phone was low on battery and asked to borrow Lucy’s. I muffled my voice to make it sound like hers, but I did it with my back turned to her, so I don’t think she has any idea what I actually said. I told her I’d catch up with her, so she went to meet Erin.

“When I got to you, you were already in such a deep trance. I had heard Lucy giving you that trigger when you were being tranced by the program, but I didn’t know if it would actually work. When I realised it really had, I texted Lucy saying that you were feeling out of sorts, and that I was taking you home. It was pretty easy to guide you back in your state. Then… realising I could do absolutely anything, I had you strip naked, I strapped you down, and you told me all about your plans for me and for everyone else. You naughty girl…” Alice finished with a mock scolding tone, holding up Tiffany’s notepad that she had been scribbling into all day.

“Oh god! Oh, look, Alice, about—“

“Shhhh…” Alice looked down at Tiffany sternly. “Still talking here, Tiff. Let’s see… There are two things here that I find most interesting… Let’s see, my entry: ‘Alice. Lover. Have her go teetotal until she kicks her addictions and have her stop chasing the asshole men who are bad for her. Have her fall in love with me, make her happy.’”

Alice then closed her eyes, and held the notepad to her chest, breathing in deeply.

“My knightess in shining armour...” she said with a sarcastic flourish, “here to save me from my horrible addictions and those asshole men that I chase. I need to be falling in love with you instead so you can ”make” me happy.”

“Alice… Look,” Tiffany interjected.

“Haha, Tiff, relax…” Alice soothed, throwing the notepad aside and leaning down to press her body against Tiffany’s. “You’re not wrong… I do have problems with addiction, and I do fall for some spectacularly awful guys… But that’s not your problem to fix.” She kissed Tiffany’s neck, and Tiffany couldn’t hold in her gasp of pleasure. “It’s my problem.”

Alice placed a hand on Tiffany’s cheek and brought her face to an inch above Tiffany’s. Tiffany gazed deep into Alice’s pale hazel eyes as her blonde hair fell about Tiffany’s face. She barely dared to breathe.

“And now you’re my problem too, you know…” Alice murmured, a playful smile on her lips. “You and Erin both… Both trying to control me, both trying to twist me around your fingers. Well, Tiff, I don’t feel like you or Erin are really up to the task. This isn’t exactly anything I’ve ever thought about, but it seems to be the best way for me to protect myself against you both…”

“You mean…” Tiffany uttered, barely a whisper.

“Yes… I’m the one in control now.” Alice smiled, her eyes aglow with triumph and glee. “You’re going to get your wish, you’re going to be my lover, but I’m creating the fantasy, not you.”

“Oh.” Tiffany felt time slow down around her. This was really happening. It was so out of left field she could barely believe it, but it was happening. The idea she had in her head, a vague notion of bringing everyone under her control, was being swept away by the developing reality in front of her. She was to be Alice’s slave, lover, whatever she was made into. Her pussy throbbed with anticipation, and she couldn’t help but bite her lip just imagining it.

“There’s just one thing I need you to do before I make you mine forever… Call it a test of devotion...” Alice smirked.

“Anything…” Tiffany said reverently.

“I need you to call up Erin and make her forget everything.”

Tiffany blinked in surprise. “Make her forget everything about the Algorithm?”

“No,” Alice replied, shaking her head lightly. “More than that,” she explained. “I want her out of the picture. Make her forget about me, you, Josh, Trev. Make her forget she ever hung out with us. Make her go back to her skater friends and make it so she never gets in the way again.”

Alice leaned up now, positioning herself so one leg was on either side of Tiffany on the bed. She stretched back slowly so Tiffany could admire her smooth skin, perky breasts, and slender frame. “Do that, Tiff, then all of this will be yours.” Alice winked, before adding, “Well, in a roundabout way.”

It took several moments for the request to fully sink in. Tiffany was sure she heard it right, but she still didn’t believe it. She frowned, processing the information over and over. Alice wanted her to effectively wipe Erin’s memory. Not just of the algorithm and the last few days, but the last several months.

“How would I even do that?” Tiffany asked, her voice shaky.

“Oh, right, you still can’t remember last night.” Alice rolled her eyes and pretended to slap her forehead. “Doy! Here, let me fix that for you.” She leaned forward again, placed her index finger against Tiffany’s forehead, and softly said, “Remember.”

Memories appeared in Tiffany’s mind that had always been there, as if she had just spotted the hidden secret of an optical illusion. Suddenly, she could recall arriving at Josh’s flat, the bottle game, sitting in the chair and succumbing to its effects, desperately trying to escape Lucy’s control, siding with Erin against destroying the Algorithm, having all her friends kneel for her. Having them all fuck her, placing Lucy under Trev’s control. Then about a thousand sensations at once hit her. Feeling Josh’s dick inside her and Erin’s mouth on her warm, wet pussy. Seeing Alice in trance, Trev cleaning, Erin as a chicken, and Lucy in the chair. Eating food, drinking, touching, trances, words, noises, touches, sensations…


“Whoa!” Tiffany gasped as her mind reeled from the sudden influx of information. It had been like watching the entire evening play out like a movie in fast forward, yet somehow she knew it all.

She knew that she made a blank and mindless Erin kneel for her and eat her out. She knew she made the girls suck the guys’ dicks and made everyone cum. She remembered having them all call her mistress while still in trance, and how incredible it had felt being in control of everyone.

She had been in control of everyone! But then her memory vanished at midnight and she lost it. And now here she was, with Alice on top of her. She had the power now, and Tiffany was at her mercy.

Except, was she?

Tiffany tried her best to break it down logically. Alice’s intentions were to give Tiffany her memories back because it meant Tiffany now knew she had placed triggers in Erin and Lucy the previous night. There was a moment where she could have done the same to Josh, but she had accidentally started an orgy and had forgotten to do it after. Whoops.

From the moment she woke up, she had felt helpless on the bed, but she had implanted a trigger in Alice yesterday morning. If this conversation was going to progress, she knew now that she’d prefer to be steering it.

“Sleep, Alice, sleep,” she said hopefully.

Alice looked down at her in pity. “Seriously, Tiff? Do you think I would have taken your ball gag out if you could have done that at any time?”

“It was worth a try,” Tiffany admitted.

“So this means you’re not okay with my request?” Alice asked, the disappointment evident in her voice.

“I haven’t finished thinking it through, yet,” Tiffany replied honestly. “I just wanted to see if I could shift the balance of power here…”

“Always the opportunist, Tiff.” Alice smirked. “Don’t think I’m not going to punish you for that, but first, I need you to choose.”

“Not to sound indecisive, but what happens if I say no?” Tiffany enquired with curiosity. She was still processing the returned memories from last night; it was difficult to parse it all at once. Having Lucy in the chair had been so hot, but she had very nearly lost control to her. She’d need to be more careful in the future. Then memories of Erin’s tongue servicing her shot to the forefront of her mind. Fuck, that had been incredible…

“No, Tiff…” Alice shook her head with a disapproving look, although she still smiled, like she was enjoying watching Tiffany’s mind squirm. “Make your choice. I’m not playing the what if game with you.”

“Hmmm, okay.” Tiffany frowned in thought. When she actually stopped to think about it, why shouldn’t she get Erin out of the way? For all she knew, it’s what Erin would do to her. For all she knew, Erin would leave her an empty shell, ready to serve without any knowledge of who she was or memories of anything. ‘Fuck, that sounds incredibly hot…’ she thought, before quickly chastising herself. ‘No! No distractions!

It would be easy. As soon as Erin had her phone back, all Tiffany had to do was call, put her into a trance, then she could wipe her mind across the phone, or meet up with her, or whatever. Goodbye Erin, hello Alice. The orgasm she had experienced at Alice’s touch was unlike anything she had ever known. How could she possibly consider not diving into a lifetime of that without a second thought?

But the second thought couldn’t be helped. She wasn’t surprised that the idea didn’t sit easy with her. It was one thing to bring Erin to heel and reign in her more sociopathic tendencies… It was another entirely to erase many months of friendships from her mind. How would she even cope with the lost time, all those evenings hanging out with all their little gang? It would be like creating a black hole in her life. Tiffany was sure she could fill it with false memories, even happy memories, but that wasn’t the point. Another memory from the night before pushed its way to the front of Tiffany’s mind. A teary-eyed Erin, lamenting how if she was in control, her friends wouldn’t betray her.

“No,” Tiffany said.

“No, what?” Alice replied, confused, before realising. “Oh! No…? Really?”

“Yes, really,” Tiffany stated grimly. “I wouldn’t do that to anyone. Not to you, not to Erin. Frankly, I’m surprised you asked. It seems so unlike you, Alice.”

“Well, Tiff, I can honestly say that plotting to brainwash your friends seems so unlike you, too,.” Alice remarked, no longer smiling. “I guess we’re both not who we thought we were.”

“I guess we’re not,” Tiffany agreed, her face set in a concerned frown.

“Well, I know I wasn’t going to say so, but the alternative to having Erin blanked and out of the picture is for you to be removed from everyone,” Alice revealed. She looked away now, staring down at the mess around Tiff’s room.

Tiffany’s voice caught in her throat. “Wha…” was all she could manage.

“Honestly, it’s not my first choice, but there’s not room for you and Erin to be fucking around with the Algorithm, and with me. If you won’t make her forget everything and everyone, then it has to be you, Tiff.”

“Why?” Tiffany asked, panic starting to rise within her. The restraints binding her wrists and ankles seemed even tighter now, though possibly because she was struggling against them without even realising it.

“Because you had your turn at being in control, and in making everyone around you behave the way you wanted, and you blew it. You got so distracted by your hormones, you let the entire thing slip from your grasp.” Alice shook her head solemnly now. “So now it’s my turn, and this is what I’m doing to stop myself from repeating your mistakes… With one of you out of the way, I only need to ensure I have a firm control on the other. And besides, I’m not into sharing…” Alice then sighed deeply and looked Tiffany in the eye again. “It’s a fair choice, Tiff,” she remarked with a shrug, “and it’s not like you have any chips to bargain with, either.”

Tiffany was speechless. She wanted to scream, or shout, or do anything, but it all seemed suddenly futile.

“I guess I could give you one last chance,” Alice said, softening her expression somewhat. “It’s what I’d prefer, Tiff.”

Tiff looked up at the gorgeous blonde in disbelief. She wanted so badly to feel Alice’s control seep into every crevasse of her mind, to obey and serve and fuck without will. To feel more explosive, incredible orgasms, over and over. To feel owned and like her life had an absolute devoted purpose in serving a gorgeous, sexy, powerful mistress.

It would be heaven. Tiffany wanted it. She needed it. The pull towards doing everything and anything was tremendous. But a voice at the back of her head gave her pause.

It would be amazing, incredible... perfect, even… Just not like this… Her eternal submission couldn’t be born from an act of complete betrayal. It would be… It just wouldn’t feel right. She wasn’t sure if any amount of time under the spell of the Algorithm could make it feel right. ’It probably could…’ she thought, ’but that wouldn’t make it any less wrong…’

“Come on, Tiff!” Alice said impatiently now. “You’re so close to your perfect happy ending! Make the right choice! Just wipe Erin’s mind and we can be together…”

“If that’s what you truly want, Alice,” Tiffany said slowly. “Then put me into trance, and make me do it. But I won’t do it of my own free will. I wouldn’t do it to Erin, the same way I wouldn’t do it to you.” She then heaved in a deep breath, and added, “And the fact that you even want me to means I don’t want to be with you anymore, so it may as well be me.”

Alice stayed silent for a good long while, just looking down at Tiffany as so many emotions crossed her face. Tiffany watched as tears started to flow down Alice’s checks, dropping from her chin onto Tiffany’s bare chest. Much to Tiffany’s surprise, Alice started to smile a deep, heartfelt smile.

“Thank you, Tiff,” Alice said. “I won’t forget this.” Then reaching down, she placed her finger onto Tiffany’s forehead once more.

Tiffany wanted to tell her to wait, tell her to stop, to plead with her to consider one of so many other possible options. But the words wouldn’t come, and before Alice even uttered her trigger, Tiffany could feel all her thoughts and cares and dreams starting to drain away.