The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 15

Tiffany awoke gradually and peacefully, yawning and then stretching stiff arms and legs.

Hey! Movement! She was no longer tied to the bed! Sweet mother of freedom! Plus, she was in pajamas! Score! She waved her arms and kicked her legs excitedly even before the rest of the room came into focus.

Then her right foot collided with something.


“Shit!” Tiffany exclaimed, bolting upward in surprise. “Who?” she asked blearily before rubbing the tiredness from her eyes. “Erin… What time is it?”

Erin was sitting on the far corner of Tiffany’s bed, hunched up with her knees to her face and her hands wrapped around her legs. Her eyes were downcast, her face barely visible between her baggy jeans and her hoodie.

“Hey… Tiff,” Erin mumbled, emerging from her hiding spot enough to look at Tiffany. “I dunno, like 3:30am?”

Tiffany looked around her room for any other surprises before she focused back on Erin. There were no other people there, but the room looked a lot tidier than it had before. Her dim desk lamp was the only source of illumination, leaving much of the room covered in shadows and keeping Erin’s face almost completely hidden in darkness.

“So… Yeah…” Erin murmured. “There’s a few things I need to tell you now I guess.”

“There was no Alice,” Tiffany asserted, knowing it for an absolute fact. “It was you the entire time.” She paused briefly, a troubled expression on her face. “You gave me a suggestion to make me think it was her.”

“Yeah,” Erin confirmed.

“You never invited Lucy, or Alice for that matter, to the diner. It was all you. You never lost your phone. You changed your number on my phone to show as Lucy and you called me the moment I left the diner. You put on a voice to sound like her, and I believed it was Lucy, so I went into trance.”

Erin nodded, her eyes still on the bed.

“Everything that happened here did happen, but it was you the whole time, not Alice.”

“I just convinced you that it was,” Erin confessed. “It took a lot of wording while you were in trance, but I programmed you to see, hear, smell, feel, even taste as if it were really her. It took a couple of tries, but we got there with it.”

“Yeah...” Tiffany leaned back against her headboard and rubbed her neck slowly. After a moment of silence, she added, “And you told me all this while I was in trance right before waking me up just now, so it wouldn’t be one massive shock after another for me. You wanted me to be calm about it all, in fact you programmed me to be calm...”

“Yup.” Erin gave another slight nod.

“So Alice isn’t going to wipe away my memory…” Tiffany stated, more to herself than Erin. She felt relief wash through her before turning back to Erin. “That was you pretending to be her, trying to get me to agree to mind wipe you.”

“Pretty much.” Erin sniffed. “I mean, I kinda had you on the spot, and I had you convinced what you were seeing was her, not me. But that aside, do you think she’d ever do that?”

“No. Never,” Tiffany admitted. “I guess I was accepting what was right in front of me, even though it didn’t feel right.” She rubbed her hands over her tired eyes. “Fuck… You must have programmed me thoroughly... My brain still thinks it was her, by the way. I felt her hair brush against my skin… I don’t even get how that would work… I mean, she even smelled like her. I can’t actually make myself comprehend that it was you. It was... Alice was literally all in my head... I wouldn’t believe it were it not for knowing that the Algorithm can really mess with a mind that way.”

“Yeah. I’m… I’m really sorry,” Erin murmured. Tiffany watched as Erin stared at the floor dejectedly and felt stirrings in her heart. She felt like a fool for believing that Erin was being sincere, but logically, it made sense. Erin was also not known for apologies. The last one had taken Trev and Josh to make her reluctantly say the words.

“So… um… Why?” Tiffany asked calmly. Her own calm surprised her, even though she knew that Erin had essentially imposed it upon her. But the calmness gave her a strange clarity of the situation in front of her, as well as her options. Erin had managed to control her, tricking her into a trance and rendering her defenceless to any and all suggestions that Erin might impart. Yet Tiffany was not naked and kneeling on the floor before a triumphant Erin. Erin seemed disheartened, lost even.

Tiffany knew she could simply ask Erin to leave at this point, and that she would do so if asked. She could also try to use her triggers on Erin. Although there was every possibility that Erin had removed them, her current distraught state left open the chance that she hadn’t. She could comfort her as well, pull her in for a hug and tell her it was all going to be alright. Lastly, she could submit to Erin, reassure her that whatever second thoughts she was having didn’t really matter, and that she was ready to obey and serve, completely of her own free will. That is, assuming that last idea of hers was truly her own free will. She didn’t really know what thoughts to trust now. Which ideas were her own, and which had been planted via the deep trance induced by the Algorithm?

Short of any of the potential options owning a vast majority of appeal in the ongoing analysis in her head, she elected to ask questions while Erin seemed willing to answer.

But Erin spoke first. “I needed to prove to myself that you were the same as all the other so-called friends I’d had in the past…” Her voice was mumbly, but the room was quiet, the only other noise coming from the dull sound of late night traffic outside. “I needed to prove to myself that I couldn’t trust you, because then I knew I could enslave you.”

“Soooo…” Tiffany spurred her on.

“So I made you think I was Alice, and made it so she was dropping into your lap on one condition, to get rid of me…” Erin stared down into her knees again.

“And how did that work out, Erin?” Tiffany asked, a grim smile now appearing on her face.

Erin stared up into Tiffany’s face now. Her own face looked haunted, like she was staring through a dozen ghosts and demons before her gaze met Tiffany’s. “I know I’m not easy to get on with, Tiff…” Erin admitted, more than a hint of bitterness in her voice. “I know I’m brash, I can be arrogant, I sometimes don’t read the room, or am too loud, or rude, or inappropriate. I was rejecting everything I didn’t like about myself, or at least everything I considered weakness or reminders from my past. It wasn’t supposed to be forever, but I got carried away with it, I know that. I needed out of my previous life, I needed a hard reset, and doing this,” she motioned to her short hair and her baggy clothes, “to myself, that and just trying like fuck to change my behavior… It was one of the most effective things I could do.”

Tiffany nodded, not knowing what to say, but staying quiet as she didn’t feel Erin was done. Sure enough, after a deep sigh and a few moments of staring at some of Tiffany’s posters, Erin continued.

“Last night you had me under your control,” she said, staring intensely at Tiffany now. “And for the most part, I loved it. Feeling you inside my head, swaying me to your commands and your will... honestly, I’ve been thinking about it all day. But there was a moment where I was compelled to tell you the truth, and my past started spilling out, and I was terrified. Terrified that you would so easily find out everything about me that I didn’t want anyone to know, just like that…”

Erin’s face hardened, and Tiffany could tell she was fighting back tears. “Anyway, you didn’t push, and I appreciate that. I loved being controlled by you, and want more of it. You programmed me to say that by the way, but it is true all the same… Of course, you have all the memories of last night again now, I let you remember.”

“Yeah…” Tiffany nodded again. “You did.”

“Well, yeah, so that was that. You controlled me, I loved it, but once everyone lost their memories, and I went under to get mine back, I just had to get out of there. The thought of you in control of everyone... I just couldn’t help but think I was going to be forgotten once you had Alice as your perfect lover…”

“Erin, I—”

“No, Tiff!” Erin interrupted. “You don’t have to say anything, you’ve said everything you’ve needed to say already…” Though she was still fighting back the tears, Erin had a slight smile on her face. “You picked me… I mean, you didn’t choose to wipe my mind and send me away… It would have been perfect for you, just you and Alice, just like I know you’ve wanted…”

“Hey now…” Tiff started to say, but again, Erin cut her off, louder than before.

“No one has ever put me first like that, Tiff!” Erin’s efforts of not crying gave out at this point, and she started to sob profusely. “N- n- n- no one ever has!”

“Oh, come here!” Tiffany shook her head and scrambled across the covers of the bed until she was close enough to pull Erin into her shoulder and wrap her arms tightly around her. Erin cried until the shoulder of Tiffany’s pajamas were soaked through, with Tiffany simply holding her and stroking her hair. Eventually, Erin asked for a tissue, and the two of them sat facing each other on the bed. Erin sat cross legged while Tiffany found a comfortable position to kneel. An odd silence lingered between them.

Tiffany wondered what would happen next. Erin had planted triggers for her, no doubt, even if it was Lucy’s trigger she used in the first place. Would Tiffany’s triggers still work on Erin? She imagined Erin may have easily removed them when Tiffany was in trance, but then again, she wasn’t so sure. The Erin sitting with her now was the most real version she’d ever seen.

Tiffany fully believed that this wasn’t an act or a kind of ruse, because that wouldn’t make sense at this point. Erin could have, if she had wanted to, programmed Tiffany to be utterly obedient to her every word by this point. She could have made it so that Tiffany didn’t even think about the possibility of triggering her into a deep, obedient trance. Or maybe she had programmed Tiffany to go into trance the moment she tried to put Erin in one.

Tiffany couldn’t help thinking that it was perhaps even simpler than any of that. There was something she wasn’t understanding yet… But she felt close.

“So… Umm…” Erin said after a few silent moments had transpired. “I met your flatmate.”

Tiffany looked around at Erin, her eyebrows raising. “Yeah?” she said, trying to stifle a smile.

“Wow. Just, wow,” Erin said slowly with heavy enunciation, looking at Tiffany with a grave expression and wide eyes. “I think if I lived with that I’d have wanted to develop a mind control program much sooner. I couldn’t help but notice she’s on your list…” Erin now grinned the devilish grin that Tiffany had become so familiar with.

“Ha… Yeah…” Tiffany gulped and felt herself blushing. “The list of my evil plans that was never meant to be read… Where is it anyway? And hey…” She looked around her room once more. “Did you tidy up everything in here?”

“Not really…” Erin shrugged, diving off the bed and retrieving the notepad from Tiffany’s desk drawer. She plonked herself back in front of Tiffany and said gleefully, “I had you do it while in trance.”

“What!?” Tiffany balked. “There’s no way I managed to make this place look this good!”

“You did. It took you awhile to get this far, though. When coming back from the diner, I had you act natural so when we got inside, your flatmate just started talking at us and it never seemed to end. It was like half midnight by that point too, and I thought she’d surely fizzle out at some point.”

“Oh, no, yeah that doesn’t happen,” Tiffany remarked with a grim nod. “Tried it. 5am… And I was still the one to have to put the pin in the conversation. I was so determined to let her tire herself out, but she outlasted me. She was a zombie the next day, sure, but it was a pyrrhic victory, because so was I…”

“Well, I may have traumatised her a little bit.” Erin grinned, holding her thumb and forefinger half an inch apart.”

“What did you do?” Tiffany asked with morbid curiosity.

“I left you to it for a few minutes in the lounge, then came out of your room wearing nothing but the bra and panties you saw on me—well, Alice—earlier.”

“No!” Tiffany slapped her hand over her mouth.

“Yes!” Erin said, grinning away. “I also had the cuffs I used to restrain your arms to the bed. I cuffed you and told her that you were needed in the bedroom, and she might want to put some loud music on…”

“Erin, you didn’t!” Tiffany squeaked, feeling more mortified by the second.

“Oh, I totally did,” Erin said, looking deathly serious. “Tiffany, I had evil plans to give you the best orgasm of your life, then enslave your mind and body completely to my will. I wasn’t going to let anyone get in my way at that point, no matter how much she reminded me of an adorable, tiny hamster. She went white as a sheet. Well, whiter than usual…”

Tiffany snorted with laughter as Erin chuckled. They looked at each other, eyes locking for a moment, then both looked away sheepishly.

“So…” Tiffany broke the silence this time. “I can’t help but notice that I’m not your completely obedient sex slave.”

“Yeah…” Erin trailed. “I’m kinda working on that…” she looked up at Tiffany, confusion in her eyes, then looked away again. “I got distracted, y’know?”

“Sure… Sure.” Tiffany nodded slightly. Erin was hesitant to drop Tiffany down again, clearly, but was Tiffany ready to do it to her? It didn’t feel right. Going around sneaking each other into trance just wasn’t working for Tiffany. She felt Erin deserved better. Hell, she herself deserved better!

“So, where did you get those restraints?” she asked instead. “They were… um… comfy.”

“This neat sex shop called Violet Delights,” Erin explained, staring intensely at her left foot. “I got a whole bunch of stuff from there yesterday when I skipped a couple classes. I could take you sometime… The owner is really hot too, which really just adds to the whole experience..”

That thought tickled Tiffany’s sense of humor. Here they were, having engaged in multiple acts of intimacy at this point, but having never really interacted with each other on a deep personal level while doing so. It had all been about control. Now it was time for them to go to a sex shop together? It all felt out of place.


Maybe it could be put into place…

Tiffany quickly ran her mind over several key memories from the night before, now that she had them back. With everything that had happened tonight, it all started to make sense. She almost slapped her head for not working it out sooner.

“Erin?” Tiffany placed her hand on Erin’s shoulder. Erin looked up and met Tiffany’s gaze with eyes full of uncertainty.

“You don’t want to enslave me,” Tiffany said.

Erin tensed and moved back from Tiffany ever so slightly. It was barely perceptible, but Tiffany had a knack for reading people, and she had just unearthed Erin’s hand.

“No, I do, Tiff, and I’m gonna,” Erin stated firmly, though Tiffany could hear a shrillness in her voice that wasn’t usually there.

“Erin…” Tiffany placed her other hand on Erin’s other shoulder and smiled kindly. “You don’t want to enslave me.”

“What are you, high? Tiff, of course I do,” Erin grumbled. “Why do you think I went to all the effort to lure you to the diner? To swap Lucy’s number in your phone for mine? It was the only way I could think of to get you into trance. I mean, it would have been a lot easier if you’d let Josh use the Algorithm on you, as he’s been programmed to program you given half the chance, but still… I won, Tiff. I outsmarted you, and now I’m going to make you my slave!”

Tiffany kept smiling. Erin’s words were one thing, but her tone and body language gave her away. She was shrinking away from Tiffany, and her voice was getting shaky.

“It’s okay, Erin,” Tiffany soothed. “You really did get me, but you didn’t really want to. I’m sorry it took me so long to figure out, but until you gave me last night’s memories back, I was missing some pieces of the puzzle.”

“What puzzle?” Erin asked, her jaw clenched.

“I’m finally starting to understand you,” Tiffany revealed. She gingerly placed her hand on Erin’s cheek and gazed deep into her eyes. “I like you. I want you. And most of all, I’m going to enslave you.”

At this, Erin seemed to tense even more. “N- n- n- no, Tiff, t-t-t-that’s not goi—“

“Shhh…” Tiffany whispered. “It’s my turn now.”

Erin froze, caught in Tiffany’s gaze and held still by her touch.

“For you, Erin, being the one in control is about feeling safe,” Tiffany explained softly, slowly moving closer and closer to her lips. “And I get the importance of feeling safe, I do. But you don’t actually want to be in control. If anything, you want to feel safe and have no control whatsoever… You want to have your control taken away.”

Erin visibly gulped. Tiffany had to focus to not smile too broadly at this. Instead, she continued, still locking her eyes on Erin’s. She wasn’t actively trying to induce a trance, but she was focusing her entire will on exuding confidence and certainty. The effect that had would hopefully be enough.

“It’s why you haven’t already made me your slave,” Tiffany whispered. “It’s because you know, deep down, you don’t want to. You don’t want to control me, you want me to control you. And I’m not talking about straps on the bed, ball gags, and whatever the fuck other toys you have. I know you want to play with me with those, and you will. But this is about giving up control over everything.”

Erin whimpered. Tiffany bit her lip, wanting to rush to the end but knowing how important it was to do it right.

“I was in your head yesterday, and you liked it. I told you I was going to make you my slave, and you crave it. I proved to you earlier tonight that I wasn’t going to betray you, and you felt so overwhelmed with what that meant that you panicked.”

Erin’s breathing was heavier now. Tiffany could see her thinking furiously behind those dark brown eyes. But Tiffany knew her words were ringing true.

“You gave me the answer at the start of the evening yesterday, back at Alice’s flat, you know…” Tiffany whispered, leaning into Erin’s ear now. She felt Erin shudder under her breath. “You know what I’m talking about. Say it for me now…”

Tiffany pulled back from Erin so they were face to face again, and she stared deeply into Erin’s eyes once more.

’You’re mine,’ she thought intensely, as if she were trying to communicate the message telepathically. ‘I have you figured out, and you’re desperate to be my slave. You will be my slave… You will be my slave… You will…

Erin drew in a long, shaky breath, then whispered, “You don’t need the program to make me be your slave... Command me...” She gulped again. “Show me you have the strength and will to control me, and I’ll be yours.” She then paused, bit her lip, and added, “Mistress.”

“Good girl,” Tiffany whispered, their lips brushing for half a heartbeat before they were kissing each other passionately.

Eyes closed, their tongues danced with each other, and Tiffany felt Erin’s tension melt away. Good. That was a good start. She let her hands slide down onto Erin’s hoodie, running them firmly all the way down her body until they reached her waist. Tiffany then deftly tucked her hands under the hoodie and ran them quickly back up Erin’s body, her fingers gliding over skin now, pulling the hoodie up as she went. When she reached Erin’s full breasts, she grabbed them both with a wide grip, pushed them up and squeezed. Erin broke the kiss so she could tilt her head back and let a pleasurable gasp escape her grateful mouth. Her arms raised above her head, letting Tiffany roll the hoodie right off. She threw it to the corner and continued kissing Erin, losing herself in the pleasure of her lips and her touch.

When Erin went to take off Tiffany’s pajamas, Tiffany broke the kiss and caught Erin’s hands.

“Ahh Ahh.” Tiffany shook her head, smiling devilishly. Erin’s eyes were pleading, which only made Tiffany smile wider. She snapped her finger, and looking Erin determinedly in the eyes, she said, “Strip.”

Erin was breathing heavily now and bit her lip, looking anxious. She went to pull Tiffany back into a kiss but Tiffany stopped her.

“No,” she scolded. “I said, strip.”

“But!” Erin protested, until she saw Tiffany’s intense gaze.

“Don’t make me tell you again,” Tiffany warned, feeling her own heart pumping incredibly fast and putting a lot of effort into keeping her breathing slow and tempered.

Slowly, and with clear uncertainty, Erin started removing the rest of her clothes. Her trousers came off, then her socks, and she was soon down to the same red silk bra and panties that Tiffany vividly recalled “Alice” wearing before she had woken up. It was still weird to think about Alice never having been there, but she pushed that thought aside, determined to keep her focus on Erin.

Erin was hesitating with her thumbs around the lace of her panties. Tiffany looked closely and could see her hands shaking, so she stepped closer and leaned in to Erin’s ear once more.

“Relax…” she soothed as her hands found their way to Erin’s bra hook. It took her a moment, but Tiffany’s determined fingers unhooked it, and Erin let it fall to the ground, heaving out a deep sigh as it did so. Tiffany knelt down and gently pulled Erin’s panties down, and Erin obediently stepped out.

When Tiffany stood back up, Erin was looking at her with anxious expectation. Tiffany could see exhilaration, terror, arousal, and desperate, aching need in Erin’s eyes.

“Good girl,” she whispered, smiling gratefully. She placed a hand on Erin’s cheek and felt Erin’s happy sigh.

“You want to be my slave,” she instructed.

Erin nodded. “Yes,” she uttered, a rasping breath of excitement.

“Say it,” Tiffany ordered.

Erin practically shuddered with arousal. “I want to be your slave,” she repeated.

“Good girl.” Tiffany kissed Erin’s neck, enjoying the moan that escaped Erin’s lips as she did so. “Now kneel.”

Erin stared into Tiffany’s eyes the whole time as she carefully sank to her knees. Tiffany’s heart felt like it was pounding so loudly in her chest that she wondered if Erin could hear it. She clenched her nervous hands and took a deep, slow inhale. She was almost there. She was so close.

“You’re going to be my slave,” she affirmed, looking down at Erin caringly and running her fingers through the kneeling girl’s short brown hair.

Again, Erin nodded. “I’m going to be your slave,” she replied, this time of her own volition. She then exhaled a shaky breath and added, “Mistress.”

“Good girl.” Tiffany smiled warmly. “Such a good girl for me, Erin… Now tell me, did you try to remove my trance trigger from yourself while you had me in trance?”

Erin looked momentarily confused. “I- I- I did,” she stammered.

“And you weren’t able to, were you?”

“N- No,” Erin replied, and then looked at Tiffany with pleading eyes. “Why? Why couldn’t I?”

“That’s easy, my good girl…” Tiffany almost laughed. “Because you want this… You need this… You couldn’t get in your own way anymore. You realized it was time to stop. Time to surrender. Time to serve.”

Erin’s eyes started to gloss over at this point. “Yesss…” she agreed.

Tiffany bent down so her face was hovering over Erin’s now. Erin looked up at her, obedient and helpless.

“Sleep, Erin, sleep,” Tiffany uttered, and she watched with the deepest satisfaction as Erin’s pupils dilated and all trace of thought and emotion drained away from her face.

Tiffany held her breath for several moments, simply watching Erin and watching for any signs that she wasn’t truly in trance. Tiffany couldn’t shake the paranoid thought that Erin was bluffing, and that this entire thing had been an elaborate ploy to make Tiffany think she had won, just for Erin to blow a raspberry at the last moment, dance in victory, and then drop Tiffany into trance to start her programming as Erin’s slave-girl. Over complicated and ridiculous? Surely… Something she would believe Erin might do? Absolutely.

“Erin, are you deep in trance now?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes,” Erin replied.

Tiffany heaved out a massive breath and sank to the floor next to her entranced subject.

Being very careful not to repeat the previous night’s mistake, Tiffany avoided saying “Fuck me”, although thinking that it wouldn’t be entirely terrible, really, if she did. She instead settled for “Wow…”

She examined her hands and marveled at how much they were shaking. She let her breaths become ragged and deep to catch up on all the breathing she hadn’t been doing while focusing so hard on exerting her will on Erin.

“That was…” she muttered. “That was incredible.”

She didn’t know she had it in her, to be that confident, to be so determined. She felt that any pushback from Erin, and she may have just caved there and then. But it had become abundantly clear to her that Erin responded to strength and firmness above all else. The confident domme, the seductive Mistress, full of commanding power and disarming grace… That was who she wanted to be, but she didn’t feel like that’s who she was. Except, she had managed to pull it off just then, if only for a few minutes.

“Fake it ’til you make it…” she chuckled under her breath. She let herself collapse onto the floor and sprawl out. “Oh my god…” she announced to the room at large. “I did it. I actually did it.”

She sat up and looked at Erin, mindless, blank, and deeply entranced. A pang of longing shot through her mind just then. The memory of Alice having her completely helpless on the bed still lingered fondly. No… It hadn’t been Alice… Erin had made her feel that incredible... Fuck, that didn’t make this easier.

“Erin. Did you install your own trigger phrase in me when you had me in trance?”

“Yes,” came the toneless, dull, automatic reply from Erin.

“So, if I asked you to, you could say that phrase and drop me into trance right now?”


Tiffany’s heart had only just calmed down, and here it was starting to pound faster once more. The temptation was incredible. Just a taste… Just a small sample of the complete mindlessness that was offered by those words hidden behind Erin’s lips… Surely that wouldn’t be so bad? She had just exerted so much of herself to be powerful, be in control, and it had been exhausting… Maybe she could program Erin to be the one in control again for a while. She yearned to feel powerless again. To be tied up and bound, helpless to the whims of another. To feel deep, penetrating pleasure flow through her body. To feel this when she had only just managed to wrest control away from Erin was completely agonizing, but denying her urges felt like denying herself.

What if she just told Erin to trigger her? The words would render her blank, mindless, empty, and obedient to any command she could be given. If she told Erin to do that while she was still in trance, then what would that mean?

Would they both stay trapped in deep hypnotic trance, unable to interact with each other in any way? Would something snap one or both of them out of it? What if they fell asleep? Could they even fell asleep while in a trance, which although triggered by a person, was first created by the powerful signals and subliminal programming of the program’s output?

More likely, Hannah would come across them when they fail to emerge from Tiffany’s bedroom all day. What would she do, seeing them both mindless and empty? Call an ambulance, maybe? Or would she talk to them? Would she learn what their condition was exactly? And if so, what would she do next?

Tiffany’s mind flooded with images of Hannah standing over her as she emerged from trance. Now naked and kneeling next to Erin, they both look up at Tiffany’s roommate with equal parts devotion and zeal.

“You’ll listen to me always now, won’t you, slave,” Hannah would say, her eyes full of wicked seduction and unrestrained lust.

“Yes, Mistress.” Tiffany’s reply would surprise her, but then turn her on beyond her wildest imagining.

Hannah would then click her fingers, and both Erin and her would begin their new lives as slaves together…

“Erin…” Tiffany gasped, breathing raggedly. “I… I want you to…”

All she needed to say was ‘drop me into trance’ and sweet, mindless bliss would engulf her.

It would be so easy.

It would be so hot.

She would lose all her control and let her fate be decided by someone else.

But fuck… It would be so stupid.

“Erin… I want you to slap me hard in the face and tell me to focus. Now,” Tiffany said.

It was blindingly fast. Tiffany could’ve sworn she felt the pain before she even saw Erin’s hand move. The slap echoed around her bedroom and inside her head, and as pain surged on her cheek, she saw Erin looking right through her with blank, empty eyes.

“Tiff, Focus.” Erin stated bluntly and without any hint of emotion. Her hand returned limp to her side a moment later, and her head returning to a rigid, forward facing direction, leaving her staring off into space.

‘Fuck,’ Tiffany thought, cradling her burning cheek with her hand. ‘Yeah, that did it.’

Tiffany sighed out a deep breath and got to her feet. Yes, she craved submission sometimes, and sometimes she couldn’t always control when those cravings were at their strongest, but she also coveted control. Were she to give into submission, she would be taking control off the table. However, if she could consolidate her control, setting herself up in scenarios where she could be the complete submissive she yearned to be sometimes would be a breeze. Hell, she had a mind control device at her full disposal now that she had Erin in the palm of her hand, so she could even make it so she didn’t remember ever having the control in the first place. She could craft any fantasy she wanted, and play as much with her own mind and memories as she could with those of her friends.

Her friends… The memory of last night’s accidental orgy came back to her, filling her with a warm, fuzzy glow. Fuck, that had been fun. And harmless, right? Especially since only Erin even recalled it happening. Alice may have remembered the rest of the night, but that trance they had all been in was one Tiffany did at least remember to have them all forget once they woke up.

More of that, definitely. But one thing at a time. Tiffany’s mistake before was that she got carried away and distracted before she had finished the task at hand properly. Now here she was, with Erin kneeling in blank, mindless obedience before her. She wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.

“Come here,” she instructed to the robotic Erin as she lay down on the bed. While there was work to be done, she wanted to be comfortable while doing it. “Lie next to me, facing me.”

Erin moved carefully and deliberately until she was lying on top of the covers next to Tiffany, on her side and facing her.

“I have to say, I loved the thing you did with your finger on my forehead. I’m going to have to steal that…” Tiffany smiled as Erin stared into space next to her.

“When I put my finger, any finger,” Tiffany placed her index finger onto Erin’s forehead, directly between her eyebrows, “here, or anywhere on your forehead really, it will draw you back into this deep, mindless, empty, obedient trance, the same way that saying “Sleep, Erin, sleep” does. Understand?”

“Yes,” Erin intoned.

“But it will also refresh all of the following things in your mind.”

Putting her other hand on Erin’s naked waist as she lay facing her, Tiffany took a deep, excited breath, and began.

“You are my slave. It doesn’t change who you are as a person, it’s just something else you identify as. You obey me in all things, and are devoted to being the best slave you can be for me. Most of the time, you don’t need to treat me or address me in any formal way, but when I command you, you will be compelled to obey me and address me as I wish. You will not tell anyone you are my slave unless they already know, and you will not leave evidence of your enslavement carelessly anywhere, like on your phone, your laptop, on paper, or anything.

“Keep calling me Tiff for the most part, and keep being you. You don’t need to be a mindless robot or meek or apologetic or anything different from what you already are, because if I want that I can always make it happen. You will be your same loud, annoying, inappropriate, wonderful self that you always have been, you just know that you belong to me, and that I take care of you. Do you understand all of that?”

“Yes,” Erin said tonelessly. Tiffany thought she saw the flicker of a smile appear on Erin’s lips for a fraction of a second, but she dismissed it as hopeful imagination. She smiled herself, and started to stroke Erin’s hair.

“You won’t try to escape your slavery in any way. You won’t try to put me into trance or otherwise take control of me or from me, unless I give you explicit permission to for whatever reason I have. If you’re not happy, you will always feel able to be honest with me. If you are happy, you will always want to share that with me. You know beyond any doubt that for as long as you will be my slave, I will be your Mistress, and I will look after you. Do you understand all of that as well?”


“Good girl.” Tiffany beamed at her. “Lastly,” she added, “I always expect you to be honest with me, but you are still allowed to have secrets if it is really important to you that I don’t know something, or that your secret is kept. If you are ever in a position where I ask you something that you don’t want revealed, you are allowed to not tell me, and instead explain that you don’t want to tell me. You don’t ever have to give me a reason, especially if doing so might give a clue to what the secret is. If you ever feel ready to share your secrets with me, you know I will always be here to listen. And, I suppose, while I’m at it, you never have to obey a command that puts you in danger, or someone else in danger, or would result in something bad happening, especially if I’m telling you to do something when I’m not in a good place or not fully understanding a situation.”

Tiffany thought hard for a moment, scrunching her brow as she thought of the words, and then added, “In the deepest, most hidden part of your mind, you will always remember to love yourself with all your heart. If the rest of you ever forgets how to love yourself or take care of yourself, you will always be able to tap into this deep subconscious instruction to do so, and no Algorithm, program, person, or anything will ever take that away from you.” With a sigh, Tiffany took a moment to mull over all she said, making sure she covered everything she felt needed covering. She then continued, “That was a lot, but did you understand all that?”

Erin was silent for a moment, like she was processing. Then she simply said, “Yes,” the same as every time before.

“And all of that will reassert itself every single time I put any finger on your forehead, understand?” Tiffany repeated. She wanted to make sure all of it sank in, it all felt important.

“Yes.” One final confirmation was all Tiffany needed to hear.

“Good girl,” she replied. She took her finger off of Erin’s head. “Now, when I tell you to wake up, you will come back to full awareness and awaken, not remembering the trance exactly, but knowing that you were in a trance where I programmed you to be my obedient sex slave. Clear?”


“Good girl. Wake up now.” Tiffany watched Erin’s face with thrilled anticipation.

Erin’s eyes were the first thing she noticed. Her pupils shrank down and returned to complete, and rather intense, focus. Then her whole body shifted and she practically rolled on top of Tiffany, an exhilarated grin spread wide across her face.

“You magnificent bitch!” Erin almost squealed, her eyes wide with admiration and joy. “You did it, Tiff, you really did it!”

“What you talkin’ ’bout?” Tiff jokingly replied, unable to help the massive smile formed by her own lips.

Without another beat, Erin leaned down and kissed Tiffany, attacking her with her eager tongue. Tiffany moaned with delight as Erin’s hands ran through her hair and caressed her neck and shoulders.

“Oh my god! Oh my fucking god!” Erin rolled off Tiffany onto her back and exclaimed at the ceiling. She ran her hands over her face, then down her naked body, seemingly convulsing with pleasure as she did so.

Somewhat surprised, Tiff rolled over with a look of concern. “Erin, you okay?”

“Tiff! Mistress!” Erin gasped, trying to keep her voice to an excited whisper. “Yes. Oh my god, yes. It’s just so much so fast I can barely cope with how incredible this feels. I’m your slave! I’m your slave! I’m…”

“Okay, I get it!” Tiffany whispered through a half laugh. “Simmer down, you’ll wake Hannah.”

“Okay, okay…” Erin replied with a more controlled whisper now. “It’s just, I’m blown away. I honestly turned up at your work this evening planning on you being my completely obedient sex slave by now. But you got me… You… You beat me at my own game, I don’t even understand how you did it! When you said those things to me before you put me into trance, you just… tapped into something… I couldn’t resist you!”

“Well…” Tiffany sighed with contentment, caressing Erin’s cheek. “To be fair, I laid the groundwork for it last night. I told you I was going to make you my slave, I had you under my control… I think I did enough to subconsciously stop you from following through with your plans for me.”

“Fucking right you did!” Erin said, looking at Tiffany with so much admiration that Tiffany found herself blushing.

“I’m glad you like it,” Tiffany whispered. “Although, I knew you would.”

They kissed some more, Tiffany feeling her wetness grow as Erin ran her hands under her pajamas and planted kisses on her neck and shoulders.

“This slave is eager to serve, Mistress…” Erin whispered with zeal.

“Hmmmm… Then… Mmmmm…. Serve…” Tiffany gasped between soft moans, letting Erin remove her pajama top. She writhed in pleasure, running her nails down Erin’s back as her slave teasingly bit her nipple and circled her fingers over Tiffany’s soaking clit.

“Yes… Yes! There!” Tiffany panted as Erin found the perfect rhythm, stimulating Tiffany so much that her eyes rolled back into her head for the second time that night.

“Good slave! Good slaaaaaaaahhhhhphhmmm!” Tiffany clamped her hand over her mouth to stifle her sudden scream as the orgasm overwhelmed her, and it was a full minute before it felt safe to give her mouth space again. When her vision re-calibrated itself, she saw Erin leaning over her and looking at her with an expression of deep gratitude and satisfaction.

“Let me know when you’re ready for more, Mistress.” She winked. “Your pleasure is my purpose.”

“Oh, no, I’m good…” Tiffany barely managed a sleepy mumble. “I’m ready to pass out for two days now I think…”

Erin pouted slightly, before nodding and saying, “Yeah, I guess it is pretty late… I… um… take it you’re happy for me to stay over?” she asked with a cheeky grin.

“Erin… I might not ever let you go home again,” Tiffany replied, grinning in turn. “But I’m determined to be a fair Mistress, you’re getting your orgasm as well…”

“Yay!” Erin beamed. “You are the bestest Mis- oh…”

Her praises were cut short as Tiffany placed her finger onto Erin’s forehead. Erin’s eyes dulled, her expression slackened, and then her relaxing arms gave out beneath her and her whole body sank onto Tiffany’s torso.

“Ack!” Tiffany wheezed. “Get off me!”

Erin instantly picked herself up and hovered above Tiffany once more.

“Pleh!” Tiffany stuck her tongue out, shaking off the surprise constriction. “Okay, each time I place a finger against your forehead in the future, in addition to everything else, you will also freeze in place as best as you are able, keeping your balance and allowing yourself to move only if your body needs to to avoid becoming uncomfortable. Understand?”

“Yes,” Erin tonelessly replied, her glossy eyes staring elsewhere.

“Alright then…” Tiffany nodded in approval. “Okay, so when I next wake you up, when I snap my fingers, you will feel like you are being stimulated in all your favorite ways, the pleasure center in your mind being bombarded with the most amazing orgasmic signals you’ve ever felt. You’ll cum within moments, and it will last for as long as you can handle it before it starts to ebb away. Eventually you’ll be able to think straight again. That all clear?”

“Yes,” Erin replied automatically.

“Good,” Tiffany said. “Wake up now.”

Erin’s alertness and animation filtered back into her body and she gave Tiffany a quizzical look. “You just tranced me again, didn’t you?” she asked wryly.

“Get the ball gag,” Tiffany instructed, a twinkle in her eye.

“The ball gag?” Erin remained curious.

“The ball gag,” Tiffany repeated, pursing her lips to hold back her smile.

Erin rummaged around in her backpack and produced the rubber ball and strap.

“The ball gag!” she announced theatrically, holding it out for Tiffany to take. Tiffany shook her head and signaled Erin with her eyebrows.

“Oh!” Erin looked even more intrigued. “Hmm… As my Mistress…” she placed it in her mouth “cmmmnds”

Tiffany let her suppressed smile expand into a large, eager grin. “Ready?” she asked, eyes wild with anticipation.

Erin nodded briskly, grunting her affirmation through the ball gag.

Tiffany snapped her fingers, then watched eagerly as her slave’s entire body suddenly bucked and writhed. Erin moaned with deep pleasure, the sound mostly muffled through the gag. Within moments, she had thrown herself onto her back, her spine arching as her hands gripped tightly onto Tiffany’s duvet. Despite the gag, Erins growing squeals of delighted pleasure were getting so loud that Tiffany jumped across to her and held her hand across her mouth, further muffling her pleasurable screams as a powerful orgasm seemed to ripple through her. Erin screamed into Tiffany’s hand as she held onto the pleasure, until finally her motions and her cries began to subside. As she slowly came down, she affectionately ran her fingers over Tiffany’s skin, graciously nuzzling her head against her Mistress’s leg.

They removed the ball gag, and Tiffany invited Erin under the covers. Erin, still panting as the echoes of her trance-induced orgasm dissipated, curled up in Tiffany’s arms and let out a deep, happy sigh.

“You know, I think I’m kinda glad I let you enslave me, all things considered…” Erin whispered, before yawning heavily and closing her eyes.

“What do you fucking mean ‘Let me?!’” Tiffany balked jokingly, shaking her head and rolling her eyes. “You were a nightmare to take control of!”

Erin just chuckled, sighing again. “Worth it though… Right?”

Tiffany watched as Erin drifted off into a deep slumber, and felt her own tiredness sweep across her in waves. She closed her eyes and felt sleep come for her as Erin’s head lay softly on her chest.

“Worth it…” she whispered and drifted off to sleep.